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Galaxy S5 gets an update on AT&T, but it’s not 5.1

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Users of the AT&T Galaxy S5 have been anxiously awaiting the 5.1 update. T-Mobile has already rolled it out to theirs and many thought the AT&T variant would follow soon after.

An update has arrived at a hefty 296MB, but it is not the hoped for 5.1 update. The change log only list security and performance improvements. The new updates build number is G900AUCU4BOF2 and requires a wifi connection.

Source: AT&T
Via: Sammobile

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Sprint will open 20 new US stores in partnership with Europe’s Dixons Carphone

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Sprint has been in the headlines recently, with the news that its CEO, Marcelo Claure, is paid handsomely, that the carrier’s unlimited All-In plan launched with some limits after all. Sprint did get some brownie points for responding swiftly to the video streaming cap, removing the measly 600kbps limit, albeit by slipping in that streaming traffic would be managed when the network became congested. Now, it seems that Sprint is looking at re-invigorating its retail stores strategy by partnering up with Dixon’s Carphone to increase the number of its physical stores. 

Sprint will work with Dixon’s Carphone Connected World Services (CWS) division on a pilot program that will see 20 new Sprint stores opened in the States. While Sprint will own and staff the stores, CWS will manage the nitty-gritty of sales strategies and best practice, leveraging its experience of selling handsets in European markets. In essence, the new stores will be similar to current Sprint branded 3rd-party stores. As mentioned, this is a pilot program, which, if successful, will see more CWS managed Sprint stores opening around the U.S. Both companies will fund the start-up costs of the pilot program equally, with 50 percent ownership interest.

“Sprint is going to offer customers a greatly enhanced experience in buying wireless products and services,” said Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. “We are partnering with the world’s leading wireless retailer to improve the customer experience in our stores. Dixons Carphone has the expertise and capabilities to accelerate this important part of our transformation journey.”

Sprint has been aggressively expanding its physical presence in stores, most recently by opening up outlets in 1,435 RadioShack locations.

Full Press Release:

Sprint Announces Retail Agreement with Dixons Carphone – Europe’s Leading Wireless Retailer

Dixons Carphone to work with Sprint on a pilot to build and operate approximately 20 new Sprint retail stores

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), July 02, 2015 – Sprint (NYSE:S) and Dixons Carphone today announced a commercial relationship that pairs Sprint with a premier European consumer electronics retailer renowned for innovation in wireless retail sales. The relationship is expected to accelerate Sprint’s retail transformation, and is the latest inventive move to grow its number of retail stores.

As part of the arrangement, in coming months Sprint will work closely with Dixons Carphone Connected World Services (CWS) division on a pilot program to build and operate about 20 new Sprint stores in select U.S. markets. These Sprint stores will operate similarly to the third-party retailers who operate Sprint-branded wireless stores across the U.S. Sprint will own and staff the stores while CWS will manage them. CWS will also apply its expertise and best practices across all of Sprint’s sales channels.

Dixons Carphone is Europe’s leading specialist electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company and is recognized as a global retail innovator with world-class retail expertise. In a former joint venture with Best Buy, the company helped launch Best Buy Mobile.

This agreement is the latest in Sprint’s strategy to expand its distribution and provide shoppers with a better customer experience. Earlier this year, Sprint quickly and cost-effectively doubled the number of corporate-owned stores by opening Sprint at RadioShack in 1,435 locations, which are currently undergoing renovation. Sprint has also launched Direct 2 You, a one-of-a-kind service that brings a personalized sales experience directly to customers whenever and wherever they want – for free.

“Sprint is going to offer customers a greatly enhanced experience in buying wireless products and services,” said Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. “We are partnering with the world’s leading wireless retailer to improve the customer experience in our stores. Dixons Carphone has the expertise and capabilities to accelerate this important part of our transformation journey.”

“We are delighted to be working with Sprint and to be a part of a transformation in their business that is already making impressive headway,” said Andrew Harrison, Dixons Carphone Deputy Group Chief Executive and CEO of CWS. “This is a very exciting venture for us, and is a significant step in growing our CWS business in the US. We bring specialist knowledge and skills to this relationship and will be looking to deliver innovation and outstanding customer service under the Sprint brand.”

If the pilot stores prove to be successful Sprint and Dixons Carphone will establish a joint venture to open and operate a substantial number of new Sprint-branded stores across the U.S. The two companies will equally fund the start-up costs of the joint venture and each will initially have 50 percent ownership interest.

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Marcelo Claure is not the man to mess around with in the wireless industry. Why? Because he will directly call bullshit on you. That is exactly what Sprint’s CEO did to John Legere of T-Mobile following the latter’s tactics becoming all too much to handle.

On Wednesday evening, Legere took a jab at Sprint because of its recent All-In flub that required some changes. In addition to tweeting that the carrier had swung and missed with its new plan, Legere linked to an article from Re/code that highlights disappointment with Sprint.

Claure was not happy.


The Sprint CEO, who is among the highest paid compared to his competitors, launched a series of tweets replying to Legere, claiming that T-Mobile’s new JUMP! On Demand program is a ripoff. Claure says that the program is a trap and Legere’s company has failed to inform consumers that continuously upgrading raises the monthly price. T-Mobile’s business practices, according to Claure, is a “fake show.” The best part from Claure’s tweets comes down to a single word: bullshit. He was so fed up in his very first tweet that he told Legere that T-Mobile’s Un-carrier tactics are “bullshit.”

For those of you unable to keep track of the conversation’s reverse layout, we have organized Claure’s brief rant:

“I am so tired of your Uncarrier bullshit when you are worse than the other two carriers together. Your cheap misleading lease imitation is a joke. You trick people to believe that they have a 15 dollar iphone lease payment when it’s not true. You tell them they can upgrade up to 3x but you don’t tell them the price goes up to 27 dollars when they do. You say one thing but behave completely different. It’s all a fake show. So its really #Tmobilelikehell”

Legere has yet to issue a response to Claure but that will not remain for long. We are guaranteed to see him say or do something over the top to get back at Claure’s frustration becoming apparent.

All I have left to say is that #Tmobilelikehell does not roll off the tongue as well as #sprintlikehell.

Source: Marcelo Claure (Twitter)

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HTC and Verizon will give you a $100 Google Play Store credit if you buy the HTC One M9

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If you’ve been toying with the idea of ordering the refined HTC One M9 from Verizon, here’s a little incentive to follow through with the notion. HTC and Verizon have teamed up to offer a $100 Google Play Store credit to customers who order the HTC One M9 from the carrier. 

GHTC One M9_Verizon_Google_Play_StoreThe promotion has just started and will run until August 31st with the $100 Google Play Store credit remaining valid for 12 months after redemption. To redeem the offer, you will have to submit your details and proof of purchase to HTC, and the $100 credit will be added to your Google Wallet account by September 30th. This is on top of the UH-Oh cover that gives you a free one-time phone replacement within the first 12 months of ownership for cracked displays or water damage.

What do you think? Is it enough of an incentive for you to order the HTC One M9 from Verizon? If so, just click the source link below to get started. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: HTC

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Well, that didn’t take long. After announcing its ‘All-In‘ unlimited talking, texting and data plan that inexplicably included a 600kbps cap on video streaming, Sprint has decided to mostly remove the limitation.

Sprint’s CEO, Marcelo Claure, has tweeted that Sprint heard the complaints feedback of its customers about the 600kbps streaming cap, with the result that the limitation has now been removed. He went into a little more detail in Sprint’s press release though, stating that:

“During certain times, like other wireless carriers, we might have to manage the network in order to reduce congestion and provide a better customer experience for the majority of our customers.”

It isn’t all good news then. When the data network gets congested, Sprint will throttle the speed of your video streaming connection. But, that’s got to be better that a straight-up 600kbps cap right from the start, hasn’t it? You have to commend Sprint for acting quickly on the issue, but you also have to wonder how the marketing people could have ever thought that the 600kbps cap was acceptable in the first place?

Still, the issue is mostly done and dusted now. I wonder how much Sprint will throttle video streaming when the network is congested? If you are planning on joining Sprint’s All-In plan, let us know your experiences with streaming video.

Source: Sprint

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Sprint’s new “All-In” plan ironically includes a 600 kbps video streaming cap

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sprint_all_inSprint’s “All-In” plan they announced earlier today sounds awesome. It’s simple to understand, costs only $80 per month (including the phone and access fees), and offers customers unlimited talking, texting, and data. Sounds almost too good to be true for a postpaid carrier plan, right? Well, it is. Kinda.

Some fine details in the terms and conditions of Sprint’s new plan suggests that the carrier will place a 600 kbps cap on all streaming video for users on this new plan. Yeah, 600 kbps. That’s just barely over the recommended internet speed that Google suggests for YouTube, and you can bet that’s not HD video.

Sprint claims that this cap is put on video streaming to maintain the quality of their network, but there’s no conditional throttling for when you’re in a busy area or you’ve used too much data or anything. You just can’t stream video at high speeds on their network using this plan.

I’m not sure what Sprint’s end game is with this move, since any users that have this plan that try to stream any kind of video are going to have an awful time. There’s no way that will result in anything but horrible publicity for the company that’s spent the better part of the past few years trying to convince the general public that their network is steadily improving.

source: Android Police

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Verizon rolls out the DROID Turbo 5.1 Lollipop update tomorrow

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Motorola first announced the update was coming soon, but it looks like Verizon is rolling out the 5.1 Lollipop update tomorrow to all. Verizon told Droid Life that the “actual push will begin tomorrow afternoon.” Do not expect to receive it right away as with most updates it rolls out in phases.

If you do not see the update tomorrow be sure to manually go into your settings and check to see if anything is available.

The full Verizon changelog can be seen below

Source: Droid Life



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Sprint announces “All-In” pricing with video jabs at competitors

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Sprint announced today their own step to take a swing at changing how the wireless carrier industry operates. Promising to help end customer confusion over pricing plans for cell phone service, Sprint’s new “All-In” pricing provides a simple, clear, straightforward price for customers. The All-In Wireless plan will run $80 per month for unlimited talk, text and high-speed data and includes the price of a wireless smartphone.

In launching the new All-In Wireless, Sprint teamed up with soccer star David Beckham to create an ad that highlights the issues consumers are faced with when shopping for smartphones and cellular service. The extended version can be seen below and shorter takes will start airing on FOX’s coverage of the U.S. Women’s World Cup Match.

Sprint is currently offering two choices for a device with the new All-In Wireless plan – an Apple iPhone 6 or a Samsung Galaxy S6. Well-qualified customers can get the devices for zero down and the $20 per month payment is included in the $80 per month All-In price.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Sprint Seeks to End Consumer Confusion & Frustration with Wireless Industry’s First-Ever “All-In” Pricing Plan

All-In Wireless includes choice of smartphone and unlimited talk, text and high-speed data

Sprint Calls for Pricing Transparency in Wireless; Unveils Campaign Featuring David Beckham on a Quest for a Simple, Understandable Offer

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), June 30, 2015 – Today, Sprint introduces the wireless industry’s first-ever “All-In” pricing plan, underscoring the company’s commitment to making wireless simpler, clearer and more straightforward for consumers. All-In Wireless counters the wireless industry’s current way of advertising by providing one clear monthly price for a smartphone and unlimited talk, text and high-speed data.

With All-In Wireless, consumers pay $80 per month for a wireless device and unlimited talk, text and high-speed data – the two most significant components on any wireless bill.

“We understand how frustrating and confusing shopping for wireless can be. At Sprint, we are doing things differently,” said Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO. “We are telling customers, ‘This is your All-In price.’ So when they walk into our store or visit our website, they will see that $80 includes a smartphone and an unlimited plan to do the most important things they are going to do with the phone for an entire month: make calls, watch videos, listen to music, text a friend – you name it.”

Claure continued, “If you went to a restaurant that advertised a cheeseburger for 99-cents, but when you show up, they said it’s an extra $2 for the bun or $1 for lettuce, you would feel misled. Yet, that’s what the industry has been doing with its wireless plans. Why can’t everyone just advertise the full price of both the plan and the smartphone – an All-In plan? That was the idea behind what we’ve created.”

Sprint will promote All-In Wireless with advertising featuring international sports star and entrepreneur David Beckham. In the ads, Beckham goes from store to store, asking for a simple wireless plan with a consistent monthly cost. He is met with confusion and frustration at every stop – until he gets to a Sprint store, where he is offered All-In Wireless.

“When Marcelo and I talked, he said that for most people, buying a cell phone can be one of the most frustrating experiences imaginable,” Beckham said. “People want simple, honest and straightforward plans, but instead they get confusion. With Sprint All-In the aim is to make things simple and deliver value for people.”

The ads featuring Beckham launch tonight during the U.S. Women’s World Cup Match on the FOX Network. To watch an extended version of the Beckham ad now please visit

“It’s a genuine pleasure to work with such a dynamic and forward-thinking company. I really enjoyed making the advert and hopefully people will enjoy it too,” Beckham added.

With All-In, consumers pay $20 per month to lease one of our most popular smartphones, and $60 per month for unlimited text, talk and high-speed data while on the Sprint network (excludes taxes and surcharges).1

Consumers pay $0 down and only a one-time, $36 activation fee.

Sprint believes this is the simplest, most straightforward, lowest-cost way to get a smartphone with unlimited data in wireless – without the confusion caused by other carriers who continue to only advertise part of the cost to draw people into their stores. But once at the store, consumers discover that the advertised price isn’t all in. They discover there are additional costs for the phone or the service. To watch Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure describe the importance of All In to today’s wireless customers please visit

Sprint is also encouraging consumers to check their all-in pricing from other carriers and not be fooled by advertising gimmicks that only list the price of a phone or the price of a service plan making it difficult to understand the full story.

For example, Verizon advertises 10GB of data $80, but they don’t mention as loudly the additional monthly charges including $15 line access and $27.08 for the phone. AT&T frequently advertises 10GB of data for $100 per month, but downplays the additional monthly charges including $15 line access and $27.08 for the phone. T-Mobile is advertising 4 lines for $100, but doesn’t shout the additional $108.32 in monthly phone payments.

Sprint also believes every wireless company should offer a clear plan like All-In Wireless. In fact, Sprint is so confident about All-In Wireless, the company encourages customers to shop it around. If you’ve considered a deal from Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile, ask them straight up: “What’s the All-In price?” Not the price on the tag or in the ad just for the service plan.

All-In Wireless accompanies Sprint’s commitment to improving its network every day. According to RootMetrics, in 111 markets measured in the first half of 2015, Sprint has been awarded a total of 156 first place (outright or shared) RootScore® Awards for overall, reliability, speed, data, call, or text network performance.2 Those numbers sound even more impressive when compared to last year’s results. In these same 111 markets, Sprint achieved 21 first-place award wins back in the first half of 2014.

Sprint All-In Wireless is available starting today in Sprint stores and on

All phones will be available with Sprint Lease, the most affordable way to get the hottest new devices. With Sprint Lease, customers get the lowest monthly cost and lowest two-year cost for the device and plan. Well-qualified customers can receive a new phone every 24 months for $0 down.

For more information and downloadable materials, please visit the All In Wireless Press Kit.

About Sprint

Sprint (NYSE: S) is a communications services company that creates more and better ways to connect its customers to the things they care about most. Sprint served more than 57 million connections as of March 31, 2015, and is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the United States; leading no-contract brands including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, and Assurance Wireless; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. Sprint has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) North America for the past four years. You can learn more and visit Sprint or and

1 To improve data experience for the majority of users, throughput may be limited, varied or reduced on the network. Streaming video speeds will be limited to 600Kbps at all times, which may impact quality. Sprint may terminate service if off-network roaming usage in a month exceeds: (1) 800 min. or a majority of min.; or (2) 100MB or a majority of KB. Prohibited network use rules apply—see

2 Rankings based on 111 RootMetrics (January 1 – June 3, 2015) RootScore Reports for mobile performance as tested on best available plans and devices on four mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of Sprint. Visit for more details

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Motorola preparing Android 5.1 Lollipop for the DROID Turbo

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Tonight, Motorola announced that Android 5.1 Lollipop is “coming to a #DroidTurbo near you.” The company issued a tweet on Monday evening that thanked everyone for their patience, likely meaning that a software update with Lollipop is imminent for the Verizon-exclusive device.

Since its launch in October 2013, the DROID turbo has remained stuck on Android 4.4.4 KitKat. People have been waiting more than six months just to see a current version of Android reach the DROID Turbo. We all know that Verizon takes its sweet time with software updates but this long of a wait seems really unfair for consumers.

A soak test for the software update with the DROID Turbo has already begun as select owners are reporting its arrival.

Source: Motorola (Twitter)

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HTC Desire Eye from AT&T gets Lollipop on June 30

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There may not be many Desire Eye owners roaming the country, but June 30 will be an exciting day for them. The device’s exclusive carrier, AT&T, will release a software update that bumps it up to Lollipop.

Mo Versi, the HTC employee who announced the update’s impending release, did not specify the exact version of Lollipop coming to the Desire Eye. So it could be Android 5.0 or 5.1, but we will know for which one tomorrow.

Source: Mo Versi (Twitter)

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