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Bring Back the Old School with the NES30 Bluetooth Controller [DEALS]

Posted by wicked December - 21 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off

In today’s modern age of mobile technology, with thousands of Android devices on the market and most of the world having super powered devices in their pockets, it’s fun to think back on simpler times. Before gaming became mobile, before it became 3D even, when you couldn’t wait to get home from school every day to sit in front of your box-behemoth of a TV and play your beloved NES. Those were the days, eh?

Well, now you can combine that nostalgic old school gaming joy with the Android device you love and use every day. The NES30 by 8Bitdo is a very well reviewed bluetooth controller that’s designed with the classic NES controller in mind, the difference being the two additional action buttons and two shoulder buttons to make the device more compatible with a variety of games. Of course, it also connects via bluetooth (which didn’t exist in 1985) or USB to Android and iOS devices, Nintendo Wii, Mac and PC. But we’re talking D-Pad baby – no joysticks on this guy!

With an MSRP and Amazon price of $40, we’ve got it for just $29.99 (with free shipping!) at the Android Community Deals store – that’s 25% off for you “numbers guys.” The controller also supports multiplayer gaming, so pick up a couple of them if you plan on playing with a friend. The controller’s rechargeable battery lasts for 20+ hours on a single charge, giving you plenty of time to get your game on. Throw it back like it’s Thursday – get the NES30 Controller from AC Deals!

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Sony Updates AOSP Sources to Android 5.0.1

Posted by wicked December - 21 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off


Just a few days ago, Sony did an utterly fantastic job by pushing out numerous device trees for all 2014 Qualcomm based Xperia devices to its GitHub account. This came as a rather big surprise for some, but Sony wants to finish this year with a little extra oomph. The Japanese OEM decided to update the device trees, kernel and binaries to Android 5.0.1. Way to go, Sony!

The list of currently supported devices is impressive. In addition to almost the entire Xperia Z line, Sony also supports the Xperia E3, Xperia M2, Xperia T2 Ultra, and Xperia T3. If you have one of those devices, you can try to build the AOSP by following the provided materials. Keep in mind that these ROMs aren’t intended for daily use and you have to unlock your bootloader first in order to flash them. This will unfortunately break the camera, so backuping your EFS partition isn’t a bad move.

Sony’s move is definitely good for developers who can use the updated binaries to improve the stability of custom ROMs. It’s also a fantastic learning material for all Android enthusiasts wanting to learn more about Android development.

As always, updated source can be found at Sony Mobile’s GitHub. More information about Sony AOSP Project is available one Sony Developer page.

[Thanks to XDA Senior Recognized Developer jerpelea for the tip!]

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Stop Your Screen From Turning Off with KeepItOn

Posted by wicked December - 20 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off


We all know the feeling of reading a news article or rather long document, when our screen suddenly turns off after a minute or two. This can be extremely annoying when you’ve found yourself a perfectly comfortable position while lying in bed. You’re then forced to stretch out that finger to reach the power button and unlock your device. Of course, you can change the sleep settings to a longer period of time, but this is hardly an effective solution.

In situations like these, a suitable remedy may be KeepItOn by XDA Senior Member Fredericosilva. Designed especially for these scenarios, it aims to prevent screens from turning off by detecting any small movements and consequently increasing the time the screen stays on for a little longer. Furthermore, if the screen does turn off, you can also conveniently turn it back on by shaking your device for a short time period set by yourself. And by “shaking”, you simply have to move the device a little.

KeepItOn definitely has its uses, especially for those who enjoy watching lengthy videos or reading ebooks or other documents on their Android device. If you would like to check this out, head over to the KeepItOn application thread for more information.

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The XDA LG QPair Developer Challenge Voting Has Begun!

Posted by wicked December - 20 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off


It seems like it was just yesterday that we announced that we had paired up with LG to challenge developers to make great apps with their LG QPair SDK. However, it wasn’t yesterday–it was at the end of September. This challenge came with the reward of some great LG devices. XDA and LG went through every single one of the proposals sent in by developers – we had a tough time selecting the finalists – but in the end we had to narrow the entries to 9. Those 9 finalists were selected based on the innovation and originality shown in their proposals.

Now it’s down to you! XDA and LG will be selecting a Grand Prize winner, but the users of XDA will be selecting the other Grand Prize winner by a vote. Take a look through the competition entries below, and make your selection wisely. You can only vote once. The voting begins now, December 20, 2014 @ 10a PST, and ends at 1pm December 27, 2014.

Regarding the voting, there is a limit of one vote per person. Any votes by accounts registered after Sunday 20th of December. Apply common sense here – feel free to share the contest with others, and suggest they vote, but don’t spam, be a nuisance, or break the law, or try to do anything unethical.

Without further ado, here are the competition entrants, in a randomly selected order (thanks,, and yes, we know that this list doesn’t add up to 9. The below are the only ones who met all of the criteria as set forth in the Contest Rules.

Thanks to all who submitted their work, and we look forward to seeing who the Grand Prize winners are!

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Major Update for the Sony Smartwatch 2 Brings DND and More

Posted by wicked December - 20 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off


With the wearables landscape now dominated by Android Wear and Pebble, it’s understandable if it seems that other wearable devices have faded into the background, and perhaps even forgotten. And with Sony pushing their newest smartwatch, the Smartwatch 3, which runs Android Wear, the Smartwatch 2 and its Sony-developed OS seem to have been put on the back burner. No updates for the device in the last few months certainly makes it seem this way.

But it looks like the Smartwatch 2 hasn’t been forgotten by Sony, as quite a major update has arrived for the device introducing some useful features. One of them is the ability to customize the order of apps in watch’s home screens, a function which, in all honesty, should’ve been available since the beginning. You can now also choose up to three watch faces which you can swipe between on your SW, a neat feature for quickly switching watch faces for different occasions, or for folks who find themselves getting bored of their watch face easily. And the final feature introduced with this update is a ‘Do not disturb’ feature in the settings.

So if you’ve been waiting for an update to come to the SW2, wait no more. You should be receiving an update notification very soon, if not already. And if you have, share your thoughts about the update with us in the comments below.

[Via Xperia blog]

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How to Root Android Wear 5.0.1 Lollipop Devices – XDA TV

Posted by wicked December - 20 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off


The Lollipop update for Android Wear devices has hit the market and people are receiving the update. Here at XDA TV we make a lot of rooting videos. We show you how to root a bunch of devices. So as is usual at XDA, we must root all the things, and a device running Android Wear 5.0.1 Lollipop is no exception!

RootJunky presents instructions on how to gain root access on your Lollipop Android Wear device using tools from the XDA Developers Forums. The process is painless and pretty easy. This video shows you how to root the LG G Watch, but the process is the same for just about any Android Wear device. So if you wanted to root your Android Wear 5.0.1 Lollipop device, take a moment and check this video out.


  1. Unlocked bootloader
  2. Computer
  3. Files linked below

Links to Files mentioned:

Links to threads mentioned:

Check out RootJunky’s (Tom’s) YouTube Channel.

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Android 5.0.2 and New Factory Images For Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi) Available

Posted by wicked December - 20 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off


Android 5.0 is has been publicly available since early November, and the number of devices getting Google’s latest OS is growing bigger every day. In the first few weeks after its release, Google focused on stability and released quite a few update builds. Now, it’s the time for a small numerical bump, because Android 5.0.2 has just been pushed into Google’s AOSP repos.

Android 5.0.1 was rather minor update, with only a few notable changes. Android 5.0.2 is definitely bigger, but it’s still not huge. Google  managed to address some issues with MountService which should now start before performBootDexOpt. This fixes a previously reported bug in the issue tracker. Some other changes related to NAND have also been pushed. Fstrim, introduced in Android 4.3, caused some serious issues on Lollipop. According to this log provided by XDA Recognized Developer cybojenix, devices turned off for the night had problems with fstrim being launched at all. Google addressed the issue and devices with slow NAND should now have a noticeable performance boost.

Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi) and Nexus 7 (Mobile Data) device trees have been updated. As a result, new factory images for the Nexus 7 (2012) and updated binary files are have been pushed. As usual you can get them from the Android Developer Page. An updated device tree for tilapia is a good sign, as it’s one of two devices that haven’t received an official update already. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, signaling that Google will finally bring official Lollipop to the missing devices sooner rather than later.

If you want to build Android 5.0.2 yourself, you can update your current sources by executing the following command:
repo init -b android-5.0.2_r1 && repo sync

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Deezer update: lyrics you can read or sing-along to

Posted by wicked December - 20 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

With the continued popularity of Spotify (despite Taylor Swift’s break-up with them) and Google creating YouTube Music Key, competition in the music streaming service has never been tougher. Another competitor, Deezer, is stepping up its game in the latest update as it gives users the chance not just to listen to songs they like but sing-along to the ones they love with the new lyrics feature.

If you’re a true blue music lover, you will always have the urge to sing along to your favorite songs, but not all of them have clear cut lyrics. Deezer has partnered with LyricFind so that you have the option to look at the lyrics while you’re listening to a song. No more mishearing Starbucks lovers in a Taylor Swift song (yes, she’s on this music streaming service) or thinking Jennifer Lopez is expressing love for her puppy instead of her Papi.

You have the option to display the entire song at once, or if you feel like doing a little karaoke, you can view it in sing-along mode. Not all songs however have the lyrics already, only those that have a microphone icon will be able to display the words. But they are working on having this for all 35 million songs in their library. This feature is available in all of its platforms like smartphones, tablets and even desktops.

While some of the other music streaming services like Spotify can also do this through third-party apps. Deezer is probably the first to have it built-in to the app. This feature is available in both the free and premium services when you update your app. If you don’t have it yet on your device, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Rovio updates Angry Birds Epic RPG with player vs player gameplay

Posted by wicked December - 20 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

Just when you thought Rovio is running out of ideas for Angry Birds, here comes another update for the Angry Birds Epic. We’re expecting this to be another epic game because it’s not your usual slingshot game and now it’s made even better. Why, it’s a role-playing game (RPG) that brings a new player vs player gameplay. Just gather three birds and try to defeat the other players.

The game is very different but the Angry Birds charm is still there. What makes this a winner is that it allows you to challenge your friends and family. This RPG adventure includes warriors sent to the Piggy Island and explore the tribal villages, tropical beaches, mysterious caves, and frosty mountains. Prepare the main characters, Red, Chuck, and Bomb to rival King Pig, Wiz Pig, and Prince Porky.

As with most RPGs, you can level up your characters with news weapons, potions, and weapons. You’ll be a legendary hero who will take down the pig warrior. With this latest update, you can now customize your team banner with powerful parts. The Player vs. Player Arena allows weekly leagues that allows you to win epic rewards. If you’re really a good player, strive to climb the ladder in the Arena Leagues and try to achieve the Diamond tier and prove you’re the best.

angry birds epic 2
angry birds epic 3
angry birds epic 5
angry birds epic 6
angry birds epic 1

Download Angry Birds Epic from the Google Play Store

VIA: Angry Birds Blog

Looney Tunes make a comeback on mobile devices with new game

Posted by wicked December - 20 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

While Looney Tunes is not that popular anymore compared to their heyday of the past few decades, there is still a certain generation that looks on the animated shorts and characters with nostalgia, and they still have an appeal to kids who didnt’ grow up on Bugs Bunny, the Road Runner, Tweety Bird and the others. A new Android game might just renew interest in the animated characters in an endless runner game with a slight twist to the usual ones of its type.

Looney Tunes Dash is not just a runner game but instead of running endlessly or until you die, you get to run, jump, slide, and smash your way to win. You can choose to play some of the most popular Looney Tunes characters, including Bugs, Tweety, Road Runner, Daffy Duck and get to escape classic “villains” like Wil E. Coyote, Sylvester the Cat, and Elmer Fudd. You get to collect coins, power-ups, special abilities to help you win the game you’re playing.

You also get to run in different “episodes” that are based on the actual original cartoons that you enjoyed as a kid. Even the music and moments are inspired by specific episodes and Jeff Bergman, the current voice talent behind such characters as Bugs, Elmer, Yosemite Sam, etc, also lends his voice to the game. And to contribute even more to the nostalgia trip, there are Looney Tunes Collectors Cards scattered across the game, which contain facts and trivia about your favorite animated shorts and characters.

You can download Looney Tunes Dash from the Google Play Store for free. There are several in-app purchases available so if you have kids borrowing your Android device to play the game, better disable the one click pay option.