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Consumer Reports look into #bendgate, Galaxy Note 3 is strong

Posted by wicked September - 29 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

We all know about the trending issue about Apple’s new iPhones – at least we assume most of us know, those who have not lived under a rock these past few days. The short version of it is that some owners of the new iPhones have made very public statements about the strength of the frame of the phones, claiming that the devices could easily be bent under strong but usually normal pressure.

This is where Consumer Reports – the good guys who look after the concern of consumers – steps in and investigates the whole deal, especially after a video went viral of a person who easily bent an iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands. Going the scientific testing path, Consumer Reports tested multiple phone models with what it called a “three-point flexular test” – where all phone models were tested with the same machine.

The phones tested were the new iPhones, an iPhone 5, an HTC One M8, an LG G3, and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. They were subjected to flexular pressure more than the 55 pounds that Apple used to test its units with, seeing at what point the units broke. For references, 55 pounds is comparable to the force needed to break three pencils.

The results were conclusive enough – at least for the new iPhones – that you wouldn’t normally be able to just bend a unit with normal daily use as claimed by most of the negative viral content. Surprisingly, it was the HTC One M8 which capitulated with the least force applied (90 pounds), with the iPhone 6 next at 100 pounds of force. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, together with the iPhone 5, seemed to be the ones structurally strongest, only giving in after being subjected to 150 pounds of flex force.



There are two sides to this story, but the first one should be that the scientific test proves you won’t be able to bend these phones – yes, including the new iPhones – without subjecting them to abnormal amounts of flex force. That being said, and point number 2, these viral videos have come at a very awkward point in time for Apple, right after the phones’ launch. Cupertino will have to weave its magic better to survive and get up from this obvious setback.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

Android Authority this week

Posted by wicked September - 28 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off

consumer reports bend test Consumer Reports

It was a wild week, Android lovers, with some big news, intriguing rumors, and a little fun on the iPhone’s expense. We reported exclusively on the launch date of Android L and the new Nexus 9, learned about Motorola’s Shamu, a potential Nexus phablet, and Droid Turbo, talked a bit about the hot new Note 4 and HTC’s periscope-like camera, and debated what it takes to bend a phone.

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One (M8) comes last, Note 3 first in Consumer Reports bend test

Posted by wicked September - 27 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

consumer reports bend test Consumer Reports

It’s not a real “****gate” scandal in the tech world until Consumer Reports weighs in. The respected consumer protection organization did it in 2010, when it confirmed that the iPhone 4 had a “death grip” issue, and now it’s literally weighing in on the new iPhones and several Android smartphones to see exactly how much force is needed to bend one.

Consumer Reports used a standard three points test to see how much force the phones can withstand until they show a permanent deformation. The tests started at 60 pounds of force and continued in 10 pounds increments until deformation. The devices in the test group were the HTC One (M8), LG G3, and Galaxy Note 3, and three iPhones: 5, 6, and 6 Plus.

Here’s the breakdown of the results:

Deformation Case separation
HTC One (M8) 70 pounds 90 pounds
Apple iPhone 6 70 pounds 100 pounds
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 90 pounds 110 pounds
LG G3 130 pounds 130 pounds
Apple iPhone 5 130 pounds 150 pounds
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 150 pounds 150 pounds

The beefy Note 3 is, unsurprisingly, at the top of the chart, with more than double the amount of force an iPhone 6 or One (M8) can take. The LG G3, while thin and light for its size, is very strong as well, as is the iPhone 5, with its straight metal edges.

The larger iPhone 6 Plus is actually stronger than the iPhone 6, which seems to contradict numerous reports about Apple’s phablet being easier to bend. The aluminum unibody M8 shares the last place with the iPhone 6.

To get an idea of the kind of forces we’re talking about, Consumer Reports says it takes 80 pounds of force to break four pencils, a feat that many people will find very difficult.

So, what’s going on here? Was Unbox Therapy’s bent iPhone a fluke or a conspiracy to make Apple look bad? Probably not. It’s possible that the Consumer Reports’ test doesn’t reflect the load that Unbox Therapy was able to apply in their tests. In fact, the channel did another bend test, this time shot in a single cut, to proof that there wasn’t any foul play involved in the original video.

The results are exactly the same as: the 6 Plus caves in relatively easily, while the new Moto X doesn’t even creak.

Consumer Reports didn’t test other types of loads that a smartphone can bear, like twisting, and ultimately fails to explain why some people reported that their devices warped or bent after simply sitting in their pockets.

Via: Engadget;
Source: Consumer Reports;

Conan recommends “stiff and rigid” Samsung over “flaccid” iPhone

Posted by wicked September - 26 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

#bendgate is the gift that keeps on giving.

Samsung, HTC, and LG were quick to capitalize on Apple’s misfortune. But #bendgate has broken through the confines of the mobile tech world, into the “real” world. You know, that place you see when you stop staring at your smartphone for a minute. Yes, even late-night show hosts are now piling on Apple and its less that rectilinear devices.

Case in point, Conan O’Brien. In a skit yesterday, the comedian has a recommendation for those suffering from a case of flaccid phone. Check it out, it’s pretty funny.

Samsung laughs at Apple with bend-related tweet

Posted by wicked September - 25 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off


For the last few weeks, Apple has been the center of attention with the launch of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iOS 8. Some of that attention, though, is negative. A software update rolled out earlier this week was faulty and the company halted it. This was followed by “bendgate,” a situation in which Apple’s iPhones are bending. Samsung is unsurprisingly taking advantage bendgate by promoting the Galaxy Note Edge. In a tweet with the image above attached, Samsung says “Curved. Not bent. #Galaxy Note Edge.”

Earlier on Thursday, LG was in on the fun to promote the LG G Flex.

Source: @SamsungMobile (Twitter)

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The iPhone 6 #Bendgate repair kit is now available

Posted by wicked September - 25 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off


You guessed it, this is a little joke. The folks at MobileFun are offering what they are calling the “iPhone 6 Bendgate repair kit.” It’s only £49.99 and includes a simple to use multi-purpose roller. I am sure the majority of our readers don’t have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, but if you’re friends do, make sure to send them the link. Better hurry up before they run out of stock.

source: MobileFun

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#Bendgate: HTC, Samsung, and LG rub salt into Apple’s wounds

Posted by wicked September - 25 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off
One of the dozens of images making fun of the bendy iPhone

One of the dozens of images making fun of the bendy iPhone

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It’s a wise saying that few in the tech industry seem to live by. But it’s alright, we don’t mind. The big names’ desire to capitalize on a competitor’s misfortune is often a source of hilarity.

Take #bendgate. By now, you probably know that simply walking around with an iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket could bend it, sometimes irremediably. In typical Internet fashion, the issue spiraled into a storm of 160-character quips, more or less witty memes, and deep social commentary from everyone and their grandma.

Apple’s got its share of snark and derision over #bendgate (or is it #bendghazi?). But you can count on rivals in the Android camp to make it even harder for the folks in Cupertino.

LG casually recommends users a phone that’s supposed to be bent, like the G Flex.

Samsung can’t miss the opportunity to highlight its own curved phone, the Note Edge.

While HTC probably takes the cake with its own little jab.

We are actually surprised that Samsung doesn’t have a video ad (or six) out by now. They’re probably on it, though.

What’s your favorite #bendgate joke? Should we even be making fun of Apple? I mean, problems with Android devices come up all the time… Thoughts?

Moto X (2014), HTC One M8, iPhone 6 and a few others take ‘the bend test’

Posted by wicked September - 24 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

Earlier today we reported on two videos from Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger, one which showed off the bending issue that is plaguing the iPhone 6 Plus and the other attempted to see if the same effect could be achieved when attempting to bend the Note 3.

Obviously these videos are more for entertainment than anything, and far from scientific, but the result was that the Note 3 didn’t show any damage at all and yet the iPhone 6 Plus clearly had a problem. If you’re curious how other flagship devices come out when put through a similar “bend test”, you’ll certainly want to watch Hilsenteger’s latest video above. In it he tests the One M8, the new Moto X and a Nokia Lumia. He also tests the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S for good measure.

The end result is that none of these phones have the same sort of bending issues as the iPhone 6. What’s even more interesting is that there was one handset that didn’t even creak or flex under pressure at all: the new Moto X. Motorola’s recent devices have been known for being quite durable, so we can’t say we are too surprised, though Lewis Hilsenteger makes it clear he is very impressed with Motorola’s latest flagship.

What do you think of the iPhone 6 Plus “bendgate” scandal? To be expected from Apple’s first attempt at a massive handset or completely unacceptable and something that will cause long-term reputation loss?

Via: TechCrunch;

Law enforcement is annoyed at the new levels of smartphone encryption

Posted by wicked September - 24 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off


Recently, Apple and Google announced that additional security procedures would be put in place to make it more difficult for law enforcement to retrieve data off a person’s passcode protected smartphone. According to the Wall Street Journal, this has raised alarms inside law enforcement agencies and even forced the agencies to consider how to “forcefully” respond back.

Apple has recently stated that their new operating system would prevent law enforcement from retrieving data stored on a locked phone, while Google has also stated that its next operating system would make it more difficult for anyone (including law enforcement) to take data off a person’s smartphone.

Several officials in Washington said they were bracing for a confrontation with Silicon Valley on the issue, the latest fallout from the revelations by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden about government surveillance. Last week’s announcements surprised senior federal law-enforcement officials, some of whom described it as the most alarming consequence to date of the frayed relationship between the federal government and the tech industry since the Snowden revelations prompted companies to address customers’ concerns that the firms were letting—or helping—the government snoop on their private information. - Wall Street Journal

As you would expect, one former FBI official told the Wall Street Journal that this was “outrageous” while another former FBI official claimed that this new level of security was similar to a child being abused and kidnapped with no one there to help them.

The level of privacy described by Apple and Google is “wonderful until it’s your kid who is kidnapped and being abused, and because of the technology, we can’t get to them,” said Ronald Hosko, who left the FBI earlier this year as the head of its criminal-investigations division. “Who’s going to get lost because of this, and we’re not going to crack the case?” - Wall Street Journal

In June, the Supreme Court ruled that search warrants were required for access of smartphone data in nearly all instances, adding that the legal standard “is quickly being rendered moot; eventually no form of legal compulsion will suffice to force the unlocking of most smartphones.”

This does not mean that either Apple or Google will stop handing over all data to law enforcement, nor does it mean that the police can’t access a portion of a person’s smartphone without Apple or Google’s help. It just means that a large portion of the information on a person’s phone will now be much more difficult for law enforcement to intercept, especially since Apple and Google are claiming that not even they will be able to decrypt passcode-protected phones running the latest versions of iOS and Android respectively.

Im watching you NSA

But let’s not kid ourselves, as some commentators are reminding consumers that law enforcement agencies can still obtain information stored on Google’s and Apple’s servers, which is not protected by device encryption.

Still it is quite concerning that law enforcement continues to act as if crime would disappear if we just gave up our civil liberties. In fact, as one poster mentioned on Gizmodo, aren’t the procedures set in place specifically to protect our civil liberties?

Source: Wall Street Journal;

Galaxy Note 3 pitted against iPhone 6 Plus in #bendgate test

Posted by wicked September - 24 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

Now that the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iOS 8 are in the hands of users, the real-world testing begins. And so do the complaints. Most glaring among those seems to be what the Interwebs is dubbing as #bendgate or #bentgate to describe the admittedly horrifying phenomenon of the iPhone 6 Plus ungracefully bowing down to the forces of physics.

Long story short, the iPhone 6 Plus is reported to bend and remain bent with varying levels of pressure applied, from the power of your buttocks when the phone is placed in the back pocket, to less forceful slight of hand in the somewhat cringe-worthy test below. That the iPhone 6 Plus bends is, to some extent, not exactly surprising, considering its aluminum build, its super thin profile, and its bigger surface area. But for those who believe that only rather violent and extremely forceful physics can make the smartphone yield, the video below demonstrates how even bare hands can cause mayhem and sadness for the iPhone 6 Plus and its owners

The bending is noted to happen right below the volume buttons, likely the weakest point in the whole aluminum body due to the holes that give way to the buttons. And for those who would claim that it would happen to any smartphone, the same test was applied to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Not exactly the latest, but larger than the iPhone 6 Plus. While Samsung’s phablet did bend while force was being applied, and was noted to even make creaking noises, it kept true to its form save for some almost unnoticeable warping.

On further analysis, the results aren’t exactly surprising if you consider the materials used, malleable aluminum versus plastic. This makes it seem that Samsung’s choice of plastic isn’t so bad after all. Perhaps brave souls should also test other smartphones that do have aluminum bodies, like the Galaxy Note 4 and its metal edges or the HTC One M8 and its similar unibody design. For now, however, this is one more thing, in addition to screen size, that Samsung users will most likely hold over their iPhone rivals.

SOURCE: Unbox Therapy
VIA: SlashGear, Android and Me