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Lightning Deal: Unlocked AT&T Galaxy Note 4 for $620.

Posted by Kellex January - 26 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

This may not last more than another minute, but if you want a Galaxy Note 4, you should head over to Amazon which has a lightning deal currently running that slashes the price to $620, off-contract, unlocked, for AT&T.

The black version was available for all of 5 minutes before selling out. The white is still available for now.

Amazon Link

If that link isn’t working, go to the Amazon Deals page, scroll over in the lightning section until you see the Note 4.

Note:  The deal doesn’t mention the condition of the phone from what I can tell, and the pictures are a little off-putting. I would assume that the device is new, but can’t say for sure.

Cheers Rusty!

Lightning Deal: Unlocked AT&T Galaxy Note 4 for $620. is a post from: Droid Life

Nexus Player now on Newegg, Best Buy, questions still on availability

Posted by wicked January - 26 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

As of today, it seems that we won’t need to dizzy ourselves going around in circles in looking for a place to buy the Nexus Player, as you can now obtain the uniquely round Android TV device outside of the Google Play Store. Users looking for a more Android-based TV viewing experience can now get if from Newegg, Best Buy, and Amazon, but still the device’s availability it raises several other questions.

The first of these questions is, why is it so hard to get the Nexus Player on Amazon? Apparently the online retail giant is sourcing the device through third-party sellers, and with a considerable markup too, from the standard retail price of USD$99.99. To avoid sellers seemingly taking advantage of this superficial shortage, you can drop by Best Buy and pick it up yourself, as there’s no shipping available (again, another question at this point). Your best bet to have the device delivered right to your doorstep is through Newegg, which offers the regular sale price along with free standard shipping.


As for the question of what the Nexus Player can actually do, it would probably be worth looking inside the core of this oddly-round device (Is it round because it supposedly offers “a world of possibilities?”) and see what it has to offer. The Nexus Player runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop and packs a 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor and a PowerVR Series 6 Graphics 2D/3D engine, so it is more than capable in the proc/graphics territory. It connects to the Internet through WiFi, no need for clunky cables to link it to your LAN router. The device comes with a remote controller which may look strange to you due to the lack of buttons, but that’s because Google wants you to utilize voice commands on it. Oh, and since the Nexus Player is positioning itself into the Android-gaming-on-TV niche, it comes with a Bluetooth Gamepad which can be had at only USD$39.99 at both Best Buy and Newegg.


Which probably begs the biggest question of all: Why is there only 1GB of RAM and only 8GB of storage? Although the device offers a USB port that presumably allows it to connect to an external storage drive, this apparent lack of internal storage space leaves a lot to be desired, especially in terms of gaming, downloads, and storing user preferences. Until consumers actually get their hands on the darned round thing and start answering these questions for themselves, the Nexus Player might still be one of those gadgets “on the fence” for us.

PLAYER: Best Buy / Newegg
CONTROLLER: Best Buy / Newegg

Deal: Amazon Prime Membership is Just $72 Today Only

Posted by Kellex January - 24 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

Update:  The deal is done.

To celebrate Amazon’s two wins at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards for its original series, Transparent, the online retailer has dropped Amazon Prime memberships down to $72 for 24 hours only. The deal went live at 12:01AM ET and is good through 11:59PM Pacific, tonight.

Amazon Prime memberships typically run $99 per year, so if for some reason you don’t already have a membership, now would be the time. Wait, you all do have Amazon Prime memberships, right? Don’t answer that if you don’t, just go sign-up.

For those new to Amazon Prime, your benefits as a member include free 2-day shipping, unlimited ad-free access to over a million songs, instant streaming of popular movies and TV shows, free unlimited cloud photo storage, and a bunch of free books. It’s awesome, even if you just use it for the free  2-day shipping.

Amazon Link

Deal: Amazon Prime Membership is Just $72 Today Only is a post from: Droid Life

Amazon offers discounted Prime membership to celebrate Golden Globe win

Posted by wicked January - 24 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

Amazon has announced some interesting news for fans of free fast shipping of items from Amazon and Amazon original series that stream to Prime members. To celebrate picking up a win at the 72nd Golden Globe awards for its original show called Transparent, Amazon will be offering all ten episodes of the show to anyone via the Amazon Instant Video App.

Transparent is an original show Amazon produces that won a Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy Series. Its star Jeffrey Tambor also won a Golden Globe as Best Actor in a musical or Comedy Series. If you want to see what the show is about, get ready to binge it on Saturday or buy a discounted Prime subscription and watch the episodes at your leisure.

For Saturday only, Amazon will offer discounted Prime memberships for $72. That is a 25% savings off the normal price of a Prime membership. Amazon says that Transparent has proven so popular that a second season of the series is already in the works.

The Amazon Instant Video app is available for multiple devices including the Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, and smart TVs. Android apps are available for mobile devices and tablets.

SOURCE: Amazon

Survey finds 50% of phones activated last quarter came from Apple, 26% from Samsung

Posted by wicked January - 24 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off


Apple trumped all other smartphone manufacturers last quarter based on consumers activating a device. The usual Android foes were all far behind Apple with Samsung leading the way. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) conducted a survey with five hundred subjects in the United States and aimed to find which phone brands were most popular among activations. The devices, both old and new, were activated between October and December of last year.

Samsung trailed Apple by 24% and that was the closest any company came to catching the clan in Cupertino. After that, the numbers dropped off significantly. The third place company was LG with 11% and Motorola finished fourth at 4%. Rounding out the bottom was HTC (2%), Nokia (2%), Amazon (1%), and “other” with 4%. BlackBerry, who may or may not be facing an acquisition in the near future, had no activations from the survey.

Josh Lowitz, the co-founder of CIRP, explained that the loyalty of Apple customers is far greater than that of Samsung and LG’s. He said:

“iPhones drew from loyal Apple customers, with 86% of buyers upgrading from an older iPhone. Samsung and LG saw far lower loyalty rates, with 25% of Samsung owners and 18% of LG owners who activated a phone in the quarter switching to an iPhone.”

Source: Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (PDF)
Via: Phone Arena

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Amazon Music app gets dedicated Prime Music section

Posted by wicked January - 23 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Amazon_Prime_Music_logoAmazon has updated their Music application that brings in a dedicated Prime Music section. You’ll be able to quickly add music to your library and manage what songs you own, and you’ll be able to stream music without adding it to your library first. The search results and filtering methods have also been improved, so finding music you want should be easier now.

Aside from the Prime inclusions, Amazon fixed a few bugs and added support for the OnePlus One. If you use Prime Music, this an update you’ll probably want to grab. If you’re on the fence, you can check out our review of the service here.

qr codePlay Store Download Link

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Amazon throws in towel for its Wallet beta app

Posted by wicked January - 22 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Mobile payments are becoming the future of transactions and a few companies have tried to jump in to the competition. Amazon released its Wallet beta app 6 months back, but has now thrown in the towel. Amazon announced today that it’s no longer continuing with the Wallet beta app. Don’t try to visit the site as all the links are no longer in existence.

The Amazon Wallet app was designed to allow users to store loyalty and manage gift cards, and make online transactions that corresponded to the cards. The only downfall to the mobile payment app was that it could not manage credit or debit cards – it was strictly gift cards only.

There was no statement on whether Amazon would be bringing back the Wallet app in the future. Users who still have credit on the app will still be able to use any gifts, loyalty, or gift cards, but the wallet balances will no longer update – forcing you to do some real math.

Amazon quietly launched its Wallet beta app last summer. Considering it was in beta version, users expected that it could handle more than just managing gift cards – fast forward to today, Amazon doesn’t seem to be stable at the moment to take on that responsibility. We might see a comeback in the future, but for now there’s no announcements. Live and learn.


Amazon Wallet shut down after six months of activity

Posted by wicked January - 21 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off


When Amazon Wallet launched in July, its purpose was to be a digital wallet that stored gift cards and loyalty cards from various retailers. It could not, however, be used as a mobile payments solution because of the inability to store debit and credit cards. The amount of installs for Amazon Wallet was presumably low even with the Fire Phone having it pre-installed.

The Amazon Wallet app appeared in the Play Store’s search results this afternoon:


But selecting it leads nowhere:


Amazon Wallet is gone.

Existing users of Amazon Wallet can continue using the app in a limited capacity. The app will not allow any additional cards to be stored and balances will not be updated. There are plenty of options available in the Play Store that match Amazon Wallet’s functionality and can store debit and credit cards.

Source: CNET

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Unlimited photo storage for Amazon prime members in Canada

Posted by wicked January - 21 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Canada is getting some love from Amazon and it’s nothing but good news. To be more specific, Amazon Prime members who reside in Canada now have access to an unlimited amount of photo storage space through Amazon with Prime Photos. Tacking on more good news is that Amazon Student and Amazon Family members in Canada also have unlimited photo storage on Amazon Cloud Drive. Who knows why Amazon chose Canada to receive the massive free storage space, but who’s complaining?

Prime Photo is the photo storage app hosted by Amazon. We could safely bet that photos are what takes up most of our smartphones memory, and as much as we try to save on storage space, we tend to get really close or forced to delete content – leaving us in a panic mode of not wanting to delete anything.

If you’re an Amazon prime member who lives in Canada, those issues of photos taking up your phone are no longer your concerns. Simply throw all your memories, moments, and captivating times into Amazon’s Cloud Drive to free up your phone. Rinse and repeat.

The app is available for all platforms including Amazon’s Fire tablet, Mac, and Windows PC – making it easier to access photos from different devices.

VIA: iMore

Amazon Original Movies out to revolutionize movie industry next

Posted by wicked January - 20 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

After making a dent in the television industry with their Amazon original series, specifically with the Golden Globe-winning Transparent, the world’s leading distributor is further expanding their content creation. Now they’re taking on full-length movies with Amazon Original Movies, planning to release them both in the theaters and through their Prime streaming service.

But unlike the longer time that it gets regular movies from their theatrical release to digital video or streaming services, Amazon plans to shorten it to four to eight weeks when it comes to their original content. This will probably be the shortest turnaround time for the industry and might be a precedent for the big studios to hurry up in bringing the movies to viewers homes on-demand. While having the movie stay in the theaters would earn big bucks for some movies, particularly the big blockbuster ones, having them digitally available as soon as possible would in the long run be more financially viable for movie studios and distributors.

Amazon Original Movies will aim to produce “close to twelve movies a year”, which means releasing one movie per month. They also plan to tap filmmakers that normally wouldn’t be able to get a chance with the big studios but have the ability to create movies that will “amaze, excite, and move our fans,” says their head of production, Ted Hope. And having these films available “wherever customers watch” would be a distinct advantage for Amazon’s original content.

Video on demand services have already affected the television industry with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc starting not just to distribute content but to produce original series as well. Let’s see if Amazon Original Movies, slated to start production later this year, will be able to do so for movies as well.

VIA: SlashGear

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