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Apple iPad Pro rumors continue: adds Apple A9 processor, Force Touch and NFC

Posted by Tom May - 5 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

“Insiders” have revealed some more rumored specs for the Apple iPad Pro tablet.

The slate, which is expected in the autumn, will apparently feature an Apple A9 chipset, which builds on the current Apple iPad Air 2 chip.

Also onboard is expected NFC connectivity for Bluetooth pairing, Force Touch – Apple’s haptic feedback control system – and a USB Type C connector.

It’ll be a large 12.9-inch tablet and will also apparently be open for a new type of keyboard.

Elsewhere the iPad Air should be the basic blueprint, with an 8MP rear camera and an LTE option.

Via tablet-news

Wacom be gone! Astropad turns your iPad into a pro graphics tablet for free

Posted by Tom February - 19 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Two ex-Apple engineers have created Astropad, an app that syncs your iPad with a Mac and lets the iPad operate as a professional graphics tablet.

To be used with a stylus, Astropad uses the company’s Liquid technology that was developed to offer excellent colour-corrected output and 60fps responsiveness that is more than twice as fast as AirPlay.

The free app works with any Mac program and works both wired and over WiFi.

Via astropad

Galaxy Tab S2 tipped to be thinner than iPad Air 2

Posted by wicked February - 17 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

A new rumor is making the rounds that has to do with the next generation of Samsung’s high-end tablet, the Galaxy Tab S2. The original Galaxy Tab S launched last summer and was immediately compared to the iPad Air. According to insiders that claim to know what Samsung is cooking, the Galaxy Tab S2 will be very thin.

In fact, the insiders claim that the S2 will be thinner than the Apple iPad Air 2. Samsung is said to be using a metal frame on the Galaxy Tab S2 to make it feel more premium. Two screen sizes are tipped to be coming to market with a smaller 8-inch unit and a larger 9.7-inch unit.

Both of those screen sizes are slightly smaller than the existing options for the Galaxy Tab S at 8.4-inches and 10.5-inches. That will make the new S2 have a square 4:3 style display rather than the widescreen aspect ratio we are used to.

The rumors don’t include any hints at what hardware might be under the hood or what screen resolution the tablets might offer. We also don’t have any details on when the S2 will launch or exactly how thin it will be.

SOURCE: SamMobile

Synthesized synthesizer: Casio releases classic CZ synth for iPad

Posted by Tom January - 28 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

There’s a large number of multiple synth emulators on iPad but Casio’s bringing a dedicated app that recreates the Casio CZ synthesizer.

The first CZ, the CZ 101, was launched in 1984 and the series became popular among musicians throughout the ’80s.

Casio’s new app is dedicated to a quality sound output – four separate parts can be played using the Phase Distortion sound source.

36 types of waveforms are on hand and up to four virtual keyboards can be displayed. There’s also a mode that allows duets, with keyboards facing each way for two people to use it at the same time.

It’s also compatible with MIDI devices, as well as Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.

Happy synthing!

Via akihabaranews

Pushbullet launches apps for iPad, Mac and Safari

Posted by wicked January - 27 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off


Pushbullet has revealed its latest suite of applications, but this time they’re designed purely for iPad, Mac, and Safari. Just like its Android client, these apps for Apple products allow users to copy and paste text across multiple devices, mirror notifications from their smartphone to their computer, and instantly transfer files, links and photographs between hardware regardless of its operating system.

Hit the break below to see Pushbullet’s new apps in action.

Click here to view the embedded video.

We’d love to know what you think of the new apps — so be sure to drop us a comment in the section below.

Download: iPad, Mac and Safari.
Source: Pushbullet


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iBrailler Notes Braille keyboard for iPad arrives – Android version on the way

Posted by Tom January - 26 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Visually impaired tablet users have another way to portable computing thanks to the innovative iBrailler Notes keyboard for iPad, with an Android version on the way soon.

The keyboard uses Braille English Grade 1, Grade 2, and Six-Dot Computer Braille.

A standard physical 18-cell Braille keyboard costs anything between $1,800 and up to $6,000. As such, this free app should be a welcome addition to computing on the go.

It is currently in use in blind schools and institutes in the United States and Sri Lanka.

Via wired

Mobile guitar suite iRig 2 brings output and instant Android compatibility

Posted by Tom January - 8 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

The guitar to smartphone hook up iRig has been around since 2010 but only got Android compatibility in November last year.

The new iRig 2 builds upon the original interface and adds Android compatibility off the bat, as well as a 1/4-inch output jack.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Android devices, it also supports AmpliTube, the iOS guitar and bass multi-effects processor.

The iRig 2 also comes with a removable element that allows it to be mounted on a mic or music stand to save smashes.

It’ll be out in the first quarter of 2015 at the reasonable price of $39.99.

Via slashgear

iPad Air clone runs Android KitKat, Windows 8.1

Posted by wicked January - 2 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

I’m not really a fan of clones because I feel they are violating copyright and infringes on many legal things. But then again, seeing popular gadgets being cloned is interesting because most of them can be funny. Apple gadget look-a-likes running Android are nothing new so this Android-powered iPad Air clone is not really surprising. The iPad Air is still pricey but the design is one of the best in tablets today ( not that Apple’s design has really changed over the years). If you dig the iPad Air but is a hardcore Android fan, you can get this alternative from China for only $193.

Officially called as the Onda V919 3G Air, this iPad Air-like tablet is not bad for a mobile device that is under $200. The basic model already boasts of 64GB built-in storage and 3G cellular data connectivity (sorry, no 4G LTE yet). It doesn’t only run Android 4.4 KitKat. It’s dual booting so you can switch between Android 4.4 and Windows 8.1. Of course, it won’t run iOS so don’t expect to hack the tablet and run iOS apps.

Specs of the Onda V919 3G Air include a 9.7-inch 4:3 display screen, 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, aluminum unibody, 5 megapixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front-facing camera, 2.16GHz 64-bit Intel Bay Trail-T Z3736F quad-core solution, 2GB RAM, microSD card slot, and WCDMA band support. There’s really no 4G LTE band support but the tablet is good enough for its affordable price.

Onda V919 3G Air a
Onda V919 3G Air b
Onda V919 3G Air c
Onda V919 3G Air d
Onda V919 3G Air e
Onda V919 3G Air f
Onda V919 3G Air g
Onda V919 3G Air h
Onda V919 3G Air i


Chromebooks now more popular than iPads in U.S. schools

Posted by wicked December - 1 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off


For the first time ever, Chromebooks surpassed iPad sales to U.S. schools. According to IDC, 715,000 Chromebooks were sold to U.S. schools in the 3rd quarter as opposed to 702,000 iPads for the same period. It might not be by much, but the spread is likely to grow.

It’s obvious the lower costs that Chromebooks enjoy is a big factor. Schools can buy Chromebooks for as low as $199 vs the iPad Air, which runs $379 after educational discounts. Let’s also not forget the full keyboard that makes things a lot easier. Last but not least, Chromebooks are easier to manage.

IDC analyst Rajani Singh said, “Chromebooks are really gaining traction. The growth of Chromebook is a major concern for Apple’s iPad. As the average age of the student grows the need for a keyboard becomes very important.”

If there is one advantage that Apple has though, it’s the number of educational apps. There are over 75,000 educational apps in iTunes. However, Google recently launched Google Play for Education, which could make a run for the money especially since Android apps can be adapted to Chrome OS.

source: Financial Times
via: 9to5Google

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Apple iPad Event Live Blog!

Posted by Kellex October - 16 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

I know that you all have a hangover from yesterday’s wave of Nexus and Lollipop announcements, but our work is not done. There will be more Nexus and Lollipop news today, guaranteed. However, before we get back on that train, we first have a live blog of another Apple event to get through! That’s right, one of our favorite collaborations in the world is happening once again – live commentary between the DL staff and readers during an Apple product unveiling. Few things are as entertaining as this. 

So, here is the deal. Apple is likely going to announce new iPads, new Macs (iMacs and Mac minis?), and hopefully, a stable release of Yosemite. That certainly doesn’t sound all that interesting to Android enthusiasts, but trust me, we always make it a good time in our chat (which is embedded below). Unintentionally hilarious things will be said (and mocked). There will be misleading slides galore. Invention will arrive. Reinvention too. Magical-ness. Yes.

The event kicks off at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern). Apple will stream the happenings live at their site, which you need Safari or an Apple device to watch.

Join us!

Apple iPad Event Live Blog! is a post from: Droid Life

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