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Splashtop Remote Desktop now available for Mac OS X, costs but $10

Posted by wicked September - 22 - 2011 - Thursday Comments Off

Android phones and tablets news:

Not content with creating the possibility of (emulated) Wii gaming on Android tablets, Splashtop continues to spread itself across pretty much anything with a screen, with a Mac-friendly version available now at the Mac App Store. This release allows both Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows to hold hands across the great OS divide — nice to see Splashtop is still beavering away at its “Bridge to Anywhere.” Desktop access to both your most intimate files and programs — through both local networks and the internet at large — are but a $9.99 payment away.

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Splashtop Remote Desktop now available for Mac OS X, costs but $10 originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 21 Sep 2011 23:18:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Android 101: How to pair a Bluetooth headset

Posted by wicked September - 22 - 2011 - Thursday Comments Off

Android phones and tablets news:

Bluetooth settings

Pairing a Bluetooth device with your phone is a relatively simple affair.  These instructions were written using the Samsung Infuse 4G and Jawbone Icon, but the steps should be just about the same for any Android phone or tablet, and the instructions that came with your headset will fill in the rest of the details.

First you're going to want to go to Settings, then Wireless and networks, then Bluetooth settings.  Turn bluetooth on.  You'll see your phone search for devices.  For the phone to see the headset it has to be in pairing mode, though.  That can vary from headset to headset, but is usually done by holding the answer/end call button down while turning the headset on (see the documentation that came with your headset to get it in pairing mode).

On the Jawbone the status LED flashes red/white alternately when it's in pairing mode, but your headset may blink blue, or may not blink at all — again have a look at the instructions that came with your headset.  Once we're in pairing mode, your phone should find your headset.  You'll see an entry under "bluetooth devices," go ahead and click on the device.  You'll have to confirm that you want to connect.  At that point, some headsets will ask for a "pairing code."  This number is usually 1234, or 0000, but your headset's instructions will tell you for sure.  If your headset doesn't ask for a pairing code, there's no need to worry, it just means that it doesn't require one.  Finally, your headset should be connected and available.

A few cavaets here — not all Bluetooth headsets and Android builds are created equal.  For things like audio for music or games, you'll need to have a headset that supports it.  Look for a headset that supports A2DP (Andvanced Audio Distribution Profile) if stereo Bluetooth is a feature you're looking for.  All the current crop of Android phones should support this protocol just fine.  For true handsfree dialing, things are a bit hit or miss with Android.  Some headsets and car units can access the address book for true voice dialing, while some can't.  This is a feature that came with Android 2.2, and is still a bit janky.  Hopefully someone in Mountain View is tackling this problem and we'll see better results with the immenent Ice Cream Sandwich update.  In the meantime, your best bet is to ask around in the forums to see what other folks recommend. 

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Froyo-based ViewSonic V430 smartphone appears in Russia, anonymity almost guaranteed

Posted by wicked September - 22 - 2011 - Thursday Comments Off

Android phones and tablets news:

ViewSonic has revealed its latest Android phone, the V430 — though you’d be hard pressed to tell who made it from looks alone. Putting the incognito design aside, vital statistics include a meaty WVGA 4.3-inch screen, and a 5 megapixel primary camera paired with a VGA front-facing camera, all chugging along on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. ViewSonic has cut down to only three buttons below the screen, a change from the four-button setup we’ve seen on its previous Android tablets and phones. Sadly, the Android version number has been similarly reduced — the V430 is apparently running Android 2.2, not the Android 2.3 Gingerbread deliciousness we’ve come to expect from Google-powered smartphones in 2011. The V430 looks set on launching first in Russia, but no word yet on whether it’ll board the Trans-Siberian across to Europe and beyond. Price is also Russian secret.

Froyo-based ViewSonic V430 smartphone appears in Russia, anonymity almost guaranteed originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 21 Sep 2011 15:22:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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AT&T, T-Mobile court date set for merger hearing

Posted by wicked September - 22 - 2011 - Thursday Comments Off

For those of you that had high hopes for the AT&T and T-Mobile merger, U.S. District Judge Ellen Huvelle set the non-jury trial for February 13th, 2012. A compromise between AT&T’s requested date for January 16th, and the government’s requested date of March 19th. Though Judge Huvelle had set aside 6 months for the trial, lawyers from both AT&T and the Department of Justice believe that the trial will be settled short of the allotted time.

Earlier, Sprint’s attempt to have their case merged with the Department of Justice was blocked by the very same judge. A loss on the part of AT&T would prove to be truly devastating as the company could potentially lose up to $6 billion dollars should the merger not go through. However, even if the merger does happen to fail, AT&T seems confident that they could still avoid the breakage fee under “a number of options”.

That said, the only potential loser should this merger fail is AT&T. T-Mobile users face little to lose as AT&T has already stated that should the merger go through, T-Mobile customers would still be able to maintain their current plans as previously announced. Though the merger would reduce competition in the U.S., a consolidated network would allow provide an ailing AT&T with a greater number of accessible towers, and would add to their available bandwidth for use with their 4G network.

[via TmoNews]


textPlus Updated – adds social integration and more

Posted by wicked September - 22 - 2011 - Thursday Comments Off

Text messaging service for Android, textPlus has just been upgraded to support Facebook integration to allow users to connect Facebook friends with textPlus accounts. The integration of Facebook accounts and textPlus accounts will notify users when their existing Facebook friends join the service. Additionally, voice note support has also been added to the application, allowing users to send voice notes to anyone in the US, even if they don’t currently use textPlus. textPlus also integrates your phone’s text message inbox with its own interface for seamless use.

While many applications on the Market offer free text-messaging from an email address, textPlus is unique in that it provides users with real phone numbers that they can share with their friends to contact them on. Upon the first launch, textPlus scans the user’s contact list to determine whether or not existing phone numbers are associated with textPlus accounts.

Cross-platform support means that for those of you wi-fi tablet users, textPlus would provide your device with a phone number for others to contact you with. And because textPlus stores messages in the cloud, the application will remain synced between multiple devices. Unlike Google Voice, another popular text messaging alternative, textPlus bring support for picture and group texting.

Best of all, textPlus is free.

You can find textPlus on the Android Market here.


ViewSonic V430 Android smartphone appears in Russia

Posted by wicked September - 21 - 2011 - Wednesday Comments Off

ViewSonic is back today with another Android handset spotted in Russia. You might not remember many Android phones from ViewSonic but they had the V350 and then the scary ViewPad 4. Today we have the V430 Android 2.2 FroYo smartphone — Yes sadly we said Froyo but we have hopes it might get a boost to some Gingerbread.

This time around it appears ViewSonic learned their lesson after the atrocious ViewPad 4 because the V430 is thin, sleek, and looks quite nice from first impressions. It has a slick design that is similar to most, all while differing enough to be its own device. The name says it all (V430) and this will be rocking a 4.3″ display but resolution and type remains unknown.

Unfortunately like we mentioned above it seems ViewSonic for some unknown reason is going with the old and outdated Android 2.2 FroYo with the V430 rather than the latest 2.3 Gingerbread we’ve all been enjoying for a while now. We hope to hear more details and possibly see an updated version. Along with the 4.3″ screen we have a 1.0 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 5 MP camera around the rear and VGA front, then the usual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and sensors like most smartphones these days.

We are also told the V430 will make use of the same ViewScene 3D interface used on their tablets that can be seen here. So, Android 2.2 should have a neat user interface over the top to keep things simple and fresh. The V430 is set to debut in Russia although our Russian spies have no further details on other markets planned, or a price at the moment but we will keep digging.

[via Unwired View]


Motorola ELECTRIFY lands tonight at midnight on U.S. Cellular

Posted by wicked September - 21 - 2011 - Wednesday Comments Off

So you’re working with the carrier by the name of U.S. Cellular here in the United States, are you? You’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for a device that’s any better than the HTC Merge? Today (or tonight, rather) is your lucky day (and night) because your smartphone companion for your Motorola XOOM is here, and it comes in a dual-core flavoring! It’s time for the Motorola Electrify, a device that’s basically the newest version of the Motorola Photon 4G and the Motorola ATRIX 4G, aka the first dual-core smartphone to be released in the USA officially. Now we’ve got the ELECTRIFY coming to U.S. Cellular and it’s coming tonight!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, you can pick up this Android 2.3.x Gingerbread toting 4.3-inch qHD Touch Display having dual-core 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 AP20H processor that you’ll be able to use to access the NVIDIA Tegra Zone where you’ll be able to grab a whole handful of HD games that work ONLY on Tegra 2-toting devices. You’ve got an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, a VGA camera on the front, and 16GB of storage built in. There’s also a microSD card slot so you can add up to 32GB more storage.

You’ll also get Motorola’s Webtop software and the ability to purchase all kinds of accessories. All of this is covered essentially in the Motorola Photon 4G review we’ve got, just imagine that it’s got U.S. Cellular markings on it instead. There’s certain to be more than a few application change-ups as well, so of COURSE we’re going to do a full review of this device for you barring some sort of major natural accident.

All this said, midnight is the time. Over on U.S. Cellular’s website at you’ll be able to purchase the Motorola ELECTRIFY for $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate tied to the purchase of a data plan. Data plans for new customers are two-year agreements and activation fees may apply for new customers as well. Those who are already on U.S. Cellular and have Belief Plans who are eligible for an upgrade will be able to get the promotional price without signing any sort of new contract. Fun!

Device Specifications and Information
Device Info

    Device Name : Photon 4G
    Manufactuer : Motorola
    Carrier : Unknown
    Announced Date : June 09, 2011
    Release Date : July 31, 2011
    Also Known As :


  • Screen Size : 4.30 Inch
  • Resolution : 540×960
  • Screen Type : TFT
Dimension & Weight

  • Height : 5.00 Inch
  • Width : 2.63 Inch
  • Depth : 0.48 Inch
  • Weight : 158 Grams
Battery & Power
    Battery Type:
  • Lithium Ion
  • Battery Capacity : 1700 mAh
  • Talk Time : NA
  • Stand By Time : 199 hours
    Android OS:
  • 2.3.x
    Audio Playback:
  • AAC
  • AAC+
  • AMR
  • MID
  • MP3
  • WAV
  • WMA
    Video Playback:
  • MPEG-4 (MP4)
  • SMS
  • MMS


    CPU : Tegra 2
    CPU Clock Speed : 1000 Mhz
    Core : 2
    Ram : 1024 MB
    Internal Storage : 16.384 GB
    Front Facing Camera :
    Camera Resolution :8 MP
    External Storage:
  • MicroSD
  • MicroSDHC
    Camera Features:
  • Auto focus
  • Flash
  • 720p Video Recording
  • Accelerometer
  • Ambient light
  • Proximity
    QWERTY :
Cellular Network
    Network Technology:
  • CDMA
    CDMA Band:
  • 800
  • 1900
Device Connectivity
  • 802.11b
  • 802.11g
  • 802.11n
  • Bluetooth 3.0
    FM Radio :


HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio hands-on

Posted by wicked September - 21 - 2011 - Wednesday Comments Off

Look what we have here for everyone, the HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio. HTC might be known by their tagline “Quietly Brilliant” but things sure are about to get a whole lot louder with the introduction of Beats Audio into their wide array of smartphones. We were able to meet with HTC and get some hands-on time with the Sensation XE earlier today and it sure looks and sounds impressive. Check out all the photos and details after the break.

A quick recap here — the Sensation XE is everything we know and love about the original Sensation 4G except its been nicely improved upon. With a juiced up 1.5 GHz dual-core processor vs the 1.2 GHz in the original, it has a bigger battery for longer usage, and then that last important is the Beats Audio. From our initial hands-on time today it was seamless and fluid in performance so it’s safe to say that 1.5 GHz processor is doing a fine job. We’ll be sure to run some benchmarks once we get more time with the device.

There are three main points to take away from this regarding Beats Audio and that is the bundled headphones, the DSP and the audio profiles. Instead of some cheapy headphones than many smartphones don’t even come bundled with these days we have some awesome sounding and impressive In-Ear headphones by Beats Audio. Pair that with the custom audio profiles we have musical bliss.


Once plugged in the Beats Audio profiles neatly kick in for you, as well as being present in the notification drop-down bar for easy enable/disable toggling for those that do or don’t want more bass. Although bass isn’t the only thing here — the entire sound seems much more lively and involved with an enhanced mid-range.

The new Sensation XE with Beats Audio will hit shelves in the UK starting October 1st, and should be available in other regions coming soon. HTC did however mention that they wont be pushing the XE too hard even though it has one speedy processor faster than any other smartphone to date. Instead this will be an option for those music lovers and audiophiles to enjoy should they choose.

First impressions are good so far and I’m really diggin the red accents they’ve added here. The capacitive buttons lighting to red is a bit different than anything we’ve seen thus far, but I actually enjoy it and they look quite neat in dark lit areas. Stay tuned for more details on the Sensation XE with Beats Audio.



Is your Epic 4G Touch getting hot?

Posted by wicked September - 21 - 2011 - Wednesday Comments Off

The Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch has just been released to the United States market and everyone and their mother appears to have purchase one. With this comes the possibility for every single tiny flaw in the hardware and/or the software to be uncovered – and of course that’s what we want to do, and we want to find flaws as soon as possible so that the manufacturers and/or the carriers can alleviate concerns before they become explosive. Today’s report comes from the wild streets of XDA where they say they’re getting hot, hot, hot. Temperature-wise on their Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch units, that is, and with both temperatures listed and screenshots shot, we’ve gotta treat this one as a real concern with need for fix for certain!

Now I’ve got to stop you there and note that I’ve personally reviewed this device right before it was released and yes, I do have it right here beside me on the desk. I can report here and now that the device has indeed gotten at least a little bit hotter than I’d like it to get, but from what I’ve seen, it’s gotten no hotter than any other smartphone with basic high-load-bearing lifestyles. That means that because I run one whole heck of a lot of videos through here, for example, I’d expect it to get at least a little bit warm. For more information on my review, head on down to… well… my review.

Also feel free to ask any additional questions I don’t answer in the review so that you might get the best vision of this device before you purchase.

That said, several folks over in the XDA Developer forums have reported their unhappiness with the heat inside their devices, their own scans revealing temperatures between 112 and 121 degrees farenheight. One fellow even appears to have picked up a grand total of 134 degrees, goodness gracious! Then there’s an odd screenshot provided by a fellow named “whatsitsnamenow” that shows the charging of his Epic 4G Touch’s battery being stopped because of heat.

Of course you’ve got to note that people at XDA being hackers and developers we can expect that they’d very possibly been doing some overclocking of their processors, taking their devices on trips to the moon, dipping their devices in hot vats of water, but the problem does still very possibly remain.

Have you experienced any of these problems? Found any solutions?

[via XDA]


Samsung SCH-I815 Hits Bluetooth SIG, possible 7″ Verizon Tablet

Posted by wicked September - 21 - 2011 - Wednesday Comments Off

This mystery device just hit and cleared its Bluetooth certification but we know nothing about it. Some are thinking it may in fact be a 7″ tablet headed to Verizon although the picture below says “phone” a few times. The model number SCH-I800 was used for the original Galaxy Tab 7″ on Verizon so this new device with a SCH-I815 model number could very well be the replacement for the original tab.

Have any guesses as to what this might be? We do. First off a replacement for the original 7″ Tab is to be expected although we’ve heard nothing of such device. Yesterday a Galaxy Tab “Plus” was spotted with a T-Mobile branding so this could very well be a similar device for Big Red.

Could the Galaxy Tab 7.7 that was announced at IFA and then quickly went missing be headed to the U.S. market soon? I sure hope so although carrier branded and priced tablets still are a bit expensive if you ask me. Our hands-on with the Tab 7.7 was a pleasant one and the ports seem to line up with what we saw leaked for T-Mobile yesterday that was linked to above.

The other thing to take into account is the Bluetooth SIG mentions Samsung “Phone” so that might throw a few people off, although that could also just be because the tablet will have 3G/4G inside since it seems to be headed for Verizon. A full-sized look at the picture can be found below. We should be hearing more about the possibility of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 soon.


[via Droid-Life]