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Rapala Daily Catch lets you virtually fish to your heart’s content

Posted by wicked February - 9 - 2016 - Tuesday Comments Off


If you’re stuck in your stuffy office cubicle, dreaming of hitting the open road and catching some fish out on the lake, but you don’t have vacation time or the opportunity anytime soon, then better just settle for the next best thing, which is to play a mobile fishing game. Rapala Daily Catch is one of the new ones in the market, and is brought to you by a company that is actually involved in the fishing industry.

Of course from the name itself, it is obviously a promotional game for the Rapala lures, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or relaxing, if you’re really into fishing. You get to practice your fishing skills, albeit virtually, but you also get to try the right combination of tackle, retrieval motion, and lake locations. Plus, you get to spend your time fishing in gorgeous 3D locations across North America.

maxresdefault (2)

Going fishing through the app isn’t really complicated as the interface and controls are intuitive and easy to master. Plus, you don’t have any time pressure to fish, so you can actually spend an unlimited time doing so. If you want to go to a more competitive level, you can play in daily fishing tournaments from the best ones around the world and then show off your best catch by sharing it through EveryPlay or any of your social networks.


You can download Rapala Daily Catch from your Google Play Store for free, with in-app purchases. Until you can actually fish outdoors, then this will have to do for the meantime.

unnamed (4)

SOUREC: Gamasutra

MLG Launches Official GameBattles App for Android

Posted by Tim-o-tato February - 8 - 2016 - Monday Comments Off

If you take part in GameBattles, the place for any member of the Major League Gaming community to compete, a new app for Android will be your one-stop shop for all things competitive. For those unfamiliar, GameBattles allow anyone to take part in highly competitive games on a number of different titles, such as Call of Duty, Halo, FIFA, Madden, and many more. Basically, if playing public matches is too easy for you and your squad, you will want to get into GameBattles and have a chance at winning real money with your skills.

With the GameBattles app, players can track all of their MLG stats, including wins and losses, plus keep track of their current team and roster. The GameBattles app tracks all of your matches, and you can go back and look at them individually, just like on the MLG website.

In addition, users can also view upcoming matches directly from within the app. Once a match is complete, you can also submit a win or loss for your record, which can be much more convenient than doing it on your desktop computer.

If you are all about the eSports, go grab the app now and I will see you online.

Play Link

MLG Launches Official GameBattles App for Android is a post from: Droid Life

Google says Piano Tiles 2 is the “Best Game of 2015” (in 13 countries)

Posted by wicked February - 8 - 2016 - Monday Comments Off


To be picked as the Best Game of 2015, with the thousands of mobile games out there, is a feat that is worth bragging about. Even if it’s just in 13 countries, that is still quite an achievement. Piano Tiles 2 can lay claim to that, and now that they can lay claim to this achievement, then maybe you should try it out if you haven’t yet. You don’t need to know how to actually play piano though, but an appreciation for the instrument will come in handy.

What you do need to play this game is quick reflexes and nimble fingers. Compared to its predecessor, the sequel has new gameplay and visuals, plus new songs and more challenges. The mechanics is simple enough, but actually doing it, especially at the higher levels, is another thing. All you need to do is tap the black tiles in time with the music but if you touch any other items on the screen, it’s over. This is just like Dance Dance Revolution but with your fingers and not your feet. And it gets faster and faster of course, so your reflexes better keep up.

The game is now multicolor instead of the black and white from before. You also get to compete with other “pianists” from around the world and see which is the fastest who can keep up with the rhythm too. You can also share your performances with other people, if you think you can pass off as the next Beethoven or something.

You can download Piano Tiles 2 from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available as well.

VIA: PocketGamer

FF Portal app lets you get FF II at no cost for a limited time only

Posted by wicked February - 8 - 2016 - Monday Comments Off

Finaly Fantasy Portal App

While some of you can’t hardly wait for the Final Fantasy IX to roll out, others will be content with any free Final Fantasy title. You see, Square Enix prices its games with a minimum of $7.99 up to $15.99. But good news, you can get one Final Fantasy game for free. Not discounted but really free of charge.

You won’t find it on the Play Store app now but you can get Finally Fantasy II from the Final Fantasy Portal app. Download the new portal app and then look for the post that talks about the anniversary of the app. Links are provided to both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Click on the Android version and wait for the download to be completed.

Square Enix is being generous because of its celebration of the 1st year anniversary of the Portal app.  We’re assuming that after February 14 when the promo is over, Final Fantasy II will be back on the Play Store.  You only have less than a week to download the free game. It is where you can get the most recent information on Final Fantasy games, music, merchandise, events, and books among others. You can also receive daily login points by simply viewing the videos, FF topics, and news.

Download Final Fantasy Portal App from the Google Play Store


Laserbreak 2 game sequel is more challenging than ever

Posted by wicked February - 6 - 2016 - Saturday Comments Off

Laserbreak 2 cover

Puzzle games are usually played when you have lots of time to kill. When you are really bored and have nothing else to do, what better way to pass time by trying to complete a new puzzle game on your phone. Make sure you choose something like Laserbreak 2 that is challenging and addictive that you don’t want to put the phone down.

The Laserbreak Pro released in 2014 finally gets a sequel. The premium game which has been downloaded by millions has a new version that will have you collecting coins and destroying odd targets by simply controlling a laser. Several objects will help you achieve your goal. Thanks to physics and your quick thinking abilities, you can finish each level in no time.

Laserbreak 2 is highly addictive just like the original game. It’s very easy to learn but mind you, it can be really challenging to master. There are 28 starting levels that are full of action and excitement but a new level will be added each day.As you go through each level, be prepared to encounter several objects you need to avoid like wormholes, magnets, launchers, TNT, fans, and launchers among others. If that’s not enough, there are more bonus levels to unlock if you get all three coins in every level. If you’ve mastered the game already and are able to finish all available puzzles, you can buy in advance more levels. By then, you’d be considered an expert Laserbreaker.

If you really want to prove that you’re smart and awesome, solve the most difficult levels first. You can see how many people have already solved a particular level. The Laserbreak 2 challenge will have you proving to the world that you are truly brilliant.

Laserbreak 2 d
Laserbreak 2 c
Laserbreak 2 b
Laserbreak 2

Download Laserbreak 2 from the Google Play Store

Find your way to the moon-base, unravel the mystery in ‘Space Grunts’

Posted by wicked February - 6 - 2016 - Saturday Comments Off

space grunts cover

A strategy game with action mixed with rogue-like gameplay is guaranteed to be one addictive adventure especially if you’re into such genres. Space Grunts is a new arcade game with quick turn-based gameplay that will have you escaping big explosions, dealing with screen-shakes, making instant turns, and handling inventory of weapons and armors.

Developed by OrangePixel, the same team that created Gunslugs, Space Grunts has been available on Steam since last year. It’s now available on both iOS and Android and as a treat for early birds and fans, there is a 50% off launch discount. This deal will end tomorrow, Friday, February 5. Game is only $2.16 but with the special discount, the one dollar price is way lower than the $9.99 price tag on Steam.

Space Grunts is set in the future. It’s year 2476 and moon bases are being built by the space federation. Problem is, a distress signal is being sent by one of the bases. We don’t know where it’s coming from but good thing the Space Grunts are there to solve the problem. Go to the moon-base but be prepared to go into battle against base-systems, robots, security drones, and aliens.

To help you and your team of Space Grunts, you can use various consumables like system hacks, armor, explosives, toys, and weapon enhancers. All these and more, you can use as you journey to the moon. Find more weapons and power them up for more range and fire-power. You’ll start with Grunt weapons and then eventually get melee weapons and more alternate weapons as you progress in the game.

Space Grunts is an interesting game to play because there a secret rooms, weird places, mysterious items, and underground routes to explore. Every gameplay is unique so it can be hard to master.

Space Grunts 1
Space Grunts 3
Space Grunts 6
Space Grunts 5
Space Grunts 4
Space Grunts 7
Space Grunts 8

Download Space Grunts from the Google Play Store

Marvel Avengers Academy now available on Google Play Store

Posted by wicked February - 5 - 2016 - Friday Comments Off


The Avengers are of course some of the most popular superheroes in the past so it’s not a surprise that games based on the various characters will be created. But the latest game from Marvel has a twist that some may like and some may hate. You get to play them when they were pubescent, whiny, probably annoying teenagers who are still in the process of developing and harnessing their powers. Yes that’s right, Marvel Avengers Academy is now out on the Google Play Store for your Android devices.

We’ve seen this happen with the X-Men and Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, but this time, it’s the turn of Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and other members of the Avengers to go to school. You can choose which of the super heroes or even villains you want to play as in the game and help them develop their iconic superpowers. And since you are after living in a campus, you get to experience other aspects of it like parties, dating, fighting with rival cliques, etc.

Not only do you develop your character, but you also get to develop your dream Super Hero campus by creating dorms, classrooms, labs, training facilities, sports stadiums, etc. You also get to train your chosen team and prepare them for battle. Because after all, you are superheroes, and you get to go on missions and adventures. There are also in-game events that you can participate in to gain more points and powers.

You can download Marvel Avengers Academy from the Google Play Store for free. But of course there are in-app purchases available so if you don’t want to spend so much, restrain yourself.


Square Enix launches Adventures of Mana on Android

Posted by wicked February - 5 - 2016 - Friday Comments Off


Most of you older gamers will remember Final Fantasy Adventure – it is an old Square Enix title that was released for the Nintendo Game Boy (remember that handheld console?). More than that, most people remember it because it is considered by most gamers to be the best RPG ever released for the old Nintendo handheld – and it spawned its own gaming series after it.


You all know how this goes, and it’s good news – Final Fantasy Adventure has been remade into Adventures of Mana, and it’s now available on Android. This is no clumsy port of an old game, this is new, shiny and remastered, so we can all enjoy it on our Android devices. Players will be able to navigate characters with virtual joystick that’s accessible anywhere on the screen. Square Enix has also enabled an auto-adjust feature to help you keep your character moving in the same direction even if you happen to move your thumb.

If you are unfamiliar with the storyline – and maybe some of you younger ones are – players will control an unlikely hero forced by the Dark Lord of Glaive to fight monsters in a gladiator pit day in and day out. The Tree of Mana sits on top of Mt. Illusia, and legend has it that this tree can grant amazing power to anyone able to lay their hands upon its trunk. The Dark Lord is very interested in gaining that power, and it’s your job to make sure that doesn’t happen. Your characters will play a straightforward RPG adventure, collecting various weapons throughout the levels. There are also eight different spells to use in multiple occasions that will help you – from restoring HP to removing negative statuses.


The game is available now via the Google Play Store, you can pick it up at the download link below. The game is available at a premium price of USD$14.00 – quite steep, but you are getting one of the best, remastered, so pay up and enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
SOURCE: Square Enix

This Promo Codes App is a Sweet Way to Get Paid Apps for Free

Posted by Tim-o-tato February - 4 - 2016 - Thursday Comments Off

How’s this for a sweet idea? Thanks to the introduction of promo codes for paid apps on Google Play, a new app, appropriately named Promo Codes, gives users one chance a day to receive a promo code good for redemption on a paid app in Google Play. Let’s explain a bit how this works. 

Each day, an app will be featured on Promo Codes. Inside of the app, a user can hit “I’m Feeling Lucky.” At that time, you will either win a promo code to download that featured app for free, or you won’t win. If you don’t win, you will be redirected to that app’s page on Google Play so you can check it out anyway. You can then buy it if you so choose. If you do win, the promo code is copied to your device’s clipboard, then on Google Play, you can redeem that code by pasting it into the redemption portion of the purchasing process.

So, what apps can you win? As of right now, the list is relatively short, but as more developers choose to take part, the list will grow. Right now, there is the chance to win Nova Launcher Prime, Franco Kernel Updater, Focus, Cinnamon, Today Calendar Pro, Relay for Reddit Pro, and others.

I went ahead and downloaded the app myself, just to see what the fuss was about, and wouldn’t you know, I won a promo code for Today Calendar Pro. If you want the chance to win a few free apps, this is a no-brainer.

Grab it by following the Google Play link below.

Play Link

This Promo Codes App is a Sweet Way to Get Paid Apps for Free is a post from: Droid Life

Nintendo to open early registration to Miitomo app on Feb. 17

Posted by wicked February - 4 - 2016 - Thursday Comments Off


We’ve probably given you as much as we are able to in terms of news on Nintendo finally giving up its high horse and finally giving in to Android. We know that Nintendo plans to release at least 5 gaming apps by the time March 2017 rolls in. The first of these is, regrettably not anything close to Super Mario or Link and the Legend of Zelda – it will be called Miitomo, a social media game-slash-platform set to launch in March.

The Japanese gaming company has recently revealed in an investor briefing that prospective gamers can start signing up for the game starting February 17. Users can sign-up for a new My Nintendo account that is needed to play Miitomo, as well as connect said account with players’ existing Nintendo Network ID and social networking accounts. The My Nintendo program – replacement for Club Nintendo – will be debuting in March as well.


Miitomo will have a variety of interactive experiences in game, with the target of being a social platform the main function of the game app. Nintendo will expect a lot of people to start posting their “Mii Photos”, which allows users to use the images of their Mii avatars in real-life situations.

It won’t be long now until we see what Miitomo is like. Off the bat, it seems like this would be something the Japanese market would take to in a heartbeat. Whether this will be a phenomenon worldwide will be another question. But there will be time to evaluate that when the game actually launches.

VIA: SlashGear