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(Update: video!) 2015 Moto G spotted in leaked images

Posted by wicked June - 22 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

new moto g first look aa (33 of 46)

Update, June 22: A video apparently showing a Moto G (3rd generation) prototype has also surfaced. Check it out below (via HDBlog).

Original post, June 21: The second half of the year is nearly upon us and we are expecting more than enough good announcements. Among the most important ones is the 3rd-generation Moto G, which will likely follow its predecessors’ footsteps by offering the best bang for your buck. We don’t know much of the upcoming device and are limited to speculations, which is why we are so excited to show you today’s leaked images. These are way better than anything we have seen of this smartphone.

The device at hand (XT1543) looks like your average Motorola handset. The design is streamlines and very basic. The textured back makes it look a little more unique. It also seems to have a new metal-looking strip right below the camera, which is something completely different. It looks a bit like what LG does, but we are sure the Moto G (if this is, in fact, the rumored device) will only have it for aesthetic purposes.


Rumored specs include Android 5.1.1, a 5-inch screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, LTE, an 8 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front-facing shooter. All these specs make total sense, and they are just what we would expect from a Moto G. The best improvements are probably the processor and cameras.

Do keep in mind these are still nothing but rumors and leaks. Nothing is for sure until the manufacturer makes its announcement, so take this information with a healthy dose of salt. The images were taken from “a Chinese digital forum”, so we can’t exactly give them our approval, but they sure look convincing.

We are excited to see what Motorola has for us this year. The new Moto G, Moto X and possibly the Moto E should be coming very soon. You can bet we will be all over it as soon as more details emerge. For now, you can hit the comments and let us know what you think of these leaked images.

By the way, you can also take a look at our reviews on the Moto G 1st-gen and Moto G 2nd-gen. Just in case you want to learn more about them.


This device is actually, allegedly the Galaxy A8, even though it might first look to be a “Galaxy S6 Plus”.

Update, June 22: What is believed to be the upcoming Galaxy A8 has been spotted in the FCC certification database. While no new info can be gleamed from the listing, the FCC approval is a sign that the device will be released sooner, rather than later.

Original post, June 16: Despite dealing with sales most other OEMs would salivate over, 2014 was arguably one of the worst years in recent memory for Samsung’s finances, in no small part thanks to the Galaxy S5’s less-than-stellar performance and aggressive competition in key markets such as China and India, where the Korean giant fell from its top spot. Having released the metal-framed Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4, and Galaxy Note Edge, the initially Asia-only “Galaxy A” series saw a single unibody frame making it the first product line that was truly constructed of premium materials. The Galaxy A3 and A5 were decidedly mid-range affairs; however, the johnny-come-lately Galaxy A7 was, in some ways, a Galaxy Note 4 Lite, with its otherwise top-notch specs and phablet sized form factor.


Only from the back does the Galaxy A-series design language appear, and separates the product from the S6 (visually at least).

It has long been rumored that Samsung would unveil a Galaxy A6, A8 and A9 to flesh out its anemic 2015 product line thanks to a trademark filing detected earlier this year. The first pictures of the Galaxy A8 (SM-A800F) have leaked via and it looks… surprisingly like a Galaxy S6 with a metal back.

Sadly, the internal specs are a decidedly different affair, with the current rumors pointing to a 5.7-inch SAMOLED Full HD screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-Core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, microSD, a 16-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front shooter. LTE will be included, as will a fingerprint reader home button, and a sealed 3,050 mAh battery. Perhaps fittingly enough, the device is said to be shipping with Android 5.1.1 which should theoretically include the TouchWiz modifications we covered yesterday. The device is allegedly going to be sold in Asia and European markets.

Truth-be-told, when looking at the pictures of the Galaxy A8, it really is difficult to tell the difference between it and a standard Galaxy S6. The front glass has the exact same cut and shape as does the home button. The side (frame) is similar as well, complete with the indented, “sliced” decoration and buttons. It’s only when examining the back that the difference is clear with the metal replacing the S6’s glass and the lack of a heart rate sensor. There is certainly a bit of irony in considering how some critics of the S6 were attacking it for using a fragile material like glass (prone to shattering) instead of metal, a la the HTC One M9. For all those disappointed with the glass sandwich, the A8 would certainly look to be an appealing alternative, albeit with lesser hardware.


This almost looks like a Galaxy S6 “Plus” next to a Note 3, but it’s presumably the A8 next to the A7. The design language differences are quite apparent to say the least.

The reused design also creates both a proverbial problem, and possible predictive powers: with respect to the former, those who had hoped for the S6 to feature a unique design that wouldn’t be watered down with countless lesser products (thus diminishing the “value” of the S6) will inevitably be miffed to see a leak that looks a lot like what they lusted over. At the same time, given the substantial difference between the A3, A5, and A7, it’s possible that the A8 (and by inference, the A6 and A9 if they exist) are making use of a new level of design language from Samsung for 2015, and therefore the Galaxy Note 5 might be of a similar visual nature as well.

On a final note, while Samsung might deserve kudos for making the “metal Galaxy S6″ in design at least, given its 2014 finances and subsequent pledge to slim down its product lines for 2015, there honestly doesn’t seem to be much effort made in that department. The year is just half over, and Samsung has already released the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Active, A7, E1, J1, and this leak suggesting there will be at least one more A-series device. Then there’s the rumors of a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, and the Galaxy Note 5, along with the possibility of a Note Edge 2, and who knows what else. Even the tablet line seems to be business-as-usual with two-different variants of the Tab A (with S-pen and without), the just announced Tab E, and the pending Galaxy Tab S2.

Any thoughts on the Galaxy A8? Does it look better than the S6? Any takers, or at lease people interested in what the A9 might be?

Blackberry and Samsung reportedly teaming up for an Android smartphone

Posted by wicked June - 17 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

If a certain Russian blogger is to be believed, Android powerhouse Samsung will be teaming up with struggling Blackberry and they will be producing an Android smartphone that will have BB services (which some people are still dependent on/loyal to). This rumor comes days after another report that the next Blackberry phone will not be running on the much discussed Blackberry OS but rather on the more ubiquitous Android platform.

In a tweet from Eldar Murtazin, who has had a hit and miss record when it comes to rumors and leaks, he said “Samsung + Blackberry = Android Smartphone with Lollipop + BB services”. Now we don’t know if he’s just speculating in his head or he actually has insider information, but rumors about Blackberry’s foray into Android have been around for some months now. During the World Mobile Congress earlier this year, the Blackberry Slider or Blackberry Venus was shown, and when photos were leaked, people remarked on the similarity with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, with both having dual-edge designs.


Just a few days ago, Reuters reported that the next Blackberry may very well be an Android device. Details were scarce though so we don’t know if this will be the last Blackberry 10 series or a totally new line of devices. While the past years have seen Blackberry become a cautionary tale for tech companies that refuse to adapt to changes, CEO John Chen still remains positive about their prospects. And even though he said a few years ago that they won’t be going Android, if these rumors are true, then he obviously changed his mind.

The leaked images and details of the Blackberry Slider or Venus showed and said that the slider handset would have a 5.1-inch dual-edge display sporting 2K resolution and would be powered by an octa-core processor. What will reportedly make this device different is that it has a QWERTY keyboard that would slide out and make old-school Blackberry loyalists right at home, even if it is on Android.


Reality check: rumors shouldn’t get your blood pressure up (Opinion)

Posted by wicked June - 17 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

samsung galaxy s6 apps camera  4

When was the last time you read a post about a leak or rumor or heard about some new feature or product that was “in the works” and seemed too good to be true? Once upon a time (i.e. about 20 years ago) these kinds of stories were few-and-far-between, if only for the fact that traditional newspapers couldn’t make a habit of reporting gossip less they be devalued and branded as tabloids. When you heard something, it was usually a big deal, and seemingly of a more legitimate nature. Today however, there is no end to the waterfall of leaks and rumors. Everyone from an industry analyst to a factory worker wants to make a name for themselves and tell the world just what kind of R&D dream is being cooked up behind the scenes.

Here are a few of the stories and rumors that surfaced in the recent past:

Rumor: The Galaxy S5 Prime would have a QHD screen and be made of a liquid metal alloy. What actually happened: All the hoopla was arguably over the Galaxy Alpha, a device which had neither feature going for it, but instead had a 720p display and a metal frame to go with the plastic rear. Granted South Korea received a Broadband LTE-A Galaxy S5 which did in fact have a QHD screen resolution, but save for the Snapdragon 805, everything else was literally just as it was in the standard S5.

Rumor: Google would unveil Glass 2.0 at I/O 2015. What actually happened: unless there was some kind of behind-closed-doors presentation that no one has mentioned, the reboot of the wearable line has yet to occur.

Rumor: Samsung was going to acquire Blackberry (or HTC, or any other random company), What actually happened: Despite some investors arguably making some quick cash over the stock surge, absolutely nothing came to light.

samsung galaxy s6 vs s6 edge aa (33 of 39)

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were the subject of endless conjecture and speculation prior to their actual official announcement, yet continue to create rumors even months after release.

Rumor: The Android 5.1.1 update for the Galaxy S6 would include the ability to shoot in RAW (not unlike the LG G4 allows). What actually happened: the update has landed and RAW settings are nowhere to be found. The new rumor is that Samsung is saving it for an unveiling with the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Rumor: The Galaxy S6 Active would include a bigger battery and microSD card support. What actually happened: the product was finally launched, without card support, but indeed with a bigger battery.

Rumor: The Snapdragon 810 has major overheating issues. What actually happened. LG opted not to use the SoC for its recent G4, NTT docomo started offering safety warnings to its customers, and Qualcomm has been on damage control seemingly 24-7. Meanwhile, several OEMs are shipping products with Snapdragon 810 inside, with more to come.

Rumor: Samsung is planning a 5.7 inch Galaxy S6 Edge called the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. What actually happened: Nothing yet, as word has it the device won’t be announced until the fall.

Rumors are rumors

These are but a few of the countless rumors that circulate around the internet on a daily basis. Some include pictures, some come from alleged “interviews with sources”, some come from well-established leakers, some of which come from children of employees. In truth we often don’t know just who starts these claims: are they insiders, are they individuals, or are they deliberate corporate-sponsored plants used to serve marketing purposes?

One thing that we do know for certain, is that people believe these rumors, and are often very disappointed when they don’t pan out. Now, there’s nothing wrong in trusting unconfirmed reports – there are countless examples when rumors have indeed turned out to point to real products. And rumors are fun! Even when stories don’t pan out (either because there was no grounds to them in the first place, or because something changed), they create engagement and buzz. We’re social creatures and we love to gossip. And tech rumors are ultimately, just a form of gossip.

The problems start when people confuse rumors with actual developments and create expectations based on them.

Let’s stop for a second and think about this.

[Over]reacting to rumors


Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Broadband LTE-A was most certainly not what the rumor mill was suggesting, though the Korean version did at least have a QHD screen and Snapdragon 805. The all-metal body and such? Nowhere to be found.

When a random friend tells you that “so-and-so will happen” and it seems illogical, chances are you tend to write it off on-the-spot. The problem with the internet is two fold: on the one hand the news is written, and many people seem to put more stock in written words than they do on verbal communication. On the other hand, there is the more insidious problem of coverage. All takes is for one legitimate website, news organization, or individual to report a claim, and literally within minutes there could be a thousand-and-one mentions of it: Facebook posts, memes, subreddits, blogs… you name it. And that’s normal – the nature of the internet means that people are always connected, and always eager to learn, share, and discuss.

Even if something is totally off-the-wall crazy online, chances are it will snowball into a major point of discussion and/or someone will alter the story along the way to make it more interesting. Just try and get to the bottom of Michael Jackson’s involvement in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for example. The biggest problem with these rumors, the Blue Blur included, is that we will never get an official answer, and as such the myth can grow and grow until it becomes a warped urban legend. The Snapdragon 810 issue in particular comes to mind, as even to this day (months after the chip was first available in the LG G Flex 2) the debate is still going on.


The image that started the Snapdragon 810 overheating controversy

Regardless of if you choose to believe it or not, some websites (Android Authority being one of them) don’t make it a point to publish and disseminate every single rumor that floats by their digital door. I, for example, have on many an occasion suggested stories that were turned down due to a lack of legitimacy, the biggest offender being those associated with benchmark scores for unannounced products, largely because they can be easily faked. Here at AA, we make a concerted effort to consider the source of the rumor, the nature of the leak, and the plausibility of the possibility. In the end, even we can’t be right 100% of the time, but we will always make sure to keep you (the reader) aware of the fact that the topic at hand is unconfirmed and therefore should be taken with a pinch of salt.

What does this mean for you?


Evan Blass (evleaks) shared this “leak” of the HTC One M9 long before the official unveiling.

The biggest problem with rumors is that they can damage the very things we actively seek to learn about, discuss, and enjoy. Anyone who was smitten with the idea of a Galaxy S5 Prime may have bashed Samsung for not coming out with the real thing, and for all we know that disappointment may have contributed to the relatively poor sales the device had. LG may have wanted to include the 810 on its G4, but after seeing the outcry over the alleged problems with the chip, made the decision to swap for an 808. Better yet, let’s consider the alleged leaks that Evan Blass shared for the HTC One M9 and how the final product was absolutely nothing like them whatsoever.

The latest scandal involves one of the rumors mentioned earlier, the ability to capture images in RAW with the Galaxy S6’s Android 5.1.1 update. This affair seems to stem from a tweet of a camera benchmark from MWC this past March , which was then given mass exposure via a tip covered in a blog post which was then reblogged all across the world. So just to be clear, Samsung itself made absolutely no claims or promises of anything. Still, this belief that the Galaxy S6 would be getting RAW support was so firmly vested among some individuals that they actually sought to criticize Samsung for not including it.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The camera on the S6 is already capable of taking some awesome pictures as is.

Let’s stop for a second and think about this. Commentators around the world are attacking a company for not including a feature it never promised in the first place, and then “failed” to deliver. I’m all for giving more to the people, but this just smacks of absurdity. Since when can we hold someone or something accountable for issues they aren’t responsible for, especially when we’re not even dealing with a bug fix here but instead a totally extra feature and one that has never been included in past Galaxy phones?

In truth, the only people we really need to be upset with is ourselves. Not the tips that started this, not the website(s) that reported the rumor, and certainly not Samsung. The blame is solely on our shoulders, for failing to remember that rumors are just that: rumors. No matter how legitimate they might seem, no matter how trusted a source might be, until a company officially goes on record and makes a statement, they really can’t be held accountable for issues like this. (Now when it comes to saftey concerns and such, that’s an entirely different situation).

Why we can’t always get what we hear (and want)

Instead of using a past example, let’s consider a recent report: Samsung is working on a dual-screen, foldable device going by the codename, Project Valley. As was correctly pointed out in the original story, there is absolutely no guarantee this supposed project will be shown outside of test labs at Samsung let alone ever see the light of day. And this is assuming it exists period, as we have no way of knowing who tipped SamMobile off to this story or how accurate said information was.

There could be a dozen reasons why Samsung might ultimately choose not to launch something like Project Valley. Perhaps it’s too similar in concept to the Sony Tablet P (and with all the usage problems as well). Maybe there are hardware or manufacturing issues. Perhaps the battery life isn’t sufficient. Maybe it was just a proof-of-concept type thing that was used to advance the current technology the company has. Heck, for all we know it could be because management would rather go with a different design.

The point is, we will never know if Samsung’s rumored folding devices will come to light, until some hard evidence that a physical product has been produced. We need not write them off completely, as there is a lot of discussion that is warranted about the future of form-factor, but let’s not jump ahead of ourselves quite yet.

Remember to relax

samsung galaxy 3 rumors

Save for a few rare examples, companies are primarily out to make money, and at the end of the day, it’s important to remember we are their source of income and our demands should be what they seek to meet. There is nothing wrong with wanting something, discussing our wants and needs, or even writing letters to complain when they aren’t met. A good product is only as good as the decisions and work that went into making it.

Still, we need to remember that all things must be taken in the context with which they exist: the Galaxy Note 5 simply won’t have a 4K display if the technology isn’t ready this fall and nothing will change that. For that matter, there might not be a Galaxy S6 Plus either, as Samsung itself hasn’t actually announced it yet, and until that point comes, technically speaking there is no obligation the company has to provide us with one.

I would have loved a liquid metal S5, I would have loved a Glass 2, I would have loved RAW support, I would have loved an Android Blackberry. To this day I still think HTC would have been better off using the Evleaks render of the M9. Still, I have learned to accept that rumors are just that: stories that are unconfirmed and may-or-may-not have had some truth to them. While it’s great to dream big, we must keep our expectations in-check less they dominate our thinking, our expectations, and our manner of processing that which we see and do. Now if you excuse me, I will go back to my corner and continue to lament the death of the ATIV Q, a product that was sadly anything but a rumor.

TENAA leaks Huawei Honor 7 with fingerprint scanner

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June 8 is still a few days away and that is when Huawei is expected to announce their new smartphone, which will most probably be the Honor 7. A lot of rumors and speculation have been floating about this new device. But documents released on China’s TENAA certification website has somehow confirmed some rumors that have been floating around, which includes the metal build and a fingerprint sensor, one of the first aside from Apple and Samsung to have this tech on their device.

The low-res photos posted on the TENAA website (barely) show that their new flagship will have a fingerprint sensor so that unlocking your phone or maybe even entering your passwords on certain apps will be easier and at the tip or rather callus of your finger. The photo also shows that it has a metal build, but other than that, we can’t deduce much from the images. What TENAA also confirms is that there will be TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000, CDMA 1X and GSM connectivity.

According to previous rumors, the Honor 7 will be a 5-inch device with 1080 x 1920 resolution and it will run on a Kirin 935 chipset, which is a homegrown product. There will also reportedly two versions of this smartphone with the difference between their RAM and storage. The standard model will come with 3GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage while the premium version will have a whooping 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage on the device.

Both versions of the device will have 13MP main camera and a 3280 mAh battery. We have to wait until June 8 to confirm which of these things are true and official, and hopefully the announcement will include pricing and availability.



SOURCE: TENAA (1), (2)
VIA: Phone Arena

Sony Xperia Z4 Images Leaked

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Sony’s flagship device for 2015 has been much anticipated due to the always-beautiful design of the Japanese tech giant and the powerful specs we’ve all come to know and love. The Xperia Z4 will feature a sleek glass back and front design with a 1080p display. It will be powered by a Snapdragon 810 processor, 3 GB of RAM, an Adreno 430 GPU, and 32 GB of storage. The camera will be a 20.7 MP shooter, much like the Z3. The device will be waterproof, like its predecessors, and will run on a powerful 3400 mAh battery.

There’s no word yet on a release date, but for right now, feast your eyes on some leaked photos of the device:




Source: In2Mobile

via: PhoneArena

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Google to reportedly launch “Pony Express” online bill payment

Posted by wicked March - 25 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

It is not a secret that Google is out to digitize the world, from information to media and now, even for our bill payments. A leaked document shows that the tech giant is planning to launch a new service called Pony Express which would allow our Gmail accounts to receive and organize all our monthly and annual bills into just one place. What’s more it will allow you to even make payments without leaving your email.

A tech website was able to take a peek at a document that supposedly contains all the details for the Pony Express (undetermined if that’s just a codename or the actual name), which may launch by the fourth quarter of this year. The leaked document is actually a walk-through of the process which users will undergo if they sign up for the service. Google will be working with a third-party company to verify a Gmail user’s identity, which would include full name, address, partial and full Social Security number, probably a full credit card number or telephone service account as well.


After authentication, the user can start receiving bills on their Gmail or Inbox app. Even those that were received in their physical mail can be converted (through 3rd party services as well) into digital. There will be a special Pony Service folder to organize all of these bills. But the best part of course is that you can pay a bill from within the folder, as long as you link it with a credit card or debit card. And in case you split your bills with another Gmail user, it can also share it with them and automate it as well.


This isn’t the first company to offer this kind of service, but Google has one distinct advantage. They already have a built-in audience through the millions of people who use Gmail. Let’s see if this service will actually materialize later this year and if people will actually bite.

VIA: Re/Code

Protective case for the LG G4 leaked prematurely

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The LG G4 is all geared up for a May-June announcement as the rumor mill starts picking up pace. A new leak has now uncovered what seems to be a protective casing meant for the smartphone. This is an accessory of the LG G4 and not exactly a part of the device itself.

It’s natural to have cases for the smartphone leaking out prematurely as we’ve seen similar occurrences when the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9 were supposed to arrive.

This G4 case leak reaffirms that there will be buttons on the back, much like what we’ve seen on the LG G3 and the G2, so don’t expect any different in terms of design. We can also ascertain that the micro USB charging port will be located on the bottom of the device, which again, isn’t much of a surprise really.

Ponder over the images below and let us know what you think.


Via: Gizmo China

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Sony’s Lollipop build may have just been spotted if these leaked shots are legit

Posted by wicked February - 24 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

sony xperia lollipop

Sony has hit a rough patch in the past few years, and its latest lament seems to be the mobile space. While some of us waxed poetic this past Friday on the matter, it’s important to remember that Sony does, in fact, have a new flaghship in the works, the Xperia Z4. This device has a lot of potential, especially if Sony does hold to an annual release cycle, thus ensuring that “new” is less relative and more long-lasting.

190938k24vl2y1n2znlcac digi-wo

A Chinese website is claiming to have screen captures of the Xperia Z4 Dual, known by the working title “Ivy”. While the physical body of the hardware might be missing, what’s of greater interest here is the visual nature of Sony’s take on Android Lollipop, specifically 5.0.2. As you can see in the About phone capture above, the hardware is running on a Qualcomm MSM8994, which our readers might be aware, is also known as the Snapdragon 810, which is currently powering the already-released LG G Flex 2.

Moving onto the next screen capture, we have the alleged Settings screen:

191016onn0lx5hg71uvctu digi-wo

Pay particular interest to the significant editing Sony has apparently done to the icons depicting each of the setting toggles, which have an almost cartoonish nature to them. Also notice the odd mosaic-esque background color behind each line of text; it’s especially noticable on the blue “Settings” and “Wireless & Networks” text: this almost looks like the original language was sloppily erased and then new text placed on top of it.

Here we have the dialer:

190949b4rvmziligm0dvrt digi-wo

Nothing major to speak of here, save for the same odd artefacts behind each bit of text. If this is indeed the dialer it would seemingly mesh well with the Material Design theme Google went for as it’s quite plain and simple. Still different from the stock experience however.

The final screen capture:

191001t212chi7di75hw22 digi-wo

The world clock screen is also simplistic with the minimal color scheme and bright orange “add” button on the bottom right corner.

Assuming these images are in fact, legitimate, it is of particular interest that Sony has chosen to use a different “home” button for the on-screen navigation keys at the bottom. The AOSP build of Lollipop uses a circle, and when combined with the triangle and square flanking either side, gave rise to frequent joking of the “Playstation” buttons Google had chosen. Suffice to say, however, that the home icon is instantly more recognizable (if not skeuomorphic in its own way) than an unassuming circle.

And there you have it: a quick run through of the four leaked shots. Regardless of if they are legitimate or not, there is a clear influence of Material Design at play, though especially with the settings image, things look like Sony has an almost HTC Sense-level of tweaking going on with some things.

HTC One M9′s color variations leak

Posted by wicked February - 23 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off


If you’re a big follower of the infamous tech leaker, @upleaks, and you’re all hyped up about HTC‘s upcoming flagship, the One M9, then you might enjoy this bit of news.

@Upleaks has tweeted a possible set of color variations for the One M9

According to the leaker, we can expect to see the follow options for the newest One smartphone:

  1. Front: Dark Gunmetal / Back: Dark Gunmetal
  2. Front: Gold / Back: Silver
  3. Front: Gold / Back: Gold

To view the tweet and its ensuing comments, click the source link below.

Source: @upleaks

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