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Raccoon APK downloader gets a new release, UI tweaks

Posted by wicked May - 18 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

The Google Play Store, as much as some will hate to admit it, makes it easier for Android users to search for apps and install them – because that’s what it’s for. Some people may argue to a point on which apps appear first on any given search string, but truth be told, the Google Play Store does what it should be doing. But for people who need to download the individual installers – APK files – for one reason or another, there’s Raccoon APK downloader, and it’s getting a new release.

Who could possibly need to download Android installer APKs on another platform? Why, we’re glad you asked. A lot of people, actually. Some may prefer to not use their precious data limits on downloading apps, so they wait until they get home on their desktop PCs and laptops to download them, and Raccoon allows them to do just that. They can also choose to download the APKs and “sideload” the apps on a separate platform – like a Linux or Chrome platform.


So that is what Raccoon is useful for. The new release, version 3.4, basically resolves a useragent issue that causes “App not found” errors on the program. That’s fixed now. The developer has also added a feedback dialog, for cases when you need to report bugs. Plus, the new version has some minor UI tweaks.

So if you were ever wondering if you could download only the installer files off a Google Play app listing, the answer is yes, and Raccoon APK download will do that for you. You might want to give this a try.

SOURCE: Reddit

Amazon disables Sony TV Amazon Instant Video app on other devices

Posted by wicked May - 17 - 2015 - Sunday Comments Off


Earlier this week we reported on efforts to take the version of the Amazon Instant Video app for Sony TV devices and port it over to other Android TV devices like the Nexus Player. New reports indicate that Amazon has rendered the app inoperable on non-Sony TV devices.

Users were interested in the Sony version of the Instant Video app because it was a better user experience than the version Amazon was officially deploying through the Google Play Store. Installation did require sideloading the APK.

Members of the XDA community are currently looking through the code in hopes of figuring out how Amazon may be determining the installs are not on Sony TV devices.

source: reddit

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New Apktool v2.0.0 released, now ready for download

Posted by wicked April - 24 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

After almost two years, the latest Android APKTool, the Apktool v2.0.0, has just been released. The last update was rolled out last August 2013 with user friendly changes and some over haul under the hood. It hasn’t really been that long since beta versions have been released the past two years or so.

According to our source Connor Tumbleson, this v2.0.0 of the Apktool will adopt and will add support for Android 5.1 and BCP-47 tags. Several changes can be noted as well including fixes on issues like double escaping of & and <, unknown files not respecting compression method, decoding .spi files as 9 patch images, apktool branding apks with platformBuildName, multiple dex files skipped when using -s, and @string references in attributes.

Don’t be too overwhelmed with all the codes and the symbols you see though. If you’re a developer, you’d probably be delighted to learn this good news. Tumbleson has provided a comprehensive Instruction Guide for downloading the Apktool v2.0.0.

The fixed issues listed above were mentioned by other developers who already tested the v2.0.0. Apktool. Feel free to download this release and be prepared for migration especially if this is your first ever v2.x release. After downloading the file, make sure you rename to apktool.jar and follow the guide. Good luck!

VIA: Connor Tumbleson

New App Runs Android Apps In Chrome

Posted by wicked April - 2 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Screenshot 2015-04-01 at 15.42.54

The Chrome app store has never quite had the same levels of attention as its Android counterpart. In an effort to end this, Google is supporting users of the new app ARC Welder, which using Google’s App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) allows you to run .apks in the Chrome browser.



Arc Welder is designed to give app developers the ability to test their apps on Chrome or for regular users to take their favorite apps to desktop. Setting it all up is simple, you can download the app from here, select your .apk, specify orientation and form factor and it should bring up your app in a new window.

We ran several apps on Chrome OS, but AW is said to run on any PC, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook running Chrome Version 40+. As can be expected, Google Play Services does not currently work on all apps, however as this is a beta Google assures us that more support is on the way. It was also quickly discovered that input was limited to that of a mouse or trackpad, meaning apps that require multiple finger gestures are currently out ofScreenshot 2015-04-01 at 15.52.13 the question. Apps we found to be working included our own XDA forums app, IMDB and BBC News. We could not get Twitter to start which crashed upon opening.

Previous attempts to make app emulation a reality have never been widespread enough to make it past the point of power users and developers, however this new attempt supported by Google could be what is needed to populate the chrome app store with more and popular apps. These previous attempts include ARChon Runtime for Chrome which can be found on their SubReddit which along with guides also provides a spreadsheet for apps that will/won’t work.

Support for ARC Welder can be found in the developers section of the chrome site, where they give directions for setting up and running the app, enabling Play Services, as well as best practices for testing your apk. Whilst we certainly hope many developers will bring their apps across to the Chrome store, for many apps it could be seen as redundant. Apps that do not have browser equivalents will surely have a larger uptake, however on the other hand we could see the store fill with apps such as the complete works of King, the developers behind Candy Crush Saga, which whilst not being the kind of apps we hope to see will no doubt raise awareness and profile of the store which can only be a good thing.

Screenshot 2015-04-01 at 14.42.45

Screenshot 2015-04-01 at 14.59.40









Will this bring the chrome app store the attention it deserves? What Android apps would you like to see on Chrome? Leave a comment below!

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Google has released the next version of the Play Store, version 5.2, that is mainly about squashing bugs.

There are a few extras included in the APK that does seem to indicate that 5.2 is setting the stage for a much larger, future update.

In looking at the details of the APK, you’ll notice the Google store is adding some things to its Enterprise services. This is mainly centered around companies having the ability to host private apps that only employees can see. Now companies will be able to not only restrict who can see the apps, but what networks they are downloadable on or are able to be updated on.

Additionally, Talk Android reported on the quickly posted and removed Chrome for Work app a few weeks ago. It may be possible these types of apps will be making their debut when Google launches a real refresh to the Play Store.

There’s also a curious bit about vouchers. It appears that Google will be rolling out a program soon that would allow the giving of vouchers in specific sections of the Play Store, like Movies or Newsstand.

APK Mirror: APK Download for Google Play Store

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Latest Google Maps update brings Local Guides feature to the app [APK Download]

Posted by wicked February - 6 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off


Yesterday, Google introduced a new update to the Maps application with a feature known as Local Guides. Although the update has gradually begun rolling out on devices, a large majority of the users still haven’t seen it. But don’t worry, as we have the APK download link right here for you.

The Local Guides feature is the biggest addition to this version 9.4.0 update to the app. This is a system which lets you rate and review places that you frequent in order to help future visitors. This could be pretty effective for businesses as well. It’s pretty much like Yelp, but integrated directly within Google Maps.

Users can sign up to be one of the Local Guides in their area from Google’s sign-up page. Once you’re done, make sure you grab the new update from the link below. But make sure you enable the installation of apps from third party sources before you proceed.

APK Download Link

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Chrome Beta 41 for Android Adds Pull-to-Refresh in Pages

Posted by Kellex January - 29 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Chrome Beta on Android was released moments ago as build 41.0.2272. The update is mostly minor, but does include a new feature that seems like something we could have used long ago – pull-to-refresh at the “top of most pages.” That’s right, now when you are in a web page and want it to reload, you don’t have to go hunting for a refresh button. All you need to do now is pull from the top of the display downwards and you will refresh the page.

To give it a try, grab the update from Google Play or sideload the APK below. 

Play Link | Download Link

chrome beta 41

Via:  Chrome Releases

Chrome Beta 41 for Android Adds Pull-to-Refresh in Pages is a post from: Droid Life

Motorola updating long list of apps

Posted by wicked January - 20 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off


Motorola is in the process of updating a long list of apps for their devices. Most of the updated apps have not yet surfaced on Google Play, but APK files are available for download and install. Early feedback suggests users are having the most success installing the updates on Motorola Moto X 2014 devices, though some of them will install on other Motorola smartphones. Details are still sparse regarding the changes to the apps, but it looks like Motorola is prepping them for Android Lollipop including a dose of Material Design. Reports indicate some of these updated apps are included in some Lollipop soak tests that are underway.

The apps that have been updated thus far include:

  • Moto Voice (
  • Moto (2.2.8)
  • Motorola Gallery (304100)
  • Motorola Camera (
  • Motorola Help (1.4.32)
  • Motorola Update Services (7.0.1)
  • Motorola Contextual Services (5.18.063)
  • Motorola Migrate (
  • Assist (2.6.1)

If you have a Motorola smartphone, you can hit the source link to access the APK files. As indicated, compatibility with Motorola devices seems to vary, so do not be surprised if you install one and cannot get it to work.

source: APKMirror

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Hangouts Dialer Update Brings Dialer Recognition To Links

Posted by wicked December - 17 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

hangouts_dialer_update_picture1Today’s update to Google’s Hangouts Dialer app now let’s you select the app to place a call when you click on phone number links inside of other apps, like Google Maps or Search. You can choose to use the option once or make it your default dialer app.

Another feature of this update will allow you to add people or places to your contacts from your Hangouts Dialer call history.

Both of these are worthy additions to the app, which was notably lacking in integration. Check out the Play Store link below or, if wish to side-load the update, check out the APK Mirror link below that.

qr code
Google Play Download Link

APKMirror Download Link


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How to download Android APK files from the Google Play Store

Posted by wicked November - 25 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off


There might be various reasons that you would want to download an APK directly from the Play Store. One might be that an app (especially Google apps) is showing that it has been updated, but you can’t push it to your device. By downloading the APK directly, you can simply sideload it on your device and get the updated version that much quicker. You also might be a tinkerer in that you want to sideload an APK to your Android TV device (or some other device) to see how it works.

Now you can find various sites that host APK files, but they might not have the latest versions, not to mention they could be altered with malware. Grabbing it directly from the Play Store is the safest way, but how do you go about doing that? It’s actually pretty simple, so hit the break to get started.

1) Assuming you are using the Chrome Browser on your desktop, download and install APK Downloader from the Chrome Web Store.


2) Once added to Chrome, just open any app page in Google Play and you will now see a Download APK option right next to install.


3) Click on it, and a popup will appear asking you for additional information. You will need your email address and the device ID of your phone.


4) For the Device ID, you can download the Device ID app from the Play Store or you can enter *#*#8255#*#* on your device’s Phone App (no need to press send) and look for a bunch of numbers and letters after either JID, Device ID, or aid. Mine was after aid and was at the top. Honestly, just download the Device ID app, it’s the easiest way.

5) You now need to enter your Gmail address that you use for your Play Store account. You will also have to enter your password. I know this might seem scary to some of you, but the information isn’t stored. Even though you won’t always be downloading paid apps, it’s the only way to ensure that no one is able to download something they didn’t pay for. Another reason is that Google tracks downloads for each app by Gmail address.

From the developer….

“The extension only stores email, device id and Google Play cookie in browser’s local storage, on your computer. To be able to get Google Play cookie, it needs your email and password to login at . After it’s done, password is not stored, email is stored to display on Options page, Device ID and Cookie are stored for later requests. I do not send those information to another sites.”

6) After you have entered all your information, click on Login, and close the window. You are now good to go, and you won’t have to enter your information again. Now when you click on Download APK, it will immediately be downloaded to your desktop. This will work for every app in Google Play, but if it’s a paid app, you won’t be able to unless you have previously purchased it using the Gmail account you logged in with.

I should also note that you can simply use APKMirror for high profile apps. You won’t have to login or use your credentials. However APKMirror doesn’t include all the apps that are available in the Play Store. I find the method I outlined above more useful since all I need to do is find the app in the Play Store, and Boom….I can click Download APK, and I am done.

I hope this guide helped you. If I missed anything, please let me know.

Click here for more information about APK Downloader



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