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Get your free Cardboard VR headset for the OnePlus 2 launch

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OnePlus wants you to experience the launch of its all-new OnePlus 2 in virtual reality. That said, the company has begun giving away Cardboard Virtual Reality headsets for free, only asking for $5 to cover shipping costs.

Google’s Cardboard VR headsets are available through many online retailers for relatively cheap prices. In fact, Google has a page dedicated to its Cardboard VR retailers. Some of them are as cheap as $5 while more advanced and improved models could cost you as much as $85.

Either way, OnePlus says they have improved upon Google’s design, making the cardboard more compact, durable, and resistant to stains. As is the case for most of these headsets, OnePlus says it should be compatible with most devices up to 6-inches in size, which means Note users should have nothing to fear.

Keep in mind that there’s probably limited quantities available in this initiative to make VR more accessible. “We aren’t making any money by offering OnePlus Cardboard. In fact, we are losing money with each one,” OnePlus says.

It’ll be interesting to see just how well VR will work with the OnePlus 2 launch later this month. It’s said to be a powerful device, packing a Snapdragon 810 CPU, and a fingerprint scanner “done right.”

If you’re interested in getting your own Cardboard VR headset from OnePlus, just hit the source link below. They begin shipping on July 10.

source: OnePlus

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Possible Google Glass successor spotted in FCC database

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A new FCC filing for a device from Google that includes “GG1″ in its identifier has many thinking this may be version 2, or the consumer version, of Google Glass. There are not many details available, but a couple clues point to the device being some type of wearable.

The device will come with support for WiFi and Bluetooth LE, but at least for this filing, no wireless support. This seems to rule out a smartphone of any sort. The device will also have a non-removable battery.

According to the filing, the device’s FCC label will not be physically printed on the device. Although the filing does not reveal why that may be, a lack of space would be one explanation. Google indicates the FCC label will be provided as an “e-label” and a sample is provided. Appearing as white text on a black background, it is not a stretch to envision this e-label appearing on the Google Glass screen assuming the consumer version takes a similar form factor as the original Google Glass.

Earlier this year Google shut down its Glass Explorer Beta program and stopped making the original version available to interested consumers. The entire project was also moved out of Google X over to the Google Nest unit headed up by Tony Fadell in preparation for the next version. However, Google has been mostly silent regarding plans for Glass.


source: FCC
via: Phandroid

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Free app on Google Play Family: Thomas’ Musical Day for Percy

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If you have kids that are into the whole mobile games or apps thing (be honest, are there any kids who aren’t?), then the weekly free app from Google Play Family is something to look forward to, not just for the young ones, but for the parents as well. And if the kid in your life is a fan of Thomas the Engine, then this week’s free app will make them happy, as it is the interactive book, Thomas’ Musical Day for Percy.

One of Thomas’ friends, Percy, has broken his whistle, and to cheer him up, Thomas wants to put on a musical show, using the sounds that can be found around their island called Sodor. And since this is an interactive digital experience, you and your kid will also get to explore the sounds around you to create your own show, so get ready with those impromptu musical performances as you read the book. The app uses text stories, animation, read-along parts, and of course touch-screen interactions to keep the kids (and yours as well) interest in check.

The book is actually part of the Speakaboos storybook library, which has more than 150 premium stories that aim to keep kids reading by using interactive tools and creating a whole new world of stories with digital features. Most of the time, kids are engrossed with playing games on mobile devices, so instead of forcing them to pick up an actual book, these digital, interactive stories can give them the best of both worlds.

For a limited time only until July 9, you can get Thomas’ Musical Day for Percy for free from the Google Play Store. Normally it costs $4.99, but if you click on this link, you won’t have to pay a cent. Don’t forget, if you go straight to the app page, it will not reflect that it’s free, just like with the other free apps feature before.

New Android One phone rumored for India launch on July 14

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According to a “person with knowledge” of the plan, Google and Lava are gearing up to launch the next Android One handset in India. The new smartphone is expected to launch on July 14, will feature renewed specifications and will have a retail price of Rs. 12,000.

The first wave of Android One handsets were not exactly what we would call a success, with less than 800,000 units in consumer hands in India at the last count. That’s considerably less than MediaTek’s ambitious target of two million handsets by the end of the first year.

There are probably two main factors that have held Android One back. Firstly, a lack of retail store presence prevented customers from being exposed to the products. This time around Google is apparently working more closely with Lava, to make sure that the next Android One phone is available online and in shops. Google is also expected to spend around 10 to 15 million in marketing and promotion.

“The first-phase partners took devices from original device makers (ODMs) in China and had no say over hardware and software. The latest device is controlled by Lava, which would be in a position to provide an enhanced experience,”

Secondly, the hardware wasn’t really competitive with other handsets that have shown up the country since. To address this issue, the next Android One phone is rumoured to arrive with better mid-range hardware. MediaTek will still be providing the SoC but the phone will also come with 2GB of RAM and a larger 5-inch display, although we don’t know at what resolution. Google and Lava are also said to be working on specific software features tailored to the region.

By working more closely with individual partners, perhaps the hope is that the next Android One phones provide a more refined experience, but this looks like it will come at a higher price point. The expected retail price of Rs. 12,000 is almost double what the first generation of handsets cost.

Perhaps more will be revealed at the rumoured launch event on July 14th in Delhi. Google India decline to comment.

CTL announces the H4 Education Chromebook

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Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.05.32

Earlier today, CTL took the wraps off its latest Chromebook, the H4 Education. This model is aimed at students in lower and middle school who require access to the Internet and basic word processing software via Google Drive. The device will retail for $199 and has a 10 hour battery on board, making it the perfect companion for any student.

The H4’s specifications include a 11.6-inch HD widescreen LED-backlit display display which has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, a 1.8GHz Rockchip quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable internal storage.

This device has built-in Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, two USB 2.0 ports, an SDcard slot and an HDMI out slot — so you’ll always have the facility to share files, connect to the internet, mirror your screen and transfer documents.

As you’d expect of any laptop that’s designed to be portable, the H4 Education is pretty rugged, but unlike most machines on the market, this one’s water resistant with the ability to withstand drops of water from a height of 70cm.

CTL also announced that purchasers of the H4 Education Chromebook will be eligible for the free 100GB of Google Drive storage offered by Google.


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HERE Maps updated with support for reversible lanes

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HERE has just started rolling out an update for its official Maps application via the Google Play Store. In terms of added functionality, the upgrade brings support for reversible lanes, as well as multiple bug fixes and stability improvements.

The reversible lanes function is live for eleven U.S. and one European city and for those of you unaware of its role within the app, the feature is used to reduce traffic congestion during busy times by way of providing alternative routes to the user in the event of heavy traffic.

To install the update on your smartphone, simply open up the Play Store, toggle the hamburger menu by swiping in from the left-hand side of the screen, select ‘My Apps’ and click on ‘HERE Maps’. You’re now going to want to hit the update button.

If you’d prefer to start the upgrade process instantly without having to use the Play Store, you can scan the QR code below to initiate the installation procedure.

qr code

Play Store Download Link

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Google’s preparing to launch a new Android One smartphone this month

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According to a report published by The Economic Times, Google is currently preparing to launch a brand new Android One smartphone in India on Tuesday, July 14. The device is expected to be manufactured by a local company operating under the name Lava and will carry a price tag of around INR 12,000 ($190).

Whilst the first batch of Android One devices weren’t designed and developed in conjunction with Indian suppliers, this latest handset has been created in close collaboration with Lava and MediaTek — so it should be pretty well suited to the Indian market. Unfortunately, we don’t have a spec sheet for the device, but we do know that it will feature a 5-inch display and 2GB of RAM.

Despite demand for Android One devices never really taking off India, Google is determined to make this smartphone a success and has confirmed that it will be available from all channels, including retail stores.

Do you think Google should continue to add devices to its Android One lineup? Or should it just quit while it’s ahead? Be sure to let us know your thoughts below.

Source: The Economic Times

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Video for Android Wear & YouTube app bringing videos to… your watch?

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Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.00.48 PM

You know the world has gone nuts when people start watching videos on their smart watches. It’s simply not what Android Wear devices were made for, and it truly beats the purpose of a wearable, but it may have its benefits (which we can talk about later). The point is it’s now possible to enjoy your videos straight from your wrist, thanks to the new app Video for Android Wear & YouTube.

Video for Android Wear & YouTube allows smart watch owners to view YouTube videos on their tiny screens. After opening the app, one can simply perform a voice search to find any video. One is then presented with a plethora of results you can scroll through. Select one and you are ready to go! The video starts playing on your tiny screen and you are presented with options to pause, resume, seek and control volume.

Sound is an important part of a good video experience, right? We know most of you are wondering exactly how that works on the Video for Android Wear & YouTube app. Android Wear smart watches have no speakers! Thankfully, there is a solution to this. You can use any Bluetooth headphones or speaker to enjoy your clips to their fullest. These have to be connected directly to the watch, though, not the phone.

Still not satisfied? I mentioned an app like this may have its benefits, and that is what we are going to talk about now. Videos for Android Wear & YouTube (they seriously need a shorter name!) comes with full Chromecast support. This makes it unbelievably simple to watch YouTube videos on the large screen when your phone is not within reach, or when you are simply feeling too lazy to pull it out of your pocket.

Interested? You can head over to the Google Play Store to download the Video for Android Wear & YouTube (really?!). It is free to download, but offers in-app purchases. Developer appfour mentions it’s compatible with all Android Wear devices, so you shouldn’t have a problem. If it takes a while for the app to work, it’s because the Android Wear part of the app is larger than usual. Just give it some time.

Who is downloading? Is this really an app you see yourself using?

Specular Theory creates Terminator Genisys 360-degree video

Posted by wicked July - 2 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

If you’ve lost count of how many Terminator movies there have been in the advent of the release of Terminator Genisys, that doesn’t really matter. What has gotten our interest is a short film created by the folks over at Specular Theory that is not just any promotional video, but rather a 360-degree virtual reality experience that you can enjoy on your desktop or on mobile devices, but especially with Google Cardboard to get the full-on effect. There is even a cameo by a certain well-known ex-Terminator and ex-California governor.

The almost 3-minute video was filmed with 360-degree spherical camera hardware. If you just watch the video randomly without knowing what it was about or that there is a special element to it, you’d wonder what the heck it is that you’re watching. But if you’re watching on your desktop using your Google Chrome browser, try pressing the W, A, S, and D keys and you’ll see a quick demo of the magic of virtual reality, which is what Specular Theory is really advocating.

If you watch in your mobile device, of course it probably won’t be as great as when it is on your desktop, unless you have a Google Cardboard lying around. Using Google’s VR device will give you the full virtual reality experience. Using “their own equipment and cameras to produce the film”, it is indeed a trippy introduction to the world of virtual reality, if you’re not yet familiar with it of course.

The video is available for viewing at the 360 YouTube Chronicles, and it’s just in time if you plan to watch the film. And we mentioned that Mr. Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger himself makes an appearance towards the end.

VIA: SlashGear

Download: Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi Android 5.1.1 LMY48G Update

Posted by Kellex July - 2 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

The brand new Android 5.1.1 (build LMY48G) update for the Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi that first serviced via factory image earlier in the week is now available for download as an over-the-air .zip from Google. Yep, you can sideload this little guy as long as you are coming from LMY47V.

For instructions to sideload using adb, check here. You can download the file through the Google link below. 

Download Link [LMY48G from LMY47V, 18MB]

Cheers Charles!

Download: Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi Android 5.1.1 LMY48G Update is a post from: Droid Life

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