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The Blu Studio 7.0 is a budget-friendly 7-inch smartphone

Posted by wicked December - 18 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

Yeah, you can balk at the size all you want – you know we all did. There’s just something about a smartphone when it breaks the 6-inch barrier that makes it go from useful to weird – not quite a tablet, too big for a phone. But Florida-based outfit Blu wants to take that risk in putting out the Blu Studio 7.0, a huge 7-inch smartphone for the budget conscious.

The Blu Studio 7.0 is straight up huge – and it does try to leverage on the size by saying that there is more space to do everything from email, social media, to movies and videos. But it is probably the spec list that would deter me from buying one if ever. Under the hood there’s a 1.3Ghz dual core processor backstopped by a Mali 400 graphics chip and 1GB of RAM. This line alone tells you that there will be lag times during usage and performance, although probably not heavy lag. The 7-inch display doesn’t break the HD 720 barrier at 1024×600 (169ppi).


Then there’s the rest of the specs, a 5MP/2MP camera combo, 8GB of storage, 3G connectivity and running on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. You can see that the huge phone is targeted plainly at the lower market niches. But just because it has a big screen doesn’t mean it will sell. Or will it?


You remember the Samsung Galaxy W, right? Of course you don’t. Well, it was Samsung’s attempt at the same gigantic form factor, with slightly better specs. But it ended up not doing well in the market – because people probably get weirded-out by the huge size. Be that as it may, the Blu Studio 7.0 is now available through Amazon for USD$149.99 unlocked.


Verizon Galaxy S5 Receives Update, Fixes VPN Connectivity Issue and Memory Card Error

Posted by Tim-o-tato December - 17 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

This afternoon, Verizon started to push an update to Galaxy S5 owners, software version KTU84P. While it does not feature anything too special, such as Lollipop, it does include a few important bug and performance issues, which should allow affected Gs5 owners to sleep better this evening. 

Included in the update is a fix for VPN connectivity, as well as a fix for a bug plaguing memory card users. From Verizon’s support page, it states, “Fixed an issue where some users saw a memory card error ‘Blank SD card or unsupported files’ after the last software update.”

Finally, Isis Mobile Wallet has been replaced by the Softcard mobile payments application.

Galaxy S5 owners on Verizon, be on the lookout.


Via: Verizon
Cheers Neil!

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge will be upgraded directly to Android 5.0.1

Posted by wicked December - 17 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_4_Back_Galaxy_Note_4_Logo_TAWith Android 5.0.1 rolling out to Nexus devices, it’s technically the latest and greatest that Google offers. Unfortunately, because of the way the Android update process works, many devices will be upgraded to 5.0 first and may or may not see that incremental upgrade over the next few months.

To work around this, Samsung looks like they’re going to be updating their latest Galaxy Note devices directly to 5.0.1 and just skip 5.0. The Galaxy S 5 LTE-A has already seen this update, and it’s been solid so far, so it makes sense for Samsung to go ahead and start sending it out to other devices like the Note 4 and Note Edge.

There’s no word on exactly when this update will become available, but we should hear more about it fairly soon.

source: SamMobile

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Samsung working out deal to compete with Apple Pay

Posted by wicked December - 17 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

The relatively warm acceptance of Apple Pay – Apple’s wireless payment system that allows owners of the latest iPhone models to wave their smartphone instead of swiping your card to pay – has probably forced Samsung to look for a competing system using its own line of smartphones. The South Korean gadget giant is reportedly in talks with US payments startup LoopPay to make this happen.

Nothing is final, and neither Samsung nor LoopPay executives would comment on the rumor, but the deal has to be hammered down pretty fast for the infrastructure and the system to be online by the time the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes out – rumored to be in March at the Mobile World Congress in Berlin. The Galaxy S6 – as with its predecessor the Galaxy S5 – will look to have fingerprint recognition in place to make the payments system work.

Apple Pay works pretty much as you imagine a wireless payment system to work – it lets iPhone owners pay for items in stores by placing their phone close to the Apple Pay checkout equipment. Users then complete the purchase by authenticating through the phone’s fingerprint identification sensor.


We imagine Samsung’s process would look about the same as this, only that LoopPay’s current system mimics a swipe with a card – so in theory, it might work in more locations than Apple Pay or even Google Wallet, as it utilizes the same equipment as a swipe terminal for a traditional credit card. Nothing is solid yet, and the deal may yet break down, but Samsung will feel that it is imperative for them to finalize this one in light of flagging smartphone sales.

VIA: ReCode

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge spotted with gold trim

Posted by wicked December - 17 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off


Everything is better in gold, right? Hardware manufacturers seem to think so because new devices are constantly seeing gold introduced as color options at launch or a bit down the road. The Apple iPhone, HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S 5, and LG G3 are just some of the devices available in gold. It looks like the latest handset to ‘go gold’ is the Galaxy Note Edge. While the front and back of this Galaxy Note Edge is black, the frame is gold. Furthermore, the camera lens and flash LED are lined with gold. It looks much better than many of the devices that go full-gold.

The Galaxy Note Edge in gold was spotted in Vietnam; therefore, chances are it stays overseas and folks in other regions like North America are bound to current color options.

Via: GSMArena

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AT&T rolling out VoLTE update for Galaxy S4 Mini

Posted by wicked December - 17 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off


AT&T has just started rolling out an update to its carrier-branded variants of the Galaxy S4 Mini located in the United States. The upgrade brings compatibility for VoLTE (Voice over LTE), support for Wireless Printing, and a ton of bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations.

Hit the break for the full changelog.

  • VoLTE inter-op call hold
  • SIM less 911 Dialing update
  • ISIM SQN re-sync for VoLTE reregistration
  • v4v6 for IMS PDN while roaming
  • Wireless Printing
  • Video Player Closed Captioning
  • Unified Location menu
  • On-device memory status and profiling

In order to install this update, you’ll need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. Then, head into Settings, followed by About and hit the Software Updates button. You will then be prompted to download and install the upgrade.

Source: AT&T

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Lollipop beta for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 accidentally slips through

Posted by wicked December - 17 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

The beta Lollipop build for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might just have slipped through cracks in security, allowing some users to get the OTA update early and accidentally. From a post in the XDA forums, it looks like a user in Vietnam was able to download an update to Lollipop for his Galaxy Note 3, although it looks like it’s not the final build yet.

A Vietnamese user apparently saw the Android 5.0 update as part of the list of available updates via the Samsung-update website (see pic of website below). The accidental update has most likely been taken down now, but not before some people were able to download it.


Looking at the images in the gallery below, it looks to be an early build – thank goodness for that. Most people are saying that the white background on the menus will continue to give the Galaxy Note 3 poor battery life, as they will need to light up more pixels for that. Hopefully the menu background color will be fixed in the final build, yes?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s update to Lollipop might not be as comprehensive as some people think it should be, with the device being the next generation after the current one. But it would still be a great upgrade, considering all the features of Android 5.0.


Samsung builds a synchronized dreamscape with phones, tablets, watches, and TVs

Posted by wicked December - 16 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off


Who would bring together seventy-four devices, ten animators, and sixty hours of building and fabrication with a crew of thirty for a synchronized dreamscape? Probably no one other than Samsung. In Holiday Dreams, Samsung utilizes its devices of various form factors to show how a young girl follows her holiday stocking. The devices used were the Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note 4, Gear S, and Curved UHD TV. It took a total of seventeen hours for Samsung to capture the final piece. And the initial character sketches were completed with the S Pen found in the Galaxy Note 4. It truly is a dreamscape designed from the ground up by Samsung products.

Hit the break to watch Holiday Dreams and the behind the scenes video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Samsung reportedly in talks to launch their own mobile payment system

Posted by wicked December - 16 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

samsung galaxy logo 2

Google Wallet and Apple Pay have both helped advance the future of payment technology for the better. Take your phone out, press a few buttons or swipe your finger, and you’re all set to be on your way. Naturally, Samsung would like to join in on the fun, as they’re reportedly in talks with startup LoopPay to create a mobile payment method of their own.

According to multiple sources from ReCode, Samsung has discussed a deal with LoopPay, a mobile payment startup, and already has a working prototype on a Samsung device. The rumored payment method is very similar to both Google Wallet and Apple Pay, though it differs in some key areas.

The technology would still require you to take out your mobile device to complete the payment, but unlike Google Wallet and Apple Pay, LoopPay doesn’t just work with NFC. LoopPay’s “magnetic secure transmission” technology is backwards-compatible with legacy terminals, and the built-in hardware makes payments by means of a small electromagnetic field that closely resembles that of a credit card swipe. To complete the payment, all users would need to do is tap the phone near the credit card swiping terminal… and that’s it. This allows the payment method to be compatible with both NFC payment modules as well as credit card swiping terminals. What’s more, the card information will likely be secured on Samsung devices by using the fingerprint sensor, much like we see with Apple Pay.

Earlier this month, LoopPay CEO Will Graylin told ReCode that their technology would launch in a mainstream smartphone sometime in 2015. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, though, Samsung hasn’t officially reached a deal with LoopPay quite yet, and sources say “the deal could still fall apart.”

Is the world ready for yet another form of mobile payment? Let us know what you think!

Samsung may be working on an Apple Pay competitor

Posted by wicked December - 16 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Samsung_Logo_02_TA_CES_2014It’s pretty typical Samsung behavior to try and create their own versions of popular technology, whether that’s an App Store, instant messaging service, or virtual reality headset. Sometimes Samsung’s version turns out pretty well, but other times it can be a complete disaster that goes mostly unused by customers.

With Apple entering the mobile payment market with Apple Pay, Samsung is, of course, readying their own form of a wireless payment method using Samsung smartphones. Sure, Samsung already has their own Wallet app, and almost all newer Android phones support tap-to-pay functionality with Google Wallet, but Samsung wants their own, uniquely branded version.

Samsung has reportedly been in talks with a company called LoopPay that handles mobile payments, so they would likely be the backbone of the service. LoopPay uses a slightly different method of paying for things than Google Wallet or Apple Pay, and it doesn’t actually require retailers to adopt new NFC payment terminals. The tech copies a traditional card swipe, so that offers very wide compatibility right out of the gate.

This isn’t Samsung’s first attempt at tackling mobile payments, but maybe they’ll be able to offer Apple and Google some serious competition.

source: re/code

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