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printWifi lets your device print wirelessly and securely

Posted by wicked November - 28 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

Have you ever had a situation where you needed desperately to print a document from either your smartphone or tablet but you are not able to send it to the connected computer or you don’t have the printer driver available? A new Kickstarter project wants to solve that problem by giving you a device that will wirelessly and securely print from your gadget to the printer available.

printWifi and printUSB can act as a bridge between your mobile device and printer so you don’t need to email documents to the computer attached to the printer or even search for printer drivers that will let you do so. You don’t even need to have network access to be able to print legal documents, papers and projects for school, tickets of the concert you’re watching, boarding pass for your travels, and a whole bunch of other things that need to be printed.

The process for printing is pretty easy and simple as well (well, at least based on what they’re telling us). First, you need to connect your smartphone or tablet to the printWifi or printUSB device. If you can’t use wifi connection, then you can connect the device through printUSB. Then you open the document on the printView app without having to send the document through email. And voila, now you can print.

With 50 days to go on their Kickstarter project, they have already reached their goal of $10,000, but you can still back them up if you feel like being one of the earliest owners of this device. Their estimated delivery date is by February 2015.


SOURCE: Kickstarter

Moto 360 leather, metal bands now available individually

Posted by wicked November - 28 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

Smartwatches have become the accessory du jour for gadget fans the past few years or so. But one criticism (well, if you’re the fashionable type at least) about the wearable is that the variant designs are limited and you get stuck with the same watch strap once you buy your smartwatch. Moto 360 is now offering separate watch bands that will give you a bit of limited variety for your smartwatch.

You can now buy two kinds of Moto 360 bands to interchange with your existing smartwatch, depending on your mood or your fashion style. For the more “hipster” or “rock star”-ish look, you can go for the leather bands which are made from hand-treated materials from Horween, a prestigious tannery. There are different shades available: black, stone, cognac. They come with a stainless steel buckle.


For a more classic and formal look, you can get the metal bands for the Moto 360. They are made from solid stainless steel and come with a butterfly clasp for its contemporary tri-link design. It comes in black and silver variants. They are both of normal width so if you’re looking for thin straps, you’ll have to wait a little longer.


While the variety of straps is very much welcome, you can’t just change this yourself, like you would change the strap of your normal watch. Motorola suggests that you visit a local jeweler in order to assist you. The leather band is available for $29.99 while the metal bands can be bought for $79.99. Both are available on the Motorola online store.

SOURCE: Motorola

Zombiens invade Rooster Teeth in new action/stratey game

Posted by wicked November - 28 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

In the event of an alien invasion, or in this case a zombie alien one, it sometimes helps to have a sense of humor. Well, at least in this mobile game it does. Video production house Rooster Teeth is getting their game face on as they are digitally immortalized in this fun and funny game called, what else, Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens.

Rooster Teeth has been known in the gaming community for creating awesome machinima (films made from video game engines) and this time they teamed up with game studio Team Chaos to create this game with characters based on actual people and zombiens based on actual zombie-alien hybrids, if they were real. The action/strategy game has one very simple (but random) story: protect their studio versus these invaders.

You have 8 different Rooster Teeth peeps to team up with and there are 6 playable characters to choose from, all with unique voice over scripts. You have to make use of 25 different kinds of weapons in order to defeat the invading hybrids. To prolong your life, you can have 10 different traps that will randomly sprout up, hopefully, when you need them. In fact, a lot about this game is completely random, from the weapons, to the zombiens attacking, to which supporting cast members show up, sometimes, just to spout out words of wisdom. And since it’s random, they claim that “no two games are ever the same”.

If you feel like working with smart alecks while trying to avoid becoming cannon fodder for zombiens, you can download Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens from the Google Play Store for $4.54. There are also several in-app purchases so be careful with your settings for one-click payment.


Amazon marks down Nexus 9, Chromecast, and more apps

Posted by wicked November - 28 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

Ready for your Black Friday shopping marathon? You don’t need to be in your favorite stores physically, fight over the goods, and fall in line for hours because there’s online shopping. Of course, your success will still depend on your clicking speed.

As usual, Amazon has got some great deals for everyone. Prime members aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the holiday promos so I’m guessing stocks will run out fast like the Chromecast. From $35, Amazon is listing the HDMI Streaming Media Player for $23. That’s almost 40% off the original price.

google chromecast

Google and Amazon didn’t do any modification on the device. It’s the same Chromecast that streams online music, videos, photos to your TV using only a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Like most streaming sticks, Chromecst supports various apps like Rdio, Vevo, crackle, Plex, MLS, Google Play Movies and Music, ESPN, Pandora, HBO Go, Hulu Plua, Netflix, and YouTube. The Chromecast is so easy to use: simply plug into any HDTV and connect to a WiFi network. It’s a Google Product but it’s not exclusive to Android as it also works with iOS, Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks.


nexus 9

Next deal that would probably sell fast is the Google Nexus 9 Tablet now at $349.99—price down from $399.99. The HTC Android tablet now runs Android 5.0 Lollipop and boasts of an 8.9-inch IPS LCD TFT display, 2048 x 1536 QXGA resolution, 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash memory, 8MP rear camera, 1.6MP front camera, and NVIDIA Tegra K1 2.3 GHz Processor.

Last but definitely not the least, are more free apps from Amazon. This Free App of the Day Bundle promo from the company will make you happy just like yesterday’s Verizon Connection Day promo. Listed on the page are 39 paid Android apps that now ready for download—for FREE! Some of the more popular apps include Angry Birds Season, Sonic Jump, Bejeweled 2, and the very expensive Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, originally priced at $24.

These are just some of the promos you can find on Amazon. You’ve probably maxed out your credit cards by now….

Get these great deals from Amazon: Nexus 9, Chromecast, Free Apps

Twitter to use smartphone apps info to improve your profile

Posted by wicked November - 28 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

The newest update to the Twitter Android app is something that not everyone will probably welcome, especially those that are very protective of their mobile privacy. The social media giant announced that they are now looking at the apps you have installed on your smartphone to know more about your behaviour when using your device.

But before you start a petition to boycott Twitter or to file privacy violation claims against them, you need to know two things about this new “feature”: you can opt out of it and it will only look at installed apps on your smartphone, not how you use the app itself. If you’ve already been updated to the latest version of the Twitter app, you can adjust the settings on “Tailor Twitter based on my apps”. They also emphasize that they are just looking at the data provided by Google on what apps are already installed on your smartphone, not how many times you use it or what information you’ve stored there.

So why is Twitter doing this in the first place? In the FAQ section, they state three reasons. One is to improve on their suggestions on who you should follow, which you’ve been seeing on your timeline for some time now (and which is sometimes laughably innacurate). Another is to suggest tweets and accounts on your timeline which their algorithm thinks you’ll find interesting. Third is to show you “more relevant promoted content”, which in other words means, they need to make more money to sell more ads that are relevant to you.

Just like Facebook, Twitter is a free service that we use, so our complaints sometimes seems pointless since we’re not actually paying them to be able to use their product. But still, there is an unspoken (and sometimes explicit) understanding of a reasonable expectation of privacy between the social network and users. Now whether you see this update as a way to improve what they show you on your timeline or a gross invasion of privacy, actually depends on how you look at free social networks in general.

VIA: Re/Code

SOURCE: Twitter

Chainfire updates SuperSU, CF-Auto-Root, How-to SU

Posted by wicked November - 27 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

It’s an early holiday for root developers and users as Chainfire let out a massive release of all his root-related goodies. He has pushed a major update to the SuperSU app on Google Play Store, jumping from version 2.01 to 2.35 and has updated his How-to SU guide for root app developers. He also gives a bit of insight into the journey from KitKat to Lollipop, as well as an announcement that might ruffle a few feathers.

SELinux, the very security feature that hardens Android also presents a stumbling block for root modders. There has been a lot of changes to Android’s security system and features during the development of Android L, as it was then called, and Chainfire was wise not to settle down on any single solution, since those solutions turned out to be futile later on. The good news is that everything now is working pretty much as they should and both users and developers can lean on the hard work that Chainfire has put into learning ways to root our favorite mobile platform.

On the end user side of things, the SuperSU app has a slightly new look. This one just barely adheres to the Material Design style now becoming en vogue. Why not go all out? For one, SuperSU has to support devices running on even older Android 2.x versions. Material Design would not only look out of place, but it will also add another set of layouts and design that Chainfire is just not interested in maintaining right now. There will, however, be visual changes along the way, and those interested in the app’s aesthetics might want to keep an eye out for it, or maybe even chime in.

The app also now has in-app purchases. No, this doesn’t mean that the free SuperSU app will no longer have access to Pro versions (which you could just enable with a checkbox before). The IAP is there simply as a donation option. Some users apparently like to donate to Chainfire regularly, in which case the one-time SuperSU Pro purchase won’t be enough. They also don’t like using PayPal, apparently, and asked for such an option. Chainfire does expect some fallout for introducing IAPs, but this is probably one of those cases where users wouldn’t mind a completely optional way to help fund a developer’s efforts.

Download: SuperSU from Google Play Store
SOURCE: +Chainfire

Opera Mini for Android gets updated

Posted by wicked November - 27 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

The Opera Mini for Android has just been updated. The web browser has been available for Android devices since 2009 but it’s receiving a lighter look and feel just before the year ends. This could be Opera’s response to Material Design but it’s actually more of a transition to a more lightweight browser for devices running at least Android 2.3.

The latest Opera Mini for Android is still in beta but app should be fully ready soon. Features of the new Opera Mini beta include private tabs for private browsing, improved speed, up to 90% of data savings, layout customization, bookmark sharing and syncing, and daily savings view.

To customize layout, you can choose among the three different styles available: Phone for a bigger viewing area, Class for easier one-hand navigation, or Tablet for easier switching batween tabs.

To view daily savings, simply tap the Opera logo and see how much data have been utilized and saved. Syncing and sharing bookmarks are also possible between your computer and phone. You can share your bookmarks with friends. As with any other web browsers, you can manage your tabs easily on Opera Mini, as well as, save your favorite websites by simply tapping the + button. The saved site will then be shown on the the Speed Dial start page of the Opera Mini app.

opera mini web browser
opera mini web browser 3
opera mini web browser 4
opera mini web browser 5
opera mini web browser 6
opera mini web browser

Download Opera Mini bet from the Google Play Store


Germany’s Linshof i8 boasts 80 GB of storage

Posted by wicked November - 27 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

We’ve seen our fair share of strange smartphones and devices, and this Linshof i8 could very well make it to that list. The German-made smartphone promises to deliver a lot of things but in a rather peculiar package. Aside from the strange shape, which doesn’t seem to be hand-friendly, the smartphone also comes with 80 GB of storage. Not 64, not 128, but 80 GB.

How does Linshof pull it off? Apparently, there is indeed a 64 GB memory inside, but there is also 16 GB more. The latter supposedly uses a different module that’s designed to perform much faster than usual. This will be where the operating system and the apps will reside for maximum efficiency, while user content will be left to the 64 GB storage. And if that weren’t enough, there will be an i8 Space edition in the near future that will offer 144 GB of space. That’s 128 GB of storage plus that fast 16 GB memory module.

The device will be driven by an octa-core processor running at 2.1 GHz. What that mighty processor is, it still doesn’t say. It will be paired with 3 GB of RAM to take advantage of all those resources. There’s a 13 megapixel rear camera and a high 8 megapixel for the front. The display boasts of a 5-inch Full HD screen, noted to be “Super AMOLED, IPS”, which is quite impossible considering IPS is an LCD technology. There will probably be two variants of the device available with different screen types.

The Linshof i8 will be running Android 5.0, or alternatively some Linux OS, but you might not immediately recognize it. The phone makes use of a “super-responsive” hardware-accelerated custom UI that looks like a blend of Windows Phone tiles and Samsung TouchWiz colors. The navigation buttons have also been relocated to the lower left while the notification icons stay on the lower right, a strange setup that calls to mind desktop computers more than smartphones.


The Linshof i8 is scheduled to land first quarter of 2015 with a price tag of $380, which isn’t that bad if it manages to deliver on all its promises.

SOURCE: Linshof
VIA: phoneArena

Take down E.V.I.L with Agent Awesome Android game

Posted by wicked November - 27 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

In the tradition of such great secret agents like James Bond, Jason Bourne, and….Austin Powers??? Wait, come to think of it, the game we’re introducing is more like the latter and so we’ll not compare it to the best spies in pop culture. Agent Awesome is a comedy adventure game that will try not just to glue you to your smartphone but make you chuckle as well while doing so.

Plot-wise, it’s as simple (and surreal) as you’ll get: Agent A is drunk dared to take down E.V.I.L (Engineering Vicious Ideas Labs) just to prove he’s the best agent in the company. You need to make your way through 12 floors of the headquarters, fighting evil scientists, security guards, and even…koalas and sharks? We’ve stopped trying to make sense of this game and just go with the crazy flow.

More than just making it as silly possible, the game actually keeps you on your toes as you execute the perfect strategy to achieve your goal. You even have to make a choice between killing the henchmen you’re up against or just leave them unconscious for a while. Of course there are a lot of weapons available, because after all, you cannot just rely on Agent A’s good looks or acting chops to be able to overcome all the characters out to stop him from eliminating E.V.I.L’s big bosses.

Agent Awesome is available to download for free from the Google Play Store. However there are some in-app purchases available, so be careful about pressing that buy button, unless you want to end up with an awesome credit card bill.


Wicked Lair: Tower Defense and Dungeon Building mash-up

Posted by wicked November - 27 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

If you’re a fan of both tower defense games and dungeon building ones, then a game that combines the best things about those two should be right up your alley. Wicked Lair is one of the newest games that is a hybrid of those two, and it should keep you glued to your smartphone for some time (or at least until you get tired of it).

The object of the game is to dig deep and build a dungeon as deep as you can, all while training your minions (no, not those cute yellow things from Despicable Me) to fight against heroes that will try to penetrate your territory. These are terrifying monsters and powerful creatures who are hell bent on preventing the heroes from stealing your loot.

You can also send your creatures to go out and destroy the towns that are sending the heroes to your lair. And because you’re not the “good guys” in this game, you get to loot and burn the said towns in order to prevent them from spawning any more adventurers. There are 9 different dungeon types, plus 100 different creatures to both defend your dungeons and attack the towns. You can also add extra layers to your dungeon as the game progresses and you get more money.

Visually speaking, the game has a kind of retro look, but also the graphics are nothing to complain about. It’s not that difficult of a game, especially if you’re already familiar with tower defense, dungeon building, and even a little bit of RPG. You can download Wicked Lair for free, but with in-app purchases available, from the Google Play Store.


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