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HTC to Replace Swype with TouchPal

Posted by wicked March - 5 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off


According to engadget (citing TouchPal as well as an internal source), HTC aims to replace Swype with TouchPal as the default input method in upcoming devices, including the new HTC One M9. The official TouchPal Twitter account also tweeted the engadget article about this, further confirming the move.

What prompted this move? The CEO of CooTek, the company behind TouchPal, says it’s because of their better contextual prediction and language support. If you actually look at the supported languages, you’ll find TouchPal only has a dozen more than Swype (both also support many popular languages and input methods, as well as dual language input).

If we compare the two keyboards, we’ll find a few other differences as well:

  • TouchPal supports emoji input (as well as emoji predictions, emoji art and text emoticons) while Swype does not.
  • TouchPal generally supports more layouts.
  • Input correction is easier with Swype (you can tap the Swype button to select or replace the last word). Swype also looks at the word’s context when you go back to correct one.
  • Both have fairly good next word predictions if you enable cloud features, although TouchPal makes inputing them easier with the “Wave” feature.
  • TouchPal can import contact names and dictionary words. Swype isn’t capable of doing this.
  • Both support theming, although TouchPal’s selection is much more vast. You can also set a custom background for TouchPal.
  • Swype uses Dragon dictation. Opinions about it are mixed.
  • Some TouchPal features, such as backup, sync and cloud predictions, require a paid subscription. Swype is (usually) paid with no additional subscriptions.

To most end users, this change will probably be welcome as it brings much better customization and emoji support while generally feeling the same since both keyboards have pretty good gesture typing support. More advanced users may be disappointed in TouchPal lacking some gestures and sync features for free, though it is still unknown whether preloaded TouchPal versions will offer those features for free or not.

Naturally, both keyboards are available on the Play Store, so this might not seem like a big change to many readers. However, a keyboard being preloaded as the default input method on a flagship device can greatly increase its popularity around the world (that’s how Swype started!), making this an important change for CooTek and Nuance both.

(You can check an in-depth review of both Swype and TouchPal, as well as many more, in a precious article: Guide: In-Depth Look at the Best Android Keyboards)

(Source for HTC’s decision: engadget)

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HTC’s One M9 is priced at $599 according to T&C’s of SweepStakes Promotion

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The HTC One M9 was only announced a couple of days ago at MWC, so it’s pretty normal not to have pricing details available. But seeing as HTC are currently running a SweepStakes Promotion where you can win one of five One M9 handsets, a monetary value for the prize has to be included in the terms and conditions of the contest, as seen after the break.

FIVE (5) PRIZES: One (1) HTC One (M9) phone. Actual appearance of phone may differ from device depicted. The actual value of Grand Prize is subject to price fluctuations in the consumer marketplace based on, among other things, any gap in time between the date the ARV is estimated for purposes of these Official Rules and the date the prize is awarded or redeemed.  Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $599. Odds of winning a Prize depend on the number of eligible entries received during the Promotion Period.

Granted, the $599 price tag is in no way official, but it serves as a good ballpark figure for the handset. I would be very surprised if the HTC One M9 ended up being more expensive. If you still haven’t entered the SweepStakes promotion to win a HTC One M9, you can enter right here.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen potential price tags leak out in the terms and conditions of giveaway contests, as seen here with the Galaxy S6 being given a $699 monetary value in a T-Mobile competition. Time will tell as to whether the figures given are accurate or not.

Source: HTC
Via: PhoneArena

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Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and HTC One M9 are all MirrorLink-enabled

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Three handsets from top hardware manufacturers, each to be released over the coming months, are MirrorLink-enabled for consumers seeking a connected driving experience. The devices are the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung and the HTC One M9. The Car Connectivity Consortium announced today that owners of those devices will be able to have information transferred between them and the vehicle for an optimal experience.

MirrorLink is another connected driving experience platform like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Many developers, such as Glympse, are making their apps compatible with MirrorLink as various automobile manufacturers have gotten behind it.

Hit the break for the full press release.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are MirrorLink®-Enabled

Millions more consumers to enjoy seamless access to content from the smartphone to the dashboard

BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization driving global technologies for smartphone-centric car connectivity solutions, today announced that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones are MirrorLink®-enabled, which includes extending the Galaxy experience into the car. With millions of mass market MirrorLink-enabled vehicles rolling off assembly lines today, MirrorLink leads the way in bringing the smartphone to the dash.

“Distribution on the world’s most popular Samsung devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Note Edge, and now the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, reaffirm that MIrrorLink is real and in the hands of millions of consumers today,” said Alan Ewing, President and Executive Director of the CCC. “For consumers, the variety of MirrorLink-enabled handsets and vehicles has turned the promise of the connected car into a reality. And with deployments taking place on such a large scale, developers can focus on what they do best — crating innovative apps to redefine the driving experience.”

MirrorLink is the leading industry standard for car-smartphone connectivity and is designed for maximum interoperability between a wide range of smartphones and cars. MirrorLink is also the only OS- and OEM-agnostic standard for car-smartphone connectivity and the only vendor-neutral standard where no single entity has a controlling stake. MirrorLink thus offers the quickest global route to more responsible and enjoyable connected driving.

About the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)

The CCC is dedicated to cross-industry collaboration in developing MirrorLink® global standards and solutions for smartphone and in-vehicle connectivity. The organization’s more than 100 members represent more than 80 percent of the world’s auto market, more than 70 percent of the global smartphone market and a who’s who of aftermarket consumers electronics vendors. For further information, please visit

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HTC One M8 Owners: Upgrade to the M9, or Skip?

Posted by wicked March - 4 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off


While HTC’s latest flagship brings many new features, the aesthetic design of the device remains largely untouched in comparison to its predecessor. Many Android enthusiasts throughout the community were expecting a large redesign of one of the most beautiful handsets ever released, but what we got is something more along the lines of an ‘HTC One M8S”. So this begs the question, is the M9 worth the upgrade if you already own the M8? Current HTC One M8 users chime in and let us know your thoughts.

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HTC One M8 on Verizon Gets Its Android 5.0 Lollipop Update

Posted by Kellex March - 4 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Last night, just as we signed off, Verizon began pushing Android 5.0 Lollipop to its variant of the HTC One M8. HTC said that they were expecting it by the first week of March, so I’d say they nailed that timeline. Good job, HTC. By our tally, the AT&T variant is the only One M8 that still has not received Lollipop. 

In the update, users will see a re-done notification panel, including notifications on the lock screen. The app switcher now comes in two formats, Android Beam has been improved and added to the share menu, and a search function has been added to settings. Other than that, not much has changed. This still looks like Sense 6, because it is Sense 6.

To check for the update, head into Settings>Phone Update>Check for updates>Download now.

Be sure to watch our HTC One M8 Lollipop tour if you haven’t already.

htc one m8 verizon lollipop

htc one m8 verizon lollipop-2 htc one m8 verizon lollipop-3

HTC One M8 on Verizon Gets Its Android 5.0 Lollipop Update is a post from: Droid Life

It’s finally here, Lollipop for Verizon’s HTC One M8

Posted by wicked March - 4 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

HTC took their sweet time about it – missing their self-imposed 90-day upgrade deadline in the process – but it’s finally here today. Android 5.0 Lollipop has finally arrived for Verizon’s HTC One M8. It was a long and difficult wait for Verizon users, especially as they saw other One M8 versions from other carriers get updated while they endured the wait. But all is well that ends well, right?

It’s no big secret now what Android 5.0 brings to HTC’s flagship smartphone for 2014. It’s a whole new operating system, and for HTC One M8 users, this must feel like getting a brand new phone. For an overview of what Lollipop brings to the One M8, please check Verizon’s official update document at the source link below.


If you are one of those who have been waiting for this, you can one of two things. You can either wait for the system notification to show up about the update. Make sure you have a good WiFi connection when you do start downloading the update. You’ve been waiting for a while now, what’s a few more hours or days, right?

Wrong. I bet most of you want to get that update ASAP. You might be able to do that by manually triggering the update, tap into the system menu and select the option to query for new updates. Enjoy!

SOURCE: Verizon

Enter the HTC SweepStakes Promotion to win a HTC One M9

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If you’ve followed our coverage of Mobile World Congress 2015, you’ve probably noticed that HTC has released its latest flagship smartphone, the One M9. As you would expect, the M9 features the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM and BoomSound speakers on the front of the device along with a refinement of the all-metal body. If you would like the chance to win a HTC One M9 before they even go on sale to the public, HTC are holding a SweepStakes promotion to do just that. We have the link after the break.

As promised, the link to the contest is just below. There are some requirements sadly, namely that you must be a US resident, and be 18 or older. Competition entries must be received by March 24th, with the winner to be randomly drawn by an administrator. You can enter by clicking the link below and filling in your details. Good luck!

HTC One M9 SweepStakes Promotion Link

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Can HTC “sell” the M9 to casual customers?

Posted by wicked March - 4 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off
htc one m9 vs htc one m8 8

Honesty speaking: can you actually tell which One is which?

Back in January, we asked our staff and readers about the looming realization that the HTC One M9 would look just like the M8; based on leak-after-leak, the unthinkable seemingly became more plausible. As of March 1st, it became reality. Hopes of HTC pulling the most epic case of trolling the tech world had ever seen were dashed in the presence of what looks to be the same device from last year, minus a Duo camera. In this piece, we’re going to take a look at what this means for HTC and why it’s not all bad.

The Build-Up:

As a quick refresher, leaks in earnest for the HTC One “Hima” began a short while ago via renders from case manufacturer Spigen. In the days leading up to MWC 2015, these leaks had expanded to promotional videos to carrier promotional material. Still, there was the image that so many were convinced was the real M9, or at least hopeful enough to suspect Taiwan’s most famous smartphone OEM was trolling us all by releasing the so-called “M8s” pics.

With the official unveiling now done-and-dusted, we all know the leaks were legitimate, and HTC wasn’t stoking the flames of countless potentially burned bridges in the form of businesses around the world who had bought into a fake promise.

A Costly Creation:

There is one very large problem with the M9’s existence, and arguably this isn’t so much an opinion as it is a sad reality: customer confusion and apathy. We all know the difference, granted. But think about the hundreds of millions of casual customers in the world; it could be your parents, your children’s teachers, the people who deliver your newspaper (assuming anyone reads physical paper these days), anyone really. Think of them, and then consider the following three scenarios:

A. You don’t care about phones nor do you follow them. They are a tool and nothing more. Your 4-year old model isn’t working well these days, so you go to a carrier store to get a new one.

B. Your family member needs a new phone. A casual/mainstream user at best, they don’t care about specs at all.

C. You bought a phone a few months ago and it just broke. You didn’t get insurance and are thus out the money.

Now imagine any given carrier store: The HTC One M8 is available for free on a two-year agreement. The HTC One M9 costs $199 for the same. You look at both; the cheaper One has two cameras, the other has a single One.

htc one m9 vs htc one m8 7

So you’re in the store and have both devices in hand…

Decision: Which do you chose? As much as some might deny it, the demands of life dictate that people will chose the free model, hands down, especially if the so called “new” model doesn’t look the slightest bit different. Make no mistake, this isn’t Apple wherein a casual consumer might be tempted to get the newer model just because they know Apple. This is Android, there are dozens of devices, and HTC is just one of the many companies selling one from a country far away. Money is always an issue to all but the most extreme enthusiast.

These are but three scenarios; imagine an infinite number more. Now consider what are, arguably, the only two wherein someone might actively buy an HTC One M9:

1. You love HTC. Money is irrelevant.

2. You must have the latest and greatest. Money is irrelevant.

Granted there can be numerous variations of these situations as well, but there is one key factor here: extreme minority. The specific “niche” needs of those with cash to burn don’t match those of the masses, and therein lies the problem HTC faces: it has just started to recover from a prolonged period of financial dismay, and the last thing it needs to do is alienate mainstream customers, the very individuals who can “fix” its cash flow troubles. Were the M9 to look different, it would immediately be taken as a “legitimate” new product by all those who don’t care about the difference between a Snapdragon 800 and an 810; the consumers who don’t snap photos constantly.

The Samsung Situation:

samsung galaxy s6 vs galaxy s5 aa 3

While not so different from the front, just a few seconds comparing the two will reveal night-and-day build differences.

Now on the other hand, let’s revisit the same carrier store and take a look at say, the Galaxy S5 vs the Galaxy S6. The difference is night-and-day to say the least. While one might argue the S6 isn’t as beautiful as the M8/M9, it doesn’t have to for people to notice. The fact that the S6 has a QHD SAMOLED screen is a major sales point, as could be other elements like the fingerprint sensor, bio-metric reader, and more. Even if customers don’t understand what these mean or how to use them, marketing trumps sensibility more often than not.

samsung galaxy s6 vs iphone 6 1

This post’s second riddle: try to guess *these* two apart.

Ah yes, the final thing Samsung has going for it, ironically speaking: The Galaxy S6 looks a bit like that phone. You can bet your britches that at least some mainstreamers will actively seek to purchase the S6 for its similarities.

Could-Have, Should-Have

Many of you will recall the infamous real HTC One M9 picture that @evleaks published, and which was subsequently used by case manufacturers in their own leaked renders. Here’s a reminder:


While engineering and manufacturing limits might have rendered this pair of concepts an impossible concoction, at the very least, they look different from what the real M9 ended up looking like. Heck, they arguably look different from just about anything out there, yet still have that HTC feel to them. In an effort to determine just how many people liked this (now) fake design better, I ran a small survey on Google Plus. The question: was the evleaks render preferable to the real product.

As of the time of publishing this story, 135 people responded and 75%, an overwhelming majority, said yes, they liked the fake render better. Is this a massive sample size? Obviously not, but at the very least it is one way of substantiating a belief that even fans aren’t necessarily happy with the design choice.

Don’t write-off HTC yet!

htc one m9 cyberport (6)

This dual-tone color combination definitely is eye-catching to say the least!

While this opinion has been of a largely negative tone, there are a few important things to keep in mind. For one, the M9 is by no means an ugly or underwhelming phone. The body may be recycled, but it’s still a stunning piece of design in 2015, and with the Duo Ultrapixel camera set up now gone, the phone need no longer be plagued by rampant criticism of the picture potential. In fact, here’s a checklist of just why the M9 is such a significant improvement as compared to the M8: better CPU and graphics, more RAM, better camera, bigger battery, more LTE bands, new colors, Lollipop out-of-the-box, and it’s even slightly smaller/lighter.

HTC also has the benefit of possibly drawing in customers who were on the fence about the Galaxy S6. Maybe Samsung’s decision to remove microSD support or replaceable batteries has irked them. Perhaps the S6 doesn’t look different enough from the S5. This could be said about other OEM’s offerings as well.

Truth be told, just about the only thing (arguably) not good about the HTC M9 is its reused design: with all the improvements contained inside the premium build, there is absolutely no question this is a brand new, state-of-the-art flagship that can hold its own among rival products.

For the full break-down of spec comparisons between the M8 and M9, please see our comparison coverage here.

Let us know your thoughts!

Verizon starts updating HTC One (M8) with Android Lollipop

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HTC One (M8) users on Verizon may be glad to know the carrier has finally started to roll out Android Lollipop to the device on their network. The update just started rolling out this evening, so it may be a few days before you receive a notification letting you know it is available in you have an HTC One (M8) on Verizon. You can check for the update manually by going into your Settings and checking for updates.

The new version of Android brings the standard fare we know about for Lollipop, like the new notification panel and lock screen notifications. Verizon notes that World Clock Globe has been removed for “memory considerations.” In addition to Lollipop, the Verizon update includes a couple other enhancements. Band 4 roaming has been enabled on the HTC One (M8) and the 3-way calling feature has been improved.

For more information you can hit the source link below for Verizon’s announcement regarding the update.

source: Verizon

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Win an HTC One M9 Before It Goes on Sale

Posted by Kellex March - 3 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

HTC just announced a contest through Twitter that will give you a chance to win their new One M9 before it ever hits stores. They plan to give away five of them, to be exact. All you need to do is hit up the link below and fill out their incredibly simple form (name, email, and what your current phone is). That’s it.

The contest period runs from 3/2 through 3/24. The approximate retail value of each phone is $599. 

Contest Link | Terms

Win an HTC One M9 Before It Goes on Sale is a post from: Droid Life

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