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Amazon accepting pre-orders for HTC accessories for Nexus 9

Posted by wicked October - 22 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

If you’re already dreaming of awesome accessories for your future Nexus 9 tablet, you’ll have to wait a little while longer. The Keyboard Folio and Magic Cover from HTC created for the new tablet has been shown on the Google Play website but is not available for pre-order yet. But now thanks to Amazon, you’ll be able to closely anticipate having these accessories as they are accepting pre-orders already, with shipping expected early next month.

The Keyboard Folio serves as a case, a two-angle stand and an external keyboard as well for the Nexus 9. It attaches to the back of the tablet through a magnet and can be used as a keyboard through Bluetooth connectivity, with reportedly up to 5 months of battery life. But if you don’t feel like you don’t need a physical keyboard to use with the tablet but you still want to protect a device as precious as your upcoming Nexus 9, then you can settle with the Magic Cover, also from HTC.


It is also a magnetic cover that can protect either the front or the back of the tablet, depending on how you’re using it or storing it at the moment. It has a hinge cover so it can remain attached even without any fixed attachment or mechanical part. It is origami-inspired in terms of design and can be used as a stand as well with two different angles to use. Aside from the fact that it wakes the tablet up when flipped open, it can also open your camera when you open the flap covering it. It is available in four colors – Black, Lime stone, Coral Amethyst and Mint Indigo.


The Magic Cover is priced at $39.99 while the Keyboard Folio is of course, a lot more expensive at $129.99. It is the same price both in the Google Play Store and in Amazon, but there is no news yet as to when it will be available for pre-order. Ordered accessories are expected to ship out by November 3, just in time for when you can purchase your new Nexus 9.

Verizon pushing Eye Experience update to its HTC One (M8) on Wednesday

Posted by wicked October - 22 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off


Either the hardware manufacturers are getting things right or the carriers are easing up on the testing phase. Tomorrow, owners of the HTC One (M8) on Verizon will be getting a software update. The update includes the new Eye Experience that was announced alongside the Desire Eye and RE Camera. HTC expects the over-the-air (OTA) update to arrive around noon on Wednesday.

Mo Versi, HTC’s VP of Product Management, tweeted the news on Tuesday:

HTC One (M8) Verizon owners! We have technical approval on Eye SW! OTA target for tomorrow at noon! #HTCAdvantage

Source: @moversi (Twitter)

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HTC EYE update rolls out for T-Mobile One M8, Verizon tomorrow

Posted by wicked October - 22 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

As promised, HTC has started the push to get its new EYE features to its flagship smartphone, at least for those who purchased one under T-Mobile‘s patronage. This practically puts the One M8 on the same level as the surprisingly premium, except in looks, Desire EYE, with the added bonus of a premium design and duo camera setup. Meanwhile, Verizon customers need not gnash their teeth as the OEM promises the same treatment for the Verizon One M8 tomorrow, at least if all goes well.

HTC semi-surprised the mobile world when it revealed its new digital imaging thrust from multiple fronts, from an odd-looking but decent RE camera, to the high-end but plastic Desire EYE, to its new suite of camera apps and software as part of its new EYE Experience package. The latter, which came with the HTC Desire EYE by default, was promised to trickle down to many of the company’s smartphones. Of course, it isn’t surprising that the 2014 flagship would be the first to get it.

Mo Versi, HTC’s VP for product management, yesterday tweeted about the upcoming EYE software update for the One M8 under T-Mobile’s care. That update has arrived today but also brought a small little surprise with it. The firmware update bumps the Android version to 4.4.4, marking the last KitKat version before the smartphone switches over to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The 4.4.4 update itself was quite small and rushed, practically just an urgent security update. So the real focus here is, of course, on the new EYE camera features. If you need to get up to date on those, HTC has provided some tutorials on how to use them.


Mo Versi and HTC aren’t done yet. Taking to Twitter again, the exec noted that they have received technical approval for the same update, this time from Verizon. So Verizon customers need just wait for the update to roll out tomorrow, barring any last minute issues, to get the very same features on their HTC One M8.

SOURCE: @moversi

HTC One (M8) Owners on Verizon, EYE Software OTA Update Should Arrive Tomorrow

Posted by Tim-o-tato October - 21 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

According to Mo Versi, HTC’s VP of Product Management, the company has received technical approval from Verizon for an update that is set to hit One (M8) devices tomorrow. The update includes EYE software which was detailed at the launch of the Desire EYE

To be specific, users should see new settings while in the camera application, including one which will allow you to shoot pictures simultaneously out of the front and rear facing cameras. Other features include face tracking for up to four people at the same time, improved selfie capturing, as well as a Crop-Me-In option. Exact details on what to expect can be found in our writeup here.

This same update hit owners of the T-Mobile One (M8) late last night, so it is nice to see Verizon not lagging too far behind in the updates department.

The EYE software should hit most of HTC’s top tier devices in the next couple of months.

One (M8) owners, be on the lookout tomorrow afternoon.

Via: @Moversi

HTC One (M8) Owners on Verizon, EYE Software OTA Update Should Arrive Tomorrow is a post from: Droid Life

T-Mobile’s HTC One (M8) now receiving Eye Experience update

Posted by wicked October - 21 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off


If you own a T-Mobile-branded HTC One (M8) you may want to listen up as the operator is now rolling out the much-anticipated Eye Experience camera user interface update to all variants of the smartphone currently located in the United States.

Hit the break to see the full changelog.

System Improvements:

  • Radio stability improvement
  • Transition improvements

Eye Experience Implementation:

  • Split Capture
  • Crop-Me-In
  • Photo Booth
  • Auto Selfie
  • Voice Selfie
  • Swipe-To-Switch
  • Video Face Tracking
  • Live Makeup
  • Video Screen Sharing

Application Improvements:

  • Camera stability
  • Video highlight stability
  • Zoe 1.0

To initiate the upgrade manually, make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Then, from the home screen, press the Menu key, followed by Settings. Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘About Device’, followed by ‘Software Update and ‘Update Now’.

Source: Twitter

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Eye SW update for T-Mobile HTC One M8 rolling out tomorrow

Posted by wicked October - 21 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

With the launch of the HTC Desire Eye – the new smartphone with probably the world’s most powerful selfie camera – HTC also rolled out new features for its camera suite, called the Eye Experience software. Last week, HTC One M8 developer and unlocked versions got an OTA rolling out these new software features, and it seems like T-Mobile HTC One M8 models will be the next to get them.

HTC VP for Product Management Mo Versi announced via his Twitter account that the software update just got technical approval (most probably from T-Mobile) and that the update should start rolling out tomorrow OTA. If you’re a T-Mo user of the HTC One M8, you should expect a pretty hefty update by tomorrow.


We’ve discussed the Eye Experience at length here recently, when HTC put out tutorial videos for them. If you want to check them out, go to our past post here. But we warn you, though some of these features are definitely useful, some will border on creepy and “what were you thinking?!?” Just our two cents there, but of course, you will be the final judge of that.

The update will include, specifically – Face Tracking, Split Capture, Face Fusion, Voice Selfie, Live Makeup, and Photo Booth features. Give us some feedback of you do like these features.

SOURCE: @moversi

5-inch HTC Desire 820 Mini accidentally leaked by website

Posted by wicked October - 21 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

A new configuration for the recently launched 64-bit smartphone HTC Desire 820 was apparently accidentally leaked by HTC’s official Chinese language online store, but has been summarily taken down. But not before it was captured via screenshot – a 5-inch smartphone which they are calling the HTC Desire 820 Mini.

You can guess our initial reaction to this, which was somewhere along the lines of “What has this world come to if a 5-inch phone is considered a ‘mini’?” The original HTC Desire 820 – launched and released in September this year – was a big phone considering its 5.5-inch screen. In that sense – and only in that sense – would a 5-inch phone be considered a mini, as it is indeed a smaller version of the original model.


But we whine too much. If HTC wants to call it that, who are we to force our purist views on them? The rumored spec list on the Desire 820 Mini includes a 1.2Ghz quad-core processor – probably from Qualcomm, although we won’t know at this point if it will also be 64-bit capable as its bigger predecessor. It will also sport a 720p HD display, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.


If this is a trend, then the word “mini” will lose all sense of definition. We rather like Samsung’s definition of what a “mini” is, and maybe Sony’s definition for its “compact” suffix. We also grant that there might not be a lot of marketable terms for HTC to use in naming a phone model smaller than the original. Given that, there is precedent for it – the OPPO N1 Mini is also a 5-inch beast, but acceptable only on the basis that the OPPO N1 was a gigantic phone with a 6-inch screen to begin with. What do you guys think?


Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio and Magic Cover Available on Pre-Order From Amazon With Prime

Posted by Kellex October - 21 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Amazon added two official Nexus 9 accessories to its line-up last night, the Keyboard Folio and “Magic” Cover. They are priced at $129 and $39, respectively, just like they are on Google Play. If you were looking to fit your pre-ordered Nexus 9 with some protection or productivity add-ons, now would be the time to get your order in. Amazon expects to “release” both by November 3.

There is always a chance that Google will ship pre-orders of the HTC Nexus 9 placed through Google Play a day early and those who purchased the new Nexus tablet will celebrate. However, at this point if you are an Amazon Prime member, Amazon is still looking like the best place to order the Nexus 9, assuming Amazon can ship out orders right on time. With free 2-day or super cheap 1-day shipping, I’m not sure you will get the device faster from any other retailer. Both of these accessories fall under Prime as well.

Amazon Links:  Keyboard Folio ($129.99) | Magic Cover ($39.99) | Nexus 9 ($399)

Cheers Vala!

Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio and Magic Cover Available on Pre-Order From Amazon With Prime is a post from: Droid Life

EYE Experience for HTC One (M8) on T-Mobile to start rolling out tomorrow

Posted by wicked October - 20 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off


When HTC announced their new EYE Experience, a bundle of improvements to their camera features, they indicated a variety of devices would receive the update over the coming months. Owners of the unlocked version of the HTC One (M8) were probably glad to see they were near the top of the line when the update started rolling out last week along with an update to Android 4.4.4. Now owners of the device on the T-Mobile network will be joining in on the fun as the carrier has given their technical approval for the update.

Users can expect to see an OTA update appear on their devices starting as soon as Tuesday, October 21st. This was announced by Mo Versi, HTC’s vice president for Product Management, via a tweet earlier today.

source: @moversi

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HTC Android 5.0 Lollipop update timeline tipped

Posted by wicked October - 20 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

Android fans were thrilled to hear earlier this month that Android L was ready for primetime. After the OS was deemed ready to launch by Google, the next thing that Android smartphone and tablet users want to know is when they can get their hands on the OS for their device. What is claimed to be the timeline for HTC to upgrade their devices to Android 5.0 has leaked.

As with any leak, you need a grain of salt with this one. It’s also worth noting that some of these devices are reportedly still being evaluated for the update so there is the chance some of the HTC devices listed won’t get the update at all.

According to the rumor, the first devices to get the Android 5.0 update will be the HTC One M8 and HTC One M7. GPE based devices will get the update in late November or early December with Sense devices getting the update January-February. The Desire EYE, HTC One M8 dual SIM, One M7 dual SIM, One E8, and One E8 dual SIM along with the Butterfly 2 getting Lollipop in the January-March timeframe.

In March-April, the HTC One Mini 2 and Desire 816 are expected to get the upgrade. In the March-May timeframe the HTC One Max, One Mini, and Butterfly S are rumored to get the latest flavor of Android. Desire devices based on MTK processors are under evaluation according to the source. Not too long ago Motorola’s Android L upgrade plans surfaced.

SOURCE: Llabtoofer

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