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Pocket Lock locks your phone automatically when you put it in a pocket

Posted by wicked September - 1 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

If you have ever dialed someone accidentally when you were trying to put your phone into your pocket, you know how embarrassing that can be. An app called Pocket Lock can help you be sure that you never butt dial anyone again. Pocket Lock is an intelligent lock and unlock application.

One of the things it can do is lock your phone automatically when you put it into your pocket. The app will keep your phone locked until you pull it out of your pocket when it can unlock your device automatically.

Pocket Lock has been updated recently and the update adds back in the ability to start the app on boot, which was accidentally removed in a previous update. Gravity and proximity sensors are used by the app for the automatic locking and unlocking action.

The app is disabled during phone calls and can be disabled when the screen is rotated. The app measures 317KB and has been installed 10,000-50,000 times according to Google Play. Pocket Lock is free with no ads and is on version 1.4.2, Android 4.0 or higher is required for the app to function.

SOURCE: Google Play

Weak Control adds control to Android devices with mouse and keyboard

Posted by wicked September - 1 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

An app called Weak Control has hit Google Play in version 1.0 for Android devices running Android 4.4.x or higher. The app works for both tablets and smartphones and requires root permissions. The point of the app is to allow users to control their smartphone or tablet from a Chrome browser using a mouse and keyboard.

With the app, installed users will be able to stream full HD movies in real time, play games, and text. The app uses Chrome H.264 decoding capability to use less CPU power on the client devices. That means that just about any computing device including PCs, MacBooks, or Chromebooks can be used to control the smartphone.

In addition to being able to watch movies over the chrome browser, users can also use Weak control to Play games, chat with friends, and write using the keyboard. The app is 162k in size and is on Google Play right now.

Required permissions for the app include Superuser, Internet, WiFi state, Record audio, and license check. This sounds like an interesting way to control your smartphone or tablet from a computer.

SOURCE: Google Play

WhatsApp Messenger update adds Android Wear support

Posted by wicked September - 1 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

WhatsApp Messenger has been updated and has added in support for new devices and other improvements. The app is now at version 2.11.362 and the update went live on August 29. The exact size of the app will vary depending on the device you are installing it on.

WhatsApp Messenger has been very popular with between 500k and 1 million installs so far. Android 2.1 or higher is required for the app to function. The latest update brings with it Android Wear support, improved message storage reliability, and several bug fixes and improvements.

WhatsApp Messenger allows you to use 3G or WiFi to send messages to friends or family. There is no charge for the app for the first year of use and then it costs 99 cents per year after. WhatsApp Messenger supports multimedia video, images, and voice notes and group chats.

The update also adds support for stacked notifications, letting users see multiple notifications on their wrist by tapping the +1 button. Another cool Android Wear feature is the ability to dictate replies to messages from your watch. The app is available on Google Play right now.

SOURCE: 9to5Google and Google Play

Sony may go beyond 2m of water in new devices at IFA 2014

Posted by wicked September - 1 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

Sony may have established itself as the newest expert when it comes to waterproof devices ever since the advent of the Xperia Z series, but it still wants to push the aquatic boundaries even more. In their latest teaser before the start of the IFA 2014 in Berlin, they hinted that they may be going to a deeper level with the new devices that they will be announcing at their upcoming press event during the ubiquitous tech expo.

“We’ll be getting deep at #IFA2014. But how deep…?”, was the tweet that Sony sent out last August 31, with an underwater image in a swimming pool. The 2m and question mark text in the image may very well refer to the fact that the new devices they will be revealing may be immersed in 2 meters or more of water. The Xperia M2 Aqua, billed as having the “world’s highest level of waterproofing available in a smartphone” can only be dunked in 1.5-2 meters of freshwater for around 30 minutes, with its IP certification of IP68.

Now if indeed the new devices can go deeper than 2 meters, that would be a watery feat for the Japanese OEM. It can also boost the Sony Underwater apps, which they released last month and allows users of the Xperia Z1s or Xperia Z to enjoy underwater games with their devices. The apps will only work when the smartphone detects that it is underwater through the power of spectrograms.

The Sony event will be on September 4, in what promises to be another highly competitive exhibition of the latest gadgets that tech companies have to offer. So far Sony seems to have cornered the market in waterproof devices so let’s wait and see what they have to offer.

VIA: Xperia Blog

Yahoo Android app version 2.6 now with filter ability

Posted by wicked September - 1 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

With the average person spending 13 hours each week to go through their email, what has once been a convenient way of communicating is turning into an annoying chore. Thank goodness to the developers who have invented filters! A new update to the Yahoo! Mail app for Android now allows users to create, edit and delete filters that will help make your inbox more organized and lessen the time you spend just going through all the email you receive.

Gmail, arguably the most popular email service provider in the market, has had the ability to create and manage filters for some years now, but only on the desktop version. Their app, while nifty looking, doesn’t have this functionality yet. Enter Yahoo!, the former king of the email and now trying to get back into its users’ good graces. Its newly rolled-out version 2.6 has beaten Gmail in providing users a convenient way of managing their email’s filters in order to properly segregate the messages they receive.

Users can create and name their filters, use the “contains,” “does not contain,” “begins with,” or “ends with” key words and separate the legitimate mail from the junk or even mailing lists. It is not difficult to create, edit and delete the filters as the setting for this is found at the bottom of the sidebar in the app. Other new features in the update includes having “nice cards” when there’s a link in the email you’re composing. The official emails from Yahoo! itself also now have special icons so there will be no confusion or risk of being victimized by spammers.

Hopefully, Gmail will also follow suit in having this feature in their Android App. But if you’re a Yahoo! Mail user, then take advantage of this capability and don’t waste any more time in painstakingly going through your mail without filters. You can download the Yahoo Mail app from the Google Play Store for free.

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Cool down your Android device with Coolify app

Posted by wicked September - 1 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

One side effect with us being eternally attached to our mobile devices is that more often than not, your smartphone or tablet will definitely overheat, particularly if you’re a heavy user (aren’t we all?). While you can’t use a cooling pad (yet) unlike with your netbooks or laptops, of course we expected that there will be an app for that. Coolify has one function only, and that is to ensure that your device will always be cool, literally.

Using the app isn’t that complicated since its functionality is very basic. Once you’ve installed it and opened it for the first time, it tells you how cool your device is (no, we don’t mean the cool factor but it’s actual temperature). It will then supposedly keep your device on normal temperature, specifically when you’re not using it or when you’re actually charging it. If you prefer to prettify it a bit, you can custom the background color of the app, but since you won’t be opening it often, then it doesn’t really matter.

The app doesn’t really say if it will keep your device cool when you’re actually using it, which might defeat its main purpose. Also, if your phone isn’t rooted, the “turn on normal temp protection” doesn’t really work and might just exist to tell you what the temperature of your device is. However, as it is “nearly transparent”, meaning you hardly notice it, and has almost zero CPU or battery consumption, it wouldn’t hurt to have it installed in your smartphone or tablet.

You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store. Or if you prefer the original version, you can get it from the developer’s site.

coolify 1
coolify 2
coolify 3
coolify 4
coolify 5
coolify 6

VIA: XDA Developers

Greenify app gets update, boosts usage on non-rooted devices

Posted by wicked August - 30 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

If you haven’t discovered the Greenify app yet, then you still might be suffering from envy of those phones which never seem to lag or slow down, something that you think can’t be done on your Android phone. This article is probably good news for you then, as an introduction to Greenify and the new updates that come with it.

Greenify works on a very simple premise – it identifies battery and memory hogging apps, those that cause your device to lag and slow down, especially the ones that run in the background that you don’t know of. The app then allows you to put these resource hogs into hibernation – which is simply, that they do not run AT ALL when you are not using them, no background services, no secret apps in the background, no nothing. But they will work perfectly fine when you tap on their icons to intentionally open these apps up. This frees up more memory for faster performance and longer battery life. Sounds cool, right?


For some time now, Greenify was only usable on rooted devices, which is probably why some of you might not have heard of it yet, given some people’s aversion to rooting. Also, given what the app does to your phone, it logically needs root access. This year, Greenify was made available for non-rooted devices — a breakthrough. This recent update to Greenify now allows the auto hibernation feature in non-root mode, although the developers are cautious in saying that this is still being improved.

Still, full Greenify features on a non-rooted device sounds sweet. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it may be time for you to do so right now. The app is a free download via the source link. If you need more information about the app, check out the official XDA thread here.

SOURCE: Google Play Store

IR 2.0 turns your phone into a universal TV remote

Posted by wicked August - 30 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

We feel for TV remote controllers, you know. Apart from being one of the most misplaced house implements, it is one of those that take so much beating. How many times have you dropped your TV remote on the concrete floor? “A lot,” was our answer. Because of those drops, malfunctioning and totally destroyed TV remotes abound, leaving you without the ability to change channels from your couch – such a stressful thought! Well, not anymore. Welcome, the “IR 2.0” app.

There is an immediate caveat that you have to know before you go downloading the app and blaming us for the frustration after – the app will ONLY work on tablets and smartphones that have an IR blaster, notably the HTC ONE M8 and M7, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, the Galaxy Note 3 among others. For the younger generation, IR is “infra-red”, or the thing that makes your TV remote work remotely. Please be clear on that before downloading the app.


IR 2.0 is a free download via the Google Play Store, but we suggest that you pony up the few dollars for the whole shebang. What does the app do? Well, it lets you control your TV from the smartphone app. We’ll let you simmer on how wonderful that is for a while… nice, right? The app has a database of brands that you can choose from, and will even let you “save” remotes for convenient usage later.


Staying in a hotel room where the remote is non-functional? IR 2.0 will save your day. It will even control certain set-top devices, Blu-ray players, satellite TV recievers, and even airconditioning units. And you can be sure you won’t be careless about dropping this “remote”, because hey, it’s your phone as well. Grab it at the source link.

SOURCE: Google Play Store

Alone Android game lets you run riot in space

Posted by wicked August - 29 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

If it’s your dream to travel through space and fly endlessly across the different galaxies, you are one step closer to checking that off your bucket list. Well, virtually at least if you have an Android gadget that is. The developer of that simple but difficult game PUK has come up with another doozy with ALONE…, where you get to pilot a space capsule at light speed in another endless runner game, but this time with a galactic twist.

Instead of controlling your spaceship by tapping, you slide your finger in the direction that you want it to go, whether it’s up or down, as you evade asteroids, space rocks, debris, etc. It will take some getting used to, especially as the game is very touch sensitive, and you might find yourself screaming because you didn’t actually want the ship to go that way. And did we mention that this game is played at lightning speed and that your space ship is super duper fast?

The graphics are not that complicated and all you need to know is that you have to avoid all those debris flying through space from destroying your ship, all while trying to manoeuvre one of the twitchiest game controls ever. Good thing is that there are only three unlockable difficulty levels and two bonus modes that will be unlocked when you reach certain milestones. And while you’re playing the game, you have a great soundtrack to back you up.

You can download ALONE… from the Google Play Store for only $2.47. The single player game does not have any in-app purchase and should work with mid-level and above Android smartphones and tablets.


Five Nights at Freddy’s: fun, scary game with a freaky bear

Posted by wicked August - 29 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

If you’ve always had a childhood trauma regarding bears and animatronic toys, you better not download this newest indie horror game. The Android version of the PC game Five Nights at Freddys is something that just might keep you up at night and possibly ruin your childhood memories of fun, stuffed toys (if you had any).

The basic premise of the game is that it’s your first week at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza joint and your main job as the main security guard is to make sure that the titular bear and his other animatronic robot friends don’t go out and wreak havoc when the place is closed at night. Sounds simple and fun and exciting right? But of course it’s not, unless you enjoy viewing “footage” in the dark while robots scare you to death, literally (well, at least digitally).


You have no ability to fight back against these robotic monsters. Instead you have to watch over them by switching through several cameras and then closing doors to make sure that they don’t escape. To make it more difficult, the lights are limited because they conserve power between 12MN and 6AM. And there is even one room where there is no video, just audio, which is even more terrifying. Each night just lasts around ten minutes which may seem short but by the 2nd or 3rd one, you’ll probably wish it was shorter.

This point-and-click survival horror game shows that you don’t need elaborate story lines or gameplay to create a terrifying game, just clever imagery and character design. Five Nights at Freddy’s is available at the Google Play Store for only $2.99, with no in-app purchases at all.