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Decode the quotes with Next Quote for Android

Posted by wicked March - 31 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Has it always been your secret dream to travel back in time to work as a codebreaker during World War II or in the present time, to work for the CIA and help in creating and/or breaking coded messages from around the world? If your answer is yes, then you have to start practicing for the eventuality that someday, you might be called upon to serve your country. Next Quote would be the perfect app to practice on, and be inspired by great thinkers on the side.

Next Quote – What’s The Quote has a simple purpose, and that is to give you quotes from the best writers, philosophers, former US Presidents, and heck, even a few comic book superheroes thrown here and there. But before you can discover their messages, you have to break the cryptogram that they come in. This game has over 500 quotes, phrases and aphorisms that you have to discover simply by making legible the illegible code that they have been put in.

Lest you think you have all the time in the world, there is actually a timer so the pressure will be on. If ever you get stuck in certain areas, there are (limited) hints to help you along. If you’re feeling competitive, then you can battle it out with online friends and even strangers. And of course, once you’ve broken the code, you can share the quotes on your social networks.

So are you excited to get inspiration from Steve Jobs, Batman, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, George RR Martin, etc? You can download Next Quote from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases also available.


All My Gods is a city building game with a Roman twist

Posted by wicked March - 31 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

There’s a lot to be said about some people’s fascination to become “gods”, to have control over the fate of cities and worlds. Thankfully, we don’t have to go that deep in this article – but only that the Android platform allows some of that to an extent. “All My Gods” is a new game which allows you to practice city building powers as a Roman god.

As a Roman god – specifically the son of Saturn – the player will be “blessed” with divine capabilities. You can control a Roman village and affect its growth by befriending other gods, creating miracles for the people in the village and whatnot – just normal Roman mythology good stuff.


Play the game right, your village grows in size. Oh, and you have to remember that the god of War dislikes you, you have to deal with that throughout the game, which plays heavy on your strategy skills. Strangely, the game devs promise a very specific amount of gameplay, 12 hours. We wonder why.

The game is free to play, but will have a lot of IAPs that you can use to boost your godly powers. The in-app boosts cost as much as USD$2.99. The game is free to pick up via the Google Play Store.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

The Original Maze Runner: Pac-Man appears on Google Maps

Posted by wicked March - 31 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off
Google Maps Pac Man (4)

This is Kyoto. Seriously.

April 1st is a very naughty day. It’s frequently host to some of the biggest dupes, gags, and yarns the world-at-large has ever seen. Everything from fake product announcements to paranormal news stories are par for course. Thanks to Google, this year you can chart a new one: your neighborhood.

Following in the vein of Japanese-themed April Fools gags (Pokemon anyone?), the collective brains at Mountain View have put forth the most entertaining version of Google Maps yet. It’s full of ghosts, power pellets, and the original Maze Runner. To access the game, simply go to Google Maps on your browser, type in an address, and look for the Pac-Man view option in the bottom left corner. Click it and the game will zoom into the center of the screen and make a labyrinth out of it. Take a look at how the area around Kyoto Station (the pink rectangle) goes from this…

Google Maps Pac Man (3)

Notice the Pac-Man box on the bottom-left corner. Simply click it and…

To this:

Google Maps Pac Man (1)

…this is what you get.

The more roads there are on the screen, the more detailed the maze will become. Note that some areas will not work, prompting an error message and a suggestion to click on a link “Feeling Lucky” which will take you to a random location. I got Italy apparently:

Google Maps Pac-Man (5)

Now where could that pizza pie-shaped yellow circle be. Hmm…

You can control Pac-Man with the keyboard. Note that by default, the sound seems to be set to mute; you need to manually check the audio on the top right corner of the blue space (left side) to enable the retro-sound effects. What’s the craziest location you can come up with?




MLB Manager 2015 is a baseball fan’s dream managing app

Posted by wicked March - 31 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Have you ever known a sport so radically inclined to numbers and data as baseball? We know of none that come even close to the dedication of a baseball fan to knowing batting averages and number of pitches thrown by their team’s starting pitcher. Translate that into a game app and you get MLB Manager 2015, possibly a micromanager’s dream app because of the sheer number of things you can manage.

Firstly, this is an official app of Major League Baseball, so for the first time, baseball buffs will be able to sim baseball action with all the current 30 MLB teams, historical logos all included. The game app will be updated with current rosters for every team as Opening Day gets closer. MLB Manager 2015 is most probably the most complete baseball managing game app to date.


As a bonus, you are able to aspire for a position higher than manager – you can become General Manager of a team. Then you can sign free agents, pull off mega-trades and call up that young player from your minor league team to give him a shot at the big time.


This is premium stuff, a baseball geek’s ultimate dream app, so you get to pay for it. MLB Manager 2015 will cost USD$0.99 cents for one season. You can save and buy a 10-season bundle for USD$4.99. But before you do that, please note that the app is not supported on phones with less than 512MB of RAM. The game is now available for purchase via the Google Play Store (see download link below).

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Deal: Grab 15 games for $.15 each on Google Play

Posted by wicked March - 30 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off


To celebrate its 15th anniversary, long-time mobile game developer HandyGames is offering 15 of its most popular titles for just $.15 each today. The developer usually offers the majority of its games in both premium and free versions, so if you’ve been interested in any of the games listed below, you can now play them without ads for next to nothing.

A few games of note that are on sale include the premium versions of Ninja Hero Cats, Townsmen, 1941 Frozen Front and Devils & Demons. Most games on the list are on a different gaming category, so fans of action, simulation, strategy and RPGs will hopefully all find something they like on the list. Here’s are all 15 games you can grab for just $.15 each:

The games listed above may not be the most popular titles in the Play Store, but it’s hard denying that picking up 15 different games for just over $2 in all is one heck of a deal. The sale prices won’t last long, so you might want to take advantage of this deal pretty soon if you see anything that interests you. Head to the link below to see the full list of discounted games.

Get it on Google Play

Kabam releases ‘Fast & Furious: Legacy’, game tie-in to movie

Posted by wicked March - 30 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

We’ll be seeing what is probably (hopefully?) the last “Fast and the Furious” movie soon as the 7th movie of the franchise rolls into theaters in around a week. We’ll also be seeing the last of Paul Walker (*tear*) together with the Fast and the Furious cast. To hype the movie some more, game dev outfit Kabam has just released “Fast & Furious: Legacy”, a follow up to their surprisingly successful “Fast & Furious 6: The Game” movie tie-in app.

The game will allow players to join staple franchise characters in races throughout many tracks inspired by locations in the series. The game allows you to assemble a crew and drag or drift your way to the top of the global leaderboards in over 50 licensed rides straight out of the movie. You also encounter villains from the movie, but word is still out if we’ll see Jason Statham in game.


Frankly, it feels like the series has only so much gas in its tank, so this might be the last one in the series. But say what you will about Vin Diesel and co., this game from Kabam is sure purrrrty. If yo udon’t believe us, ogle at the trailer below.

The game is now available for download over the Google Play Store (check the download link below). The game is free to play, but will surely have some IAPs. Will you try this one out?

DOWNLOAD Google Play Store

Taichi Panda is a new action RPG for Android

Posted by wicked March - 30 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

So if you can’t call your game “Kung-Fu Panda” because obviously that name is already taken, but you want to still make an action game with a kick-butt panda as the lead character, well, by all means call it “Taichi Panda”. Wait, game developer Snail Games just did that. Oh well, then let’s see how the game pans out.


In the game’s defense, what you get from Taichi Panda is a visually rich action RPG – the graphics of the game seem spot on. The game has an MMORPG feel to it, as there is a central town hub where you can see other players in the game. You can even see them when dungeon crawling or doing your quests.

The gameplay is standard RPG fare though, hacking and slashing your way up the level ladders to improve your character’s stats and skills. Players can choose from three different classes – those include Warrior, Rogue, and of course, your cute-but-dangerous Master of Shadow Fist Panda.


The game is now available via the Google Play Store (see the download link below) – and it seems to be available for everybody. Do check compatibility with your device, as the graphics might prove too much for lower-end and older phones. Free to play, with IAPs – tell us about it if you do check it out.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Literally grow (stretch) your dog in Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Posted by wicked March - 30 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Do you remember back in the day (if you’re old enough) when all you could play on your Nokia cellphone was a game called Snake where your only objective is to make the snake as long as you can. Well imagine that game on steroids and change the snake into a dog and have the dog stretch to get longer and you have Silly Sausage in Meat Land (What it has to do with Snake is getting more unclear). The new Android game lets you make your silly pet dog elongate and elongate and even let it sniff its own butt.

The dog’s infinitely stretchy body will come in handy in this world where there are also infinite number of meats flying around. But where there’s meat, there’s also meat cutting instruments and so your silly sausage has to be careful not to get cleaved. The game has swipe based controls that will let you change directions as you go and add make your stretchy dachshund even longer. It also has a risk based restart system, so if you like safe games, then this is not for you.

Lest you think that just getting your dog to stretch is easy work, there are a lot of traps and challenges that might turn your dog into a hotdog or some other meat. You can also play “one loooooooong stretched out challenge” that will give you 50 restart points if you win it.

Silly Sausage is free to download from the Google Play Store. There are ads in the game which you can remove through a one-time in-app purchase. There are also several IAPs available, but the developer assures you can still play the game even without buying them.


Lazyboard keyboard is a way for lazy people to communicate

Posted by wicked March - 30 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

You’re playing an intense video game but your loved one insists on chatting with you and you need to make some sort of cursory response. Or you’re feeling extremely lazy one day but a group chat is going on and you don’t want to be impolite and not respond. For situations like these, and more where you’re either too lazy or busy to type real, actual words, there’s always an app for that. Lazyboard is now available for you to still talk, but without typing letters.

Lazyboard is a predictive text app/keyboard that has whittled down communication into ten most commonly used words and 11 emoticons to still enable you to respond to not so important but necessary conversations. As long as you could get away with just saying words like “k”, “cool”, “nice”, “lol”, “lel”, “hmmm”, “damn”, “oh”, “thks” plus the 11 emoticons or any combination of these words, then you’re good to go. And in a world where a lot of people can just talk in emoticons, that should get you through a few meaningless chats.

The developer admits that he/she isn’t sure if they made this app just to troll people or to actually make it successful, but either way, they seem serious about “helping” out the lazy and the busy among us. To enable the app once you’ve downloaded it, simply flip on the switch for Lazyboard in the settings and language input section. There are 2 default themes, but if you get the pro version, you’ll get 5 more themes as well as several more toggle options.

We’re not that thrilled about having even more shortcuts to actual interactions with people, but hey, if you feel the need to minimally talk to people digitally, then go ahead and download the free app from the Google Play Store. The Pro version is also available for $1.45.


Chronology: save the future by traveling to the past

Posted by wicked March - 30 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

“Time changes everything”. And this new Android game seems to take it literally. Time travel is something that has fascinated a lot of people (well at least those interested in science fiction in the first place) and those people will definitely enjoy playing Chronology, a puzzle platformer game that will enable you to travel back and forth in time in order to ensure that the world will eventually have a future.

When we start in Chronology, the world has already ended and all is left is the Old Inventor and his ability to turn back the clock in order to correct some mistakes in the past. Oh, and he has his trusty old sidekick, The Snail, because apparently snails can survive world-ending apocalypse (or maybe just this particular snail). Aside from traveling back and forth through time, you also have the ability to freeze time in order to solve the puzzles you’ll be faced with. And eventually as the story unfolds, you’ll find out that the Old Inventor and The Snail actually had a major role in how the world will eventually end up like it is (with a little time manipulation of course).

You’ll be able to switch between playing an inventor and a snail, and both have different abilities and strengths, so you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds when you need it the most. Since the game is episodic, you’ll get new puzzles to solve for each episode and discover new places as well, set in different time periods. But if you ask us, one of the best things about this game is that the animated characters, machines, and creatures were inspired by anime great Hayao Miyazaki. In our book, anything that looks remotely like it’s from the now-retired director, if done well, should be great.

Chronology is available for free download from the Google Play Store. There is one in-app purchase that will unlock the last five chapter in the game. And if you’re heavily invested in it, you won’t mind spending $2.99.


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