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Customers lined up to buy the Galaxy S5, but not everywhere

Posted by wicked April - 14 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

samsung galaxy s5 aa (24 of 36)

The Galaxy S5 went on sale last weekend in 125 countries from North America, Europe, and much of Asia. With competition stronger than ever and tapering growth in the high-end smartphone market, all eyes are now on Samsung’s new hero device and its sales performance.

The first signs are encouraging, with customers in several European countries lining up to buy the Galaxy S5.

Samsung told ZDNet Korea that Galaxy S5 sales were on average 1.3 times higher than for the Galaxy S4, with some European markets seeing double the performance of the 2013 flagship. At a Paris store, Samsung sold 200 units in the first hour, while in the UK launch-day sales were double that of the Galaxy S4. Samsung also boasted great sales in Austria and the Netherlands, where 700 people reportedly gathered in Rotterdam for the launch of the Galaxy S5.

galaxy s5 launch day france

Launch day in Paris

A Samsung representative said orders are already “in the millions” for the Galaxy S5, and we have no reasons to doubt it. The Galaxy S line has always been Samsung’s top seller.

With that said, in some countries, the Korean company offered free Gear Fits to the first Galaxy S5 buyers, which probably encouraged customers to line up. For instance, at the Samsung Experience Store in Frankfurt, Germany, the first 200 Galaxy S5 buyers received a free Gear Fit fitness accessory. In France, SFR customers had the option to buy an unlocked Galaxy S5 and get a Gear Fit for just an extra euro.

In the US, customers were less eager to line up for the S5, reports Recode’s Dawn Chmielewski: “an informal survey of stores in downtown San Francisco found healthy preorders for the Galaxy S5, but no long lines at the purchase counter.”

T-Mobile reported the highest number of registrations for information on the Galaxy S5, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that sales broke records as well. Indeed, there are no reports of American customers lining up for the Galaxy S5, the way European customers did.

Samsung has a much stronger presence in Europe compared to North America, where Apple still commands a large and faithful following, especially at the high end of the market.

Geeksphone Revolution now available for sale on Amazon in the Europe

Posted by wicked April - 9 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off


Geeksphone, a spain-based smartphone manufacturer, released it’s new flagship, the Revolution, back in February which dual-boots Android and Firefox OS.

A few weeks ago, you could get the device through the company’s website, however, it is now available for sale on Amazon in the Europe. If you’re interested to get your hands on it, you can order one from Amazon Spain, Germany, France and the U.K and it will be available in Italy soon. If you order it before April 15, you’ll get a 30% discount reducing the price to €240 which is equivalent to $330. 

As for the specs, the Revolution device features a 4.7 inch IPS LCD screen of qHD resolution powered by dual-core Intel Atom Z2560 chipset clocked at 1.6GHz, 1GB of RAM, 8MP 1080p camera and 2,000 mAh battery.

Sources: Amazon - Spain / Germany / France / U.K


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LG G2 mini coming to Europe, Latin America, Asia end of the month

Posted by wicked March - 27 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

LG has just announced the schedule of availability of its mini flagship, the G2 mini. Offered not only in different colors but also in different hardware configurations, the G2 mini will begin its commercial launch in selected regions of Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia starting at the end of March.

The G2 mini was unveiled back in February at MWC 2014. Following in the footsteps of certain manufacturers, LG provided a smaller and slightly less powerful smartphone bearing the flagship’s name. But despite having a smaller 4.7-inch 960×540 display, the G2 mini still boasted the same premium features of its namesake, as well as upgrades that the G2 was yet to gain, such as Android 4.4 and the much-advertised Knock Code gesture.

But rather than just settle for a smaller rehash of the G2, LG aimed to make the G2 mini appeal to as many user groups as possible, unveiling different models with different hardware sets. One variant, for example, has dual SIM capabilities while another only has a single SIM slot. The 3G-only model also sports a different processor, a 1.7 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4i, from that of the LTE variant, which has a 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400.

Those variants, as well as the four color options of black, white, gold, and red, will be available for purchase at the end of this month, starting in regions such as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Other key markets will follow, though LG has not disclosed when. The company has also left out pricing details from the announcement.


Cut the Rope creator fights King’s “Candy” EU trademark

Posted by wicked March - 26 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

King might have backtracked on its trademark in the US, but it is still pushing through with it elsewhere. Now, however, another game developer has taken up arms to make sure that the Candy Crush Saga creator won’t be holding on to the trademark in the EU for long.

Game developer King began the year by laying claim to the word “Candy” as a trademark for its popular casual game. It didn’t stop there however. The trademark it sought for applied to non-game products as well, particularly merchandise bearing the word. And, of course, it tried to enforce that claim by sending legal notices to any and all games that use the word, whether they make sense or not. After receiving no small amount of backlash, King decided to withdraw the generic “Candy” trademark application and opt instead for a more specific “Candy Crusher” one.

In the EU, however, it’s business as usual for King but the UK branch of ZeptoLab isn’t going to be sitting quietly. Cut the Rope may not have been as wildly popular as, say, Angry Birds or Candy Crush, but it did make it to the headlines for some time. And guess what’s one of the main elements of Cut the Rope. Yes, candy. While ZeptoLab was granted the trademark “Feed with Candy” in the UK, King’s more overarching “Candy” trademark still poses a great threat. Now it is working to get King’s “Candy” EU trademark dissolved by submitting the claim in the UK.

The process might not be smooth-sailing, however, considering King apparently purchased the “Candy” EU trademark from a now bankrupt company. Still, if ZeptoLab is successful, they will not only manage to protect themselves from future lawsuits but would also have freed other game developers from worrying about using the very generic word in their games and products as well.

VIA: SlashGear, The Next Web

EU parliament votes in favor of universal smartphone chargers

Posted by wicked March - 17 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

Europe is one step closer to getting rid of all those incompatible mobile chargers in the market. The Members of the European Parliament (MEP) has just voted to support a regulation requiring all manufacturers to comply with a single, universal charger.

This regulation would just make legally binding a practice that is already observed by most manufacturers in the region. Many of them have already adopted the micro-USB standard although there are definitely still some outliers. The new regulation aims not just to make the lives of consumers more convenient but to help reduce e-waste that is worsened by having to buy different chargers for some devices.

Once the regulation has been passed as law, smartphone manufacturers will have until 2017 to be in full compliance. Considering many of them already use micro-USB chargers, anyway, that should not be too much of a problem. The story might be different for Apple, however, which is quite strict about its proprietary chargers and connectors. The company might be forced to make available converters but only for the regions affected.

The fight for universal chargers is not yet over, but it is practically won. The draft still has to pass the Council of the European Union, also sometimes referred to as the Council of Ministers, who has been quite favorable about the idea. Once approved, member states will have up to 2016 to translate the EU regulation into each state’s national laws, giving manufacturers who are still waiting for that final phase 12 months to comply.

VIA: SlashGear

Sony SmartBand now available for pre-order for European markets

Posted by wicked February - 26 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off


After announcing the Sony SmartBand at MWC 2014 this week, Sony has wasted no time in starting the retail blitz to get the devices into the hands of buyers. On the Sony Mobile Store, the device has already shown up for pre-order for £79.99 ($134 USD) in the U.K. and €99 ($136 USD) for other European markets. Although, Sony indicated the devices would be available in a variety of colors, thus far black appears to be the only choice available for early adopters that want to be the first to get the devices onto their wrists.

The first units of the Sony SmartBand destined for European markets and the U.K. are expected to be delivered in early April. That will give buyers an opportunity to spend some time with the Lifelog application prior to having the device in hand as Sony says the app should be available in Google Play sometime in March.

source: Xperia Blog

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South Korea looking at Feb. 21 launch date for LG G Pro 2

Posted by wicked February - 18 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

lg g pro 2

Based on info from local “telecom officials,” ZDNet is reporting that the LG G Pro 2 will have a launch date of Feb. 21 in South Korea, with international markets receiving the device at later dates (April for US and Europe, most likely).

Cost is still an unknown but expect an off-contract price to be around $600— most high-end devices are going for around that price these days, and LG certainly doesn’t want its customer base thinking that the G Pro 2 is a bargain device.

The phone should ship with Android 4.4 KitKat, a 5.9-inch 1080p display, LTE Advanced, NFC, a 13MP rear shooter with OIS Plus, a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, rocker buttons on the back, 3GB RAM, 32GB expandable storage, and a 3,200 mAh battery— yep, this one’s an absolute monster.

Via: PhoneArena
Source: ZDNet

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Samsung launching stand-alone retail stores in Europe

Posted by wicked January - 29 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

Samsung has announced plans to launch 60 stand-alone retail stores across Europe. The stores will be opening as part of a new “preferred partner” agreement that Samsung has signed with the Carphone Warehouse Group. The Samsung stores will be opening over the next three months and coming to the UK as well as Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

While 60 new locations will certainly be a big jump for Samsung and Carphone Warehouse, this news follows the successful 2013 launch of three stand-alone stores in Spain. Samsung has said the new stores will offer a “premium look and feel.” And perhaps key here, they will be operated by Carphone Warehouse and selling Samsung mobile products to include smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and wearables.

Other details here point towards how customers visiting these stores will see a new experience that “merges retail and technology innovations.” More to the point here, these stores will make use of Carphone Warehouse’s sales tools and connectivity platform using Samsung tablets.

Neither Samsung or Carphone Warehouse have announced any specific plans beyond these 60 new retail stores, however it seems there may be some potential to take things further. Comments from the press release announcement touched on how “there is potential to expand the relationship going forward.” For now though, both companies are hoping to be able to offer a “powerful new retail concept.”

Bottom line here, if you happen to live in any of those seven European markets, you may want to be on the lookout for a store opening. With that in mind, while Samsung and Carphone Warehouse have announced the seven markets and even said there will be a total of 60 new stores — they have yet to offer anything in terms of specific locations.

LG’s G Flex will launch in over 20 European countries

Posted by wicked January - 21 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off
LG G Flex
Whether or not you’re into the whole curved display trend, it’s definitely up and coming, and will continue to grow in the near future.
It has been confirmed that the LG G Flex will be launched in over 20 major European markets— some of these countries include the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Austria and more. The device should hit all of these markets by the end of February. Expect more LG devices to start coming to Europe after their initial launches in Asia and the United States— it’s a growing market and the manufacturers are starting to recognize that.
The European variant will be very similar to its U.S. counterpart— the 6-inch P-OLED display will be the same, as well as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The 13MP shooter with OIS is also included, as well as the self-healing back plate and the 3500mAh battery.
Pricing is still an unknown, but is expected to be extremely pricey. More information to come.
Source: Phone Arena

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LG G Flex coming to European markets in February

Posted by wicked January - 21 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Shortly after launching in the US, the LG G Flex will become available in a few European regions. This is part of LG‘s efforts to spread the word about its rather odd curved smartphone.


Launched in October last year, the LG G Flex boasts of a unique shape that is said to smoothly follow the contours of a person’s face. But more than just a fancy smartphone, the device also touts self-healing abilities, with the rear cover capable of making light scratches disappear in a matter of minutes. The G Flex, however, is quite a capable smartphone in its own right, with a 2.3 GHz quad-core CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and a unique 3500 mAh curved battery. Unfortunately, the large 6-inch screen is maxed at a resolution of 1280×720.

The LG G Flex has ventured little outside of LG’s comfort zone. It first launched in Korea and then slowly made its way to Hong Kong and and Singapore as well. Those in the US interested to own one will soon be able to do so. AT&T has started accepting pre-orders today, with a $299 price tag attached to a two-year contract. Other carriers are expected to follow by January 31.

Europe won’t be falling behind. Although it has not yet revealed date and pricing, LG has announced that those in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Austria, and other countries will soon be able to see for themselves the G Flex’s uniqueness and advantage.


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