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Lenovo K1 HD (2014) spotted on GFX Benchmark

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Lenovo K1 was a tablet released by Lenovo in 2011. For 2011, it was just an ordinary mid to high-end Honeycomb tablet and featured a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 1280 x 800 10.1 screen. Now it looks like Lenovo is preparing a successor with more or less 2014 specifications and we spotted the new tablet benchmarked on GFX Benchmark. While the info tab on GFX Benchmark was left blank, we do get to know that the K1 HD will feature a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Overall, with a score of about 480 points in Manhattan, the bechmark results suggest something mid-range with 10.1 screen and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU being a possibility.


WinDroid HTC Toolkit Lets You Root, Unlock, and Flash ROMs on Various HTC Devices

Posted by Will Verduzco April - 23 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off


Plenty of users nowadays have more than one mobile device. And although we don’t always carry these devices at the same time, it’s nice to be able to pull up one of our older devices to flash and mess around with from time to time. Multifunction toolkits exist for the vast majority of popular devices. However, not everyone wants to hunt down the latest  toolkit for every device.

Luckily, there are various OEM-specific toolkits that perform most needed functions on devices by a particular manufacturer. XDA Senior Member WindyCityRockr created one such toolkit for quite a few HTC devices. This toolkit is able to unlock your bootloader through HTCDev, root your device, flash a ROM or kernel, pull and push files, install and uninstall apps, create and restore backups, collect system logs, sideload ROM updates, relock your bootloader, and more. Currently, the tool supports 12 unique devices (with many more variants), including all versions of the M7 and M8.

While we like to encourage doing things manually at least once as a learning process, users who favor the simplicity of toolkits can get quite a bit out of WindyCityRockr’s offering. You can get started by heading over to the utility thread and giving this toolkit a shot.

Xiaomi unveils Mi routers and set-top box, no tablet in sight

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Xiaomi has decided to one-up fledgling OnePlus by holding its press event half an hour ahead of the other. However, Xiaomi’s surprise lineup, which consists of two routers and a TV box, might not be what many have been excitedly waiting for.

First up is the Mi Router, something that has already been common knowledge among testers. This wireless router supports dual-band WiFi 802.11 ac and comes with its own 1 TB hard drive. The form of the device itself is rather strange, sporting a elongated cylindrical shape that might remind some of one of Apple’s products.


That resemblance to Apple’s devices continues with the smaller Mi Router Mini, which, in all honesty, looks like the Magic Trackpad. Xiaomi isn’t disclosing yet the exact specs of the device but it’s selling feature is supposedly the variety of colors available, including white, black, orange, cyan, lime, and pink.


And last we come to the Mi Box Enhanced Edition, the second iteration of its existing TV box. Compared to the original model, the enhanced version supports 4K Ultra HD videos of up to 3840×2160 resolutions, sports a faster but still unnamed 4 GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM. It even has a new, slimmer design to boot.


The Xiaomi Mi Router has a price tag of 699 RMB ($112), while the smaller Mi Router Mini only costs 129 RMB ($21). The Mi Box Enhanced Edition will sell for 399 RMB or around $64. Xiaomi also announced that it will be expanding its reach to more countries starting with Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, followed by Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico.


These new devices unveiled by Xiaomi will likely sell like pancakes once they’re out. Unfortunately, for those who have been waiting for or dreaming of a Xiaomi-made tablet coming in the market, this event might have been a disappointment. That said, there’s still a chance that Xiaomi will reveal such a device, perhaps when it won’t be sharing the limelight with other companies.

OnePlus One Specs

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OnePlus One Specs

The OnePlus One is now official with its jaw-dropping price and insanely limited (plus confusing) availability. Once you can potentially purchase one, though, I’d imagine it will be well worth the $300 and $350 price tags.

After all, OnePlus managed to include the most premium specs of the moment in a phone that is half the price of the Samsung Galaxy S5 at full retail. We are talking the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM, a 5.5-inch 1080p display, 13MP rear Sony camera, 5MP front camera, 16 or 64GB of storage, and a 3100mAh battery, all in a body that is only 8.9mm thick.

The phone should also work quite well on AT&T’s LTE network here in the U.S. It technically supports T-Mobile’s band 4 as well, but the GSM compatibility might not be there, at least according to the official spec sheet below. 

Impressed by what you are seeing?


  • Colors:  Silk White or Sandstone Black
  • Dimensions:  152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9mm
  • Weight:  5.71 ounces (162g)
  • Operating System:  CyanogenMod 11s based on Android 4.4
  • CPU:  2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor
  • GPU:  Adreno 330, 578MHz
  • RAM:  3GB LP-DDR3 @ 1866MHz
  • Storage:  16GB/64GB eMMC 5.0
  • Sensors:  Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity and Ambient Light
  • Battery Capacitiy:  3100mAh embedded


  • Size:  5.5-inch
  • Resolution:  1080p Full HD (1920×1080), 401ppi
  • Protection:  Gorilla Glass 3


  • Rear Camera:  13MP Sony Exmor IMX 214
  • Lenses:  6 lenses to avoid distortion and color aberration
  • Flash:  Dual-LED
  • Aperture:  f/2.0
  • Front Camera:  5MP
  • Video:  4K resolution, slow motion 720p at 120fps


  • GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
  • WCDMA: Bands: 1/2/4/5/8
  • LTE: Bands: 1/3/4/7/17/38/40
  • WiFi:  Dual-band WiFi (2.4G/5G), 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • Other:  NFC, GPS, Digital Compass


  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Microphones:  Tri-microphone with noise cancellation


  • Ports:  Data & Charging – micro USB 2.0; Audio – 3.5mm
  • Buttons:  Power, Volume, Capacitive
  • SIM:  micro SIM
  • Indicators:  1 LED notification light (multicolored)

OnePlus One Specs is a post from: Droid Life

OnePlus One arrives promising to never settle for second best

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OnePlus has finally taken off the veils from its highly hyped device. It has promised to never settle for mediocrity and put out the best of the best, but the question now is whether it was able to deliver on its word. Like many devices, it’s a hit on some and a miss on others, but the market will be the final judge once it finally lands in the hands of users.

Here you have the expected specs that have been teased little by little in the past. A fast, in fact the fastest, 2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 drives the device and the 3 GB of RAM ensures to keep things snappy. Internal storage configurations include 16 GB and and 64 GB, both boasting the latest and fastest EMMC 5.0 specification. The camera isn’t exactly spectacular at 13 megapixels at the back and a high 5 megapixel shooter in the front, but they’re quite on par with almost everyone else. You have your staple of connectivity options, such as WiFI 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2G, 3G, and 4G network, and Bluetooth 4.0. The 3,100 mAh battery will help keep all of the above functioning throughout the day. The Chinese company claims that the OnePlus One is the first smartphone to sport bottom-facing stereo speakers, though there might be some ready to dispute that. What isn’t so easily disputable, however, is the help that JBL gave in order to make that design a possibility. As leaked before, 13 megapixel rear camera sports Sony’s IMX214 Sensor with a 6-element lens and f/2.0 aperture. No tricks here, like building up a 50 megapixel image, but you do get pretty pictures even in low light conditions.


OnePlus has given a lot of though into the form of the device. After all, they have a more than a dozen similar looking shapes and designs to contend with. One of the biggest things that differentiates it from other smartphones is the lack of any distinctive marking on the face of the device. Without the need to make room for any type of branding or logo or even a home button, they are able to dedicate the entire surface to the display. At least that’s the theory. Unfortunately it seems that they have gone with capacitive buttons instead of software ones, which takes away a good chunk of space at the bottom. The other unique thing about the OnePlus One is that, while most have been trying to do away with bezels, it embraces it to some extent. The smartphone features a rather strange recessed bezel, separating the screen and the edge by a gap of 0.7 mm. It is a unique design, no doubt, but whether our hands and thumbs will agree is something that still needs to be tested. As far as form factor goes, the OnePlus one is your typical 5.5-inch smartphone, with dimension of 152.9 mm x 75.9 mm x 8.9 mm. However, the screen edge has its own separate measurement, at 4.6 mm thick.


In terms of personalization, OnePlus has taken a page from Motorola’s book. Though not exactly offering the same level of freedom like the Moto X, OnePlus reveals that buyers will have a choice of personalized textures, including bamboo, wood, denim, and even kevlar. For those looking for less fancy appearances, the OnePlus One is available in Sandstone Black and Silk White. OnePlus itself just recently teased the customized CyanogenMod 11S experience that owners will be facing in the new smartphone. Indeed, this particular brand of CyanogenMod will be sporting a flatter than usual theme, but users will be given more freedom in customizing their device’s appearance. But beyond just theming, OnePlus says that users will also be able to install the different custom interfaces from its competitors, like OPPO’s ColorOS or Xiaomi’s MIUI.

The OnePlus One will initially be available in 16 countries consisting of Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, UK and the US starting the second quarter of this year.. It will also come with very tempting prices. The 16 GB will only cost $299 while the 64 GB isn’t that far away at $349. Considering these will be offered unlocked and without contracts, that is definitely a bargain that is hard to refuse.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the OnePlus One has arrived — And boy does it look gorgeous

Posted by wicked April - 23 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off


To be honest, I wasn’t all too excited with the upcoming arrival of the CyanogenMod based OnePlus One device since I was too busy with the Galaxy S 5, HTC One M8 and even the Sony Z2 unveilings. Turns out the ones you don’t expect turn out to be one hell of a shocker. The OnePlus One device will come at 5.5″ IPS display powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 301 processor accompanied with 3GB’s of RAM. You’ll also see a nice 13MP camera with a 6-lens f/2.0. As for battery, you can expect a nice 3,100mAh Li-Po battery. OnePlus also claims that this will be the lightest 5.5″ phone on the market weighing in at just 162 grams. The best part of all this is the price — Starting off at $300 for the 16GB version then $350 for the 64GB.

Still not impressed? Check out it’s promo video right below after the break and let us know what you think down in the comments section!

Click here to view the embedded video.

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OnePlus One Now Official, the “2014 Flagship Killer” Available in 16GB for $299

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OnePlus One Now Official, the “2014 Flagship Killer” Available in 16GB for $299

The leaks can finally be put to rest, as the OnePlus One is now entirely official. The “Never Settle” smartphone is now confirmed to have high-end specs such as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor at 2.46GHz, 3GB of RAM, a 1920×1080 Full-HD 5.5″ display, and a 13MP camera capable of 4K video recording.

First, let’s give the design a quick peek. The device has an entirely flat front, and OnePlus takes pride in the fact that no logos are found on the front of the device. The bezel is crazy small, coming in at just 4.6mm, so 5.5″ shouldn’t be too unwieldy.

In terms of specs, this phone is right around where the Samsung Galaxy S5 is at. We have the same processor and GPU, though the One features an extra gigabyte of RAM and the S5 a camera with a higher megapixel count.

Speaking of megapixels, the OnePlus One’s 13MP Sony Exmor IMX214 sensor should allow for great pictures, even in low light, and 4K video capture support.

Finally, if you’ve been wanting some StyleSwap back covers to go with your One, they won’t quite be available at launch. The One also will have personalized textures: Bamboo, Wood, Denim, and Kevlar.

On the software side of things, the OnePlus One is packing a custom flavor of CyanogenMod 11 atop Android 4.4, Kit Kat. CyanogenMod 11S adds nifty features such as a custom theme engine allowing the One to maintain a unique look, but users will be able to customize to their liking.

Steve Kondik, the CEO of Cyanogen Inc., is quoted as saying the Cyanogen team has “brought out the full potential of the hardware and complemented it with innovative new features,” most notably in the Moto X-inspired voice activation features. Another new feature is the ability to draw gestures on the screen while it is sleeping to launch a specific apps (reminding us of the HTC One (M8) and Oppo Find 7).

The OnePlus One will be available in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, UK and the USA. The 16GB Silk White model will run you $299, while the 64GB Sandstone Black model will run users $349.

OnePlus will be selling the One, however, on an invite-based system. On April 25, the first 100 buyers will get a $1 One if they smash their phone — full details here.

We don’t yet know when the One will be ready to be purchased, but we do know that OnePlus will be going on an invite system to determine who gets phones first. It’s unclear at the moment how users will be able to obtain tickets without destroying their current devices.

We’ll keep you posted as more juicy One details become available.

Update:  Here is the OnePlus One official specs list.

Update 2:  Here is the official OnePlus One promo intro video.

OnePlus One Now Official, the “2014 Flagship Killer” Available in 16GB for $299 is a post from: Droid Life

Motorola shipped 6.5 million devices globally in Q1

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Motorola announced that they have shipped a total of 6.5 million of their devices globally during Q1. Is that a lot you ask? Well, in comparison Samsung sold about 10 million Galaxy Note 3′s in 2 months and 10 million Galaxy S4′s in just one month. I know, it’s not a fair comparison to compare it to the world’s number 1 cell phone manufacturer, but it’s still interesting to see what Motorola has been able to achieve.

With their mild success of the Moto X, hopefully the successor will push Motorola’s sales a bit more forward later in this year.

source: Twitter

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This is the OnePlus One.

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This is the OnePlus One.

The OnePlus One is now official. In this 2:35 clip, you’ll see the design finally unveiled, along with the list of specs that have been slowly teased for weeks.

We’ll have more in a minute, as the company is still running through it’s press conference.

This is the OnePlus One. is a post from: Droid Life

Google Play Stores holds Spring Premium Game Sale

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Spring is in the air and Google wants you to remember that fact by holding another one of its sales focusing on game content. In this round, quite a number of premium games have slashed their normal prices to a range starting from $1 to just $4.

It is normal for Google to hold such kinds of sales, usually to mark changes in the season. The last one, however, was done just last month to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Google Play Store, the name, not the app marketplace, which has definitely existed long before that. But while that sale was a mishmash of different types of content available from Google, this round focuses squarely on the interactive entertainment kind.

This premium sale collection covers a wide range of genres, ranging from your usual casual mobile games to full-fledged action games. You have the reverse tower defense Anomaly 2 running for only $0.99 along with physical puzzler The Room, which, by the way, is also part of the current Humble Mobile Bundle 5. Adventure game classic Broken Sword: Director’s cut is also part of the deal at the same $0.99. Interestingly, The Dark Knight Rises is in that same price range as well. Higher up the price ladder you get NBA 2K14, bringing the popular sports title for only $2.99. At the top rung with a $3.99 price tag is the Android port of Shadowrun Returns, a turn-based strategy adventure game that interestingly blends the themes of cyberpunk and fantasy.

There’s no telling until when the sale will last, so best grab the titles that tickle your fancy. Of course, the games are restricted by region so some games or even the discounted prices might not be available in all countries.

SOURCE: Google