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HTC’s One M9 is priced at $599 according to T&C’s of SweepStakes Promotion

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The HTC One M9 was only announced a couple of days ago at MWC, so it’s pretty normal not to have pricing details available. But seeing as HTC are currently running a SweepStakes Promotion where you can win one of five One M9 handsets, a monetary value for the prize has to be included in the terms and conditions of the contest, as seen after the break.

FIVE (5) PRIZES: One (1) HTC One (M9) phone. Actual appearance of phone may differ from device depicted. The actual value of Grand Prize is subject to price fluctuations in the consumer marketplace based on, among other things, any gap in time between the date the ARV is estimated for purposes of these Official Rules and the date the prize is awarded or redeemed.  Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $599. Odds of winning a Prize depend on the number of eligible entries received during the Promotion Period.

Granted, the $599 price tag is in no way official, but it serves as a good ballpark figure for the handset. I would be very surprised if the HTC One M9 ended up being more expensive. If you still haven’t entered the SweepStakes promotion to win a HTC One M9, you can enter right here.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen potential price tags leak out in the terms and conditions of giveaway contests, as seen here with the Galaxy S6 being given a $699 monetary value in a T-Mobile competition. Time will tell as to whether the figures given are accurate or not.

Source: HTC
Via: PhoneArena

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RAVPower RP-WD02 – Android Accessories Review

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There are so many Power Banks out there. However, they are not all the same. Some sacrifice weight for capacity. Others do the opposite. Some come with two ports and some come with more, while others come with less. Some are just batteries with a case around it, but others have some unique features.

In this episode of XDA TV, Producer TK reviews the RAVPower RP-WD02 Wireless Filehub & Portable Travel Router. This device is the successor to the RP-WD01 that we reviewed for you here on XDA last year. The newly designed model builds on last year’s model by adding a few more features that you are sure to like.  The biggest bump is the battery from 3000 to 6000mAh. Check out this video to learn your power options.

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Google update spree: Play Store, Hangouts, Drive

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MWC 2015 isn’t enough to keep Google from doing its weekly update duties and this week, we’re getting a taste of quite a few big ones. And now, this time it isn’t just about Material Design, but the changes do improve on the overall user experience as well as the user interface of some apps. Play Store gets a new and better landscape layout, Hangouts gets a new contact card format, and Drive adds drag and drop organization on mobile.

Google Play Store 5.3.5 (APK)

Up until recently, Google Play Store wasn’t really the prettiest. The Material Design makeover took care of that except for one glaring error: landscape orientation. Content used to stretch from edge to edge of the available space. Not exactly Material Design-like. Well, that’s now fixed.


Another Material Design transgression is the action bar, which remained visible even while scrolling through content. Now That piece of user interface automatically gets out of your way while reading and returns once you scroll up again.


Notifications are another thing that has changed. Now it has its own section in the Settings page, where you can choose to be notified both by available updates as well as when automatically updated apps have been updated. And speaking of notifications, you will also be able to Update or Update All apps right from the notification entry without having to go into Play Store.


Hangouts 3.0 (APK)

Despite the big jump in version number, from 2.5 to 3.0, the changes in Hangouts are more minimal and more subtle compared to Google Play Store. While there are small stylistic changes left and right, the most substantial one has to do with the contact information. Whereas before, the information displayed in contact cards are quite basic, now they include more, including the person’s conversation history with you as well as other contacts you have in common. This mirrors the recent changes Google introduced into its web browser Contacts page.


Drive 2.2 (APK)

Last, but definitely not the least, is Google Drive, which goes from version 2.1 to 2.2. This time there is almost no change in appearance, except for a subtle Material Design correction, but there is definitely one big change in behavior. Like on its web browser counterpart, Google Drive now allows moving files into folders using a drag and drop gesture. That might not make much sense on a touchscreen, but Google does try to make it a bit easier, also by including a short tutorial once your app has been updated. You basically tap and hold on a file or folder in order to add it to a queue of selected items. You do that for each and every file you want to move to the same place. Once you’ve had your fill, you then simply drag and drop the files where they belong.


The updates to these apps have started rolling out to some users. As with other updates, it might take some time before it reaches you. Or if you really can’t wait to get the latest, simply click on the APK downloads for each app above.


You may think the graphics of the games on your mobile device are great, but in reality it could actually be a lot better than it currently is. Vulkan, which is a project that’s being worked on by The alliance behind the OpenGL video standard, lets app writers take direct control of graphics chips and wring out extra performance on many devices. In theory, this should allow you to experience richer graphical visuals along with smoother framerates. 

While the project is still in its preview stage, companies like Valve are already keeping a close eye to it. Valve is planning on implementing this into their much anticipated Steam Machines. Only time will show what this can exactly become, but there’s no denying that the peak of mobile gaming has yet to come.

source: Engadget

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Sonos Controller for Android updated to version 5.3

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Upon weeks of beta testing the update, Sonos is officially updated to version 5.3 and is now live on the Google Play Store. The update fixes what was wrong with the previous version and improves upon it. Room control should be a lot easier, moving back and forth between screens is now easier, and the design of tablets has also been updated/improved. Here’s a couple easy tips for you to get used to the update:

  1. Three taps to party mode. Put the finishing touches on your party prep with a playlist to set the mood throughout the house. Use the new drop-down at the top center of our app to easily group or ungroup rooms in just a few taps.
  2. Retrace your steps. Change your mind on what you want to play? Swipe down to instantly go from Now Playing to browsing. To go back one step further to the menu, swipe right from the far left to view all of your music sources.
  3. Distractions welcome. If you want to go back to listen to a part you missed, the track progression bar is now more prominently displayed in your Now Playing screen, just below the album art. Drag it to whatever point in the song you want to play.

QR code and download link below.

qr code
Play Store Download Link

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Audi USA will equip all of its 2016 cars with AT&T’s LTE service

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Building upon its previous arrangement, Audi and AT&T have reached an agreement to have all of Audi’s 2016 vehicles to come pre-installed with AT&T’s LTE service. This deal offers Audi drivers to add the LTE service for an extra $10 per month. In addition, a new capability of AT&T Drive is added where the car can connect to the company’s Digital Life home security and automation platform. This enables the user to control parts of their home straight from their vehicle. 

For a little more info, check out the source link after the break!

source: Fierce Wireless

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Hyundai releases their Blue Link Android Wear app into the Google Play Store

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Blue Link Smartwatch

The car company Hyundai released their Android Wear app Blue Link onto the Google Play Store. With the app, you can connect to your Blue Link enabled car which gives you access to Blue Link features anywhere you’re at such as your home or office. Here’s what you can do with the app:

  • 1. Remotely start your vehicle (R)
  • 2. Remotely unlock or lock the door (R)
  • 3. Remotely activate the horn and lights (R)
  • 4. Search and send Points of Interest to your vehicle (G)
  • 5. Access saved POI History (G)
  • 6. Make a Car Care service appointment
  • 7. Access Blue Link Customer Care
  • 8. Car Finder (R)
  • 9. Access maintenance information and other convenient features.


Hyundai Blue Link app now supports Android Wear Smartwatch features. Use voice command or Smartwatch menu to access select features. With the Hyundai Blue Link Android Wear App you can:

  • 1. Remotely start your vehicle (R)
  • 2. Remotely unlock or lock the door (R)
  • 3. Remotely activate the horn and lights (R)
  • 4. Car Finder (R)
  • 5. Call Blue link (Smartphone)
  • 6. Call Roadside (Smartphone)

Blue Link Smartwatch

Check out the link below for a QR code and Play Store download link!

 qr code
Play Store Download Link

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Samsung Electronics talks about their new image sensor and NFC IC

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Samsung seems to always look for ways to further improve their customers user experience with their devices. Yesterday the company announced an 8-megapixel (MP) RWB (Red-White-Blue) image sensor based on ISOCELL technology and an NFC (Near Field Communication) integrated circuit (IC) with improved RF (Radio Frequency) performance. According to Samsung’s VP of Systems LSI marketing:

“With our new RWB ISOCELL image sensor for richer images and NFC IC with outstanding RF performance, we are excited to offer mobile users more convenient imaging and connectivity applications.”

The 8MP image sensor will provide much better front facing camera quality with its excellent low light image quality.  BussinessWire goes on to explain how this kind of technology will benefit the user:

“Samsung’s proprietary ISOCELL technology substantially increases light sensitivity and effectively controls the collection of photons, resulting in higher color fidelity even in poor lighting conditions. Physical barriers between each ISOCELL pixel allow 30 percent decrease in crosstalk and 30 percent increase in full-well capacity when compared to conventional BSI (Back Side Illumination) pixels.”

Samsung has also improved their NFC technology by drastically upgrading its RF performance, which shows an increase of about 100 percent over its predecessor in card mode and 20 percent in reader mode. While these improvements aren’t the “sexy” upgrades that most readers like to read about (e.g. processor, screen, etc.), it’s still nice to see Samsung continuing to improve their devices as a whole. 

source: BusinessWire

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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge retail packaging is shown off in unboxing video

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Galaxy S6 unboxing

Here we are, just a few days after the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones, and we’ve already heard how pre-orders are pouring in for the new flagships. We’ve seen the official hands-on video before, but what we didn’t notice was the change in retail packaging. 

In a departure from the faux wood packaging that we’ve seen the Note 3 and Galaxy S5 presented in, the Galaxy S6/Edge handsets are packaged in a minimalist white box, with the device embossed in silver. And that’s it. As they appear to have done with the handsets, Samsung has refrained from attempting to make something look like something it isn’t. And that’s a good thing. Is it going too far to say that Samsung is finally making grown-up choices when it comes to design and presentation?

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source: Samsung Mobile
Via: Droid-Life

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Samsung explains how they made the Galaxy S6 and Edge so ‘perfect’

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samsung galaxy s6 25

As is usually the case around flagship Android device launches, the manufacturers make sure we know all about the new phone, how it was built and why it is so special. Today, we are hearing from Samsung, they want us to know that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have been designed and built to perfection, at least as far as materials go.

In a fair amount of detail, Samsung explains two factors to their device build, the glass and the metal. After all, that is what we see, feel and have asked for, right?

Starting with the glass, Samsung has gone with a new glass and technique, called 3D Thermoforming, to rise above the other boring old 2.5D glass on other phones today. Basically, 2.5D glass has fairly strict tolerances to bending, reducing the amount of bend available in design.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Glass

The process of 3D Thermoforming, in short, brings a couple layers of glass to the verge of melting, about 800 degree Celsius, then gently presses them into a mold. The result gives what we see in the upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge, that being, glass that bends in more ways than one. Take that LG G Flex 2.

After taking care of the front glass, Samsung again went a step beyond previous techniques with their metal choices. In short, they went with aircraft/automobile grade aluminum, called 6013 aluminum. The result, they say, is metal that is one and a half times stronger and 1.2 times more scratch resistant than the 6063 aluminum used for most current metal built Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Metal

All that metal, will it have an impact on the antenna? Why yes, so Samsung used ultrasonic welding to, in a way, incorporate the antenna into the metal frame. They say this gives more durability, a better signal and saves space inside the device, so they don’t have to put a big black bar on the front of the phone with their logo, take that HTC. OK, Samsung didn’t exactly say all that.

To give the ‘premium’ metal that luxurious look and feel, Samsung put special coatings on it, the result, if nothing else, gives that gleam you see in all the Galaxy S6 images out there.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Colors-6

In the end, Samsung has indeed stepped up their game, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are most certainly a step above the Galaxy S5. To answer just how much better may have to wait for the devices to actually ship to consumers, in April? May? Maybe even June?

Head over to Samsung Tomorrow to see all the details of The Art of Craftsmanship in the Galaxy S6.

Are you overly concerned with the process Samsung used to build the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, or, like me, do you plan to judge the build quality for yourself when the phones land in your hand?

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