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Samsung’s Kid Store reaches 900 apps

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The Kids Store, a Kids Mode storefront available with Samsung devices, has hit a milestone. The company has announced there are 900 applications available meant just for children. With such a large pool of content, Samsung has introduced two categories to find apps easily. Users can find apps grouped by age or subject. The age grouping includes 0-4, 5-6, 7 and older. The subject grouping includes learning, play, and story. The Kids Store also includes a premium content section from featured providers. Samsung has $50 available to users to take advantage in this section.

Parents do not have to be worried as a password is required for children to make purchases in Kids Store through Kids Mode.

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Samsung Electronics Enhances Kids Store on its Mobile Devices
July  29, 2014

Kids Store available through Kids Mode enriches children’s experience while providing a safe learning and play environment for parents

SEOUL, Korea Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced its updated Kids Store features which is available in Kids Mode on Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab S. The Kids Store not only enables users to shop for free or paid apps of select content for children while recommending meaningful content by age and subject, but also helps parents to protect their children from unwanted content by setting up safeguards for certain contents.

“The average age at which children using ‘smart devices’ for the first time has become lower than before.” said WonPyo Hong, President of the Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung is committed to providing interesting and educational content to children, while continuing its effort to help parents protect their children and allow them to enjoy safe, parent-approved content in their daily lives.”

Kids Store now offers 900 specially selected applications for children. Comprised of two tabs with a choice of content grouped by age and subject, Kids Store allows users to easily navigate through the available content. The content classification is as follows: 0-4 years old for preschool children, 5-6 years old for kindergarteners and 7 years old or more in primary school children. The content is also categorized by subject: learning, play, and story.

In addition, the Kids Store brand zone provides premium content for children from providers such as, PBS Kids, Budge Studio, Cupcake Digital and Intellijoy and offers free gifts of over $50 to users, which can be used to purchase applications such as Toca Hair salon 2, Sprinkle Island and Pucca Funny World Tour exclusively. Also, Kids Store provides popular applications which are enjoyed by children around the world such as, LEGO, Pocoyo and Tipitap, and the English education content for children such as Agnitus, Little Bidge English and Creative Corner for the creativity. Kids Store is available in 150 countries around the world.

Within Kids Mode on the Tab S and Galaxy S5, children can draw, watch videos, record their voices with funny cartoon effects and take pictures. Kids Mode also gives parents the control they expect to have. Children can only choose applications from the Kids Store and through the Parental Control feature, children can only purchase content approved by their parents as a password must be entered in the parents mode for all purchases.

Kids Mode was introduced on the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Kids in October, 2013 and was designed to provide a safe, fun and educational experience for children while giving parents the information and control they want.

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Samsung Z postponed again, spells trouble for Tizen

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Samsung has finally confirmed what everyone already practically knows, or at least believes in their gut. Samsung Z, the Tizen-powered smartphone that was supposed to launch in Russia this quarter, is indefinitely delayed. More than just a disappointment to the already dwindling number of Tizen faithful, it is almost the writing on the wall for Samsung’s latest efforts to strike on its own without Google.

Samsung’s wild success in the mobile device industry can partly be credited to Android. After all, the company’s low-end Bada feature phones and sparse Windows Phone offering did not fare as well as even its lowest cost Android offering. But perhaps it is because of this deep reliance on Google that Samsung has tried to find ways to distance and differentiate itself, which has only served to further irk the tech giant. The latest sore point is Tizen, which Samsung is trying to put not just on smartphones but also on smartwatches, even while it tries to play nice with Android Wear.

Perhaps the fact that Tizen was a platform born out of controversy foreshadowed its current troubles. When Nokia abandoned its own MeeGo platform in favor of Windows Phone, Intel, who was supposedly Nokia’s partner in that endeavor, took refuge with Samsung and started Tizen, along with other industry players. However, it seems that Samsung is the only one deadly serious about profiting from the platform and has been bearing the brunt of the work, but with still no visible results. Tizen was envisioned primarily as a mobile OS, but, except for two smartwatches and one or two cameras, no other product bears that name. A few months ago, Samsung would have launched the first Tizen smartphone in Japan, but later pulled out, citing unfavorable market conditions. This month was supposed to be the launch of the Samsung Z in Russia, but Samsung pulled out at the last minute. Its reason? It wants to further enhance the software ecosystem, hinting at Tizen’s greatest problem: the lack of apps.

In a way, it’s a chicken and egg problem, one that cannot be resolved by delaying and waiting for the egg to hatch or the chicken to lay the egg. As many other mobile platforms will tell you, a platform is only as good as the apps that are available for it (though it is also only as good as how easy it is to develop those apps). But without a commercial device that will convince developers that there is even a chance of monetizing their work, they will not flock over to Tizen. It will never have that perfect moment when the software ecosystem is ready. Google was able to get around that problem by releasing Android early and letting it be open as much as it can. Unfortunately, Samsung cannot afford either of those at this point in time, which could mean that Tizen is almost doomed to fail.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal
VIA: SlashGear

Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus launches in India

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We’ve seen Samsung update their budget product line with upgraded devices running Android 4.4 Kitkat recently, and one of the first few markets that we’ve seen those migrate to is India, where the Galaxy Star 2 Plus has apparently landed. It is a small budget phone with modest specs, but notably, with Kitkat running the show.

The Galaxy Star 2 Plus has shown up at the Samsung India eStore bringing these specs – a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor with 512MB RAM, a 4.3-inch 800×480 capacitive touchscreen display, 4GB of internal storage expandable via microSD, and a 3MP camera with led flash. It looks to be an improvement from the Galaxy Star 2 that was announced just a month ago via the Samsung Blog – maybe that is why the “Plus” suffix was added.

The original Galaxy Star 2 was supposed to be a handy phone with a small 320 x 480 3.5-inch screen and powered by a single core 1.0Ghz processor, but this new phone looks to be an upgrade in most respects, except that they both carry Android 4.4 Kitkat out of the box. As seen in the pictures, the back cover has a textured finish for a better feel, and the phone is available in white and black colors.


The new phone also carries the “Duos” branding that Samsung has pushed towards markets where dual-SIM phones are logical, and India is definitely one of those markets. The Galaxy Star 2 Plus has dual network capability, with the main SIM card giving you 3G HSPA+ connectivity. Powering all of this is a 1800mAh battery.

VIA: Fone Arena

Samsung Galaxy Alpha now leaked with 4.8-inch HD screen

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A few new details are coming in regarding Samsung‘s supposed iPhone 6 killer. Now this semi-metallic smartphone is believed to have a screen size of 4.8 inches, instead of the previously leaked 4.7, and is being confirmed to have a resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

This pretty much puts it on the same page as the Galaxy S III, which was somewhat implied in the previous leak. The screen resolution is being confirmed by the developer console for the device as well as the user agent profile on Samsung’s own website. Furthermore, the name of Galaxy Alpha is also being confirmed by that same source. While this brings a bit of stability to the rumor, presuming, of course, it is all true, it is also slightly disappointing. With a larger diagonal size, the Galaxy Alpha’s screen will have a slightly lower pixel density than if it were 4.7 inches as earlier believed.


But why is this rumored Galaxy Alpha being billed as an iPhone rival? It isn’t much about screen size but also about the design. This smartphone will supposedly bear a metallic frame, though still with a faux leather rear cover, a nano SIM card slot instead of the convential micro SIM, and a 32 GB internal storage without any expansion option. Taken individually, these features can also be found in other devices like the HTC One M8 or a Nexus, but together, they more easily remind one of an iPhone. That it will be coming from arch nemesis Samsung and in almost the same size definitely fans the flames of the rumor.

That is, of course, if Apple really does have a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 planned for this year, which itself is already a contentious topic. If it turns out to be a dud, then the Galaxy Alpha will end up as an odd duck in Samsung’s lineup. But then again, Samsung never really needed any justification for its innumerable and sometimes inexplicable smartphones, so it can simply pass this off as yet another experimental foray into a new smartphone design.

VIA: SamMobile

Samsung files for another Gear related trademark – Gear S

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We have already seen Samsung apply for a few Gear related trademarks, like the Samsung Gear VR mark and another for the Samsung Gear Store. Samsung is clearly interested in building out a complete ecosystem based on Gear devices. The latest trademark to be added to the mix is the “Samsung Gear S”. Like the previous applications, the description regarding application of the mark is very general and casts a wide net over most any wearable device or related accessory.

Although the description may not be much help in figuring out what device this latest trademark may be meant for there could be a clue in the name. There are some who think the S is a reference to “Solo” which would be a variant of the Samsung Gear 2 that has an onboard SIM card and cellular connectivity instead of relying on a connection to a user’s smartphone.

source: USPTO
via: SamMobile

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Apple drops cross-appeal against Samsung in apparent sign of court fatigue

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After years of battling in courtrooms around the world, it appears Apple and Samsung may be starting to grow weary of litigation. In the latest sign of this, Apple has filed a motion to drop a cross-appeal against Samsung on a matter related to the first California case decided a couple years ago between the two companies. The motion, filed with the Court of Appeals, ends Apple’s attempt to secure a permanent injunction against Samsung over multi-touch functions.

Apple had previously appealed to the Court of Appeals regarding Judge Koh’s denial of a permanent injunction. That initial appeal was partially successful and resulted in Judge Koh reconsidering the matter. However, for a second time, Judge Koh denied Apple’s request. The present appeal, which Apple just dropped, was based on Apple’s position that Judge Koh used a standard that was too high in rendering her decision.

In addition to this move by Apple, both parties agreed last month to drop their respective appeals of an ITC ruling on Apple’s complaint. In general, it seems the parties are slowly letting various avenues for litigation fade away. In addition, no new complaints have been filed for close to two years now.

Apple has not entirely dropped the concept of securing a permanent injunction against Samsung. Their focus now though is to try to secure such an injunction as a result of the second California case that was held a few months ago.

source: FOSS Patents

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Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 16GB on sale for $280 at Best Buy

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Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4 -13

Traditionally most of Samsung’s smaller-sized tablets have had less than impressive specs and displays, which is probably why the introduction of the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 was so refreshing.

The Tab Pro 8.4 was the first smaller-screened Samsung tablet to really emphasize quality specs, and while it has since been one-upped by the introduction of the Super AMOLED-packing Tab S 8.4, that doesn’t mean the Tab Pro 8.4 isn’t worth picking up. In fact, right now could be the perfect time to grab the Tab Pro 8.4, as Best Buy is currently selling the device brand-new for only $279.99 with free standard shipping — $50 less than even Amazon’s listing price.

For those that need a quick refresher, the Pro 8.4 is powered by a 1.9GHz Exynos 5 processor with 2GB of RAM. The tablet also offers up an impressive 8.4-inch display with a resolution of 2560×1600, and other specs include an 8MP rear cam, 16GB storage, microSD, a 4800 mAh battery and Android 4.4 with TouchWiz on top. For an even better look at what the tablet has to offer, be sure to check out our full review.

What do you think, anyone planning on picking this one up at it’s current sale price? For those that do, keep in mind that the actual sale price won’t show up until you begin the initial checkout process.


Samsung Postpones Launch of Tizen Smartphone to “Further Enhance” the Ecosystem

Posted by Kellex July - 28 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

Samsung’s Tizen-based smarpthone, the Samsung Z, has been postponed until further notice, according to the Wall Street Journal. Samsung would only say that the delay would allow them to “further enhance” the Tizen ecosystem, without giving further guidance on a potential launch. You now have to wonder if this device, which was slated for release at some point in Q3 of this year in Russia, is ever going to materialize in the consumer market.

“Further enhance” the ecosystem seems like PR speak for, “Our app selection is garbage at the moment and we can’t launch a phone without something for people to install or no one will buy it.” If their Russian developer conference turnout is any indication of interest, maybe Tizen will never grab the attention of app makers. I can’t say that I blame developers for not jumping on board. Android and iOS are already capable of making quality developers a ton of money, plus they have established ecosystems and tools. Tizen, well, is still mostly a big question mark. 

Tizen on phones has had a rough life, with last minute cancellations by a couple of global carriers already making headlines this year. Samsung also held a Tizen developers conference in Russia earlier this month, but was unable to provide details on the phone to the nearly half-full conference room dedicated to the event.

If anything, this news should bring a smile to the face of Google’s Larry Page, who has as recently as last week, held “tense” private meetings with Samsung over their choice to launch smartwatches with Tizen instead of Android Wear.

Via:  Wall Street Journal [2]

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Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Star 2 Plus

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Galaxy star 2 plus

Samsung has officially added two new budget devices to its online store in India, including the Galaxy Ace NXT and the Galaxy Star 2 Plus. The Ace NXT has actually been on sale for a few weeks, but now Samsung has added it to their online store.

Since the Ace has already been available for a while, the Star 2 Plus is the bigger news story of the two devices. This device features some upgrades over its predecessor, including a 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and a 4.3 inch 480 x 800 resolution screen. On the software side, you’ll get Android KitKat and some of Samsung’s usual TouchWiz enhancements. Interestingly, it doesn’t look like it has a front facing camera. Definitely not a high-end device, but for a budget phone, it’s not bad.

Samsung has the device priced at about $121, but it isn’t available for purchase just yet. When it does finally start shipping, you’ll only be able to order it from their Indian store front.

The budget market for Android phones is getting increasingly competitive, with Motorola taking a big stab at more cost-conscious consumers and Nokia throwing their hat into the ring. Samsung takes a different approach by releasing tons of devices at every single price point in any given market, which has worked well for them up until fairly recently. It’ll be interesting to see if they change their strategy going forward to better compete with other manufacturers.

Source: Samsung (Galaxy Ace NXT)

Samsung (Galaxy Star 2 Plus)

Via: GSM Arena

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Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts commercial showers people with happiness

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galaxy_tab_s_commercial_galaxy_giftsDoes bloatware make people happy? Probably not. Galaxy Gifts, though, really make people happy. So happy that they cannot contain themselves. Galaxy Gifts just has that kind of effect. In a new commercial promoting the Galaxy Tab S, people are showered with joy due to the freebies and promotions that Samsung includes with its latest tablet.

Some of the people in the commercial are savoring the enjoyment for themselves or with a friend, but one man loses control and giggles outside of an office with others nearby. Folks, that is the power of nearly thirty promotional items at work. The lesson here is that if you are going to purchase Samsung’s stunning tablet, be prepared to endure the joy that happiness that comes with it.

Hit the break to watch the fulfilling video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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