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Best Android Apps & Games: September 2014

Posted by wicked October - 1 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off
Best Android Apps & Games: September 2014

Check out the best Android apps & Android game recommendations of September 2014. We’ve included some of our HD video reviews too so you can see as well as read how awesome these apps are! They all are vetted for superior quality and we only list apps & games rated 4.0 and higher out of a 5.0 star scale…. View Article

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Cosmos Browser – Indie app of the day

Posted by wicked September - 30 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

cosmos browser review

What is Cosmos Browser

Cosmos Browser has been getting a lot of press lately for its unique features. Perhaps the most unique of which is the ability to surf the web using SMS technology instead of using data. This can be helpful in a number of circumstances. Especially for people who are in places with very spotty or unreliable data. How well does it work? Let’s find out.

The UI of Cosmos Browser is pretty bare bones. It consists of an address bar and a window. That’s pretty much everything. That means there are no extra browser features like bookmarks, tabs, etc. It’s just you, a window, and an address bar.

When you open the browser, it prompts you to enter a valid URL. Once you do the process begins. Cosmos works by sending and receiving texts to your device. The data contained in the texts is then supposed to be translated in the app to create the page you searched for. It takes a long time and you’ll likely receive a bunch of text messages. We’re not sure if receiving all those texts is what is supposed to happen but it does happen. Once the loading process is complete, you’ll have a minimalist version of the site you wanted without any graphics or fancy things.

It is worth noting that this has been released in beta. That means there are bugs. During our testing, we couldn’t get larger sites like Android Authority or Wikipedia to load but much smaller sites like worked perfectly fine. There is also a regional restriction so it is not yet available to everyone in the world.

cosmos browser review

An interesting premise released too early.

  • The idea is awesome. People generally have text and phone signal in areas where data can’t reach.
  • Totally free to use with no in app purchases (for now).
  • When it did work, it worked really well. Minimalist web browsing without the extra stuff.
  • It is in beta which means there are a lot of bugs.
  • Currently only works in the United States.
  • Currently can’t load large websites. Only small ones.
  • Significantly slower than data so if you have data, use a regular web browser.


Overall, this is an interesting concept. It is much slower than your typical web browsing but if you live in an area with a stable internet connection then this app isn’t for you anyway. For now, it’s still little more than a proof of concept but if you do live in a data-choked area it can’t hurt to have it installed. It is free and we’re predicting that performance will improve as further updates are pushed out.

google play

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Source: Cosmos Browser (Google Play Store);

Fotor Photo Editor – Indie app of the day

Posted by wicked September - 29 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

What is Fotor Photo Editor?

As the name implies, Fotor Photo Editor is a photo editor on Android. It’s been around for a while but was recently updated to version 2.0 and with that came a host of new features, a new UI, and plenty of other features. It’s free to use with in app purchases.

Fotor Photo Editor’s claim to fame is its many options and unique editing style. You can do a bunch of things such as control brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other basic photo editing tools. You can also apply filters and effects along with some more advanced photo editing tools if you need them. A lot of it is niche stuff that many average users won’t need or use but it is there if you want to play around or if you need it.

Editing photos is pretty simple but what we really liked was how images were edited. When applying many effects, filters, and tools, you can control how, where, and how strong filters and editing tools are applied. For instance, there is a line editor that lets you apply filters in different strengths as a gradient across photos. There is another tool that lets you apply effects around an object in the photo but not on the object. It takes a moment to get used to but it can help create some pretty artsy photos once you learn how to do it.

The UI is well designed and easy to maneuver. It’s bright which is a nice touch in terms of design and the tools are easy to access along the bottom. Along with all the aforementioned features, you’ll also find an auto-enhance mode, stickers, a mode to add text, and even a collage mode.

Fotor Photo Editor review

About as much as you could reasonably ask for in a photo editor.

  • A lot of options including filters, basic and advanced editing tools, and an auto-enhance mode.
  • Scene mode, collages, stickers, and text additions are a nice touch for those looking for something fun to do.
  • UI is bright and well designed. Tools are easy to find and use.
  • Unique editing tools allow you to control how and where effects, filters, and enhancements are made on your photo.
  • Laggy on some devices and others have reported app crashing.
  • It is packed with features but there is a ceiling as to what you can edit. This is no Photoshop-comparable app.
  • Some features, like stickers, is a little shallow. More is better sometimes.


Overall, you can’t do much better for an app that you can more or less use for free. There are in app purchases but it is possible to enjoy the free version of this app as well. It’s packed with features even if it is restricted by the same ceiling as other photo editors are on Android. It’s worth a shot, check it out!

google play

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Source: Fotor Photo Editor (Google Play Store);

Complete Ear Trainer – Indie app of the day

Posted by wicked September - 27 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

Complete Ear Trainer review

What is Complete Ear Trainer?

Complete Ear Trainer is an educational application for musicians. What it does is teach musicians to identify the notes they hear other musicians playing. Many can do this to an extent (we all know what G, C, and D chords sound like) but an app like this will help take it to the next level. It’s built like a video game to keep people interested and it has a 4.7 rating in the Google Play Store.

Here’s how it works. Even though this is an educational app, it looks and feels like a mix between an education app and a quiz game. The app will teach you basic music theory in the form of quiz games, drill you as to how each note sounds, and then quiz you on what notes you just heard. It’s a little overwhelming at first because there are so many options and things to do. There is also Google Play Games services that allow you to earn achievements and save to the cloud.

The app design is modern and effective. It utilizes the Google Now-style card UI which means it looks clean and professional. There were no parts of this app that were difficult to understand and going from point A to point B required no effort. Along with the standard features, you can also create custom lessons. Complete Ear Trainer is also tablet optimized which is a real plus.

Compete Ear Trainer

One of the best music focused apps. Ever.

  • More than 150 lessons arranged over 4 levels and 28 chapters means there is a lot of content.
  • Even though it is an educational app, it plays like a game and even includes Google Play Games services. Fantastic.
  • Cloud syncing allows you to use this app on multiple devices without losing your place.
  • Clean and efficient card UI is simple to use and it looks nice.
  • Free to try. Premium is only $2.99
  • There may be bugs depending on your device. We didn’t run into any but there is always that chance.
  • This is clearly for a niche audience. If you’re not a musician, you won’t like this or find it useful.
  • Kind of mad I can’t find anything wrong with this application.


Complete Ear Trainer is a fantastic application for musicians. Anyone who is learning to play pretty much anything could learn a thing or two (or thirty) from this app. The fact that this plays like a game and has Google Play Game services is a huge plus. All musicians whose aural skills aren’t perfect could benefit from this and it’s free to try!

google play

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Source: Complete Ear Trainer;

Run Criki – play a humorous run & jump game

Posted by wicked September - 26 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off
Run Criki - Gameplay 1

Run Criki is a run and jump game to journey a pothead cricket back to his home country of Uruguay after learning of the legalization of marijuana. It’s comical and entertaining. Read this review and learn whether it’s a good time waster game for you! Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Content Rating:… View Article

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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Google Play Weekly

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Welcome back to Google Play Weekly! Here are the Android apps headlines:

Now let’s check out a few trending Android apps from the last week.

Topeka android appsTopeka

[Price: Free]
First up this week is an app called Topeka. This is actually a ChromeOS app that has been turned into an Android app. It features full on material design which looks outstanding unless you hate color. It’s a quiz game and so far people seem to like it. Do beware that it is a little US-centric but it is totally free so it can’t hurt to try.
Get it on Google Play
Topeka Android apps

Instapaper Android appsInstapaper

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Instapaper is a mixture between Evernote and Pocket. It lets you save web pages to your device for offline reading but it does so in a text-only, minimalist kind of way so you can read things without being distracted. The app used to cost money but it has now gone free with in app purchases so if you want to try it out, you can do it free of charge.
Get it on Google Play
Instapaper screenshot android apps

star wars commander android appsStar Wars: Commander

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Star Wars: Commander was released recently and it’s essentially a Clash of Clans clone but with Star Wars characters and it’s made by Disney. As clones go this one is pretty good but we probably wouldn’t be talking about it if it didn’t contain the words Disney and Star Wars. It is free to play and there are some extra things you wouldn’t get in Clash of Clans so if you want a little different, check this out.
Get it on Google Play

beach buggy racing android appsBeach Buggy Racing

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Beach Buggy Racing is the latest game out of Vector Unit which also does the Riptide GP series racing games which we at Android Authority are big fans of. In this kart-style racing game you’ll can race friends or alone in large, colorful, and engaging tracks. It’s free to play with in app purchases and I am of the mind that everyone should have at least one Vector Unit racing game on their device. Why not this one?
Get it on Google Play

leo's fortune android appsLeo’s Fortune

[Price: $2.99]
Last and certainly not least this week is Leo’s Fortune. The game made its return to the headlines this week after it slashed its price from $4.99 to $2.99. If you haven’t picked this game up, it’s one of the best platformer adventure games out there with wonderful graphics and fun game play. There aren’t any in app purchases and this really is a good deal for this game.
Get it on Google Play

Wrap up

If we missed any awesome Android apps news this week, please let us know in the comments!

Ultralingua Dictionaries – Indie app of the day

Posted by wicked September - 26 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

Ultralingua Dictionaries review

What is Ultralingua Dictionaries?

Ultralingua Dictionaries is essentially the dictionary app to have. It features over 35 languages and includes a lot of extra features. It’s likely that most people who would need something this intense are professionals and students but pretty much anyone who wants a ridiculous dictionary can find a use for this.

The app works like you’d expect any dictionary app to work. You can look up words in multiple languages and it will tell you the definition. Ultralingua Dictionaries also includes things like regional variations of words, idioms, and language pairings. It’s pretty much your go-to for words no matter what language your speaking and it also saves space because you don’t need to get individual dictionary apps in multiple languages.

The interface is minimal and simplistic. It focuses more on displaying information than looking good and there’s nothing wrong with that. That said the interface is a little outdated and we would’ve liked to have seen a little more Holo-style or even Material Design-style than is present. You get the English dictionary and English thesaurus for free but every other dictionary requires you to buy them via in app purchases.

Ultralingua Dictionaries review

More words than you can shake a stick at.

  • Very powerful dictionary app with multiple language support and complex pairing support.
  • Idioms, regional variations, etc are nice touches.
  • Perfect for academics and professionals.
  • It works well even if you misspell a word or mess up a conjugation.
  • The English dictionary and thesaurus is free.
  • The interface is simple to use.
  • While the interface is simple to use, it could still use a little more polish.
  • All extra dictionaries cost money ranging from a couple of bucks to over $10USD.
  • Language support is impressive but incomplete. There are plenty of oft spoken languages that are absent such as Arabic.


Overall, this is a powerful dictionary app. One of the most powerful that we’ve ever seen on Android. There could be a few more languages supported and we assume that those will be added over time. Due to the prices, this is more likely something for academics, students, and professionals rather than your casual user. If you still want to check it out, click the button!

google play

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Source: Ultralingua Dictionaries (Google Play Store;

Construction Crew – play this fun & challenging game

Posted by wicked September - 24 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off
Construction Crew - Gameplay 1

Construction Crew is an awesome game of operating construction equipment and completing various challenging tasks. It emulates other popular construction games you may be familiar with. It’s a great game for kids and adults alike. Read the review and download it for your phone and tablet now! Price: Free Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Content Rating:… View Article

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Meet the Devs – Aaron Turner

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aaron turner developer interview
Welcome back to our Meet the Devs segment! In this piece we take a little time to get to know the people who really make Android what it is today and that is the app developers. In this week’s developer interview, we are talking to Aaron Turner.

Name: Aaron Turner

Developer Name: Aaron Turner

Country: United States

Website: Aaron Turner Apps Tumblr

Google + Profile/Page: Aaron Turner’s Google+

How many people on your team? 1

developer interview aaron turner


Stats Monitor Widget Free
Feather – Music / Video Free
TxtNote Free – Note Taking App

Tell us about your company

I am Aaron Turner, an independent developer from California. I am currently attending California State University, Long Beach. And I strive to make reliable, lightweight, and fast apps for Android.

developer interview Feather

What level of experience do you have with coding and development?

I’ve been coding since I was about 13. But I never really took it too seriously until I graduated high school. I always did lessons online, and wrote small programs here and there, but nothing that took more than an hour to do. But, I am currently a second-year, though I have enough units to be a third, and after I started taking Java courses, I became highly engaged in Android development, and now I probably spend at least 20 hours a week coding for Android.

What languages do you know? How and where did you learn them?

I know Java, C++, and a little bit of Javascript. I learned java from my courses in college, and it would be wrong for me to not give credit to stack overflow as I am always learning stuff from there. I learned C++ from some Reddit guides online, and a course I took in college. Though I must admit I’ve not created a full project in C, as I’m usually programming for Java. And I learned my small amount of JavaScript from Code Academy.

What level of experience do you have with design?

I actually have little experience with design, besides the little doodles I would draw in class. I never really had to design anything until I started developing for Android. But, I have always been fascinated with pixel art, so that its why all of my app icons are 8-bit themed. And I am currently working on a retro-style game with a lot of pixel art in it. So hopefully, by the time it is finished I’ll be able to consider myself an amateur designer.

developer interviews aaron turner

What apps have you made?

I’ve created three apps.

Stats Monitor widget is a text based system monitor widget that displays: time, date, uptime, battery percentage, battery temperature, CPU percentage (with multi core CPU support), used internal storage, used external storage, used RAM, network name, upload speed, download speed. Where all of this is customizable, you can choose which features you want or don’t want, text color, background color, and widget orientation.

Feather – Music / Video Free is a very fast and lightweight media player that uses native android media support to easily find, manage, and play music and video through a minimal and file based UI. It is transparent themed, and uses your own system wallpaper as its background. And it is very fast and stable due to it’s very small apk size, small footprint, and ability to run without any extra codecs or downloads.

Txtnote is a very simple and lightweight note taking application for android, that stores all of your notes on the external SD card as .txt files for ubiquitous and easy access.

How do you monetize your apps?

I monetize my apps by reaching out to my users on my reviews. I try to make them happy so the app becomes better and they are more likely to tell their buddies about it. I often, post my apps on forums, so it can easily get people who are engaged in android to see and provide feedback for my apps. And I reach out to great blogs like this one to hopefully get a recommendation or review from them. I also tried using an ad campaign, but it was very unsuccessful, and ended up being a waste of money for me.

Do you consider yourself successful?

Yes. Growing up as a underprivileged African American kid from California, I fell in love with computers and video games at the age of 6. And since then, I had always dreamed of working with computers or making my own video games. And the fact that I can finally reach my dream of creating something for technology, even though I am not making millions of dollars off of my apps, this will always be a success to me. No matter how bad it does with sales.

How difficult is it to make money as a developer?

Extremely. I thought that since not many people know programming and didn’t have the patience for it, the app market was a very successful thing for anyone to get into. But, that is not the case at all. I don’t know if it is portrayed that way, because that is what I got out of it, but being a developer is hard work. I definitely could not live off of my earnings, so I’m very grateful I can fall back on my college aid to live off of.

What can Android do to improve?

I honestly think Google is taking android in a wonderful direction, and the improvements that it needs are being implemented. However, one of the things I do think needs more support is older devices. As coding for older versions really restricts you as a developer. As I have a lot of buddies who have older devices, and I don’t want to leave them in the dust whenever I create something new. So I’ve been struggling to make current-gen apps on an old-gen platform. And, I wish android would push for older devices to get support for newer versions. I thought this would happen for Kit-Kat since they were saying it’s much more lightweight, and would work well on older devices, but yet It never got pushed to them. Though this may be a problem with the manufacturer and not android itself.

Also, can we get a faster emulator in the dev tools? Please Google?

developer interview aaron turner

Why did you choose Android? Do you develop for other platforms? What are the differences between them?

I chose Android as I see a lot of people with android in my community since it is more const friendly if you need it to be, but also elegant and powerful if you have the money. And it is much more open and powerful than iPhones, and other I-devices. And I chose mobile in general, since mobile goes with you everywhere, A game or app on a computer stays at home, but an app for your mobile device is with you 24-7. As for other platforms, I am currently developing for the Samsung Gear for their app challenge. And it’s quite different since they use HTML and Javascript, so creating a layout is quite different. However, their tools are much easier to use and more convenient than Android.

What are your thoughts on iOS and Windows 8?

I like iOS in the fact that it stays smooth, and keeps things looking beautiful. But I do feel they are a lot of restrictions on the user, and you can’t do anything too unique with it. And I feel like windows 8 is definitely going in the right direction, I love the Metro-UI look, however, they definitely need some more app support to gain a much better market for developers to enter.

What do you think of the Android design guidelines?

I think the Android design guidelines are going in a great direction. Things are becoming more animated, and minimal. And people are becoming open to transparency and I love it. It is all looking very beautiful.

What are your favorite apps?

My favorite apps are:

  • Airdroid – It helps so much with device management, and it works right from your browser!
  • True Skate – I am a skateboarder, and I play this game every day, it’s loads of fun
  • Zeam – A very lightweight launcher, keeps my phone fast and simple.
  • Wallpaper Wizardrii – This app is amazing, It allows you to crop wallpapers the way you want to, not the way your forced to
  • Greenify – Dynamically sleeps your apps, so you can save tons of battery
  • Super Bit Dash – I played this game for about a month straight, very awesome and retro
  • Firefox – They’re mobile browser is the best one I’ve used so far, it’s very fast.

What has been your experience been like working with Google?

Working with Google is great. They pay on time, and its easy to get things done. They have a lot of resources and guides for developers, and they genuinely try to help you make the best and most successful app you can. However, I’ve had a bit of trouble with their ad network (AdMob) so I switched from them. But other than that it has been good.

aaron turner developer interview

What does the future of development look like?

Things are gonna get a lot more minimal, and I feel like material design is really going to catch on. Also, things are all going web based, so I’d say get ready for that!

What tips do you have for aspiring developers?

If you always wanted to be a developer, stop wishing and start doing. Once you finish your first app, it is going to be the greatest feeling you’ve felt. And don’t give up, determination will allow you to achieve great things.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I hope to see more developers that are minorities, it’s fun guys I promise! And, thanks for letting me be a part of this interview!

We want to thank Aaron for chatting with us in this week’s developer interview! If you’re a developer and this looks like something you’d like to do, check out our Meet the Devs form! We look forward to hearing from you.

Flynx Browser (beta) – Indie app of the day

Posted by wicked September - 23 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Flynx Browser review

What is Flynx Browser?

Flynx Browser is a floating web browser. That means that pops up in its own window and you can access it without leaving the application that you’re currently in. We’ve no doubt that this app is being built in competition to the very popular Link Bubble app but it’s still currently in beta.

Here is how Flynx Browser works. When you click on a link in an application the app will open a little bubble. If you click on the bubble it’ll open a window with the web page you originally clicked on. You can click the bubble right away or you can leave it sitting there for a moment while it loads and you can keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing. You can open multiple links and each one appears as a tab when you open the bubble. That makes it great for people who like to click on things when browsing social media.

There are a few other features. Flynx Browser has an option called Reading Mode that loads only the text of a website which is helpful for those with slower data connections. Things like sharing and navigation are pretty simple so anyone could get into it and not have problems figuring out how it works. It also supports four other languages including Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), German, and Spanish. The developers have stated that more is coming soon.

Flynx Browser review

Close but not quite there yet.

  • A good idea (if a bit derivative) that will help people enjoy browsing more.
  • Using the app is simple and effective. People who browse social media often will love this.
  • Currently free with no in app purchases (for now).
  • Small things like Reading Mode help increase the enjoyment.
  • Let web pages load in the background while you do other stuff.
  • It’s in beta which means it’s unfinished and has bugs.
  • It’s a little light on the customization features.
  • Almost no customization options. What you see is what you get.


Flynx Browser is a fun little project. It’s definitely useful and one day it will likely compete with the likes of Link Bubble and other floating window browsers. Those who don’t mind playing with beta projects can enjoy the app for free with no in app purchases. If you like this concept but want something more stable, we recommend trying Link Bubble. If this looks like its up your alley then check it out!

google play

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Source: Flynx Browser (Google Play Store);

ePad 7 Android 4.0 ICS
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