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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 not eligible for Android 5.0 Lollipop

Posted by wicked July - 6 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Since rumors about the Galaxy Note 5 are going around, this could also mean the previous Note models from Samsung are getting older each day. For one, the Galaxy Note 2 is almost three years old now having been introduced at the IFA Berlin in August 2012. Sadly, a mobile device of that age usually cannot be easily upgraded to the latest Android software version because it may not have the minimum hardware requirements.

Owners of the Galaxy Note 2 have been waiting for the Android Lollipop but we’ve been hearing mixed feedback. The latest related information we heard was from Samsung Denmark saying Lollipop is okay for Note 2. On the other hand, Samsung Gulf was saying otherwise. Even Samsung Spain once said the second-gen phablet would have no problem getting Android 5.0 Lollipop. Before those details were released, we heard a different view that it may probably NOT get the update.

We’re not totally surprised but after a few months of speculations, Samsung UK is giving hints that there will be no official Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the Galaxy Note 2 and its 4G variant in the region.

no android lollipop for galaxy note 2 b

No official announcement were made but when asked by Twitter user Sharang Godse (@sharang_godse) if there are any development about the Note 2 Lollipop update, @SamsungMobile ES unapologetically replied “The Galaxy Note 2 will not be receiving the Lollipop update in the UK“. That’s very clear and disappointing for Galaxy Note 2 owners but maybe it’s time you upgrade your phone.

no android lollipop for galaxy note 2 a

A couple of days later, another Twitter user (Rohan Virdee @WesoLabeshnai) asked if the “Note 2 LTE or S3 LTE will be getting Lollipop”. Samsung’s response was “the Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 won’t be receiving the Lollipop update”.

Does Samsung still need to make an official announcement? I think not. The tweets are clear: No Android Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

VIA: YouMobile

Android 5.1.1 ready for T-Mobile LG G Stylo and LG Leon

Posted by wicked July - 6 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Owners of the LG Leon and LG G Stylo would be happy to know that they can finally upgrade their mobile devices to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. T-Mobile has recently released the latest Android Lollipop software updates for the stylus-enabled phablet G Stylo and the Leon smartphone. Software update is available over-the-air (OTA) push over WiFi only since June 29 and 30.

According to T-Mobile, these releases are mandatory updates to the latest Android version (Software H63110e for LG G Stylo, H34510e for LG Leon). Initially, updates are available for download over WiFi but beginning July 10 and July 11, they will be ready via cellular data. As with most Android Lollipop updates, Android 5.1.1 will bring several minor improvements like enhanced display and longer battery life for WiFi calling.

To know if your device is on the latest software version, go to Settings> General> About phone and you’ll see which version the device is running. If you see Android 5.1.1, then it means it’s already up to date. If not, you can update as long as you have at least 483MB (G Stylo) or 317MB (Leon) available memory, at least50% battery, and WiFi connection.

Usually, an Over-The-Air (OTA) notification will show up on your LG device so you can download automatically and install. If you see such notification, simply click on ‘Install’ and restart the device.

SOURCE: T-Mobile(1),(2)

HTC One M9 vs. iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6–HTC wins!

Posted by wicked July - 6 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Which smartphone is the best? I’m sure you have your own biases but HTC thinks they have the best one today in the market. In an effort to prove the latest flagship phone is better than the other popular ones, the company conducted several blind tests comparing an HTC One M9 against the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. Obviously, the results were in favor of the HTC smartphone although we’re not quite sure and convinced.

In the video below, two different smartphones were hidden inside similar phone cases so testers won’t know which one was being used. The first test? Selfie in low light. Guys clad in all-black outfit bringing black cardboards were called to bring in the “darkness”.

The testers were asked to take two selfies, one using each phone. They had no clue that the other one was an HTC One M9 but when asked which image was better, each one pointed on the photo taken using the HTC phone. One point for HTC.

Video No. 2, the undercover phones where used to play a music. Testers where then asked which one was blasting the best audio—clearer and louder. The HTC One M9 was compared once again with an iPhone 6. Two points in favor of HTC.

Last but not the least was this blind Speed test by doing an app race smartphone challenge. Two undercover phones were used again to know which one will load apps faster. Results were in favor of the HTC One M9 but most testers thought they were using a Samsung phone. They didn’t expect to see an HTC device. Three points.

As the host would ask, “Did the results surprise you?”. They sure did. But hey, good job HTC. The videos were sure fun to watch. We’re wondering if the positive results were because of the recent software update released earlier in June. Phone sure is a mild improvement from the One M8 but is it really better than the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6? You be the judge.


Sony’s Xperia Z5 rumored to launch September, Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM inside

Posted by wicked July - 6 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

The reviews for the Sony Xperia Z4 were pretty underwhelming, especially with that weird “Japan only” market release. We kinda understand it now, in the wake of the overheating troubles of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. We want to believe that the stories are not true, but all evidences seem to prove otherwise. That may be the starting point of this new rumor that Sony will put out all Xperia Z5 devices in September – that is, the Sony Xperia Z5, the Xperia Z5 compact, and the Xperia Z5 Ultra.

The rumors say that the new flagship – which if true, will be coming out the same year the Xperia Z4 did (quite unheard of, but certainly has fuel behind it) – will be packing the new Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB of RAM, an all-new fingerprint scanner (something Sony hasn’t done yet), and a mighty 4,500mAh battery.


There is no information yet on the display, or if there will be changes aesthetically to the flagships. You will remember that there was very little to separate the Xperia Z3 and the Z4 aesthetically – although the teardown did show lots of changes internally. The rear camera on the Xperia Z5 is rumored to be the latest 21MP Sony Exmor RS IMX230 CMOS.

Some early rumors in April also put a USB Type-C port on the Xperia Z5, although there is nothing to confirm these rumors as of now. Don’t put your hopes up too much, you Xperia fans out there. But one thing is for sure, this points to better Xperia phones soon.

VIA: Phone Arena

Shangai commission files case against Samsung, Oppo

Posted by wicked July - 6 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Have you ever bought a new smartphone, excitedly unboxed it, then immediately got annoyed when you saw that the manufacturer pre-installed so many apps that you won’t use anyway? And some of them can’t even be uninstalled? Well, finally, a court has accepted that such an occurrence deserves legal action against the OEMs. That is, if you live in Shanghai, China. A commission has filed a case against Samsung and Oppo for pre-installing apps without informing consumers of their existence on their new devices.

The Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court has accepted separate cases that have been filed by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission against Tianjjin Samsung Telecommunications Technology Co Ltd, and Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Co Ltd. This case is in behalf of numerous complaints received from the public and investigated by the commission, regarding those pre-installed apps that come with their new smartphones. In this case, two of the “offending” devices are the SM-N9008S with its 44 pre-installed apps, and the Oppo X9007, which had a whopping 71 apps installed.

The commission studied 20 smartphones and found that most of these models already have apps that consumers normally wouldn’t use anyway. And even more annoying is that some of these apps can’t be uninstalled, eating up precious memory and space on the device. The commission says that this infringes on the people’s right to know since they have not been informed beforehand. They are hoping that this case will be precedent for OEMs to stop this practice that may be detrimental to the growth of the industry.

Both Samsung and Oppo have 15 days since the case was officially accepted by the Shanghai court to respond and enter a defense. Once they have responded, the court will then announce the trial dates. Let’s see if this case, even though it’s all the way in China, will have an impact on cases and issues like this on this part of the world.

VIA: Shanghai Daily

Android Community Weekly Digest: Jul. 5, 2015

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This week puts China once again in the mobile spotlight. Startup OnePlus continues to tease its upcoming OnePlus 2 smartphone and the hype is of course being helped by a few leaks here and there. Both Meizu and Huawei release their latest high end wares. Xiaomi, on the other hand, might have just disappointed eager US fans, though it did came close with its Brazilian launch. Welcome to this week’s edition of Android Community’s Weekly Digest, covering the period from June 29 to July 5, 2015.

OnePlus 2

OnePlus, of course, wants to Never Settle and put out another flagship killer that will generate the same hype, but hopefully not the same criticisms, of the OnePlus. So far, it seems that, at the very least, the OnePlus 2 will be quite interesting. OnePlus’ decision to go with a Snapdragon 810, despite its notoriety, will definitely be something to keep an eye on. Its claim of a faster and better fingerprint scanner also sounds a bit too good to be true.

Perhaps equally interesting are the things that OnePlus isn’t admitting to just yet. Leaks have uncovered what the OnePlus 2 may look like and then some. Though it might mostly resemble its predecessor, it might be distinguished by its metal and glass build, a theory that is reinforced by leaked design sketches of the smartphone. Those same sketches also point to the possibility that at least one variant would have a dual camera setup. Curious, indeed.


Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi

This week saw two Chinese vendors take their latest stab at the smartphone market. Curiously, both have adopted a full metal design, perhaps alluding to the new trend in flagship models this year. The Meizu MX5 is a 5.5-inch phablet that takes more than just the metal build design cues for existing popular smartphones. Perhaps most interesting about this smartphone is the processor, MediaTek’s latest Helio X10 octa-core. And of course, there’s the unbeatable price tag.

Huawei, on the other hand, sticks to its tried and true design with the Honor 7. More handy than Meizu’s, the 5.2-inch FHD smartphone packs neither a Qualcomm nor a MediaTek, but Huawei’s own Kirin chip, with 8 Cortex-A53 cores, four of which are clocked down to lower speeds. The Honor 7 also sports a fingerprint scanner that boasts more utility than just authentication, though its placement on the back might be a tad strange for some.


Xiaomi didn’t put out a new phone but it didn’t drop a bombshell nonetheless. It isn’t good news, however, at least not for US fans. VP for International business Hugo Barra revealed that the company has no fixed timetable for bringing its hot-selling smartphones to the US market, despite its interest in doing so. Current business practices and consumer habits are pointed out as the reason for Xiaomi’s almost snail-paced expansion West. That said, the OEM did just announce the Redmi 2 in Brazil. Let’s see if Xiaomi’s magic will work down south as well.

Bits and Bytes

This week has also seen a rather interesting mish mash of Android news and it’s a Good News, Bad News kind of week.

Good news, Bad news for Cyanogen, Inc., as it opened a door and closed another. A Lenovo-funded ZUK Z1 is said to be in the works and its most notable feature might not just be Cyanogen OS but its’ 4,000 mAh battery, the largest that would be ever seen in a smartphone. On the flip side, the promised Alcatel ONETOUCH Hero 2+ Cyanogen OS variant has been officially scrapped. Officially, it was because they couldn’t develop an upgrade path from the device’s Android 4.4 OS to Android 5.1-based Cyanogen OS. Unofficially, somebody probably screwed up by announcing the smartphone before they even tested if it were possible at all.

Good news for Sony as DxOMark released its evaluation of the Sony Xperia Z4/Xperia Z3+’s camera prowess. Tying with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this latest Xperia puts Sony back in the running with one of the top smartphone cameras in the market today, though it is still outperformed by two of Samsung’s finest. Now if only the smartphone didn’t overheat too much.


Bad news for some Android developers, Google will finally be setting the sun on the Eclipse Android Development Tools or ADT. This set of tools allowed developers to use the general purpose Eclipse development environment for Android development but ever since the dawn of Android Studio, it was only a matter of time before Google put the ax on ADT. That won’t happen until the end of this year, giving developers time to transition their projects and their brains over to Google’s blessed IDE. Nonetheless, it will definitely turn some people off who do not agree with the choice of Android Studio in the first place.


And that’s it for this week’s edition of Android Community Weekly. Be sure to join us for another seven days of Android news, apps, and games galore. With things ramping up for August and September device announcements, we expect to hear more juicy tidbits about both expected and surprise smartphones and tablets, so stay tuned!

Find out your device’s worth with Swappa Android app

Posted by wicked July - 4 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

With so many new smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other mobile devices coming in and out every month, it’s no wonder that we don’t get too attached to our gadgets anymore. We’re always on the lookout for a newer one or we get serious device envy every time our favorite OEM releases something new. Some often sell their current gadget just to get an upgrade. And that’s where something like the new Swappa Price app, available on Android, comes in handy.

Swappa is a popular website where people buy or sell (or both!) their gadgets, and because it is a free space, in more ways than one, not to mention its constant reliability, a huge site like XDA developer has made it their official marketplace replacement. The Swappa Price app really has a very basic but useful function: it estimates how much your device costs now, with just a few taps needed. It reads what version your device is then based on recent transactions on its site, it tells you how much a second-hand device of the same brand/model costs in the market right now.

There is also a graph that shows you the value/devaluation of your device over time so you can also see when is the best time to sell if you’re thinking of upgrading. And if you’re looking to buy something second-hand you can also look at the going rate of that device you’re looking for. If you’re ready to make a transaction, either to sell or to buy, you will then be led to the actual Swappa website, as the app will only give you information and the actual buying/selling happens externally.

You can download Swappa Price from the Google Play Store for free. It’s only available in specific regions however.

VIA: XDA Developers

Turing Phone is World’s First Liquid metal-frame Android phone

Posted by wicked July - 3 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

There are dozens to hundreds of Android phone models to choose from various manufacturers all over the world today. We can’t feature every smartphone that comes out in the market. We care about those premium flagship phones from top brands, as well as, those that we think give value for money. This Turing Phone isn’t exactly affordable or doesn’t even come from a popular phone brand but the fact that it is the first liquid metal-frame smartphone in the world is enough to make us put in on the spotlight.

Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) is releasing only ten thousand units of the Turing Phone. Pre-order will open starting the 31st of July on the Turning Phone website. It’s one unique smartphone that promises secure and trustworthy communication all the time because of the end-to-end authentication system it uses. This means no privacy issues or even those annoying cyber threats.

Three variants of the phone will be available: 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. These models are priced at $610, $740, and $870, respectively. Expensive for an Android phone and from a company we’re not really familiar with but it’s made from Liquidmorphium. Don’t be intimated by the term. It’s just a new material that is super durable, promising shock absorption, IPx8 waterproof rating, and being “tougher than steel or titanium”. Simply put, this is one tough phone from inside and out–able to withstand security threats and possible breakage. Specs of the phone include a 5.5-inch FHD screen, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 13MP main camera with HDR Dual Flash, 8MP front-facing camera, fingerprint sensor, 3GB RAM, and non-removable 3000 mAh battery. It will run Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box.

Turing Robotic Industries is still a relatively young company but it’s determined to enter the mobile market. Why, it’s even planning to open a retail store in the United States first quarter of 2016 and a special SDK, the Turing Library software development kit, will be released next month in time for delivery of the Turing Phones.

Those who will pre-order for the Turing Phone will get a bonus accessories package. Except a mobile gaming controller, gaming Bluetooth headset, a Bluetooth speaker, and a mobile Bluetooth keyboard to arrive with the smartphone. You can choose from any of the four color schemes that TRI has yet to announce this coming July 22.

Turing Phone 8
Turing Phone 9
Turing Phone 8
Turing Phone 7
Turing Phone 6
Turing Phone 5
Turing Phone 3
Turing Phone 1
Turing Phone 10

VIA: Pazar Cuccok

SOURCE: Turing Robotic Industries(1),(2)

Archos rolls out new 50d Helium, affordable 4G capable phone

Posted by wicked July - 3 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Only a few weeks after the 50 Helium Plus and 55 Helium Plus were introduced, ARCHOS has another entry into the mobile arena in the form of the 50d Helium Android smartphone. Okay, so the French phone manufacturer just added a ‘d’ to the 50 Helium but this one boasts of a slimmer design and more power with 4G connectivity. This new ARCHOS phone looks elegant with the smooth edges and clean lines. It actually looks premium but don’t be fooled because this one is very affordable at only $129.

The ARCHOS 50d Helium features a 5-inch HD IPS display screen, a 13 megapixel rear camera, 5 megapixel front-facing camera, 4G connectivity, 1GB RAM, Quad-Core SnapDragon 410 processor, Dual SIM native support, 8GB built-in storage, and 2100mAh battery. Phone comes with an intuitive interface that allows easy navigation, all thanks to Android 5.1 Lollipop. The dual cameras can capture stunning photos and selfies and the dual SIM support allows two mobile networks to run on the phone simultaneously.

The ARCHOS 50d Helium 4G’s design is nature-inspired. It’s 4G/LTE capability offers fast mobile Internet connection speed for faster web browsing, online gaming, quick access to cloud storage, and Full HD video streaming. The HD screen is ideal for viewing photos and videos because of the 1280 x 720 resolution. You’ll see vivid and bright colors all the time plus extra wide viewing angles made possible by the IPS screen technology.

No information on availability has been provided yet but at least we know it will be $129. That’s super cheap for a 4G/LTE capable smartphone.

Archos 50d Helium e
Archos 50d Helium d
Archos 50d Helium c
Archos 50d Helium b
50d Helium 4g a

SOURCE: Archos(1),(2)

Sketches of next-gen OnePlus flagship phone surfaced

Posted by wicked July - 3 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Ah, the OnePlus Two. OnePlus’ second-generation and now highly-anticipated flagship phone is the talk of gadget town this early because of the company’s negative reaction to criticisms a couple of weeks ago. Now, everyone wants to see if this smartphone is really better than the first one. We have a few more weeks to know that after the virtual reality global launch of the upcoming Android phone which also recently popped up at Bluetooth SIG and Geekbench 3.

The new OnePlus phone is said to have a metal build and fingerprint scanner according to leaked images. We’re not sure if this is the OnePlus Two but Business Insider was able to get sketches of the smartphone. One sketch shows which parts are metal as there are also glass parts.

Rumor has it that the phone will have an 8 megapixel selfie shooter. That’s a thing now but most companies don’t bother much with front-facing cameras until this year when more people are so obsessed with selfies. The phone looks like it will have a stainless steel bottom portion, USB Type C connector, dual lens camera, and a fingerprint sensor.

OnePlus Two b

The OnePlus 2 looks a lot like the OnePlus One based on the sketches. OnePlus may have exerted more effort into improving the specs and marketing that it didn’t think much about the design. Still, the addition of fingerprint sensor, use of a metal design, and an improved selfie camera might make this another bestseller. Who’s excited for this one?

VIA: Business Insider

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