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Mad Catz showing off two handheld mobile accessories at MWC

Posted by wicked March - 2 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

For gamers and all those who follow the gaming industry, Mad Catz will be a familiar name – manufacturers of uber-cool gaming accessories for different platforms. As the Mobile World Congress 2015 chugs along in Barcelona, you may see these two new handheld products from mad Catz on display at their booth – the first is a multifunctional media and mobile gaming controller in the Mad Catz S.U.R.F.R, and the second is a dedicated but multi-platform gaming controller in the Mad Catz L.Y.N.X.

The Mad Catz S.U.R.F.R.


The idea behind the S.U.R.F.R. is that it’s a multifunctional accessory that you can use when you’re facing your big screen TV and integrating all your Android media and gaming sources. You can use it as a multimedia controller for when you’re watching web TV apps like HBO GO, Hulu, or Netflix. You can also use it for gaming – that’s what the integrated D-pad is for, and that’s why the device is held like a gaming controller to begin with. You can play your mobile games from on your mobile, or sync it with an Android TV device and play your games from there. Lastly, you can surf your social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like – and update your status using the built in QWERTY keyboard. This is all wireless, all handheld.


The Mad Catz L.Y.N.X.


We already had some face-to-face time with the Mad Catz L.Y.N.X. wireless gaming controller. It’s basically a controller that will adapt to whichever gaming console or platform you pair it with. You can sync it to your mobile as a Bluetooth controller, sync it with your PC as a wireless gaming controller, sync it with Android TV as a gaming controller, and a lot more. True to Mad Catz design, the aesthetics of the device is truly cool and gamer-worthy. But the response of the device is something wonderful to behold as well.


You should take time to pass by the Mad Catz booth at the MWC and try these babies out if you’re one of the lucky ones who are already there. Folllow our MWC news via the MWC 2015 tag.

SOURCE: Mad Catz (1), (2)

Cyanogen and Qualcomm announce cooperation at MWC 2015

Posted by wicked March - 2 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Cyanogen and Qualcomm announced at MWC 2015 that they are teaming up to improve the user experience for fans of Cyanogen OS on certain Qualcomm platforms. The collaboration will see support for the best features and UI enhancements the Cyanogen OS has to offer get accelerated on certain Snapdragon processors.

The enhanced support will be available for the upcoming release of the Qualcomm Reference Design (QRD) that is planned to launch in April. With the enhanced solution, Cyanogen will bring a new launcher and personal information management apps across dialer, messaging, contacts, and calendar.

The Cyanogen OS is available on the most current Android 5.0 release and will be offered to device markers globally. Snapdragon processors in the 200, 400, and 600 series will support the feature and UI enhancements for Cyanogen OS.

The Cyanogen Launcher will also be available for the QRD program across those Snapdragon processor tiers. Qualcomm wants its QRD program to streamline rapid introduction of new devices at lower development costs for device makers. The QRD is expected to launch in April, but it’s unclear when devices supporting these features will be available to consumers.


SanDisk crams 200GB capacity into a microSD card

Posted by wicked March - 2 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

We remember the days when all we could get was a maximum of 128MB on a microSD card, and we wonder, where have those days gone? Now SanDisk, makers of these teeny-weeny microSD cards, have just announced at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona that they were able to stuff 200GB into a microSD card. What is the world coming to, really?

Alright, we feign incredulity, but really – this thing is incredible and nothing short of amazing. The full name of the product is the “Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card Premium Edition” – which will give you a full 200GB of external storage on whichever device you deign bestow the blessing of such storage quantity.

You might be thinking, well, 200GB is nothing if it copies and transfers files at turtle pace – given the size of the storage capacity. You were correct to worry in the sense that this would have been a problem, had SanDisk not dealt with it. As such, with this new microSD card, you won’t have to give up performance. The data transfer rate should still be at a whopping 90MB per second. That’s around 1,000 regular-sized photos every minute.


What will stop you in your tracks is the price – SanDisk will ask for USD$400 for each one of these babies. So given the price tag, it will only make sense if you have a device with a great screen that can display the 4K resolution videos you will stuff this microSD card with. OR, you might want to carry along a humongous lossless audio music collection. Other than that, what’s the point?

Follow our MWC 2015 tag for more MWC news.


Alcatel Pixi 3 phablet and tablet debut at MWC 2015

Posted by wicked March - 2 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Alcatel has rolled out a pair of new Pixi 3 devices at MWC 2015 this week. The new devices include the Pixi 3 phablet and the Pixi 3 tablet. Both of the devices aim to give budget shoppers 4G connectivity for fast web browsing on the go. The Pixi 3 is a 5.5-inch phablet smartphone and the Pixi 3 tablet has a 7-inch screen.

The 3G phablet smartphone has a big 5.5-inch screen as mentioned before, but the resolution is low to keep costs down. That big screen has a resolution of 560 x 960. The other hardware under the hood is modest as well keeping in tune with the low cost promise of the device.


It uses a MediaTek MT6580 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and it has an 8MP rear camera paired with a 2MP front camera. Power comes from a 2910 mAh internal battery and it has a memory card slot for storage expansion. The operating system is Android 5.0. The 4G version of the phablet rocks the same size screen with 720 x 1280 resolution and a smaller 2800 mAh battery

The phablet has a 7-inch screen with resolution of 1024 x 600 for the 3D and WiFi version. Those versions also run Android KitKat out of the box. The 4G version runs Android 5.0 right out of the box. Screen resolution for all the tablets is the same with the difference being the 4G version gets a Snapdragon 210 quad processor and 1GB of RAM with all other hardware the same between all three versions of the tablet. The 3G and WiFi versions of the tablet get a dual-core MediaTek MT8127 processor, 512GB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. Pricing is unannounced at this time.

SOURCE: PhoneArena

Alcatel outs the Idol 3 smartphone, a reversible ‘party’ device

Posted by wicked March - 2 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

From the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Alcatel has just announced the new ONETOUCH Idol 3 smartphone, a device that seems tailor-made for the party life. Boasting of high fidelity audio processors (andspeakers), HD screens, and a fully “reversible” interface, this phone might just have the features that could turn the heads of potential users.

First up, we look under the hood. The Idol 3 comes in two variants – a 4.5-inch model powered by a quad-core processor and sports an HD (720p) screen, and a larger 5.5-inch model which has a full HD screen (1080p) and is powered by an octa-core proc. Both have 4G LTE connectivity and will run Android Lollipop out of the box.


Then there’s this matter of the JBL sound processor that these phones have. This means that the gadget is capable of producing party quality audio at any point in time. The phones are also equipped with mixing software so you can mix beats right on your phone. There are also 2 hi-fi speakers in front.


The “reversible” feature – well, we’re not quite sold on it yet, but we will have to see how this is executed. It has the potential to be a winner (like LG’s “knock on” feature) or a pain in the neck, depending on how it is executed. Alcatel describes it as such – that the phone will re-adjust its interface regardless of the direction or orientation the phone is picked up. Hopefully, Alcatel gets that feature right.


For more MWC news, monitor our MWC 2015 tag.

SOURCE: Alcatel

Updated ZTE Grand S3 features Eyeprint ID technology

Posted by wicked March - 2 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

ZTE is on hand at MWC 2015 in Spain and has announced what it claims to be one of the world’s first smartphones that offers leading EyeVeify technology inside. The EyeVerify tech allows the user a password free smartphone experience thanks to the eye-based biometric solution.

The biometric solution is called Eyeprint ID and it offers a password free method to unlock the device and bring additional security to your private data. The security solution works by imaging the unique vein patterns in the eye using the Grand S3′s front facing camera.

ZTE says that Eyeprint ID will be used in other upcoming ZTE Grand devices in the future. The service will also soon be integrated with payment and other application data. How exactly the technology is used is unknown at this point.

It’s unclear just how close the user has to hold the camera to their eye for the Eyeprint ID system to operate. The ZTE Grand S3 with the Eyeprint ID technology is available for purchase now in China for 2999 RMB. The smartphone originally launched on January 17 in China and has won an iF Design Award 2015.


Secure your online presence with 2 years of TigerVPN [DEALS]

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These days, one cannot be too careful when going online, especially in some countries where governments have been known to bend the law to fit their needs. So what is a regular Internet user to do to remain safe and private on the Web. Well, there are many means and tools, but one of the most popular is the use of a Virtual Private Network of VPN. And to kickstart you on your way to Web privacy we have here a sweet deal courtesy of TigerVPN.

The service has 55 nodes located in 40 countries around the world. This means that it will be harder for people to trace your online tracks. It also means you will be able to access almost any content without regional restrictions. TigerVPN uses strong 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the data traveling through the wires Its servers are all optimized for speed with 1 Gbps connections.

TigerVPN doesn’t require you to install additional software and can be used on a wide variety of platforms, including Macs, PCs, Linux, iOS, and Android. There are no data limits, so you can expect the maximum performance anytime, anywhere. The only restriction is that you can only access TigerVPN on a single device at a time.

Here at Android Community Deals, we are offering 2 years of TigerVPN service for a drastically reduced amount of $49. That’s 72 percent off the original amount. You have up to 6 months to redeem your subscription after payment, but once done, the sale is deemed final.

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MediaTek launches MT6753 chipset with ‘WorldMode’ LTE

Posted by wicked March - 2 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

MediaTek, makers of chipsets that are usually found in the more affordable smartphone products, is taking 4G connectivity and giving it to more people with the new MT6753 chipset. The plan is to make 4G LTE more affordable, and this might just be the chipset to seal the deal – with products who will pack this new chipset in their innards already lined up for the second half of 2015.

The new chipset will be highlighted by a 64-bit Cortex-A53 octa-core processor that turns at 1.5Ghz, in a 28nm form factor, the usual size for entry-level devices. There will also be a Mali-T720 graphics chip – not really bleeding edge, but it will do the job. But the star of the show is definitely the WorldMode LTE modem, which allows devices to connect to Cat 4 LTE, TDD LTE, 3GPP, HSPA+, TD-SCDMA, and EDGE, plus support for CDMA2000 1x/EVDO. So what does this mean?

In simple terms, the chipset will make devices compatible with most carriers internationally – giving manufacturers a cheaper solution for getting their devices to almost any market in the world. Imagine that – 4G connectivity for entry-level devices that will be compatible to almost any network anywhere in the world. That’s amazing.

The chip also offers advanced features like Bluetooth 4.0, dual-band WiFi, support for 16MP cameras, and 1080p recording. In plain terms, devices which will carry the MT6753 SoC can potentially boast of octa-core performance and 4G LTE connectivity – and the affordability of the solution means that manufacturers can start putting these on entry-level and low midrange devices.

VIA: PR News Wire

Withings adds Android support to Activite, Activite Pop

Posted by wicked March - 2 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Withings made us Android fans a bit frustrated because the affordable but gorgeous health and fitness tracker only works on iOS but good news, the Activite and Activite Pop now works on Android. There may be a lot of Android Wear-running smartwatches already but these two from Withings are perhaps the most beautiful and more attractive next to the LG Watch Urbane.

Withings Activite lineup is more of a health watch that can obviously track health-related activities. The high-end Activate now runs Android Wear and the Activate Pop will soon follow before March ends. This means the two models can be added to the long list of wearables that are compatible with most Android smartphones.

The Activité and Activité Pop’s design and elegance make the two winners when it comes to aesthetics. I knew it was just a matter of time before Withings work on Android compatibility for their products. The activity trackers have become more useful now. Aside from just tracking health and fitness data, the two Activité health watch can now do what most Android Wear wearables can do even without the touchscreen goodness.

Withings brings the app and wearable to Android. In line with this, sensors used by Withings can also be integrated with Google Fit. This means you can use the Google fitness tracking platform more in style.

VIA: SlashGear

Swatch rolls out Touch Zero One smartwatch

Posted by wicked March - 2 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Swatch first said it didn’t understand why smartwatches and other wearables are popular but looks like the Swiss watchmaker is humming a new tune these days. It denied that it was working with Apple on the Apple Watch but later on said they started working on their own smartwatch. And now, we’re seeing a glimpse not of a total smartwatch but this wearable device called the Touch Zero One especially made for the volleyball players.

We know sports wrist bracelets. We’ve seen a lot already from different manufacturers but this one is aimed at volleyball enthusiasts. We’re not sure how many will benefit from this that Swatch really thought of making a sports exclusive model. It looks like an updated version of the Swatch Touch model but this Touch Zero One is “smarter”.

The Swatch Touch Zero One also features a curved screen similar to the first Swatch Touch. But unlike the original Touch with minimal touch functions, the Touch Zero One now has full touchscreen capability. It works with a smartphone app but we’re not sure if for Android or iOS.

So it’s a smartwatch alright but it’s really more of a full-fledged fitness tracker. For now, no text, calls, or email notifications. It won’t be able to control media playback on smartphone but I don’t see any reason why Swatch won’t add those functionalities. A little tweaking on the code could allow those basic smartwatch features. (Maybe someone will just hack this? We’ll see…)

About its volleyball specific features, the Swatch Touch Zero One can track the user’s number of hits, steps, hits, high hits, low hits, and even high fives throughout the game. Well that’s something different and useful which can help rate if user if an amateur, beginner, or already a professional. The Touch Zero One can also calculate how many calories have been burned and show progress graphs.

Swatch is on the right direction but to make it volleyball specific is a bit odd. It’s a smartwatch so why limit what it can do?

Swatch Touch Zero One smartwatch 5
Swatch Touch Zero One smartwatch 4
Swatch Touch Zero One smartwatch 3
Swatch Touch Zero One smartwatch 2
Swatch Touch Zero One 1

SOURCE: Swatch

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