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Tom Tom Speed Cameras helps you stay on the right track 

Posted by wicked November - 20 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

tom tom

When you’re driving, if you’re a good driver, you try to maintain the normal, legal speed that you’re supposed to maintain. Sometimes though, there are different limits for every place, you are careless and forget, and those pesky speed cameras are out to get you if you make a slight mistake. Tom Tom Speed Cameras app is now here, ready to be of service to you and your vehicular needs, through crowdsourced information from millions of users who want to help you out too.

So basically, the app is like the waze for speed cameras, as it gives you “highly accurate fixed and mobile camera alerts in real time” and provides you with speed checks too every once in a while. Over 4.6 million drivers everywhere have been sending in reports to verify the existence of said cameras in certain areas so that users will be guided accordingly. The aim is also to reduce driver stress that can be caused by the fear of the mostly hidden speed cameras, especially in areas that you’re not familiar with.

Of course the data here is verified (we do hope so!) with the fixed cameras being checked out by the Tom Tom moderation team themselves, while the mobile speed cameras are community reported and also community verified. The app works on an overlay mode so that you can still contribute and receive alerts even while you’re on another app (or apps). And to add a bit more of none speed camera function, you can also monitor the traffic situation around you through the high traffic level overview.

The app covers 43 countries globally, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain and the UK. You can download Tom Tom Speed Cameras from the Google Play Store for free.

Hivemapper raises $3M seed funding, launches beta app 

Posted by wicked November - 14 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off


We have a handful of navigation apps for cars like Waze, HERE, Google Maps. But what about for drones? Okay, they aren’t as ubiquitous as cars of course, but wouldn’t it be cool if those who have drones will be able to use an app to navigation those little fliers? The creators of Hivemapper sure thought so, and now they are launching a beta app and what’s more, they were able to get $3M in seed funding from investors led by Spark Capital and Google Ventures.

Basically it wants to become for drones what Waze is for cars. Using the app on your smartphone, you’ll be able to see what your drone is seeing as it flies. You will also be able to see some pop up items like building distances, the altitude that it is currently flying at, as well as points of interests that it is flying over. And to make sure that you won’t be flying in a no fly zone, the app also uses data from the FCC and FAA.

Hivemapper has basically already created detailed data for footprints of over 20 million buildings, the height of 10 million buildings, tens of thousands of no fly zones, and around 15 million points of interest. This is according to Mo Kofyman, the General Partner of Sparks Capital and a new Hivermapper board member.

Of course these figures only cover the US. Some other features like 5,000 waypoints and over 500 launch points refer to the SF Bay Area. If they want to be as big as Waze, they will probably go the crowd-sourcing route as well. You can download the Hivermapper beta version for free from the Google Play Store. That is of course, if you have a drone.

SOURCE: Spark Capital

Google improves offline Maps navigation with search, useful information

Posted by wicked November - 11 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Google Maps navigation 6

Believe it or not, we live in a world where Internet connection is still not reliable and easily accessible especially in remote areas. Even highly developed countries experience outage. According to Google, about 60 percent of the world still do not have Internet access. One of the search giant’s major goals is to bring accurate navigation and directions courtesy of the Google Maps. This particular service has helped millions of people all over the world already and has been integrated by numerous apps already.

Google Maps are very useful but more often than not, you need Internet connection. You can save maps for later use but there are still limits. As a solution, the Google Maps team has enhanced the service by allowing users to download an area to a mobile device. Even if there’s no Internet connection, Maps will still work, giving you turn-by-turn driving directions as needed.

With Google Maps, you can always search for important information about a certain place or destination including ratings, reviews, contact information, hours of operation, if establishment is packed, or even the holiday schedule.

To test this improvement, feel free to download an area. Search for it specifically and then download. You can click on the ‘Download’ link or proceed to the ‘Offline Areas’. Tap the “+” button that you see to start downloading the area map. Google can automatically recognize when you have no connection and will quickly switch to offline mode. This way, you can access the map you saved earlier. Note that offline maps can be limited. Full version will always be better because it provides more information like traffic updates.

This offline map saving with added information is will come with the latest version of Google Maps on Android. Expect more offline features to be introduced in the coming weeks as Google continues to work on enhancements and new features.

Google Maps navigation 7
Google Maps navigation 5
Google Maps navigation 6
Google Maps navigation 8

SOURCE: Google

Google Maps on Android Gets Offline Navigation Today

Posted by Kellex November - 10 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Back at Google I/O, Google told us to expect full offline navigation in Google Maps before the year was up. Today, they delivered on the promise, at least on Android. Noting that 60% of the world is without Internet, you are more than likely going to be in a situation during your life where access to Google Maps may come in handy, even though you don’t have any sort of data connection.

With Google Maps offline navigation, you can download a map ahead of time, so that when you need it, you’ll have use of turn-by-turn navigation and the option to search for places, where you can then see information about them, including hours of operation and their rating. It’s basically a Google Maps experience, only without the need to be connected to WiFi or a cell tower. 

To save an area for offline use, the quickest way is to search for the area or city you want, then open its corresponding search page where you should see a “Download” option. Once downloaded, Google Maps will automatically recognize when you have a terrible connection and then switch to offline mode. Once it sees that you have a connection again, it’ll switch back to the full mode.

To see the new offline mode in action, check out the two GIFs below.

The update will begin rolling out slowly today on Android. iOS users will get it “soon.”

Play Link


Offline Maps How it works

Via:  Google Blog

Google Maps on Android Gets Offline Navigation Today is a post from: Droid Life

NavMeter shows driving stats like speed, coordinates

Posted by wicked November - 4 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

NavMeter 1

NavMeter is a new travel-related app that works with Google Maps navigation. The app knows when the latter is running so it makes use of information and indicators that the user has already chosen. NavMeter can display the speed limit, speedometer, compass, coordinates, and the altimeter on the app—depending on what the user wants to know. It’s a free app but you can avail of several in-app items to maximize the NavMeter’s features.

The indicators can be placed anywhere on the screen. You are free to customize the look of your interface by dragging the items, choosing the shape, resizing, or changing the transparency and color. These indicators are linked to Google Maps Navigation so it will automatically sync and display real-time data. You can always activate or hide the indicators manually though especially when there is an incoming call.

With the NavMeter, you can turn your smartphone into an HUD (heads-up display) to show you information like speed, speed limit, time, direction, or altitude. This HUD mode is still in beta but more features should be added soon. The app also features day or night mode which you can toggle automatically or manually depending on the time you will set but only for the full version.

Select which units you are familiar with to use from km/h to mph, m/s or kn for speed, decimal or degrees-minutes-seconds for coordinates, or m or ft for altitude. The pro version allows access to all features and actions including: display speed limit indicator and play a sound when you exceed the speed limit. Full version of the NavMeter GPS Maps Speedometer costs $1.99.

NavMeter 10
NavMeter 9
NavMeter 8
NavMeter 7
NavMeter 6
NavMeter 5
NavMeter 4
NavMeter 3
NavMeter 2

Download NavMeter GPS Maps Speedometer from the Google Play Store

HERE for Android Beta lets you add another Home button

Posted by wicked October - 28 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off


The beta version of the HERE navigation app has brought a lot of advanced joy to people who are dependent on apps like these as they get to try out features way before the “regular” people get to use it. And the app does give a lot of regular updates and new features so you can experiment with them while commuting or driving (just keep your eyes on the road though). This time around, they give you another Home button as well as improvement in contextualizations.

The Go Home button is a pretty useful shortcut that you can quickly access without even opening the HERE app. Once you’ve saved your home address and coordinates there, all you need to do is tap it and the app will quickly calculate the best route to there based on your current location. With the new update to the beta, you get to add another home button, in case you have two that you go to regularly or even semi-regularly.

For the contextual menu which was introduced in the previous beta update, there is a slight improvement with this new one. If you failed to read about the older update, the contextual menu feature allows you to get more information about a specific location that you long-press on the map. It gives you a shortcut menu, which includes location information, sharing options, getting directions, and starting the drive navigation. Now, you also have an option to save the location directly to your HERE Collections.


If you’re part of the beta community, then all you have to do is update your app. If you want to be a beta tester, you just need to join the beta testers group on Google Plus, then follow a few more simple steps and you’re good to go.


Nokia’s HERE Maps for Android gets route sharing feature

Posted by wicked October - 19 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

nokia_HERE_072215Nokia has introduced a new standout feature of its HERE Maps app on Android that should appeal to anyone who likes to take trips with their friends and family. Now if you’re using HERE Maps you’ll be able to quickly share your route with someone through text message, email, or any other app that supports Android’s share menu. That can also be pretty useful for giving directions to someone without having to type out a list of twist and turns in a Facebook message.

Nokia’s also bringing back their Surfer Dude voice navigation assistant. That should help spark some interest back into your road trips.

Hit the link below to grab the update.

Play Store Download Link

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Waze looking at fixing “Waze left” issues on navigation app

Posted by wicked September - 23 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Ask people who use Waze on a daily basis and they’ll probably tell you about that time when they refused to listen to the navigation app and ended up late for an appointment. Or that time when they followed it despite the directions being strange but ended up getting to their destination faster. And they’ll probably also tell you about how they almost got into an accident because of the “Waze left” maneuver. The company is now trying to act on and lessen those infamous incidents.

While the shortcuts and and traffic avoidance powers of Waze has been a huge help for motorists, the app sometimes tells drivers to make left turns through incoming traffic at some intersections, and they aren’t always that clear cut or safe. The turns are actually legal, but in the US, 60% of intersection collisions are actually because of cars turning left, while only 4% are from those turning right. This isn’t a random fact or a superstitious matter: there are more ways of getting into trouble when you turn left than when you turn right.

According to Paige Fitzgerald, Waze’s manager for government agencies’ partnerships, they are looking into “reducing that occurrence in our routing algorithm.” This is due to several complaints and also media stories that have said Waze’s directions when it comes to sudden left turns aren’t that safe. And if you look at social media posts about the navigation app, you’ll find constant complaints about the “Waze left”. Responses to an article that they posted last year about whether users want fewer left-hand turns have also reflected that.

There aren’t any concrete plans yet by Waze on addressing this problem. In a statement, they said, “We’re excited to remain innovative here, although as of now there are no immediate plans to change our algorithm for implementation. But they do assure users that they are working on improving the left-turn routing at certain intersections.

VIA: Quartz

Sygic acquires Fuelio, premium app now available for free

Posted by wicked July - 21 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Fuelio is one mobile navigation Android app that’s been widely used by drivers. It was recently acquired by Sygic and so the latter has made the Fuelio app, a previously premium app, now available free for all Android users. All pro features of Fuelio can now be used including all charts, stats, summaries, widgets, as well as, Google and Dropbox syncing.

This business development brings Fuelio to more drivers who want to keep logs of gas usage. The app also provides information on how much one is getting out of each gallon. And if you’re driving to a place unknown, you can identify places where you can gas up with the help of Google Maps and GPS.

From premium to free, it seems generous of Sygic to offer all PRO features. The app developer Adrian Kajda sold Fuelio to the company and is now working for Sygic. It’s the group behind the offline GPS navigation app named Sygic GPS Navigation. The company mainly focuses on Sygic Truck Navigation and Family locator, Sygic Car Navigation, Speed cameras, and be-on-road. The developer will still be the product leader and main dev of the app and he is now officially part of Sygic.

fuelio joins sygic

Some of the pro features of the Fuelio app that are now available for everyone include Auto-sync with Dropbox, Auto-sync with Google Drive, Costs module, Cost stats, Shortcuts, and Cost charts showing total monthly costs, fuel vs other costs, and categories. The standard features are still available like Mileage log, Useful statistics, Multiple vehicles, Import/Export database to SD, and Charts showing Monthly costs, Fill-up costs, Fuel price, and Fuel consumption.

Fuelio 2
Fuelio 3
Fuelio 4
Fuelio 5
Fuelio 6

Download Fuelio from the Google Play Store

VIA: Android Police

SOURCE: Fuelio

Google adds path to send Google Maps directions from desktop to Android device

Posted by wicked July - 11 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off


Google seems to be working on a lot of small refinements to their apps lately to help make their use that much easier. A new update for Google Maps on the desktop works with the latest Google Maps update for Android devices to do that by easing the process of sharing directions you look up on the desktop to your Android device.

In the past, users who looked up a location on the desktop would have to do a new search for the same place when launching the Google Maps app on their device. This was not too terribly complicated as the location would appear in the recent history listing. Still, this took some extra steps to get everything loaded up and ready for navigation or providing directions.

In this latest update, users will see they have a new link in the information card that shows on desktop maps “Send to device…” Selecting this opens a small dialog box where users can select which one of their devices to use.


On the receiving Android device, users get a notification listing the location that was sent. A couple options are available from the notification to either launch straight into navigation or view the directions. You can also tap on the location itself to pull up its information card in the Google Maps app.


source: Android Police

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