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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

Posted by wicked July - 25 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

turtle tumble Android apps weeklySponsor: Turtle Tumble

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Turtle Tumble is a fun little puzzle game that is a variant of mini golf. You must complete levels and help Ollie find his family! It’s a simple game with Google Play Services, easy mechanics, and tons of content that is totally free to unlock if you have the patience. It’s playable by all ages but especially great for kids thanks to its colorful graphics and adorable animal characters. Check it out and show your support for Android Apps Weekly!
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Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly everyone! Here are your headlines for this week!

  • Hulu is a great service that has always been given lackluster reviews because it makes you pay and makes you watch advertising. In a recent report, it appears as though Hulu is entertaining the idea of adding a new pricing tier that would remove all ads. We hope that is something that actually happens.
  • App Annie released their stats for how well the Play Store and Apple App Store did during the second quarter of 2015. Most of the stats are pretty much the same as they’ve always been but a few surprises remained, including video streaming making a larger impact on revenue.
  • A new Humble Bundle is out now with eight awesome games including a few METAL SLUG games. You can donate the minimum and get five games or beat the average, which is just under $5 and get all eight plus whatever games get added. It’s a great way to get some games and give to charity.
  • Google Play is tossing a huge sale that involves some real big time games at a really cheap price. They include The Room 2, FOTONICA, Republique, Hitman GO, Monument Valley, and XCOM: Enemy Within for far more than 50% off. These are amazing games and you should definitely check them out.
  • Late last week the long awaited Cortana for Android was leaked and we managed to get our hands on it. It is in a very early beta so it doesn’t perform all that well yet but we imagine it’ll get better by the time it is released. We got our hands on it and you can see that article/video here.

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forsaken world Android apps weeklyForsaken World

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Forsaken World is a new MMORPG with some really decent graphics and some fun mechanics. At its core there isn’t much that others don’t offer but it does have some semi-unique things like mounts. The graphics really are quite good and as a result the game is quite large. Other than that, it works pretty well aside from some release day bugs so do keep those in mind if you decide to try it out.
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kodi Android apps weeklyKodi

[Price: Free]
Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, has finally hit the Google Play Store for the masses after years and years of waiting. This is version 15 which brings 4K support along with all those other features we love about Kodi. For those who don’t know, this is a very powerful media player application that manages practically any media file in your library and also comes with a ton of third-party plugins for additional content. It’s worth a shot, especially for those of you with devices that hook up to your TV.
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slugterra Android apps weeklySlugterra: Dark Waters

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Slugterra: Dark Waters is an action adventure shooter where you must avoid obstacles, kill bad guys, and solve puzzles to make it through various levels. The game comes with 13 levels currently and there are even duel arenas to play in. It is a tap to play game which is isn’t preferable for adventure games but you do have to move quickly at times. It’s a fun little time waster that is free to download.
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dragon ball z Android apps weeklyDragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a new title out of Bandai Namco and as the title suggests, there is a ton of Dragon Ball Z stuff here. It’s a hybrid game that’s part board game and part fighting game with a little bit of puzzle game thrown in for good measure. It is heavily based around a story not unlike the TV show so there will be a lot of dialogue. It’s free to play and it’s pretty decent, especially for Dragon Ball Z fans.
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microsoft hyperlapse android apps weeklyMicrosoft Hyperlapse

[Price: Free]
Microsoft Hyperlapse is a camera application that got a lot of press not long ago when it was released in beta. Essentially this application takes a ton of pictures and puts them together in a time lapse video. This is one of the more unique ways to create memories on Android and it’s just a lot of fun to use. It exited beta this last week and it’s now available for everyone and you can find that link below. It’s definitely worth a shot.
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Wrap up

If we missed any great releases, updates, or Android apps and games news, tell us about it in the comments!

Adobe Lightroom updated to version 1.2, includes fixes and new features

Posted by wicked July - 20 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Adobe Lightroom
Earlier this year, Adobe promised that we’d see more Creative Cloud content for Android and so far they’ve held true to their word. Among the first Creative Cloud apps to land on Android was Adobe Lightroom and today it’s getting a fairly decent update. This is a few months after the last update that added better RAW support and support for micro SD cards.

This update is a bit more substantial and includes a few new features and tweaks. They include:

  • Edit images faster by copying image adjustments and pasting them onto another photo
  • Crop the perfect photo with a re-designed experience on your Android device that enables you to quickly adjust, align and auto-straighten.
  • Easily find your favorite images! The new Segmented view in Collections give you a different way to view and engage with your photos.
  • Raw file support for the Panasonic Lumix CM1 Communication Camera

Perhaps the most interesting and useful new feature is the ability to copy image adjustments and pasting them onto other photos. One of the better uses for Lightroom is mass photo adjustment and this helps put the app more in-line with its desktop counterpart. The Segmented view in Collections should also be a welcome addition.

adobe lightroom mobile best Android apps for artists
In addition to the new features and tweaks, there were a number of bug fixes and performance improvements as well. According to the official Adobe Blog, these include:

  • Screen occasionally went blank after changing the orientation from landscape to portrait.
  • Lightroom could crash when customers tap the sign-in button.
  • Fixed issue that could cause crashes when scrolling through a large collection and changing the device orientation from portrait to landscape (or vice versa).
  • Hardware back button was not closing any contextual menus.
  • Slow performance when swiping from image to image.
  • Copying or moving an image into a different collection was not working correctly. Please note that this issue only occurred on certain Samsung tablets.
  • Lightroom sometimes caused automated logouts.
  • Edits not visible when sharing photos to certain 3rd party apps and services.
  • Crash occurred when occasionally navigating from grid view to collections view.

When you put it all together, this is a fairly substantial update for Adobe Lightroom and should correct a lot of issues that many people have been having. If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, click the button below to pick up the app!

Download Adobe Lightroom from Google Play

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Android Apps Weekly

Posted by wicked July - 17 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! Let’s jump right into those headlines:

  • It’s been found that Google Photos will keep uploading your photos to Google even if you uninstall the app. This is because it’s integrated with the Google Settings app that’s on every Android phone. So if you want to disable it forever, you’ll have to do so using the Google Settings app which is a little weird.
  • According to reports, Facebook is working on a virtual assistant called Moneypenny ostensibly named after the James Bond character. Unlike most, Moneypenny is a virtual assistant to help you shop for things and it’ll be integrated into Facebook Messenger. Of course, we’ll provide more information as we get it.
  • Late last week, developer Beamdog announced that they’ll be releasing a standalone expansion to Baldur’s Gate called Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. The game, which is coming later this year, will tell the tale of what happened between Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2.
  • Twitter and its third party developers have been at odds for a long time thanks to Twitter’s ridiculous token limit that prevents Twitter apps from becoming super popular. In a recent announcement, Twitter has conceded that they need to make some changes and we hope that leads to more third party Twitter apps.
  • After an absence due to some pranking, the Google Map Maker is re-opening its doors sometime in August. The improved version will have a stricter approval process and more moderation to prevent things like that prank where someone added an Android urinating on an Apple logo.

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mountain goat mountain Android Apps WeeklyMountain Goat Mountain

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Mountain Goat Mountain is a new game out of Zynga. It features some colorful and enjoyable graphics along with arcade-style game play. The premise is that you must climb mountains while avoiding obstacles. The mechanics are simple tapping and swiping so anyone can get into it. It is a Freemium title which means there are in-app purchases but overall, it’s a fun little time waster and something a little bit different out of Zynga.
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mountain goat mountain Android Apps Weekly

wifimapper Android Apps WeeklyWiFiMapper

[Price: Free]
WifiMapper is a new application that helps you find WiFi hotspots. The idea is that you open the app and it shows you a map where you can get access to free WiFi. According to the developers, the app shows over 650 million hotspots that you can access. The information is crowd sourced so you can add more if you find them and it also comes with Foursquare integration. You can also see a history of the hotspots you’ve connected to and how well they worked. It’s a solid app with some decent features and it’s free.
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red bull alert Android Apps WeeklyRed Bull Alert

[Price: Free]
Red Bull Alert is a new alarm clock application that aims to get you up and out of bed before hitting the snooze alarm. It does this by integrating a social aspect where you can compete with your friends to see who wakes up the fastest. The app will also track your progress (or lack thereof) so you can see if the app actually does help you wake up faster. It’s a fun premise and it’s free to use.
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Here maps beta android appsHERE Maps Public Beta

[Price: Free]
HERE Maps is already a popular offline navigation option but this last week, Nokia released a public beta. It’s a bit convoluted to get as you have to join the beta group, become a beta tester, and then finally download the app. The public beta will have new features, a new UI design, and will be the place where Nokia tests all their new ideas. Do beware because that means there are bugs too. Click the button below for instructions on how to get it!
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traitor valkyrie plan Android Apps WeeklyTraitor – Valkyrie Plan

[Price: Free demo / $1.53]
Last up this week is a new first person shooter called Traitor – Valkyrie Plan. This is an FPS game based on a true story from World War 2 and features decent graphics, plenty of shooting, and you’ll also need a bit of stealth. The mechanics are fairly simple and manages to miss a lot of the pitfalls of other shooters by sticking to a simpler mechanic. Of course, this means that it isn’t as exciting as some shooters. In either case, it’s cheap and fun.
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Wrap up

If we missed any great Android apps and games news, tell us about it in the comments! See you all next week on the Android Apps Weekly show!

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

Posted by wicked July - 10 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

tap n flap android apps weeklySponsored by: Tap n Flap

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
This week’s episode of Android Apps Weekly is brought to you by Tap n Flap. Yes, I know this is a Flappy Bird clone but this one is actually pretty decent. It comes with Google Play Games achievements and leaderboards and if you pay the reasonable $1.49 for the in-app purchase, you’ll have five levels to choose from, each with their own bird skin. Once you unlock all achievements, you can change birds and even obstacles to whatever you want. It’s a time waster, but a decent one and it’s kid friendly. Check it out and show your support for Android Apps Weekly!
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Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! Here are your headlines for this week:

  • MasterCard is working on a new app that will let you take selfies for payments by verifying the identify the user before processing a payment. This would be among the precious few instances where selfies were actually useful.
  • In an interesting twist, Shadowgun: Deadzone by Madfinger Games now has mods! The modding will allow people to change characters, weapons, levels, and even some of the game mechanics. All you have to do is download the Deadzone GM kit.
  • Sony and Twitch have teamed up together to allow broadcasting game play from Sony Xperia devices. Right now, it’s limited to only the most recent Xperia lineup including Z3+ and Z4 but this gives mobile gamers more ways to stream on Twitch.
  • Microsoft has rebranded their entertainment apps to lose the Xbox moniker. From now on, Xbox Music will be Groove while Xbox Video will be Movies & TV. This is likely in anticipation for the Windows 10 launch next month.
  • Telltale Games has released the first trailer for the highly anticipated Minecraft: Story Mode game. It definitely looks like a Minecraft game except this will have a story line. In classic Tellate Games fashion, this will be an episodic adventure. It should be pretty good.

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Fleksy Android appsFleksy

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
The popular keyboard Fleksy made a huge announcement this last week. They have lowered the price of the app to free and it will now be supported with in-app purchases. Fleksy has a huge year in 2014 and it’s considered one of the best and most popular keyboards around. We anticipate it being free to use will help continue all of that. Along with going free, it will also soon be receiving an update that brings some new features.
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fleksy android apps

action launcher best android appsAction Launcher

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Action Launcher got a fairly significant update this last week. A new feature called Quickbar was added that allows users to customize the search bar at the top. This allows fast access to applications along with a little more functionality. The update also included some minor tweaks and changes along with the boilerplate bug fixes and performance improvements. It’s a good launcher if you’re in the market for one.
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star wars android apps weeklyStar Wars

[Price: Free]
Disney has released an official Star Wars app that is meant to be your one-stop shop for all things Star Wars. The app includes notifications for big announcements and releases, content from the Star Wars blog, and even find Star Wars gifs. The app can also be themed based on your preference of the Force. The app is experiencing some release day issues that Disney is working through, but it’s a good download for fans.
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android apps weeklyRamboat

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Ramboat is a surprisingly intense game that is kind of a parody of the Rambo series. This is a 2D, side scrolling shooter where you must race up and down rivers and mow down bad guys. The graphics aren’t amazing but they’re definitely not bad. It even includes a poker game mechanic. It’s definitely a time-waster type of game but let’s face it, there’s gambling and guns, what else do you need?
Get it on Google Play

android apps weeklyTossup

[Price: Free]
Tossup is a new application out of Microsoft Garage and it’s a fun little app. What it does is help you plan events and gather opinions about things. Using the app, you can ask people if they plan on attending an event and get answers back quickly. You can also use it to find things like restaurants or even individual opinions about something. It’s a bit simple and there are some release day bugs, but it’s worth a shot.
Get it on Google Play

Wrap up

If we missed any great Android apps or games news, let us know about it in the comments!

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

Posted by wicked July - 3 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

rocket vpn android apps weeklySponsored by: Rocket VPN

[Price: Free / $2.99 per month / $29.99 per year]
This week’s Android Apps Weekly is sponsored by Rocket VPN. This VPN service is simple enough for anyone to understand but powerful enough for most VPN uses. It’s also been recently updated to include Material Design! You can choose from servers all around the world to securely connect to the Internet and protect yourself from the unknown. You can get a 7 day free trial and you’ll be given access to 500MB free each month or you can pay to get more!
Get it on Google Play

Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! Here are your headlines for this week:

  • First up this week, it’s been announced that Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, will be killing off support for another one of their games called Scrolls. Reports are that you can still play the game through June 2016, but that’s one less game in the Mojang library.
  • CyanogenMod has been teasing a new browser called Gello. This is based on Chromium like many others but this one includes some fun customization features like site-by-site privacy settings. There is no ETA for release yet but this looks like it could be pretty good.
  • Recently, an application was taken down and the developer was sued by the FTC. The reason was because the app was designed to mine Dogecoins when not in use. This not only makes devices slow with terrible battery life, but it’s also illegal in the United States. They settled for just shy of $50,000.
  • Google Photos saw some controversy this week after the app mistakenly tagged black people as gorillas. As you can imagine, this is not good news and people are understandably upset. The developers have issues apologies and have removed gorillas from the database until a permanent fix can be worked out.
  • Select theaters will be having way more fun with the upcoming terminator release than others. It’s been announced that some theaters will let people play a Terminator Genisys game on the theater screen before the movie shows. This is really cool and it should happen more often.

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PushBullet most useful apps for androidPushbullet

[Price: Free]
Normally we don’t include app updates here but Pushbullet has one so big that we want to talk about it. A recent update has not only cleaned up the user interface a whole bunch, but it’s also added full messaging support. Other improvements include better pushing between devices and your regular bug fixes and performance improvements. If you want a one-stop shop for connecting your computer to your Android device, Pushbullet seems to be the way to go.
Get it on Google Play

Yahoo Aviate Android appsYahoo Aviate Launcher

[Price: Free]
Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher is another app that got a huge update this last week that’s worth talking about. The app now includes a new feature called Smart Stream. This is kind of like a competitor to Google Now. It keeps an eye on the stuff you do on your device and then tries to compile a feed of stuff that you might be interested in. This also includes weather data, directions, and it’ll even pull your music app to the front if you plug speakers in.
Get it on Google Play
yahoo aviate launcher android apps weekly

geometry wars 3 icon android apps weeklyGeometry Wars 3

[Price: $4.99]
Geometry Wars 3 was released to the Google Play Store this last week to positive reviews. The game features a glorious display of colors and fast paced game play. It includes over 50 levels including classic arcade levels, 10 battle modes, and multiple control set ups. It’s $4.99 but there are no in-app purchases and the game currently has over 500 positive reviews versus 16 negative reviews. This one’s a no brainer for those looking for a time killer.
Get it on Google Play

vainglory icon android apps weeklyVainglory

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Vainglory is a hotly anticipated MOBA that released on Android just yesterday. It features a League of Legends-style pay scheme where you can play as much as you want for free but some of the more specialized items and characters may cost a couple of bucks. It features long game matches, customizable hero builds, and all of the awesome stuff that you’d expect in a MOBA. Do be warned, this game packs a serious punch so low end devices may not handle it well.
Get it on Google Play

half life 2 episode 2 android apps weeklyHalf-Life 2: Episode 2

[Price: $7.99]
Half-Life 2: Episode 2 was released on Android but there is some bad news. It’s only available for the Nvidia Shield Tablet and Nvidia Shield’s Android TV device. If you’ve never played the Half-Life series before, you’ll probably need to at least play Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 1 to know what’s going on. This, however, is a console level game with great graphics, a good story, and plenty of things for you to shoot. It’s $7.99 with no in-app purchases.
Get it on Google Play

Wrap up

If we missed any great Android apps and games news this week, let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading and watching. See you next week.

14 best new Android apps from June of 2015

Posted by wicked June - 29 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Despite being the beginning of summer, the Android apps and games world was surprisingly active. We had Google I/O 2015 at the beginning of the month and E3 in the middle. The result has been noticeable as we’ve seen quite a few great new things come out this month. Let’s look at the best new Android apps and games from June of 2015.

adobe new Android Apps WeeklyAdobe Photoshop Mix, Color CC, Brush CC, Shape CC

[Price: Free]
Adobe released not one, but four new applications in the month of June. The first is the new Photoshop Mix app that acts as a photo and image editor. It’s not overly powerful but it does a good job. With that was Color CC which helps you discern the colors used in a photo or image, Brush CC that allows you to create and save various brush types, and Shape CC which turns images into vector graphics. They all plug into the Adobe Creative Cloud and they’re all free to download.
Get it on Google Play
best new android apps adobe color cc

chaos rings iii new Android Apps WeeklyChaos Rings III

[Price: $19.99]
Chaos Rings III is the first of a few large Square Enix releases that we’ll talk about today. Chaos Rings III is an RPG that has you exploring a ruined world to complete missions and find hidden treasures. It features gorgeous, Kingdom Hearts-style graphics, decent music, and a long story line. You can also engage with Battle Mode if you want to take a break from the story. It’s expensive but there’s a lot to do and there are no in app purchases.
Get it on Google Play

cloudplayer by doubletwist new Android Apps WeeklyCloudPlayer by doubleTwist

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
CloudPlayer by doubleTwist is a unique music player because it allows you to play songs from your cloud storage. This is similar to how Google Play Music does things, except CloudPlayer allows you to use OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox to listen to music. The interface is pretty good and other features include a 10-band EQ, AirPlay and Chromecast support, and support for lossless codecs. It’s free to try if you’re interested.
Get it on Google Play
cloudplayer by doubletwist android apps weekly

dragon quest vi new Android Apps WeeklyDragon Quest VI

[Price: $14.99]
Dragon Quest VI is a jRPG out of Square Enix and it joins Dragon Quest IV and V as the trilogy that tells the Zenithian storyline. It features first-person, turn based battles, portrait mode game play, retro graphics, and some side quests and mini-games to give you a break from the main story. In classic Square Enix fashion, the game clocks in with a fairly lofty price tag but there is a long story with dozens of hours of game play and there are no in-app purchases.
Get it on Google Play
Dragon Quest VI Realms of Revelation new Android Apps Weekly

final fantasy tactics new Android apps weeklyFinal Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

[Price: $13.99]
Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions was a particularly awesome release because the strategy RPG world had been begging for a Tactics game for such a long time. This is a remake of the original PlayStation game with revamped graphics and the menu system has been revamped for touch screen controls. The game play has also been tweaked for touch screens which was surprisingly nice. It’s expensive like all Square Enix titles but it’s a long game and, again, no in-app purchases.
Get it on Google Play
final fantasy tactics new Android apps weekly

the gameon project new Android Apps WeeklyThe GameOn Project

[Price: Free]
The GameOn Project is an application that helps you find games. The way it works is you install the app, open it, take a survey, and then you’re recommended games based on how you answered the questions. Listing all the games you know may be tedious and some of the questions are a bit weird, but the results are fairly decent. It’s also totally free with no in-app purchases so it’s worth a shot if you’re looking for games.
Get it on Google Play

google photos best free new Android Apps WeeklyGoogle Photos

[Price: Free]
It feels like a good long time since Google Photos came out but it was a June release. For those who don’t know, Google Photos is a cloud-based photo storage app where you can store an infinite amount of your photos and videos for free as long as you don’t mind Google processing them down a little bit. It also works as a gallery app so you can see your entire collection. It’s simply a must have application.
Get it on Google Play

Facebook Moments new Android Apps WeeklyMoments

[Price: Free]
Moments is a new application released by Facebook that essentially does the same thing as Google Photos. With this service, you can backup your photos and share them on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram as you so choose. Photos can be tagged, searched, and otherwise organized. You can also save photos other people share with you directly to the service. It’s not as powerful as Google Photos, but it’s worth a shot if you’re big into Facebook.
Get it on Google Play

portal by pushbullet new Android Apps WeeklyPortal by Pushbullet

[Price: Free]
Portal by Pushbullet is a new application that helps you move files from your PC to your Android device and vice versa. The interface is done in the flavor of Material Design and it’s extremely easy to set up and use. You can move a file, multiple files, or even whole folders at your whim and you can use the app to browse and open files you’ve transferred. The only caveat is you need Android Lollipop or better to use it.
Get it on Google Play

shoot by bittorent new Android Apps WeeklyShoot by BitTorrent

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Shoot by BitTorrent is a phone-to-phone transfer app that allows you to transfer whatever you need between two Android devices. It works by generating a QR code that the other device scans. Once the connection is made, the file is downloaded. This provides a dead simple solution to those who want to share files whether they’re large or small. The free version is a trial but you can pay for the pro version as an in-app purchase and unlock the app permanently.
Get it on Google Play

seigefall new Android Apps WeeklySeigefall

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Seigefall is a new freemium-strategy game from Gameloft. In terms of game play, it falls somewhere between Boom Beach and Clash of Clash by Supercell but with way better graphics, more control, and more to do. It features a very long campaign mode and plenty of things to upgrade. It is a freemium title so keep that in mind but as far as freemium games go, this is probably among the best that will be released this year.
Get it on Google Play

Wrap up

If we missed any great new Android apps and games that you thought should be on this list, let us know about them in the comments below! To stay up to date on the latest Android apps and games news, check out our newsletter using the button below!

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Today, to-do list app Todoist has announced a huge update to its Android app. It’s a much larger update than you would usually expect from an app that’s getting updated to Material Design. In fact, Todoist has overhauled the entire application with the goal of making everything simpler and more colorful. That means on top of a new design, there are also some new features.

Along with adding new features, Todoist has also worked to make existing features work faster. The result is an application that feels almost entirely different from its predecessor. Here is a list of the new features:

  • Quick add with natural data parsing – What this essentially means is the application will now read what you type and just know what information it needs to add. For instance, you can add labels, due dates, etc directly into the task field and the new Todoist app will automatically add the due date, labels, etc to the areas it needs to be added.
  • Start and end dates – This was an existing feature in the Todoist app already but the feature has been revamped so you can be far more specific with things like recurring tasks. These operations are also easier to add to any task.
  • Create sub-tasks while quickly adding tasks – One of the more complex features of Todoist is the ability to create sub-tasks inside of tasks. In the revamped version of Todoist, this is also easier as you can just swipe left or right on the drag handle and it coverts the new task into a sub-task.
  • Add collaborators while adding projects – Todoist admitted that this was one of the more cumbersome features in prior versions of the app. The entire process has been simplified to a single step where you can add collaborators as you create projects.
  • Complete design overhaul – The app received a lot of color in the update and it shows on every screen in the app. It should also be pointed out that all buttons now have labels and are laid out in a consistent fashion making them easier to find.
  • Themes – Todoist has not only given the app a burst of color with Material Design, but you can also change the color. For now, Todoist has 10 themes available including red, tangerine, sunflower, clover, blueberry, sky, amethyst, noir, graphite, and neutral.
  • Swipe gestures – There have also been some swipe gestures added to the app. Swiping right will mark the task as complete and swiping left will allow you to schedule a task. The swipe gestures are also color coordinated. Swiping to the right for complete will show green while swiping to the left to schedule will be dark yellow.
  • Enhanced full-add screen – In Todoist, you can add quick tasks or you can add tasks using the full-add screen. The full-add screen has been overhauled to make it easier for you to input data about that task such as due date, labels, notes, etc.

Todoist is one of the better to-do list applications on Android already and the slew of new features and designs only helps to solidify that position. As a whole, the app will work mostly as it did before and existing users won’t have to change how they do things. The update seems to simply make doing those things a bit faster.

The update is scheduled to go live today but we imagine the roll-out will take a bit of time. If you already have Todoist, just wait for the update to come to you. If you like what you see and want to give Todoist a try, you can download it using the button below. If you want to learn more, check out the press release, also below.

Show Press Release
June 23rd, 2015– Nearly one year after Google announced its comprehensive Material design language, Todoist is releasing their entirely new Android app, now fully in line with Google’s Material design tenets and specifications. This update is not merely a visual makeover, but rather a substantial top-to-bottom overhaul that not only brings Todoist to the forefront of innovative design and app development, but propels the task manager to new heights in terms of Android usability and experience.

Todoist’s Material design update has been highly anticipated by its millions of Android users. Considering the depth of Todoist’s Android renovation, the programming and design of the app have taken the better part of a year. “We’ve made radical changes to nearly all the screens inside the app– their design is both stunning and bold. We’ve also rewritten most of the app’s UI to bring it up-to-speed with the latest technology, to be faster and buttery smooth”, says Gonçalo Silva, Todoist’s Head of Android. It has been an extensive process that will undoubtedly prove to be worth the wait.

Today, Todoist’s Android community will truly be able to get more done, in less time, with less effort, on a much more visually inspiring platform. Regardless if you are a power user who delves into Todoist’s every robust feature, or if you simply enjoy using Todoist as a basic checklist, you will see vast improvements that will help you achieve your most important personal and professional goals.

To begin, you will now be able to personalize your Todoist experience with 10 new colorful themes that will brighten the previously grey backdrop of the app. Love the outdoors? Try the Sky-blue theme. Or enjoy an uplifting boost of color with the Tangerine theme. Todoist for Android is no longer just a powerful, utilitarian software– today, for example, you can open the left menu and see your avatar and your Karmaprogress bathed in a theme that reflects your personality and ambitions.

Beyond the cosmetics of Todoist’s Material design update, users will now enjoy new features that give more power and seamlessness to their task and project management. Though ease-of-use was paramount when Todoist’s Android team took to redesigning the app, technical prowess was never sacrificed. This harmony between technology and usability has resulted in a simplified experience for the user and can be seen in the beautifully executed Material transformations and animations.

Some of the most useful and novel features being released today include:
•Quick add with natural date parsing: Type important task information like due dates, labels, and priorities directly into the task field on your Android device. The intelligent in-line adding will automatically recognize, highlight and properly categorize all the details for you. The new date parsing– one of the most advanced in the world– is available in 14 languages and supports over 300 rules per language. This means that you can input almost any combination of details whatsoever into Todoist, and the app will know exactly what to do with it.
•Start and end dates: Date input for Android has been completely revamped to include start and end dates that will allow you to add even your most complicated recurring due dates. For example, you can now create a task to“read three chapters every Sunday starting August 1st and ending November 15th”.
•Create sub-tasks while quickly adding tasks: Now, it’s possible to organize complex projects directly from your Android device. Just swipe left or right on the drag handle during the quick-add, and you will be able to instantly convert the new task into a sub-task. This makes it incredibly easy to manipulate the hierarchy of the sub-tasks and parent tasks within a project.
•Add collaborators while adding projects: Previously, this was a cumbersome, multi-step process– you had to add a project, select it, tap the sharing option and then add collaborators. With today’s update, you can immediately add new collaborators while creating a new project.
•A brand new navigation menu: This menu has been completely redesigned and beautifully optimized for Material’s visual language. In addition, Todoist’s Manage mode is now much more straightforward and intuitive– all buttons now have labels and are consistently located at the bottom of each sublist.
•Enhanced full-add task screen: Enjoy a gorgeous, full-screen UI that makes it much easier to visualize your task’s most important details like due date, priority, and labels. Task hierarchy is also more accessible on this screen– now, you have the option to select a parent task for any given sub-task that you want to create.
•Swipe to complete and schedule: With today’s update, a swift swipe to the left will let you schedule a task, while a swipe to the right will render a task complete. This action has also been redesigned according to Google’s Material gesture guidelines– the swipe background is now color coordinated to match your intention: green to complete, and dark yellow to schedule.
•Complete redesign: No stone has been left unturned in this update– every single screen and action in Todoist for Android has been totally redesigned under Google’s Material design specifics and tenants.
•Colorful themes: Personalize your to-do list with Todoist’s first ever color themes– there are 10 to choose from including Todoist red, tangerine, sunflower, clover, blueberry, sky, amethyst, noir, graphite or neutral.
For more details about Todoist for Android’s Material design update please visit
About TodoistOne of the first task-management softwares available on the market, Todoist– launched in 2007– is a powerful to-do list app for personal and group productivity that lets users manage tasks from their email inbox, web browser, desktop, or mobile/wearable device. Todoist is available in 20 languages and on 16 different platforms and is used by over 4.5 million people (many from Fortune 100 Companies like IBM, Oracle, and HP) who have completed more than 182 million tasks in over 30 million projects. Todoist, a champion of lean startup principles, is built by a chiefly virtual team that spans 16 different countries and five continents.

Omni Swipe (formerly Lazy Swipe) - conveniently access apps, contacts & more with one hand

Omni Swipe allows convenient access to your favorite apps, contacts, settings, and incoming notifications using just one hand. Just swipe from your screen’s bottom left or right corner on any screen to instantly open a customizable radial menu that keeps what’s important and most useful to you always within a thumb’s reach. Unlike other accessibility… View Article

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Jungle Ball – play tilt & draw adventure game

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Jungle Ball - Gameplay 1

Jungle Ball is a puzzle adventure game of dodging plenty of treacherous obstacles in the jungle. Play by tilting your device and drawing “bridge” lines to navigate the ball to freedom. Let’s play! Price: $1.99 Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Content Rating: Everyone Android Game Review: Pros & Cons: Pros Challenging caper to master mixing… View Article

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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

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galaxy universal remote Android Apps WeeklySponsored by: Galaxy Universal Remote

[Price: $3.99]
The Galaxy Universal Remote app is one of the better remote apps available on the Play Store. It uses a device’s built-in IR blaster to control your TV, set top box, media streamer, and even your camera if you have a supported DSLR. It features a smooth, easy-to-use interface with a bucket load of supported devices and you can get a device supported upon request. There is also Android Wear support so you can control all of these devices using your smartwatch as well! The only caveat is you’ll need a phone with an IR blaster.
Get it on Google Play
Galaxy Universal Remote Android Apps Weekly

In this week’s episode we’re going to round up all the Android gaming stuff that happened at E3. Hold on to your hats, there was quite a bit!

  • Zynga announced a new strategy game called Dawn of Titans and let me tell you, this game looks impressive! It features some really good graphics and some decent mechanics that should equal up to a fun time. We don’t have a release date yet and here’s hoping Zynga doesn’t wreck it with ridiculously bad in-app purchases.
  • Square Enix fans in particular have a lot to be excited about because the company not only announced a Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS4, but that Final Fantasy 7 was coming to mobile. The iOS version is due out sometime this year and Android will be along eventually.
  • While we’re on the topic of Square Enix, they also announced Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key for mobile. It takes place during the same stretch of story as the more recent Kingdom Hearts games and has a lot of the same mechanics even if the graphics don’t look as good as console versions.
  • Square Enix also included an announcement for Lara Croft Go, which will be an action adventure puzzle game along the same vein as Hitman Go but during the announcement, they also alluded to some Monument Valley style elements like a more calm experience. We don’t have a release date for this one either but it looks fun.
  • DotEmu has announced that they’ll be porting the classic 2006 PC game Titan Quest to Android later this year. For those who don’t know, Titan Quest is a fighting game where you play historically significant figures as you battle evil mythological creatures. It should be out sometime this year.
  • EA has announced that they’ll be releasing a build-harvest game called Minion’s Paradise. This will likely coincide with the release of the Minions movie that’s due out in theaters next month. If you’ve played Ice Age Village or Nemo’s Reef, you pretty much know what’s going on with this title.
  • Along with that, EA announced a card collecting RPG called Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. As with any card collecting game, you’ll be collecting cards of iconic characters, ships, etc from all of the movies and you’ll be using them to make your deck stronger. It’s slated to be released later this year.
  • Bethesda had quite a year at E3 for mobile devices as well. They announced that they’ll be bringing a simulation game called Fallout Shelter where you’ll get to control people’s lives, build various places like gyms and bars, and otherwise manage the lives of some people Fallout style. It’s out on iOS now with an Android version coming eventually.
  • Bethesda also announced a card collecting game called The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is also due out sometime this year. If you’ve played Hearthstone, then you pretty much know what this game is about. It’s a similar premise but it takes place in the Elder Scrolls universe instead of the Warcraft universe.
  • Telltale Games, makers of the popular Walking Dead series games have announced The Walking Dead: Michonne. This covers the story of Michonne from issue 126 through 139 of the comic book series which hasn’t been covered in any of the other games. This one is coming to mobile but also to console and PC so you can play it wherever.
  • Starbreeze Studios has announced that it will be bringing the Payday franchise to Android. For those who don’t know, Payday is a moderately popular first person shooter that was originally launched back in 2011 for PC and the Playstation 3. They’re working on developing a mobile friendly version of it and we have no idea when it’ll be out.
  • A new Torchlight game was also announced this week called Torchlight Mobile. This is an action RPG title similar to Diablo and the Torchlight franchise has done well on PC in the past. We don’t have a release date but it is coming sometime this year.
  • Gameloft had a busy E3 as they announced a few games, but most notably Siegefall. Seigefall is, for lack of a better term, a Clash of Clans clone. It has some decent graphics, heroes, and a much longer campaign mode. It uses gems to upgrade stuff faster using in-app purchases if you want to.
  • Back to EA for a moment. They showed off their upcoming FIFA 2016 title which we anticipate will be as popular as the 2015 and 2014 variants. It has some decent graphics and controls. It will most likely be free with in-app purchases similar to their earlier titles. Be prepared for that this summer.

For more information, you can find links to all of these stories in our E3 master list where we round up all the videos and news from E3 this last week! Since I do make this on Thursday, there’s likely some smaller announcements that I didn’t get to in the video so it’s worth checking out.

Android Apps Weekly
Now let’s get to some regular headlines from the last week:

  • LastPass had a security breach this last week that prompted the company to encourage everyone to change their master passwords. We understand that it wasn’t a major breach with no important information getting leaked and that the password change is a precaution.
  • A new Humble Bundle was released this last week. It features eight games with more coming soon. If you pay the minimum $1, you will get four of the games and if you beat the average, you’ll get every game available in the bundle. As usual, it’s a great way to give to charity and try out some new games!
  • In an effort to promote its new family friendly section, the Google Play Store is now offering a free app of the day. Unfortunately, it’s only in the family friendly selection of applications which only affects those who use that section, but it’s still a pretty fun little promotion.
  • We’ve known for a while now that Cortana is coming to Android but we didn’t know when. Microsoft has announced that a beta version will be showing up this July. We’ll have more details when they become available.
  • In our last headline this week, YouTube will be taking on Twitch with its YouTube Gaming platform which is set to release this summer. Some folks at Ars Technica got to take a look at it early and it seems to look pretty nice. We’ll know more when it gets released this summer.

For even more headlines, app updates, and new releases, don’t forget to check out this week’s newsletter. There we’ll have all the content we didn’t have time for here. If you want, you can sign up with your email and get all of this stuff sent straight to your email inbox every single Friday.

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Facebook Moments Android Apps WeeklyMoments

[Price: Free]
Moments is a new application from Facebook that is kind of a direct response to Google Photos. Using the service, you can backup all of your photos to one place and then you can share them to Facebook, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger. You can sync multiple photos, use the photo search feature, and even save photos other people send to you. It doesn’t quite have the power of Google Photos, but it’s a fun option for those who primarily use Instagram or Facebook.
Get it on Google Play

shoot by bittorent Android Apps WeeklyShoot

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Shoot is an app by BitTorrent that allows you to share files between Android devices. Here’s how it works. The device with the file will create a QR code. The other device will scan it and then the connection will be made and the file will download. It’s very easy to use and to understand once you get in there and actually use the app. It’s also totally free to use but beware of those release day bugs!
Get it on Google Play

cloudplayer by doubletwist Android Apps WeeklyCloudPlayer by doubleTwist

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
CloudPlayer by doubleTwist is a new music player that does something quite unique. It can connect to your cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and more and play any music stored there. This essentially turns your cloud storage into your music player in a way that few apps have been able to accomplish. It also enjoys AirPlay and Chromecast support, a 10-band EQ, and Material Design.
Get it on Google Play
cloudplayer by doubletwist android apps weekly

portal by pushbullet Android Apps WeeklyPortal by Pushbullet

[Price: Free]
Portal is another file transfer application but this one was developed by Pushbullet. This aims to simplify the process of transferring files from your computer to your Android device and back again. It allows you to transfer multiple files and even entire folders at once. You can include photos, videos, documents, and more. The only caveat is that you’ll need a device running Android 5.0 or later in order to use this app.
Get it on Google Play

adobe Android Apps WeeklyAdobe Photoshop Mix, Shape CC, Brush CC, and Color CC

[Price: Free]
This week Adobe released not one, but four applications to the Play Store. They include Photoshop Mix, Shape CC, Brush CC, and Color CC. Photoshop Mix is a light photo editing application with a slew of editing options, Shape CC allows you to take images of things and turn them into vector graphics, Brush CC turns images into brushes for later use, and Color CC helps you determine what color things are in photos. These are all potentially useful tools that are all free to use in the Play Store right now.
Get it on Google Play
adobe photoshop mix android apps weekly

Wrap up

If we missed any great Android apps or games news, let us know in the comments! Have a great weekend everyone.

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