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Japanese anime Bleach is getting an Android game called Brave Souls

Posted by wicked November - 26 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off


If you ever were a fan of Japanese manga and anime, you would have heard of Bleach – one of the most popular and longest running manga/anime series in the country. It actually already has a mobile game in Japan – “Bleach: Brave Souls” has already launched in the country in July 2015, but the game is now getting an international release, which is great for the international fanbase of the anime.


The game is some kind of successful in Japan, already download a ridiculous 700 million times. The makers saw it best to bring that much success internationally, even though a Western release wasn’t really announced when the game debuted. But we’re getting it now.

Brave Souls is an action game that follows the storyline and characters of the anime. Users can form teams of three from the story’s characters to complete numerous quests. Combat gameplay will be a familiar hack-and-slash process, and users will be able to level up, train, and customize their warriors. As with other games of this type, there is also a social element of battling online in leagues for in-game prizes.


The game isn’t on Google Play as of yet, but pre-registration for Brave Souls is now available through the platform. There are rumored rewards for pre-registering, but there has been no official announcement yet. There is also no idea on the pricing of the game when it launches, so we just have to wait for that a bit more.

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Google Play Cyber Weekend Deals Includes Discounts on Apps, Games, Movies, Music, and More

Posted by Kellex November - 26 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Google Play opened up a Cyber Weekend Deals special last night that you should definitely take a peek at over the next few days. You’ll find games for as low as $0.99, big discounts on in-app purchases, 50% off other apps and their subscriptions, music deals with albums as low as $0.99, new movies to purchase for $5.99, and books and other literature for super cheap.

To view all of the deals, hit up the link below. 

Google Play Link

Google Play Cyber Weekend Deals Includes Discounts on Apps, Games, Movies, Music, and More is a post from: Droid Life

3rd episode of Telltale Heart’s Minecraft: Story Mode now out

Posted by wicked November - 26 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Minecraft Story Mode Ep 3 key art 1920x1080

In that marriage between pop culture and mobile gaming, they say you’ve made it if gaming giant Telltale Heart makes a special game out of your book or movie or tv show. Minecraft is one of those special ones that started out as a game, that got turned into a culture behemoth (books and soon a movie), and then came full circle as a point and click adventure game in Minecraft: Story Mode. The 3rd episode in the five part series is now out on various platforms, including Android.

In this new episode called “The Last Place You Look”, you get to continue in the adventure of Jesse (who can either be a boy or girl, depending on your preference) and his/her search for the Order of the Stone, legendary slayers of the Ender Dragon: Warrior, Redstone Engineer, Griefer, and Architect. They are actually now on a quest to find Soren, the final member of the order, who is needed in order to defeat the all-consuming Witherstorm. What isn’t sure at this point though is whether that will be enough to save the whole world.

Just like with the first two episodes, every game you play has a unique outcome if you make different decisions every time. You also still get to create your own dialogue while walking, making it truly personalized. Voice talents still include Patton Oswalt as male Jesse, Catherine Taber as female Jesse, and others like Ashley Johnson, Scott Porter, Martha Plimpton, Corey Feldman, Billy West, and even Peewee himself Paul Reubens.

The third episode has now rolled out and is playable once you’ve updated the app. If you don’t have it yet, you can buy Minecraft: Story Mode from the Google Play Store for $4.99, which includes all five episodes (well, just three for now).

SOURCE: Telltale Hearts

Team up with your favorite Star Wars characters in Galaxy of Heroes

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Have you always wanted to have a dream team made up of Darth Vader, Han Solo, Lando Carlissian, and Queen Amidala? Well of course that will never happen in the Star Wars universe (unless you write your own fan fiction or something) but now, you can have that come true in a mobile game at least. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is the latest in a number of games and apps coming out in light of the upcoming release of the new film, The Force Awakens.

The game allows you to collect iconic characters from the Star Wars universe, from the original trilogy to the (much maligned) prequels, to the Clone Wars animated series, and up to the upcoming 7th film in the movie series that will be opening in December. Each of the characters you collect will have unique characteristics and abilities and powers that you can use to your and your team’s full advantage. There are over 60 characters to choose from and they’ll be adding even more as the universe continues to grow.

As you build your team with all these characters, you’ll also develop your own style in strategic turn-based combat. If you want to test out your characters and your strategy first before bringing them on to the team, then you can choose to play on the PVP mode and battle against other players. As you play the game, you get to go to various iconic worlds from the universe, like Hoth, Bespin, Tatooine, Coruscant among others.

You can download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available as well, in case you need a little help in combat and upgrading, but at a price of course.


Google Play Store Cyber Weekend deals will save you money on apps, games, movies and more!

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer alone in the world of deals to come after we stuff our faces with turkey. Websites have been adopting what has come to be known as Cyber Weekend, extending online offers throughout the weekend (and sometimes even longer). Of course, Google is not staying behind!

The Search Giant has just announced its Google Play Store Cyber Week offers and there is plenty to be had here. The deals include discounts on apps, games, movies, TV shows, music, magazines and more! The selection is extensive, so it wouldn’t quite make sense to list it here, but we will give you a curated collection of our very favorite apps and content right below.





TV Shows


These are only some of our favorites, but you can click through the button below to get the complete list of deals coming from the Google Play Store. There’s plenty to be had and the deals are available right away, but act quickly, because the site doesn’t specify when the offers end. We do assume they’ll be around all weekend, though.

Are you getting any of these apps and content? I am definitely grabbing at least two of the Square Enix titles, which are being offered at a 50% discount. Other Square Enix fans will know these games are not cheap!

Check out the Google Play Store Cyber Weekend deals!

Defend your castle underground in Digfender

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The best military strategists know that in order for you to properly defend your stronghold, you don’t just invest in sturdy walls and large weapons and scary-looking contraptions above ground. Sometimes, the enemy will come out from underneath, and so you also need to make sure your underground is strong enough to withstand attack, and maybe even charge from there. That is the basic premise of the new Android game Digfender as you defend your castle by digging underground.

As you dig more deeply into the ground, you’ll be able to find treasures and ancient relics that will help you as you fortify your castle and prepare for battle against the enemies seeking to undermine (heh) your defenses. You will be able to use these discovered treasures to build towers, trap the enemies with sneaky contraptions, and of course, use “spectacular magic” on the unsuspecting enemy.

The game has over 60 challenging levels to keep you occupied during your lull hours at work. There are 5 upgrade trees available since you probably need a little help in customizing your defenses. And if you feel like competing against your friends, there is a survival mode where your goal is to have the high score and protect this from your friend/enemies.

You can download Digfender from the Google Play Store for free, with a few in-app purchases available. But there are no paywalls or wait timers, as per the developer.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 6.53.57 AM

Lara Croft GO gets an all-new chapter with 26 new puzzles in latest update

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Lara Croft GO, Square Enix’s latest addition to the Tomb Raider franchise, is one of the best mobile games released this year. The problem is, many users have been saying it’s a little short to warrant the $4.99 price tag. If you happen to be in that camp, we have some good news for you. Square Enix has just announced that Lara Croft GO is receiving a big update that will bring an all-new chapter, new puzzles a new mechanic and much, much more.

The new chapter is called The Shard of Life, and it takes place in a new location called the Cave of Fire. There are a total of 26 new puzzles in this new chapter, and there’s also a new mechanic that will allow enemies to regenerate after a certain amount of time. Square Enix has also included a new set of gems to discover, along with a new Angel of Darkness outfit, 2 new artifacts and a new snapshot feature, as well.

If you’re interested, check out the full changelog below:

  • 26 new puzzles in a mysterious new location – the Cave of Fire
  • 1 new mechanic that changes enemy behavior completely
  • New set of gems to discover: obsidian stones
  • 2 new artifacts to collect
  • 2 new costumes
  • New achievements
  • New snapshot feature added
  • Support for Traditional Chinese
  • Language selection menu added

Lara Croft GO review AA HeaderSee also: Lara Croft GO review2

Square Enix says these are some of the most challenging levels in the game, which should be welcome news to anyone who has every played this title. The big update is now live in the Google Play Store and on iOS, and a Windows update is coming soon. Follow the Play Store link below to start playing!

Download Lara Croft GO from Google Play

Games for NVIDIA SHIELD Devices Currently 50% Off Through Google Play

Posted by Tim-o-tato November - 24 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Probably thanks to the holidays, NVIDIA is listing a ton of great games at 50% off this week on Google Play, including DOOM 3 BFG Edition ($5) and the Half Life 2 episodes. Each of these games will require you to own a compatible device, which currently, is the SHIELD TV, SHIELD Tablet, and SHIELD Tablet K1. Additionally, you will need a SHIELD Controller to play. 

On top of DOOM 3 and the Half Life 2 titles, you can pick up Portal for just $5 (down from $10), and Contrast for $7.50 (down from $15). Q.U.B.E. and Pix the Cat are also available, priced at $5 a pop.

Below, grab the links to all of the games available at a discounted rate for your Tegra-powered device.

Play Links

Games for NVIDIA SHIELD Devices Currently 50% Off Through Google Play is a post from: Droid Life

Help civilization, look for a new planet to inhabit in Last Horizon

Posted by wicked November - 24 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Last Horizon 1

Driving a plane is challenging enough but in ‘Last Horizon’, you are required to pilot a vessel that is the last from a fallen civilization. Your goal is look for a new world where you and the last of your peers can inhabit. Check out each and every planet that you encounter and see for yourself if its liveable or not. While you’re at it, find out if you can gather other human survivors and terraforming resources you can use in your next home.

You are on the lookout of a final destination. The space is big enough and you’re sure to find one that is habitable. You just need to be a good pilot. Make sure you don’t just know how to fly but also be able to manage your fuel and oxygen levels. While you’re on your new epic journey in space, make sure you finish in time before mysterious alien life go after you in wrath.

If you think Last Horizon is familiar, it’s actually a Pixeljam game. This one isn’t low-res but design is very minimal yet elegant. It’s really a simple game that won’t make you dizzy. You can play the game in four different game modes: Flight X with different arrangements every time and Flights A, B, and C.

Last Horizon is a new game by Noodlecake Studios, one of the most popular game developers we know who’ve been busy releasing mobile games left and right. This action game offers unique gameplay sessions every time, thanks to planets and arrangements that are procedurally generated. Expect no two sessions to be similar so you are challenged all the time. You can’t simply memorize your steps on each level because every play is unique.

Last Horizon 5
Last Horizon 2
Last Horizon 1
Last Horizon 3
Last Horizon 4

Download Last Horizon from the Google Play Store

Mabinogi trading card game now out for Android devices

Posted by wicked November - 24 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off


If you’re a huge fan and player of the MMO game Mabinogi or if you’re just incredibly curious about this different kind of mobile game (we’re talking about trading card games), then you will probably like this new game that is now available on Android devices. Mabonigi Duel is a spin-off from the popular game from South Korea, and here you get to fight evil and also other players, all by using and trading the cards that you have.

Blending Eastern manga style with Western Fantasy, the success of the Mabinogi game has inspired this strategic trading card game where you get to battle not just the enemies in the game, but even players from around the world. And you get to do it in style, as the artwork used in this game matches (or sometimes even surpasses) that of the game. If you’ve never tried digital card-trading, this is a good way to start as the mechanics aren’t that complicated. But if you’re a veteran TCG player, this game also has something to offer the “expert” card battlers and card traders.

The game includes Generation 1 – The Lord of Farkka, a single-player game where you get to explore the world of exiting cards, casting elves, goblins, warriors and witches. But if you don’t feel like playing alone, you can use the Player vs Player (PvP) arena where you get to show off your card batting skills against players from all all around the world. And if you don’t feel like battling, you can still do card trading through the multiple in-game card trading system.

Mabinogi Duel is now available for free from the Google Play Store. There are several in-app purchases available but you probably will survive even without them.


SOURCE: Gamasutra