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Celestia: Broken Sky MMORPG rolls out of beta, free to play for Android

Posted by wicked April - 21 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Looking for a free RPG to maybe while away a few minutes or hours of your time? May we suggest “Celestia: Broken Sky”, if you are of the RPG or MMORPG gaming persuasion. The game is pretty standard in RPG elements, but it has an interesting turn-based battle system that should keep you interested.


Players will essentially have to build their own team of heroes, collecting them from their journey. Plenty of heroes around for variations, and even if you pick one from a specific class, there are still elemental alignments that may differ from one hero to another. This simply means you won’t get bored with a small number of heroes.


Gameplay will mostly be questing and battling – combat is done with a timer-based system. Spells have cooldown timers, and you can only cast them when the timer is filled. OR, you can choose to wait for the charge to gain levels. Spells that have charged longer will have stronger effects.

You can then narrow down your team to a couple of heroes that you use frequently, sacrificing the others for experience points. Combining them with your standard heroes gives them more XP and more combat power and skills. If you’re interested in this MMORPG, you can pick it up at the Google Play Store (see source link below), free to play with IAPs for in-game currency.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Crowntakers: Be prepared to save the king from evil

Posted by wicked April - 21 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Like any other kingdoms, you don’t want yours to be defeated and taken over by anyone else. If you are an ordinary citizen or just a commoner, you can choose to go on with your life or decide to become a hero by defending the king. There is a chance for someone like you to be elected by the king to go on an epic adventure that will free him from the evil duke’s plans. With Crowntaker, you can be that great hero your kingdom will ever have.

It’s not enough that you are strong, willing to go, and are courageous. You need to be quick enough to think of your strategy. It’s a turn-based strategy game with some mix of RPG. At the request of the king, you are taken into a medieval fantasy world with several challenging stages. You need to finish each random gaming experience once you decide to fight evil.

Of course, you cannot fight on your own so you need to assemble a group of mercenaries. Gather up the strongest men in the kingdom to finally finish those thieves, animals, and barbarians. To be able to finish a challenge and fight evil, you need to collect vital resources that will be helpful. Feel free to use the class skills of a scout, wizard, or an archer.

Every time you play, the world is rebuilt with different new encounters and environments. This way, you can try different strategies and have varied gaming experience every time.  You can also hire nine individual mercenaries in more than four diverse environments from shadowy castles to mountain passes—all the way to finishing this special quest.

Crowntakers 5
Crowntakers 4
Crowntakers 3
Crowntakers 2
Crowntakers 1

Download Crowntakers from the Google Play Store

Uncover the truth in Rewind Android game

Posted by wicked April - 21 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

If you’re a mobile gamer and a lover of movie-like storylines, then you probably like games that you just don’t play, but you immerse yourself in as well. A new game that just came out for Android devices is called Rewind: One Last Chance, and lest you think that this is a love story about lost chances or turning back time, that is so far from the truth. In fact, the truth here is on trial, as the game description says.

In this post-apocalyptic world (where most of the games lately reside), the population is divided into two classes: the Deks and the Abors. The former rule over the latter, and they don’t let them forget it. There is baby-snatching, genetic testing, and all-around humiliation involved. You play Commander Kole Zamon, a Dek who has been captured by the very people he has been terrorizing, and now you stand on trial for crimes against humanity. But not everything is black and white and even though you seem guilty, there are also other forces in play, which makes the game all the more interesting and intriguing.

The gameplay involves word and number puzzles, deciphering cyphers, using maps to follow clues, analyzing various texts and files, and more. So in short, this is not a brainless game that you can play while doing something else, but rather, something that will require concentration and whole lot of thinking.

If this kind of game appeals to your fancy, you can download Rewind from the Google Play Store. You just need to shell out $3.99, but it’s a one-time payment and with no more in-app purchases available.


Humble Tin Man Games Mobile Bundle rolls out with 10 games

Posted by wicked April - 21 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

We haven’t even begun to enjoy the games from the last Humble Bundle, but lookie here – they’re at it again. This time, the “pay any amount you want for games” guys are featuring at least ten mobile apps from developer Tin Man Games, with more surely to follow. Let’s check these out.

Tin Man Games are known for their offerings in the “digital gamebook” genre. If you’re unfamiliar with this gaming genre, it would help to imagine it as a variation of the “choose your own adventure” books you so loved from your childhood. That, and add in a big dollop of RPG elements. Sounds cool, yeah?


The games are divided as such – pay what you want for “Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106”, “Slaves of Rema”, “Siege of the Necromancer”, and “An Assassin in Orlander”. If you pay above the average – which at the time of writing is at around USD$6.24 – you get “Trial of the Clone”, “Curse of the Assassin”, “Fighting Fantasy: Caverns of the Snow Witch”, and “Sultans of Rema”, with more games to this group promised. If you pay more than USD$9.00, then you get the premium “Ryan North’s To Be or Not To Be” and “Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveler”.

Don’t worry, Humble Bundle has not changed its charity-driven slant. Most of the money you pay goes to charity, and then some for the developers. If you’re interested in this bundle, check out the source link below.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle

New Humble Bundle Features Lineup of Tin Man Games, Average Currently Set at Under $6

Posted by Tim-o-tato April - 20 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

A new bundle of games is available through Humble Bundle, this time made in partnership with Tin Man Games. They are the creators of a few titles on Google Play, such as Judge Dredd, To Be Or Not To Be, House of Hell, Bloodbones, and many more. 

In the Humble Bundle, you can pay what you want for Judge Dredd, Slaves of Rema, Siege of the Necromancer, and An Assassin in Orlandes, but if you pay more than the average, which is currently under $6, you also get Trial of the Clone, Curse of the Assassin, Fighting Fantasy: Caverns of the Snow Witch, and Sultans of Rema. If you pay more than $9, you get all of the aforementioned games, plus To Be Or Not To Be, plus Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveller. That is a whole lot of games for a little bit of cash.

For those feeling extra generous, if you pay $35 or more, you also get a Tin Man Bundle t-shirt, as well as a button.

Feel free to go check out the Humble Bundle, and also support couple of great charities.

Humble Bundle Link

New Humble Bundle Features Lineup of Tin Man Games, Average Currently Set at Under $6 is a post from: Droid Life

Newest Humble Bundle offers up 10 great titles from Tin Man Games

Posted by wicked April - 20 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.46.17 PM

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle has just been announced, this time bringing you ten awesome gamebooks from developer Tin Man Games. Incorporating elements of the “choose your own adventure” genre and a standard RPG, all ten of these gamebooks feature in-depth storylines and addictive gameplay. Each one of these games are normally offered for upwards of $4 in the Google Play Store, so this Humble Bundle is definitely worth it.

If you’d like to pay whatever amount of money you’d like, you’ll get your hands on these four games:

  • Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106
  • Slaves of Rema
  • Siege of the Necromancer
  • An Assassin in Orlandes

To get the next four games, you’ll need to pay more than the average price (currently $5.80):

  • Trial of the Clone
  • Curse of the Assassin
  • Fighting Fantasy: Caverns of the Snow Witch
  • Sultans of Rema

These last two games can be yours if you pay over $9:

  • Ryan North’s To Be or Not To Be
  • Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveller

As always, more games will be added within the next week, making this deal even more valuable. All of the games being offered are DRM-free and you can decide how your purchase is divided between Tin Man Games, charity and the Humble Bundle team. And if you spend $35 or more on this bundle, not only will you get the games listed above, but you’ll also receive a Tin Man Games t-shirt and button. Not bad at all!

Head to the source link below if you’re interested in checking out this bundle.

Tiny Guardians is a new spin on tower defense strategy game

Posted by wicked April - 20 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Here’s a new strategy game I’m sure not only adults will love. Kids will find the Tiny Guardians cute and easy to play. Perhaps this could be that game that will introduce the young children to the beauty of RPG and strategy games. You need to download this strategy tower defense game to know it’s beyond adorable. Interestingly, this TD game has no tower. You just need to strategize. Choose to be a tiny hero and defend yourself from the enemies. It will be one epic adventure as you travel through the wilderness of Prism.

Be prepared to encounter enemies of all sorts from mysterious circus folks to molten enemiers to eerie creatures and wild beasts. You’ll meet them along the way as you search for the Sorceress who is actually your missing aunt.

You’re a tiny guardian who can summon other guardians to defend Lunalie against different enemies. Heed the call to unlock twelve guardian classes and more than 40 types of enemies so you can expand your collection of intricately-designed cards. Four levels are upgradable. All these and more will allow for diverse strategies needed to finish the game and make every gameplay a different but exciting experience. You need to come up with different strategies to defeat every one of them.

Some say this is very similar to Kingdom Rush and Anomaly 2. That description alone is enough for you to download and try playing game, only to see the uncanny similarities. Some levels even feature special event and unique fights as well. Game cards are gorgeously illustrated cards as described by the developer Kurechii. Your achievements are actually saved and integrated with Google Play services so you won’t have to play each level over and over again.

Tiny Guardians 1
Tiny Guardians 2
Tiny Guardians 3
Tiny Guardians 4
Tiny Guardians 5

Download Tiny Guardians from the Google Play Store

Become the “World’s Most Determined Stuntman” in Joe Danger

Posted by wicked April - 20 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Becoming a stuntman may be the secret dream of a lot of people, but even if it isn’t yours, you’d still enjoy playing a game like this. Joe Danger is a multi-award winning side-scrolling, racing and platforming game that was first available in the Sony Playstation back in 2010. But now, it has arrived on your Android mobile device, giving you the freedom to play it on your smartphone or tablet.

The eponymous hero of the game, which you can surmise from his name, is the “world’s most determined stuntman” and he is out to dodge danger, jump through figurative hoops, and basically “race, ride, and defy death” all for the purpose of becoming the Master of Disaster once again. The gameplay is simple and the touch controls are pretty intuitive. For example, you can swipe him so he can “do a wheelie”, flick those things that will stop Joe from advancing, hold to crouch and if you need him to jump, just tap the screen.

In terms of graphics, the game uses beautiful, colorful 60FPS 3D graphics to make your playtime more enjoyable. There are over 20 hours of non-stop playing in the continuous mode. If you play the Daily Challenge mode, you get to beat a different level everyday. There are also more than 25 characters that you can unlock and play, in case you get tired of just being the normal, plain ole Joe Danger.

If you don’t think the touch controls are enough for you to play the game on your smartphone or tablet, you can play it using any of the most popular game controllers (Xbox 360 pads, MOGA, nVidia Shield among others). You can download Joe Danger from the Google Play Store for just $2.86, with some in-app purchases available.


Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night brings brutality to Android

Posted by wicked April - 20 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

When Auroch Digital was asked what made Chainsaw Warrior such a great game, they said that the game delivered on a level of brutality and that most gamers won’t see in a mobile game. So if that’s what floats your boat, then we’re happy to report that the sequel to that first game, “Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night”, is now available for Android users.

The original game itself is an adaptation form a very successful board game, and Chainsaw Warrior: LotN continues on the tradition of its predecessor. Now you don’t just get to save New York City, your mission is now to save the world in 60 minutes. If that doesn’t trigger any anxiety attacks in you then we don’t know what will.

As Chainsaw Warrior, the developers say that in this sequel you will have to fight through jungle, face Aztec Zombies, dodge traps, and hunt down an extra-dimensional horror known only as Darkness. It sounds like a lot of work for some 60 minute gaming time. If you don’t complete your mission, you die.

Of course, as your player dies and dies again, there will be the possibility of learning something more about the game to help you defeat it the next time around. The game is available via the Google Play Store for USD$5.99. Check out our download link below to pick it up.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Square Enix’s Masters of the Masks: different yet typical

Posted by wicked April - 18 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

Square Enix snuck in a mobile game while we were still busy obsessing over various incarnations of Final Fantasy, both on the big machines and hopefully on mobile as well. But its surprise game, Masters of the Masks, couldn’t be farther from whatever preconceived notion you might have of a Square Enix mobile game, incorporating some things that the game developer has never done on mobile before. And yet, at the same time, it is because of those very same things that make MotM actually closer to a typical mobile game than anything Square Enix has done before.

The plot thickens … or not

Square Enix’s classic games, particularly the Final Fantasy series, and even some of its more modern mobile exclusives, have been praised for their deep and well thought out story lines and characters. Don’t go trying to find any of those here, however. It’s your typical “something bad happened and it’s up to you to save the world” kind of plot. Almost like The One Ring, a super powerful Mask was created that gave godlike powers to its bearer, which is never a good thing. So the Mask was shattered into many masks, and now it’s up to you to collect and fight for them in order to defeat the ultimate baddie. Of course, each mask you get grants you powers and fuse masks to get even better powers.


It’s a thin premise, but at least it’s there. Good thing that isn’t exactly what makes this game rather fascinating.

If looks could kill

As you may have noticed above, this is again not your typical Square Enix mobile game, which usually falls in either of two categories. One is a simple port of old school retro 8 or 16 bit graphics, ala Final Fantasy I to VI. The other is full on 3D exemplified by the Chaos Rings series. In Masks, however, Square Enix went for a look that was neither here nor there. The closest thing to describe it would be like a Western (yes, not Japanese) cartoon turned into a game. Yes, dialogs are delivered in Japanese visual novel fashion, but the aesthetics are not what you’d usually associate with that region. Everything is cel shaded, either in the character portraits or in the 3D models.


Not that it’s never been done before, but it’s definitely nothing you might have expected from the game maker.

Touch and go

Controls on mobile games are a rather contentious topic, with some bemoaning the concession to simply implement virtual d-pads and buttons everywhere. Others have taken a more “touch-friendly” approach, which usually means being limited to taps and swipes. Masters of the Masks is somewhat of the latter camp, but it adds a little twist, or in this case, a drag and drop. Like what you might normally do with when moving files or folders on touchscreens, the main action in this game, at least in the battle field, is tapping and holding on a character and dragging his or her attack to a target, represented by a directional arrow. It’s that simple, though, at the same time, a bit more work than simply tapping here and tapping there. At the very least, it keeps the player aware of who to target.

The same drag and drop action applies to using “super” attacks, which are strangely represented by a meter at the bottom of the screen. You wait for it to fill up to a certain extent and then you drag from one of the Roman numerals and drop into a target, whether they be enemy or ally. This, however, is a little more complicated than a normal attack. Each character has a special ability. One might heal like a cleric, another might rain arrows on your foes. Which character’s super attack (or buff) gets activated depends on whose turn it is.


Waiting in line

Here is where Square Enix borrows a familiar trope from JRPGs. Battles are turn-based, but it’s not a simple matter of one character following another. Each character has an action meter that gets filled up over time. Some get theirs filled faster than others and therefore get to attack or do a spell sooner. Same goes for enemies, and some units will be able to attack you even before one of your own units gets his or her chance to dish out some damage. After a character does something, the meter resets and needs to get filled up again. This is no different from the ATB or Active Time Battle system that the later Final Fantasy games popularized.

That said, the ATB wasn’t always a welcome game mechanic, and some might cringe at seeing it here as well. At least the game pays homage to some of Square Enix’s more mainstream titles.

Familiar faces

The Final Fantasy series haven’t exactly been designed for modern mobile game conventions and some of Square Enix’s mobile RPGs don’t lend themselves easily to those either. Masters of the Masks is neither of those. In short, you also have the full gamut of mobile game features and misfeatures. Ladderized and fixed progression: check. Social connections and leaderboards: check. A “home screen” for setting up camp (quite literally here): check. In-app purchases: unfortunately, also check.


Mobile gamers definitely won’t feel like a stranger in this Square Enix title.


Masters of the Masks is an unexpected game coming from a big name publisher and it could very well be a bit refreshing in that regard. But it probably won’t be a hot item either. Square Enix played it safe and stuck to tried and tested and definitely overused mobile gaming tropes perhaps to try to appeal to the masses. And to their wallets. It does have a novelty factor to it that could make the game a bit more interesting. At least for some time.


The game is free on Google Play Store, so it’s safe to take it out for a spin. Do beware of those pesky in-app purchases though.

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