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Apktool updated to 2.0.2, now ready for Marshmallow

Posted by wicked October - 15 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off


One of the favorite tools of Android developers, modders, and tweakers over the years has been Apktool, a one-stop app for “reverse engineering” an installed app on your device. With not a lot of updates over the years, we’re seeing one now and it makes the app compatible for Android Marshmallow. Good on you, developers.

So what is “reverse engineering” an app, really? Well, we usually don’t get an official app from the Google Play Store in APK (or Android package installer) file format – the Play Store kinda “hides” that process and automatically installs the app to our Android smartphones and tablets. Apktool allows you to recompile and rebuild the app as an APK installer file.

Aside from being compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the app update brings with it a number of fixes for the app itself, including issues with apps that use the “.9.xml” format – now you are able to rebuild and recompile from those apps without issues, plus a number of other fixes.

Of course, you might say that this app can be used for piracy, and we don’t deny that. The app can certainly help pirates rebuild officially installed apps from the Play Store and re-distribute apps. This risk, we feel, is balanced out by the fact that the app allows 3rd party developers to study official apps and basically tinker around the code to look for features that can be improved. Download links are available at the source link below, and installation instructions here.

SOURCE: Connor Tumbleson

Google increasing the APK file size limit to 100MB

Posted by wicked September - 29 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

If you didn’t know, Google has had a limit on the file size of any APK – that is, the standard Android installer file type – you would like to put out on the Google Play Store. That limit has stood at 50MB for a while now, which explains why you have to download additional files if it goes beyond the limit – like for that Hearthstone game you’re addicted to, which has almost 1GB of additional files. Google has made the announcement that it is increasing the limit, not by much, but it should help.

The limit for APK’s now stands at 100MB, double the size of the past limit. Google says that the reason for this is “to support the growing number of developers who are building richer apps and games on Google Play”. This means that developers can now publish installers up to 100MB in size. Anything above 100MB and the developer will have to use the “expansion files” we mentioned earlier.


Google warns, though, that just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. They warn that a 100MB download will still be a big struggle for people who only have mobile data connections in their parts of the world, and not yet on LTE. Mobile data connections also have data caps, and a 100MB hit on a user’s cap is still big. Also, Google warns that a 100MB installer will take more time to install – also depending on the processing power of the user’s phone.

So while we can expect better-looking and better-performing apps from this, there are some caveats, and developers will need to balance their payloads to get the best out of their apps.

SOURCE: Google

Google Ups APK Limit on Google Play to 100MB

Posted by Kellex September - 28 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Developers, Google is increasing the size of APK files that you can upload to Google Play to 100MB. This doubles the previous 50MB limit, giving you the opportunity to speed up the install process for your customers. 

Going forward, this also means that Google is upping the limit before you see a warning about the data you are about to swallow. Previously, Google would warn you if you were about to download something over 50MB, but that is now increased to the new limit of 100MB. Of course, the default setting for Google Play is still to auto-update over WiFi, so as bigger APKs make their way onto your phone, you should be safe from destroying your data plan.

Finally, if you have apps that have are larger than 100MB, you can still host the rest through expansion files.

Via:  Android Developers

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Google Now on Tap is here! Well, sort of. If you have a device running the Android 6.0 Marshmallow developer preview 3, you can install the latest version of the Google app (v5.3.19.19) and start to take advantage of its power. 

As a recap, Google Now on Tap is a beefed up version of Google Now, that allows you to find out more information about the “people, places, movies, and more” that are on your screen. The idea is that you may be in a conversation or an app with a subject you need to know more about now, yet you don’t want to be taken out of the situation to go find that new info. With Now on Tap, a simple long-press of the home button presents you with relevant cards about the information on your screen. If you want artist info, restaurant menus, movie times, or sports information, you can get that on your screen with the press of a button and without doing much else.

We’ll have a more detailed demo of Now on Tap here shortly and will add it to this post. For now, check out the few screenshots below to get a better understanding of the type of information. (Edit:  No, no we won’t because Google decided to kill it this morning.)

The update also brings the new vertical scrolling app drawer, that was unveiled during the Android M Preview 1 (and then fixed in preview 2), to all devices. I’m a huge fan of it and think you’ll enjoy it as well.

Play LinkDownload Link (.apk)

Screenshot_20150916-203006 Screenshot_20150916-203117 Screenshot_20150916-203303

Google Now on Tap Arrives in Google App for Marshmallow Preview, Includes Vertical App Drawer for All is a post from: Droid Life

[APK Download] Play Books v3.6 adds some new features for easy reading

Posted by wicked August - 18 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off


Google is currently rolling out an update to their Play Books app used for ereading that brings some changes designed to make it easier to use when challenged by formatting issues. These issues can crop up for users when they need to adjust things like zoom levels or scroll settings only to lose them when switching titles. The new 3.6 version of Play Books will remember a user’s options. Google also indicates in their change log that this new version was built against the Android “M” SDK, so the app should be ready when Marshmallow starts to hit devices.

For “tap to scroll” users can set this option so that a tap near the right or left edges of the screen will move the reader through content. Users may find simple taps much easier to deal with rather than swiping the screen, especially when enjoying a long book. This behavior has been standard for image-based books like comics or books that have been scanned. The new update now makes it available for “fixed layout” books like how-to books or recipe books.

The other new setting users will find is “Remember zoom” which puts an end to the app resetting the zoom level every time a user would move to a new page. Users often found this annoying after they had zoomed in on some text only to be faced with tiny text once they went to the next page.

If you do not want to wait for this latest update to be available for your account through the Play Store, you can download and sideload the APK. Just hit the link below to get started.


APK Download Link

source: Android Police

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Cortana for Android Leaks Early, Available for Download

Posted by Kellex July - 17 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Microsoft was supposed to release the Android version of Cortana by the end of this month as a companion app to Windows 10 PCs. That may even still be their official plan. However, the app leaked today and is installable on just about every Android device. 

Cortana is a bit like Siri or Google Voice search in that you can ask it about events or to help you find restaurants or how your favorite sports teams are doing. You can also have it track your flights, check the weather, tell you news, and display showtimes for movies at nearby theaters. You can customize many of those categories, as well, by adding in your favorite teams, news categories, food types, and cities.

We’re playing with it now to see if it’s any good. While we do that, feel free to get after it with us. You can grab the .apk file below and sideload it.

Download Link

Via:  PocketNow

Cortana for Android Leaks Early, Available for Download is a post from: Droid Life

Maps v9.11 APK now ready, hides UI elements and adds sharing for My Maps

Posted by wicked July - 7 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Google Maps has recently received an update. If it weren’t for an APK download, we won’t notice that some of the elements in the user interface can be dismissed or hidden. You see, there are some items on the screen that are not important or are not always used that we can actually do away with them. In Google Maps app version 9.11, you can now remove elements by simply tapping on the screen.

If you’re a frequent Maps user, you’ll say that a screen is cleaner with the elements hidden. You can hide those stuff you don’t need in most maps views. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything when you are in a turn-by-turn navigation mode.

If you’re simply scrolling through the map, you can easily remove that “explore” function you usually see at the bottom of the screen. It’s a simple change but definitely practical. And if you’ve been wanting to share My Maps right from the app, you can do so now too.

This version features minor changes only but the permission to hide unwanted UI elements can be very useful. This update also includes editing captions of photos in Maps. Some of these photos are also saved on Google Photos and are tagged with location or area in maps.

Download Google Maps APK from APKMirror

VIA: Android Police

Google app update adds more voice commands, ‘Ok, Google’ Offline

Posted by wicked June - 29 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Google has not officially released the Google App v4.8 but a new APK was sighted. The app was updated last Friday but it seems the official version has not yet been posted on Google Play. A recent APK Teardown gives us an idea of the new features and and some updates including new icons, reminders shortcut, local maps, Google Cast, voice commands for brightness and volume, insecure network warning, and “OK, Google” offline.

The said features are interesting but we’re not yet certain about their integration until Google makes an official announcement. Let’s take a look at some information from the APK teardown starting with some miscellaneous icons. You’ll notice a YouTube icon, an attach_money, and the temp icon. The temp icon is actually a thermometer and it could be something related to weather forecasts or might be used with the weather card. The YouTube icon could mean more changes to the app soon while the attach_money icon could be for quick money transactions.

Google Now will be making use of a new Reminders shortcut almost similar to the new shortcuts the Inbox app received a few weeks back. There also seems to be some plans to generate local maps based on a user’s activities because of a new string on the code. The Google Maps icon was also added to the app so it could be something, together with more icons like local_restaurant, local_movies, local_attraction, and local_gas_station.

Google Casting could be expected too so you could make the most of streaming via your Android TV or Chromecast. This could be added to Google Now as shown by the some new strings in the code. There’s also a reference to Volume and Screen Brightness being added as voice commands and as additional settings. Insecure network warnings could also be added but we’re not sure how such will show up or how the user will be notified.

Perhaps the most important is “OK Google” becoming more fluid than before and now available offline. Since a user may lose Internet connectivity, voice commands may usually fail so “OK, Google” Offline could be a solution. An ‘Offline voice tips’ string was sighted with the addition of these items: Turn on WiFi, Play some music, Send a text, and Make a call.

Download Google app from the Google Play Store or get the APK from APK Mirror.

VIA: Android Police


Google appears to be ready to drop a new version of Google Drive for Android devices taking the app to version 2.2.233 that includes a few features that users will likely appreciate. In recent updates Google has added support for features like drag and drop support for files and Chromecast support. These latest enhancements may not garner headlines like those changes, but they will make the app a lot easier to use for many people. The new Google Drive app has revised the menu when multiple files are selected to make it easy to download or share them. The update also improves the process used to share a file with collaborators.

When selecting multiple files in Drive, users will find a floating menu opens near the bottom of the screen. Currently this menu gives users the ability to star, pin or trash files while the overflow allows the user to cancel the selection. The new version moves the star and trash options to the overflow menu along with the “move to…” option. In their place, users will find buttons to download the selected items or to “send” the selected which opens a screen for users to choose what app to use for sending the files.

Google also cleaned up the sharing options to make it a little easier to add people. Using the share button opens the Add People interface. Typing in a name and selecting them adds their name and icon from your contacts, similar to how the Gmail “To” line works. A drop down button to the right provides access to what editing rights are being granted. It should be noted that it appears whatever editing rights are granted will apply to all of the users being added – you do not set these on a per user basis like the desktop interface permits.

If you do not want to wait for the update to be officially released and roll out to your device, you can download the APK below.


APK Download

source: Android Police

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Play Music Update is Live With New Navigation Drawer, Free Streaming

Posted by Kellex June - 23 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

This morning, Google announced that Play Music would be receiving an update (v6.0.1942S) that introduced free, ad-supported radio for those who aren’t paying $10 a month for All Access. That update is rolling out now and we have the .apk should you want to update today. 

In the update, not only do you have the option to listen for free to curated playlists, but Google is also tweaking the layout of things a bit. The biggest change you will see is in the slideout navigation drawer that includes options of Listen Now, Top Charts, New Releases, My Library, and Browse Stations. What’s different there? Well, Playlists has been moved under My Library, Radio sort of became Browse Stations, and Explore is broken out into two categories of Top Charts and New Releases.

Browse Stations should probably just still be “Radio,” but who am I to decide such things? In that new section, though, you do get more of a “browsing” like experience. In the the former Radio section, you used to see your stations, along with recommendations, but that’s now all under My Library.

google music update4 google music update5

Also, if you were wondering what the ad-support radio looks like, we have images below. Not only will you get video ads before starting up some radio stations, but you will see ads in the app on radio pages. You also only get a limited number of skips in playlists, just like other free streaming services.

Update:  Google also added more controls over what albums and playlists are sent to your Android Wear device.

Play Link | Download Link (apk)

google music update2 google music update1 google music update3

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