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Pocket launches Beta Channel to bring you more relevant content

Posted by wicked August - 1 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

With the amount of posts, links, videos, images, etc that we come across every day and that we are thinking of consuming, sometimes what is left is what everybody else is talking about (which is not necessarily quality) or what is the latest thing that you saved/read/watched (which again is not always that great). Pocket, that neat little tool that you can get to save links for reading later, is launching a new Public Beta Channel, which can help you with that problem, among many other features.

The creators of Pocket promise that this beta channel is more than just that, although the very first thing they are making available is called Recommendations. Its basic purpose is to help you discover what are the good content out there, and not just what is the latest or newest thing on your timeline, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or other news readers that you use. You’ll be able to see the Recommendations on your list page, with a button beside the home. Of course, what they will recommend to you is based on the usual things that you save and share later on.

The Public Beta channel will actually later on be experimenting with other features that will not be introduced into the main app yet, but those who want to explore these tools will be able to do so, and then give their feedback so that Pocket can actually improve and better their offerings.


To be able to beta test Pocket for Android, you’d need to join their Google+ community first to become an “eligible tester”. If you want to access it through the web, you can go to and log in to your account. There will be a notice there that it is still in beta testing mode.

SOURCE: Pocket

Hidden Temple lets you explore the deepest of the jungle in virtual reality

Posted by wicked August - 1 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

There may be a few virtual games available but we’re certain that more and more developers will soon enter the VR gaming arena. For now, let’s focus our attention on those devs and gaming studios that have already worked hard to release mobile games that will allow a unique gaming experience to those who have their VR devices. If you have a Google Cardboard or a Samsung Galaxy Gear VR, you are free to download and enjoy this new game called HIDDEN TEMPLE – VR ADVENTURE.

In Hidden Temple, you are a great treasure hunter that’s on a mission to explore the deepest jungle. You are on your own to start an adventure, find riches, and discover new mysteries. You need to survive the jungle so don’t forget your survival kit as you go on this new virtual reality adventure. It’s as if you’re in a real jungle so you need to do everything in your power to stay alive.

The 360° view makes it more challenging yet exciting. Feel free to explore the temple, walk through the corridors, enter secret chambers, and solve various riddles right on your VR-headset. You don’t have to get out of your room to discover new places. (Actually, we recommend you stay inside lest you want people to think you’re weird.)

Virtual reality has never been this accessible and exciting as before. This may still be in its early stages but the possibilities are endless. We’re guessing more similar VR games will be released but for now, try whatever games are available on the Google Play Store and of course, if you are willing to pay for them.

Hidden Temple – VR Adventure app can be worth your dollar because it’s one immersive VR adventure. Controls and gameplay are easy and intuitive while 3D environments are very detailed. Even the 360° view will impress you, as well as, the 3D sounds. You can still play this adventure game without a headset but it’s more fun to play in virtual reality.

Top Developer Hidden Temple - VR Adventure b
Top Developer Hidden Temple - VR Adventure c
Top Developer Hidden Temple - VR Adventure d
Top Developer Hidden Temple - VR Adventure e
Top Developer Hidden Temple - VR Adventure f

Download Hidden Temple – VR Adventure from the Google Play Store

Spacecom will test your wits in this complex, starfleet command strategy game

Posted by wicked July - 31 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

First and foremost, don’t be deceived by the seemingly simple gameplay of Spacecom because it’s really not. This strategy game will challenge the ultimate strategist out of you in this starfleet command game. It requires you to make smart choices, movements, and even resort to deception to defeat the enemies and achieve victory. You need to focus, devise, and plan real-time tactics and try to learn from the military legends.

You can play on single mode or in multiplayer to test how good you really are. You can play up to five other players or simply try on strategies you can play for future battles. What you really need to have to finish Spacecom are smart tactics and a sound mind. Just make sure you’re not distracted by the cool background sounds. You’ll be impressed and might get carried away because game developer 11 bit studios made sure background music is awesome.

Strategy. Tactics. Speed. Can you be creative in planning? Game mechanics can be complex to some but this can be a great way to show that you are one smart geek. The single player campaign will certainly test your skills as you need to finish different tactical puzzles. In multiplayer mode, you can fight against five players per map.

Game design is minimalist (no pixel art graphics–yes!) while sound has been created to specifically trigger strategic thinking according to the game developer. Game is $3.99 but no more in-app purchases are required. Several languages are supported aside from English: German, French, Russian, and Polish.

Spacecom 1
Spacecom 2
Spacecom 3
Spacecom 5
Spacecom 4

Download SPACECOM from the Google Play Store

Facebook adds extra layers of protection with Security Checkup

Posted by wicked July - 31 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

With all the malware, viruses, and hackers going around, people are getting extra paranoid about the security of their digital devices, cloud hosting services, and even their social media accounts. Facebook is probably one of the most important accounts that you have that you don’t want anyone to hack (well, unless you’re actually not on Facebook) and so any news of extra protection for it is always welcome. The social media giant has actually added a new tool called Security Checkup that will make it easier for you to access these controls.

Once the rollout has reached your account, you’ll find a reminder at the top of your newsfeed, prompting you to undergo these security checks, not because someone has already hacked your account, but to avoid anyone from doing so. There are three steps that you’ll need to complete/follow in order to maximize this security tool. First, it will give you a list of devices where you are logged in, or you used to log in. You can log out of those that you don’t use anymore or those that you forgot you logged in to the first place.


Next, you have the option to turning on a feature that will let you know when someone tries to log into your account from a device that you haven’t used before. It will send you an alert that someone is doing so on an unfamiliar location or browser, and you can take action easily (or not, if it was actually you that did log in there, but just for the first time. Lastly, Facebook will give you a few tips on how to strengthen your password to avoid being hacked. Some of the things they tell you are already common sense, but you’ll be surprised that people still tend to forget. For example, don’t use your FB password anywhere else or avoid words that people may be able to guess about you.



Security Check is now available on desktop, and soon on mobile as well. You can also access all the other security tools and features from Facebook by going to then go to the Security tab.

SOURCE: Facebook app being prepped for Android Auto

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Support for Android Auto is finally coming from This means you can finally read more books…errr, hear more audiobooks while in the car that has Android Auto connectivity. The in-car dashboard platform is slowly getting a lot of support, being integrated and installed in more cars. The list of vehicles is getting longer but expect more to be added so you can have more choices of what new car to buy–that is, if you are planning to get one. adding Android Auto support will allow more users to enhance their listening experience while in their cars. Other similar apps may soon be supported but it’s the first audiobooks application that you can access from your Android-powered digital infotainment system.

The goal of Audiobooks has always been to give more convenient ways to enjoy those numerous audiobooks available on their library. Personally, I cannot concentrate while there’s someone talking while I’m driving so I may not be able to maximize the app. However, I know many drivers who can listen intently and have finished a number of audiobooks already especially when they are in traffic so this is good news for them.

This development only means that the in-car platform will continue to receive more support from different companies and developers. There certainly is potential even if its direct rival, the Apple CarPlay, is also getting a strong support from the mobile community. We still have no figures because both Android Auto and CarPlay have just started to be installed in the latest vehicles but we’re hoping that by end of the year or at least in the first quarter of 2016, we’ll have an idea how many thousands or maybe millions of cars already have either of the two.

audiobooks android auto

Connected cars will soon rule the streets anywhere in the world. That’s the prediction of GSMA and BI Intelligence that car-focused technology and software will bring in about $51 dollar annual revenue by 2018 and the more than 60 million cars will be connected within five years. These are mere predictions and estimates but I believe they’re very much possible to happen. wants to be at forefront by offering the first Android Auto-powered audiobook experience. The company’s general manager, Ian Small, said this is a priority for them. He said, “We made integration with Android Auto a high priority because we wanted to give drivers the best audiobook experience that this new technology allows. Our goal is to revolutionize the in-car experience, and to make the 100+ hours a year Americans spend commuting to work and 38 hours a year stuck in traffic more enjoyable.”

Android Auto is still in its early stages but it’s expected to help more drivers with its interface that can show maps, play music, accept calls, and view messages. Some of the car brands that have already announced their support including Volkswagen, Hyundai, Honda, Buick, Ford, Cadillac, and Chevrolet among others.


Kaboom app makes your photos and messages online vanish

Posted by wicked July - 31 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Sharing photos, statuses, and messages online is easy nowadays. Doing so has actually become part of our everyday lives that whether you admit or not, you post something in any of your social media accounts anything about your life or anything that just happened. I don’t know how often you share and to what extent but I hope your friends don’t think it’s TMI.

And when you post, do you even think how long it will stay online? I don’t think so. More often than not, we forget that we’ve shared something unless you’re the type who checks and edits his online activities regularly to make sure everything is “good” (yes, I know people who do). For most of us who just want to share something new or funny but not for eternity, then Kaboom is for you. Your messages and photos can go “kaboom”–all gone if you set them to expire after some time.

When you share stuff with your family and friends, whether through WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, email, direct links, or SMS–you can have full control how long they can stay online.You can choose to have your post disappear within an hour, day, or even after a certain number of views have been reached. This way, you won’t have traces in the web so others won’t be able to track you down and have anything against you…just in case.

How secure and reliable is Kaboom? Well, this app was developed by AnchorFree, the same developer who did the Hotspot Shield, a popular online privacy, internet access, and WiFi security app for Android. Hotspot Shield was installed 350 million times already so that says a lot about how great the app from the developer is.

Others may not understand why you want your posts to disappear but Kaboom lets you stay in control not only of your photos and messages but your social media image. It’s better to be safe and not have a lot of things that people can criticize especially in this day and age where Internet trolls are quick to judge, comment, and share their opinions anonymously.

kaboom 3
kaboom 2
kaboom 1
kaboom cover

Download Kaboom by Hotspot Shield from the Google Play Store

Samsung outs patches that will allow pre-installed apps to be deleted

Posted by wicked July - 31 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

After the Shanghai commission filed a case against Samsung and Oppo, the South Korean giant has finally responded by distributing a new program that will allow pre-installed apps in mobile devices to be deleted. The case had something to do with the two companies pre-installing apps on new phones and tablets without telling the owners that they exist.

Most of Samsung’s devices, particularly the Galaxy line, are known to have a lot of apps already installed out of the box when you purchase them. While deleting an app should be easy, it can’t be done on some devices. Samsung phone owners in China particularly cannot delete applications for some reason. To protect the rights of the consumers, the Shanghai committee tried to take action by suing the phone makers Samsung and Oppo.

The committee says the two are blocking the users from deleting apps from the devices. People want to delete apps because they want more storage and Samsung pre-installing a lot of apps results to less space, particularly in the Galaxy Note 3. Believe it or not, there are 44 apps pre-installed in a Galaxy Note 3 sold in China–24 of those apps were actually required to be installed as shared by Korea Times. That’s a lot considering not everything will be used or are important. Because of that, people are clamoring for Samsung to make changes. Good thing patches are already available for download. Just go to Samsung’s after-sales centers in China to fix the problem.

The Shanghai committee said they will continue with the case “IF Samsung fails to meet its promise”. Meanwhile, we have no information on what Oppo will do as a solution to the issue.

VIA: Korea Times

Challenge your brain and fingers with Shibuya Grandmaster 

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There are games that when you first see and play them, you instinctively know how to play them, either because the mechanics are so familiar, or there are tons of other games like it in the market. And then every once in a while, you come across one that is unique, easy to play but difficult to master, and your brain and fingers just itch to accept the challenge. Shibuya Grandmaster may be one of those games and the arcade puzzler is now available on your Android devices.

The basic idea for the game is that tiles of different colors descend in one column and you’ll have to arrange the order before they fall so you can match the colors, create combos, and just basically avoid the screen from filling up with the tiles. Sounds simple enough right? But you’d have to do it in just two minute rounds with different speeds, from slow to regular to super duper fast. And you are also assigned missions that you need to finish in order to move up the ranks until you finally reach the Grandmaster level.

There are 7 different gameplay speeds that can be randomly assigned to you during missions. There are atmospheric backgrounds, color sets, and the 60fps responsive graphics and gameplay that can help you adjust and focus as you play. And since we’re dealing with colors here, and there are a lot of colorblind people out there, there is an option for color set swapping.

Of course there are leaderboards for players to see how they are stacking up against other wanna-be Grandmasters. The game is free to download from the Google Play Store, and the only in-app purchases are for the backgrounds and color sets, so it won’t affect your gameplay.


Get your stardust back with DOT Space Hero, now on Android

Posted by wicked July - 31 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

You do not get between a boy and his stardust. That is the lesson that the enemies will eventually understand in this side-scrolling game called DOT Space Hero, now available on Android devices. While the controls and gameplay for this may not be that perfect, what it lacks there is more than made up by the beautiful graphics and children’s story book charm that exudes from this game. Still, the flaws doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a fun game to play, especially if you like the classic side scrollers.

The basic back story of the game is that DOT is a space traveler who spends his time playing video games and eating what seems to be like irradiated popcorn but is actually stardust. One day, he wakes up and realizes that someone has stolen his stardust, and so he goes on an all-out quest to find out who dared to steal his shiny munchies. DOT will journey across planets and galaxies and the creatures he encounters aren’t that friendly. Good thing he has his trusty ole laser pistol to blast them into oblivion.

All you have to do as he scrolls across the planets and galaxies is to tap the left side of the screen to boost him up, and releasing that will cause him to fall back down. If you want him to fire his pistol, you tap your right thumb. You’ll be weaving and dodging between huge rocks and large enemies that will sometimes shoot you back. The gameplay isn’t as smooth as you can expect, but as we said, it’s good, clean fun for those looking for an entertaining game.

You can download DOT Space Hero from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available to help your hero’s journey along the way.


Save Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf in A Day in the Woods

Posted by wicked July - 31 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

We’ve seen a lot of versions of the story of the girl wearing a red hood trying to escape from a wolf intent on gobbling her up, from fairy tales to movies to musicals to graphic novels, and even to a few guestings on TV series. We’ve also seen a few mobile games around, but A Day in the Woods may be the least scary but most stylish and most interesting, if you’re into puzzle games and things like that.

In this game, you are not Little Red Riding Hood nor the Big Bad Wolf. Rather, you are the “wispy winged sprite friend” whose task it is to move some tiles around so that the protagonist and antagonist in this tale shall never meet. Aside from avoiding the inevitable confrontation with the wolf, you actually help Red stay away from other woodland creatures like bears and spiders that might do her harm, while she gathers flowers and berries. But not everyone in the woods is scary, as you’ll meet rabbits, beehives, and a kindly woodcutter who can help you along the way.

And of course, the end goal is for our little heroine to actually reach Granny’s house. But there are 60 different puzzle levels that you would need to solve, and not all of them are that easy. You can unlock sprite elements so that you’ll get different wings, flares, and trails. There are also season backdrops that can be unlocked to make your game even prettier. And it already is plenty pretty, with its woodcut style art and of course, the fairy tale feel.

You can download A Day in the Woods from the Google Play Store for just $4.99. But that’s just a one-time fee, all-in, with no more in-app purchases.


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