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More Android apps ready for Chrome OS, porting now open to everyone

Posted by wicked April - 1 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

In case you didn’t know yet, Android apps can now run on Chrome OS. However, you can’t just download all apps you see on the Google Play Store because some porting still needs to be done. The first Android apps from Chrome OS were made available September last year and Google added seven more a few months later. This week, the Internet giant has added four more apps so this means there are now 28 Android apps ready to run on your Chromebook.

Google has been slow in adding and porting over to Chrome OS but the Chrome Web Store will soon be filled with more games and tools. When you go to the store, you will see under the new ARC category all compatible apps.

You can view all the Android apps that have been ported over to Chrome OS on the Chrome Webstore. Google has created a new category called ARC compatible apps, which lists all 28 apps. Install the ARC extension on your Chromebook first before downloading any of the Android apps.

The four new apps include Baby Blocks, Math Friendzy, Flashcards, and Photo Editor. These are not really the most popular apps for Android but they can be very useful for education and entertainment of the kids. So far, we know of these Android apps gracing Chrome OS: Vine, Duolingo, Viber, Sight Words, Evernote, Cookpad Recipes, Couchsurfing, and Overdrive. Rumor has it that VLC is coming soon so watch out for that.

Google is testing the Android apps while still updating Chrome OS. The platform is being enhanced to display and run on convertibles and other touchscreens. Recently, Google has  opened the system to  not only to Android developers but also to ordinary users who want their Android apps running on Chromebooks.

The Chrome OS v.42 is still in beta but we’ve recently featured the Chrome OS launcher with Google Now. As with any OS update, the latest version brings quicker access to your favorite apps from the shortcut row, some proactive prompts, and compatibility with Android Wear-powered smartwatches.

As a result, more Android apps have been added–or rather ported over to Chromebooks. This time, porting is open to everyone. This also means more integration between Android and Chrome OS. Some elements are the same and you can even unlock Chromebook just by placing your compatible Android phone nearby.

Android and Chrome OS working together could mean that someday, the two will freely co-exist and be fully integrated with each other. What do you think?


Facebook now lets you make digital scrapbooks of your kid’s pictures

Posted by wicked April - 1 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Parents, especially new ones, can always be found sharing photos of their child or children on social networks. Some even give monthly or weekly photo updates to show off how cute their progeny are, especially to relatives or loved ones that are far away and can only see the kids online. But sometimes, the photos are digitally scattered so it’s hard to keep track of them. The largest network of them all. Facebook, is now giving you a much more organized way of sharing your children’s photos with their new Scrapbook feature.

On the Family and Relationships tab on your About section, you can now see an option to create a scrapbook. If you already have a child there on your profile, you just need to click Add Scrapbook. And if your child is too young to have their own FB account, just create a scrapbook, choose the name for it, and choose the tag that you’ll be adding to pictures you’ll be uploading from now on. You can also choose your partner to co-own the scrapbook with you and only you and he/she will be able to choose which photos to put the special tag on to include in the scrapbook.


The next few feature rollouts would also be useful. So that you won’t always flood your timeline with pictures of your kids (not everyone appreciates their pictures, no matter how cute they are), you can invite people whom you know would be interested in your child’s progress, to subscribe to the Scrapbook directly. Or you can also choose specific photos which you want to share with your parents, other relatives, or friends.


This is a Facebook feature that comes from the personal insights of some of the developers and it is obviously a labor of love that will benefit a lot of parents who want to organize the photos of their kids as they slowly grow up. This should be available on your Facebook accounts now, but if it isn’t yet, just wait for the gradual rollout to reach you.

SOURCE: Facebook

Inbox for Gmail now lets you custom your snooze times

Posted by wicked April - 1 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

In a world where not everyone works in the morning or sleep in the evenings, it is important that you will be able to customize your snooze options (and we don’t mean the actual snoozing/sleeping or your alarm clock’s snooze alarm). Google says that one of their most requested for features in their Inbox for Gmail app is the ability to choose when you’d like to snooze certain emails, and now they have finally given the users what they want.

The minor update to the Inbox app now lets you customize your morning, afternoon, and evening snooze times for when you want to check (or not check) your emails. And customizing it is not that complicated and in fact you just need to click a few buttons and Inbox will adapt to you. So when you snooze one of your emails and you choose a different time, Inbox will prompt you if you’d like to change your default morning snooze time to that. So if you say yes, then it will automatically change all your morning snoozes (sneezes?) to that time. But if you’d like to adjust all of those times (morning, afternoon, evening) in one go, you can just go to the Snooze Settings.


Another minor update to Inbox on the web is that you now have quicker access to your contacts. They’re also working on giving you an easier way to delete emails from your Inbox, as well as adding customizable signature support for the app. Again, these are features that have been requested by users.

If you don’t have Inbox for Gmail yet, you can get it for free from the Google Play Store. if you already have it, just wait for the update to roll out to you.


Must Have App Review: Spider Squisher Pro Extreme

Posted by wicked April - 1 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off


Here on XDA TV we have a series we like to call Must Have Apps. These are apps that we think are so great and useful that you must have them. We’ve given this title to such programs as Pushbullet, Light Flow, Helium, the AROMA File Manager, ROM Toolbox and Pocket Casts. But today we have an app that surpasses them all.

Former XDA TV Producer Adam Outler offers up a must have application. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews Spider Squisher Pro Extreme.  TK shows off the application and shares his thoughts, so check out this app review.

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FrontBack Camera ideal for taking photos from both sides

Posted by wicked April - 1 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

There are thousands of camera and photography apps available for Android devices but I don’t know any that works for both the back camera and front camera. The FrontBack camera works like a twin camera app, taking pictures of two views and placing them in one photo. This is perfect for those who like to take selfies and photos of friends and family all the time.

Your FrontBack photos can be used to tell a story. Stitch two different photos together quickly and more conveniently with this app. You can also share them via your favorite social network from Facebook to Whatsapp, email, or Twitter. Utilize the two phone cameras, apply the appropriate filter to the photo (blur, sepia, vintage, etc.), adjust brightness, crop photos, and add black and white.

Could this be the best camera app ever? Probably if you are into taking selfies endlessly and want others to think that you are also taking their photos.

Don’t think this just like any other camera app. With the FrontBack app, you can make the most of your smartphone’s two cameras at the same time. With front-facing cameras being improved and megapixels getting higher every time in different models, you can finally take your ultimate selfie.

FrontBack Camera 5
FrontBack Camera 1
FrontBack Camera 4
FrontBack Camera 2
FrontBack Camera 3

Download FrontBack Camera from the Google Play Store

Power Clean helps free up memory and storage on your Android device

Posted by wicked March - 31 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

If your Android smartphone or tablet is not that big when it comes to memory or internal storage, chances are you always run out on either or even both. The cleaner apps that you install sometimes only adds to the problem. A new Android app called Power Clean claims that it will only cost you 1 or 2 megabytes but will help free up memory and storage and improve your smartphone or tablet’s performance all in all.

You cannot manually sift through all the files and programs on your phone, but the app will do it for you and clean up your junk files, cache, residual files, download folder, and other things that help bring down your memory. You can also choose to clean your browser history and clipboard content (not because you’re hiding something but for memory purposes) and also to remove malicious apps that you may have unwittingly installed. It will also clean the redundant background tasks that may have been slowing your device down.

Power Clean can also serve as an app manager. You can quickly batch uninstall apps that you haven’t been using and also remove the pre-installed and system apps that came with your device but you’re not really using. If you’re really running out of space, it will help you move installed apps from the internal storage to an SD card, which should solve part of your problem. The app will also tell you the reasons why your phone is overheating, which apps are eating up your battery, and other information you need to know about your device.

Power Clean’s developer says that it is a 100% Green cleaner and that there are no annoying ads to interrupt you. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.


Decode the quotes with Next Quote for Android

Posted by wicked March - 31 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Has it always been your secret dream to travel back in time to work as a codebreaker during World War II or in the present time, to work for the CIA and help in creating and/or breaking coded messages from around the world? If your answer is yes, then you have to start practicing for the eventuality that someday, you might be called upon to serve your country. Next Quote would be the perfect app to practice on, and be inspired by great thinkers on the side.

Next Quote – What’s The Quote has a simple purpose, and that is to give you quotes from the best writers, philosophers, former US Presidents, and heck, even a few comic book superheroes thrown here and there. But before you can discover their messages, you have to break the cryptogram that they come in. This game has over 500 quotes, phrases and aphorisms that you have to discover simply by making legible the illegible code that they have been put in.

Lest you think you have all the time in the world, there is actually a timer so the pressure will be on. If ever you get stuck in certain areas, there are (limited) hints to help you along. If you’re feeling competitive, then you can battle it out with online friends and even strangers. And of course, once you’ve broken the code, you can share the quotes on your social networks.

So are you excited to get inspiration from Steve Jobs, Batman, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, George RR Martin, etc? You can download Next Quote from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases also available.


Start lockscreen updated with interactive live wallpapers

Posted by wicked March - 31 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

You won’t run out of lockscreen apps to try out on the Google Play Store. The latest to be updated is this Start app for Android which we first tested last year as a customizable lock screen replacement. This app also allows the lockscreen to work as your custom Startscreen. It’s a lockscreen alright but you can very well use this also as a launcher because of the added features.

This lockscreen app will bring in one place all the apps you frequently use. When you wake up your phone, you can easily see your favorite apps, as well as, see quick information on your music, social networks, videos, weather, and news feeds among others. Instead of having to navigate different screens, folders, and menus to open that one app you need to use, you can just refer to the Start screen for easier access. Of course, you can also view any message or call you may have missed on Start notifications.

The Start app still features themes and plugins. App was recently updated with LockGames for those interactive live wallpapers. You can also see some new stickers, new starters, and enhanced notifications. Performance is now made speedier thanks to numerous bug fixes made by the developer.

Making this a great lockscreen app is the easy navigation. Just a simple swipe, you can launch apps, take photos, write a message to send, or make a call. The Smart feature will remember how you use you the smartphone too. This makes the phone perform faster because it can remember your frequent behavior.

For those who want to always be updated with their social networks, you can see all social media activities from the Start screen. You organize your starters for easier access in the future. You can also adjust your ringer mode, flashlight, Bluetooth access, and WiFi connection right on the control panel.

Start app for Android b

The Start app for Android is available in different languages: Bahasa, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. More languages will be added soon according to developer Celltick.

Start Android app 4
Start Android app 5
Start app for Android a
Start app for Android d
Start app for Android e
Start for Android 1
Start for Android 2
Start for Android 3
Start for Android 10
Start app for Android b

Download Start from the Google Play Store

All My Gods is a city building game with a Roman twist

Posted by wicked March - 31 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

There’s a lot to be said about some people’s fascination to become “gods”, to have control over the fate of cities and worlds. Thankfully, we don’t have to go that deep in this article – but only that the Android platform allows some of that to an extent. “All My Gods” is a new game which allows you to practice city building powers as a Roman god.

As a Roman god – specifically the son of Saturn – the player will be “blessed” with divine capabilities. You can control a Roman village and affect its growth by befriending other gods, creating miracles for the people in the village and whatnot – just normal Roman mythology good stuff.


Play the game right, your village grows in size. Oh, and you have to remember that the god of War dislikes you, you have to deal with that throughout the game, which plays heavy on your strategy skills. Strangely, the game devs promise a very specific amount of gameplay, 12 hours. We wonder why.

The game is free to play, but will have a lot of IAPs that you can use to boost your godly powers. The in-app boosts cost as much as USD$2.99. The game is free to pick up via the Google Play Store.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Home Boov Pop will make you want to pop bubbles all day

Posted by wicked March - 31 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Any movie outfit can make more money from animation films. DreamWorks has a clear moneymaker in its latest movie entitled “Home” which recently opened in theaters. This is just like any other puzzle game: pop the similar colored bubbles but of course, with a twist.

Officially called as HOME: Boov Pop!, this puzzle game features a different gravity-based physics mechanism plus some 3D graphics very familiar especially after you’ve seen the trailer or the movie itself. You’ll see the main character ‘Oh’, an alien who recently landed on Earth after running away from his own people. All you need to do is connect similar bouncy and colorful Boov bubbles. Match a minimum of three to make the pop. Goal is to have more connections as possible for a bigger pop and so you can finish each level as quickly as possible.

It only took me five minutes to finish six levels. Game is very easy for kids. It’s fun but it can be boring for the adults who have played similar puzzle games. The challenging part I guess is that you have limited number of moves so don’t just tap on whatever set of same-colored bubbles you see. But if you really want to finish a particular level, in-app purchases are available.

You can be Oh, Captain Smek, or Tip. Choose your favorite Home character as you go on and pop around the world in each level.

Home puzzle android game
Home puzzle android game
Home puzzle android game 3
Home puzzle android game 4
Home puzzle android game 5

Download Home: Boov Pop! from the Google Play Store

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