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T-Mobile suspends ZTE ZMax sales, owners taking off the batt

Posted by wicked April - 18 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off

After less than a year of being carried by T-Mobile, the ZTE Zmax phablet is no more. ZTE didn’t pull out of a deal with T-Mobile but it was the mobile carrier who recently suspended its sales. It’s not because no one is buying the ZTE phablet but rather people are hacking in to the phone. T-Mobile might have been pissed off at those people trying to fix the phone themselves and looks like they’ve had it already.

The ZTE Zmax phablet is an Un-carrier exclusive but looks like you will have to look for it somewhere else if you plan on buying one. Why, owners of the Zmax are reportedly hacking the phone, trying to remove the non-removable battery from it. No explanation as to why people are doing it but they could be doing a hard reset because of certain errors.

The back cover of the phone is only clipped on and some people are trying to be smart by using a knife or screw diver to take it off. That’s not recommended because the battery cell might be destroyed or worse, people might hurt themselves. T-Mobile complained about the issue and ZTE is still studying how they can prevent owners from touching the batteries.

The ZTE phablet’s back cover can be taken off easily. ZTE should have tested this part before release. T-Mobile too shouldn’t have approved this in the first place if the problem is identified early on.


T-Mobile’s Walmart Family Mobile plans now offer more data for no extra charge

Posted by wicked April - 17 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

t-mobile logo mwc 2015

T-Mobile has just announced that its Walmart Family Mobile plans are getting more data for the same price. Starting Saturday, April 18th (tomorrow) you can get the $29.88 per month plan with 1GB of 4G LTE data (up from 500MB) and the $39.88 per month plan with 3GB of 4G LTE data (up from 2.5GB). Each plan still offers unlimited talk and text, and there’s no need for users to sign up for additional data – T-Mobile will automatically bump up the data amount for all customers currently on the plans.

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Customers who sign up for multiple lines at one time will be able to save $5 for each additional line. Offered nationwide through Walmart retail stores and, these plans are convenient, low-cost alternatives to other postpaid plans found around the mobile industry. If you’d like more information, check out the source link below.

T-Mobile’s Walmart Family Mobile Plans Get 500MB of Extra Data at No Extra Charge

Posted by Kellex April - 17 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

The Walmart Family Mobile plans (it’s like a prepaid plan that runs on T-Mobile’s network) are getting a boost in data starting tomorrow, April 18, without a price hike. The two tiers – $29.88 and $39.88 – are each receiving a bump of 500MB per month, bringing them to 1GB and 3GB, respectively. Each plan also still includes unlimited talk and text.

And yep, it is a “slow news day.” 

Via:  T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s Walmart Family Mobile Plans Get 500MB of Extra Data at No Extra Charge is a post from: Droid Life

Get double the 4G LTE data with Walmart Family Mobile starting April 18

Posted by wicked April - 17 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off


Walmart Family Mobile, which is powered by T-Mobile, just announced that customers will get double the data starting tomorrow. Even better news is that existing customers will enjoy the extra data too!!

The double data refers to the lower priced offering, which is $29.88 per month. That includes unlimited talk, text and data with up to 1 GB of 4G LTE data. That used to be 500 MB, so the data is now doubled.

There is also a $39.88 per month plan that enjoys the same unlimited talk, text, and data, but you get 3 GB of 4G LTE data. This plan enjoys the same 500 MB increase from 2.5 GB, but it’s obviously not doubled.

In case you’re not familiar with Walmart Family Mobile, it’s for postpaid customers only and there are no contracts. Plans can be purchased at Walmart stores or As mention earlier, the network is powered by T-Mobile so you will need a T-Mobile compatible phone. You can bring your own or purchase one at Walmart.


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T-Mobile halts ZTE ZMAX sales as consumers try removing the non-removable battery

Posted by wicked April - 16 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off


Would you try removing a non-removable battery? Didn’t think so. Some owners that purchased the ZTE ZMAX through T-Mobile, however, disagree. The carrier has been forced to halt sales of the handset as current owners have tried removing the non-removable battery. Removing the back panel to get to the battery is easy because ZTE opted to use clips and not clue to keep it closed. This has caused the ZMAX to be damaged because owners are prying at the battery to remove it.

So until ZTE thinks of a solution, T-Mobile will not be allow customers to purchase the ZMAX.

Source: TmoNews
Via: PCMag

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T-Mobile’s John Legere vows to send a message to Verizon and AT&T on carrier overages

Posted by wicked April - 16 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

It’s no secret that T-Mobile has been the biggest carrier advocating for change in the wireless industry throughout the past few years. One of the most notable changes the carrier has made in recent past was the move to end all overage charges on its network, which came into fruition almost exactly one year ago. Soon after, CEO John Legere created a petition on that aimed to convince Verizon, AT&T and Sprint that overage fees were no longer acceptable. Even after reaching 100,000 signatures in just over one week’s time, the petition barely had any effect on the other three companies.

Flash forward to today, and T-Mobile is revisiting the petition for a different reason. Well, the Un-carrier’s goal is still to abolish overages in the wireless industry, but T-Mobile now taking matters into its own hands. In a vlog post sent out a few hours ago, John Legere vows that if the same petition (currently at just over 200,000 supporters) can get up to the 250k mark, he will send a personal message to Verizon or AT&T. Legere says the message could be anything from a “sky-written nastygram above AT&T’s headquarters” to a “giant greeting card delivered to the front door of Verizon”.

Legere says:

Last year, we calculated the carriers were taking $1 billion out of consumers’ pockets every year… (The carriers) slam you for using your device exactly like you’re supposed to, and these penalties often hit the people who can least afford them. If you’re going past your data limit, it’s probably because you don’t have a big data plan to begin with and are operating on a conservative budget.

If you’d like to help abolish overages throughout the entire wireless industry, you can sign the petition on to help get your voice heard. It will certainly be interesting to see what T-Mobile comes up with for a message, so let’s try to get that petition to 250k!

T-Mobile’s Legere steps up the rhetoric against idiotic overage charges

Posted by wicked April - 16 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off


The recent Twitter flap with Donald Trump must have really gotten John Legere’s hackles raised. However, the T-Mobile CEO decided to take out his wrath on his competitors through a new video he posted slamming them for their overage charge policies. The video comes a year after Legere challenged AT&T, Sprint and Verizon to abolish “predatory” overage charges.

As part of the challenge that Legere set forth, he created a petition on calling on the carriers to change their ways. According to Legere, that petition has garnered approximately 200,000 signees, but he wants to push that number higher to get their attention. This latest step is needed because he says the other carriers did absolutely nothing after he called them out last time for the overage practices.

In Legere’s latest video, he blasts other carriers again for not changing their policies on overage charges. He specifically targets Verizon for pushing free streaming apps, like NFL games, and then charging consumers for using the very apps they are pushing them to use. He also notes that the other carriers are trying to create a climate of fear for consumers who end up buying larger data plans than they really need.

Legere is asking consumers to spread his latest message far and wide through social media. He promises that he will send a very public message to the other carriers, the form to be voted on publicly, if the 250,000 signature level is reached on the petition.

You can check out Legere’s video message below. Just note that there is some mildly NSFW language depending on the environment you work in.

Click here to view the embedded video.

source: T-Mobile

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LG G2 from T-Mobile, AT&T finally getting Android Lollipop

Posted by wicked April - 15 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

We almost forgot about the LG G2 since the leather-backed G4′s April 28 arrival is being anticipated but the 2013 flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant is ready to received Android Lollipop. When Verizon released the Lollipop software update for the LG G2, we knew both AT&T and T-Mobile will soon follow. It’s not really a surprise since we spotted a Lollipop-powered G2 on video back in January and LG confirmed it last year after the new mobile OS from Google was announced.

It may have taken almost half a year before the LG G2 received the Lollipop sweetness but it’s finally here ready for download from the two mobile carriers. There is a slight difference between the two versions though. AT&T is releasing Android 5.0.1 while T-Mobile is rolling out Android 5.0.2. Both versions should have no impact on data or settings but as usual, backing up files and contacts to a computer is advised.

These Android Lollipop updates are ready for download from T-Mobile and AT&T. LG G2 owners should be receiving Over-The-Air notifications (FOTA for AT&T) anytime now. But if you’re getting impatient, you can update manually by going to Menu> Settings> General and then select ‘About phone’, if you see ‘Software update’, click on it and then choose ‘Update Now’. Phone should be ready to receive the sweet update.

As with most Android Lollipop updates, these two include Material Design elements, a lot of bug fixes, and changes on notifications. AT&T’s version will remove some features like Browser Bar, Famigo, Beats Music, and AT&T Code Scanner.

SOURCE: T-Mobile, AT&T

Rumor: AT&T will end two-year contracts at the end of May

Posted by wicked April - 14 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

AT&T logo [aa] (3) Todd Kravos

For years, carriers in the United States have functioned under the same business model – offer consumers a subsidized smartphone when they sign up for a two-year contract. In fact, ever since mobile handsets have been around, this model has gone largely unchanged. T-Mobile announced a few years ago that the company was getting rid of the two-year contract standard, and it’s definitely shaken up the wireless industry ever since. Up until now T-Mobile has been the only major carrier to axe two-year contracts and exclusively offer mobile payment plans, but according to sources familiar with the matter, that may change sometime soon.

AT&T, the second largest carrier in the U.S., will end two-year contracts at the end of May, our sources tell us. AT&T is using this new business model under the codename “Project Alice”, and when the end of May rolls around, only the carrier’s Next program will be available to consumers.

Though we have confidence in this information, there’s always a chance that unforeseen issues will change the plan, so be sure not to treat this rumor as official.

As of right now, credit checks are run for any current customer who wants to switch from the standard two-year contract to the Next program. If the customer’s credit check gets declined, they’re reverted back to a two-year contract. So given that signing up for Next is somewhat difficult for consumers already, we still have no details as to how credit checks will be altered when Project Alice comes into fruition.

Our sources also tell us that AT&T still has no plans to offer unlimited data packages to its customers.

Since T-Mobile stopped offering two-year contracts, multiple other carriers have introduced alternatives to help get more consumers on board. First, T-Mobile unveiled the JUMP! program, allowing folks to upgrade their devices early as long as they pay a few extra dollars monthly for a certain amount of time. Since then, Verizon has introduced it’s Edge program and even Sprint has begun offering more leasing options. Most of these early upgrade programs generally offer up the same benefits, and apparently AT&T has confidence that the Next program will bring the company as much profit as two-year contracts.

Recently, T-Mobile’s John Legere unofficially announced that the Un-carrier has surpassed Sprint in terms of overall customers, making them the third largest carrier in the United States. While there’s still a huge gap between AT&T and T-Mobile, it’s interesting to see AT&T adopting a similar business model to one of it’s competitors.

We’ll be sure to update you when we hear more about AT&T’s Project Alice. If this new plan turns out to be similar in pricing and benefits to T-Mobile’s no-contract offerings, would you be interested? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Lollipop now rolling out to the T-Mobile LG G2

Posted by wicked April - 14 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

LG G2 Review

According to T-Mobile’s support website, Android 5.0.2 Lollipop is beginning to roll out to the LG G2 today. The update, which is 617MB in size, will bring your device’s software version up to D80130b.

Among many other improvements, Lollipop brings a slew of new design and under the hood changes including a new notification panel, revamped Settings menu, Lollipop-style navigation buttons and much, much more. All of these aesthetic enhancements are based off of Google’s new Material Design guidelines. Some additional changes you might notice after the update include the new Smart Lock feature, Priority Mode notifications and actionable lock screen notifications.

T-Mobile’s update page explains that Lollipop will roll out from today until May 22nd, so if you don’t get the update just yet, you may have to wait a few days. If you’d like to check for the update manually, you can do so by heading to System settings>General>About phone>Software information>Check now. We know it’s not easy to be patient when a new software version is rolling out, but sit tight! And be sure to let us know in the comments when you receive your update.