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[Deal] Pick up a discounted Pioneer Android Auto stereo through Amazon

Posted by wicked April - 25 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

Android_Auto_Screenshot_01If you’ve been waiting for a good deal to get started with Android Auto, Amazon is hosting a deal that just might push you over the edge. They’re offering up Pioneer’s AVIC-8100NEX stereo with a heavy discount off the MSRP, you can pick up one for roughly 900 bucks. It’s definitely not cheap, but considering these things have an MSRP of 1400, that’s a hefty discount.

The stereo has a full touch screen interface and works with your Lollipop-powered device and the Android Auto app. Pioneer’s own interface and Apple CarPlay also work, in case you like to mix and match devices. 

Amazon is currently sold out of the devices, but several third party sellers are still offering the units at a discount, some of which are even eligible for Prime shipping.

source: Amazon

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Amazon to end Appstore TestDrive Service effective April 15

Posted by wicked April - 20 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Amazon AppStore started offering app test drives on computer four years ago. Android users were delighted to try it because they could test new apps using a virtual Android phone. Only 30 minutes of playtime is given per game but that’s good enough to see what new apps are coming and what is worthy to be downloaded. About 20 apps were first added to the test drive program in March 2011 but the number since increased.

Taking the apps for a spin before downloading seemed to be a great idea because people can have a glimpse of what an app is all about, saving their precious time and device storage space or even their mobile data allocation. The past four years, Amazon has been letting the customers experience the apps first, as well as, discover new features before committing to purchase and download especially paid apps.

However, just like all good things that come to an end, the Amazon Appstore TestDrive Service is about to end. Amazon has formally announced that the service will be discontinued mainly because of the declining number of customers using TestDrive. This is also because of the ‘free to play’ business model app developers are adapting.

Apps are now usually released in their free or lite versions while premium or pro versions are also listed for those who are willing to commit to spend a few bucks. One can easily download any app now at a faster rate too and it’s even easier to delete if you’re not satisfied. If you like an app, you can avail of the Pro version or just add in-app purchases.

So on April 15, 2015, Amazon decommissioned the TestDrive service. Apps that are included in the TestDrive program will still be available on the Appstore but users won’t be able to test drive them anymore. This also means TestDrive category will no longer be accessible from the Appstore client. New app submissions will have the TestDrive anabled already.

This change is understandable because the landscape of mobile applications has changed over the years. Those who’ve been spending hours playing apps on the test drive program will be the ones greatly affected by this.

SOURCE: Amazon

Deal: Pick up an Amazon Fire HD 7 Tablet for just $79 ($60 off)

Posted by wicked April - 20 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.00.37 PM

As part of the Gold Box Deal of the Day, Amazon is offering a number of discounts on its Fire HD 7 Tablets for today only. For just $79, you can pick up the 8GB Fire HD 7 with “special offers”, or upgrade to the ad-free model for $94. If you choose to opt for more storage on your tablet, the 16GB model with ads will cost you $99, and the ad-free version costs $114. Most of the variants are available in all five colors – Black, Magenta, White, Citron and Cobalt.

Read more: Best Amazon Fire HD 7 cases

In addition to the tablet being on sale, you can also pick up a few official accessories for cheap. The Standing Leather Case is available for $30.99 (normally $44.99) and the Standing Protective Case is being offered for $27.99 (normally $34.99).

The Fire HD 7 isn’t the best tablet on the market when it comes to specifications or hardware, but it does offer a great way to consume media if you already use Amazon services. The tablet has a 7-inch display with 800 x 1280 resolution, a 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, a front and rear-facing camera, Dolby Digital Plus sound enhancements and a battery that will last up to 8 hours on a single charge.

Remember, this deal is only available until midnight tonight, so check out the deal link below before it’s too late!

Buy now from Amazon

Amazon kills off its Test Drive service, announces it the day after the fact

Posted by wicked April - 17 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off


Amazon’s Appstore has been around a while now, providing a viable alternative to Google’s Play Store, as well as a couple of quirky features. One of which was the ability to try out apps in your browser before making the decision to install it on your device.  That feature was called Test Drive, and according to Amazon’s announcement, it has been swiftly pulled from service as of April 15th.

Amazon has said that although 16,000 apps had been launched via the Test Drive service, there has been a significant decline in customers in recent times. This has been attributed to the increase in popularity of free-to-play business models with In-App-Purchase options. Although the Test Drive service is discontinued, apps that have used the service will still be available, although the Test Drive function has been removed. You may have noticed that Amazon gave zero notice that it was planning on killing off the Test Drive function, basically announcing it a day after they’d already removed it from service. Did you ever use the test Drive service? If so, will you miss it?


Source: Amazon

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Amazon launches Lost Within – a new horror survival game for Fire tablets

Posted by wicked April - 17 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

If you’re a fan of really scary mobile games and own a Fire Phone or tablet, Amazon may have something that will get your adrenaline pumping. Lost Within, a new game out of Amazon Game Studios, has just launched in the Amazon Appstore. It’s a creepy survival game that puts you in the middle of an abandoned insane asylum, and your goal is to get out alive.

Weatherby Asylum is where all of this scariness goes down, and it’s now overtaken by monstrous Inhabitants. You can choose to go through the game by sneaking around, running away or fighting. If you choose to fight, you’ll need to create makeshift weapons out of materials lying around to thwart off the baddies. Any way you choose to play the game, it’s bound to give you a fright or two.

Here’s a bit more on the game’s storyline:

The building itself seems to be trying to tell you something. Strange visions of the past reveal buried secrets— terrors that are now coming alive all around you. To get out, you must solve a series of dark mysteries and discover the shattering secret that led to the asylum’s condemnation. But the legendary serial killer who is rumored to inhabit the asylum is no myth … and he knows you are here. His howls of rage seem to shake the very walls. You must escape, but be careful. Though there are many doors, there is only one way out.

Unfortunately, the game is currently only available on the Fire Phone, Fire tablets (2013 and newer) and iOS devices. We’re really hoping Amazon will soon open up compatibility to all Android devices, but for now, it’s unavailable if you don’t own one of those compatible devices. Lost Within can be yours for $6.99 from Amazon.

Get it from Amazon!

Amazon Game Studios spooks gamers as ‘Lost Within’ arrives in its Appstore

Posted by wicked April - 16 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off


What happens when Amazon Game Studios works on a project with Human Head Studios? The new horror survival game Lost Within. The two worked on the game set inside an abandoned asylum that just so happens to be occupied by the Inhabitants, a group tortured and left behind only for players to fight and escape from. Players must navigate through the asylum and collect materials for weapons and health. Lost Within is a first-person game and that means players can expect a truly immersive experience that may or may not keep them up at night.

Hit the break for the launch trailer.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Lost Within is priced at $6.99. While that is a bit higher than other games, the trailer shows that Amazon Game Studios has nailed it in the quality department. The $7 seems worth it.

[Lost Within – Amazon Appstore]

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Free: Grab $105 Worth of Apps From Amazon Today

Posted by Kellex April - 16 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Amazon is hosting another one of those deals on a big bundle of apps that will cost you nothing. Today’s haul totals $105 and includes a handful of good apps like Wolfram|Alpha, the original Plants vs. Zombies, Runtastic Pro, and Osmos HD. It may not be the most extensive list of must-haves, but I would imagine you could find something there that is worth installing.

In order to grab these apps, you will need the Amazon app installed. You can grab it from here.

Amazon Link

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Amazon’s latest Free App of the Day Bundle announced

Posted by wicked April - 16 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Who doesn’t want freebies? Thank heavens for Amazon’s Free App of the Day Bundle. Android geeks who want to try and test different apps and games but don’t want to pay premium can avail of the deals Amazon regularly announces. For today, the Free App of the Day Bundle includes 26 apps you can download–all for free. Most of the apps listed are the latest and more popular ones so better download all of them before Amazon pulls them out.

The most expensive app is Splashtop Whiteboard which is $34.99. The app turns any Android tablet into a mobile interactive whiteboard. Teachers and students will find this one very useful. Goshen College, Val Verde, and Cornell use Splashtop Whiteboard so no wonder it has also received several awards and has been considered by Tech & Learning magazine as an outstanding education technology product. Paid classics like Prince of Persia, Runtastic PRO, and Plants vs. Zombies are also included in this bundle.

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Amazon is giving away $105 worth of games and apps via the Appstore

Posted by wicked April - 16 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off  Free App of the Day  Apps   Games

There’s no such thing as having too many apps on your smartphone, am I right? And sure, while you’ll always have your favourite apps, there’s so many others to try out, perhaps you are bored of your current game or you are looking at trying our a new fitness tracker. Whatever your needs, Amazon have probably got you covered with its latest collection of free apps worth a combined $105.

The free apps cover a variety of different categories ranging from games, fitness trackers and technical search engines to flight trackers and dictionaries among others. The list of free apps are:

  1. Plants vs. Zombies
  2. WolframAlpha
  3. Table Top Racing
  4. Runtastic PRO GPS
  5. MeteoEarth
  6. Songsterr Guitar Tabs
  7. Adventure Time Wizard
  8. Amazing Alex Premium
  9. Osmos HD
  10. Virtua Tennis Challenge
  11. Flightradar 24 Pro – Kindle Edition
  12. CityMaps2Go Pro
  13. Pudding Monsters HD
  14. F18 Carrier Landing II Pro
  15. Splashtop Whiteboard
  16. Unmechanical
  17. Prince of Persia Classic
  18. LectureNotes
  19. A Better Camera Unlocked
  20. RDP Pro Client: aRDP
  21. Mobile Doc Scanner
  22. Oxford Spanish Dictionary
  23. TouchDraw
  24. Fun English Course
  25. Chess and Mate – Premium

The good news is that the free apps are available for both the US and the UK.

Source: Amazon US, UK

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Amazon is offering apps and games worth $105 for free today

Posted by wicked April - 16 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

amazon free apps bundle

Amazon seems to think you shouldn’t be spending money on Android apps and games – why else would the retail giant regularly offer apps and games worth north of 100 bucks for free?

Yes, Amazon has another Free Apps of the Day bundle and this one sees 24 titles worth a total of $105 discounted to zero. As in most cases, today’s bundle is a mix of games, productivity, and utility apps, with highlights including Virtua Tennis Challenge, Osmos HD, Runtastic PRO, Prince of Persia Classic, or Splashtop Whiteboard.

Here’s the full list:

  • Wolfram|Alpha
  • Adventure Time Game Wizard
  • Table Top Racing
  • Runtastic PRO
  • F18 Carrier Landing II Pro
  • Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords
  • Flightradar24 Pro – Kindle Edition
  • MeteoEarth
  • Virtua Tennis Challenge
  • Amazing Alex Premium
  • Unmechanical
  • Pudding Monsters HD
  • Prince of Persia Classic
  • Osmos HD
  • CityMaps2Go Pro
  • LectureNotes
  • A Better Camera Unlocked
  • Oxford Spanish Dictionary
  • RDP Pro Client: aRDP
  • TouchDraw
  • Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan)
  • Fun English Course
  • Splashtop Whiteboard
  • Chess and Mate – Premium

Head over the bundle page to get your free apps and games filling and let us know if you picked anything up. The deal is valid today only.