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Simple Checkbook Free – simple checkbook app

Posted by wicked April - 20 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off
Simple Checkbook Free - simple checkbook app

Simple Checkbook Free ►A simple checkbook to track your withdrawals and deposits quickly, consistently, and efficiently. ►Use colors to simplify certain checkbook transactions, for example: groceries, taxes, or rent. ►Graph in a simple color line plot. ►View checkbook breakdown in a simple pie chart. ►View checkbook entries as most recent first or oldest first. ►Associate… View Article

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Tilt lets you collect money for projects on your Android device

Posted by wicked April - 15 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Collecting money from your friends for a project can sometimes be a pain. And a lot of times, you end up paying for the share of one of your delinquent contributors. But as with a lot of problems in our world now, there’s finally an app for that. Tilt is now available for your Android smartphone, and you can use it to help manage and fund projects that need financial backing, from small group gifts to even those that require a crowd-funding aspect.

The app works simply enough. You create a project, whether it’s a group gift for your boss, a redecorating project in your apartment that you share with four other people, or a neighbourhood party you’re organizing. You set the amount of money needed, and then add the people that would be contributing to this project. Of course, they need to have the app installed on their devices as well. You’ll be able to track who has already paid and who is still shirking their commitment to contribute money. You can even let everyone see who has already paid, in a not-so-subtle sort of peer pressure.

Friends can pay in just two taps, as long as they have a connected credit card (or maybe bank account later on). It is also easy to share the project, even to social networks if you need it to go public. That is because you can even use this app for a crowd-funding project, much like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. You’ll only be able to collect the funds and cards will only be charged once you’ve reached the goal or the “tilt” amount. It will go directly to your bank account, but you will be charged a 2.5% fee.

You can download Tilt from the Google Play Store for free, and there are no up front charges. It is only currently available for the US region.


10 best Android budget apps for money management

Posted by wicked April - 6 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

best Android budget apps for money management
Nobody likes talking about budgeting. It’s a pain in the rear end and generally prevents you from buying lots of things that make you happy. Nevertheless, it’s something we all must do so why not make it easy? Here are the best Android budget apps for money management.

andromoney best Android budget apps for money managementAndroMoney

[Price: Free]
First up is the highly rated AndroMoney. The app works as an expense tracker and money management app that comes with an integrated calculator, multiple accounts, cloud storage support, syncing with other devices, and password protection. It’s a simple, solid entry for those who don’t need anything serious.
Get it on Google Play

bitcoin wallet best Android budget apps for money managementBitcoin Wallet

[Price: Free]
Bitcoin users shouldn’t be left in the dark when it comes to money management on Android. Bitcoin Wallet offers a bunch of Bitcoin-inspired features including the ability to pay for things with Bitcoin, buy more Bitcoin, and other management features such as transaction history, balance, transaction details, and password protection. You can even remotely disable phone access if it gets stolen.
Get it on Google Play
bitcoin wallet best Android budget apps for money management

cash best Android budget apps for money managementCash

[Price: Free]
Cash is another simple expense tracker app that helps you manage all of your money. It’s ad-free and I know a lot of people will appreciate that. You can also backup to Dropbox, obtain summary reports, export in CSV, and it’s available in four languages. It also features various charts to help you better understand how you’re spending your money. It’s simple, but powerful even if the design is a little old.
Get it on Google Play
cash best Android budget apps for money management

cash droid best Android budget apps for money managementCash Droid

[Price: Free]
Cash Droid is about as old school of an app as you can get but surprisingly it was updated not that long ago. It features some more advanced features like category management, payees, currency, etc and it can be broken down further if you need it to be. You can also backup information via Dropbox (or local storage) and you can have everything password protected. It gets the job done and then some but that interface, though.
Get it on Google Play
cash droid best Android budget apps for money management

CWMoney expense track best Android budget apps for money managementCWMoney Expense Track

[Price: Free / $4.99]
CWMoney Expense Track does pretty much what the title says it does, track your expenses. It comes with multiple themes so you can personalize your experience which is unique. It also comes with a widget, multiple currency support, multiple account support, extensive organization support, and backup to Dropbox, Gmail, FTP, and others. It’s a bit more powerful than the ones we’ve talked about so far but it does also have more features. There is also a paid version.
Get it on Google Play

financial calculators best Android budget apps for money managementFinancial Calculators

[Price: Free]
Financial Calculators is an app that provides you with a variety of calculators for your personal finance needs. Some of the options include mortgage, tip, auto loan, APR, and cred card payoff calculators along with additional tools like a currency converter. It’s simple, free, and a must have for those nights when you’re tediously pouring over your finances.
Get it on Google Play
financial calculators best Android budget apps for money management

financisto best Android budget apps for money managementFinancisto – Expense Manager

[Price: Free / $4.00]
We’ll never fully understand why the best money management apps hate design so much, but Financisto is still a great option. It comes with multiple account and currency support along with the ability to add your own currency, the ability to add scheduled and recurring transactions, cloud backup to Google Drive and Dropbox, automatic backups, CSV and QIF export and import, and plenty more. We also have it on good authority that the app is undergoing a Holo-inspired redesign which will be awesome.
Get it on Google Play
financisto best Android budget apps for money management

mint personal finance best Android budget apps for money managementMint Bills and Mint Personal Finance

[Price: Free]
The Mint series of apps are among the best finance apps available anywhere, period. Mint Bills actually lets you set up bill pay so you can pay your bills directly from the app instead of slogging through the process of logging into all those websites and making all those phone calls. Mint Personal Finance shows recent transactions, allows you to create and track budgets, and even lets you check your credit score. These are two very powerful finance apps with decent designs and strong features. Click the button below to get Mint Personal Finance and click here to get Mint Bills.
Get it on Google Play

monefy best Android budget apps for money managementMonefy Money Manager

[Price: Free / $2.50]
Monefy is a money management app with a slightly better design than many of these other ones. It allows you to create budgets, manage budgets, transactions, and categories, and backup and export data quickly. It’s a simple app that includes some extra stuff like passwords and a widget, but for those who don’t need a lot, this is a solid option.
Get it on Google Play

moneywise best Android budget apps for money managementMoneywise

[Price: Free / $6.99]
Last on our list for now is MoneyWise. It’s a fairly powerful budgeting and money management tool that supports multiple accounts, many currencies, and it’s even available in over half a dozen languages. One of its best features is that it’s usable totally offline with no account creation required so it’s great for those who don’t want to be tied down to a service. It also has graphics, charts, monitor account balances, and there’s a built in calculator.
Get it on Google Play
moneywise best Android budget apps for money management

Wrap up

If we missed your favorite Android budget apps for money management, let us know in the comments!

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Analysts share optimistic outlook for Samsung this year

Posted by wicked March - 16 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

samsung galaxy logo mwc 2015 6

Faith in Samsung’s finances, market share, and general business outlook was shaken last year, following successive quarterly declines in smartphone sales, revenue and profit levels. However this year, analysts are expecting Samsung to post stronger than expected first quarter earnings, led by its chip and smartphone divisions.

Kyobo Securities estimates that Samsung will see an operating profit of 5.72 trillion won ($5 billion), Meritz Securities expects profits to reach 5.6 trillion won, while others are anticipating 5.2 trillion won. Operating profits are expected to increase quarter-on-quarter by somewhere in the region of 8 percent. C.W. Chung at Nomura Securities has revised Samsung’s share target price to 1.75 million won from 1.65 million won.

“Market forecast of Samsung Electronics’ profit estimates was about 5.2 trillion won. However, this is too conservative. Samsung will do better and it will do much better in the second quarter,” - Park Yoo-ak, Meritz Securities

Why the change in opinion on Samsung’s outlook? One point raised is that Samsung’s industry leading memory business is expected to see strong demand this year, but a fair bit of it has to do with the industry reception to and hardware inside the Galaxy S6.

First up, strong smartphone specifications and features are expected to give a boost to Samsung’s competitive edge in the high-end market, helping to reverse the downwards decline in the company’s smartphone sales. Analysts are not expecting an instant resurgence to previous highs, but Bernstein Research and Deutsche Bank suggest that the Galaxy S6 will help boost Samsung’s bottom line non-the-less.

“the S6 does not need to be a mega-success; even a further decline to 27 percent market share in the premium segment would be more than enough,” - Mark Newman, Bernstein Research

The second reason for such optimism is due to Samsung’s decision to make use of even more in-house components for the Galaxy S6, which should save the company on some production costs. Samsung is making use of its own Exynos processor, DRAM and NAND memory, and AMOLED display technologies inside the S6. One firm suggests a potential saving of $28 per phone, which could turn into a significant profit boost given Samsung’s reported 20 million Galaxy S6 pre-orders.

Samsung still has a lot to prove this year and we will have to see if the Galaxy S6 can really boost the company’s profitability as much as some are expecting.

Google Now issuing mortgage and financial advice with latest update

Posted by wicked February - 4 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

google now mortgage financeGoogle Now has been working on bringing new features and services into the app, and the latest update brings in a unique feature that will be useful for anyone looking into buying a house in the future.

You can ask Google Now how much you can borrow, based on percents and monthly payments, to pull up a mortgage calculator. You can fine tune values in this calculator to figure out what monthly payments will be depending on how much a house would cost, which saves you from having to download an extra app from the Play Store or to sit down and spend an hour figuring it out on your own. Definitely a useful trick.

source: Google Plus

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Get Payday Loan

Posted by wicked January - 20 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off
Get Payday Loan

When the situation leaves you needing a payday loan, the worst feeling is the knowledge that you will have to spend hours imputing all of your details over and over again. So you will be pleased to know there is now an easier option that takes the repeating out of the process and allows you… View Article

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My Money Tracker – track your finances

Posted by wicked January - 3 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off
My Money Tracker - track your finances

The best money tracker application! It will track your finances in very easy and efficient way to keep your wallet in good shape. Application provides intuitive UI which always contain all what your need in one touch. Define your accounts, income/expense groups, report transactions and track your money with rich budget planning and reporting functionality…. View Article

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Show Me Da Money – count your money while idle

Posted by wicked December - 6 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off
Show Me Da Money - count your money while idle

Your workplace is full of time wasting people and activities. But there is one good thing: You are still GETTING PAID! SHOW ME DA MONEY counts the money you are making as you sit in mind-numbing meetings or engage in conversations with total bores. Let SHOW ME DA MONEY reignite your will to live. This… View Article

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Expense Reminder – bill tracking & notifications

Posted by wicked November - 30 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off
Expense Reminder - bill tracking & notifications

Be reminded when your bills are due so you are not charged fees. Expense Reminder can save you money! Expense Reminder allows you to be easily reminded of your expenses and bills that are due throughout the month. When expenses and bills are overdue, you can pay a lot of money in fees. This app will… View Article

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Google’s Q3 2014 earnings, revenue is up but income is down

Posted by wicked October - 17 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

GoogleSearch SocialDaily

Google has released their Q3 numbers for 2014, revealing an unsurprising increase over last year. They clock the quarter as ending September 30th, 2014, and clock their overall revenue at just over $16.5 billion.

Google’s 2013 Q3 revenue was $13.75 billion, making Q3 2014 a full 20 percent increase. However, analysts say that this, especially operating income, was weaker than expected, resulting in a little stock dip in after-market trading.

The revenue totals that Google has reported are as follows:

  • Revenue from their sites: $11.252 billion
  • Revenue from their network: $3.430 billion
  • Revenue from ‘other’: $1.841 billion
    Total: $16.523 billion

Breaking that down a little bit, Google’s own sites generated about 68 percent of their total, up 20 percent over 2013. Network totals include revenues from partner sites, up just 9 percent over 2013. Finally, ‘other’ increased by a whopping 50 percent over 2013.

Looking at where some of that money goes to, Google reports their operating expenses, not including cost of revenue, was up to $6.1 billion for the quarter. A 33 percent increase over 2013. I suppose that is what happens when you slap together some awesome looking offices and employee perks while hiring the brightest minds around the globe.

Google Stock numbers October 16 2013

So, why is GOOG stock price down? It boils down to their GAAP Operating Income. Google reports earnings of $3.72 billion, which is just 23 percent of revenues. This is both a percentile drop of 4 percent and a $0.04 billion reduction in income over Q3 2013. Not to say that three and three quarters of a billion dollars is not a bad GAAP operating income, just a little lower than many had hoped for.

All in all, Google pulled in over $16.5 billion in the last three months, I’d say they are doing pretty well for themselves. We’ve only just scratched the surface of the full financials report for Q3 2014, for the full details, head over to Google’s investor’s site.

My question, would you prefer to outright pay a fee for a Google service, or do you like the current exchange of ads for services model?

Via: Android Central;
Source: Google;

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