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Carriers announce G4 availability

Posted by wicked April - 28 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

LG g4 leather 2With the G4 finally being official, carriers are announcing vague availability for the device. HTC and Samsung managed to launch their flagship devices simultaneously on all major US carriers on April 10th this year, so LG will probably be able to pull off something similar.

So far, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon have announced plans to carry the device, although none of the carriers have mentioned exactly when we can expect to be able to purchase it. T-Mobile is running an early experience program, however, so if you sign up through T-Mobile you’re entered in a chance to win a G4 before its publicly released.

We’ll keep you updated as more carriers announce their intentions to carry the device. AT&T is almost guaranteed to follow, and I’d imagine we’ll hear something from US Cellular soon, too.

source: T-Mobile



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Verizon’s HTC One (M8) bug crashing apps left and right

Posted by wicked April - 25 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off


A few days ago, my HTC One (M8) purchased through Verizon started experiencing difficulties opening an app or two. Select apps crash immediately after launching and other force close when hitting the back button. I had initially thought it was an issue for those apps and didn’t think much of it. Then, as we progressed into this weekend, it became more prevalent.

Another member of the Talk Android team with Verizon’s One (M8) as well as multiple cases spotted on the web prove that I am not alone. Here are some links:

The device’s own HTC Service Pack app was updated earlier in the week and had no effect; however, the issue started late on Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. The app that was updated around then, and is believed to be the culprit of this bug, is apparently Google’s Android System WebView. This is the app that allows other apps to display web content.

Device owners, including myself, have performed factory resets and the usual ‘start over’ processes. That has returned nothing and the issue remains. We have no idea what the exact issue here is, but some are saying that uninstalling the Android System WebView app provides a fix. Understand that uninstalling the Android System WebView app may have security implications and put your device at risk for other bugs.

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Verizon to sell LG’s Watch Urbane for $349 from April 28th

Posted by wicked April - 25 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

LG_Watch_Urbane 1

With its round face and sophisticated design, it’s easy to see why many of us think that LG’s Watch Urbane is arguably one of the most stylish looking smartwatches around. LG’s latest smartwatch only became available in Korea yesterday, and now we have news that the US carrier, Verizon, will be offering the Watch Urbane soon.

According to the leaked marketing material (courtesy of AndroidSpin), the Watch Urbane will be priced at $349 (£229). The model on offer is the standard version of the Watch Urbane that runs on the Android Wear operating system, unlike the LTE version that runs on LG’s ‘Wearable Platform‘ that is believed to be based on webOS.

The leaked material also gives away the date of availability, which is April 28th, coinciding nicely with the upcoming launch of LG’s latest flagship smartphone, the G4. The Watch Urbane does include the necessary WiFi component to take full advantage of the recent Android Wear update, unlike the square-faced G Watch. Is LG’s Watch Urbane the Android Wear smartwatch you’ve been waiting for?


Source: AndroidSpin

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t mobile galaxy note 4 tweetT-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 4 has received technical acceptance for its Lollipop update, according to T-Mobile’s senior product manager on Twitter. Don’t bother checking your phone for the update just yet, since technical acceptance doesn’t mean an immediate rollout. It does mean, however, that you should be seeing an OTA update on your Note 4 sometime next week.

I know, the wait is going to be tough. You’ve made it this long, what’s another few days?

source: Twitter

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Cricket bolsters monthly plans with unlimited talk and text to Canada

Posted by wicked April - 25 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

cricket wirelessCricket has added a new feature to their monthly plans that will help users that need to communicate across the border with their cell phones. The carrier has baked in international calling and texting to Canada to their monthly plans, which already included communication to Mexico. Since their monthly plans already include unlimited talk and text, it won’t cost anything extra to send some texts up north without worrying about overages or hidden fees.

These plans start at $50 per month, or $45 if you don’t mind autopay, and they give you unlimited calling, text messaging, and 5 GB of high speed data. A fantastic selling point is that these plans are “all-in” and include taxes and fees in the upfront cost.

If you’ve never looked into moving your number to Cricket, now might be a smart time to start.

source: Yahoo! Finance

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Verizon bringing back some promotional More Everything plans

Posted by wicked April - 24 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off


Although Verizon CFO Francis Shammo just recently indicated the carrier was not planning to chase after price-sensitive consumers in response to pressure from T-Mobile and Sprint, the company is still making moves to entice new subscribers with some special promotions. The company is bringing back a couple promotions for their More Everything shared data plans.

According to Verizon, they will be offering their 10 GB plan for $80 per month, which is down from the current price of $100 per month, but is consistent with what that plan ran before Verizon made several price adjustments earlier this year. They are also bringing back a 15 GB plan which will run $100 per month, which is cheaper than the 14 GB for $120 or 16 GB for $130 plans they currently offer.

A Verizon spokesperson, Debi Lewis, noted that Verizon offers different promotions throughout the year and now just happens to be the time for these two deals. She indicated they would only be available for a limited time and that there was no defined end date for their availability.

Some analysts think this latest move is in response to the first quarter results and pressure being exerted on the market, Verizon in particular. The offers will likely put even more pressure on Verizon’s average revenue per account, an industry-wide trend affecting all carriers.

source: Fierce Wireless

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Dixons Carphone iD Network Welcome

It seems that everyone is busy announcing new mobile networks lately, what with Google unveiling its Project Fi network yesterday in the States, and now we have Carphone Warehouse (CPW) taking the covers of its iD mobile network in the UK. Just like Google, CPW has decided against the great cost of building its own mobile network infrastructure and has instead partnered with the Three Network.

So what is the iD network all about? CPW says the new network will offer greater flexibility in terms of plans and avoid the issue of Bill Shock by providing controlled and capped monthly payments. Users going to Europe will also be able to use local networks thanks to iD’s roaming plans that most likely work just like Three’s current Feel at Home roaming service. And, in a move away from the trend of only offering 2-year contracts, the iD network will offer 12-month contracts with 4G data coverage.

The iD network will apparently kick things off with a series of market-leading, introductory offers with the first Mega plan being the Samsung A3 handset on a 12-month contract with 300 minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB of data for £19.50. The iD network will go live from May, so there isn’t long to wait at all.

It’s difficult to see exactly how the iD network will fit into the volatile UK landscape, especially since the network it is piggybacking off, Three, is itself supposed to be a budget-oriented operator. Another reason being that the value-for-money Giff-Gaff service provider piggybacks off the O2 network, which is now owned by, you guessed it, Three. It’s all getting a little convoluted. If you want to learn more about the iD network, we have the full press release just below and remember you can visit the iD Mobile site to register your interest.


Full Press Release:

London 23 April 2015: Today, Carphone Warehouse announces iD, a new mobile network that is built around what the customer wants and addresses consumer frustrations with current mobile phone plans.

iD – available from May and operating on the Three network – will launch with a set of market-leading, introductory offers promising the mobile user increased contract flexibility, greater access to free data roaming and the best value 4G available on the UK market.

Commenting on the launch, Graham Stapleton, UK CEO at Carphone Warehouse, said: “We’ve been listening to our millions of customers’ network requirements and desires for years. In doing so we have identified some common challenges. People want greater flexibility from their plans and are fed up with the ‘one size fits all’ approach. In fact, a recent study by Which? found that overspend on mobile phone charges in the UK amounts to £5.42billion each year – showing just how many people aren’t on the right plan for them. We are also a generation obsessed with the mobile internet and accessing data and services on the move – things people are either paying too much for or just aren’t getting. Addressing these challenges forms the basis of the first wave of plans from iD.”

At launch, the new network will solve three core customer frustrations:

  1. Bill Shock – for those who want to make the most out of their money and like the reassurance and security of a standardised bill each month; delivered through controlled and capped plans at the lowest price on the market
  2. Uncertainty when using your phone abroad – for those who travel abroad frequently but are hindered by inflexible plans. iD’s roaming plans cover more European countries than anyone else
  3. Flexibility – 12 month contracts for those who want great value 4G, with the flexibility of shorter term commitment

Graham continues: “This is just the beginning. We know that there are lots more customer issues and frustrations with existing mobile plans that we’re eager to tackle. We want this network to be focused on the individual and we will continue to listen to customers over the coming months, asking them to help develop and evolve iD.”

iD is the first major initiative from Dixons Carphone and will be available to customers from May 2015 via all Carphone Warehouse, Currys and PC World stores, as well as online channels. For more information and to register interest visit

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How to check Project Fi coverage in your area

Posted by wicked April - 23 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Project Fi

By now you’ve probably heard an awful lot about Google’s announcement about providing a new network called Project Fi. The network piggybacks off of Sprint’s and T-Mobile‘s networks and supports making calls and texts over a WiFi connection when an LTE signal isn’t detected. If you’re considering your options as to whether to ditch your current provider and join Project Fi, you might want to check the signal coverage map first to see if you’re covered.

All you have to do is visit the Project Fi web page, type in your zip code and the map will show what sort of network coverage you can expect. Besides the mobile network coverage, Project Fi subscribers will also be able to use Google’s estimated 1 million WiFi hotspots situated around the country.

Source: Project Fi

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John Legere praises Project Fi for contributing “fresh blood and fresh thinking”

Posted by wicked April - 23 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

John Legere

There are existing two wireless networks that Google’s Project Fi operates on in addition to more than one million WiFi hotspots. They belong to Sprint and T-Mobile. So those two carriers are bound to receive their fair share of attention in the coming weeks and months as people in the United States explore what Google has to offer with Project Fi. John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, is really excited about Project Fi because of its ability to deliver a new, alternative approach. That is something that Legere feels the wireless industry lacks.

In a company blog post, Legere reflects on the history T-Mobile and Google share. The two worked on launching the G1, the world’s first Android smartphone. Soon, the Nexus 6 on T-Mobile will have WiFi calling activated and become the first Nexus device to have that feature. Allowing Project Fi to use its network is just another step taken together by T-Mobile and Google.

Here is where Legere draws a connection between T-Mobile and Google’s take on utilizing a WiFi connection:

“One of the coolest things about Project Fi − IMHO − is Google’s new technology that allows them to move customers between Wi-Fi and cellular partner networks based on the network that’s the fastest at any given time.

Last fall, T-Mobile led the industry in un-leashing Wi-Fi, basically turning every Wi-Fi connection in the world into a T-Mobile tower. Now, Project Fi lets customers easily access public Wi-Fi and cellular networks − there’s no doubt that we share a vision that is great for customers.

Since the cellular connection will be made based on network speed, we expect to capture the largest share of traffic coming from Project Fi customers – and chances are good that these customers are going to be riding on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network. The T-Mobile Data Strong™ network!  If Project Fi customers are anything like our own, we expect they’ll be data-hungry!”

The T-Mobile CEO, in addition to being ecstatic about exposing T-Mobile’s network to more people, applauds Google’s work for doing something “that could directly benefit tomorrow’s American wireless customers.” Legere wants the industry to shift away from old practices and into an area of “fresh blood and fresh thinking.”

Source: T-Mobile

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Google becomes a wireless carrier with Project Fi

Posted by wicked April - 22 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off


Today, Google announced that it would become a wireless carrier with the introduction of Project Fi. Rather than going through the very expensive and exhausting process of building a network, Google opted to utilize two existing networks. Project Fi takes advantage of service provided by T-Mobile and Sprint whenever a WiFi connection is not available. Project Fi also supports calls and texts over a WiFi connection in the absence of LTE service.

The focus, though, is for Project Fi customers to connect to Google’s more than one million free WiFi hotspots. Project Fi customers can travel about and connect to these WiFi hotspots automatically. Data remains secured through encryption despite automatically connecting to these WiFi hotspots without notice.

Having a WiFi connection will greatly benefit Project Fi customers as Google will credit them for unused data. The base price of $20 per month covers talk, text, WiFi tethering, and international coverage. For access to T-Mobile and Sprint networks, customers pay $10 for each gigabyte that they feel is needed. Google then returns funds to the customer if there is any unused data. For example, using 1.4GB on a 3GB plan credits the customer with $16. Project Fi customers only pay for exactly what they use.

Project Fi, as expected, starts with the Nexus 6 being the only device supported through its Early Access Program.

You can request an invite for Project Fi by clicking here.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source: Google

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