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Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile’s CEOs are paid…. a lot

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One would expect that the carriers in the United States pay their chief executive officers by performance. By that assumption, the total compensation for Lowell McAdam, Randall Stephenson, Marcelo Claure, and John Legere would be in order of their employers’ position in the market. That, however, is not the case. The total compensation for each CEO really varies because each company has a different set of incentives on top of base salaries.

So who is the highest paid leader among carriers in the United States? Hit the break to find out.


During the fiscal year that ended in March 2015, AT&T Randall Stephenson earned nearly $24 million, easily trumping the competition. Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s CEO, actually came in fourth at $18.3 million. Sprint’s Marcelo Claure and T-Mobile’s John Legere were surprisingly ahead of Lowell with $21.8 million and $18.57 million, respectively. Why is it surprising? Verizon is the nation’s largest carrier, Sprint is constantly getting heat for its network’s quality, and T-Mobile is still rising. It would make sense, in looking at it that way, for Stephenson and McAdam to be the highest paid.

Sprint defended Claure’s total compensation by saying that comparing it to the other CEOs is unfair and that he had several one-time payments when hired.

Here is what the Big Four’s CEOs earned in the last fiscal year:

  • Randall Stephenson (AT&T): $23.98 million
  • Marcelo Claure (Sprint): $21.8 million
  • John Legere (T-Mobile): $18.57 million
  • Lowell McAdam (Verizon): $18.3 million

For the current fiscal year, I would expect Legere’s total compensation to see the most change. The carrier is investing a lot in its network and adding customers at a rapid pace. The likelihood of being acquired by an even bigger company will certainly help, too.

Source: FierceWireless

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Update (6/29): If you’re interested in getting the latest and greatest smartphone (up to three times per year), you’ll be happy to know that T-Mobile’s new Jump! On Demand program is now live in-store. Although this offer isn’t for everybody, Jump! On Demand offers users a great way to upgrade their aging devices without having to purchase a new phone off contract.

If you’re interested in signing up, head on over to the nearest T-Mobile store and tell the representative that you’d like to sign up. Are you signing up for the new program? If so, let us know in the comments!

Original post (6/25): T-Mobile’s Jump! early upgrade program has been around for awhile now, allowing users to upgrade their devices early as long as they pay a premium every month. As part of its recently-announced “Un-carrier Amped” initiative, T-Mobile has just introduced an upgrade to the Jump! program, which might prove useful for many consumers out there. It’s called “Jump! On Demand”, and the premise is actually quite simple.

Once you sign up for the new program, T-Mobile will give you a brand new smartphone at no extra cost, as long as you agree to lease the device monthly like you would on any other payment plan. If you want a new phone at any time, T-Mobile will let you upgrade up to three times per year. You’ll need to trade in your current phone, which must be in good condition, but that’s really one of the only caveats here.

Now instead of having to pay the $10 premium each month for the ability to upgrade early, if you sign up for the plan, you’ll just need to pay the monthly cost for your device (and the cost of your plan, of course). So to clarify, you’ll owe no upgrade fee, no taxes on the new phone, and no additional monthly fee. This is certainly a great plan for someone who always wants the latest and greatest, but if you’re someone who likes to hold on to your old smartphones, this isn’t the deal for you.

Jump! On Demand will launch Sunday, June 28th, and will unfortunately be available for only a few smartphones at the start:

It should be noted that if you receive a smartphone through Jump! On Demand and choose not to upgrade early anymore, at the end of your 18-month lease, you can go about it three different ways. Either you can turn in the smartphone (in good condition) and pay nothing more, upgrade to your next phone and start a new plan, or pay off the remaining balance on your device and keep it. If you want to keep the smartphone, the “final payment” equals the total retail cost of the phone, minus what you’ve paid on it so far.

There’s a lot to digest here, so if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. And be sure to stay tuned for more Un-carrier Amped announcements in the coming weeks.


T-Mobile extends two of its data plan promotions until July 14

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Communications sent to T-Mobile employees show that the carrier is extending promotions on a couple of its data plans. T-Mobile planned to remove the two for $100 or four for $100 data plan promotions today, but has now extended until July 14.

If you buy two 4G LTE Unlimited data plans with T-Mobile, through July 14 it’ll only cost you $100 for two. New customers are still able to sign-up for T-Mobile 4 for $100 promotion in 2.5GB or 4.5GB amounts. T-Mobile plans on honoring the promotion pricing, even after the sale ends on July 14. You can check out all of the sweet details in the communication posted below.


These are some really sweet deals the carrier is offering. Now is the time to make the jump from your current carrier to T-Mobile, if you’ve been considering it. In addition to these promotions, T-Mobile is also currently running its Un-carrier Amped campaign, building on a bunch of features they announced when they launched the Un-carrier initiative, such as its JUMP! program.

Anyone making the jump to T-Mobile?

source: TmoNews

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T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand Program is Now Live at T-Mobile Stores

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That’s right, T-Mobile’s new JUMP! On Demand (JOD) program is now live in-store for those interested in buying into a program that lets you upgrade up to three times per year.

Announced last week, JUMP! On Demand is a lease program that breaks a phone’s cost down into 18 equal monthly payments with zero down upfront. Once you are in JOD, you can swap out for a new phone up to three times per year without having to pay to upgrade. If you don’t upgrade, at 18 months you will have the choice to either trade in again or buy the phone for the remaining balance of what it would cost at full retail. According to T-Mobile, there isn’t an extra mark-up at the end – you pay the difference between the phone at full retail and however much you paid during those 18 months. 

Current phones in the program are the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 4, LG G4, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. If you would like to see monthly pricing for each, you can find that here.

You can get more general info at T-Mobile’s site or stores. We also have a breakdown for you here.


T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand Program is Now Live at T-Mobile Stores is a post from: Droid Life

GoSmart Mobile introducing new $30 plan – unlimited talk, text and web

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GoSmart Mobile offers some of the most interesting plans in the prepaid market. Today they extend their options by adding a completely new offer. This new tier costs $30 a month and includes unlimited talk, text and data.

US customers have plenty of prepaid options to choose from, but the issue is most of these follow some sort of cookie cutter range of plans with no significant differences. GoSmart Mobile differentiates itself by providing a very unique data system.


Ultimately, data is unlimited, but not at its fullest capacity. With this plan users can get 1 GB of 3G data per month, after which they will be throttled to 2G speeds. The good news is social networking buffs won’t be suffering too much. Every plan includes unlimited 4G LTE access to Facebook, which could be a life saver to some.

This will make a huge difference to those who play around with Facebook often. Especially if you are one who enjoys watching those fun videos, uploading images and the like. We may not think too much of Facebook at times, but it sure can take a toll on your data consumption!


The prepaid carrier is owned and supported by T-Mobile, so you will be at the mercy of their network (which is not a bad thing, at all). Interested customers can go ahead and sign up at GoSmart Mobile’s official website starting tomorrow, June 28th.

GoSmart Mobile goes on to emphasize “all monthly prices are as-advertised (without any hidden fees or auto-pay requirements), and come without any ridiculous strings attached.” Just like T-Mobile, this carrier does stick to its promises. This is truly a no strings attached deal, and they even make it easy to bring in your own unlocked smartphone.

Convincing enough? It does sound like an awesome deal to the heavy Facebook user. Who is signing up?

Talk Android Weekly Recap: June 20 – June 27, 2015

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This week flew by with all of the excitement! We posted our reviews of some awesome battery charger’s, OnePlus announced the OnePlus 2, T-Mobile began its Un-carrier Amped campaign, starting with some sweet changes to its JUMP! program. If you missed any of that, be sure to check out some of the top headlines for the week after the break.

That wraps up all the major headlines for the week. It’s looking like rain here on the east coast, but it’ll be good to get out of that way for the BBQ’ing for July 4 next week. Have a great weekend everybody!

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New T-Mobile JUMP plan can change phones 3x a year

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They say a person’s average attention span nowadays is just 8 seconds. And when it comes to gadgets, apparently T-Mobile thinks it’s 3 smartphones a year. The new JUMP On Demand plan being offered by the un-carrier allows users to trade-in their devices up to 3x a year, and without even paying a monthly fee. Sounds too good to be true right? Apparently, their flamboyant CEO John Legere doesn’t think so and will even convince you, with NSFW language to boot, that it is true indeed.

T-Mobile’s previous JUMP plan actually allowed you to swap phones within your contract without paying a major fee. Well, except that $10 a month charge, which if you’re not really into changing gadgets often, will be too much of an additional charge. But now, the upgraded JUMP On Demand plan will not require you to pay anything more, just turn in your now unwanted phone and get another one to suit your taste or needs.

What’s in it for T-Mobile? Well, at least now they get older, used devices which they can then resell as replacement or refurbished units. And if you think people won’t go for that sort of thing, well, for a reduced price, some would still probably do so. And even when you’ve turned in that older device, you will still pay the new fees that come with your newer chosen smartphone, and so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Of course not all smartphones will be part of the JUMP On Demand program. To view the full list, click on the source link below. Oh, and as for that NSFW (because of language of course) video, here you go.

VIA: SlashGear
SOURCE: T-Mobile</a

These are the Phones and Prices for T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand (Updated)

Posted by Kellex June - 25 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

T-Mobile’s new JUMP! On Demand program is all the rage this morning, with smartphone lovers excited over the idea that they could trade in phones for the new hotness up to 3 times per year. But some of you may be wondering which phones are a part of the program and how much they will cost. We have that info for you now to get you ready for June 28, the day this new upgrade program kicks off. 

Phones and Pricing

According to T-Mobile, the first set of phones that are a part of JUMP! On Demand are the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 4, LG G4, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. In other words, all of the best new phones that you would probably be interested in a part of it. T-Mobile also says to expect more phones in the future.

So those are the phones, how much will they cost per month? Take a look at the image below.

jump on demand phones pricing

Understand that JUMP! On Demand (JOD) is a lease program; this isn’t the same as the original JUMP!, which is an equipment installment plan. With JOD, you are paying a monthly payment for 18 months with payments counting towards the cost of the phone. That means if you were to not upgrade a phone during the 18-month period, there is going to be a “final payment” due to make the phone yours, since you won’t actually pay off the phone in 18 months. For example, a Galaxy S6 at $28.33 for 18 months totals $509.94, but the full cost of a Galaxy S6 is normally $679.92. At the end of your 18-month period, you would still owe some cash to T-Mobile if you wanted to own your Galaxy S6 outright. The exact wording from T-Mobile is, “if you want to own your smartphone, simply pay the remaining lease payment and device purchase option price anytime.” Make sense?

I’m looking for clarification on what “device purchase option price” could mean and will update this post as I have it.

Update:  T-Mobile got back to me and clarified that at the end of a lease if you decide to buy the phone, you will only pay the remainder of what the normal retail price would be. In the example above with the Galaxy S6, at 18 months, you would have paid $510, but the Galaxy S6 retails for $680. You would owe another $170. I was concerned that the “device purchase option price” would be higher in JOD to discourage you from buying the phone after a lease, but that doesn’t appear to be the case at all.

The point, though, is for you to never get to that 18-month mark and instead just keep upgrading phones and signing new 18-month lease deals. If you don’t plan on upgrading all of the time, then this may not be the plan for you, unless you don’t mind paying off the rest of the phone after the 18 months is up.

JUMP! On Demand vs. JUMP!

Here is another image showing how this differs from the regular JUMP! plan.

jump on demand vs jump

The differences here are pretty clear, right? With JOD, you don’t have to pay the $10 monthly fee, plus you can upgrade at any time, up to 3 times per year. Your monthly payments will be lower on JOD and you can upgrade more often. Assuming you aren’t into keeping phones for 2+ years and always want something new, JOD might be your better choice here.

Still interested?

Via:  T-Mobile [PDF]

These are the Phones and Prices for T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand (Updated) is a post from: Droid Life

T-Mobile will now let you upgrade at any time, thanks to new JUMP! On Demand program

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John Legere

Under its new Un-carrier Amped campaign, T-Mobile has revealed JUMP! On Demand, amping up the way it handles upgrades. No more will customers have to pay $10/month to upgrade six months early. And, customers on the JUMP! program will get to upgrade even earlier.

In other words, upgrading isn’t going to cost you any extra money outside of your monthly phone payment bill. JUMP! On Demand will also let you upgrade your device up to three times a year, letting you always have the most recent flagship in your pocket.

The exciting element of JUMP! On Demand is that it is at no extra cost to the consumer–no upgrade fees, no higher monthly fees, and no taxes. You have total freedom of upgrading your smartphone to the latest device on the market with little to no consequences. T-Mobile will be officially launching the JUMP! On Demand program on June 28.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Keep in mind that isn’t the only new feature as part of its new Un-carrier Amped campaign. There’s plenty more to come, and we can’t wait to see what T-Mobile is doing next.

Are you trading in your device for a new one come June 28?

Press release:

T-Mobile Unveils All-New ‘JUMP! On Demand’ – a Whole New Way to Get a Phone Whenever You Want

T-Mobile kicks off ‘Un-carrier Amped’ — cranking up the volume on its revolutionary Un-carrier moves – by unveiling new ‘JUMP! On Demand’ phone payment plan
Un-carrier introduces the industry’s lowest monthly cost for iPhone 6 – at just $15 a month with trade-in

Bellevue, Washington — June 25, 2015 —Two years ago, T-Mobile [NYSE: TMUS] promised to take on a wireless industry that’d grown too fat to give a damn about its customers. Since then, the Un-carrier™ has eliminated the worst of the carrier abuses with an aggressive drumbeat of industry-rocking moves—and Americans have responded by making T-Mobile America’s fastest growing wireless company. But the company isn’t stopping there. T-Mobile is rolling out a series of epic updates to some of its wildly popular Un-carrier moves this summer and calling it ‘Un-carrier Amped!’ So today, the company kicked things off in a big way by amping up Un-carrier 2.0, its groundbreaking JUMP!® program, and introducing the industry’s lowest monthly cost to get an iPhone 6 when you trade-in your smartphone. 
With T-Mobile’s new JUMP! On Demand™, one low monthly phone payment covers the cost of a new smartphone and gives you the freedom to swap it for a new one absolutely anytime you like … at no extra cost. Which means you don’t pay a penny to walk out the door with your new smartphone today–not even sales tax, with qualifying credit. No fees to upgrade whenever you want, no waiting and no worries about paying off your old phone when you upgrade.
“While the carriers are breaking every promise they’ve ever made with their knock-off upgrade programs, we’re racing full speed ahead, making one of our most popular moves even better,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “JUMP! On Demand is the best way to get a new smartphone whenever you want. Zero out the door. Zero at upgrade. Zero fees. Zero wait. Zero BS.”
Hear more about JUMP! On Demand from Legere in his latest video blog.
Get a New Smartphone When You Want
Nearly half of Americans say they wish their carrier would let them upgrade their smartphone more often. So they’re counting the days until they can get that next new smartphone. With Jump! On Demand, you can get a new smartphone whenever you want at no extra cost.
Here’s how JUMP! On Demand works: Get a new smartphone for zero out of pocket with qualifying credit, and zero sales tax due today, followed by one low monthly payment that includes the cost of that new smartphone and, for free, the ultimate freedom to upgrade whenever you want. When you want a new smartphone, just swap your old phone for a new one. That’s it.
Customers with JUMP! On Demand can upgrade anytime − tomorrow, next week or next month − up to three times a year. Simply bring in the last phone you got with JUMP! On Demand for a quick three-point check-up to ensure it’s in good working order and swap it out for a new smartphone. Which means you could get six brand new phones during the time it’d take to get one upgrade at Verizon.
When you get a smartphone with JUMP! On Demand, your monthly payment is about the same as it would be with regular financing, and there’s no extra $10 monthly program fee.  T-Mobile’s most popular smartphones are available with JUMP! On Demand. See the full list of available smartphones at in the FAQs.
Existing JUMP! customers can get a new smartphone with JUMP! On Demand the next time they upgrade, and won’t have to pay that extra $10 per month because the ability to upgrade whenever you want is now included in your monthly phone payment.  And, if you still want device insurance (Premium Handset Protection), it only costs $8 per month.
Making It Easier, Not Harder, to Get the Phone You Want … When You Want It
Nearly two years ago, T-Mobile rocked the wireless industry with JUMP! so Americans could upgrade when they want, not when they’re told. JUMP! busted down the barriers to upgrading, and it was a huge hit. Over 10 million people signed on and made the most of JUMP!, upgrading their phones 30% faster than everyone else—every 14 months compared to the industry-average of nearly 20 months.
JUMP! was so disruptive, the carriers were forced to roll out their own knock-off “early upgrade” programs. But they’ve been changing their fine print ever since. Today, carrier customers are forced to wait even longer and pay more to get the phone they want. Verizon Edge customers originally had to pay off 50% of their phone before they could upgrade. Then Verizon upped the payout to 75%. Now, they make you pay off 100% of your phone before you can upgrade—which can take 24 months.
“Verizon’s quietly turned their ‘early upgrade’ program back into a two-year contract – as if nobody’ll notice. And AT&T isn’t much better. These guys just don’t get it,” added Legere. “Customers want more flexibility and freedom not less. So, while they make you wait longer and pay more, we’re changing the game again with JUMP! On Demand.”
Lowest Monthly Cost for iPhone 6
Now, for a limited time, you can get iPhone 6 with 16GB at the industry’s lowest monthly cost of $15 a month with JUMP! On Demand when you trade-in your current smartphone. That’s an unbeatable price the competition just can’t touch. And with JUMP! On Demand, you can easily upgrade to the latest iPhone at any time.
With Jump! On Demand, you make payments on your phone for 18 months.  After 18 months, you can simply turn in your phone with nothing more to pay, or upgrade to your next new phone and start a new plan, or make a final payment and keep your phone.  If you keep your phone and make the final payment, the total of your payments will equal the retail price of the phone.  In addition, customers can pay off their JUMP! On Demand plan at any time by paying the remaining payments in advance, and keep their phone without penalty.
JUMP! On Demand is available in participating T-Mobile stores nationwide starting June 28th.  For more information, visit And follow T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Twitter ( to see how he’s planning to surprise his followers and celebrate the launch of JUMP! On Demand with them.
$0 down at signing + $15/mo for 18 mo. lease O.A.C. If you cancel wireless service, remaining lease payments become due. Device must be returned in good condition or purchase option exercised ($164 for iPhone 6 offer) at cancellation or after 18 mos. Qual’g service, eligible device trade-in & upgrade req’d. No device security deposit. Monthly taxes additional.
About T-Mobile US, Inc.
As America’s Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS) is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. The Company’s advanced nationwide 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences to approximately 57 million customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value. Based in Bellevue, Washington, T-Mobile US provides services through its subsidiaries and operates its flagship brands, T-Mobile and MetroPCS. For more information, please visit

Come comment on this article: T-Mobile will now let you upgrade at any time, thanks to new JUMP! On Demand program

T-Mobile kicked off Un-carrier Amped! this morning, just as they promised. The first announcement in what should be a series of new initiatives, involves JUMP!, the device-payment upgrade program T-Mobile introduced back in 2013. Starting June 28, T-Mobile customers can join JUMP! On Demand and upgrade whenever they want, without fee, up to 3x per year (12 months). 

The new program works like this. T-Mobile will hand you a new smartphone with zero out of pocket costs. You agree to pay for it monthly, just like any other device payment plan. But when you decide you want a new phone, T-Mobile will let you get one at any time, up to 3 times per year. All you have to do is head into a T-Mobile store and swap out your current phone for a new one. Your phone will go through a “quick three-point check-up” to make sure it is still in good working condition before letting you grab the new device.

Unlike regular JUMP!, JUMP! On Demand doesn’t include a $10 monthly fee, so the program is essentially free outside of the cost of the phone per month. If you want device protection/insurance, you can have that for $8.

This new payment plan appears to be an 18-month lease rather than the typical 24-month plan most of you are used to. We don’t have pricing yet, but it sounds like T-Mobile is basically leasing you the phone for 18 months with monthly payments that likely don’t add up to the full cost of the phone. So at the 18-month mark, if you don’t want to upgrade to a new phone, there will be a “final payment” for you to make to pay off the remainder of the phone. Once you do that, the phone is yours to keep. You can also pay off the cost of the phone early.

We are still waiting to see if all of their phones are included in this plan. We will update this post as we have that info.

Update:  Here are the list of phones that will be eligible for JUMP! On Demand at launch along with their monthly costs.

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6Plus, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy Note 4, LG G4

jump on demand pricing

Update 2:  Here is a more detailed look at pricing, the phones, and how it compares to regular JUMP!.

And here is CEO John Legere sounding off. Yes, there is profanity involved.

Via:  T-Mobile

Note:  Edit made to the 18-month payment section, explaining that this is really an 18-month lease, with final payment due at the end of the 18-month period should you choose not to upgrade.

T-Mobile Announces Jump On Demand, Letting You Upgrade “When You Want” Up to 3x Per Year (Updated) is a post from: Droid Life