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Google to Add Campus in Seoul

Posted by wicked August - 28 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off


Google has announced plans to add a new Campus in Seoul for entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and build companies to change the world. At the new campus, entrepreneurs gain access to mentorship and training from the local startup community, other entrepreneurs, and Google teams. Google is opening new programs in its Seoul campus: Campus for Moms, CampusEDU, and Office Hours are a few. On top of all of this, Entrepreneurs will have access to exchange programs to other Campus locations. 

Campus Seoul is Google’s first in Asia and will join the network of London, Tel Aviv, Warsaw, and Sao Paulo. The network is growing rapidly globally and is raising money throughout the year for ingenious startups and entrepreneurs through programs like Startup Grind and Startup Nations. For more information, visit

Source: Google Asia Pacific Blog

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Google could launch two Nexus smartphones this year

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It just might be the last year of the Nexus, and if it is, it could go out with a bang. We already know about the Nexus X, but is it going to be a 5.2-inch model or a 5.9-inch model?

It’s expected that the Nexus X will in fact be 5.9-inches, but we also know that Motorola is testing two Moto S devices, a 5.2-incher and a 5.9-incher. It’s unclear whether Motorola will release both devices, but a source close to the supply chain is saying that Google is readying the unused device. So If Motorola releases the 5.9-inch version under the Moto S name, Google would then take the 5.2-incher and make it a second Nexus device.

I’m not really sure why it matters what Motorola does here. If Google wanted to release both the 5.2 and 5.9, I don’t see why it makes a difference whether Motorola releases it under the Moto S name or not. More importantly, what would Google call it? They already used the Nexus S name a few years ago.

I guess we will have to wait and see. Google has never released two Nexus smartphones in the same year so this would be a big change. I think it makes sense to offer two sizes though since 5.9-inches won’t be attractive to a lot of people. What do you guys think?

source: Phone Arena

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Google updates Chrome for Windows with a 64-bit version and support for high-dpi displays

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Until now users of the Windows version of Google Chrome have had to perform registry hacks or other convoluted methods to get the popular browser to support their high resolution displays. A bizarre oversight seeing as its been two years since they brought support to Apple’s high-dpi Retina displays. Thankfully Google have released version 37 of Chrome for Windows bringing support for high-dpi displays, and official (and stable) 64-bit support. If that wasn’t enough they also included support for Microsoft’s DirectWrite technology which smooths out fonts and should make the overall browsing experience less taxing on the eyes.

Google also notes that the update brings speed and security improvements to 64-bit users and invites users to download the update at the Google Chrome download page. If you plan to try the 64-bit version don’t forget to opt in before downloading. Hit the source for the full list of changes and let us know in the comments what you think of the update.

Source: Chromium Blog

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Google updates News and Weather app to look like Google Now

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In keeping up with the transformation of its basic apps into their “Material” design language, Google has now updated the look of its News and Weather app. The panel and card-type design now makes the app, which is built-in for some devices, look like Google Now. It also seems to be more competitive now with other news apps like Flipboard, News360 and even Google’s own Google Play Newsstand.

The News and Weather app comes pre-installed into the newer Android devices, particularly those that have Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat and Honeycomb (okay now we’re craving for sweets). The panels now look more like your cards on Google Now and you will be able to add certain news sites on different categories to keep updated on your favourite sites without going to each of them everyday. You just swipe through the headlines and articles that you want (or not want) to read.

You can also add columns for topics that you want to keep updated on, like the latest social media news or all the Star Wars updates and rumours that you could possibly need. And if the news you want is location-based, you can also add specific places that you want to keep track of. The app also has a widget that you can easily add to your home screen for easier access to your News and Weather. There are also different languages to customize your news and of course, shareability is an important feature in any news app, and so it is very present here.

If News and Weather isn’t built-in your smartphone or tablet already, you can also download it for free from the Google Play Store. However, it is incompatible with several devices, including some Samsung ones, so better check first before getting all excited about having the app. In case it doesn’t work on your device, we’ve written about our recommended news apps for Android devices, so you might want to check them out too.


VIA: SlashGear

Nexus 9 confirmed to sport a 64-bit Tegra K1

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Screenshots of the upcoming Nexus 9 has leaked online revealing that it is going to be pretty darn powerful. According to one of the screenshots, it will back a 64-bit Tegra K1. This could very well be the first tablet to sport the SoC. The Shield Tablet features the Tegra K1, but it’s only the 32-bit version.

NVIDIA unveiled the 64-bit version a couple of weeks ago. This chip sports the same 192-core Keplar architecture-based GPU in the 32-bit version, but it’s paired with NVIDIA’s own 64-bit, dual core “Project Denver” CPU. It also supports up to 8 GB of RAM.

Click here to view the embedded video.

The big question, other than when this tablet will get released, has to be how much this bad boy is going to cost?

source: TKTechNews


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Android News, Rumours, and Updates 2014-08-27 06:19:03

Posted by wicked August - 27 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

cyanogenmod-figureAnyone up for a riddle? What do you get when you combine Nextbit, a new company founded by two former Google execs and other tech industry rockstars, and Cyanogen, the creators of arguably one of the most well-loved custom ROMs available today? It’s a trick question, because as of right now, nobody knows. Nextbit is making itself out to be the creator of, “…groundbreaking technology that will take [mobile] to the next level,” and if their team serves as any indicator of the kinds of ideas running the company, it may just be right. Tom Moss and Mike Chan are the heads of the young start-up; they are former members of the original Android team at Google, and they have been earnestly assembling a team of engineers and designers from Google, Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, and most recently HTC.  HTC’s Former senior VP of Design Scott Croyle has recently joined the Nextbit team at the same position.

So where does Cyanogen fit into all of this? A post was made on Google+ asking for intrepid users to fill out a survey to test something “really cool.” Unfortunately, no more information is given once the link has been followed, besides a requirement of owning a Nexus 5 or 7 and being willing to wipe it completely. There is also a section on the survey asking if you have any other devices you’re interested in using for the “project.”

So head on over to the link posted below and enter in to take part in history! I’ve already entered and I’m more than willing to sacrifice my Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus’ storage for whatever this “really cool” something may be.

Source: Nextbit Press

Source: Google+

Via: Engadget


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YouTube can now import videos from Google+

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Taking an existing video from your Google+ profile and uploading it to YouTube cannot get any easier. YouTube now has a button in its sidebar on the Upload page that is for importing videos from Google+. Users can upload one video or even multiple videos simultaneously.

So when backing up videos to Google+ from an Android device, you can then quickly transfer them over to YouTube to make them public.

Source: YouTube
Via: Google Operating System

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Online statuses now appear in Hangouts on Gmail

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Something that’s annoyed a lot of users since Google Talk became Google Hangouts is the scattered contacts list. Google’s fixed that, by having friends who are online shown first, followed by those who aren’t. You can also pin your favorite contacts to the top so you can easily communicate with them. Still, you can message offline contacts of course, and they’ll get the message the next time they check Hangouts. 

Source: +Gmail

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Google checking out former Los Angeles airplane hangar for new office

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Google seems to be looking in to the possibilities of creating a new office space in a former airplane hangar in Los Angeles. The hangar was owned by Howard Hughes in the 1940s and has been a filming location for movies such as Michael Bay’s recent Transformers and Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day. The building is one of many in the area, but most have already been leased by various companies as office spaces, including YouTube. 

Source: WSJ

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You will soon be able to run any Windows application on a Chromebook

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Google, VMware, and NVIDIA were on hand at VMworld 2014 to show off a collaborative effort utilizing VMware Blast Performance and NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology. The result will be high performance virtual desktops and workstation-class graphics for Chromebooks.

Imagine getting hardware-accelerated graphics, and at the same time, enjoying the flexibility of a virtual environment. With the flexibility of the Chromebook, manufacturers can design complex 3D models and share them with engineers around the globe. Applications such as Adobe Illustrator CC, Autodesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Office will have no trouble running smoothly in this virtual environment.

“We are breaking down traditional barriers to adopting virtual desktops and offering new economics for the delivery of graphics-intensive applications through the power of the cloud,” said Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president and general manager, End-User Computing, VMware. “Organizations of all industries and requirements will soon be able to embrace the mobile-cloud using a solution that offers a new way to work from three proven industry leaders.”

Chromebooks featuring NVIDIA Tegra K1-processors will be among the first ones to get access to this technology. An early access program will become available in Q4 2014, but users will need to register.

What do you guys think? I think we are starting to see what Google’s vision was with the Chromebook.

source: VMware

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