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BetterBatteryStats v2.0 gains Material design and Android 5.0 support

Posted by wicked January - 30 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

If you like to know more about the battery on your Android device than the little battery gauge that comes with Android tells you, you might have used one of the available apps that give more details on the battery. One of those apps is called BetterBatteryStats and it has received a major update.

The update brings Material Design to the app giving it a new look. The update also brings full support for Android 5.0 Lollipop to the mix. Users still get a minimal user interface that gives you all the data in an easy to use format.

You can choose from two themes with the app, one is light with a white background and the other is dark with a black background. The update also brings new details about API stats to a dumpfile. The system app dialog now offers links to recovery ZIPs to be used when workarounds are needed.

Preferences can now be imported and exported and an option to show or hide spinners is now available. Users can now show the SELinux Policy on System App dialog and dump files. The ability to import and export preferences makes it easy to get the app back to the setup you like if you flash to custom ROMs and have to reinstall frequently.

SOURCE: Android Police

Nokia Z Launcher beta update adds icon pack support

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If you are a user of the Nokia Z Launcher app, you may be waiting for the app to leave beta and go to official full release. The app has been updated recently, but it is still listed as a beta. If you are unfamiliar with Z Launcher, the app is designed to learn how you use your phone and give you faster access to your favorite apps.

The app has several functions with Scribble letting you write a letter on the screen to find apps that start with that letter. You can use Z Launcher to launch apps, contacts, or websites. The Adapt feature learns and promotes the right apps at the right time.

The latest update to the app brings it to 1.1.2-beta and adds in some new features. There is preliminary support for icon packs and you can now uninstall or hide apps from the ranked list with a long press on the text.


The app received UI improvements for a wide range of Android devices. The app also has an improved design and better performance for carousel widgets. Scribble handwriting recognition was improved. One big change that many users wanted has been implemented with the Play store loading without pre-searched text. A number of bug fixes were also made in this go around.

SOURCE: Nokia Z Launcher

Outlook enters preview stage for Android

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Microsoft announced this week that the official preview for Outlook for Android is now available to download. The app is available for Android tablets and smartphones. Microsoft figures that the reason users will want to move from the native Android mail app they are using now is because Outlook for Android is more like working with email on a desktop than other apps out there.

Users will be able to sort through lots of email, manage calendars, and share files via the Outlook app. Outlook app brings together the ability to manage email, calendar, contacts, and files on your mobile device. Outlook will separate mail into two tabs with one called Focused and one called Other.

Important emails will come into the Focused box with all others going into the Other box. The Outlook app also has a one click unsubscribe offering for newsletters and other email you subscribe to that you might not want anymore. The app also supports customizable swipe gestures.

Swiping left or right on a message allows you to do things like archive, delete, move, flag, and mark as read or unread. You can customize these gestures to do what you want with swipes. The app also has predictive search for finding email on the go and full integration with your calendar. Attachments can be saved to cloud storage like Dropbox. Outlook can sync email with Office 365, Exchange Online, Exchange Server,, Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo Mail. You can download the Outlook for Android preview here.

SOURCE: Office

Office for Android preview ends with official availability of the apps

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It’s only been a few weeks now since Microsoft expanded the preview for Office for Android allowing more folks access to the apps via Google Play. This week Microsoft has announced that the preview stage is now over and the full apps are officially available via Google Play. Microsoft says that the Android apps are similar to Office for Windows 10.

The suite has Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and supports the functions that we are familiar with from the desktop versions of the software. Each of the apps has been optimized for smaller screen touch devices and tweaked with feedback gained during the preview period. All of the apps support external keyboards as well.


Word will allow people to enter text, images, footnotes, tablets, and charts just as you would on the desktop. Excel spreadsheets support formulas, charts, tables, PivotTables, sorting, filtering, and various commands. PowerPoint supports all the formatting, video embedding, transitions, and animations you expect.

Microsoft says that the preview apps generated over 250,000 downloads in 330 languages. Requirements for the apps include a tablet with a screen at least 7-inches or larger and an ARM processor. Devices with screens over 10.1-inches need an Office 365 subscription. The only Android OS supported is KitKat; Android 5.0 isn’t supported at this time. However, Lollipop will be supported at a later date. Tablets running Intel processors will be supported within a quarter. You can download the apps here: Word, PowerPoint, Excel.


Android Wear messaging app adds FlickKey

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Did you know you can type on your smartwatch? Even on a small screen, users can still reply to messages using voice recognition or simply by typing. But with the size of the screen, typing can be very limited. It’s not easy to type letters on such a small screen but Wear Messenger messaging app is adding the FlickKey Keyboard for Android. This solution aims to attract more people to jump into the bandwagon of smartwatches.

A lot of people want a smartwatch but they get turned off by the limited texting ability. Actually, you shouldn’t expect to text and do more typing on a smartwatch but of course, why be limited with a small screen when you can do more. The Wear Messenger app makes it easier to exchange instant messages but typing is not as easy. With the addition of FlickKey, users can make use of the fully gestured method. FlickKey requires the user to type all common words at first using popup flick-keys. This makes typing text more efficient and faster.

We noted last year how the FlickKey keyboard can be useful. The keyboard app developers said that flicks are better than swipes and looks like Dream Code, the guys behind Wear Messenger agree so it’s currently using FlickKey.

The Wear Messenger app update also features a better user interface, notifications linking, more notifications settings, and disabling of New Message and Contacts as needed.

Thanks for the tip, Will!

Google Search Rolling Search Movies 1
Wear Messenger messaging app with FlickKey 1
Wear Messenger messaging app with FlickKey 2
Wear Messenger messaging app with FlickKey 3
Wear Messenger messaging app with FlickKey 4
Wear Messenger messaging app with FlickKey 6
Wear Messenger messaging app with FlickKey 7
Wear Messenger messaging app with FlickKey 8
Wear Messenger messaging app with FlickKey 9
Wear Messenger messaging app with FlickKey

Download Wear Messenger and FlickKey Keyboard for Android Wear from the Google Play Store

Google Search movie results updated, now shows Material Design elements

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Most people don’t care much about how search results look on their  mobile devices. What matters most is that results shown are relevant and helpful. But it would be nice if all results are displayed nicely like the refreshed Google Search results for movies. An update was recently released for the Android app as announced on Google’s official G+ page. Actually, not much information have been posted but the GIF image below showcases the nice user interface of the updated Android app.

Search for movies of a particular celebrity and movie posters will be shown on the page. Tap on one image and a colorful card will show containing information about the movie. The updated search results obviously show some elements of Material Design. Notice the popping animations, sliding menus, and the ripples–very Material Design. Other movie details include cast bios, links to trailers, Rotten Tomatoes scores, and where to buy the movie or the rent the movie.

Google showed Angelina Movies as example. I think I’d start searching for Brad Pitt movies now….

Google Search Rolling Search Movies 2
Google Search Rolling Search Movies 6
Google Search Rolling Search Movies 5
Google Search Rolling Search Movies 3
Google Search Rolling Search Movies 1

SOURCE: Google

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta finally gets OneGuide support

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Looks like Microsoft is cooking up something tasty for its Xbox One faithful. It has just updated the beta version of its SmartGlass app with one very important feature: OneGuide. Now users in selected areas will be able to look up what’s showing on TV right from the Android app itself. Thought just a small addition, it heralds the arrival of even more features expected to come really soon now.

OneGuide has been rolling out slowly to Xbox One users, merging the worlds of gaming, video streaming, and terrestrial TV in one Xbox ecosystem. The SmartGlass Android app is just one of the latest to get that feature. And with the update, Microsoft is also announcing the arrival of OneGuide in Australia and the Netherlands.

OneGuide isn’t the only superpower that the SmartGlass app has. It can also stream live TV right into your SmartGlass device, whether it be a phone or a tablet, from the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner. That said, that feature belongs only to a limited number of markets, and Australia is the newest member of that exclusive club.

Microsoft is expected to launch the Xbox One Digital HD Tuner in March that will unlock the full potential of the OneGuide feature. Aside from browsing TV channels, it will allow any SmartGlass device to actually watch those channels directly from OneGuide as well. For now, however, the feature is limited in both functionality and reach. The Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app is free to claim on Google Play Store and is actually a separate download from the stable version.

Download: Xbox One SmartGlasss Beta on Google Play Store
VIA: Kotaku

Have Some ‘Quality Time’ – App Review

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Quality time cove

Our phones are jam packed with features. You can crush candy, you can send emails, you can take photos, you can make phone calls and you can surf the internet. However, sometimes that’s just too much. Sometimes we need to take a break from our device, but it is not always and easy as it seems.

The team of developers at ZeroDesktop Inc. offer up an app that gives you some quality time away from the distractions on your phone. In this video XDA TV Producer TK reviews Quality Time.  TK shows off the application, its uses, functionality and talks about his thoughts of the application. Check out this app review.

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SWApp Launcher Wear allows you to launch apps on your smartwatch

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Having fun with your wearable yet? Not many Android phone users already have a compatible smartwatch. The swartwatch era has just started but it certainly has the potential to become bigger. There’s still so much to improve on the small interface and functionality but one thing we’re certain about: the smartwatch is very useful. Instead of bringing your bulky phone if you’re going for a quick run or walk around the neighborhood, you can just wear a smartwatch and receive notifications for the important items you need–SMS, calls, and more. And since launcher apps on Android are becoming more popular, launcher apps for Android Wear also make sense.

With the SWApp Launcher, you can launch apps right on your watch or remotely launch apps on your phone. You can also keep Screen On always so screen will remain on. On the phone, feel free to toggle Wifi on/off, Wifi Hotspot on/off, Silent/Normal/Vibrate, and set FindMyPhone.

On your smartwatch, you can view three panels of shortcuts. Use the SWApp Launcher Wear app and swipe right or left to change the page. Use the app to set shortcuts on your watch. And to quickly access the SWApp Launcher , just swipe the screen from the border. If you want to add shortcuts, wait for some time after you first install the app. Make sure the cloud icon is “full” before using the features.

SWApp Launcher Wear 1
SWApp Launcher Wear 2
SWApp Launcher Wear 3
SWApp Launcher Wear 4
SWApp Launcher Wear 5

Download SWApp Launcher Wear from the Google Play Store

Journal with Narrate update: Material Design, new sharing features

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Journaling isn’t just the property of famous people, high school students who are forced to do so as homework, or lonely people who cannot keep their emotions in check. It has become a tool for self-improvement, a creative outlet for some, or just a way for people to talk about things without having to post them on social media for all the world to see. And while writing on an actual journal is still the way to go for some, apps have also invaded this world as well.

One such app is Journal with Narrate and their latest update has brought a design overhaul (take a wild guess what brought that about) as well as several new features that will help you share not just with yourself but with the world (if that is what you want to do). The redesign is of course courtesy of the Material Design guidelines that Google has strongly suggested for Android apps. But more than just being prettified, the journalling app has added some nifty features, like adding new filtering and sorting capabilities to make it easier you to look for past journal entries.

You now also have the power to share specific journal entries with other apps on your device. If you also feel like sharing your thoughts or pictures to the world, you can do so also by using Narrate. And if you’re in a hurry to add something to your journal, there is now a quick entry widget that you can put on your smartphone or tablet’s home screen. The change log also mentions a tasker integration, but then says documentation will be coming soon.

You can download Journal with Narrate for free from the Google Play Store. There are also in-app purchases available, including upgrading to Narrate Pro. This will give you the ability to sync your entries to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, plus some other additional features not available on the free version.