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Trend Micro retracts exaggerated Play Store malware claim

Posted by wicked July - 28 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

We are most likely used to how companies tend to bend the truth a bit to sell their products, but sometimes things can get quite out of hand. That might just be the case when Trend Micro published a blog post which painted a picture of Google Play Store that was too horrifying to be true, only to later “clarify” the exact point that the cyber security firm was trying to make.

100% of free apps filed under the Widgets, Media & Video, and Finance group in Google Play Store are fake. 90% of those under Business, Music & Audio, Weather are fake. 70% of apps grouped under Games, Books & Reference, Live Wallpapers are fake. And 51% of those fake apps are malicious. We will not claim that the Android platform is immune to malware, much less fake apps, as our security tag portal can attest to. But these figures really border on plain ridiculous. 100% is 100% and that doesn’t really leave any room for popular and verified authentic apps like HD Widgets, Muzei, MX Player, and more. Even if Trend Micro qualified these as covering only free apps, the numbers still won’t add up.

TechRepublic did its own malware test just to check out those figures and, suffice it to say, even Trend Micro’s own anti-malware suite did not report those same frightening results. They reached out to Trend Micro’s PR company who promptly informed them of a subtle update to the blog post. Now it says at the very bottom, long after people have read the rather misleading claims, that the fake apps were actually gathered from third party sources and not from Google Play Store. Trend Micro supposedly wanted to highlight the dangers of installing apps from untrusted sources, which is definitely true. That said, neither the original report nor the blog post have been updated to reflect this fact.

We realize that Trend Micro wants to make people want to buy or use their software by painting a less than idyllic picture of Google Play Store, but the rather extreme tactics of FUD (Fear, Uncertain, and Doubt) went out of fashion decades ago. While there might be a good number of users who will be swayed by these numbers, the rest of the Internet to which Trend Micro is preaching might be less susceptible, or even less forgiving.

SOURCE: Trend Micro (1), (2)
VIA: TechRepublic

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Google Play Weekly

Posted by wicked July - 25 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

It’s been a big week in the world of Android apps. The Google Play Store got an update and it brings some Material Design goodness. Samsung seems to have single-handedly revitalized the momentum of the Gamepop Android gaming console. Amazon Prime Music is adding hundreds of thousands of songs from big name artists. The Google Play Store summer sale is in full swing and includes a lot of awesome apps and games. A new trailer was released for the upcoming Walking Dead game that’s due out in early 2015. Now for five Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!

Bamboo Paper icon android appsBamboo Paper

[Price: Free]
First up this week is Bamboo Paper. This app by Wacom is a doodle note taking application that has a crisp, clean layout and some fun tools for doodling and note taking that focus on precision. Some people have been disappointed with it but the overall vibe is that the app isn’t terrible and if you’re looking for a simpler note taking or doodling app, this could be the way to go.
Get it on Google Play
bamboo paper screenshot android apps

SWIP3 icon android appsSWIP3

[Price: $1.69]
SWIP3 is the first official game designed for Android Wear. It’s a little time waster game where you must swipe around your watch face to match blocks. Matched blocks disappear and you get points added to your score. It features online multiplayer and has a phone version too. It’s $1.69 in the Google Play Store right now.
Get it on Google Play

Firefox android appsFirefox Browser

[Price: Free]
Firefox browser got a huge update this last week. Included is a few UI tweaks, the removal of CAPS infrastructure, WebVTT implementation, CSS3 implementation, and a lot more. This should result in a cleaner, better experience with less incompatibilities than before. If you’re getting tired of your old browser, why not Firefox?
Get it on Google Play

Skype free calls on androidSkype

[Price: Free]
Skype version 5.0 for Android came out this last week. Included are the boilerplate fixes and performance improvements but Skype can now manage your contact list and your contacts will start showing up in your Skype contacts automatically. For many this may not be a big deal but if Skype starts being more like Google Hangouts as an all-in-one chat solution then things could get interesting because you can actually make voice calls already on Skype.
Get it on Google Play

Modern Combat 5 icon android appsModern Combat 5

[Price: $6.99]
Last and certainly not least this week is the release of Modern Combat 5. The game costs $6.99 in the Play Store and has no IAPs. The graphics are phenomenal and the game comes with online multiplayer, more campaign, and more action than the original. Modern Combat 4 remains on a lot of lists for the best first person shooter. We don’t expect any less out of Modern Combat 5. If you want to see more, stay tuned because our review will be out soon.
Get it on Google Play

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Google Play now has ‘Offline Games’ section

Posted by wicked July - 25 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

If there’s one thing casual gamers hate (with the fire of a thousand suns), it’s those single player casual games that require you to have internet connection. It just defeats the purpose of casual gaming. You want to pass the time and chill out, play a couple of games. Adding the internet requirement just boosts the stress level up a couple of notches. So yes, this is a good move for Google Play – to promote games that don’t need a live internet connection.

Please don’t get us wrong, we understand that because of piracy issues, or if your game is has an online multiplayer aspect – there are games that totally need an internet connection. But there are some which do not, and Google is in our opinion playing their cards right, making it easier for casual gamers to find those games that do not require a connection.

The list contains such goodies as Asphalt 8, Whale Trail, Beach Buggy Blitz, Dots, Plague Inc., Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Assassin’s Creed Pirates, and Slingshot Racing. As of the moment, the list contains 54 games, all of which you can play even if you were stuck in an uninhabited island somewhere in the South Pacific (provided you have enough battery power, that is).

Too often, we are stuck with single player games that have to download features from a server, or have authentication protocols – most of the top game developers are doing this. Hopefully, this promotion by Google would encourage those developers who just want to see their game played, and those users who really – just for a few minutes, to break the stress and monotony – just want to play.

VIA: Reddit

SNK Playmore brings King of Fighters ’98 to Android

Posted by wicked July - 25 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

If you enjoyed the arcade beat-em-up era of the late 90s, then you might have played this fighting game favorite – King of Fighters. This particular arcade game has been ported to a number of consoles because of its huge nostalgia hit and immense replay value. And yes, game creators SNK Playmore are now bringing this to Android devices. Should be a blast.

King of Fighters ’98 is the fifth in the series of games SNK released under the KoF franchise, with the main attraction to the fans of the series being that the game brought back characters who were killed off in the earlier storylines (yes, these games did have storylines). The game itself did not add to the story arc, but was more about bring old and new characters together. For what, you ask? Why, for fighting, of course!

This jump to Android is a welcome, if a little bit predictable, move on SNK Playmore’s part. But hey, why not cash in on a good game? The game is easily downloadable via the Google Play Store (see the source link) for USD$3.99. With the download you get a beefed-up 38-character King of Fighters roster and you can fight all you want.


This version also brings what is probably a welcome additional feature to the fighting game genre in Android. Other famous fighting games have been bogged down by using virtual on-screen buttons, which not only hampered the view, but also made gameplay that much more difficult. This version, apart from having the virtual buttons, will also support Bluetooth gaming controllers, which should be a breath of fresh air for hardcore gamers.

SOURCE: Google Play Store

Google Play Summer Sale warms up. Prepare your wallets!

Posted by wicked July - 24 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

The official Google summer catalog isn’t up yet, but publishers and developers are already putting up their discount signs in preparation for the seasonal buying binge. As always, you will see an assortment of apps, games, and live wallpapers up for grabs, with some as much as 85 percent off!

Unsurprisingly, it will be games that will take up most of the space in the summer market. Some games offer a price cut from the get go, but some, especially those already offered for free, go for in-app purchase discounts instead. Here’s a very incomplete list of what’s on sale this summer:

Blueprint 3D – $0.75 from $1.50
Dead Space – $2 from $8 (NA), (International)
Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV – $8 from $16
Guns and Glory WW2 Premium – $1 from $6 (an 85% discount!)
Little Big Adventure – $2 from $5
Monopoly Millionaire – $0.50 from $1 (NA), (International)
NBA Jam – $1 from $5
Sprinkle Islands – $1 from $2
Temple Run Oz – $1 from $2
– $2 from $5
Worms 3 – $2.5 from $5
Zombies, Run! – $2 from $4

Here are those that only offer in-app discounts:

Iron Force – 30% off some in-app purchases
Reaper – 50% off in-app upgrades
The Sims – 50% off some in-app purchases (NA), (International)
Tetris Blitz – 50% off some in-app purchases (NA), (International)
Theme Park – 40% off some in-app purchases (NA), (International)

Not everything has to be a game. Some rather serious apps are also getting in on the summer fun:

Beautiful Widgets – $1 from 2.75
Bright Weather – $1 from $2.79 (in-app purchase)
MeteoEarth – $1 from $4
Runtastic Sit Ups Pro – $1 from $2
Runtastic Push Ups Pro – $1 from $2
Runtastic Heart Rate Pro – $1 from $2
Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro – $2 from $5
Runtastic Pro – $3 from $5
Weather Pro HD – $1 from $4
Weather Pro – $1 from $2

Plus some live wallpapers to spruce up your screen under the sun:

Asteroids Pack LWP – $1 from $1.95
Galaxy Pack LWP – $1 from $1.95

This is just the tip of the iceberg and more are most likely to come when Google unveils the complete list of Summer Sale vendors. But there will always be some unseen treasure lurking in the corner and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for them, so watch this page and future news on this Android summer fiesta.

VIA: SlashGear, Android Police

Google Play Store updated to v4.9.13, introduces Material Design and other improvements

Posted by wicked July - 23 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

Nexus 7

Material Design was all the hype at Google IO. And of course – it is probably the biggest Android design alteration we have seen in years. The graphic intensive and cleaner look is to be spread across the whole UI, and the Google Play Store is finally taking all these design elements to the streets.

If you thought the previous major update was substantial, you will be blown away by version 4.9.13. The navigation and overall UI is left nearly untouched, the main difference here is in the details. To be more specific, things get a bit whacky once you get to app/content pages. This is not bad, though. The new design looks great, it just happens to have a slight learning curve.


For example, change logs are now only visible to those who have apps installed, images and trailers are a major focus (they take a huge part of the top area) and app descriptions now go full-screen. In addition, small details like the app’s size and version have been moved out of the way and taken to the app’s description. The +1 and sharing button have also been relocated below the featured reviews.

The focus and general way we shop for applications and other content have definitely been kept in mind with the new design elements. It feels much more… personal, if you wish. Images and videos blend into the background and buttons. The robotic details are taken off the main viewing area. It’s just so much cleaner and simple now.

The new Google Play Store is ready to head out the door and has been reaching devices starting today. We know how impatient you can be, though. If you must try it out now, you can always download the APK file and install it manually. Test it and let us know how it is treating you!

Google Play Store gets a partial Material makeover

Posted by wicked July - 23 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

An inevitable change is coming ever since Google revealed its new Material Design aesthetic at Google I/O 2014 last month. Although the rest of Android 4.4 will remain stuck with the Holo-based design, Google has begun to eat its own dogfood and applied its new design principles on its own apps, starting with Google Play Store.

The changes in the latest 4.9.13 version of Google Play Store isn’t exactly earth shattering and is, in fact, quite incomplete. Google seems to be implementing visual changes piecemeal and in this round has focused on applying it to individual app pages before using it on the entire app interface. That said, the changes are immediately visible and not so subtle and you will quickly see the focus on graphics, flat icons, and paper metaphors that are the hallmarks of Material Design.


Almost immediately, when you tap on an app, you will be greeted by an app’s banner or video, if it has either one. If not, the usual icon and app name will be at the top. Although each app page is still separated into sections, they are no longer as delineated as in the previous Google Play Store version. You could say that, at least for the main content, they all reside in the same sheet of paper, separated only by thin lines. Individual reviews, in fact, don’t even have line separators and just flow together as a whole. New to this layout is a row of buttons, of course in Material Design fashion, that are shortcuts to various sections like ratings, app category (Tools, News, etc.), Google+ contacts who +1′ed the same app, and Similar apps. Unfortunately, you won’t see any of the paper-like animations and depth levels detailed in Material Design, since that would most likely require Android L‘s theme engine.


As always, updates to Google apps happen in staggered waves but, unlike common apps, you don’t have to do anything to get this update. However, you can always query the server to check if an update is available, by tapping on the Build Version in Settings, or, if you really want it now, you can download the Google Play Store 4.9.13 APK from the link below.

Download: Google Play Store 4.9.13 (APK)
SOURCE: +Google
VIA: Android Police

Wacom Bamboo Paper app expands to Android, Amazon and Windows

Posted by Tom July - 22 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

The Wacom Bamboo Paper notebook simulator is no longer only for iOS users – it has launched on the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store and Windows Store.

Do you still have that stylus you bought for those heady two weeks of playing Draw Something against everybody you ever met?

Dig it out and get sketching and making notes – the app is free but additional brushes, backgrounds and notebooks are all in-app purchases.

The basics, however, are fine for sketching ideas.


Via pocket-lint

Q2 2014 app stats: Google Play improves all around, still trails iOS in revenue

Posted by wicked July - 20 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off

app stats
Q2 of 2014 is in the books and that means it’s time to look back at the app stats and see how well the Google Play Store did over the last three months. More importantly, we’ll take a look and see how it fared against the rival iOS in terms of downloads and revenue. Let’s get started.


app stats
The stats
According to App Annie’s latest numbers, the Google Play Store increased its download numbers by 60% from Q1 of 2014 while iOS saw a 45% increase of theirs. The Google Play Store is up over 150 million downloads while iOS is hovering around 100 million.
The takeaway
Google has increased their lead over iOS in terms of downloads. App Annie attributes this to the explosive growth of emerging markets. More specifically, Thailand, Brazil, and India are largely responsible for the growth which shows that Android is doing better in emerging markets.

2. Revenue

app stats
The stats
Unfortunately, Google’s explosive download growth has not translated to the same amount of revenue growth. As per the norm, iOS continues to dominate the Google Play Store in overall revenue with about 80% more revenue than Google Play. iOS revenue is up about 45% from last quarter and has just over $100 million in total revenue while Google Play saw over 30% growth and around $60 million in total revenue.
The takeaway
Even though iOS actually expanded their advantage over Google Play in this category, the important stat is that both markets grew over 30% from last quarter. This means the emerging markets that have fueled Google’s growth in terms of downloads have also contributed greatly to their growth in revenue. Both Apple and Google garnered considerable revenue from Asia (namely Japan) but Apple ultimately ended up with the advantage thanks to their dominance in China.

3. Top countries: Downloads

app stats
The stats
The top five countries that contributed to Google Play’s downloads in Q2 2014 were the United States, Brazil, India, Russia, and South Korea.
The takeaway
Brazil and India have gone from emerging markets to download juggernauts in the Google Play ecosystem. Brazil holds its spot at number two but India has shown a surge of growth that has put them back at number three. You may be wondering why we didn’t post the iOS numbers and that’s because they’re identical to what they were last quarter. And last year, for that matter.

4. Top countries: Revenue

app stats
The stats
The top five countries that contributed to Google Play’s revenue are Japan, the United States, South Korea, Germany, and Taiwan.
The takeaway
Despite having very strong numbers in emerging markets, we see just how small of an impact the download surge has had on revenue. Despite seeing what amounts to a renaissance in app downloads in Brazil and India, neither country made a blip in the top five in revenue. At a glance this may be alarming but with emerging markets, the revenue will come over time rather than suddenly. It is worth noting that Taiwan is new to the top five and that Japan managed to make it to number one on this list despite not making a blip on the downloads chart. Again, we didn’t include iOS stats here because they’re exactly identical to last quarter and last year.

5. Top app categories: Downloads

app stats
The stats
The top categories in terms of downloads in the Google Play Store were games, tools, communication, entertainment, and social.
The takeaway
There isn’t much to take away here. These stats are pretty much the same from last quarter with tools and communications switching places. There really isn’t anything here that doesn’t make any sense.

6. Top app categories: Revenue

app stats
The stats
The top categories in terms of revenue in the Google Play Store were games, communication, social, tools, and travel & local.
The takeaway
Once again, there isn’t much to takeaway here. These are the categories where people are spending the most money. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that games is in the top spot.

7. Key takeaways

Here are a few of the big takeaways for the Q2 app stats.

  1. Both Google Play and iOS improved dramatically in app downloads from Q1 2014.
  2. Consequently, both Google Play and iOS improved dramatically in app revenue from Q1 2014.
  3. Google Play outpaced iOS in downloads while iOS outpaced Google Play in revenue. This is nothing new.
  4. Brazil, India, and Thailand are top dogs in the emerging market game with Indonesia and Vietnam not far behind.
  5. Games contribute the most to revenue and downloads on both Android and iOS.
  6. Japan is outpacing everyone in revenue growth on both iOS and Android.
  7. With Google introducing Android One later this year and focusing more on emerging markets, it’s clear that Google wants to put the emerging markets on the forefront of their growth efforts. Thus, we can expect countries like Brazil, India, and Indonesia to continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

There is still half of the year left to go and the all-important holiday season is still on the horizon. It’ll be interesting to see how everything pans out come Q1 2015.

Timberman is here to frustrate you, waste your time

Posted by wicked July - 19 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

Remember that time when all you could think about was get that bird flying (flapping? *wink*) through those darned pipes? We are not heralding the return of the app-which-shall-not-be-named, but as much as mindless casual gaming is concerned, Timberman is probably set to give you sleepless and frustrated nights again.

So what is it about Timberman that has made it an overnight sensation, with over half a million downloads and counting? Well, there’s the 8-bit graphics, the repetitive game play, the frustratingly incremental and unforgiving learning curve, and it is highly addictive – is this starting to sound familiar now?


So how is the game played? Well, the “timber man” chops down trees. The idea is to chop on one side of the tree or the other, and you tap on one side of the screen or the other to make sure our timber guy is not hit by those pesky branches, as chopping on the endless tree brings them down. I’m sure I’m explaining it wrong, but when you give Timberman a whirl, you’ll get it at once.

The app is free, it’s ad supported, and there are a LOT of ads. You can pay to get rid of the ads. There is one thing we will bet on though – that you will either be cursing us or thanking us for telling you about this game. Here’s to many hours of mindless tree chopping, at least until that bird returns (possibly in August, yikes).


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