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Samsung tweaks: Root and TWRP on Galaxy S5, add missing toggles and super 4k recording

Posted by wicked September - 1 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

We have a few tweaks and tricks for Samsung devices featured today, all care of our friends over at the XDA developers’ forum. As quintessential fans of the Android platform, we usually promote ways for people to bring the performance of their Android devices to a higher level. That said, these tweaks usually require root access, and will void any kind of warranty. If you want to swap that for better performance, read on.


First up, we bring you the first – and currently, the only – way to get root access on your Samsung Galaxy S5. This is by way of a flashable file made by XDA member “Manh_IT”. Flashing the kernel is pretty straightforward, just follow the instructions given via the official XDA thread. Fair warning, this will trip the Samsung KNOX security and render your warranty void. Also, the developer included a working version of TWRP custom recovery, which you might need in the future – although you don’t need to install TWRP to get root.


Second up, if your Samsung device is plagued by missing toggles in your quick panel or drawer – say for example, a missing Data toggle, or a missing WiFi toggle – XDA member “mocvsab” has given a solution to this most specific of Samsung issues. Go on over to his XDA thread for instructions.


Finally, one of the few great camera features of the Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, and Note 4 is its ability to record in 4K resolution. The downside to that is that Samsung has programmed this feature to stop recording at 5 minutes worth of video. XDA contributor “kevinrocksman” has made a tweak that will allow you film 4K content up to an hour, depending on the capacity of your storage. Check out that cool feature via his XDA thread.

Root & TWRP Available For Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

Posted by wicked August - 27 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off


Hopping on to the root bandwagon is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, courtesy of XDA Senior Member Manh_IT‘s Noble Kernel. Speaking about the kernel, it is significant here in the fact that it is the only way to get root on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The kernel is pre-rooted and also contains a fix for deep sleep issues. As a fair warning though, flashing the kernel will trip your KNOX counter and thus render your device unusable for upcoming security-reliant services like Samsung Pay. There is no known way at the moment to reset the counter,OEM_unlock
or not trip it while still obtaining root.

Flashing the kernel and getting root is a straightforward process.
First, make sure you have the correct drivers installed on your computer for the phone to be recognized. Next, make sure you have enabled OEM Unlock in the Developer Options through the settings menu on the phone. After that, flash the kernel’s tar file via Odin and reboot. Once you are booted, flash SuperSU via the attached zip (if you also flashed TWRP) or install it via the Play Store, and update the root binaries through the app if needed.


The developer mentions that this kernel works for all Note 5 models, except the AT&T and Verizon models. Models for which root has been verified include N920T/P/I/W8/C.


Root_N920T root_n920p

Also included by the developer is a working TWRP build as well. This TWRP build is to be flashed via Odin too, but is not required to be flashed in order to get root, as members in the thread point out.


So, if you have already got your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and wish to get some precious root, head on over to the thread and flash away!

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Install Xposed Framework on your LG G4 without custom recovery

Posted by wicked August - 21 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Ok, so anyone who has plans of using Xposed Framework to spruce up your Android device’s OS will know that installing it would be a pain in the nether regions. It’s difficult enough to install via custom recovery (and root is required) that most people won’t bother. Unless you have an LG G4, where the installation just involves flashing the framework file. It’s that easy. Who knew?

XDA member “tabp0le” discovered that you can actually install Xposed Framework to LG’s newest flagship without much of the hassle. The guide he made has been confirmed to work on LG G4 models from AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, and a bunch of other international variants. Suffice it to say, it probably works across the range. The installation is heck easy, if your phone is already rooted. Follow our source link below to get the needed install files, install FlashFire to your device, and flash the needed files. Voila!

lg g4 back

If you’re asking what Xposed Framework is and why you might need it, then you probably don’t need it it. Yet. Read up on it and you will see that it basically gives you more control over your Android device on a system level, and where usually you would rely on a custom ROM to give you necessary features, Xposed Framework gives you these features in installable modules.


If you want that kind of control on your LG G4, then head on over to the source link to download the necessary files and get all the instructions. We implore you, as always, to have a working backup of your files so that you don’t cry like a baby when the crap hits the ceiling fan.


You can now install the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ROM on the Galaxy S6

Posted by wicked August - 18 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off
samsung galaxy note 5 first look aa (14 of 41)

It’s normal for Samsung Galaxy S6 users to feel a bit envious of the Galaxy Note 5 features. After all, these larger handsets come with no shortage of UI optimizations and extra capabilities. Thankfully, there’s nothing our beloved developer community can’t do. The guys at XDA Developers have found a way to port the Note 5 ROM to the Galaxy S6, making it possible to take advantage of all Note 5 features in the smaller flagship phone.

But why would anyone want to do this? Isn’t the software pretty much the same? Well, the UI is pretty similar in both handsets, but let’s keep in mind the Note 5 is larger and newer, hence it comes with improved features and adaptations. In this case, Galaxy Note 5 users will enjoy SideSync 4.0, improved camera controls and UI optimizations. In addition, XDA member arter97 (who is behind this port) has already found some improvements in memory management and performance, as the Note 5 software carries more bug fixes and performance improvements.

samsung galaxy s6 review aa (3 of 45)

Feeling adventurous? You can join the action by testing this port on your own Samsung Galaxy S6, but you will need root. Just keep in mind tinkering with your device’s hardware and software can be a bit dangerous. There is always some risk of temporarily or permanently damaging your device. Not to mention the fact that doing this can void your warranty, and you will be left alone shall anything bad happen. Also, keep in mind this ROM is likely not to be 100% stable.

Now, if that disclaimer doesn’t scare you, let’s jump right into the instructions.


How to Install Note 5 ROM on Galaxy S6:

  1. Install ClockworkMod(or PhilZ) recovery
  2. Put ROM on your SD card
  3. Enter recovery
  4. Perform a full data wipe(except you’re running previous versions of back-to-n0t3)
  5. Flash ROM
  6. Flash custom kernel that supports Note 5 firmware (mandatory)
  7. Flash SuperSU (optional)

How many of you guys are doing this? Hit the comments to tell us how your experience went! And if you have any questions or doubts, you can always refer to the main forum post on XDA Developers.

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How to Root the LG G4 and Install TWRP Recovery – XDA TV

Posted by wicked July - 30 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off


A rooting method has finally been found for the flagship LG G4. In this episode, XDA TV Producer TK shows you how to root and install TWRP recovery the LG G4. TK just recently reviewed the device.  So as is usual at XDA, we must root all the things, and the LG G4 is no exception!

TK presents instructions on how to gain root access on your LG G4 using tools from the XDA Developers Forums. The process is painless and pretty easy. This video shows you how to install TWRP recovery as well. So if you want to root your LG G4, take a moment and check this video out.

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Safe rooting now available for international, T-Mobile, Verizon LG G4

Posted by wicked July - 27 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

For those who own LG’s latest flagship – the LG G4 – and have that itch to gain root access, it has seemed like a long wait. But the waiting is about to stop right the heck now for a lot of you, thanks to the efforts of some good people from XDA. Ladies and gents, a safe rooting option is now available for T-Mobile and Verizon LG-G4s, as well as the international version.

This rooting option is brought to you by the team of developers from XDA, namely, “thecubed”, “autoprime”, “IllegalArgument” and “jcase”. To be transparent, this team had already achieved root to the said handset around June, just that the method of achieving root access was deemed unsafe for the general public. But that is exactly what has happened now, a safe option is now available, specifically for the T-Mobile H811 10H version, the Verizon VS986 11A version and the International H815 10c variants of the LG G4.

This is called the “Low Effort Root” tool, and basically involves flashing a pre-rooted system image into your LG G4. That will call for the user downloading a system image file around 1.5GB in size. It’s a pretty hefty download, to be sure, but probably worth it for those who want root access.


The developers have specified exactly how this process is to be done, so check out the official thread for complete instructions. Also, a TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) custom recovery has already been made available for T-Mobile, care of XDA as well – you can check out the official thread for that tool. As with any tweaking we feature, we warn you that this process can result in your smartphone getting bricked, so tread carefully. Make your backups, if available, and follow the instructions to the letter.


LG G4 Variants Rooted! OnePlus 2 Invites Open! – XDA TV

Posted by wicked July - 27 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Root now available for LG G4 carrier models

Posted by wicked July - 26 - 2015 - Sunday Comments Off


One of the benefits to having an Android phone is the ability to customise any number of settings and features once you’ve performed a root, which is akin to jailbreaking which iPhone users may be accustomed to. Rooting relies on an unlocked bootloader and while a root was achieved for the unlocked version of the LG G4, the carrier branded models have so far had to wait.

If you’ve been waiting then you’re in luck as root is now available for carrier branded models of the LG G4, both for the major US carrier devices (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon) and other international carriers. Recognised developer thecubed and others have built the “Low Effort Root” for carrier branded models but this is definitely not for the fainthearted; if you’re a novice and think bootloader is something related to your car, then this is definitely not for you.

LG G4 in video:

As with all mods, you’ll need to be able to precisely follow a long list of steps and you’ll need to download and install tools for your computer to get the job done. Like most Android customisations, you may end up with a bricked device that cannot be recovered so don’t tempt this unless you’re happy with the risk!

To root your carrier branded LG G4, head over to XDA Developers (in the source link below), read through all the posts and ask about anything you’re unsure of before you attempt anything. Back up all your data and take your time; there’s nothing worse than rushing and ending up with a bricked phone.

For more on what you can do with your Android smartphone, check out our Android customization series and head over to Android Authority on YouTube to see more about the latest apps, handsets and comparisons.

Alcatel Onetouch IDOL 3’s root access achieved, thanks to XDA devs

Posted by wicked July - 22 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Introduced during the Mobile World Congress last March, the Onetouch IDOL 3 by Alcatel was also listed for pre-order just last April 21. Units were delivered immediately and soon after, people were buying this budget-friendly phone. For only $249.99, this model from Alcatel is really one affordable Android phone.

Just like any other Android device, the OneTouch Idol 3 can be rooted. Of course, achieving root on any device isn’t always recommended but just for fun and for the sake of One Touch Idol 3 owners who want more out of their units, this can be considered as great news. Who else but someone from XDA community was able to root the model.

It wasn’t easy as according xdadevelopers, root access was a bit tricky. Apparently, a port was still needed to be called before entering the fastboot mode so it became difficult to root at first. Other community members helped and so now, root access is ready. A dedicated thread is available for this topic. This rooting was started with Windows PC in mind but other xda members, famewolf and rhcohen, did their own modifications for the process to run on Linux and Mac. Rooting is only available for the 5.5-inch version of the Alcatel Onetouch IDOL 3 smartphone.

Of course, this rooting must only be done by those who understand the codes. XDA forum members Gynoid, DallasCZ, and frankee207 were able to make the necessary changes need for the rooting process. More modifications can be achieved but if you plan to do this, make sure you are ready and are willing to risk everything.

SOURCE: xdadevelopers

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 can finally be rooted

Posted by wicked July - 22 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

alcatel onetouch idol 3 review aa (25 of 27)

Got yourself an Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3? Good choice! We named it one of the best budget phones of 2015 in our review, and now it can get even better. XDA’s developer community has finally achieved root, after having to wait a couple months after the phone’s release.

This comes as great news to OneTouch Idol 3 users who have been itching to tinker with the phone’s software. Those who have been following the progress will know achieving root on this smartphone became a bit of a complication, due to issues with entering fastboot mode. This was no hindrance to XDA users frankee207DallasCZ, and Gynoid, though. These guys worked their way around the obstacles by studying an exploit on phone with similar complications.

alcatel onetouch idol 3 aa 10

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind rooting, unlocking your bootloader or tinkering with your phone’s software in any way is not safe. There is a chance you could void your warranty or even damage your phone permanently. If you are to root your Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, we advice that you be careful and do a fair amount of research before doing so, as only you will be held responsible for any issue you may encounter. 

Let us continue. All steps have been compiled, organized and published at a post from DallasCZ, so you can simply read his thread to see how you can finally gain access to your phone’s true potential.

alcatel onetouch idol 3 aa 3

This exploit works on the latest software version of the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3. Keep in mind this solution has only been tested with the 5.5-inch version of the device. If you own the smaller 4.7-inch iteration, your best bet is to wait patiently.

With this out of the way, it is only a matter of time before ROMs for the Aclatel OneTouch Idol 3 start showing up. That’s when things will get more interesting! How many of you have been waiting for the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 to achieve root? Will you be going through this process?

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 in video

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