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HTC One M8 Sense 6 apps extracted and distributed

Posted by wicked April - 1 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

If you’ve been enamored by some of the apps on the brand new HTC One M8 but don’t want to switch phones just for that, then there is a sliver of hope for you. Over at XDA, the process of extracting the said apps and libraries has been started, in the hopes of someday making them available to other devices as well.

This process has somewhat been made easier by the fact that HTC pushed some of its apps to Google Play Store. The implied purpose is to make updates easier for HTC to roll out and make available for their line of devices. It was probably never intended that someone would download those and try to make them available for other audiences, though that was definitely part of the risk.

The Sense 6 apps include Blinkfeed, Zoe, Gallery, Sense TV, and their required libraries. Of course, these apps are far from being universal Android apps and it is likely they may never be. Apps for the Xperia Z2 have similarly been extracted and ported but only work on Sony Xperia smartphones. The process, however, is still in the early stages and can still progress further than that.

Right now, not everything is working. The HTC Service Pack and Sense TV are marked as working but the rest aren’t. These apps aren’t ported yet and are provided as is and may or may not even install. Of course, they all work an an HTC One M8 but installing these apps this way requires root access.


Google Text-to-Speech 3.0 update brings high quality voices

Posted by wicked March - 6 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off


Another update from Google, joining an update to Google Play Music and Google Play Games, brings some enhancements to Google Text-to-Speech as it ratchets up to version 3.0. Perhaps the most significant change included in this latest release is support for high quality voices. The files are significantly larger for new voices with the female U.K. voice weighing in at 276MB. The larger files sizes do create some delays loading the voices and getting output in certain situations.

Along with the new high quality voices, Google has added some new languages – Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (US). With multiple voices available per language, Google had to add a toggle for languages with multiple voices so users can switch them and in a nice touch this can be done on the fly.

When uploading and downloading voices to a device, Google updated the UI to show file sizes and replaced the “Delete” button with a trash can icon.

The update should be rolling out to users over the next few days. You can use the Google Play links below to get Google Text-to-Speech or check for the update. If you cannot wait, a download link to the Google apk is provided below as well.


qr code

Google Play Download Link

Google Text-to-Speech apk file

source: Android Police

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Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors revealed by @evleaks

Posted by wicked January - 30 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off


We were already pretty sure that the next big installment of Samsung’s Galaxy series would be called the Galaxy S5, and a recent tweet by @evleaks suggests that the rumors are true. The device is coming soon, and although we don’t know much about it, a second tweet from @evleaks showed an image of an .apk file with the word “QHD” in the file name. (3DTourViewer_WQHD_K.apk.) This may or may not have to do with the fact that the phone could come with a QHD display, but if it does, that’s a pretty big deal. We’ll see soon enough.

Sources: @evleaks 1 / @evleaks 2

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New Google Glass APK teardown gives a look at future treats

Posted by wicked October - 18 - 2013 - Friday Comments Off

google glass

With Google Glass updates become more frequent than ever, there is a chance that a few things can go unnoticed. But leave it to an APK teardown done by Android Police to uncover some very interesting features that could be on the horizon. Hit the break for details.

Voice commands are likely going to see a huge expansion with a slew of new tasks. Some of the more interesting ones include “Find a recipe” or “Record a recipe” and “Start a round of golf” or “Start a run” because they would work into other apps to perform tasks. The recipe related ones would be integrated with the KitchMe app, allowing you to access a library of recipes without having to go to another device.

Music through Google Glass is approaching as a command “Play Music” has been added. While files for music have existed for quite some time, a radio icon has been added which would hint the inclusion of Play’s All Access radio channels.

The Gaze folder has also been expanded. Detection for a “double blink” has been added, which could have to do with the “wink for photo” feature as it would provide different motions to activate various functions.

Finally, multiple font files have been uncovered. Android Police says “Condensed, Bold Condensed, Italic Condensed, and Bold Italic Condensed are accounted for, with the other Condensed weights missing. These files were actually in previous Glass builds,” but they still have yet to make an appearance elsewhere. Google could be looking to place these fonts in through different aspects of the interface.

Source: Android Police

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Google Play Music Update 5.2.1233L Now Available, Adds “I’m Feeling Lucky Radio” Feature

Posted by wicked October - 17 - 2013 - Thursday Comments Off

Google_Music_Update 5.2.1233L_1

It wasn’t long ago that Google rolled out a version of the Play Music app which allowed genre-based radio on our Android devices and now they’ve just kicked off another phase of the application offering an “I’m feeling lucky radio” feature.  The apk, version 5.3.1233L, will slowly be rolling out to all devices (if not already) and will allow one to have the app suggest and play music based on your previous selections. The auto generated radio station will be a welcomed addition as many who aren’t sure what they’re in the mood for can allow the app to choose for them based on what they like most. As of now, it’s being reported that a “mix of everything” functionality is kind of missing and it tends to only play mostly from the genre you play most but we have high hopes for the app and that the functionality will be quickly integrated. Do you think the app has what it takes to be a Slacker and Pandora killer? With the All Access feature and now the I’m Feeling Lucky Radio functionality, we think it certainly has the potential to claim a stake in the market. Feel feel to drop your opinion in the comments below.

Update: The apk should be available for updating via the Play Store now if you haven’t received it already.

Google_Music_Update 5.2.1233L_2
Google_Music_Update 5.2.1233L_3


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Google Glass companion app reveals hints of a Google Games service

Posted by wicked April - 18 - 2013 - Thursday Comments Off

Google recently released the MyGlass app, which is the app those with Google Glass will need to use for configuration and management. Well, as we often see with newly released (or leaked) apps, someone tears into the APK and as such — we often see some extra goodies. Quite often these have something to do with the app itself, however in this case it looks like the MyGlass APK teardown doesn’t even touch on what may come with the future of Google Glass.


Instead what we are seeing are details of a Google Games service. This particular APK teardown was done by the folks at Android Police who note how the Glass team appears to have accidentally shipped the full suite of Google Play Services with the MyGlass app. Anyway, one of the items included was a folder named games, which apparently has never before been seen and is where the Google Games service details are coming from.

Included here is evidence of everything from support for real-time and turn-based multiplayer games to in-game chatting, achievements, leader boards and invitations. Most of these are just what the names would imply so there is no real surprise in that respect. The more interesting aspect here is that it was said this all appears to be fairly complete.

Basically, while these details were found in the MyGlass companion app, this service is not believed to be Google Glass related. What is does suggest is that Google has been working to build something along the lines of what Apple has with Game Center. With Google I/O approaching, we can only hope that we see some sort of an official announcement.

[via Android Police]

Facebook Home unofficially patched for unsupported devices

Posted by wicked April - 15 - 2013 - Monday Comments Off

Facebook Home originally launched on April 12, however as we were expecting to happen, it is only available for a select few devices at this time. The supported device list includes the HTC One X and One X+ as well as the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III. There is also announced future support for the GALAXY S 4 and the HTC One. While this list includes some of the more popular Android phones, it still is only a few.


On that note, it looks like those without an officially supported handset can now install and run Facebook Home. The details come by way of Paul O’Brien who is the founder of MoDaCo. The forums have instructions on how to install Facebook Home on an unsupported device and also in an unsupported country. And just to clarify, there is a separate process for the unsupported devices and the unsupported countries.

Beginning first with the unsupported countries, this process involves having the main Facebook and the Facebook Messenger app installed and then using the tweaked APK for Home. Once those are all installed, you can activate Home in the main Facebook settings menu. For the unsupported countries you are using the two official apps and then the unofficial version of Home.

Shifting over to the unsupported devices and you will need to begin with making sure the main Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps are uninstalled. Yes, completely removed from your device. From here you will be downloading and installing three modified APK files. Basically, this is done because the modifications include having the device check portion removed. With that being said, those looking to run Facebook Home on an unsupported device or in an unsupported country can grab all the necessary files using the MoDaCo link sitting below.

[via MoDaCo]

Google Play Store version 4.0 available now [Download]

Posted by wicked April - 9 - 2013 - Tuesday Comments Off

The all-new redesigned and improved Google Play Store version 4.0 for Android that we’ve been seeing leaks of the past few weeks is finally official. This morning Google confirmed the new design themselves, and now we have what you all want. And that is the new Play Store available for download. Check out what’s new below, then hit the download link.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.49.21 AM

We first saw the redesigned Google Play Store about 2 weeks ago in a leaked file and a few screenshots, but since then they’ve polished everything up and we’re excited to be getting a brand new Play Store design. This is the first major overhaul since July of last year along with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so a change was just about due.

As we detailed earlier today the all-new Play Store 4.0 is all about a focusing on a simplistic and elegant design. Everything is cleaner, crisp, and polished. Google‘s focused on bigger images everywhere, card style layouts similar to Google Now, and of course recommendations. It’s all about grouping similar content and suggestions together. All at a faster speed than ever before.

The update is for Android 2.2 and above devices and should arrive over the next few weeks. However, we have the file available for you below in all its glory. The process is fairly simple. Just download the latest version linked to below and install right over the previous Play Store. That’s it! Then enjoy this elegant new design and let us know what you think. We’ll update when we find what’s new.

Play Store v4.0 download
Mirror link (Thanks Android Police)

Blackberry 10 gets help from Android with 28,000 repackaged apps

Posted by wicked January - 31 - 2013 - Thursday Comments Off

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Android apps running on a Blackberry, but the all-new Blackberry 10 that was announced and shown off this week is getting more than a little help from the green robot. The Playbook enjoyed Android app support thanks to sideloading in OS 2.0, but today we’re hearing nearly 30,000 apps have already been “repackaged” to run on Blackberry.


This week the new Blackberry 10 launched with what they claim is an app store full of 70,000 apps. During a Q and A session BlackBerry VP Martyn Mallick mentioned that roughly 40% of those are actually Android apps that have been re-purposed and repackaged for BB10. According to PC Mag this has been confirmed and while not a permanent solution to a bigger problem, should help their launch look better to potential customers.

Apparently the Blackberry Android toolset is providing an extremely quick and easy way for developers to essentially tweak their apps to be used on Blackberry 10. There’s no back or exit button involved either, everything is gesture based by changing a few lines of code. The apps can look weird and out of place, but at least they work.

All they are doing is porting direct Android apps to a toolset that remaps the menu and back buttons to a BB10 gesture, then makes it work on their new mobile OS. This certainly isn’t a good model moving forward, but it’s a start. Dialog boxes, popups, menu button areas and more are all out of place using this method and hopefully Blackberry get their own apps soon enough. Blackberry certainly has made it easy for developers to get their apps on the platform, but this isn’t the plan for their future.

With Android having over 700,000 apps in the Play Store, more on iOS, and roughly 100,000 for Windows Phone, Blackberry has a lot of work to do. 70,000 is a good start, but they have their work cut out for them. Thoughts on this repackaging idea?

[via SlashGear]

APK Teardown reveals new features coming to Google Play

Posted by wicked November - 20 - 2012 - Tuesday Comments Off

It looks like some big changes are coming to Google Play. In an APK Teardown from the folks at Android Police, they discovered some pretty massive changes coming to the service. The first one involves a more heavy implementation of Google+. It looks you will have to have a Google+ account in order to leave app reviews on Google Play. This means when you leave a review, your name and photo will probably appear next to the review. It also looks like some tweaks are coming to the way you share apps, probably in form of sharing your reviews with Google+ circles.

It also looks like you will be able to pre-order things from Google Play on Android. It’s not clear if this feature is ready up and running but just not used by anything yet, or if its a feature that is coming along soon. Either way, it looks like the feature is coming soon.

It also looks like a new design for Play might be coming. It appears that the template may be coming from the web version of the Google Play Store. This should be nice, as the Play Store is not necessarily the most well designed app store out there.

The last change is the ability to report an app as harmful. This feature has been around on the web Play Store for a while, and it looks like it’s coming to the Android store soon. Hopefully, this will encourage more people to report malware infested apps and make the Play Store a safer place.

[via Android Police]