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Join clans and fight the mightly Immortals in Clicker Heroes

Posted by wicked August - 28 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

The weekend is upon us which means more hours to play new games and get addicted to. Fans of role-playing games (RPGs) may want to add this ‘Clicker Heroes’ to your queue. If you think this one is somewhat familiar, it’s the same PC-web game that also became popular on Steam. Now, Clicker Heroes is ready to excite the whole Android community. Game is easy to play yet very addictive as there are tons of heroes and upgrades to unlock and discover.

The objective of Clicker Heroes is for players to attack and try to defeat monsters for gold coins. It may remind you a bit of ‘Bitcoin Billionaire‘ because of the cash register sound effect and all those coins flying around the screen but in Clicker Heroes, you can use those coins to hire more heroes and upgrade them with more skills and abilities. Be prepared to face and slay those bosses in every zone (over 1000 of them!) as you collect more treasures and finish the journey.

Developed by R2Games in partnership with Playsaurus, Clicker Heroes has been added with more features and functions and now supports seven languages–English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. Full Google Play Games integration can be expected as well for a gaming experience that is out of this world. Don’t be too lax though if you think all is well and you’re about to taste victory because the mighty Immortals are coming after you.

If you want to get more powerful boosts, go on and acquire ancients. Your main character can grow stronger and you can even join other Clans so you can finish all the enemies. Clicker Heroes is free to download but in-app items are offered.

Clicker Heroes 5
Clicker Heroes 4
Clicker Heroes 3
Clicker Heroes 2
Clicker Heroes 1

Download Clicker Heroes from the Google Play Store

VIA: Gamasutra

Tiny Empire is Angry Birds, without the birds and more orcs

Posted by wicked August - 27 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Here’s another casual game that might catch your fancy, or tide you over while commuting or waiting for your date to show up. “Tiny Empire” uses the tried and tested cannonball puzzle genre, made famous by those ill-tempered birds and not-so-nice piggies. And why would you play this? Because it makes wasting minutes fun, as killing orcs are fun.


As the title suggests, Tiny Empire is a medieval-slash-fantasy themed game, where you are the king and you go on an all-conquering journey to get more territory for your empire. On this journey you will encounter and need to defeat creatures of all kinds – orcs, golems, crow riders, and all that crowd.

You solve the puzzles by firing cannonballs and trying to get all targets, quite like that ubiquitous bird game. The mechanics are simple, and the game should be easy enough to learn on the first try. There are 80 levels to go through and the stages get more difficult, as usual.


The game is free to download via the download link below, with IAPs if you want to get ahead in the game. Enjoy gaming!

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Fight for the survival of humanity in The Battle of Sol

Posted by wicked August - 27 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Some people enjoy brainless mobile games, while some like something a little more challenging like puzzles and the like. Some want to play games where you just shoot or hit things without backstories while some would like a little more cinematic story while they’re playing the game. If you like that last one we mentioned, a new Android game called The Battle of Sol may be for you as you take command of a ship that may just be humanity’s last hope.

The game is set in the year 2500, when Earth is now just part of history books, as it is already a toxic and poisonous planet where no living creature can inhabit. Various colonies and settlements are now located around the solar system. But suddenly, we discovered that the Sun was dying and now it has become a battle for survival as the nations of man finally unite to form The United Colonies of SOL.

You play Lieutenant Williams and Brother Aelius, and you are part of the USC that has been tasked to look for a new home for the remaining members of the human race. And alongside the threat of extinction, there is also now a mysterious enemy in our own solar system and you need to neutralize it. The game has 21 campaign missions, which include fighting hordes of enemies along the way.

The visuals are beautiful and, uhm, out of this world, while the voice talents are some of the superstars of the mobile gaming world. The Battle of Sol is available on Google Play Store with a one-time all-in payment of $9.99 and you don’t need to pay anything else anymore.

Screenshot 2015-08-27 07.57.17
Screenshot 2015-08-27 07.57.26
Screenshot 2015-08-27 07.57.33
Screenshot 2015-08-27 07.57.40
Screenshot 2015-08-27 07.57.48

Scopely’s new Walking Dead: Road to Survival RPG limps its way to Android

Posted by wicked August - 27 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

If you’re a fan of the immensely popular The Walking Dead franchise on AMC, you’ll be happy to hear that a new RPG called Walking Dead: Road to Survival has just been released to the Google Play Store. Featuring popular characters such as Rick, Michonne and the Governor, it’s your job to survive any way you possibly can.

Just like other TWD games, you’ll need to navigate around the unforgiving zombie-infested world and keep your group safe, all while trying to end The Governor’s rule. Even though the game’s storyline is completely new, you’ll need to make difficult decisions that can drastically change the way the game progresses.

This new game also introduces some pretty interesting social levels of play. You’ll be able to progress through the game as you would in any other RPG, but here you can chat with other players, go head to head in PvP battles and even participate in tournaments and player alliances.

If you’re interested, Walking Dead: Road to Survival is available now in the Google Play Store for free. There are a few in-app purchases available as well, but they’re easily avoidable. Head to the Play Store link below for the download!

Get it now on Google Play

Lara Croft GO Now Available on Google Play, Priced at $5

Posted by Tim-o-tato August - 27 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Square Enix published Lara Croft GO to Google Play today, just as they said they would earlier this month. Priced at $5, anyone who enjoyed the Hitman GO game is sure to get a kick out of this. 

Inside, the game is based on single-space movements, as well as outsmarting any enemies on a level. When you move a space, the bad guys move a space. If they happen to be facing you on the same line, you’re dead. Lara Croft GO appears to switch it up a bit, adding in an additional dimension of up and down movement.

In total, the game features 75 levels across 5 chapters, which is sure to last you plenty of time. Although, do note, it may take a bit for all chapters to be made available, much like it did on Hitman GO.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some gaming to do.

Play Link ($4.99)

Lara Croft GO Now Available on Google Play, Priced at $5 is a post from: Droid Life

Square Enix’s Lara Croft GO finally makes its way to the Google Play Store

Posted by wicked August - 27 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Square Enix has finally released its much-anticipated Lara Croft GO puzzle adventure game to the Google Play Store. The game is sort of a followup to the popular Hitman GO, and features similar gameplay style and mechanics. You play as Lara Croft navigating through the ruins of an ancient civilization, and it’s your job to collect items and solve puzzles on your quest to uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom.

The game’s mechanics are what really make it addicting. It’s like a mashup of Hitman GO and Monument Valley, where you navigate around a fixed path using swipe-to-move controls. There are no limits on the number of moves you can make, though there are many more puzzles to solve than what you’d find in Hitman GO. Specifically, there are a total of 75 puzzles split into 5 chapters, so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth with this game.

As for the game’s aesthetics, again, we’re looking at a mashup between Hitman and Monument Valley. Overall the graphics are somewhat flat, smooth and blocky, and that makes for a great experience. Animations are pretty smooth, too.

Lara Croft GO is available now in the Google Play Store for $4.99. You’ll also find a handful of in-app purchases in the game, but they’re all easily avoidable. I’ve been playing this game nonstop since this morning, and I can tell you that it’s really great so far. I haven’t personally experienced any release day bugs or lagginess, which is always nice to see.

If you’re interested, follow the link below to start playing!

Download Lara Croft GO from Google Play

Square Enix puts out Lara Croft GO, a turn-based puzzle game

Posted by wicked August - 27 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

So we all know Lara Croft and her beginnings as an acrobatic third person shooter game. Quite recently, we’ve seen everybody’s favorite video game babe turned into an endless runner. And now Square Enix brings Lara Croft and her Tomb Raider skills to a turn-based puzzle game called “Lara Croft GO” which is out today via the Google Play Store.


Lara Croft GO is a direct follow up to the warmly received “Hitman GO”, another original action shooter successfully turned into a turn-based puzzle game. In fact Square Enix’s success with Hitman GO probably encouraged the outfit to go out and do the same for the Lara Croft franchise.

The game will focus on uncovering the myth of the Queen of Venom – something that sounds right up Lara’s alley. You’ll help our main character climb cliff faces, evade traps, solve environmental puzzles, and deal with dangerous creatures. And while Lara Croft GO follows the same gameplay as Hitman GO, the game’s board game aesthetic is unique in its execution of different locations and multi-tiered levels.


The game is now available to download at the Play Store – check the download link below – at the premium price of USD$6.00. But if Hitman GO is anything to go by, then we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy gaming with this one as well.


DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

‘Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest’ game coming to mobile

Posted by wicked August - 27 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off


Are you a fan of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game? I still remember collecting those cards and battling it out with my friends during lunch. Those who were (or are) also part of the Magic club will love to hear today’s news. Wizards of the Coast has partnered with D3 Go! to release a new game. The moniker is a bit confusing, but here it goes. The new app will go by the name of “Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest”.

Well, those are a bunch of symbols, aren’t they? As you should have guessed, this will be part of the Puzzle Quest franchise, so it won’t be as complex as the actual Magic: The Gathering game. All you have to do is keep matching three identical symbols and get as many points as possible. Users can complete quests, daily events and even join tournaments. And though the game is not exactly the same as Magic: The Gathering, it does have some card elements, including the ability to collect creatures, spells and artifacts, which can later be used in battles.

“Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest is the ideal marriage of the deep lore and strategic elements of Wizards of the Coasts’ iconic series, along with the gripping match-three gameplay of one of the most popular puzzle game series in history. From the competitive tournaments to the intense in-game battles, Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest perfectly encapsulates the strongest elements of both franchises to create something compellingly new, yet perfectly intuitive to Magic fans and puzzle gamers alike.” -Peter Andrew, vice president of publishing at D3 Go!

‘Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest’ (seriously, what’s with the name?!) will be available for both iOS and Android. As it goes with most recent mobile games, this one will be free to download, but there will be in-app purchases for those who want to advance quicker.

We are not sure about the actual launch date, but it’s said the game will be showcased at PAX Prime 2015, which takes off this Friday. Are any of you looking to play this game? I haven’t touched anything related to Magic: The Gathering in a long time! I will definitely give it a shot.


Update (8/26): The Humble Bundle team has added three more titles to the Humble PC & Android Bundle 13!

The new additions to this bundle include Secret of the Magic Crystals, Strata and Doodle God. All three games are part of the second game tier, which you can unlock by donating above the average amount. Right now, the average is only $3, so this is quite the steal. Oh, and as always, if you’ve already purchased this bundle, you should have automatic access to all of the new titles.

If you’re interested in checking it out, head to Humble Bundle’s website for more information.

Original post (8/18): Humble PC & Android Bundle 13 has landed, bringing you seven games in total, all of which include both PC and Android versions. Even more exciting, three of the games in the bundle are brand new for Android users!

The three new-to-Android titles are Crimsonland, Beatbuddy, and Neverending Nightmare. The first of these is a top-down shooter, the second is a rhythm-type adventure game, and the final one is a survival horror game. The other four titles are Fotonica, TinyKeep, Monster Loves You!, and Crowntakers.

In the usual Humble Bundle fashion, you can pay absolutely any price and get the first four games listed above. To get all seven, you simply need to pay above the average at the time you purchased the bundle. Currently, that’s just a little under $3. Even better, Humble Bundles always get additional titles as time passes, so paying the average now locks you in for more goodies in the near future.

For more details on the bundle, you’ll want to head on over to Humble Bundle’s website. What do you think of the latest bundle, and the new Android titles in particular? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Solve puzzles to win in Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Posted by wicked August - 26 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

You really gotta catch ‘em all and in this new Pokemon game for Android, you have to complete a puzzle game involving more Pokémon. This game involves choosing and lining up a minimum of three Pokémon (Match-3) in either horizontal or vertical directions to fight against a wild Pokemon. If you’re a fan of the cute pocket monsters, brace yourselves because you’re sure to get addicted to the Pokémon Shuffle Mobile game.

It’s not only Pikachu that you should be playing as there are more Pokémon characters to choose from. There are numerous stages to finish too and more are expected to be added as your gameplay progresses. You’ll start as a puzzle beginner but I know that after a few hours of playing, you’ll be an expert in challenges and levels that you won’t imagine you can possibly finish.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile offers an easy an intuitive game play experience. You only need to choose a Pokémon and where it’s headed in the puzzle area. Automatically make combos but you still need strategy skills to succeed.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is now on Google Play Store but is only available in select regions like Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines. No information if and when this new Pokémon adventure will be available in the US or the rest of the world. Game is free to download but in-app items can be purchased.

Polemon Shuffle Mobile 7
Polemon Shuffle Mobile 6
Polemon Shuffle Mobile 5
Polemon Shuffle Mobile 4
Polemon Shuffle Mobile 3
Polemon Shuffle Mobile 2
Polemon Shuffle Mobile 1

Download Pokémon Shuffle Mobile from the Google Play Store

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