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Plants vs Zombies 2 brings you to a Lost City in newest update

Posted by wicked June - 3 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

For some, the craze has been over for quite some time, but there are still mobile gamers out there (you probably included if you’re reading this) who still can’t get enough of their zombie-killing plants. We haven’t had a major update from EA lately, and so they’re making up for lost time with what promises to be a two-part update for Plants vs Zombies 2. First up is a chance to explore a whole new world overrun with zombies, in New World: Lost City.

The game will take you to a, well, Lost City through the jungle where you will encounter new kinds of zombies and meet new tropical plant characters as well. There are 16 new “golden and molten” levels in this update, so if you’ve already repeated all the levels three times, now you have something new to play with. There are 10 new zombies that will try to eat your brains, including Zombug, Excavator, Zombie Jane and Lost Pilot.


Where there are new zombies, of course there are also new plants. And in this update, we have four: A.K.E.E, Red Stinger, Endurian, and Premium Plant Lava Guava. And one of the biggest problems you face when playing PvZ2 is how to get more sun so you can plant more plants. The update now has a golden tile sun mechanic, where you continue to collect suns faster when you plant them on a golden tile, as long as the plant stays there.


We can’t wait to see what we’ll get in the second update due to come soon. But for now, you can get the Plants vs Zombies 2 update from the Google Play Store (here for the rest of the world).

Google Maps improves real-time transit info, adds more cities, countries

Posted by wicked June - 3 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

It used to be that map and navigation apps cater mostly to people who have cars or are driving or being driven around unfamiliar areas. But developers have been realizing that a lot of the people who need these kinds of services are commuters or people taking public transportation. Google Maps has been giving public transit information since 2007, but now they have vastly improved the service by giving you real-time transit conditions and adding more countries and cities covered.

When you look at your Google Maps app starting today, the information for your relevant “journeys” are now arranged and summarized. It also gives you suggestions as to what is the fastest kind of public transport to take when going to a specific place, or other suggestions if you’ve missed that bus schedule. It gives you live information like the arrival and departure of buses, trains, etc and even cancelled routes due to accidents or roadwork.

Last shot

Google Maps has also added two more countries and four metro areas to their database so if you live or are visiting the UK, Netherlands, Budapest, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle, you will also now be able to enjoy real-time transit info as well. Knowing Google, they will probably be adding more cities and countries later on to help both drivers and commuters navigate their way around the world.

Final Shot Blog Transit 1

Google now covers more than 18,000 cities and towns in 70 countries and 6 continents through the help of more than 6,000 transit authorities covering more than 2.5 million trains, buses, ferry terminals, etc. However, they are still working on Antarctica. They’re kidding. Maybe.

Transit graphic 3

SOURCE: Google

BBM Beta shows off Material Design, message editing, private chats

Posted by wicked June - 3 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

It took them a while to catch up in terms of design, but at least Blackberry is getting there when it comes to its strongest remaining product to date. BBM (Blackberry Messenger if you didn’t know yet) is finally getting a Material Design upgrade, as well as new features to “make it even better” for its more than a million users worldwide. The update however is still in its beta phase, so it might not still work perfectly as you would expect.

But if you’d like to see what they have in store for you in the future, the beta version has been reworked from the ground up, “inspired” by Google’s Material Design which has been floating around for almost a year now. This time, it has made BBM easier-to-use and gives more “eye-popping” visuals and interface. Another new feature is Private Chats which will hide the name of the contact you’re talking to (so we hope you remember who it is you’re actually messaging). Your chat will also be deleted after some time or when you choose to end the chat altogether.

Have you ever hit yourself on the forehead (metaphorically or literally) when you realized you made a mistake after you’ve sent a message? Of course we’ve all had that message regret feeling. If you don’t really want to retract the message (which you can do on the paid subscription service), BBM is now giving you the ability to edit your sent messages. You can also now let the whole world (BBM world, that is) know how you feel as you can share status updates from the BBM feed itself.

If you want to experience all these changes already, you can sign up for the beta and let them know if you think the new features and look are great. Since it’s beta though, some changes may still occur once it’s released in the full version.

SOURCE: Blackberry

Free up space on your device with Google Photos

Posted by wicked June - 2 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

If you’ve been online the past few days, then you’ve probably seen various people, blogs, and news sites raving about Google’s newest baby, Google Photos. With its offering of unlimited cloud storage space, easy user interface, and other various features that makes it both easy and fun to use, it’s no wonder that users are loving it. Another new (or newly discovered) feature will make it even more useful for the digital native, particularly for those who need extra space in their devices.

Reddit user smithers85 posted that he discovered the message “Device storage almost full” when he opened his Photos app. But then looking down, he saw the magic words “FREE UP SPACE” and if you press it, it will tell you how much space you will be able to gain if you delete device copies that are over 30 days old. And even if you delete them, they are still backed up in the cloud anyway, so it’s a win-win situation for you and your smartphone/tablet.

But if you want to delete pictures even if you still have enough storage space, you can also do it manually. Just select the photo or photos that you want to remove then select “delete device copy” to ensure that it will still remain in the cloud even if you delete it from your device. But this will only apply if you’re in the Device Folders view. If you delete photos from the Photos view, they will be transferred to the trash and then deleted from there after 60 days. But then it will disappear from both the device and the cloud as well.

If you trust Google enough to hold all your photos and videos in its cloud, then Google Photos is a great way to keep them all in just one place, regardless of where it came from (phone, tablet, computer, etc). If you haven’t yet, you can download Google Photos for free from the Google Play Store.

VIA: Reddit, GHacks

Verizon Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Get First Update With HD Voice, Photo Editor Tweaks

Posted by Kellex June - 2 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Verizon and Samsung have readied updates for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge this morning as software version VRU1A0D5. You would be safe in assuming that this is mostly a bug fixer, but there is at least one new feature in the photo editor.

That new feature is a drawing mode that allows you to drop over the top of photos using several different brushes, colors, thicknesses, etc. We received this feature back in early May on our international unit, so you should be familiar with it. 

As for the bug fixes and tweaks, Verizon is moving buttons around in the HD Voice calling screen, Google Wallet now comes pre-loaded, and People Edge (GS6 Edge only) now has a visual cue on the home screen. The rest of the list of bug fixes can be found below for each phone.

To grab the update, head into About device>Software update.

Galaxy S6

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.06.43 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.06.51 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.06.58 AM

Galaxy S6 Edge

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.04.30 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.04.38 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.04.45 AM

Via:  Verizon [2]

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Google updates My Account page to make it more user-friendly

Posted by wicked June - 2 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

If you’re a casual Google user, you probably didn’t know that there exists a tool so that you can manage the different aspects of your Google account, like your security, privacy, personal information, etc. This tool has been around for almost a year, but it didn’t seem to really catch on to the normal user, except if you’re a tech-savvy or tech-paranoid person. But Google has now updated the page so that it will be easier for you to occasionally check your account’s settings, even if you do it just once in a blue moon.

Now called My Account, it is a hub of all the tools and settings that you need in order to keep control of your security and privacy. If you are Google dependent, meaning you use almost all their products like Search, Gmail, YouTube, Photos, Google Now, Google Keep, etc, then it means the tech giant and its partners can see a lot into your digital soul. But now it wants to give you a semblance of control over what info you give out to which apps or tools.

In the My Account page, you’ll be able to manage your password and account settings, review your security settings and activities, including what devices are connected to your Google account, check your account permissions (you might have forgotten giving permission to some random app and now it can still see all your Google-related activities). You can also do a Privacy Check Up, where you can choose what Google+ information gets shared to the world (or not). Your Account Preferences can also be easily checked through this page.

No need to download any apps to access this. Simply go to and it will then ask you to sign in to your Google account (if you have many, just choose one). Then you will find all you need to check and tweak in an easy to follow format on the page. They have also launched a page to answer any questions you may have about privacy and how much Google knows about your digital life. Just visit for more information.


SOURCE: Google

Samsung is rumoured to be updating the Galaxy Note 4 to Android 5.1.1 by end of July

Posted by wicked June - 1 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off


While some Galaxy Note 4 owners are yet to see Android 5.0.1 on their devices, having to make do with KitKat 4.4, others have been using Lollipop on their devices for a while already. And now it seems that the Samsung is allegedly busy sorting the ingredients out for the next batch of firmware updates for the handset.

According to SamMobile, Samsung is busy prepping Android 5.1.1 for the Galaxy Note 4, with the aim of rolling it out to handsets by the end of July. Hopefully all Galaxy Note 4 owners, regardless of the carrier or variant, will be able to enjoy the Android 5.1.1 update. Samsung’s work is never done though because we all know what the question will be after the Android 5.1.1 update is (eventually) rolled out. That’s right, when is Android M coming?


Source: SamMobile

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SMS notification for Google Calendar to stop by June 27

Posted by wicked June - 1 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

We’ve read articles and tech prognosis that SMS or text messaging is slowly becoming obsolete since everyone is almost always connected to the Internet anyway and there are a lot of free messaging apps out there. Well, Google seems to be of the same mind, in a way, as they announced that they are discontinuing sending SMS notifications for your Google Calendar alerts by the end of June. This will only apply for your personal accounts and not for Google Apps for Work, Education, and Government.

The reasoning for this change is because when SMS notifications first launched, phones weren’t that smart yet. The easiest way you could be reminded you have appointments is through a text message. But fast forward to 2015 and almost everyone who owns a mobile phone is using a smartphone, regardless of brand or platform. So Google said that since we have all these apps and notification systems, which gives you “richer, more reliable experiences”, then they can do away with sending you a text message every time you have a meeting or a date.

But if you use Google Apps for Work, Education, and Government, you will still be able to receive SMS notifications, but it also isn’t clear how long you will be able to do so. They are suggesting that if you want to get notifications, just download the Google Calendar app onto your smartphone or tablet and even your desktop.

The SMS notifications will still be available until June 27, but afterwards, you’d have to rely on your apps to bring you notification for all your appointments, reminders, your friends’ birthdays, etc. You’ll be able to customize your sound and vibration through the app’s settings. If you don’t have the Google Calendar yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

VIA: VentureBeat

@LlabTooFeR leaks upcoming battery update for the One M9

Posted by wicked May - 31 - 2015 - Sunday Comments Off


Notorious leaker @LlabTooFeR took to his Twitter account today to share a couple of screenshots from an upcoming software update for the One M9, which is scheduled to start rolling out as early as next week.

This upgrade carries version number 1.40 and appears to be primarily aimed at improving the many battery issues that users have been complaining about recently — so now their handset should finally last more than a day on a single charge.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 18.11.24
Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 18.12.20

That’s all we know for the time being, but be sure to check back for more information as we’ll let you know the instant HTC starts pushing out the over-the-air update.

Source: LlabTooFeR (Twitter)

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Micromax Unite 2 getting the Android 5.0 update in India

Posted by wicked May - 30 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off


One of India’s top manufacturers, Micromax has started rolling out the Android 5.0 update for the Unite 2 A106 smartphone in the region. This comes as good news for the customers of the budget handset who were supposedly promised the update when the device was first launched.

Given that it’s a budget device, the Lollipop update will certainly breath a life of fresh air on the handset. There won’t be a completely stock Android UI on board, so users will have to make do with OEM customization. Although you can find the standard set of performance enhancements underneath, so usability should be blazing fast post the update.

The update is said to be nearly 412.94MB in size, so make sure you’re on an unlimited network connection before proceeding with the download. It should pop up on your device as an OTA update, but you can also check the settings if you haven’t seen the notification yet.

Via: Fone Arena

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