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App for Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH54 available on GPS

Posted by wicked October - 13 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off


Even before the Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH54 hits the market, the OEM has already released its companion app on Google Play Store. As to why is unclear at the moment, since you probably won’t be able to properly use the app anyways. But most likely, this is to hype up the imminent release of the new headset, which can also double as a “mini phone” as the description in the GPS page says.

The newest Bluetooth headset was unveiled at the IFA a few months ago, and it is an updated version of the popular Smart Bluetooth Handset SBH52. The main difference is that the new one has a handset function so you can use it to make and take calls. It is also crafted from “premium metal” and aside from the usual features that a Bluetooth headset has, it also has an FM Radio, NFC connectivity, and a splash-proof design, so your sweat won’t slowly corrode it. It can also cancel out echo, wind, and noise so you can listen to your music better or have better quality calls. It will supposedly last for five hours talk time but will just take an hour to charge.

As for the app, released even before the actual headset, you will be able to customize the notifications you want to receive on your headset’s controller, including emails, messages, calendar appointments, etc. You can also adjust the vibration settings as well as the privacy controls. There is also an interactive headset tutorial, in case you need it.

The app for the Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH54 is now available on the Google Play Store. As for the actual headset, it is expected to hit the market sometime this month, with price estimated to be at around $107.




VIA: Xperia Blog

VUDU Movies & TV app brings big update to Android app

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While there are probably a lot of video streaming apps out there already, you will of course have your favorite one. And if VUDU Movies & TV is your app of choice (or if you’re looking to switch to a different one), then you’ll be happy to hear that the Android app has undergone a major update. In fact, the developers say they went straight up 3 versions from the last update they previously released.

And when they say they underwent an “Empire Strikes Back big” update, they really do mean it. Not only was it completely redesigned and rebuilt, this version now supports HD (720p) and HDX (1080p) quality streams and downloads. And this is something that is exclusively available for any Android device that is capable of showing hi-res videos and running on Jellybean and higher. You can also now watch videos on Portrait mode, even though landscape is the natural position when watching a video on your smartphone. But apparently, some people prefer watching it that way since you only need one hand to do so.

The app also how has a new navigation menu that is hidden under the burger menu. You can also now arrange or filter the films/shows by date, genre, and even Tomato-meter (we assume Rotten Tomatoes ratings), aside from the usual title, director, etc. When you’re searching for a title, you also now have an auto-magic search suggestion. They also advise you to use it to discover “amazing gems” of videos that you may not have heard of before.

You can check if the update has already reached your account by going to the app’s Google Play Store page on your device. If you haven’t tried out VUDU yet, then maybe now may be a good time to do so.


Bridge Constructor Stunts now on free, paid modes for Android devices

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Have you ever dreamed of doing death-defying stunts while driving a truck? Well, of course you can’t do that in real life, unless you’re an actual stunt man/woman who has time and spare cash to crash and burn random trucks, not to mention build tracks and obstacle bridges. But if you’re not, then you probably have no choice but to look for a mobile game that can do this for you. Enter the latest game in the Bridge Constructor series called Stunts.

From its name of course you’d deduce that this game is all about making your trucks perform stunts on crazy bridges and ramps that you yourself will build. Of course the more insane the loops and swirls, the higher the points you get. And of course, you would not want your character to have a spectacular crash, so you need to have the truck survive the crazy stunt you’re pulling off.

You can collect stars, do flips and turns, and then save them so that you can share them with your friends and show off your difficulty level. Each level has different goals, like score a target or reach a specific point goal, or just collect stars. The fun really is in building these ramps, just like you would a regular Bridge Constructor game, and then drive your dump truck or delivery vans to perform the stunts. And if you cause a little destruction along the way, that’s better.

You can get either the free version or the paid version (it’s just $1.99) of Bridge Constructor Stunts from the Google Play Store. The paid version of course will not have any ads or in-app purchases anymore.


Comcast’s Xfinity Home app now supports more smart home devices

Posted by wicked October - 12 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off


As more houses start adding even more smart devices, the problem is that we now have a lot of apps and devices to control these various gadgets. Of course it will become confusing and eventually high maintenance. So what if there was just one app that you can use to control all these smart home devices? Well, Comcast is trying to do just that with their Xfinity Home app, as they add more brands to a single platform for automation and connection.

Those who already have the Xfinity Home app will now be able to add the following devices to the app: August Smart Lock, Chamberlain MyQ Garage controller, Lutron’s Caseta light controls, and the Nest Learning Thermostat. Now you might say that those are just a small number of smart devices, but at least it’s a start. So if you own any of these devices, you’re set. And if you’re planning to buy similar ones, then you might veer towards these specific brands since having just one app controller has its benefits and appeal.

They have also been working on a Software Developer Kit (SDK) so that it would be easier to have other partners integrate their smart products as well on the Xfinity Home platform. Eventually, Comcast is also looking at having this platform on their set-top box and Voice Remote controls as well. And for even better integration, they will also be eventually opening WiFi and “well-documented APIs” to the connectivity options.

The smart devices that will undergo integration with the app will have the label “Works with Xfinity Home” which might be a selling point eventually as more and more devices get connected. You can download the Xfinity Home app from the Google Play Store for free.

SOURCE: Comcast

New Google ads remind you how useful it is for every day life

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Google 1

Even though Google has become a necessary part of our digital life (and real life too), sometimes, we forget that it can do so much more for us than just search for the latest photos from from the New York Comic Con or the recipe for scrambled eggs. A new series of ads from Google aims to remind us that answers are just an “Ok Google” away, and that it can be used for almost anything, specifically for Halloween, for when you’re craving for breakfast, and for when you’re moving somewhere else.

The three videos show various ways on which Google search comes in handy, whether it’s the voice assisted search or typing on the Google search app itself. The first video is of course Halloween themed, since the most scary of “holidays” is almost upon us. From using it to scare trick or treaters to frantically looking for last-minute costumes and costume ideas, to how-to’s when doing DIY costumes, Google has got you covered.

The second ad is for “the most important meal of the day” which of course is not dessert, but breakfast. The video shows you can use it to translate the word in other languages, to finding out if the food in your ref is still edible, to finding the nearest breakfast place or helping you cook your breakfast. The third video in what we think (or hope) will be a series shows how useful Google is when looking for directions to your new apartment, looking for a moving company when you find you can’t move by yourself, to setting your new home address after you’ve moved.

When Android 6.0 Marshmallow arrives on your device, Google search will be even more useful, because of the Now on Tap feature. This allows you to do your “Ok Google” without having to leave the app you’re currently in. All you need to do is tap and hold down the home button of your Android smartphone and you should get the info you need from Google Now.

Google 3

Google 2

LastPass acquired by LogMeIn to bolster IAM-related products

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With so many apps and devices used by consumers, both for personal and for business reasons, it’s getting more difficult and more dangerous to keep and remember all the various passwords. That is why password management apps are becoming a necessity nowadays. Remote access software maker LogMeIn has announced that they have acquired one of the most popular password apps, LastPassm in an effort to further bolster their portfolio when it comes to the identity and access management (IAM) market.

Not only are businesses doing Bring Your Own Device, but they’ve even added Bring Your Own App, which means that managing your digital “identity” in the workplace is now even more complicated. A study conducted by LogMeIn says that 70% of companies surveyed are using employee-initiated apps, and so sensitive information about the company will probably be floating in the cloud somewhere. And since a lot of people use the same passwords for all their accounts, then that brings security issues on the forefront.

LogMeIn has acquired LastPass to help build “a product and go-to-market strategy that embraces this BYOA reality” because it complements their already existing technology and will of course also bring their own customers and loyal users. But they did emphasize that LastPass will eventually still operate as a separate product and will be supported (meaning updates and improvements) by its new owner.

The acquisition deal is placed at $110 million, with another $15 million in contingent payments if they meet milestone and retention targets in two years following the official closing of the deal. LogMeIn has also previously acquired Meldium, another password management app, a little over a year ago.


Run from zombies and deliver the package in QuickBoy

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Just when you think you’ve seen every other iteration of a zombie game out there, along comes some game developers with weird and fantastic ideas, and so now you have a new game, ready to take up your free time. Not only is this a zombie story in a steampunk universe, but it is a side-scrolling action game where you need to outrun the zombies (shouldn’t be a problem) in order to fulfill your mission. Are you ready to run for your life (and the packages) in QuickBoy?

The world in which the game is set is overrun with zombies already and the remaining humans are too scared to go out of their houses. Good thing there is such a company called QuickBoy Inc. where their mission is to deliver packages to these poor human beings trapped in their homes. And that’s where you come in. As you can surmise, you are one of the fleet footed members of the delivery squad and you need to jump, run, and slide and try to escape from the walking dead, while getting to actually deliver the package to those in need.

The game has more than 70 stages of “non-stop, action-oriented gameplay” to keep you occupied. You have power-ups and also the various terrain of the stages in order to help you get higher scores and enhance your gameplay as well. And if you feel like competing against players from around the world, you can choose the world challenge mode.

You can download QuickBoy from the Google Play Store for free. There are also in-app purchases available of course.

quickboy 4
quickboy 3
quickboy 2
quickboy 1

Master your super human skills, control powers in ‘Heroes Reborn: Enigma’

Posted by wicked October - 10 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

heroes reborn 2

I used to be a fan of the original ‘Heroes’ series but I’m still not decided if I’ll watch ‘Heroes Reborn’. I think I’ll try the game first and see for myself if the new series is something I’d like to follow again. This isn’t an RPG but just a puzzle game which makes it already interesting. As expected, the player is the “HERO” that is called to save the world.

‘Heroes Reborn: Enigma’ was created by Phosphor Games Studio. Just like the TV series, game stars super humans that are gifted with supernatural powers. In this game, you are Dahlia, imprisoned inside a secret government facility and you’re main goal is to survive and finally escape. You have about 30 levels to finish where you can also learn how to master your special skills and super human powers.

Game costs $4.99 and is now ready for download. Several languages are already supported aside from English: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. So yeah, you are free to enjoy this game now in your very own language.

Be prepared to unravel more of your powers because we’re sure you can do more than just time shift and practice telekinesis. So what else can you do, hero?

heroes reborn 3
heroes reborn 1
heroes reborn 2
heroes reborn 4
heroes reborn 5

Download Heroes Reborn: Enigma from the Google Play Store

‘Pix the Cat’ exclusive for NVIDIA SHIELD, NVIDIA Tegra K1 and X1 devices

Posted by wicked October - 9 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Pix the cat 1

Cats rule the Internet. Any video, photo, or meme about cats, we can be sure that it will go viral. And anywhere a kitty cat goes or stars in, we’re certain that it will be a hit. Pix the Cat is no different. It’s a new game that can easily be a favorite but sadly, game will only work well on an NVIDIA SHIELD or any NVIDIA Tegra K1/X1 devices. Pix the Cat has been optimized for NVIDIA devices for an enhanced experience and with high quality graphics that will capture all of your senses.

Pix the Cat is the hero of the arcade game that will make you play for hours. (Time Waster alert) Inside the game are many levels crafted carefully to provide the best gameplay and user experience. Using your SHIELD controller, you need to avoid the walls. Actually, you’re required to do a lot of things in the game as you journey towards victory. You have to do everything from hatching eggs to stacking up ducklings to dropping them off at target circles.

This mobile arcade game will challenge your speed, skills, and reflexes. You can play with your friends or just about anyone in other parts of the world. Try to be highest game scorer in the leaderboard and be considered the champion. Game will actually remind you of some old games of the past especially when in Nostalgia mode. You can download ‘Pix The Cat’ from the Shield Hub or Google Play Store but it’s exclusive to TEGRA K1 and TEGRA X1-powered devices only.

Pix the cat 5
Pix the cat 4
Pix the cat 3
Pix the cat 2
Pix the cat 1

AutoDash takes care of your dashboard so you can drive carefully

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It’s already a given fact that you won’t be able to stop yourself from using your smartphone one way or another when you’re driving. You might need the navigation app or use it to control your music or take an important call or check the weather forecast. So app developers and gadget makers are now just trying to come up with solutions to make driving safer while still being able to access your device. Automatic is one of those and now they’re bringing the AutoDash Android app to your dashboard.

AutoDash is actually a custom launcher that will make it easy for you to access the apps that you need before you start the car and maybe even every once in a while as you drive. You can load your map app of choice or even Waze as soon as you start your car. You can also load your music app so that it queues the songs or playlist you want to listen to as you drive.

All you need to do is to install AutoDash onto your smartphone or tablet and then you can choose the apps and widgets that you want to be accessible to you as you drive. For example, you can set auto-navigate to or from home and work. You can also record voice memos, create to-do lists, plus dozen of other music and audio apps that are supported by AutoDash. If you want to make your life even easier, you can integrate IFTTT triggers as well.

While the app will work better if you have an Automatic adapter, it will also work even without one. It’s suggested that you have your gadget on a mount in your car so that you don’t need to hold your device. You can download AutoDash from the Google Play Store for free.

Screenshot 2015-10-09 18.34.22
Screenshot 2015-10-09 18.33.59
Screenshot 2015-10-09 18.34.14
Screenshot 2015-10-09 18.33.51
Screenshot 2015-10-09 18.34.29
Screenshot 2015-10-09 18.34.07
Screenshot 2015-10-09 18.34.36

SOURCE: Automatic

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