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Google releases updates focused on filters and views for Google Sheets

Posted by wicked July - 23 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off


The Google Drive team has announced some new features and updates that have been added to the Google Sheets spreadsheet app. The updates focus on filter and view options for spreadsheets. Headlining the changes is the ability to create a “temporary filter view” on spreadsheets for which users only have read access permissions. Using the temporary filter, users can filter and sort data in those spreadsheets.

Google also added some features that will make it easier to share spreadsheet data with other users. First, a specific view can be shared so that recipients don’t have to go through a long list to figure out what it is you are wanting them to look at. This can be achieved just by copying and pasting a URL. Second, Google added the ability tothe range that is used to define a filter view. Previously, to change the range users would have to delete the existing range and then create a new one.

source: +Google Drive

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Xperia Z2 gets update from Sony, with enhanced call quality

Posted by wicked July - 21 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

The Sony Xperia Z2 got an update which is in the process of being rolled out to carriers and regions as of today, but will be available for all Xperia Z2 variants regardless of region. According to Sony, the major thing to look out for in this update will be the “enhanced call quality” that should be a major improvement to the already impressive handset.

As per usual, the update – official firmware tag is 17.1.2.A.0.314 – is being rolled out in a staggered manner, and Sony cannot give exact dates as to when the update will be pushed to a user’s Xperia Z2. It does, however, support updating directly via PC with your Xperia Z2 connected by data cable.


The folks at Reddit – where the news of the update was spotted – are already expressing their relative pleasure at the enhanced call quality. Some have even said that the “tap to wake” feature has been greatly improved by the update – as Sony did list improvements for touch features as part of this update.

Another feature of the update that should be useful is “improved charging while battery is low”, which should mean that battery charging when in this situation would be faster and more efficient. The update will of course be available only to Xperia Z2 units with Android 4.4 Kitkat operating systems running, although the firmware installation will not bump up the version of the OS installed. Grab the update at the Sony Xperia 2 update page here.

VIA: Reddit

Kik messaging service updated to include live location tracking from Glympse

Posted by wicked July - 19 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off


If you use Kik Messenger, we have some good news for you.

Due to a recent partnership between location tracking service Glympse and Kik, you’ll now be able to share your location with the person you’re chatting with. You can also request a location from a friend through the app, using Glympse’s software.

Probably the coolest feature about this is that Glympse’s service is live tracking, so you can limit how long someone can see your live location for — from just one point to up to four hours of tracking. Just head to the Play Store link below  to get the latest Kik update so you can make use of the latest feature.

qr codePlay Store Download Link


Users can share location details with Kik contacts and friends

SEATTLE – July 18, 2014 – Glympse, the pioneer of temporary location sharing technology, has partnered with Kik to incorporate Glympse location technology within the messaging application. Launching today, Glympse for Kik will be included as a featured app and will allow Kik’s 120 million users to share their location with their friends and view others whereabouts, all from within the app.

Developed specifically for the Kik platform, Glympse for Kik utilizes a user’s Kik social network to share location. As all communications are sent exclusively through the Kik network, Kik users with Glympse do not need to leave the app to share, request or view location from friends and connections. With this integration, Glympse and Kik are able to provide users with a more fun and interactive experience.

“Location and messaging are tailor made for each other. Texting has become a primary form of communication for many, and many times the conversation includes the question, ‘where are you?’” said Darren Austin, vice president of product, Glympse. “By incorporating location technology within the Kik application, users now have a engaging, dynamic way to interact. With this latest integration, we are continuing to push forward with a new wave of messaging that does more than just static text.”

To use Glympse for Kik, users simply need to swipe left top open the Kik browser and search for Glympse. From there, they can easily select a contact and tap “Follow Me”, then select the amount of time their location will be visible, from an instant up to four hours. The recipient will automatically receive a dynamic map showing the sender’s location in real-time directly in the conversation – no need to open a browser or access another app.

With the new Glympse for Kik Messenger, users can:

  • Share to an Individual: Provide current location before leaving work or while traveling to a destination to meet the other person.
  • Request a Glympse: Ask for another’s current location while in a conversation.
  • Reply with a Glympse: Users can easily share their own whereabouts with a Kik friend who has already shared their location.
  • View on a Live Map: Glympse automatically updates location in real-time directly within the conversation.

For more about Glympse, visit

About Glympse Glympse™ is the pioneer of person-to-person time-based location sharing technology. With an intuitive design and enhanced features, the company easily integrates location sharing into everyday activities, meetings and events. Glympse has partnered with many top-tier companies, including BlackBerry, BMW/MINI, Ford, Garmin, GM, Gogo Inflight, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes, NAVIGON, Samsung and Verizon, which have integrated the Glympse brand and enterprise platform into their own products and applications. The company is backed by Menlo Ventures, Ignition Partners, Verizon Ventures, Naya Ventures and UMC Capital.


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Tegra K1-powered Xiaomi Mi Pad update quadruples the storage

Posted by Tom July - 19 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

The first Nvidia Tegra K1-powered tablet, the Xiaomi Mi Pad, has been updated after selling out its first run in minutes.

The new model features 64GB of RAM, quadrupling the original 16GB offering.

Both models are available – the 16GB tablet costs 1499 yuan in China (US$240), while the 64GB is out at just a little more – 1699 yuan (US$270).

They also both support microSD expansion up to 128GB, however, so there’ll never really be a huge storage issue, either way.

Via gizchina

Chuwi VX8 Updated with 3G and 64-bit Intel processor

Posted by Tom July - 18 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

The Chuwi VX8 has had an update – the new model features 3G connectivity and swaps the MediaTek processor for a 64-bit quad-core Intel Z3735D processor.

The tablet has an 8-inch, 1280 x 800 pixel IPS display, 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage.

It keeps the white borders and thin (5mm) bezel, and is 7.5mm thick.

It’s a neat and tidy looking tablet that is available with both Android and Windows 8.1.

Via tablet-news

Hitman GO update turns you into TSA’s worst nightmare

Posted by wicked July - 18 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

Apparently the diorama style of Hitman GO made Square Enix enough money to warrant even more board game levels. The publisher pushed out a major update to the game a few weeks ago but it seems to have gotten stuck in security check over at iOS. Today, however, the update is finally hitting Google Play Store and owners of the game can finally continue moving pieces around.

The update adds 15 new boxes of levels. Yes, they call them boxes, since, you know, they’re a diorama set. All 15 of these take place at the airport, and you will have to avoid security (OK, maybe not the TSA), to get your missions completed. A new type of guard, the new “high alert” guards, will make it more difficult for you to do so, since these are able to watch two lines simultaneously. Fortunately, the update also offers you a few new tools to circumvent these new obstacles.

There is now a “civilian mode”, which makes everyone treat you like some ordinary, innocent citizen and lets you avoid detection. That is, at least, until you take out your first victim. Automated walkways will instantly take you where you want to go. And finally, players can opt to “skip a turn” and by doing so lets Agent 47 watch an approaching target silently and stealthily.

This latest update to Hitman GO is available to players via two means. If you want to get it for free, you’ll have to finish at least 120 missions before you can access the new levels. If you’re a bit impatient, you can also make an in-app purchase of $0.99 to buy your way through. If you don’t care for what some consider to be a perversion of the Hitman franchise, you might prefer to wait for the Hitman Sniper game that was revealed last month but is yet to have any solid launch date.

Download: Hitman GO on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Square Enix

Verizon Moto X Soak Test Invites Go Out, Should be Android 4.4.4 or 4.4.3

Posted by Kellex July - 17 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

A new soak test of a software update for the Moto X on Verizon is about to begin, with invites going out to members of the Motorola Feedback Network moments ago. The invite didn’t specify if it would be an update to Android 4.4.3 or Android 4.4.4. The Verizon DROID line just saw Android 4.4.4 at the beginning of this week, so there is a chance that the Moto X will see it as well.

Then again, the Sprint and T-Mobile Moto Xs both saw updates to Android 4.4.3 recently

We will keep you posted with more info as we have it. Either way, the update is pretty minor. To get a feel for the update, check out the changelogs for the update that went out to the DROID phones.

Cheers D, A, Y, G, C, J, R, A, K, R, J and everyone else!

Verizon Moto X Soak Test Invites Go Out, Should be Android 4.4.4 or 4.4.3 is a post from: Droid Life

Dead Trigger 2 adds hellish arena and alien weapons

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Just because you’re killing zombies doesn’t mean you have to play like one. Dead Trigger 2 developer MADFINGER Games taking the zombie-busting first-person shooter Android game a few notches higher in this latest update, bringing in a new Tournament mode where players will be fighting not just for their lives but also for some pretty sweet (in-game) rewards.

You might have beaten Dead Trigger 2 in story mode, but if you’re trigger (or tapping) finger is still itching for some more undead fun, update your copy of the game and head on to Purgatory Arena, Dead Trigger’s first ever Tournament battlefield. Here you will be dishing it out in a royal rumble of blood and gore and zombie entrails. Every weekend, MADFINGER will preparing a unique tournament for players to show who’s really the best. Join other players from all around the world as you try to survive new challenges and obstacles. Just watch out for those Impaling Spikes and Gallows Ropes that will, well, you can probably imagine what will happen.

That said, Story Mode has been given another pass to make sure you come back to it after you’ve had your fill in the arena. A new story path has been opened in Europe, where you will continue in search of the ominously named Red One. But in case you need a refresher, you can now also go back and play the previous campaigns. In addition, an oil field has been added to your source of income, making sure you’ll be able to purchase the new bad boy weapons that the developers have introduced. Metal Storm is a 22nd (yes, not a typo) century weapon that will, as the name sort of implies, unleash a storm of metal projectiles on the unsuspecting undead. The Area-51 Gun is as mysterious as its name. No one knows where it came from and, frankly, no one will care after seeing it turn zombie meat into nothing in an instant.

The update also improves on existing content, such as new icons and info options for the world map, new places where you can kill them zombies, and a combination of 9 regions, 30 environments, and 33 weapons, all for the sake of ridding the world of the undead infestation. Get Dead Trigger 2 on Google Play Store for free, in-app purchases included.


ESPN updates its fantasy football app with new push notifications and user interface

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Hockey, basketball and the World Cup are over — you know what that means.

That’s right, football season is fast approaching, and fantasy football sites everywhere are opening their doors for faithful fans to register for this year’s game.

In preparation for this season, ESPN has completely overhauled its fantasy football app.

In addition to an all new design, you’ll also now get push notifications when a trade is proposed, injuries take place and points are scored. You can also now manage your league’s draft right from the app — a useful tool if you’re away from home during the draft.

Hit the break for screenshots as well as the link to the app in the Play Store.


qr code
Play Store Download Link


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Google Glass XE19.1 improves connectivity and interface

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Google just announced a new firmware update for Glass, jumping from XE18.3 directly to XE19.1. This is seemingly a very minor maintenance update, but still brings in substantial improvements that all Glass owners will want to install it as soon as it is available.

The most important fix is something you won’t be able to see but will definitely feel. Google is improving Glass’ network connectivity so that it is now more reliable and gracefully handles network issues. So no more problems whenever you try telling Google Glass to do something for you, like send a message or fetch some info from your smartphone.

The more visible change is seen in the new interface for voice actions options. Compared to previous iterations, this visual style now sports higher contrast, putting white text on a black background in place of the previous gray-ish tint. A subtle difference that can mean worlds for an interface that is meant to be easily and quickly readable at a glance.


As always, Glass updates will take a few days before they arrive for each and every Explorer, so some patience and waiting is in order. As Glass updates are delivered via OTA only, make sure that you are connected to a WiFi network to be able to automatically download and install the update.

SOURCE: Google