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Tom Hanks launches typewriter passion project for iPad

Posted by Tom August - 19 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Hollywood star Tom Hanks loves typewriters. He can’t get enough of the click-clacky manual machines. Not one to be outdone in the digital age, Hanks has launched Hanx Writer – a writing tool app for iPad that replicates classic typewriter tones and layouts.

The app shot to number one in the App Store and is available for free but offers in-app purchases for additional features and themes.

Hanks wrote about his love of typewriters in the New York Times last summer and thanks to the App Store, we can all share his passion.

Via pocket-lint

Android usage is higher than iOS for first time in history

Posted by wicked August - 3 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off


What is used more? Android or iOS? This type of question will make a fanboy’s blood boil if their respective mobile operating system is not in the lead. Today, it is iOS’ turn to take the back seat as Android has, for the first time ever, become more used.

Net Applications, who is providing this data, says Android’s usage for July came in at 44.62% while iOS’ has slipped to 44.19%. In case you were wondering, Windows Phone usage rose a bit to 2.49% for last month. Although the difference is so small, it is still remarkable considering that this is the first time ever Android has taken the lead.

The reason for Android’s rise above iOS could be for various reasons, but Apple stalling when it comes to hardware innovation as of late could be a large one. Tablet sales across the board, not just for the iPad, have slowed down. And the iPhone’s screen is now greatly dwarfed by other handsets in terms of both size and resolution. That is why rumors of an iPhone with a larger display makes so much sense. Another year going by with a minuscule display could allow this gap to further widen.

Google, though, is pushing new software design for Android and hardware manufacturers for the platform have been creating a slew of devices with different focuses for years. At the same time, the company is trying to wrangle these manufacturers to clean up their software experiences. Now consumers can look to an Android experience as something just as clean as an iPhone (to an extent).

Source: Net Applications
Via: TechnoBuffalo

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Wacom Bamboo Paper app expands to Android, Amazon and Windows

Posted by Tom July - 22 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

The Wacom Bamboo Paper notebook simulator is no longer only for iOS users – it has launched on the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store and Windows Store.

Do you still have that stylus you bought for those heady two weeks of playing Draw Something against everybody you ever met?

Dig it out and get sketching and making notes – the app is free but additional brushes, backgrounds and notebooks are all in-app purchases.

The basics, however, are fine for sketching ideas.


Via pocket-lint

Apple owners love mobile porn more than Android users

Posted by Tom June - 5 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off


Pornhub has released figures that quantitatively settle the argument of who are the biggest w**nkers: Apple fans or Android folk. iPad users come top of the pile with this particular site, with 73% of the site’s 17 million daily mobile users accessing the site via the mobile version of Safari.

The site revealed how viewing patterns have changed: “Over the past year, Pornhub has seen a major shift in the types of traffic coming to our site,” said a spokesperson. “Of the 38 million people who visit Pornhub each day, over half are now using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.”

Safari takes up the lion’s share, with Chrome across iPads and Android accounting for 13.6 visits and the built-in Android browser bringing just 7.8% of traffic.

Now, there are quite a few porn sites online (so we’re told), so maybe Android users have different tastes and opt for something other than Pornhub’s offerings. Also, iPads are the dominant tablet in the market so it makes sense they’re the biggest traffic drivers. Now we know that Pornhub stores user data and shares it readily, maybe its visitor numbers will drop across the board.

Via theguardian

Samsung mislead everyone about Galaxy Tab sales figures

Posted by wicked April - 11 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

A new document introduced in the latest Apple versus Samsung trial shines a light on an ongoing point of contention for market share statistics: sales versus shipments. Sales of devices don’t always translate to shipments, but the two are often confused. It seems the document suggests that Samsung’s performance in the tablet market may not have been as successful as we have been led to believe. In fact, they may not have had much success at all.

The trial, which has mushroomed into a war on integrity at this point, produced an internal Samsung document that showed their sales of Galaxy Tab devices was so slight they were being eclipsed by Kindle devices and Nook sales. Not only were sales known to be diminutive, Samsung knew about them, and purposefully mislead analysts and investors about the health of their tablet business.

In slides from the trial, which you can see below, Samsung spells out Galaxy Tab sales both quarterly and annually in the US. Quarterly sales were in the hundreds of thousands, while annual sales were roughly one million tablets for 2011. This was a contrast to — by Samsung’s own metrics — 17.4 million iPads sold, 5 million Kindle Fire tablets, and 1.5 million Nook devices sold in the US for 2011.


This opens up discussion on two fronts: sales versus shipments, and device use statistics. Time and again, we find reports suggesting iOS devices — specifically iPads — have better web usage statistics. These reports are prominently rolled out just after the holiday shopping season, where it’s found that Apple’s devices command a much larger slice of both the browsing and online purchasing pie. Use of a device can be used to directly relate to sales.

It seems we now have a reason for those numbers, and it has to do with sales versus shipments — and how they’re reported, both to analysts, and to us. Samsung tablet sales simply weren’t what analysts and investors were led to believe, causing inflated metrics and market share statistics. That, in turn, is related to us as a false sense of popularity for Samsung tablets. We’ll keep in mind the slides shown are internal Samsung documents, which lends a damning credence to the revelations.

Source: Apple Insider

Russian ministers switch from Apple to Samsung over US spying concerns

Posted by wicked March - 27 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

Confirming observations made by journalists, Russian minister Nikolai Nikiforov said that Russian government officials have swapped their iPads for Samsung‘s tablets not so long ago. This was supposedly prompted by fears of the US using Apple’s products to spy on the Russian government.

The US spying on other countries’ governments isn’t exactly news but recent incidents, particularly the situation with the Crimea peninsula, have only served to heighten Russia’s fears. Of course, Apple has always denied complicity in any of the US government’s spying activities, especially within the US itself, but that could just mean they aren’t explicitly aware of it.

To be clear, Nikiforov says that dumping the iPads isn’t a sanction on US products, in response to West’s own sanctions against Russia over issues involving Ukraine. They are, however, mindful that the US will now keep an even closer eye on Russia, prompting many in the government to rethink their preference of brands. The minister also pointed out that Samsung devices, especially more recent ones, exhibit special security features that are designed for the handling of critical information, most probably referring to the Samsung KNOX framework.

This recent move by government officials can practically open up the mobile device market not just to Samsung, but to Chinese manufacturers and even homegrown ones. Inside Russia itself, Yandex is poising itself to be the Google of the region, providing Yandex.kit, it’s counterpart to Google Mobile Services, for other Russian manufacturers to use for their own mobile devices.


Samsung Galaxy Pro video ad takes shots at all rivals

Posted by wicked March - 21 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

Samsung has fired another volley of not-so-subtle criticisms against its rivals and this time it is not leaving anyone out. It’s latest ad for its Galaxy Pro line of tablets try to make sure that everyone knows that Samsung’s offering makes you more productive than any iPad or Surface or Kindle Fire will ever do.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Samsung has released a video belittling the competition. The last one it did was aimed specifically at comparing itself with Apple, it’s biggest and most dangerous rival. This time, however, it has made sure to also include Microsoft into the mix as it pits its “prosumer” line against the Surface.

The first segment dives into the most obvious advantage of Samsung’s latest high-end devices, which takes multitasking beyond what Android itself provides. Of course, Apple’s iOS has had some amount of multi-tasking capabilities for some time now, but Samsung’s Multi Window is just on a league of its own. Next the Korean manufacturer made sure to call the Surface for what it says it is: a laptop masquerading as a tablet. Although there is some painful truth to that, it might somewhat be a case of a pot calling the kettle black since the Galaxy Pro tablets, especially the Note Pro 12.2, also come with a keyboard and mouse for the sake of productivity. One might even argue that Microsoft’s version is a tad better since the keyobard can double as a cover and doesn’t have to be carried separately. Lastly, Samsung even drags Amazon’s Kindle Fire into the arena, but this is where things get a little sketchy. Of course, the Kindle Fire doesn’t have direct access to Google’s apps, which includes YouTube, but it is hardly true that Amazon‘s tablet can only do books. Unless Samsung was taking shots against the plain Kindle ebook reader, in which case it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

It takes a certain amount of talent to pull of ads like these that are tastefully done, entertaining, and true. While its previous video was more on the mark, this latest seemed to want to hit as many targets as possible and might have ended up missing some. Click on the video above to see for yourself whether Samsung hit the nail on the head or hit its own thumb instead.

Office for iPad this month? Windows 8.1 version still in the works

Posted by Tom March - 18 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

The rumour mill’s buzzing with talk of a Microsoft press briefing scheduled for March 27th, where it’s is believed the release of the long-awaited iPad version of Office will be announced.
A few days after comes the BUILD 2014 conference, where we should see Windows 8.1 Update 1, some Windows 9 sneak peeks and a look at a working Windows Phone 8.1, among other things.

Codenamed Miramar, Office for iPad could be with us soon, dredging up questions of when it’ll be standard fare for native Metro-powered devices.

Via tablet-news

Apple axe iPad 2 to make way for Retina Display fleet

Posted by Tom March - 18 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Apple’s entry-level tablet is now the fourth generation iPad with Retina Display. The last non-HD Apple tablet, the iPad 2, has bitten the dust. In its place is a tweaked version of the iPad that was pulled when the iPad air launched.
The ‘new’ model has a 9.7-inch display, an A6X chip, 16GB storage and a 1080p, 5-megapixel iSight camera.

It costs £239 (US$544) for the Wifi version and £429 (US$710) for the Wifi + Cellular model, with 4G support.

Via pocket-lint

Samsung TV ads take aim at Apple, says size does matter

Posted by wicked February - 20 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

It’s only natural for rivals to take shots at each other, but it’s better when done with good taste and perhaps a pinch of humor and sarcasm. This pair of Samsung ads for the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 tries to do just that as it tries to emphasize how Samsung’s bigger or thinner devices are better than Apple‘s.

The first video is much an advertisement for LeBron James as it is for Samsung’s latest S Pen-powered phablet. Here, Samsung touches on a rather contentious subject of screen size, pitting the Galaxy Note 3‘s 5.7 inches against the iPhone 5s’ 4 inches. Users might be on the fence if bigger is indeed better, but Samsung tries to make up for that by boasting of the Galaxy Note 3′s Full HD capabilities. In contrast, the iPhone 5s doesn’t even reach HD resolutions, but in terms of pixel density, it’s practically on par. But of course, what Galaxy Note would be complete without the S Pen, which is another factor in favor of Samsung’s offering.

The second ad goes in the opposite direction and plays on how thin the Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 is, which Samsung is claiming to be thinner than the iPad Air, which in turn is thinner than a pencil. Again the HD quality of the screen is mentioned, though this time the iPad Air is equally capable. But more than that, the Galaxy TabPRO boasts of the new multi-tasking features that debuted in this latest generation of Samsung tablets. Head on to our recent hands-on to see what this prosumer tablet has to offer.

Of course, some users might hold that what Samsung holds to be selling features, like screen size or multi-tasking, might actually be liabilities that users neither want nor need. The good news is that, at least on Android, users will have a choice of device and features.

VIA: SlashGear

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