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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – official game release and Xperia theme pack

Posted by wicked April - 18 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

Every great superhero movie deserves a matching video game to bring extra life to the story and an extended experience for fans. Gameloft is making this happen today for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, available to download now for $4.99 from the Google Play Store for Android 4.0 and up.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 offers console-like 3D graphics with high-quality voice acting cinematic cutscenes that will bring the movie experience to life. Explore a large open-world map of Manhattan in 6 different districts from Times Square to Central park. As you might imagine, all this makes for a rather large 1.2GB game file.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 World

Gameloft promises the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will offer an original story that expands on the upcoming Marvel film of the same name. Combining elements of the comics, Gameloft adds new characters like Black Cat and Screwball to the game alongside some of our favorite villains like the Green Goblin and Venom.

Help Spider-Man bring the beat-down to street thugs and super villains alike throughout the expansive world, and in Mysterio’s arena.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Villains

Bonus: Extended playthrough video Part 1 | Extended playthrough video Part 2

In-app payments

Before you get too excited about installing The Amazing Spider-Man 2, please be aware that Gameloft has included in-app purchases to the game. That’s right, $4.99 to get you started in the Google Play Store, then in-app payments to help your favorite blue and red spandex wearing hero save the city.

Sony Xperia Devices

You know what doesn’t have in-app payments? The Xperia™The Amazing Spiderman2 theme for your Sony Xperia device running Android 4.3 and above. This one has been out for a while now, but users of Xperia devices are able to install this full system theme pack that brings Spider-Man to every aspect of your device. Wallpaper, system icons, UI navigation tweaks and more. Install the theme from the Google Play Store for free.

Xperia Spider-Man 2 Theme

What do you think, has Gameloft taken Spider-man to the next level, or is the combination of a paid game with in-app payments going too far?

Sony Xperia Z, ZL, ZR, Tablet Z to get Android 4.4 next month

Posted by wicked April - 17 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

It was just a few month ago when Sony rolled out Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to some of its early 2013 devices but it seems the manufacturer isn’t done yet. Up on their respective support pages, Sony has scheduled the Xperia Z, Xperia XL, and Xperia ZR smartphones, as well as the Xperia Tablet Z for another software refresh in May.

These aren’t exactly the latest Xperia devices and definitely not the most high-end ones. All them were launched in the first half of 2013, with some making their debut as early as the first quarter of last year. While they differ in most aspects, like screen size and resolution, all four of them share something in common. They all ran on a 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with 2 GB of RAM. And, as of December last year, they were all upgraded to Android 4.3.

So it is with open arms that we welcome Sony’s resolve to bring the latest Android 4.4.2 to these devices, which it has scheduled for release in May. At the moment, the company isn’t saying much about what to expect, although it did share some of them, which consists of, unsurprisingly, updated Sony apps and supposedly a launch animation that matches those used in the PlayStation 4. Of course, aside from those we can expect Android 4.4 features to also arrive, like the redesigned navigation and notification panels, cloud printing, and immersive mode.

There is no specific date yet when the update will actually roll out, though it is probably already a generous estimate to expect it mid-May. However, when it actually arrives, especially those that first have to go through carriers, is a different question entirely.

VIA: Xperia Blog

Xperia firmware check website keeps tabs on available Sony Xperia updates

Posted by wicked April - 15 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Android 4.4 has been rolling out to some Sony Xperia devices, and even some older ones are just getting updated to Android 4.3. If keeping track of which update has arrived for which device has your head spinning, then this new online tool might just help to keep you from going insane.

Keeping track of Android updates is no easy job. Keeping track of manufacturer-specific firmware updates is even more so. While the former is more often than not reported on Android sites like this, the latter, especially minor updates, are usually given a pass. But for Xperia users who are interested or just even curious about the latest firmware available for their device, or someone else’s, this website from XDA member pascalbrax can help you find out that information.

The site won’t win any design awards, but it tries to get the job done, somewhat. Users can enter pick their device from a long list of Xperia devices, including regional variants, and optionally enter their Customization number. This will then return the version of the latest firmware available for your device. It even offers a link to the exact model for you to bookmark as well as an image that gets automatically updated with the correct build number, which you can then use in sites like forums or blogs.


This firmware check site is still quite rough around the edges, though hopefully it will improve as time goes by. For one, users won’t be able to download the exact firmware that they want. For that, they could use a Windows-only tool to check for firmware updates and download them too. But more importantly, it only gives out the firmware version, which is useful for only checking if you’re device is behind on updates. To find out other details about the firmware, even something as basic as Android version, users will have to cross-reference it with other sources of information. Not exactly the most convenient process, but it’s definitely a start.

SOURCE: firmware check

Comprehensive Guide to Making Your Own Xperia Theme

Posted by wicked April - 14 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off


Theming is an art. As such, making a beautiful theme is an extremely time consuming and challenging task. Preparing resources requires countless hours spent in a graphics editor app. Putting everything together into an application isn’t easy, but within XDA you’ll find a long list of guides and tutorials that help you understand the Android ecosystem better.

If you have some ideas regarding theming and don’t know where to start, you should read a guide written by XDA Senior Member SArnab©®. This guide explains how to create a theme in Eclipse for Xperia devices in step-by-step detail. The guide should work with Xperia phones running Android 4.3.

Every step is explained with screenshots and commentary, so you most likely won’t get lost while making your own theme. The guide author was also kind enough to provide all the necessary files and source code for the Xperia Pink Theme, which can be used for reference. And with a few relatively minor modifications, you can make a generic theme that works with every device—not just those by Sony.

This guide is a great starter for those looking to begin a journey in theming. So if you are planning to modify the look of your device, head over to the original thread and study it carefully. We wish you all good luck and no build errors!

Xperia Z2 X-Reality Image Enhancer Ported to All Xperia Devices Running KitKat or Jelly Bean

Posted by Will Verduzco April - 13 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off


Launched this year at MWC, the Sony Xperia Z2 is Sony’s flagship device for 2014. The device improves upon its predecessor in various ways such as a much better display, an improved processor, and so on.

In addition to the hardware benefits, the Z2 also packs a few unique software tricks. One of the Z2′s unique software features is X-Reality Photo and Video Enhancement. This option increases the sharpness and improves the colors on images and videos displayed through the native Gallery app. And now thanks to XDA Senior Member xperiaz2, you can enjoy X-Reality on any Xperia device running KitKat or Jelly Bean.

Installation is easy. Simply flash an archive through your custom recovery of choice and add two lines to your build.prop. Then, you will find an option for “X-Reality for Mobile” in your Display Settings page. Once enabled, you’ll notice improved image quality in the stock Gallery app.

Those looking to give their mobile photos and videos a bit more pop can get started by visiting the ported application thread.

Deodex Your Xperia with a Simply Windows Utility

Posted by wicked April - 13 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off


There is, and will continue to be, much debate regarding whether to Odex or Deodex a ROM. Some people prefer leaving ROMs Odexed for greater efficiency, while others prefer Deodexed ROMs and their freedom. This becomes even trickier when looking at OEMs, as some Odex their stock firmware, while others don’t. Sony is one of the OEMs that does Odex their ROMs.

If you’ve ever worked with APKTool to modify something in a precompiled ROM, you’ve certainly had to deodex a ROM. This can be done with several kitchens, scripts, or by executing commands in terminal. You can now Deodex the firmwares of new Xperia devices really easily with Kamome by XDA Senior Member RyokoN.

Kamome is a Windows script that pulls all the necessary files using ADB, Deodexes them, and creates a flashable archive ready to be installed through recovery. Kamome is distributed in two versions depending on Android OS version. It should work with all Xperia devices except the Sony Xperia Z2.

If you are a Windows user looking to Deodex a recent Xperia device, head over to the original thread to give Kamome a try.

Repartition to Increase Application Space on Some Sony Xperia Devices

Posted by Will Verduzco April - 12 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off


Most devices sold nowadays come with emulated external storage. On many devices, this emulated SD card is located on the same partition as your installed applications and their data. But on certain other devices, it’s located on a separate partition.

There are various tradeoffs associated with each approach, most of which are beyond the scope of this article. However, one rather significant annoyance with having your mount points on separate partitions is that you may run out of space on one partition while having abundant free space on the other—even though they’re both on the same eMMC chip. Luckily, there’s a solution for this, and it involves repartitioning your internal storage to better suit your needs.

Traditionally, repartitioning your device is a difficult and risky process. Moreover, the way to accomplish this is generally unique to a particular device or device family. But thanks to XDA Senior Member bsined, it’s a little more straightforward for owners of certain Sony Xperia devices.

Bsined’s guide was originally created for the , though it has the potential to work on many other Xperia devices—so long as a few requirements are met. First, you’ll need to have a rootable FTF file for an Android 4.1.2-based firmware. For the aforementioned Xperias, this is linked in the guide. You’ll also need a particular recovery, Sony Flashtool, and a few other utilities attached in the thread’s OP. From there, you proceed to backup all of your data, downgrade to 4.1.2, and repartition your device.

While the guide makes the process relatively easy to follow due to its clear steps and explanations, one must keep in mind that any kind of low level modification like this is inherently risky. So before trying this, make sure that you understand all the steps that are being done. Finally, it should be noted that all of these changes are reverted if you flash an FTF file that includes partition data.

If you want to maximize app storage space on your Xperia device, head over to the guide thread to learn more.

Enable Your Xperia Device’s LED While in Battery Stamina Mode

Posted by wicked April - 12 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off


Many are fans of particular OEM skins and their built-in features. One of the features available in stock Xperia ROMs is a Battery Stamina Mode, which was introduced to help users make the most of their batteries.

In this mode, all connectivity except GSM is disabled. This also disables your device’s LED lights. It works pretty well, but many find that disabling the LED is unnecessary. After all, without an LED, it’s rather easy to miss a call or message.

Now thanks to an Xposed Framework module by XDA Senior Member itandy, you can re-enable your LED leven when in Battery Stamina Mode. As you would expect, you need to be rooted and have Xposed Framework installed to get this going. And since this is an Xposed module, you can easily disable this when you want to go back to standard Battery Stamina Mode.

You can find the module in the original thread.

Monitor Your Xperia Firmware Updates with a Website

Posted by wicked April - 12 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off


It’s been a long time coming for some devices, but Sony is now rolling out Android 4.3 and 4.4 firmware updates to the majority of its lineup. But with so many devices and so many different versions of Android available for these different devices and their variants, it’s quite easy to become confused.

Because of the complexity, it’s useful to have a centralized service to inform you of the latest version for your device and whether you need to update. Thankfully, there is a tool that allows Windows users to check to see if they are running the latest firmware. But of course, this tool requires Windows, and there are plenty of Xperia owners running Linux or Mac.

There is nothing more universal than a website that can be accessed directly from almost every device. And because of this, XDA Forum Member pascalbrax created one with up-to-date information regarding software updates available for Sony devices. The site displays the the latest firmware and links to supporting forums in many languages. Most newer devices are included, and can be monitored from the site.

You can find a link to the website and more information by visiting the original thread. If you are a Sony Xperia owner and you are eagerly waiting for your KitKat update, now’s a good time to make sure you’re running the latest firmware.

Sony Lifelog app launched for Xperia devices

Posted by wicked April - 10 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

Stepping into the growing trend of lifelogging, Sony has released its own Lifelog app for the benefit of a wider range of Sony Xperia devices. Going beyond the initial compatibility with the Xperia Z2, the app brings Sony’s definition of lifelogging to any Xperia device running Android 4.4.

Lifelog was initially launched as a companion for the Sony SmartBand, unveiled last February, a sports-oriented wristband itself initially compatible only with the Xperia Z2. But as others, like Samsung, learned the hard way, keeping a new and rather niche product confined to only one new and rather expensive smartphone is almost like a death wish. Now, Lifelog is available for Xperia smartphones running Android KitKat, like the Xperia Z Ultra, the Xperia Z1, and the Xperia Z1 Compact. Sony even promises to have more compatibility soon.


As one would expect from a smartband companion app, Lifelog collects location and activity data from the wearable device. But more than that, it also mashes up the information with information from your smartphone and its sensors, like photos you took, and even the media you played. It then presents this information in an interesting side scrolling animation that lets you literally walk through your life’s moments. It can even display the weather conditions, both past and future. There is also a feature called Life Bookmarks which, as you might have guessed, lets you mark more special times.

Lifelogging is an interesting and sometimes fun activity that lets you truly see how integrated the Internet and your mobile device is in your life. It may even inspire you to make each day, each moment, each activity count as something you can look back to in the future. The very automated and almost effortless process, however, could make one wonder if it will rather turn lifeloggers into thrill-seeking characters with less consciousness or appreciation for the moment. Which ever side of the debate you’re on, it seems that lifelogging will soon be a thing, and it’s too early to tell whether it’s here to stay or if it will just be another bookmark in our own lifelogs.

Download: Lifelog on Google Play Store

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