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Samsung Galaxy Tab A ready for pre-order in the US starting May 1

Posted by wicked April - 21 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Finally, we have news about the Galaxy Tab A coming to America. The new budget-friendly is now ready for pre-order in the United States. We know there’s there a 9.7-inch tablet version in Germany and yesterday, we were surprised to find out about an 8-inch model spotted at TENAA. But here in the US, Samsung is bringing the two models ready for all consumers. Unlike in Russia where the tech giant quietly announced the Android tablet, Samsung shared an official press release and has already set up a pre-order page for the Galaxy Tab A.

The Galaxy Tab A is more than just an affordable tablet. It’s lightweight so everyone in the family can bring it anywhere. Even the kids will find this light, portable, and easy to carry. It’s sleek and slim it can easily fit your bag or envelope. What’s good about this model is that it brings “some of the best features of the Galaxy Tab series while streamlining connectivity” as shared by Samsung Electronics America’s Senior Vice President for Mobile Computing.

Not only will the Galaxy Tab A connect the users to their colleagues, family, and friends, the tablet also connects with other Samsung devices such as the latest Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and other Samsung smartphones and tablets. For parents’ peace of mind, the tablet features a Kids Mode that allows adults to personalize tablet experience in Multi User Mode. No need to worry about the little ones accessing your apps and inbox because you CAN set up a custom mode for their use.

Specs of the Galaxy Tab A include a 4:3 aspect ratio on either the 9.7-inch or 8-inch model, XGA PLS TFT display, 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, 2MP front camera, and a 5MP rear camera. Screen boasts of an Adaptive Display technology that automatically adjusts sharpness, contrast, and color whenever you’re browsing the web, watching a movie, or reading. Or if you’re looking to work and be more productive with this tablet, you can do so with the Multi Window feature. It allows multitasking and already comes with Microsoft Office for Android so you can view and edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents right on your Galaxy Tab A. It even comes with 100GB of Microsoft OneDrive so you can store all your media files and docs, readily accessible from anywhere.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A features tools like Milk Music, Quick Connect, Smart Switch, and SideSync 4.0. It’s also loaded with Galaxy Gifts and Galaxy Essentials you can avail for a better Galaxy Tab A experience. Tablet already runs Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box and will be available in White, Smoky Titanium, and Smoky Blue for $229.99 (8-inch) and $299.99 (9.7-inch).

You can pre-order from Samsung stores nationwide or from Best Buy, Amazon, and HH Gregg starting May 1. There’s also a 9.-7 inch Titanium version with S-Pen that will be available for $349.99 starting 17th of May.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A

SOURCE: Samsung (1),(2)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 spotted at TENAA

Posted by wicked April - 20 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A was quietly launched in Russia last month and soon, another 9.7-inch version was announced in Germany which will be available this coming May. The German Galaxy Tab A will be out in two variants: WiFi and LTE. True enough, the Chinese version of the Tab A was also spotted in two forms. Tablet was recently approved by TENAA, the Chinese FCC, which means the device will be out in the Chinese market very soon. However, China isn’t getting a 9.7-incher but rather the 8-inch version according to the certification sighted.

TENAA actually approved two models: SM-P355 and SM-T355C. Based on the TENAA document, the Galaxy Tab A will have the following specs: an 8-inch screen, 1024 x 768p pixel resolution, 2 megapixel front-facing camera, 5 megapixel main camera, 2GB LPDDR3 RAM, 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor, 16GB/32GB/64GB storage capacity, and a microSD card slot for expansion. The processor will likely be a Snapdragon 410 or 400 from Qualcomm.

Out of the box, the tablet will run Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. It’s not really the latest version of the platform since some Nexus devices already run Android 5.1 Lollipop but it easily can be updated. Features are not that high-end since it’s not a premium tablet. Display is AMOLED but resolution is low.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 b

No official announcement from Samsung yet so others are saying this is the Galaxy Tab 5 8.0. However, there is a mention of an S-Pen stylus so we can say it’s a Tab A. It’s budget-friendly and Samsung is adding a stylus too. We expect to hear an announcement from Samsung anytime soon about its official launch in China.

VIA: SamMobile


Samsung quietly launches Galaxy Tab A in Russia

Posted by wicked March - 18 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

We knew Samsung was working on new Galaxy Tabs but we weren’t sure when and where exactly the South Korean giant will introduce the new tablets. Actually, it’s kind of challenging to keep track of them because there are too many. Aside from the numerous Galaxy smartphones, there are a lot of tablets to know so we just wait for official announcements from Samsung. If not, we depend on leaks and rumors for some clues. We didn’t expect this but Samsung held a press event recently in Russia to launch the new Galaxy Tab A. The new tablet will be available in two sizes: 8-inches and 9.7-inches.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A boasts of a a 4:3 aspect ratio, 1024 × 768 pixel resolution, 1.2GHz Cortex-A53 processor, 5MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, 16GB built-in storage, 4,200 mAh battery, and 4G connectivity. With the battery we mentioned, the 8-inch variant of the Galaxy Tab A could last up to ten hours. The 9.7-inch model also have the same specs but with the addition of two loudspeakers.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is said have a 300 euro ($318) price tag but in Russia, the tablet will be available starting at 16,990 rubles which is about $277. The WiFi and LTE version of the 8-inch Galaxy Tab A will be at 20,990 to 22,990 rubles (around $342 to $374). As for the 9.7-inch WiFi model, it will cost the same as the 8-inch LTE variant. Galaxy Tab A WiFi and LTE model is set at 24,990 to 26,990 rubles ($407 to $440).

Tablets will be available starting next month in Russia but no word when they will arrive in the United States and other regions.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab A


Samsung to add more Galaxy Tablets to Lineup in 2015

Posted by wicked February - 6 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off


Although some analysts had predicted (and recommended) Samsung reducing its breadth of devices available to the consumer this year, it seems that Samsung still has some surprises up its sleeve.According to GalaxyClub, Samsung has applied for three new trademarks with the Korean IPO: the Samsung Galaxy Tabs A, E and J. These are obviously names for new tablets, which will most likely join the ranks of the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab S in the coming tech release season.

The new names follow Samsung’s current trend of using other letters besides ‘S’ for devices, like the Galaxies A5, A7, E5, E7, and J1. The move to letters instead of longer, heavily-worded names is a good move for simplicity, as well as a good move for showing some sense of progress as a company, which, in a world of rehashes and Galaxy S16s, and Note 11s, may be a good move for the company altogether.

Source: Galaxy Club

Via: Phone Arena

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 Lite may have a Successor Coming

Posted by wicked December - 25 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

whiteTab3light_heroThe Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite was the perfect tablet for the light connoisseur of technology, whether you’re a young child looking to play Angry Birds, or an older adult just looking to read. The price was pretty attractive too, currently at $140 with free shipping from Samsung’s website.

A Samsung product that goes by the model number SM-T116 has been undergoing some testing in India with an import price of around $99, which would make it cheaper than its predecessor. The specs on the tablet include Kitkat, a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, and 1 GB of RAM. If this is the Galaxy Tab 4 Lite, it seems to be a capable successor to the Galaxy Tab Lite line.


Source: Sammobile


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Deal: Galaxy Tab S 10.5 for $334, Moto X Developer Edition (1st Gen) for $229 on eBay

Posted by wicked November - 17 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

Sometimes, perfectly good products just don’t sell as well as projected. In those cases, retailers most often choose discounts as their preferred means of clearing unwanted inventory. Today, eBay sellers have the GSM variant of the Motorola Moto X Developer Edition (DE) for $229.99 (about $50 less than the going price) and the Samsung Galaxy 10.5″ Tab S for $334.99 (usually $549.99). Both include free shipping.

The Moto X DE may not be the newest kid on the block, but it has the benefit of an unlockable bootloader and the promise of future updates. The Galaxy 10.5″ Tab S, meanwhile, is a powerful tablet for the price.

Perhaps the sale’s only drawback is the dearth of available finishes. Better hope you like the woven white Moto X and titanium bronze on the Galaxy Tab. But beggars cannot be choosers, after all.

Deal LinksMoto X DEGalaxy Tab S

Deal: Galaxy Tab S 10.5 for $334, Moto X Developer Edition (1st Gen) for $229 on eBay is a post from: Droid Life

Samsung unlikely to achieve tablet shipment goals for the year

Posted by wicked August - 4 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off


Regardless of the fact that Samsung has been filling tablet production lines and slashing prices of its tablets, the company will most likely not hit its shipment goal of 60 million tablets shipped in 2014. Although, the company has shipped 20 million devices in  the first half of the year 16.6 percent higher on the year.

To help get closer to its goals for the year, Samsung may offer more promotional items on top of price cuts. Current devices have seen price changes as well. For example, the Galaxy Tab S — that debuted at $499 — is now $399.

It could very well be that with the quality sub-$300 tablets on the market now, the need for more expensive tablets is fading away. Of course that’s speculation.

source: Digitimes


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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 specs revealed in benchmark filing

Posted by wicked May - 27 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

We’ve seen several leaks related to the Galaxy Tab S lineup. But up until this point they have seemed to focus on the 10.5-inch model. In fact, a recent FCC filing revealed several images of the 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S sporting a model number of SM-T800. Along with that model — there had also been talk of an 8.4-inch model.

The specs for this smaller model appear to have been revealed. The details come by way of a recently discovered AnTuTu benchmark report. The tablet is shown with a model number of SM-T700 and with a display resolution of 2560 x 1600. The display is expected to be a Super AMOLED touchscreen.


There was also mention of the tablet being powered by a 1.9GHz Samsung Exynos 5420 octa-core processor. Other specs revealed by the report include 32GB of internal storage with 3GB of RAM, a 2.0 megapixel front-facing camera and an 8.0 megapixel rear-facing camera.

Missing from this report was any confirmation for a microSD memory card slot. Of course, given what we’ve seen from Samsung tablets in the past — it seems like it would be more surprising if the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 didn’t have an available card slot. That all having been said, while we now have a good idea of the specs, we need to remember nothing is official until we hear direct from Samsung.

VIA: unwired view


Samsung Hosting “Premiere” Event on June 12, Looking Like New Tablets

Posted by Kellex May - 15 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off
Samsung Hosting “Premiere” Event on June 12, Looking Like New Tablets

This morning, Samsung invited us to a press event that will take place on June 12 in New York City. They are calling this a “PREMIERE” event that will focus on having us “Tab Into Color.” The word “tab” normally refers to tablets, so we will assume that new tablets from Samsung will be on hand in some capacity.

And that’s about all we know. The show starts at 7PM Eastern in NYC, with a live stream for the world to watch along.

We will be sure to be on hand for whatever it is that Samsung has in store.

Care to take any guesses?


Samsung Hosting “Premiere” Event on June 12, Looking Like New Tablets is a post from: Droid Life

Samsung Galaxy Tab S surfaces in image leak

Posted by wicked May - 9 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

We’ve been seeing details about the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy Tab S, and today is appears we are getting a first look at the tablet. Well, specifically, a first look at one of the models that will make up the Galaxy Tab S family of devices. The earlier rumors mentioned an 8.4-inch and a 10.5-inch model and today an image of the larger has surfaced.

The pics come courtesy of SamMobile and they are offering a clear look at the front and back of the device. As we saw the Galaxy Note Pro take the look of the Galaxy Note 3, it appears the Galaxy Tab S will be taking the look of the Galaxy S5. Simply put, as you’ll notice in the image — the back of the tablet has the same ‘band-aid’ style of the S5.


The display is expected to be AMOLED and with a resolution of 2560 x 1600. You will also notice the front facing camera sitting centered up top with the Samsung logo, with the physical home button flanked by two capacitive buttons towards the bottom.

Along with the Galaxy S5 styling on the back, there is also the Samsung logo as well as a camera and flash on the back. The camera setup is expected to be 8MP on the back and 2.1MP on the front.

Otherwise, it would appear the charging port is on the side. Looking at the image of the back of the device and it looks like that is on the left (of the image). Also spotted in the image is the headphone jack sitting towards the top corner (on the opposite side of the charging port). There is still plenty of confirmation needed regarding the Galaxy Tab S, but what we are seeing appears to be lining up with earlier rumors.

SOURCE: SamMobile