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Report: LG G4 to Feature ‘3K’ Display, Feature Resolution of 1620 x 2880

Posted by Tim-o-tato January - 30 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Even though LG execs were quoted as saying the G4 won’t be ready anytime too soon, that never puts a damper on the hypebeast game. If anything, that only fuels the fire, with the newest rumors claiming that the upcoming flagship from LG will feature a ‘3K’ display, with a resolution of 1620 x 2880. 

As many here should know, last year, LG introduced the G3, which marketed the device as the first with a 2K mobile display, known as QHD. With an even bigger jump in pixels, we may have to wait for this exact resolution to be categorized along with the others. One important piece of info is unknown, however, and that is screen size. The only rumored size right now is that LG will stick to 5.5″, which is the same as the G3.

In a leaked user agent profile for the device, the model number is listed as LG-VS999, possibly by no coincidence similar to Verizon’s G3 model last year which sported model number VS-985. If this info is all legit, however slim the chances may be at this point, this leak could mean that the device listed is the followup LG G4 for Verizon. But please keep in mind, rumors and leaks are never meant to be taken seriously, and are all a part of the game in which we play.

If the G4 does in fact come stacked with a display featuring a resolution of 1620 x 2880, are your eyes ready? Is a move like this even necessary for LG?


Via: My LG Phones

Report: LG G4 to Feature ‘3K’ Display, Feature Resolution of 1620 x 2880 is a post from: Droid Life

Don’t take those Spigen Galaxy S6 cases too seriously

Posted by wicked January - 30 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Here we go again. Spigen, the well-known case manufacturer, is trying to squeeze out some early SEO juice by putting up cases for a highly anticipated device that is still weeks away. It happened with the One (M8), Nexus 5, and a few other devices, and it’s now happening with the Galaxy S6.

The images below are from Spigen’s Amazon listing and allegedly show Samsung’s eagerly awaited new entry in the Galaxy S series.

spigen galaxy S6 case (1)

This clear case in particular appears to be giving us a good look at the Galaxy S6, which, if the render is correct, looks a lot like the Galaxy S5, save for the different placement of the flash and sensor module.

spigen galaxy S6 case (2)

Is this it? After Samsung promised us new materials and innovative designs, will it deliver a Galaxy S5 look alike? Probably not.

Last year, Spigen put up its Galaxy S5 cases before the device was announced, and while their render of the device was close to the real thing, it wasn’t accurate. In Spigen’s Galaxy S5 rendition, the device had a two-tone flash, but no heart rate scanner, and – rather amusingly – no home button.

spigen s5 case fake

Spigen and other case makers may know in advance the size of upcoming devices and the placement of design elements like the camera, buttons, and ports. It’s widely assumed that Samsung itself gives out these dimensions, so accessory makers can launch their products in time for the phone release.

But that’s it – Samsung has no reason to share more details than it needs to, especially to a partner like Spigen that is prone to leaking them out.

At this point, it looks safe to assume that Samsung has relocated the flash/HRM module to the side of the camera. That’s the same layout that can be seen in another set of cases that hit the web, this time coming from a Chinese wholesale case seller on Alibaba.

galaxy s6 case china

But everything else is up in the air – the dimpled texture on the back, the materials, the colors, other design elements, those are elements that Spigen’s designers likely just made up based on the Galaxy S5.

For the real deal, whatever it ends up looking like, we’ll have to wait, probably until MWC. There’s still no official confirmation that the Galaxy S6 is coming at the Barcelona show, but all signs point to it. For more on the Galaxy S6, check out our rumor roundup.

Spigen Says This is What the Samsung Galaxy S6 Looks Like

Posted by Kellex January - 29 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Samsung has become one of the best at keeping its phone designs a secret up until they take the wraps off of them at an official unveiling. They are without a doubt better at it than HTC and Apple. Over the last couple of years, designs for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series have floated about before the phones are announced, but few have been credible. So what do we make of the Galaxy S6 cases that popular casemaker, Spigen, has posted to its Amazon sales pages? Well, they have been right in the past when it comes to giving us hints and silhouettes of yet-to-be-announced phones. Are they right again? 

For some background, understand that casemakers often get molds or specs of upcoming devices long before they are announced, so that they can have their related products ready for launch. When a casemaker posts up a case for sale of an unreleased device, we would imagine that they are basing their renders off of something semi-realistic.

And again, Spigen has been doing this for years. They tend to post up cases of unreleased devices well ahead of official announcements, more than likely to get their name in headlines (hey, success again!) and their products pre-ordered.

But here’s the thing – they outed design elements in the Nexus 5, HTC One (M8), and LG G3 that turned out to be correct. In fact, they completely outed the dimensions and design of the G3 before LG made it official. They do have a decent track record at giving us glimpses of phones before they are supposed to.

So what about these new “Galxay S6″ cases? Tough to say. A couple of blurry cam photos have surfaced within the last couple of days that look like the phones Spigen is using. The camera and flash/heartrate sensor are in the spots that Spigen is showing here. To me, though, the rest of the phone just looks like a Galaxy S5, which Samsung seems to have said they will move far from using new materials and an innovative design. Nothing seems innovative or new about this, other than the camera situation.

What do you think – is this what the Galaxy S6 will look like, or is Spigen just trying to make headlines again?

spigen galaxy s6 case2

Via:  Amazon | Spigen Store
Cheers Sebastian!

Spigen Says This is What the Samsung Galaxy S6 Looks Like is a post from: Droid Life


Polish Android website claims it has gotten its hands on some insider information that details Samsung’s newest venture with the S6: interchangeable back covers that bring an aspect of modular design to the 2015 flagship.

The site’s author, Lucas Spider, says his source states that we could see a back cover that expands the functionality of S Health, a Yota Phone-like e-ink display, advanced camera options, and a back cover that serves as an attachment to fitness machines. Just when you thought your treadmill couldn’t get more exciting, right?

There’s no correlating rumors to legitimate this leaker’s claims. Even though you can never rule out anything wild from our eastern family, I don’t buy this rumor for a second. If I’m wrong and this is really what Samsung is spending its time on, its profits deserve to tank this year.

Though, the thought of being able to attach a telephoto lens to the backside of my smartphone doesn’t flat-out repulse me. In fact, I could even see myself owning something like that and bringing the lens with me on a hiking trip.

What are your thoughts? Hit the comment section below to let us know what you think!

Source: Phone Arena via (in Polish)

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More details about the HTC One M9/Hima emerge

Posted by wicked January - 23 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

htc one m8 press (2)

It’s been a busy week for HTC rumors, with the company’s upcoming flagship making appearances in several alleged leaks. Today, two new reports add more specifics to an already detailed portrait of the M9/Hima.

First up, technology reporter Jay McGregor, writing of Forbes, published a couple of new details about the successor of the M8. McGregor confirms that most of the rumors that surfaced over the last couple of months were accurate and that the M9 will indeed look a lot like the 2014 One (M8). Citing a source familiar to HTC’s plans, the reporter goes on to claim that the device will be 9.64mm thick and feature a 2,840-mAh battery.


Alleged One M9/Hima image that surfaced earlier this week

The device will feature a “three-tone metal” design, which probably means that the volume and power buttons will have a distinct metallic finish (see images below).

The report confirms specs like the 5-inch Full HD display, 3GB of RAM, 20MP camera, and “latest Snapdragon processor.”

Some bigger changes are reportedly coming to the software experience – BlinkFeed is said to receive additional features, taking “cues from Google Now and Windows Live Tiles.” It looks like HTC will add some smarts to the homescreen replacement app, with features like “recommendations on what content to read, places to visit and what time you should leave for an appointment.” The number of services and websites feeding content into BlinkFeed will likely expand as well.

McGregor says HTC will launch a fitness tracker, not a smartwatch, like the Bloomberg report from earlier this week suggested. The fitness tracker will work with Under Armour’s fitness services, as per the announcement from CES.

Moving on, the folks over at Phandroid secured four more shots that supposedly show the One M9/Hima, and these ones are clearer than the previous batch. Note that some editing was done to mask identifiers, which explains some of the artifacts in the pics.

The pics show the same very familiar design, with the only major difference being the rectangular camera module on the back. We’ll see if this is the final, real design in just a few weeks – on March 1, HTC will unveil the M9/Hima in Barcelona, and Android Authority will be there.

Samsung Galaxy S6 probably not waterproof

Posted by wicked January - 22 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

Samsung‘s widely-anticipated flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, would most likely make its worldwide debut at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain this coming March 2. In that sense, all you Samsung fans should be pumped up at seeing the new phone, but some rumors are coming today that might dampen the mood — word has gone out that Samsung’s newest smartphone might not be waterproof as earlier expected.

Samsung is still rumored to be at a point where it is choosing what the final version and appearance of the Galaxy S6 would be like — jury’s still out. Tech pundits are at least agreeing on the same rumor that Samsung has apparently developed multiple prototypes of the Galaxy S6 and is yet to make up its mind on the one to be released. Some features thrown about are the much-hyped metallic casing, an edged screen with a menu bar on one or both edges (a la Galaxy Note Edge), or a new take on the traditional smartphone screen layout. Making the Galaxy S6 slimmer with finer edges also seems to be the current design rumor for the yet-to-be revealed device.

Early returns from industry leaks seem to confirm, however, the news that Samsung will not push through with a waterproof Samsung Galaxy S6 — or S6 Edge, if there will be one. The company appears to be setting this characteristic aside in favor of the Galaxy S6 Active variant in order to offer a wider array of choices for finicky smartphone users. Sources in Korean media also say that the Galaxy S6 Active will be designed separately and differently from the base S6 model.


A waterproof Galaxy S6 seemed to be the logical step towards improving on the similarly water-resistant Galaxy S5, but industry sources say that unfortunately, this might not be what’s meant to be. The reason behind this rumor appears to be that Samsung is striving to lower production costs in order to raise profit margins, together with offering a more diverse portfolio. High on the rumor list is still of a thinner, more refined Galaxy S6 made of glass and metallic materials — but the waterproof feature just might not hold water (pun seriously intended).

VIA: / Chosun

Alleged HTC M9 “Hima” press render and cases leaked

Posted by wicked January - 22 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off


It’s clearly hip to be square, as just days after French language site NowhereElse brought us pictures of what was claimed to be the HTC One M9 “Hima”, we have an even larger leak, part of which looks to come from a Chinese website, This time the offering comes in the form of not just a press render of the back side, but for the cases as well, all of which highlight the angular nature of the device’s single rear camera.


From the front end, you would literally never know this *wasn’t* the M8.

Given that Bloomberg recently published a story that suggested the M9 would look very similar to last year’s handset, these images would definitely seek to not only validate the story, but go a step further and suggest that the device practically is last year’s handset minus the Duo Camera and with the power button now positioned on the right side, below the volume rocker. Thankfully the IR port still seems to be located along the top right portion of the device.


Perhaps the most damning piece of evidence to highlight the similarities comes directly from’s Editor-In-Chief himself. On his Twitter page, Steve Hemmerstoffer has done the dirty work and superimposed the “M9″ onto the M8 and the results are positively pretty (similar):

Hima M9 Comparison with M8 Steve Hemmerstoffer (Twitter)

The images would suggest that the changes are trivial in terms of the front. Red arrows point out the slightly diminished bottom bezel (though still replete with the HTC logo) and slightly thinner side bezels. The front camera looks slightly larger than the M8’s. The “prototype” also seems to do away with the trim along the border of the phone’s front, though it could be due to the blurry image quality, or simply the color choice.

With the design issue possibly now out-in-the-open, this would mean the “Hima” has to chiefly rely on its alleged inclusion of superior hardware to last year’s model, which is said to include a Qualcomm 810 CPU (the same one that Samsung may have just dumped due to overheating), Full HD screen, a 13 megapixel front camera, and 20 megapixel (square shaped, single) rear camera.

While it must be stressed that none of these images are confirmation of a finished product, suffice to say that by the time press renders start to surface along side of a leaked “prototype”, it becomes more likely to be true. Should that be the case, Samsung may have a major upper hand on HTC this year provided the Galaxy S6 is indeed rebuilt from the ground up and features truly premium parts. There would indeed be a certain twinge of bitter irony should the decision to reuse last year’s design be the M9’s undoing at the hands of the S6, or even the LG G4. Still, HTC seems pretty confident it’s on the right track in 2015.

Assuming these are in fact, a legitimate look at the final product, what do you think? More than a few commentators in the previous post expressed disgust with the camera module in particular, but what of the other design changes (or lack thereof)?

Details galore about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6

Posted by wicked January - 21 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off


Tech blog BGR released an article today claiming that a reliable insider has sent them some fantastic information with regard to Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S6.

The source gives some incredible facts about the guts running the smartphone leader’s Project Zero device. Hit the “Read More” link below to wet your whistle.

To quote BGR and its source, we can expect the following from the Galaxy S6:

  • 64-bit eight-core 14nm CPU which is 50% faster
  • 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display with a 577ppi density, stunning outdoor visibility, super dim mode for late night.
  • A huge 20 megapixel OIS camera sensor and a 5 megapixel f/1.8 front-facing camera with real-time HDR
  • 32 / 64 / 128GB of storage
  • 2550mAh battery
  • Built-in wireless charging
  • Four hours of usage on a 10 minute charge
  • Quick connect charging
  • Samsung Pay: works with 90% of existing magnetic stripe payment terminals, and NFC payment terminals
  • Metal and glass body
  • Gorilla Glass 4
  • Cat 6 LTE

The question is, will it be enough to turn around Samsung‘s downward spiral? Robert Nazarian reported earlier that 2015 will be a crucial year for Samsung, so if these specs turn out to be true for the S6, maybe it’ll clot that financial hemorrhaging plaguing the Korean powerhouse.

Source: BGR


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Rumor: Samsung working on 4:3 screen Galaxy Tabs and Notes

Posted by wicked January - 21 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Nexus 9 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4-14

These days Samsung-related news is typically of two varieties: hype for its upcoming products or else, more commentary about its current financial situation. Suffice to say, the Korean conglomerate has some very big shoes to fill this year as it seeks to stem the loss of sales and market share that characterized the past one. According to a new rumor, it just might be doing this by a more unconventional method, namely buying a new pair.

SamMobile uncovered some allegedly new tablets from Samsung, and is now reporting that some (or all) of these devices may, in fact, have 4:3 aspect ratios. Specifically:

  • SM-T35x/SM-T55x: These may be the Galaxy Tab 5 product line and are said to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Quad-Core, 64-bit CPU. The former would have an 8-inch display, and the latter a 9.7-inch display.
  • SM-P35x/SM-P55x: These may be new Galaxy Note products, with the former replacing 2013’s Galaxy Note 8.0 and the latter having a 9.7-inch display. They would also include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chip.  SamMobile notes these might, in-fact, be mid-range products in the Note series and not the rumored Galaxy Note 10.1 2015 Edition that may-or-may-not be unveiled at MWC in March.

None of these devices are expected to ship in the first half of the year given how fresh the information is; it suggests Samsung has only just begun to work on them. Additionally the idea of an 8-inch display isn’t exactly 4:3 aspect, thus they could end up being 7.9 inches.

Putting aside the rumor-issue, the idea of Samsung making a 9.7-inch device is definitely something of interest. To date, there have been a very small number of 4:3 aspect ratio big-name tablets for Android, with perhaps the most recent being the HTC Nexus 9. Samsung has an untold number of tablets yet they almost all adhere to a 16:9 or 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio.

For reference, Apple’s iPad/iPad Air and iPad Mini products all utilize a 4:3 aspect ratio. The size allows products to be in a slightly more squared form factor than their 16:9 brethren, and this makes things like typing or reading books a bit easier. At the same time however, it also creates unsightly “black bars” of wasted space when viewing any kind of HD content in landscape mode as HD content such as movies, are created in 16:9. The effect is the same as that in the late 90’s when people began watching widescreen DVD movies on 4:3 aspect ratio CRT televisions.


Samsung largely focuses on 16:9 displays for its tablets, but some like the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note 8.0, use 16:10.

While some have criticized the Nexus 9 for being 4:3, others find it more comfortable to operate and can overlook the aforementioned “dead space” when viewing media. If Samsung is going to implement this form factor, it would not only serve to legitimize the Nexus 9’s design, but also create a potential new major market for Android tablets. (Also up-in-the-air: what aspect ratio HTC might choose for its rumored non-Nexus, Nexus 9 tablet.

Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio-6

Is the Nexus 9 actually more forward-thinking than we realize?

Likewise, it would allow Samsung, one of the largest tablet manufacturers, to better compete with the likes of Apple. The potential of a 4:3 Galaxy Tab S with SAMOLED screen and possibly made of all-metal would literally put it head-to-head with Apple’s offerings, in which case the screen technology would be a major deciding point between customers on-the-fence. Likewise, it would be a brand new market for Samsung itself its major rivals are all committed to 16:9.

Assuming a 4:3 Galaxy Tab/Note were to pan out, would you be interested in buying it? Could this potentially be major new area for Samsung to tap its tablets into?

Alleged HTC One M9 “Hima” pics leak, possibly prototype version

Posted by wicked January - 20 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Real, fake, or somewhere in-between? Only time will tell.

HTC has been around for quite some time, having made a host of portable devices before the current “mobile wars” began; some were running its own OS, some Windows Mobile. In the early days of Android however, the Taiwanese company quickly became a household name with the fantastic HTC Desire (itself a modified HTC Nexus One) and subsequent releases such as the Desire HD, Droid Incredible, and EVO 4G. Then came the fall of an empire, as the company entered into a massive sales slump and it seemed all hope was lost. Thankfully, because of devices like the HTC One M7 and One M8, the company has enjoyed a resurgence as of late.

All talk is now centered around the new flagship, allegedly masquerading around under the codename “Hima.” Assuming the word is Japanese, it can mean anything from “free time” to “chance” to “leisure”. Indeed all three may be apt in describing the product, assuming these leaked images claiming to be of the M9 are legitimate.


The product seen in the pictures is likely not the final product. Some suggest that they are either of a prototype build or else a “disguised” M9 hiding out inside a modified M8 shell. Then again they might be the work of a clever trickster. Taking a look however, we can immediately see that HTC hasn’t exactly done anything substantial with the visuals. To wit, what’s more telling is everything that isn’t there: a new design, a second back camera, or cleverly hidden BoomSound speakers, a la the Desire Eye. For all those who complained about the “wasted space” occupied by the company’s front logo, it would appear that the situation remains unchanged.

In terms of noticeable differences, we can mention the slightly smaller lateral screen bezels and the large camera module on the back. According to a report from Bloomberg from yesterday, the camera will feature a 20MP sensor.

htc-one-m8-vs-htc-one-m7-quick-look-aa-6-of-19 resized

The M7 and M8 had noticeable differences. Will the M9?

Given the notifiable differences between the M7 and M8, it would be somewhat surprising to see HTC release an M9 with design language so similar to that of the previous model, especially at a time when Samsung is allegedly seeking to conceive a reinvention of the Galaxy S line with this year’s S6 (including rumors of a double-Edged variant). Should the photographed product actually be similar to what the final retail unit will look like, it’s possible this could be written off as an “M8s.”

Then again, HTC may want to preserve the iconic design language of the One series. Plus, the aforementioned Bloomberg report said the Hima would be similar in size and design to the M8. We will just have to see what the future holds in store.

Were these leaked shots of the final product, would any readers be interested in buying it? Assuming the specs are killer of course, would you mind the “recycled” design?