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JotterPad 11 is a writer’s delight, save work in multiple formats

Posted by wicked January - 29 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

As a writer, finding the correct writing apps for your Android device can be quite a daunting — if not impossible — task, just because devices are not built with writing (typing) in mind. There are those that go over-the-top and take the joy out of the writing experience completely. Then there are those that are too minimalist you don’t seem to be able to do anything at all. Thankfully, for all you writers-on-the-go out there, there’s the wonderfully blissful JotterPad 11, the latest iteration of the mobile text editor for Android.

JotterPad 11 seems to be the perfect writing companion for anyone who has to deal with logorrhea (er, an overflow of words) especially when you’re away from your notebook or PC and you just have your Android device with you. A clean, modern and Material Design-infused look featuring a writer-friendly interface and paper-like layering is ideal to help you concentrate on drafting or perfecting that novel, short story, poem, or screenplay. Not your normal office app, yes?


Speaking about poetry, a cool feature in JotterPad 11 is a rhyming dictionary (Who would ever think of such a thing? I can’t wait to have a fling!) that can help you with figuring out your work’s rhyming scheme. There’s also the standard dictionary and thesaurus, of course, but for the most part, JotterPad makes your writing experience clutter- and distraction-free. You can customize the fonts, and there’s also typewriter scrolling for that old-school feel. Should you need to keep track of the changes to your draft, the “Snapshots” feature enables you to take a look at earlier versions of your work. The app also has a Research window that lets you look up relevant stuff for your work such as definitions and synonyms, as well as Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts, word counts, and Markdown support. It can even support true Italics.


As for saving your work, JotterPad 11 supports .pdf, .rtf, as well as .docx formats, so sending your document to another device shouldn’t be too much trouble. There are also a variety of print options you can work with. Take note though, that some of the features may require Creative IAP, which would cost you around USD$6.00, but the app’s main features are essentially free. To satisfy your urge to write on-the-go, check out JotterPad 11 at the Google Play Store and start tapping away on your next literary masterpiece.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Journal with Narrate update: Material Design, new sharing features

Posted by wicked January - 28 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Journaling isn’t just the property of famous people, high school students who are forced to do so as homework, or lonely people who cannot keep their emotions in check. It has become a tool for self-improvement, a creative outlet for some, or just a way for people to talk about things without having to post them on social media for all the world to see. And while writing on an actual journal is still the way to go for some, apps have also invaded this world as well.

One such app is Journal with Narrate and their latest update has brought a design overhaul (take a wild guess what brought that about) as well as several new features that will help you share not just with yourself but with the world (if that is what you want to do). The redesign is of course courtesy of the Material Design guidelines that Google has strongly suggested for Android apps. But more than just being prettified, the journalling app has added some nifty features, like adding new filtering and sorting capabilities to make it easier you to look for past journal entries.

You now also have the power to share specific journal entries with other apps on your device. If you also feel like sharing your thoughts or pictures to the world, you can do so also by using Narrate. And if you’re in a hurry to add something to your journal, there is now a quick entry widget that you can put on your smartphone or tablet’s home screen. The change log also mentions a tasker integration, but then says documentation will be coming soon.

You can download Journal with Narrate for free from the Google Play Store. There are also in-app purchases available, including upgrading to Narrate Pro. This will give you the ability to sync your entries to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, plus some other additional features not available on the free version.

Sonos beta update: multiroom features, smoother switching

Posted by wicked January - 28 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Audio streaming app Sonos has brought (and brought back) several new features to its beta version, and it looks like they’re really pushing multi-room features and functionalities to attract even more audiophiles to try using their app. The update gives users the ability to switch faster and more smoothly in between their different music sources, accessing all of them just by using one app.

When Sonos was released last spring, users became pretty excited that they will finally be able to have a flexible platform in which to access and search through all of their music, since most music lovers have multiple audio sources. But there were also some complaints and requests, and so with this latest update, the developers aim to meet challenges posted by users. They have made it easier now to browse and switch in between the different rooms, just by tapping the top of the screen where you will see the drop down menu. And when you’re listening to your music on your smartphone, just swipe down to browse through your other music, and then swipe left or right to show the different sources.

The tablet version has also several improvements, making use of its larger screen by having an easier way to toggle in between rooms and screens. For both smartphone and tablets, they’ve brought back the track progression bar so it would be easier to go back to your favorite part in a song, simply by dragging the bar. They’ve also introduced the Crossfade feature, if you feel like blending one song after another so that there’s no gap in between songs.

Sonos is available to download for free, although it is still in its beta version. They have not yet announced when they will be releasing the full version, except to say that it will be within the next few months.


DROID Turbo Soak Test Incoming, is It Lollipop Time?

Posted by Kellex January - 28 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Invites to a soak test of “an early preview of a new software release” for members of Motorola’s Feedback Network who own the DROID Turbo arrived this morning. Is it Lollipop time for Turbo owners? It might be, though the details in the invite aren’t specific enough for us to know for sure just yet. 

The invite, again, mentions that this soak test is for DROID Turbo owners to preview a “new software release.” If you jump through to the attached survey that tries to decide if these forum members would be a good fit for the test, questions about current software (21.44.8 specifically) and if the person has VoLTE/Advanced Calling 1.0 on their account are asked. No mention of Lollipop or Android 5.0 is there from what I have been told.

We should point out that the update to 21.44.8 that is referenced in the questionnaire rolled out back in December, giving the Turbo VoLTE and Advanced Calling 1.0. With references to both of those things appearing again in this survey, I’m wondering if this isn’t a VoLTE bug fixer, rather than Lollipop. Or maybe Motorola needs to confirm that the potential tester has both of those in order to test the new Lollipop build.

Hopefully we know for sure within the next day.

droid turbo soak

Cheers D, D, J, S and M!

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Snapchat’s Discover lets media publishers enter their ephemereal world

Posted by wicked January - 28 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Messaging apps are continually evolving into more than just ways to exchange messages or even pictures. With so many out there like LINE, Viber, WhatsApp, etc, competitors are pulling out all the stops to become the app of choice. SnapChat has a following all its own, with the ephemeral nature of the pictures exchanged. Now they’re branching out into publishing as they introduce a new feature called Discover, where media companies can now also enter their realm with pictures, videos, and stories.

But in keeping with the original nature of Snapchat, the content will be available on a limited amount of time for users, which can be a challenge for both the publishers and the users as well. But it also gives a certain amount of urgency that can serve its purpose for certain types of stories, particularly current events. Each edition of Discover includes photos, videos, long form layouts, and yes of course, even advertising (but we’re promised it’s gorgeous). The compiled stories are refreshed every 24 hours as expected, given the news cycle on social media.

Snapchat has made Discover easy to use and navigate. Just tap on the edition you want, and if you want to view the Snaps, just swipe left. If you’re interested to know more about the Snap, just swipe it up for additional information. During the announcement of this new feature, initial media companies included are Vice, CNN, National Geographic, ESPN, Cosmopolitan, among others.

This is probably the biggest step that SnapChat has taken in its quest to not just become a place where people exchange pictures that sometimes they’re not proud of (if you know what we mean) into a legit media platform. Their Stories feature, launched last 2013, allowed users to go beyond just sharing ephemeral pictures, but rather use them to create stories (and they didn’t disappear!). Let’s see if their loyal users would also bite on this new feature.

VIA: Snapchat

Twitter rolling out group messaging, 30-second video uploading

Posted by wicked January - 28 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Different social networks are doing everything they can to catch up with each other as they unroll more new features that seem to be in response to other features that their competitors have. Micro-blogging juggernaut Twitter is no exemption as they are currently rolling out new features that include group messaging and uploading videos directly. While these already exist in other social networks like Facebook, Vine, etc, having them on Twitter will be a boon (or bane) to the dedicated user that prefers them over their competitors.

If before you could converse in private with individuals, they’ve now brought it up to another level with the ability to have a group conversation. This avoids flooding your timeline with discussions with a select group of people when now you can have it just amongst yourselves. And the people you’re talking to don’t necessarily have to follow each other to talk. You can add up to twenty people in the conversation, and you can discuss to your heart’s content. The best thing is that it’s private, just like Direct Messages.

Twitter has also accepted that communication through their app now is more than just the 140 characters we’ve become used to. So they’ve accepted the inevitable and users can now capture, edit and upload videos directly from the app itself. If you’re at a concert and want to share a clip of your favorite song that the band is currently playing, you can take the video, edit it (you have a 30-second limitation) and then share it with your followers, without even having to leave the app. Viewing it is also pretty easy, as there’s a thumbnail preview and you just need to tap it to watch the video.

Not everyone has these new features already, as they are slowly rolling it out to users over the next few weeks. It will be interesting to see if people will take to these new features or if they’ll stick to the “old school” way of using Twitter and just use other social networks for functions like that.

SOURCE: Twitter

VIA: SlashGear

Plex app for Android updated with new design, single-app model

Posted by wicked January - 27 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

Media streaming service Plex has undergone a major update, not just in looks but also in the way you’ll be able to use it. It now employs single-app model but with a small in-app purchase, as well as new additional features. But of course Ui-wise, it will also give you a more modern look and feel, although not necessarily the Material Design that most people expect from app updates of late.

If you’re an existing Plex Pass user, you don’t need to worry that anything will change for you, since the pricing and account features are not affected by the update. It’s those who are new to the streaming service that will have a choice whether or not they’ll pay for new features. The app is still free for basic things like unlimited casting of any media that is on your Plex Media Server to other Plex Apps.

A new feature for both free and members is the ability to cast pictures and video from your smartphone or tablet’s camera roll on to Plex apps, and other streaming dongles or services like Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, Fire TV and the Plex Home Theater. But if you’d like to use the app for more things like converting media to play on any device or sharing media with family and friends, then you would need to either get a Plex Pass or make an in-app purchase that will cost you $4.99.

But having the Plex Pass will give you more features like syncing media to your mobile device for offline viewing, or syncing media to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. The monthly subscription plan costs $4.99 while a yearly plan is $39.99. They even have a lifetime plan where you just need to shell out $149.99 and you’ll forever be on Plex. You can download Plex for Android from the Google Play Store.

Snapchat starts rolling out new “Discover” feature for Android devices

Posted by wicked January - 27 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off


Snapchat has just begun rolling out an update for its official Android application via the Play Store. In terms of added functionality, the upgrade brings the inclusion of a brand new Discover feature, together with the usual multitude of bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations.

Discover is essentially a revamped version of the traditional Snapchat Story, but this time it’s main focus is online video and photo publications. It works by bringing together an assortment of photographs and videos from a selection of external sources, in addition to Snapchat’s own collection, to provide a short art presentation.

Here’s what Snapchat had to say about its new feature:

“Discover is different because it has been built for creatives. All too often, artists are forced to accommodate new technologies in order to distribute their work. This time we built the technology to serve the art: each edition includes full screen photos and videos, awesome long form layouts, and gorgeous advertising.”

The staff over at Snapchat will refresh the Discover feed every 24-hours with new “curated” content from a variety of different partners, including ESPN, Food Network, Comedy Central, People Magazine, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, CNN, Vice, The Daily Mail, and Yahoo.

To install the update, simply open up the Play Store on your device, toggle the hamburger menu by swiping in from the left-hand side of the screen, select ‘My Apps’ and click on Snapchat. Next, hit the update button, and the application will instantly start to download and install the upgrade from the Google Play servers.

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Shazam lets you access saved playlist right on Spotify

Posted by wicked January - 27 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off

After only more than a month, Shazam is being updated to bring fans more convenience when it comes to listening to music on Shazam. After the Rdio and Spotify integration, Shazam now allows listening to full tracks in any Shazam playlist. And even when you’re outside the app, say for example Spotify, you can access your Shazams saved to a ‘My Shazam Tracks’ playlist right there. You can do the same on Rdio too. And for those who like checking out the Shazam charts regulary, know that you can access them easily by tapping the Charts on tab to see the trending Shazams and global chart among others.

Shazam makes it easier for you to identify TV and music–those shows and songs you know nothing about. Shazam can display relevant information about what you are watching or listening too. When you Shazam music, you can easily preview and buy tracks on Google Play or Amazon. Real time lyrics can be shown as well. And since everything must be social, you can share new discoveries on your favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, WhatsAp, and even Pinterest.

If you know others who use Shazam, you can share or see recommendations from them too. Any information you need about a song or a TV show, you can view right on Shazam. That’s how useful this app is. See what your friends are “Shazaming” as well so you’ll be able to explore more and see what’s trending around you. If you want to see the artists in a concert, you can also book tickets if available.

And to sing along with the songs you’re listening to, you can view the lyrics from Lyrics and LyricPlay. However, this particular feature is only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Download Shazam from the Google Play Store

Google updates Chrome OS to version 40, most changes in the background

Posted by wicked January - 27 - 2015 - Tuesday Comments Off


Google has started pushing out an update to the Chrome OS taking it up to version 40. As is usual for an update to a major system like the OS, Google has included a host of bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements, most of which are under the hood or run in the background. However, users will see a few changes in the look of the desktop on Chrome OS.

The changes that will be most noticeable involve the default wallpaper, which has been updated to reflect a Material Design. If users happen to own more than one Chrome device, the wallpaper, including custom wallpapers, will now be synced across their devices. If users enjoy using emoji in their communications, they will find a new emoji palette has been added to give users quicker access.

If you have a Chrome OS powered device, be on the lookout for the update to be available to you soon.

sources: Chrome Releases Blog

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