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Sale Alerts – shopping app

Posted by wicked November - 22 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off
Sale Alerts - shopping app

You can minimize the time spent shopping by using Sale Alerts app, a simple money-saving solution that send you a sale notification when your favorite item on sale. You don’t have to visit every websites and check the price, just add your favorite items to favorite list. When the price drops for those items, you… View Article

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Materialized LeanDroid Fights Your Poor Battery Life

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Battery life has always been one of the biggest problems facing most Android devices. Phone manufacturers are battling it out putting increasingly powerful CPUs, more RAM, storage–but a bigger battery always seems to be left behind. Even Google noticed that something was wrong and added some battery saving features into Android L.

The large battery drain is often caused by unnecessary services running in the background. 3G/LTE connection uses lots of energy, as well as synchronization and WiFi. Among many applications that can be very helpful in keeping your battery lasting for a long time, LeanDroid seems to be one of the more popular options. We’ve talked about this application a few months ago. Since then, XDA Senior Member Flyview gave the application an overhaul to be compliant with the Material Design aesthetic, as well as Android Lollipop.

Here’s a list of changes in version 2.5.0:

-Android 5.0 Lollipop fixes: Data (now requires ROOT!), Cell radio, GPS
-Fixes to “except if WiFi has web login” (not yet working on Lollipop if data also connected)
-Material theme on Lollipop, new window transitions
-Low notification priority (no longer in status bar)
-Time spent disabled now counts since last unplugged on full battery
-Updated libsuperuser
-Improved purchase caching

Unfortunately for some of you, this application requires root. Root access shouldn’t be such an issue like it was a few weeks ago, as XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire managed to find a new method of giving the superuser rights, even on stock kernels.

If your battery lasts for a short time and you want to change it, head over to the LeanDroid thread and give this application a shot.

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Password managers on Android are not as secure as one would think

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A password manager is expected to be secure, right? Just because it is expected does not mean that is necessarily the truth. There are password managers on Android that have a security flaw in which usernames and passwords can be picked up. It happens when the password manager uses the device’s clipboard to enter information. The security flaw was identified in early 2013 and a fix has yet to be issued.

The blame is not on individual password managers but rather Android itself. Other applications, such as proof of concept ClipCaster, can swoop in and snag usernames and passwords with ease. They do not require any permissions when installing, so it is not like there is anything to be weary of. An app like ClipCaster silently takes what was attached to the clipboard.

One password manager known to be affected is LastPass. There are others, but CEO Joe Siegrist has stepped forward to make it clear that this is a problem within Android: This is an OS-level issue that impacts everything running on Android. If you use the clipboard to copy any data, a malicious app could obtain it—like installing a clipboard monitoring software on Windows or a keylogger on Windows. You can compromise your security by installing bad software.” Siegrist follows by advising users of password managers to only install apps they trust.

Google does have measures in place to scan apps for authenticity, but that can only go so far. If you are feeling uneasy about how secure your device is, go ahead and install a mobile security app. One of the best out there is Lookout, but there are other options such as Avast or AVG.

Source: Ars Technica

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Free is lawsuits, get is free from blame – the Apple linguistics shift

Posted by Tom November - 22 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

The Apple App Store has had a subtle makeover. So subtle, in fact, that it’s just one word – but one word that appears a lot.

Until recently, apps that didn’t demand an initial payment sat next to a button that said ‘Free’. This led to lawsuits a’plenty, with parents suing the company when they got massive bills from their children clicking away on in-app purchases.

Those days are behind them, they hope. Free is gone and has been replaced by ‘Get’.

‘Get’ this app implies nothing. Get it, and then see how it goes.

This blame-free simple shift should save the company some money in legal fees.

Mystical early-2000s Australian soothsayers The Vines saw it all coming.

Via gizmodo

Room for another OS? Top-spec Jolla tablet runs Sailfish 2.0

Posted by Tom November - 22 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

The Jolla Tablet has a top-notch spec sheet and comes at a nice price. It runs the open source Sailfish 2.0 OS, which may put off some buyers but will be the icing on the cake for adventurous tech users.

The tablet resembles the Apple iPad mini 3 and Nokia N1 with its 7.9-inch, 2048 x 1536 resolution display and quad-core Intel processor.

It also comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, all for $189.

The Sailfish OS is all about simplicity in its usage MO and as a bonus, it runs Android apps.

It’s available on Indiegogo.

Via pocket-lint

Weekend Game Getaway: Kingdom Rush Origins, Soulcalibur Sale

Posted by wicked November - 22 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

If you’re planning to lock yourself up indoors this weekend, probably to gather up energy for the upcoming holiday (and sale) madness, now might be your chance to catch up on some Android gaming. And you might just be in luck! Aside from the plethora of games we’ve brought to your attention the past days, there are two notable ones that might deserve your glance (and maybe your money) as well.

Kingdom Rush Origins brings back the popular tower defense game and, in its wake, it turns back the clock full throttle. Origins, as the name so obviously implies, takes you back to the time before all the rushing madness started. But worry not, as even back then you are already empowered with weapons of mass destruction. New old towers and troops make their way into your hands, including Elf Archers, Mystic Mages, Stone Druids, and more. Of course, you have new enemies to face as well, including new epic bosses.

Kingdom Rush Origins goes for $3.39 on Google Play Store and still offers in-app purchases to further relieve you of your holiday savings.


Soulcalibur, or SOULCALIBUR, isn’t exactly new, but that might very well be the appeal of the game. It is one of the more popular fighting game titles that have managed to amass a faithful following despite being pitted against giants like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. BANDAI NAMCO brought the first installment of the series to Android, though of course that is a mixed bag. Twitch-based fighting games just don’t really feel all that right on a touchscreen because of the lack of that button mashing feeling. But with the proper gamepad accessory and more recently support for the Nexus Player, that might be a moot point.

For a limited time until December 4, Soulcalibur will be available at 65 percent off, meaning it now only costs $4.43. After the promo period, it goes back to its rather high price tag of $13.99.


Who Viewed My Profile

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Who Viewed My Profile

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because of the diversity of the android devices we could not cover all mobiles, there are %10 of the devices were the app does not behave properly, in case you purchased the app and it happens that the mobile you own is one of those %10 please contact us via the support email… View Article

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Huawei relents, Ascend Mate2 will get Lollipop next year

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Smartphone users who invested in Huawei‘s first big product in the US can now breath a sigh of relief. After receiving no small amount of flak from their users, the Chinese OEM has “reassessed” their update strategy and have now announced that the gigantic Ascend Mate2 will indeed be updated to Android 5.0 after all. The only minor catch is that the update won’t take place until sometime within the first half of 2015.

Huawei dropped a bombshell last month when it announced that the Ascend Mate2 will not be receiving the latest Android version. Now, it’s certainly not unheard of for OEM’s to drop support for some of their devices along the way, but this smartphone hardly deserves that treatment. For one, it was just launched early this year, touted even to be Huawei’s great entry into the US, so it is hardly an aging device. For another, the phone launched with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and never even got an Android 4.4 KitKat update yet.

We can only presume that Huawei thought it had very valid reasons to block the update. They should, at least, be commended for being upfront about it instead of leaving their users hanging. But whatever reasons they might have had, the backlash they got made them reconsider their position and fortunately give in to their users’ admittedly very reasonable demands. So it’s official, the Ascend Mate2 will jump straight from Jelly Bean to Android 5.0 Lollipop, skipping KitKat in the process, in the first half of next year, which could very well mean until late June. Hopefully it will come earlier.

That said, Huawei might want to put the past behind it quickly. The Ascend Mate2 isn’t exactly dated, it isn’t exactly high end either. Especially compared to the new Ascend Mate7, which skipped a few version numbers before it went public last September. That one is pretty much the manufacturer’s flagship and is probably where the company wants to focus its resources on.

SOURCE: Huawei

OnePlus One to go on sale in India in December: exclusive to Amazon

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If there is One phone that takes the cake for the most unusual string of strategy this side of the Twilight Zone, it would have to be the OnePlus One. Well received by all those who have One, its saga is already epic: first released with Cyanogenmod pre-installed, then later with the Oppo’s Color OS, the only way to get One has been by invitation. This already created a major demand downer, as given the affordable price and excellent specs, it was certainly a coveted creation. Then you throw in an aggressive marketing campaign that bordered on misogyny and the cancellation of the much-heralded bamboo back cover, chances are the reasons you’ve probably heard of this device are all the wrong Ones.

Still, never One to lose sight of its goal, OnePlus began to show an interest in plans to launch the device in India this December. Then word came of an online retailer stepping in for distribution, along with nation-specific invites.

Well, the proverbial cat is finally out of the bag, as it now appears Amazon will be the exclusive retailer for the One in India. The device is estimated to sell for around Rs. 25,000 (about $400) for the 64GB variant. How the invite system will play in remains unknown (as does the official Amazon announcement, given the “mystery” device in the lead picture), though some still question the reasons OnePlus makes the One available through an invite system.

For all those who want to brush up on the One, make sure to check out our portal to all the coverage we’ve done over the past year!

Garfield Kart: Fast and Furry now available on Android

Posted by wicked November - 22 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

If you love to see the irascible feline Garfield battling it out on the race track while using different antics to distract his opponent, then you just had your Christmas wish granted a little bit earlier. Garfeld Kart: Fast and Furry is now available for Android devices, so you can enjoy racing around the track while at the same time, see characters from the comics strip that you’ve grown to love (or even hate).

The multi-player racing game lets you choose to be one of eight characters, including the titular cat, Odie, Nermal, Jon or Liz, each with their own karts and specific abilities and features like acceleration, maneuverability, maximum speed, etc. The game has sixteen circuits available, where you have to try to be the fastest driver while taking out your opponents by some mature tactics, like throwing pie in their faces. You can also upgrade and accessorize both the car and the pilot. Along the way, you also get to pick up bonuses to help you get past the other drivers, like a pie-throwing power or a lasagna booster to make you faster.

There are four different game modes, depending on what you’d like to play that day. Single Race Mode is for when you just want a quick painless game. The Grand Prix mode is when you want to finish racing through all the sixteen circuits. Time Trial mode is when you have to beat the referenced time as you race. Meanwhile, there is also the Challenge of the Day where, obviously, you have to try and finish the challenge set for that day. The game has around 80 goals that you need to complete, like getting the longest skid or throw certain number of pies to your opponents. Because it’s Garfield, we keep coming back to pies.

Garfield Kart: Fast and Furry is available for free download from the Google Play Store. However, there are in-app purchases available to make your gameplay easier but you can disable the feature as well if you don’t want to spend so easily on this game.


VIA: Gamasutra