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Swarovski Unveils Crystal-Adorned Strap for the Samsung Gear S

Posted by wicked September - 2 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

As the Galaxy S5 before it, Samsung’s recently announced Gear S smartwatch is receiving the Swarovski treatment. For those looking for a “chic” and “fashionable” wristband to compliment the comparatively bland Gear S, there’s the newest addition to the “Swarovski for Samsung” collection: the Gear S Strap. Composed of Swarovski’s Crystal Fine Mesh and adorned with cut crystals, it’s the ultimate in luxury (or ostentation, depending on your perspective).

The Gear S Strap will be available for purchase through Samsung’s online storefront and experience stores beginning in October. Swarovski coyly teases that additional back covers for “Samsung’s next flagship device” will launch at that time, in addition.

So, anyone interested in picking up an crystal-plated band?

Via: Samsung

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Samsung Gear S goes stylish with Swarovski strap

Posted by wicked September - 2 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

When Samsung unveiled its Gear S a few days ago, we’re pretty sure some of you were already thinking how to accessorise it once you get your hands/wrist on this latest smartwatch. Fashion jewellery maker Swarovski read your mind as they announced another exclusive collaboration with the OEM in the latest in their “Swarovski for Samsung collection.” The studded strap will make your Samsung Gear S look not just like a wearable but a fashion accessory as well.

Officially called the Samsung Gear S Strap (what else?), it has clear cut crystals that are directly embedded into the metal mesh of the curved smartwatch. It uses a new Swarovski product called Crystal Fine Mesh which was also just launched a few days ago and is being used by several fashion industry brands already. According to Christoph Kargruber, Executive Vice President Global Marketing, Swarovski Professional, both brands are committed to having products that are “highly desirable” to consumers and they married the two aspects of design and style with their Swarovski for Samsung collection.

The unveiling of the Samsung Gear S a few days ago brought another innovative smartwatch to the market. But instead of being on the Android Wear platform, it runs on Tizen and also has 3G connectivity. This means that you don’t need to link the Gear S to a smartphone in order to make and take calls or send and receive messages. But if you still think you need a smartphone to do other tasks on your wearable, you can switch to a Bluetooth pairing with your device of choice.

The Samsung Gear S Strap will be available at the Samsung Online store by October. No word yet on how much it will cost, but since it’s Swarovski crystal-studded you know not to expect a cheap price tag. They will also be releasing back covers for the new flagship smartphone that will be announced before the IFA 2014 at the Samsung press event on September 4.

SOURCE: Samsung

Samsung brings Swarovski bling to the Gear S watch strap because why not?

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Samsung’s love affair with bling continues with the recently announced Gear S. The Gear S in itself isn’t affected, it’s the strap. The strap will be made completely with Crystal Fine Mesh, which is being introduced this month. Samsung feels these Swarovski cut crystals “perfectly complement the chic, curved design of the Gear S.”

I think it makes the most sense for the “Swarovski for Samsung” collection to include the Gear S since watches are more of a fashion statement than smartphones. No word on price, but I wouldn’t expect it to be cheap though. If you find it’s your thing, you will be able to find the new strap at the Samsung online store and at experience stores starting in October.

source: Samsung Tomorrow

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Samsung to launch Galaxy S DUOS 3, gets KitKat upgrade

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Just a little over 10 months after Samsung came out with the Galaxy S Duos 2 – primarily for the South Asian market – it is now coming out with the Galaxy S Duos 3, upgrading the model’s operating system to Android 4.4 KitKat. Unfortunately, nothing much else was upgraded in this model.

The new model comes with a 1.0Ghz dual core processor backstopped by 512MB of RAM. It will have 4GB of internal storage, dual SIM support (hence the “Duos” branding), a 5MP rear camera – all powered by a 1500mAh battery. The significant change is that it will be rocking Android KitKat out of the box.

Here’s a funny thing – we checked the specs for its predecessor, the Galaxy Duos 2, and this new phone feels more like a downgrade in specs than anything else. The Galaxy Duos 2 has a dual core 1.2Ghz Cortex-A9 processor, and although we’re not sweating the 200Mhz difference, the processor speed is still a step down. The RAM allocation for the predecessor is 768MB, while the new phone only has 512MB.


We probably won’t know why Samsung chose to skimp on the hardware for a supposedly “upgraded” version of a model. Maybe they’re relying on the efficiency of Android KitKat. Still, knowing this would be a bit of a letdown for any consumer. The new phone hasn’t launched yet, but is expected to be priced at around USD$133 when it comes out.


Samsung goes full bling with Swarovski-encrusted Gear S

Posted by wicked September - 2 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Samsung-Gear-S-Strap swarovski

Nobody can accuse Samsung of not trying new things. The Korean giant’s has long been famous for the rapid pace at which it launches new products, and new editions of existing products, in an ongoing race to appeal to as many user niches as possible.

Now Samsung is aiming a new edition of the Gear S smartwatch at people passionate about glamour and fashion.

Featuring “Swarovski cut crystals that perfectly complement the chic, curved design of the Gear S,” the new Gear S Strap features a mesh of crystals that will bestow a “striking radiance” to your Tizen-powered wrist computer.

The Gear S Strap, which according to Samsung will keep you on the “cutting-edge of design and style,” is part of “Swarovski for Samsung” collection. The collection will further expand with Samsung’s “next flagship device,” so expect a similarly radiant back cover for the Note 4 due tomorrow.

The Gear S Strap will be available in Samsung’s experience stores and online presence starting from October. No word yet on the price of the accessory.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow;

Samsung expanding Smart Home with new products and services

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Samsung has announced the expansion of its Smart Home family just in time for IFA 2014. The new products are designed to benefit a home with improvements in security and energy management. Everything from digital door locks to smart plugs will be a part of Samsung’s new Smart Home portfolio that also includes third party devices. The new hardware is capable of being controlled from a smartphone or tablet and even with voice commands.

The updated Smart Home portfolio will be fully detailed and showcased at the Samsung Developer Conference in November. For now, the Smart Home SDK is currently available to developers.

Hit the break for the full press release.

Samsung Expands Smart Home Portfolio at IFA 2014

Innovative new products and services make the Smart Home a reality

London, UK – 1st September, 2014 – Samsung Electronics today announced the expansion of its Smart Home portfolio at IFA 2014. The new range of services and products are designed to increase home safety, improve energy management, adapt to in-home location and operate by voice command, demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to making the Smart Home of the future a reality today.

“We are excited to deliver a Smart Home experience which will make our customers’ lives easier, with innovative products that help everyone’s day to day routine, such as managing home security and energy consumption,” said Robert King, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung UK & Ireland. “We are thrilled to be leading the way in making the Smart Home possible for our customers worldwide.”

The Samsung Smart Home puts convenience at the heart of its ethos. With the expansion of its Smart Home portfolio which includes third party devices, the service is designed to cater for all aspects of the modern smart home, from digital door locks to IP cameras and smart plugs. These devices work with Samsung Electronics’ entire product range to provide a complete Smart Home solution.

Samsung Smart Home – Enabling a Smarter Way of Living

Samsung’s safety services let people monitor their homes by connecting digital door locks and IP cameras so that they can remotely and securely assess who is entering and exiting their home. For example, if the digital door lock is opened while you are away, a notification will be sent to your registered smartphone. From here the Home View function can be launched on the companion mobile app to check the IP cameras and see whether other family members have returned home safely or if there is something to be concerned about.

Energy management is a forefront of many people’s minds. The Samsung Smart Home service monitors the amount of electricity used by energy intensive appliances such as air-conditioners and displays the expected cost of the energy consumption. People can then monitor their electricity usage, whether daily or monthly, and set new targets to help reduce bills. It is also possible to set a monthly maximum electricity allowance for each device and appliance and when the limit approaches a pop-up is sent to the person.

New location awareness services enable devices in the home to automatically turn on via location recognition technology. For example, the lights and air conditioner will switch on automatically when you approach your home, meaning that you can return to a comfortable living environment.

The final service to be announced creates a more convenient home. People can activate their air conditioner, robot vacuum cleaner and Smart LED lights anytime, from anywhere through S Voice, the voice recognition service embedded in the wearable Gear series as well as via Galaxy smartphones. A number of detailed voice commands have been preloaded to let you give specific instructions to a range of devices. Samsung plans to expand the compatibility of its Smart Home offering to products from other devices and appliance manufacturers alongside additional Samsung products in order to create a seamless home experience.

Building an Open Smart Home Ecosystem

Samsung is pioneering to make the connected home, and by extension, the Internet of Things possible through work to shape industry standards concerning Smart Home services.

In July 2014, Samsung and Intel played an integral role in launching the Open Interconnect Consortium, which, alongside its founding members and future partners, aims to ensure connectivity standards. As part of Samsung’s continuous efforts to accelerate the growth of Samsung Smart Home ecosystem, Samsung will unveil the Smart Home SDK later this year which will enable partner companies to develop hardware devices supporting the Samsung Smart Home.

In addition, Samsung recently acquired SmartThings, creator of the leading open platform for the Smart Home and consumer Internet of Things. With resources and support from Samsung, SmartThings will continue to accelerate the development of a truly open ecosystem for connected homes. Samsung will also open its products to developers and partners on the SmartThings platform to help create exciting experiences for the connected home. More details will be shared at the Samsung Developer Conference to be held November 11-13 in San Francisco.

“We plan to build a truly open smart home ecosystem by actively incorporating a variety of services and platforms into the cloud, as well as by opening up Samsung’s platform to developers,” added Robert King. “The Samsung Smart Home will continue to evolve through the development of new services that enable people to enjoy their lives in smart ways.”

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Samsung Smart Home expansion brings S Voice support

Posted by wicked September - 1 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

Samsung was all about Smart Home last CES, and their acquisition of SmartThings really proved their conviction. Their new home automation service presented some great features, granting the ability to control appliances and other products via mobile devices and TVs. It was a great project, but today’s announcement has taken things up a notch.

Samsung’s Smart Home expansion includes a new set of services and products with a focus on safety, energy management, location awareness and smarter, more connected ways of living in the home of the future. For example, one can now connect to digital locks and IP cameras, helping you keep an eye on your home and every area in it.

New energy management features allow you to keep an eye on how much energy certain electronic devices use. One can even set limits and get notifications when these electronics surpass their energy cap.


The location awareness feature may be one of the most exciting, bringing automated actions based on where you are. How about turning on your AC when you get to a few blocks from your home? Maybe you would like to turn on the lights when you get to the front lawn. This is all possible with Samsung Smart Home.

How does all this tie into our beloved Android experience?

The-Expansion-of-Smart-Home-Portfolio_Powerbot2-280x424Android is Smart Home’s backbone, and most Samsung mobile device do run our favorite mobile OS. Not to mention, one of the new features does include Samsung S Voice support. Users will be able to control their homes and appliances via Samsung’s voice-operated digital assistant, present in most Samsung smartphones and Gear devices.

Samsung plans to let Smart Home grow with the rest of the industry. A Smart Home SDK will be released later this year. If enough developers jump into this ship, Samsung’s automation investments will find success. We will see more during IFA, this week, so stay tuned!

Source: Samsung Tomorrow;

Samsung to unveil new smart home products at IFA 2014

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IFA 2014 is set to kick off very soon and ahead of the official start of the show, Samsung has announced that it will be rolling out new smart home products. Samsung says that the new smart home products will include services and products that will increase home safety, improve energy management, adapt to in-home locations, and can be operated using voice control.

Samsung’s expanded smart home portfolio will also include third party devices and the hardware will run the gamut from digital door locks to IP cameras and smart plugs. The IP cameras will have a Home View function that allows a companion app to access the video feed to see who is at home and keep an eye on things from a distance.

Energy management products aim to help users control the power consumption in their home to save money and be green. Samsung Smart Home service will monitor energy consumption by things like air conditioners and display the expected cost of the appliance. Location aware services in the home allow the air conditioner or lights to switch on automatically when the user nears home.

Samsung is also talking up the ability to activate products and devices in their home using their voice with S Voice on Samsung Gear devices or Galaxy smartphones. Voice commands for Smart LED lighting, AC units, and robotic vacuums have been built into those Samsung devices.

SOURCE: Samsung Tomorrow

Galaxy Note 4 resolution confirmed by Samsung site, poster

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Those looking forward to the next generation of Samsung‘s S-Pen powered phablet are mostly likely just counting down hours instead of days. And while we too are very curious to see what tricks the device has left up its sleeves, one part is almost all but confirmed thanks to Samsung itself. The Galaxy Note 4 will indeed bear a QHD screen, according to Samsung’s own website UAProf as well as its IFA poster.

The UAProf, or user agent profile, is used by websites to attempt to deliver content optimized to each device’s screen. As such, it would, at the very least, include information such as screen resolution. The UAProf for the SM-N910T, which is noted to be the model number for one Galaxy Note 4 variant, lists a resolution of 2560×1440. As websites don’t usually optimize for screen size and only for resolutions, it doesn’t exactly list that information though word on the street is that it will be the same 5.7 inches as on the Galaxy Note 3, giving the latest incarnation a higher DPI count.


That resolution, the QHD part and not the exact pixel count, is also confirmed by a leaked photo of Samsung’s IFA poster, which does explicitly mention “QHD”. Other than that, as well as a render of what the Galaxy Note 4 might look like, it doesn’t give much information.

Thanks to innumerable leaks and rumors, though, we have been able to assemble an almost complete picture of the device. That includes a processor that’s either a Samsung Exynos 5433 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, depending on the market, the highest 4 GB RAM you’ll find in any commercial smartphone, a 16 megapixel rear shooter, and most likely the same host of sensors found on the Galaxy S5. Whatever other surprises Samsung might hold, especially when it comes to the S Pen and related features, we will know for sure when the company makes its big announcement on September 3, 3 p.m. CEST. Keep tabs on our IFA 2014 tag portal for that highly anticipated event.


Apple plans to continue pushing for ban on Samsung products

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Apple vs Samsung BabblingBoolean

We have covered the Apple vs Samsung battle for some time now and it seems that it won’t be ending for the foreseeable future.

According to MacWorld, Apple plans to appeal a judge’s order this week that denied its request for a sales ban on the Samsung products that have previously been found to infringe on Apple’s patents. Apple is asking the Court to prevent Samsung from selling several products, including the Galaxy S III smartphone, in the United States.

In May, a jury found that Samsung infringed three of Apple’s patents and awarded the iPhone maker just $119.6 million of the $2 billion that Apple had asked for in damages.

AppleSamsungPatentWars Innowrx

Federal judge Lucy Koh rejected the argument that Apple would be irreparably harmed if Samsung were allowed to continue selling the infringing phones in the U.S. In her ruling, Koh wrote that Apple was not able to show that they would “suffer irreparable damage to its reputation as an innovator.”

On Friday, Apple said it would appeal Koh’s order to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, in Washington, D.C.

Source: MacWorld;