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Firefox Mobile update: customizable language, home screen

Posted by wicked September - 3 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

Since more and more people access the Internet through their smartphones and tablets, mobile browsers are now in a race to capture the users’ loyalty. While most people prefer the ubiquitous Chrome or Opera or even their smartphones’ built-in browser (although why you would do that is a mystery), the Firefox for Android has been making strides to vastly improve its mobile browser. The latest update brings more customizable features and better access to clear history.

Firefox now has 55 languages available for its mobile browser and they are making it easier for you to switch between them, if you are a bilingual or multi-lingual user. You can switch from one language to another as often as you want, wherever you are, without having to restart your browser every time. Some new languages supported from the new update are Armenian, Basque, Fulah, Icelandic, Scottish, Gaelic and Welsh. You can also now have home screen pages on your Firefox for Android so you can easily customize which sites, services or feeds you can have easy access to. So if you want that the first thing you see on your mobile browser is your Instagram, Twitter, Feedly, Pinterest or Zite, then you can just add them to your home screen.


You also now have easier access to your clear history option, if you don’t want other people to see what you’ve been browsing (naughty, naughty!). There is a clear browsing history option at the bottom of your History home screen page and you can click on it at the end of your session. Firefox Sync will also now work with the mobile browser, so all your bookmarks, passwords and open tabs can be accessed across all devices, as long as you’ve set it up to sync.


Of course there are still the usual complaints about Firefox, when it comes to crashing and the usual bug errors. But if you feel like giving their mobile browser a try, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. The updates are still slowly rolling out, so you might not have the features mentioned above when you’ve just installed it in your device.

SOURCE: Mozilla

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Google Play Weekly

Posted by wicked August - 22 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

We have a lot of stuff to cover so let’s get right into it! First up, an awesome new wallpaper app came out that helps show off the awesome Material Design. An adult entertainer application was announced which brings strippers and clients together like Uber does. A judge in Brazil has ordered Google and Apple to remove Secret, an anonymous application where people tell secrets, from users’ phones. Firefox will probably be getting Chromecast support soon. There’s a new Sega Humble Bundle that came with some awesome changes to the Humble Bundle website. Finally, Google Drive and Google sheets got updates that add some new features and improve performance. Now let’s check out five Android apps that made a big splash this week.

Ignore No More Android appsIgnore No More

[Price: $1.99]
Ignore No More is an app that made waves this week because it was developed by a housewife who got sick of her kids not returning her calls. The premise is easy, you have a parent account and you can add your kids as child accounts. If you try to get a hold of them and they don’t answer, you can remotely lock their phone until they call you back. It’s a great tool for parents but kids are probably not going to like it so much.
Get it on Google Play
Android apps Ignore No More

Surgeon Simulator Android appsSurgeon Simulator

[Price: $5.99]
Surgeon Simulator is a game that’s new on Android but an old favorite on PC. In this game you play a surgeon who must perform operations on people in the line of general medicine and dentistry. You essentially just perform the surgery while keeping the patient alive. However, thanks to the loose game play, you can have some macabre fun with this game. It’s a tad expensive but it’s pretty fun.
Get it on Google Play

OneNote Android appsOneNote

[Price: Free]
Microsoft OneNote received a pretty substantial update this last week that includes new handwriting recognition and a tablet optimized UI. The handwriting recognition is a fun feature and you can write with a stylus or your finger but by far the more interesting part is the tablet UI because one common complaint with Microsoft apps are their lack of tablet support. Here’s hoping this translates to more in the future.
Get it on Google Play

Swing Copters Android appsSwing Copters

[Price: Free / $0.99]
Swing Copters is the spiritual successor to the wildly popular Flappy Bird game that was made popular and subsequently killed off earlier this year. If you were hoping for something different, you’re going to be disappointed but if you were hoping for pretty much the same thing but horizontal instead of vertical, you’re going to love this game. There’s a free and paid version but otherwise what you see is pretty much what you get.
Get it on Google Play

Blur Launcher icon Android appsBlur – A Launcher Replacement

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Last up this week is Blur. Blur is a launcher from the makers of EvolveSMS and Talon for Twitter that offers a Google Now Launcher style experience but without Google Now. Instead, developers can create custom pages for their applications and when users swipe to one side, their pages will show up along with everyone else’s. It’s definitely a neat premise and you can check it out for free right now.
Get it on Google Play

Firefox Nightly App for Android Updated, Receives Chromecast Support

Posted by Tim-o-tato August - 19 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Users of Firefox have something to be happy about, as the nightly build for the web browsing application has received Chromecast support. Since it is a nightly build, users of the official release build in Google Play can’t access the feature, but with it being baked into test builds, it is undoubtedly coming soon to all users. 

Much like on Chrome, when you begin playback of a video, a Cast button will appear in the bottom corner of the video. From there, you simply select which Chromecast you want to send the video to, and boom, it’s casting.

To check out casting through Firefox in action, hit up Mozilla’s test site here on your mobile device with the Firefox nightly build installed.

Firefox Nightly Download Link

Via: +Lucas Rocha

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Firefox Nightly for Android introduces Chromecast support

Posted by wicked August - 19 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off


There is a large and still rapidly expanding list of Android apps that support Chromecast, one of the newest to hit the list is Mozilla’s Firefox for Android. You’ll need to use the Nightly build version of Firefox for now, but you’ll be able to toss your favorite content to your Chromecast connected big screen.

Mozilla engineer Lucas Rocha took to Google+ to share the news, showing off a video casting test page with a few embedded videos ready for your casting pleasure.

Firefox for Android Chromecast Support screenshot

It was only a couple months ago we got word of a Mozilla built/commissioned Chromecast competing Netcast, designed to do everything the Chromecast can do and more. While I didn’t hesitate to belittle the unit for using the same interface that is accessible from any web browser, we have not seen anything more on the device yet to prove me wrong about any limitations that it may have.

With their own dedicated streaming stick in the works, it may be a bit of a surprise that Mozilla took the time to build Chromecast support into Firefox. Perhaps Google, having unveiled device mirroring with Chromecast, created a setback for Mozilla’s objectives, or perhaps Mozilla plans to use much of the same Chromecast protocols and techniques for their own unit, thus, baking casting abilities into their browser will satisfy the Netcast as well.

 Firefox Nightly Build

To get in on the fun, head on over to Mozilla’s Firefox nightly page and grab up your version of Firefox for Android. You could then use Mozilla’s casting test page, or you could load our latest video reviews on your new Firefox install on Android. Either way, watch for the Google Cast icon and fire that video up to the big screen.

What do you think, should Firefox’s Chromecast support stay in the Nightly build, or should it hurry up and graduate to stable release?

Via: Android Police;

Newest Mozilla Firefox nightly adds experimental Chromecast support

Posted by wicked August - 18 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off


Users of the Mozilla’s Firefox for Android should head over to Firefox’s nightly page and grab the newest update which brings Chromecast support to the popular third-party browser. With the update users can navigate to tools > mirror screen in the browser’s settings to cast tabs and videos to Google’s handy streaming stick. As previously mentioned, this is a nightly build and therefore an experimental feature. Head over to Firefox’s download page to grab the update and let us know in the comments how it works.

Source: +Lucas Rocha

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Firefox Beta gets new tab panels, easy language switch

Posted by wicked July - 25 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

Chrome isn’t the only one getting a Beta makeover. Mozilla has just revealed the latest version of Firefox Beta for Android and it has two new features that are definitely boast-worthy. Users can now customize new tab pages with their choice of panels and can now switch the browser’s language on the fly without having to change the entire device’s language settings.

Home screen pages bring a dash of personalization to Firefox on Android. These pages, or rather panels, can offer dynamic content suited to a user’s preferences. You might already be familiar with those panels, as the the History, Top Sites, Bookmarks and Reading List are some of those. Now you can also add more via the Firefox Add-ons market. These range from panels that display your Pocket reading list to footie scores to an Instragram photo wall. But more than just adding them, you can reorder them and even choose which one to use as the default panel when you start Firefox or open a new tab. All these via the Customize options in the Settings menu.

Language switching is also a lot easier now. Previously, to use Firefox in another language, you’d have to dig into Android’s own Language settings and change the language there, which would, of course, affect the whole device. Now you don’t have to if you just need to take a quick peek at another locale. Simply go to Firefox’s settings and Language options. Fast, easy, and worry-free. Note that this language switching only applies to the user interface and doesn’t translate the web page, of course.

These new features are coming via the latest Firefox Beta for Android update, rolling out to users in the usual staggered fashion. Home panels can be added to Firefox by visiting the link below from your smartphone or tablet. Do note that they are marked as experimental. In addition to these new user features, Mozilla is also announcing a fresh new set of APIs that will let other developers create their own home screen pages.

SOURCE: Mozilla (Add-ons)

Firefox Browser for Android updated to version 31 – what’s new?

Posted by wicked July - 22 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Firefox for Android

While most Android/Google fans prefer Chrome, having options is also a privilege we often tout. Firefox Browser for Android is one of the most popular third-party browsers in the Google Play Store, making the latest update to version 31 a topic of interest to many of our readers.

What’s new? To be honest, most of the improvements are hidden away in the background, but you are getting a couple very cool new features. First in the list is the ability to re-order panels in the browser’s home screen, allowing you to further customize your browser to your liking.


Another addition you will quickly notice is the ability to refresh synced tabs manually. This was done automatically until today, which could prove to be cumbersome if you want to see changes right away. Users can now drag down on the Sync section to refresh. A few locales have also been added, including Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Panjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

Other background changes include:

  • Removal of CAPS infrastrutcture
  • WebVTT implemented and enabled
  • CSS3 variables implemented
  • New Array built-in: Array.prototype.fill

Also important to note is that this browser still isn’t optimized for Android L. In fact, those using the Android L Preview will find Firefox is unable to start at all, while running Google’s latest software.

Now that you know what Mozilla has for you, downloading Firefox 31 is as simple as always. Go to the Google Play Store to grab your update or download the app!

Mozilla working on Firefox OS based competitor to Chromecast

Posted by wicked June - 23 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off


News has surfaced that Mozilla is working on device to compete with Google’s Chromecast and could be close to releasing the device. Powered by the Firefox OS, it appears the new streaming media device will function in a manner very similar to Chromecast even to the point of being able to work with some apps that were designed for Chromecast.

At this point the device has no name and it is unclear who will manufacture the device, if it is even limited to a single manufacturer. Some prototypes have already been produced, as seen in the video below, but it appears the company that produced the prototypes will not be the final manufacturer. Meanwhile, a Mozilla spokesperson says “Firefox OS is an open platform freely available for any company to build on top of without restriction. This means companies can experiment with different form factors that run Firefox OS” in response to an inquiry about a manufacturing partner. This seems to hint at Mozilla releasing the code and specifications and leaving it up to manufacturers to put it on their hardware.

In addition to apps designed to run on mobile devices, including those powered by Android, Mozilla reportedly has been working on adding casting capabilities to their Firefox browser. The overall sentiment seems to be that whatever Firefox produces will be more open than what Google allows via their Google Cast SDK.

Now that the existence of the device has leaked out, to the extent that a video showing how it works has been released, we can expect to see more rumors and leaks surface in the coming weeks. Of course, some of the information we’ll be looking for will be pricing and availability information.

Click here to view the embedded video.

source: Gigaom

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Firefox OS nightly now compatible with Nexus 5

Posted by wicked May - 31 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off


Had enough of stock Android on your Nexus 5? Then put Firefox OS on it. A developer over on XDA was successful in bringing a Firefox OS nightly to Google’s vanilla smartphone. There are a few minor issues being worked on, so you may want to wait just a little bit longer. Though, people are saying it can be used daily without much of an issue. The two problems have to do with the camera preview and enterprise features. But if you just cannot wait any longer, hit the source link to get started.

Source: XDA

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Firefox OS nightlies now available for the Nexus 5

Posted by wicked May - 28 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

Firefox OS doesn’t get all that much attention. We’ve seen the OS running on some official devices such as the ZTE Open C, as well as on some unofficial devices such as the HTC Explorer. But more recently is a Firefox OS port for the Nexus 5.

The Nexus 5 Firefox OS builds are nightlies, however they are being described as highly functional. In fact, it was said the build is “almost a daily driver.” Details coming from XDA member abtekk touch on how the main issues deal with the camera and WPA2. Specifically, the camera preview is broken and the build lacks support for WPA2-Enterprise.

On the flip side, data is said to be fine and the UI is described as being “buttery smooth.” Touching back on the camera — the handset will take pictures, it is just the preview that is broken. Still, we suspect that could be an issue for some. Anyway, those looking to run Firefox OS on a Nexus 5 should begin by making sure all the data is backed up before any flashing.

The flashing will need to be done through fastboot, and the Firefox OS download (link) is available from the forum thread on xda-developers. You can find the thread, titled; Firefox OS – Nightlies, using this xda-developers link.

VIA: xda developers