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Microsoft releases number pad-equipped keyboard for Android

Posted by Tom February - 28 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

Numpad is the new keyboard made by Microsoft for Android devices.

It was built for Excel but with a nifty number pad it can be used for anything that needs a lot of numerical data entry.

It’s not the most exciting development in tablet technology but it could sure come in handy.

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Office for Android preview ends with official availability of the apps

Posted by wicked January - 29 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

It’s only been a few weeks now since Microsoft expanded the preview for Office for Android allowing more folks access to the apps via Google Play. This week Microsoft has announced that the preview stage is now over and the full apps are officially available via Google Play. Microsoft says that the Android apps are similar to Office for Windows 10.

The suite has Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and supports the functions that we are familiar with from the desktop versions of the software. Each of the apps has been optimized for smaller screen touch devices and tweaked with feedback gained during the preview period. All of the apps support external keyboards as well.


Word will allow people to enter text, images, footnotes, tablets, and charts just as you would on the desktop. Excel spreadsheets support formulas, charts, tables, PivotTables, sorting, filtering, and various commands. PowerPoint supports all the formatting, video embedding, transitions, and animations you expect.

Microsoft says that the preview apps generated over 250,000 downloads in 330 languages. Requirements for the apps include a tablet with a screen at least 7-inches or larger and an ARM processor. Devices with screens over 10.1-inches need an Office 365 subscription. The only Android OS supported is KitKat; Android 5.0 isn’t supported at this time. However, Lollipop will be supported at a later date. Tablets running Intel processors will be supported within a quarter. You can download the apps here: Word, PowerPoint, Excel.


JotterPad 11 is a writer’s delight, save work in multiple formats

Posted by wicked January - 29 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

As a writer, finding the correct writing apps for your Android device can be quite a daunting — if not impossible — task, just because devices are not built with writing (typing) in mind. There are those that go over-the-top and take the joy out of the writing experience completely. Then there are those that are too minimalist you don’t seem to be able to do anything at all. Thankfully, for all you writers-on-the-go out there, there’s the wonderfully blissful JotterPad 11, the latest iteration of the mobile text editor for Android.

JotterPad 11 seems to be the perfect writing companion for anyone who has to deal with logorrhea (er, an overflow of words) especially when you’re away from your notebook or PC and you just have your Android device with you. A clean, modern and Material Design-infused look featuring a writer-friendly interface and paper-like layering is ideal to help you concentrate on drafting or perfecting that novel, short story, poem, or screenplay. Not your normal office app, yes?


Speaking about poetry, a cool feature in JotterPad 11 is a rhyming dictionary (Who would ever think of such a thing? I can’t wait to have a fling!) that can help you with figuring out your work’s rhyming scheme. There’s also the standard dictionary and thesaurus, of course, but for the most part, JotterPad makes your writing experience clutter- and distraction-free. You can customize the fonts, and there’s also typewriter scrolling for that old-school feel. Should you need to keep track of the changes to your draft, the “Snapshots” feature enables you to take a look at earlier versions of your work. The app also has a Research window that lets you look up relevant stuff for your work such as definitions and synonyms, as well as Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts, word counts, and Markdown support. It can even support true Italics.


As for saving your work, JotterPad 11 supports .pdf, .rtf, as well as .docx formats, so sending your document to another device shouldn’t be too much trouble. There are also a variety of print options you can work with. Take note though, that some of the features may require Creative IAP, which would cost you around USD$6.00, but the app’s main features are essentially free. To satisfy your urge to write on-the-go, check out JotterPad 11 at the Google Play Store and start tapping away on your next literary masterpiece.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

LibreOffice Viewer arrives on Android in beta form

Posted by wicked January - 22 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Another productivity suite comes to Android, this time with a more open source bent and with a distinctive legacy. The open source LibreOffice suite is finally on our favorite mobile platform, but it has two important caveats. First is that it’s still in beta, which probably isn’t much of an issue for some who are used to beta testing such early releases. The showstopper, however, is that LibreOffice on Android, for now, is simply a document viewer, limiting it’s overall usefulness to a certain subset.

LibreOffice has a rather colorful history. It takes its roots from, one of the most prominent office suites that became a key rival to Microsoft Office when it came to freely available and open source software. At that time, OpenOffice was still under the care of Sun Microsystems. But when Sun was acquired by Oracle, many were worried about the latter’s anti-open source stance, leading them to fork OpenOffice into the LibreOffice that we know today.

Despite being popular on desktops, LibreOffice still had to make headway into Android, where the space is growing more crowded, especially now that Microsoft is playing there as well. That said, those who still prefer an open source solution now have one in their hands and pockets. The somewhat disappointing part is that LibreOffice on Android is only a viewer, so users are limited to opening documents and files, though that in itself might already be useful in presentations or meetings. Even as a viewer, the app is already quite capable, supporting both open and proprietary document formats and many editions of Microsoft Office files.


The app also carries a heavy disclaimer that it is still in development and shouldn’t be considered stable yet and its developers don’t recommend using it for very important tasks. The app also does have some other limitations that developer Collabora is hoping to address in future releases, including clickable URL links and browsing external SD storage.

Download: LibreOffice from Google Play Store
SOURCE Collabora

Microsoft Office for Android on tablets exits invite-only stage

Posted by wicked January - 6 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off


Since early November, an invite was required to use Office for Android on tablets. The invite-only stage is over and now Microsoft is casting a larger net for preview users. The only requirements are that the Android tablet runs KitKat or Lollipop and the display size sits between 7 and 10.1 inches. Does your tablet meet those requirements? Then head over to the Play Store and download Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Microsoft would like to know the good and bad of its productivity suite on Android tablets, so be sure to let them know on Google+.

Source: Office Blogs

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5 Best Android Smartphone Apps You Must Try this Month

Posted by wicked December - 3 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

Everyday, hundreds of new smartphone applications are developed and made available on the different mobile platforms. Android smartphones get most of their applications and games from Google Play which currently boasts of having more than 1,412,200 applications. Since there is a wide variety of applications available, it makes it hard for smartphone users to try them out even if they are willing to. To help you with your choice, tech information blog has compiled a list of five of the best android smartphone apps that you need to try this week.

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You can now automatically convert Office attachments in Gmail into Google Drive files

Posted by wicked December - 3 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

google_drive_app_iconGoogle has added a great function to Drive and Gmail that should speed up moving files between the two services. Now whenever you have an Office file in Gmail that you want to edit in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, a single click will automatically convert the file into the appropriate Drive app for you to begin editing immediately. Plus, you get all the extra useful features of Google’s office suite, including having a full file history to fall back on.

If you frequently get sent Office attachments in your email, this change should help speed up your work immediately.

source: Google

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Microsoft Hands Out Unlimited OneDrive Storage to Office 365 Customers

Posted by Kellex October - 27 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

Microsoft announced today that Office 365 customers will soon have access to unlimited OneDrive storage. Yes, unlimited. With plans as low as $6.99, this might be one of the best cloud storage options you will find. In fact, one of our readers already received an email from Microsoft that said he will be one of the first and that they are adding 10TB of storage to his account as they ramp up to fully unlimited. 10TB. 

The goal is for Microsoft to give all Office 365 Home, Personal, and University customers unlimited storage, but it might take a couple of months to complete. If you don’t feel like waiting for a few months, you can put your name in to hopefully get on the front of the list here.

In case you were wondering, Business customers will be upgraded as well, but it might take some time. To keep an eye on status, check out the Business 365 roadmap.

You can read more about OneDrive’s new unlimited storage for Office 365 customers at the link below.

onedrive unlimited

Via:  OneDrive
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Google checking out former Los Angeles airplane hangar for new office

Posted by wicked August - 27 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off


Google seems to be looking in to the possibilities of creating a new office space in a former airplane hangar in Los Angeles. The hangar was owned by Howard Hughes in the 1940s and has been a filming location for movies such as Michael Bay’s recent Transformers and Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day. The building is one of many in the area, but most have already been leased by various companies as office spaces, including YouTube. 

Source: WSJ

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Microsoft starts beta test for Office on Android tablets

Posted by wicked July - 3 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

Microsoft is reportedly working on an Office beta program for Android tablets, after meeting with relative success in their iOS foray. While there are still no clear details on how this will be different from the existing mobile version, it is expected that it will work just like its iOS version, with Word, Excel and Powerpoint sure to be part of this working suite.

Their new CEO, Satya Nadella, has promised that Microsoft will become much more than just a hardware company, but a software provider that will support different platforms, not just its native one. This move to create a program for Android as well as the aforementioned venture into iOS territory is a step towards fulfilling that commitment.

Just like the iOS version, the Beta program for Android will be focusing on tablets, as most document processing occurs in that arena, more than the mobile phone versions. Those who want to check out this very early version can test it out as early as now in a private beta. This early version already features the new touch-friendly UI that Microsoft has been working on, to fit the phablet and tablet devices that they are targeting. They are also working on a Windows version of the Office suite that is more touch-friendly and it is expected to be released by 2015.

Microsoft building on their iOS and Android suites comes at a time when Google is trying to turn Android users away from the traditional Microsoft Office use by integrating Office functionalities into its own apps Docs, Sheets and Slides. Just this week, they updated Docs and Sheets to allow users to create and edit Word and Excel documents within the apps, without needing to convert them before and after. They also announced last week that they are removing Quickoffice from the Play Store since there’s no need for a separate app suite since you can do everything within the Google Office Suite apps.

VIA: Slashgear