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Galaxy Siege 2 – build the ultimate spacecraft & conquer the galaxy

Posted by wicked August - 20 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off
Galaxy Siege 2 - Boss Battle 3

Galaxy Siege 2 is an awesome action arcade game to mow alien enemies spawning towards your spaceship and conquer each planet in the solar system. The key is to build and upgrade modules to create the ultimate spacecraft. Check out this review and see why you must download and play this game! Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases… View Article

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Save Me – puzzler challenges speed & thought

Posted by wicked August - 19 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off
Save Me - Boss

Help a little guy to safety in the game Save Me. There are tons of treacherous rooms he journeys through and it’s your job to figure out the puzzles, maneuver obstacles and even fight back to get to safety. Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Content Rating: Medium Maturity Android Game… View Article

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SnapPoint – Indie app of the day

Posted by wicked August - 16 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

SnapPoint review

What is SnapPoint?

SnapPoint is a social network that is a hybrid of location-based sites like Foursquare and photo-based networks like Snapchat or Slingshot. The premise is fairly simple. You take pictures of places and pin them to the map. From there other people can interact with your photos.

Here’s how it works. When you go to a location, you can take a picture of something there. For instance, if you hit up a Taco Bell, you may take a picture of the menu or the building itself. It is then pinned to the map at that location. People can then look at the photo to see your picture.

Other people who visit can add photos to the location and then when people view them, they can vote to see who has the best photos. If yours is voted the best, you get “credits” which you can use to create a new location. This sort of checks and balances prevents people from creating locations just anywhere. You do get to start out with 50 so you can help get things started in your town.

SnapPoint review 2

Foursquare mixed with Snapchat

  • A simple application that anyone can figure out.
  • The premise is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  • Everyone can lay down some spots but eventually they have to do good pictures to keep doing it. Reward system is nice.
  • Reward system can’t be bought because there are no in app purchases.
  • If you’re not a fan of location or photo based social networks, this isn’t for you.
  • Aside from laying down points, taking pictures, and voting on pictures, there really isn’t much else to do and no real way to interact with people.


Overall, this is an interesting premise. It’s not very well known so you won’t see many spots on the map yet but if you’re the early adopter type you can drive around and put some important places on the map so future users can see things. It’s free and doesn’t have in app purchases which is always a plus.

google play

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Melty Ice – save the polar bears

Posted by wicked August - 15 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off
Melty Ice - Gameplay 1

Melty Ice is a simple game to save a polar bear’s frightened cub from a big bad wolf. It also serves a dual purpose of cause awareness. We’ll tell you whether you should play and save arctic wildlife literally and figuratively in this review! Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Content Rating: Everyone… View Article

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11 best Chromecast apps for Android

Posted by wicked August - 15 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

best chromecast apps
The Chromecast is quickly becoming a staple in most home theater set ups. Even though it’s a small piece of hardware, it allows you to connect your TV to practically anything else in the house with a processor in it and that includes your Android phone. Here is a short list of the essential Chromecast apps that pretty much everyone should have.

allcast best chromecast appsAllCast

[Price: $4.99]

Sometimes you just want to watch your own stuff.

  • Streams your local content (video, music, photos).
  • You can also stream to other devices like a Roku, Apple TV, or even another Android device.
  • The latest update now includes volume control in the app as well as Android L support.
  • Depending on your device, network speed, and pure luck, you may or may not have problems. We recommend using the free version until you’re sure this works for you.


AllCast is a key app in any Chromecast library even if it is a tad expensive at $4.99. It is among the best solutions available when it comes to streaming your local media to the Chromecast and it comes with the added functionality of streaming it to other stuff (like a Roku, Apple TV, or another Android device) which is an added bonus.

google play

best chromecast appsChromecast app

[Price: Free]

Not just for the set up anymore.

  • You need to get this app anyway in order to set up the Chromecast.
  • Totally free to use.
  • On select devices, you can now use this application to mirror your Android device to your television. That’s a big win.
  • You can also use this to manage your Chromecast settings if you need to do that (e.g. setting up a new WiFi network)
  • Mirroring functionality is limited to only a handful of devices.
  • Aside from mirroring and settings management, there is no tertiary use for this app.


Yes, this is the application you’ll already need to have in order to set up the Chromecast for the first time when you buy it. A month ago, this app probably wouldn’t have been on this list at all because back then it was useless aside from the initial set up. However, Google has added some new features and that makes this a must have Chromecast app even after the set up process.

google play

Crunchyroll chromecast appsCruncyroll – Anime and Drama

[Price: Free]

Anime lovers rejoice!

  • The best streaming service for anime available on Android.
  • App and service can be used for free if you don’t mind ads.
  • Premium subscription members can watch ad free and watch shows that have just aired.
  • Chromecast support is a little bit buggy for some people.
  • Some content can only be streamed in HD if you buy a subscription.


Known as the Hulu of anime, Crunchyroll allows you to stream 25,000 episodes of various anime shows using your Chromecast. You can watch for free (with ads) or you can get a premium subscription if you want to. The app works on your Chromecast either way and this is the app to get if you’re into anime at all.

google play

Crunchyroll chromecast apps

dayframe chromecast appsDayframe

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Why not use your TV as a giant photo frame?

  • Allows you to stream photos to your TV which is a fun way to liven up your living room when you’re not using your TV.
  • If you don’t have a lot of photos, you can always subscribe to other photo feeds and use theirs.
  • Compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Dropbox, Flickr, Twitter, and others.
  • Free version does allow you to use the Chromecast support.
  • You can it to do things like shuffle mode where it’ll randomly shuffle your photos if you buy the app.
  • You’ll have to pay a premium to remove get rid of obnoxious reminders to buy it.
  • There are quite a few bugs that still need worked out so be sure to use the free version first to make sure it works for you.


Dayframe is an application that syncs up to your various social media accounts, syncs your photos, and then displays them on screen in a fun and versatile way. You can select from your own images or from images that others have posted if you choose to go that route. This is a fun way to use your TV as sort of a photo frame for when it’s not in use doing anything else. It’s free to use so there’s no harm in checking it out. Also check out our review which is linked just below.

google play

Google Play Movies & TV chromecast appsGoogle Play Movies & TV

[Price: Free]

Google’s answer to iTunes.

  • You can purchase movies and TV shows and then watch them over Chromecast.
  • Above average selection of movies and TV shows at competitive prices.
  • You can also rent movies and TV shows.
  • Comes pre-loaded on a lot of devices so many already have this app.
  • People have had trouble playing rented movies on Chromecast.
  • It’s an endeavor that Google is still working on so there are bugs and flaky issues here and there depending on your device.


As you’ve likely guessed, most of Google’s services are compatible with Google’s Chromecast and that includes their Movies and TV app. It’s a highly functional app and you’ll be making your movie and TV purchases through the Google Play Store (which Google is using to do battle with iTunes). It’s a free app and it’s worth checking out the collection!

google play

best chromecast apps

Google Play Music Chromecast appsGoogle Play Music

[Price: Free / $9.99/month subscription]

It’s (Play) Music to your ears!

  • Upload and stream your own songs to your TV.
  • The All Access subscription service also lets you stream pretty much anything that Play Music has to offer.
  • A more stable Chromecast experience.
  • Also preloaded on a lot of Android devices so you may already have this anyway.
  • It also recognizes your locally stored content which is a plus.
  • Without the subscription service, all you’ve really got going is your music collection and playlists.
  • Uploading your music to Google Music can take a long, long time.


Google’s Music service is right along with their Movies & TV service as Google’s attempt to take over the media market. Unlike their Movies & TV app, Play Music has far fewer issues and a much more stable experience. You can upload 20,000 of your own songs and stream them anywhere as well as get their $9.99 subscription service which nets you a lot more awesome stuff.

google play

Google Play Music Chromecast apps

Hulu Plus chromecast appsHulu Plus

[Price: Free app, $7.99/month subscription]

Now with free watching.

  • Stream TV shows through your Chromecast.
  • Slightly more modern TV line up than Netflix.
  • You can use the service on some shows for free if you don’t mind ads.
  • Chromecast is laggy for some depending on device.
  • Even if you pay for it, there are still advertisements.
  • Latest updates are a hassle to set up, including uninstalling and re-installing the app.


Hulu Plus normally wouldn’t have made this list because the Android app required a subscription to watch anything. However, they have recently updated their service and now Android owners can watch stuff for free as long as you don’t mind suffering through the advertisements. That makes it a great choice for Chromecast because Hulu does have a pretty decent selection of TV shows to watch.

google play

Hulu Plus chromecast apps

Chromecast apps - NetflixNetflix

[Price: Free app ($8.99/month subscription]

It’s like the Google Search of video streaming.

  • A whole bunch of content from a name everyone knows.
  • $8.99/month is not a bad price for what you get. A lot of the Netflix original series selections are fantastic.
  • Create multiple profiles so people in your house can create their own lists and recommendations.
  • Consistently redesigned and updated to fix bugs and improve the UI.
  • As with all apps, some people experience issues both with the app and with the Chromecast depending on your device.
  • TV shows and movies can appear and disappear as time goes. Also, new seasons of shows are added much later than you’d find on, say, Hulu.


Netflix was among the first to even have Chromecast support and it remains the streaming service of choice for many who love the Chromecast. Everyone knows what Netflix is, what it has, and what it costs so there really isn’t much new information here.

google play

Netflix chromecast apps

Pandora Internet Radio Android appsPandora

[Price: Free]

Pandora is everywhere.

  • One of the most stable and solid music streaming experiences is available for Chromecast.
  • Frequent updates to fix bugs and add new features make the app wonderful to use.
  • Free to use (with ads).
  • Limited skips are annoying and they always will be.
  • Limited music selection. Other services have more.


Pandora is one of the most respected names in music streaming and it’s because they’re always on the forefront of technology. It’s playable on practically ever device ever and that includes the Chromecast. If you use Pandora then chances are it’s already on your smartphone and it’s ready to be streamed to your Chromecast right now.

google play

Pandora Internet Radio Android apps

Plex best chromecast appsPlex

[Price: Free / $$3.99/month]

The best way to stream your home movies.

  • Create a home server and stream anything on your hard drive including photos and videos.
  • Includes XBMC or Roku style ‘channels’ for things like Revision 3 and TWiT, and TED.
  • With Plex Pass, you can also stream from any cloud storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Solid features and development means frequent updates.
  • There is a learning curve with this one because you have to set up your own server. It’s not overly difficult but more work than many are used to.
  • If you don’t have a large private collection then you’re probably better off with a streaming service like Netflix.
  • Doesn’t appear to like VPNs that much. Your mileage may vary if you use one.


Plex has always been in the background of the Android video streaming scene but that doesn’t mean it lacks in features. With Plex you can create a home-based streaming server out of your computer and use Plex to stream to your Android device. With Chromecast support, you can stream anything you own to any TV in your house. If you pick up Plex Pass, you get even more features if you want them.

google play

Chromecast apps - Plex

Chromecast apps Pocket CastsPocket Casts

[Price: $3.99]

The best out there for podcasts

  • The best podcast app for Chromecast bar none.
  • Easy to use interface, device syncing, and download for offline play are all good features.
  • Discover feature helps you find more podcasts like the ones you like.
  • Scrapes iTunes so most of the most popular podcasts are present.
  • Podcasts are becoming a niche medium so we understand if you have no interest in this app.
  • Umm, it doesn’t cook breakfast?


If you like podcasts and want to watch or listen to them on your TV, then Pocket Casts is your best option. It only has a large selection of podcasts available for consumption and has video and audio podcasts available too. It has a good interface, device syncing, and the all-important Chromecast support!

google play

Pocket casts - chromecast apps you can't miss this week

Wrap up

If there is a Chromecast app that we missed, please let us know in the comments! If you’d like to search for some awesome Chromecast apps on your own, you can also open the Google Play Store, tap the Apps section, then select Categories and click the Chromecast button at the top right. There you’ll see apps that have Chromecast support so you can discover on your own!

Hangar Smart app shortcuts – Indie app of the day

Posted by wicked August - 15 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

hanger smart app shortcuts review

What is Hangar Smart app shortcuts?

Hangar Smart app shortcuts is a fairly simple application but one that can be pretty useful too. What it does is take up a notification slot in your notification drawer and populates it with applications so you can get to your favorite apps quickly.

It works in two ways. The first is contextual. Hangar will pin apps that you use frequently and daily so that you can find them whenever. You can also pin your favorite apps up there right alongside them if you want to. Then you have essentially a dock of apps that you can access from any application without going back to the homescreen.

In addition to the main feature, you can also add a second row of apps if you use a bunch. You can also customize pretty much every part of it including app icon size, app icons (it’s icon pack compatible), and background so you can tailor it to almost any theme. There is even a graph widget available that lets you see which apps you use most often.

hangouts smart app shortcuts

Get to your favorite apps quicker.

  • Auto-populates with your most frequently used apps (not number of opens, but actual time spent in app).
  • Add your own favorite apps if the auto-populate isn’t doing it for you.
  • Loads of customization options (all things considered).
  • Free with no ads (the in-app purchase is for donation purposes, you get the full app either way).
  • Active developer engages with user complaints which is always a win.
  • A little buggy on some devices.
  • Takes up a notification slot in the drawer which can be too much for some devices or users depending on preferences.


Overall, Hangar Smart app switcher works pretty well and does what it should do. There are some that wouldn’t want to sacrifice the notification drawer space and we understand that. This is especially true on devices that already use a lot of notification drawer space for other things (e.g. Samsung and LG). It’s free to use so why not try it?

google play

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Android customization – KeepScreen, the free way to keep your display turned on

Posted by wicked August - 14 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

Android Customization KeepScreen

A few weeks back in our Android customization series, we showed you how to use Tasker to control your display timeout. Basically, your Android device follows a single setting to control when your display should go to sleep, usually that is set to 30 seconds or a minute. There are times that this is just not going to work, so we customized it just how we like it.

Some of you mentioned that you would like to do this without Tasker; in response, I give you KeepScreen.

The Tasker project tackled this in a very straightforward and binary way – your device is either set to turn off as normal, or, when specific apps are open, the display remains turned on indefinitely.

KeepScreen also handles this in an on or off sort of way, allowing you to simply choose a set of apps for which your display stays lit.

Before we get started

Get it on Google Play ButtonKeepScreen is a tiny little free app in the Google Play Store. As this was one of the first customization apps I had ever installed on Android, I think you’ll find it works on almost any device going back to Froyo and even older.

Setting up KeepScreen

Once installed, open KeepScreen and head into the Applications section.

KeepScreen Main Menu

Choose the apps for which the display should remain turned on.

Tap the system back button to confirm.

Tap the Start / Stop Service button to start the service. Watch for the quick flash ‘toast’ notification for confirmation.

KeepScreen Start Service

Congratulations, setup is complete. Feel free to play with the other options, then exit the app whenever you’re ready.

Using KeepScreen

Just kidding, there is nothing to do here. Open up one of the apps you had set in the steps above, wait a moment… Boom, there is that little red table lamp in your notification bar to confirm things are running. You are good to go.

KeepScreen active

I hope I don’t need to mention this, but do be careful which apps you use KeepScreen for, it cares not about your battery consumption and will keep your screen turned on until you stop it, you’ll need to make sure to close the app or manually turn off the display when you are done.

Next week

Next week on the Android customization series we’ll take a look at another alternative solutions to a task we’ve already performed. Many of you shared some great solutions for duplicating the functionality of WiFi File Transfer Pro, based on your suggestions and requests we’ll run through another option, or two.

KeepScreen is about as simple as it gets, does anyone have any suggestions for a similar app that rocks this level of simplicity for controlling display timeout? Perhaps something that has seen an update in the last couple years?

App Eater – Indie app of the day

Posted by wicked August - 14 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

What is App Eater?

App Eater is an uninstaller application that people can use instead of the system uninstaller. Many applications that do this haven’t been updated in any meaningful way since the Android dark ages and thus the UI always looks old and terrible. App Eater changes this by bringing a more modern design and some decent functionality that is actually useful.

App Eater utilizes a card UI in landscape mode and the current Android design standard (Holo, not Material yet) so it’s easy to use and pleasant to look at. There are also widgets that do a number of things including uninstalling the last installed application, the last updated app, and the most recently used app.

Aside from the basic uninstaller functionality, you can also easily access the last installed, last updated, and most recently used apps, batch uninstall apps, show app version, various sort options, and various other customization options. There are also a selection of options available for root users including uninstalling system apps (good for removing bloatware), disabling apps, and clearing cache and app data.

app eater review

It makes the boring stuff tolerable.

  • Lots of uninstall options including batch uninstall.
  • Widgets to make things easier if you need them.
  • Root options if you need (or can access) those.
  • Updated UI puts it leagues ahead of many of its competitors.
  • Free to use.
  • As with all apps, there are some bugs depending on your device.


Overall, this is a functional little application that makes uninstalling apps easier. For advanced users, they could probably get better functionality out of an app like Titanium Backup and using the system uninstaller. However, if you’re a newer user or you don’t want to deal with that stuff. It’s free to check out so give it a shot!

google play

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Pixit – trendy new way to chat with GIFs

Posted by wicked August - 13 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off
Pixit - GIF Keyword Filter

Pixit is a trendy new way to chat with friends using humorous GIF animations. It auto-magically filters GIFs based on the words you type. Read this review, download it, invite a friend and try it! Price: Free Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5 Content Rating: Medium Maturity Android App Review: Pros & Cons: Pros Chat… View Article

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QwickNote – a simple note taking app

Posted by wicked August - 13 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off
QwickNote - Gesture Options 2

QwickNote is a light and simple note taking app. Price: Free Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Content Rating: Everyone Android App Review: Pros & Cons: Pros Simple to use note taking app! Sync with Google Tasks and Dropbox! Gesture options! Cons Limited in features. Features: QwickNote makes it easy to simply jot notes. Use it for… View Article

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