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Google’s Q3 2014 earnings, revenue is up but income is down

Posted by wicked October - 17 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

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Google has released their Q3 numbers for 2014, revealing an unsurprising increase over last year. They clock the quarter as ending September 30th, 2014, and clock their overall revenue at just over $16.5 billion.

Google’s 2013 Q3 revenue was $13.75 billion, making Q3 2014 a full 20 percent increase. However, analysts say that this, especially operating income, was weaker than expected, resulting in a little stock dip in after-market trading.

The revenue totals that Google has reported are as follows:

  • Revenue from their sites: $11.252 billion
  • Revenue from their network: $3.430 billion
  • Revenue from ‘other’: $1.841 billion
    Total: $16.523 billion

Breaking that down a little bit, Google’s own sites generated about 68 percent of their total, up 20 percent over 2013. Network totals include revenues from partner sites, up just 9 percent over 2013. Finally, ‘other’ increased by a whopping 50 percent over 2013.

Looking at where some of that money goes to, Google reports their operating expenses, not including cost of revenue, was up to $6.1 billion for the quarter. A 33 percent increase over 2013. I suppose that is what happens when you slap together some awesome looking offices and employee perks while hiring the brightest minds around the globe.

Google Stock numbers October 16 2013

So, why is GOOG stock price down? It boils down to their GAAP Operating Income. Google reports earnings of $3.72 billion, which is just 23 percent of revenues. This is both a percentile drop of 4 percent and a $0.04 billion reduction in income over Q3 2013. Not to say that three and three quarters of a billion dollars is not a bad GAAP operating income, just a little lower than many had hoped for.

All in all, Google pulled in over $16.5 billion in the last three months, I’d say they are doing pretty well for themselves. We’ve only just scratched the surface of the full financials report for Q3 2014, for the full details, head over to Google’s investor’s site.

My question, would you prefer to outright pay a fee for a Google service, or do you like the current exchange of ads for services model?

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Mobile banking app Simple rolls out version 2.0

Posted by wicked August - 20 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

It may not yet be as popular or accepted as PayPal, but online bank Simple has had a steady and growing customer base, which led them to redesigning from the ground up their mobile app to serve their users better. They have started rolling out Simple 2.0 which brings to your smartphone some features that were web-based only, as well as a new look and feel for the banking app.

Probably the biggest feature to be added with v2.0 is bringing Simple Instant, something that has been available on the web version, to the mobile format. The feature allows immediate funds transfer between two Simple account holders, without having to go through the typical holding period and additional fees that some banks charge. It’s as, well, simple, as adding another account user as your contact and then transferring your money to them. This is a good way for couples, families or housemates to transfer money for shared bills and expenses.

The Goals feature of the app has also had a major overhaul. Previously on mobile, you could just move money in (or out, but that defeats the purpose) the section to save up for a big purchase like a new gadget, a vacation, or even a car. Now you can track your progress towards your goal, like how much more you need to add to finally get that brand new TV HD flatscreen you’re saving up for, how much you need to add daily to reach that by a certain date.

The new design of the app has been simplified, with a minimalist feel that focuses on basic colors and typography, which makes it easier to use on the mobile format. Simple Version 2.0 is now available to download for free from the Google Play Store.

Screenshot 2014-08-20 13.14.39
Screenshot 2014-08-20 13.14.16
Screenshot 2014-08-20 13.14.05

SOURCE: Simple

Simple, the Online Bank, Pushes Major Update to iOS and Android Apps

Posted by Tim-o-tato August - 19 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Simple, a startup banking service based right here in Portland, Oregon, pushed a major update out to the iOS and Android versions of its app this morning. Version 2.0, aimed at simplifying a member’s mobile experience, brings a ton of new features that will probably help persuade even more people to switch from their traditional bank to this completely online experience. 

As for what is new for the Android users, you will now have the ability to instantly transfer funds to other Simple members through the mobile app’s Simple Instant feature. In addition, Simple has completely revamped the Goals section of the application. For those unfamiliar with Simple, the bank allows you to pull a predetermined dollar amount daily from your Safe to Spend balance, letting you create a Savings account inside of your existing Checking account. It doesn’t need to be a Savings, though. It could be a trip to Alaska, a new pair of shoes, or whatever else you might wan to save for.

To top it off, the company now lets users upload an avatar through the app, which lets you add a bit of flair to your banking profile. Of course, all of these features are bundled into a completely redone user interface, full of more White and open space.

As mentioned, the app is now available for all Android users. And if Simple interests you, be sure to check out their site and get yourself signed up.

What’s New

  • We’ve totally redesigned and rebuilt Simple from the ground up, adding new features and improving functionality based on your feedback.
  • Send money to other Simple customers instantly and for free with Simple Instant.
  • Goals is all new. It’s now easier to see your savings progress.
  • Personalize your Simple experience by uploading your own avatar.

Play Link

Via: Simple

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Expense Manager – keep track of finances

Posted by wicked August - 12 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off
Expense Manager - Accounts

Expense Manager is a simple financial manager app for keeping tabs on your expenses. Track income, expenses, and account transfers plus back up then sync to the cloud. We’ll tell you whether or not this app will help keep financially savvy in this review. Price: Free Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Content Rating: Everyone Android App… View Article

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Yahoo! Finance app redesigned for Android

Posted by wicked July - 31 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

If you’re in the finance industry or are interested or involved in the stock market, chances are you’d always want the latest updates even before you reach the office or a desktop. While there are many finance apps out there, it never hurts to try one that comes from known names in the industry. Yahoo! Finance has a shiny brand new app, completely redesigned for Android devices and will definitely come in handy for stocks whizzes out there.

As there are sometimes too many stocks to follow, you can save the ones you’re interested about on your watch list. The app will then give you relevant information and news regarding those on your list. And of course, the information and updates you’ll be receiving are in real time, as this is a crucial aspect in this industry. You can even go beyond just the stock information and the app will give you information about currencies, industries and commodities.

The app also includes interactive charts and graphs that can help you analyse better the trends and information. If you view your phone sideways or in landscape mode, then you’ll be able to fully appreciate the full screen charts. You can also set up the app to send you push notifications on things like breaking news for the stocks that you want to follow.

To help you find finance-related news stories better, they’ve also added a news tab that will constantly be updated with stories that you need to know, based also on the information and preferences that you input in the app. You can download the new Yahoo! Finance app for free through the Google Play Store.



Yahoo Finance gets redesigned with new interactive graphs and real-time quotes

Posted by wicked July - 30 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off


If you need a new finance application to try, Yahoo Finance will probably get you hooked. Yahoo has completely redesigned the app to be much more appealing and intuitive. Users can now naturally interact with graphs to get more out of them rather than looking at a shallow piece of information. Also, Yahoo Finance is allowing users to add to a watchlist in order for real-time quotes and news to ticker in. As expected, users can make use of push notifications for breaking news regarding owned stocks. And it would not be a redesign without a user interface overhaul.

Hit the break for the gallery and download links.


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Travel Money – a powerful app to manage group expenses

Posted by wicked May - 15 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off
Travel Money - Payments on a Map

Travel Money has some powerful features for keeping track of expenses you may split when traveling with a group of people. It supports multiple currencies and spending statistics. Read this review to determine whether it will help you stay on track of expenses on your next trip! Price: Free, $2.49 Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Content… View Article

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Samsung forecasts decline in operating profits

Posted by wicked April - 8 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

samsung galaxy s5 aa (24 of 36)

It’s financial statement season and Samsung is the next technology company to announce that it’s experiencing tougher times.

Samsung Electronics has revealed that it expects to make an operating profit of 8.4 trillion won in the quarter for January to March this year, that’s approximately $7.9 billion or £4.8 billion. Whilst that still looks like a healthy level of income, this result would mark a 4 percent decline in profit compared with the same period last year. Not only that, but Samsung faced a similar 6 percent decline in operating profit in the previous quarter as well.

Whilst Samsung may not be struggling with quarterly losses like HTC, there seems to be a squeeze on profits across the technology sector, particularly in the mobile space. Some analysts attribute this to declining margins in the smartphone market, as well as a general lack of growth in the premium sector of the market. The smartphone business is as competitive as ever, but cost cutting in the pursuit of capturing and maintaining market share is having a negative impact on profits.

Samsung stock April 2014

Unlike some other smartphone manufacturers, Samsung’s diverse range of products is helping to see the company through the smartphone squeeze. The stock price remains near its high.

Of course, these figures don’t take into account the global launch of the company’s new flagship Galaxy S5, due to go on sale on April 11th, which is sure to have a positive impact on Samsung’s revenue and profit margins. We have already seen that the handset has made a strong start in South Korea, despite the partial sales ban. However, the Wall Street Journal is not particularly optimistic about the Galaxy S5’s sales expectations, given the mixed reception of some of the handsets features, or lack thereof.

“What Samsung needs to do this year for additional growth are things like cost reduction and reducing marketing costs,” Greg Roh, HMC Investment and Securities.

To Samsung’s credit, the company is already diversifying always from the stagnating smartphone market, a move which could help it maintain a healthier profit margin than the competition, see growth in areas such as wearables for example. We will just have to wait and see if the Galaxy S5 can surpass the last generation’s sales figures.

HTC Q1 Losses Climb to $62 Million, but March Revenue Improves

Posted by wicked April - 7 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off
HTC Q1 Losses Climb to $62 Million, but March Revenue Improves

HTC posted its Q1 2014 financials today, and they are decidedly mixed. The company’s profits were less than investors expected, but one-month revenue rose incrementally after 28 consecutive months of declines.

The company’s first-quarter loss was NT$1.88 billion, which amounts to $62 million. That is worse than the Bloomberg-compiled analyst estimate of NT$1.59 billion loss and HTC’s own Feb. 10 forecast of NT$860 million. Revenue for the quarter fell to NT$33.1, down from $NT42.8 billion last year. 

However, HTC reported that March revenue was up 2.16% year-over-year.

A few investors are wary that the critically well-received HTC One (M8) won’t be able to maintain selling momentum in the face of Samsung’s Galaxy S5, but Chief Financial Officer Chang Chialin said that a focus on mid-range devices this year would help to buoy profitability.

As for our opinion, if the company plans to remain afloat on mid-range devices, 2014 could be quite a long financial year for the Taiwan-based OEM. Although, the Moto G, Motorola’s budget-friendly smartphone, is reportedly its most successful device ever. Maybe HTC can pull something off, too.

Via: HTC [2] | Bloomberg

HTC Q1 Losses Climb to $62 Million, but March Revenue Improves is a post from: Droid Life

HTC sales slowing, profitability hinges on the new One (M8)

Posted by wicked April - 7 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

htc one m8 outdoors (10 of 17)

Cast your mind back to last year, and the launch of the original HTC One (M7), and you may recall that HTC’s financial forecasts were looking a little shaky. Several important company figures resigned over the situation, including the Chief Operating Officer Matthew Costello. Since then, things have been a little steadier over at HTC, but the company still hasn’t seen a return to its prime.

The company’s sales slowed again ahead of the launch of the new HTC One (M8), which resulted in the company posting its second loss in three quarters. The company’s Q1 2014 loss amounted to NT$1.88 billion ($62 million), which is slightly worse than many analysts’ expected average loss of NT$1.71 billion, and right in the middle of HTC’s own February 10th forecast loss of between NT$860 million to NT$3.11 billion. Even more worryingly, revenue for the quarter fell to NT$33.1 billion, down from NT$42.8 billion over the same period last year.

“The company expects to see positive trajectory of its revenue in April from March and forecasts quarter-on-quarter revenue growth in the second quarter,” HTC

On the plus side, HTC’s March sales figures grew by 2.2 percent over the previous year, and HTC is predicting a return to profit next quarter, based on sales from its newly launched HTC One (M8). However, an analysts at SinoPac Financial Holdings Co. has suggested that, despite the positive figures for March, HTC’s sales are weaker than the company anticipated.

HTC Stock Price

HTC’s stock value has taken a battering over recent years, with new devices doing very little to calm investor nerves.

Considering that HTC has just released a range of new products, the next quarter’s earnings report is going to be a crucial one for the company. HTC will be holding its next earnings call in early May, where sales of the new flagship HTC One (M8), as well as mid-range products like the Desire 816, will be a deciding factor in determining whether HTC is capable of turning its fortunes around.

If all this seems familiar, we were saying virtually the same thing with last year’s launch of the original HTC One (M7), which turned out not to change that much for the company.

“The important thing to watch will be whether they can sustain sales into the third month after M8’s product release,” Birdy Lu

Despite a strong line-up of handsets, HTC still appears to be struggling to carve out a large enough market for itself to compete with the likes of Samsung. What do you makes of HTC’s odds of turning things around with its new line-up of handsets?

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