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Android Authority this week

Posted by wicked November - 23 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off

nokia n1 (6)

A quiet week overall in the world of Android, though a few interesting news did came our way. Google finally brought sharing functionality to Keep, and enriched Play Services with some additional functionality that will let devs add cool new features to their apps. Nokia shocked pretty much everyone with the surprise announcement of a brand new Android tablet, and a tempting one at that. Samsung announced it would cut down on the number of smartphones models (finally!) and hinted at a folding device coming next year. Corning, the quiet glassmaker we own our beautiful screens to, announced the latest generation of its Gorilla Glass. And, finally, Apple and the Android-camp are now a little closer to reaching a peace agreement, after years of fruitless patent war.

Welcome to Android Authority this week!

Note: Jayce has taken a little personal time this weekend, so his Android Weekly video segment will be published a bit later. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for it!

Inside AA HQ

Quiet week inside AA HQ as well. We’re finally catching up with our reviews queue and we’re just as excited as you are about our Lollipop updates and new Nexus devices (well, at least the lucky few who got them).

If you’re planning to pick up some gifts this weekend (Black Friday is finally upon us), you may want to check out our roundup of tech deals from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Staples. Lots of stores already put up nice deals (and we’re trying to bring you the best ones individually), but, for the real good stuff, you’ll have to wait for the weekend. We’ll update the roundup all week, and also keep an eye for deals on apps in the Play Store and Amazon Appstore. Also, our roundups of the best devices of the moment are coming along nicely, and you can check them all here.

black friday

A little teaser for our app users: we’re working on revamping the Android Authority Android app with Material Design and the ability to comment on posts. We’ve already enlisted the services of a great dev team, and things are coming along nicely. Looking forward to an early 2015 release!

On behalf of the entire team, happy holidays to our readers in the US and abroad who are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Enjoy your time at home with your loved ones, and try to put your smartphones down as much as you can, will you?

The stuff you shouldn’t miss

Here some other interesting posts for your Sunday reading:

 ARM SoC Fabrication Wafer Processor

Top news of the week

Here are the top news in the Android world this week:

Google app updates


Nokia N1               

nokia n1 (4)

Samsung’s future

New Gorilla in town

Gorilla Glass 4 hands

Peace at last?

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Happy Sunday!

Deal: Amazon Fire TV Stick for $24 (regularly $39) on Staples and Best Buy

Posted by wicked November - 23 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 15.41.41

With the huge success of Google’s Chromecast stick, it’s no surprise that Amazon has also decided to get in the game with a TV stick of their own. The Amazon Fire TV Stick was introduced a little over three weeks ago, and is currently sold out on Amazon for the rest of 2014. The good news is Staples and Best Buy not only both have the device in stock, but are selling it for way under the retail price.

Staples is currently selling the device for just $24, which is well under the $39 that the stick usually retails for. At the time of writing this, the stick is still in stock, but there’s no telling how long will last. Best Buy, which also has the device in stock at the time of me writing this, also has the device in stock and is selling the stick for just .99 cents more than Staples ($24.99).  So if you miss out on the Staples deal, Best Buy is your best bet.

Get the Amazon Fire TV Stick from Best Buy for $24.99

Get the Amazon Fire TV Stick from Staples $24

Are you considering the Fire TV Stick for your streaming needs? Or is the Chromecast still your choice?

How to Disable Data Encryption on Nexus 6

Posted by wicked November - 23 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off


In late September, Google decided to step on NSA’s toes and turn on encryption by default in Android Lollipop. The Nexus 6 is the first Google Nexus device to ship with data encryption enabled right out of the box. According to AnandTech, the Google Nexus 6 performance decreases significantly because of encryption.

Data encryption is a software layer. This is a well known fact, since encryption has been available to enable for some time. XDA Recognized Developer bbedward noticed that the encryption is enabled with just one flag available in the device’s fstab. Flashing a boot image with modified fstab should disable the data encryption by default. Bbedward prepared such an image, which can be easily flashed onto your Nexus 6. After switching off the data encryption, your device should start to fly like it should have from the very beginning.

To flash the image, your device must have an unlocked bootloader. Unlocking will erase all your data, so be sure to have a backup handy. If you already have a backup, you need to perform a factory reset to wipe all your data.

The modified boot image with data encryption turned off can be downloaded from the Disable Forced Encryption forum thread. If you own a Google Nexus 6 and would rather have faster storage access speed instead of the greater security you gain from data encryption, head over there to get started.

[Big thanks to XDA Senior Moderator crachel for the tip!]

The post How to Disable Data Encryption on Nexus 6 appeared first on xda-developers.

How can I move videos and pictures from samsung infuse 4g to pc without using usb cable

Posted by wicked November - 23 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off
Hello All,
I have had to Jerry Rig the charger port on my 4g and sometimes I can get it to charge and sometimes I can’t. The usb cable doesn’t work and I need to transfer videos and pictures of a my Dad who is deceased (making it very important to me) to my pc to make dvd’s. Is there anyway I can bypass using the usb cable? If someone can help with this problem I would be greatful!

Note 4′s in Germany and Greece now receiving stability update

Posted by wicked November - 23 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off


Samsung is pushing out an update to all unlocked and carrier-branded variants of its current flagship smartphone, the Note 4, located in Germany and Greece. Weighing in at 137MB, this upgrade doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of added functionality, but it does include a handful of performance and stability improvements.

The full changelog for update, build number N910FXXU1ANK4, can be seen below:

System improvements:

  • Radio stability improvement

Application improvements:

  • Camera stability
  • FM Radio stability

To initiate the upgrade manually, make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Then, from the home screen, press the Menu key, followed by Settings. Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘About Device’, then ‘Software Update and ‘Update Now’.



Come comment on this article: Note 4′s in Germany and Greece now receiving stability update

Fingr – Indie app of the day

Posted by wicked November - 23 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off

Fingr review

What is Fingr?

Fingr is a new social network app that focuses on location-based chat. Unlike other social media apps and sites, Fingr relies on an open-forum style of communication. Think of it like a location-based Reddit. The app is currently free in the Google Play Store.

Here is the premise. Wherever you go, Fingr gives you the opportunity to communicate with other people who are there. It can be discussions about the place or event you’re attending or you can help get people caught up on what’s going on. You can interact with people in your general vicinity so you’re not locked to only talking to people from one specific location. The UI is heavily map based with some typical chat UI spread throughout.

There is a bit of a learning curve with this application because its advantages are not immediately obvious. Aside from location-based chatting, you can also do things like put together scavenger hunts of popular landmarks in the area, construct a travel guide for visitors, and even post lost pet fliers. It’s a little more deep than expected even if the most fun features are buried under the main premise.

It also relies on a point system to encourage people to become “bigger heroes”. This is Fingr’s way of rewarding people who engage with the app the most and help others engage better. It’s not a total waste of time because it also encourages people to expand the app and that helps get others involved.

fingr screenshot

Yet another social network but this one can be useful.

  • Location-based, open-forum discussion eliminates the need for things like friends and followers.
  • Extra features like missing pet fliers, travel guide construction, and scavenger hunts are a nice touch.
  • It’s a free app and the UI looks good even if it’s a little cluttered.
  • The concept as a whole is interesting.
  • The UI is quite busy and it takes some getting used to.
  • Like all new social networks, you’ll have to bug people to to join with you so you have people to interact with.

Overall, it’s a fun experience if you have people active in your area. This is definitely one of those instances where you’ll have to convince some people to do join with you so you have something to do if your city doesn’t have a lot of active users. At least it’s free.

google play

Check out the previous indie app of the day: Oops! AppLock
Join us in the Apps and Games section of the Android Authority forums! Just don’t forget to read the rules first!

New Moleskine notebook made specially for Adobe apps and iOS

Posted by Tom November - 23 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off

As far as demographics go, this new product is bang on target – we all know one or two Moleskine-toting, iPhone and iPad-using ‘graphic artists’, illustrators or serial doodlers. Some might even use the ‘h-word’.

Tick one Christmas present off your list – this is what you’re getting them. The new Moleskine notebook uses dots on the corner of each page to let the accompanying iOS app to capture the page and import it into Adobe Creative Cloud, where it becomes a bitmap JPG and a vector SVG for Illustrator.

Looking at the image, it does a nice job of transferring doodles to digital and it’s a novel gift to boot.

The hardback notepad is 8×5-inches and has 160 pages. It costs £25.50, which should include the app too.

Via gizmodo

Apple iOS to get Beats Music service in 2015

Posted by Tom November - 23 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off

Apple will further its acquisition of the Beats Music brand in 2015 with a Beats bundle incorporated into iOS.

Financial Times reports that the incorporation of Beats into iOS could come as soon as March but details beyond that are speculative.

It’s thought it could be a pre-loaded Beats branded app that appears on all users’ screens or it could be incorporated directly into iTunes.

Apple’s forged ahead with headphones, including the recent Solo2 Wireless set – now Apple’s probably thinking it’s time to get the $3 billion purchase out to more users.

Via gizmodo

Technics to launch FLAC music store in 2015

Posted by Tom November - 23 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off

Even with the highest spec sound system or PMP, it’s what you put in it that counts.

High-end Technics systems are used to Japanese import SACDs and the like but their virtual counterparts are still lacking. That’s why the Technics Tracks digital store will launch in 2015 – to provide 24-bit FLAC audio files with a 92kHz sampling rate.

If these figures don’t mean much to you, then it’s probably not a vital store. Audiophiles, however, might like their choice of high quality digital files sources expanding (especially those who treated themselves to a Neil Young PonoPlayer).

The store will also serve up 16-bit/44.1kHz CD-quality tracks and will be backed up by Android, iOS and desktop apps.

Is this the way to top quality audio or is just buying the CD the way to go? Join the discussion on the MP4Nation forum.

via engadget

Samsung requesting ITC to ban the sale of Nvidia chips, including Tegra

Posted by wicked November - 23 - 2014 - Sunday Comments Off

Samsung vs Nvidia

For those keeping a tally in the ongoing patent wars, two of the newest contenders are Samsung and Nvidia. Two months ago, Nvidia filed a lawsuit against Samsung, which resulted in a Samsung countersuit a week ago. Samsung has now decided to turn it up a notch, and has now requested the US government to block sales of Nvidia processors and mobile Tegra chipsets in the United States.

The entire hooplah started when Nvidia surprisingly decided to sue Samsung over their chipsets, which came with a request to block several popular Samsung devices (some of which include the Galaxy Note 4, the Note Edge, the S5, and the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2). Nvidia accused Samsung of infringing on 7 GPU-related patents, which dealt with programmable shading, unified shaders, and multithread parallel processing among other things.

Samsung then threw back a countersuit, stating that Nvidia had violated 6 of their patents, which was an action that Nvidia stated was fully predictable and expected by Samsung.

Samsung has now requested that the US government block the sale of Nvidia chipsets and mobile Tegra processors in the US, but has not specifically mentioned exactly which parts are in question. The dispute does mention specific device makers like Biostar and Evga that, if the request was granted, would keep them from selling products in the United States as well. The move would also have implications for other devices as well, like the Tegra 3 powered Ouya console.

According to Bloomberg, Nvidia still hasn’t had a hard look at the dispute, but are reportedly looking forward to bringing their own ITC dispute to the table. While this may seem like just another patent dispute, keep in mind that ITC disputes normally don’t take nearly as long to handle as lawsuits, which could mean serious implications relatively soon should Samsung be granted their request.

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