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5 Free, Unique, and Modern Icon Packs

Posted by wicked June - 23 - 2016 - Thursday Comments Off

If you like customizing your Android device as much as we do then you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to take a look at five free icon packs that we love and feel like they’re worth adding to your collection.

Desaturate – Free Icon Pack



The Desaturate icon pack comes with 1500 icons along with over 150 wallpapers to choose from. They’re going for a much darker look with their color scheme that matches up perfectly with their wallpapers. The main objective is to only show color where it’s needed and desaturate it where it isn’t. This is definitely a one of a kind icon pack.

KAIP – Icons



If you are a fan of big bright colorful icons then you’re going to want to check out the KAIP icon pack. This icon pack will brighten up your home screen with over 750 icons and 28 wallpapers. The high quality material design icons will appeal to many fans of the stock Android design. The free version of this pack is more than enough to get you a nice, fresh, colorful look on your home screen.

Fluxo – Icon Pack



Fluxo is up next with 2200 icons, with more on the way, and 20 wallpapers. This icon pack has a very unique theme. The wallpapers that are provided work great with this icon pack. If you’re looking for something a little more fun and cartoonish then this might be the one for you.

PixBit – Icon Pack



If you’re looking for something that will bring you back t the days of 8 and 16 bit games we all know and love, then this is the one to get. This pack has over 330 icons and 10 wallpapers. If you’re a fan of retro pixel art then this is the pack to get.

VIT – Icon Pack



This grey scale theme has over 2000 icons and 30 wallpapers to match. If you happen to have icons that aren’t supported yet, then they will be masked to match the theme. This keeps everything nice and uniform throughout your home screen. These icons are designed for QHD displays so they’re sure to look great on any phone.

That’s about it! Let us know in the comments what your favorite icon pack is.

Google, Can You Stop Making New Messaging Apps?

Posted by wicked June - 22 - 2016 - Wednesday Comments Off

It seems like we have more messaging apps than we know what to do with at this point. Google announced their new Allo and Duo apps a while back. New features are great and everything, but why not just update the old apps that everyone already uses?

In this video, Rawad rants about Google and the mind boggling number of messaging apps they put out.

Let us know in the comments what you think on this subject. Are you excited for the new apps? Do you think you’ll keep 3 or 4 different Google messaging apps on your phone?

5 Great Ways To Use Android Split-Screen

Posted by wicked June - 21 - 2016 - Tuesday Comments Off

I’ve been using Android N for a while and I’m actually liking the split-screen feature. At first it will go against your instinct to use this feature because we have all been switching between apps for so long that it has become natural to us. When we jump between apps we press the “recent apps” key. This same key will now act as your split-screen key, just press and hold it to flip through your apps and choose which app you want to split.

Here are some of the best ways I’ve been using split-screen.

5.  Split Browser and Dialer

How often do you use google to search for a phone number, then have to switch back to your dialer to type it in? Of course many times you can just tap on the number and your dialer will pop up but for the times that this isn’t an option, this can be a very tedious task. Split your browser and your dialer app to see the number and the dialer on the same screen.



4. Split XDA Labs and Browser

When putting together a new thread or replying to an existing one, we are usually looking up answers or copying links to share with he community. This becomes much easier once you are able to pull up a second window for your browser. Copy and paste information between the two apps.



3. Split Camera and Gallery

If I’m in the middle of a spicy selfie session, I can take up to 1,000 photos within minutes! Split your gallery app with your camera so you can manage and preview your photos without interrupting this very intimate moment with yourself.


2. Split Camera and Keep

If you use your phone to make videos, vlogs, skits or anything that would require you to be reading a script then you’ll love this! You can split your camera and your keep app to have your script right in front of your while you’re looking at your phone. This is great for amateur rap music videos.


1. Split YouTube and Other Apps

To me, one of the most attractive features of the YouTube Red service is the ability to run YouTube videos in the background while I continue to use other apps on my phone. This is now possible for free by splitting YouTube with any other app. This is great for livestreams when you don’t want to miss a second of the action. Now you can respond to your notifications on almost any app without pausing your video.


I hope you enjoy the video! Let me know in the comments if you are enjoying the new split-screen feature on Android N.

Twitter Now Lets You Upload Longer 140-Second Videos, Vine Starts Testing Idea Too

Posted by Kellex June - 21 - 2016 - Tuesday Comments Off

New video experiences are coming to Twitter today that should not only let you share more, but experience more as well. Plus, if you are a Vine user, get ready for a new experiment that goes beyond six seconds. 

Through dual blog posts, Twitter announced new video endeavors today, the first of which is pretty simple. Going forward, everyone gets to upload 140-second long videos to Twitter, up from the previous 30-second limit. Hooray, for longer videos!

Along with longer videos, Twitter is also introducing a new viewing mode that lets you jump quickly into a full-screen viewing experience that places additional, potentially-watchable videos a tap away. It’s a bit like YouTube’s suggested videos and should help you consume a never-ending roll of the most popular Twitter videos of the moment.

Twitter says to expect this new video experience “soon.”

In Vine news, Twitter announced a new initiative called “#beyondtheVine,” which is a beta experiment for select creators to upload 140-second long clips to the video sharing service, with a 6-second Vine as the trailer to this bigger story. The thought here is that the 6-second Vine could grab your attention and get you to watch more, just like a movie trailer would. Vine says that a “Watch more” button will indicate whether or not the initial Vine you see has an extended video along with it.

These new 140-second videos are again, in beta, but will now be in fullscreen. You can also double tap during your favorite parts to “make hearts fly.” That sounds familiar.

Finally, Vine is now experimenting with monetization opportunities for creators to pull in some cash from their efforts.

Via:  Twitter | Vine (Medium)

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[Video] Unboxing the LG G5

Posted by wicked April - 4 - 2016 - Monday Comments Off


After announcing the G5 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, LG’s latest flagship has finally become available to purchase worldwide. Here to give you some further insight in to the LG G5 is our very own Justin Herrick, who has taken the time to video his unboxing of LG’s newest smartphone. 

In the days since the G5 launched we’ve seen questions raised about its ‘all metal body‘, Justin addresses this issue in the unboxing video, saying that while the G5 doesn’t feel quite as premium as the Galaxy S7 Edge , for example, the G5 doesn’t look or feel cheap. It doesn’t, however, feel quite the same as other metal bodied handsets.

During the video, Justin also demonstrates how to remove the chin and battery from the rest of the phone, indicating that there is a button on the side that takes a firm press before being able to pull the chin away from the body. Something that isn’t quite as firm is the power button, which seems to be a little loose. One thing that may surprise potential buyers is that the package did not include earphones. It’s unusual, but shouldn’t really be a deal breaker.

For further details, you can check out Justin’s unboxing of the LG G5 in the video below.

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[Video] Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S7

Posted by wicked March - 13 - 2016 - Sunday Comments Off


TalkAndroid’s Justin Herrick received a new Samsung Galaxy S7 after placing a pre-order through T-Mobile and now we can all enjoy the unboxing process. Despite some apparent anomalies around the globe, Samsung is achieving some impressive pre-order results for their new Galaxy S7 devices. That means odds are good there may be plenty of people out there receiving new smartphones already, but if you are on the fence still, this may give a little better idea of just what you get with an order.

As our video shows, Samsung included some extra goodies in the box that may help consumers feel a little better about the purchase. If you are in need of a new pair, Samsung included some new earbuds for users. Perhaps more interesting is an included USB to microUSB adapter.

Currently Samsung is only selling a 32GB version in the U.S. Despite that limitation, early indications are that Samsung has an impressive device ready for buyers. We will find out as TalkAndroid delves into the smartphone and spends some time using it, so be sure to look for some more hands-on videos coming for the Samsung Galaxy S7. Until then, check out the unboxing video below.

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[Video] First look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

Posted by wicked February - 23 - 2016 - Tuesday Comments Off


Arguably the biggest release to come out of Mobile World Congress this week was Samsung’s two new Galaxy S flagships- the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Our ever wonderful Editor-in-Chief, Justin Herrick, got the opportunity today to meet up with Samsung’s Suzanne De Silva at their brand new New York City office and get a first look at these glorious new devices. Hit the break to watch this awesome first look!

Click here to view the embedded video.

Look pretty sweet don’t they? I really think they are two fantastic devices. Just last week I wrote about the seven features I wanted to see in these upcoming flagships, and Samsung made this guy pretty darn happy. Almost everything I wanted to see, with a few minor exceptions, were packed into these feature rich devices.

Our own Jared Peters did a fantastic job explaining all the features that make these two devices great, but if you need a quick refresher I can give you just that.

Both of these devices borrow heavily from their predecessors in the design language. Both are made of the premium glass and metal that were originally found in last years Galaxy S6 flagships. The design evolves a bit here adopting the contoured back glass that we found on the recent Galaxy Note 5. The camera also is made more flush with the back of the device in this years iteration to make it a little sleeker.

Samsung definitely listened to long time fans, including me, when thinking about what features to put into the S7. Samsung brought back the waterproofing and the micro SD card slot that was last found on the Galaxy S5. While the battery doesn’t revert back to being user removable, the batteries were made significantly bigger then the comparatively small batteries found in last years model- 3,000 mAh for the Galaxy S7 and a pretty big 3,600 mAh for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The hardware powering these devices is going to be the same. You are going to find either the Snapdragon 820, in North America, or the Samsung Exynos 8890, for the rest of the world, paired with 4GB of RAM, and 32 GB of internal storage. The screen resolution remains the same as last year, a beautiful super AMOLED quad HD display. Differentiating this years screens from last is the addition of low powered always-on display technology. The camera bumps down to 12MP from 16 MP, but Samsung claims the camera will be better than ever thanks to its dual-pixel camera technology.

These are pretty fantastic devices, and I am definitely excited to get my hands on one. Watch the video up top and let us know what you think of these bad boys! Then make sure to stick with us the rest of the week for all the rest of our MWC 2016 coverage.

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Go all retro with your videos with VHS Camcorder app

Posted by wicked February - 20 - 2016 - Saturday Comments Off


For those who are old enough to have experienced watching old school camcorder movies during family night, there is something truly nostalgic about that flickering video, that grainy footage, that scratchy audio. But of course, video recording has evolved since then and so your children will never experience that retro way of recording and viewing your memories and will just have to make do with the super polished and enhanced video footage of their childhood. Oh wait, there’s apparently an app to cure all that now and it’s called VHS Camcorder.

With the app, people will be impressed and think you’ve built a time machine. But really, it’s an app that brings you throwback videos that are taken in the present. You can use it for 80s or even 90s themed parties. You can also use it for short film projects to give off the “found footage” feel. Recreate memories from your childhood but this time with your kids. There are so many ways that this app can make your videos more interesting than they actually are.


Not only will the app simulate old videotape recordings, it also gives you the whole tape noise and static and tracking distortion. You can also put the on-screen date and time graphics to give it an even more “authentic” retro feel and even fake the date if you want to fool someone. You can also use flashing titles, phony zoom lens, and widescreen recording options.

You can download the VHS Camcorder app from the Google Play Store for $2.99. And if you’re really into this whole retro video thing, that should be worth it.

Instagram bringing view counts to videos in the next few weeks

Posted by wicked February - 12 - 2016 - Friday Comments Off

instagram view countsInstagram has been on a roll adding new features lately, and they’re not slowing down. The app is working on adding view counts to videos on the social media site, which means you’ll be able to take a look at anyone that’s viewed your videos and how many times they’ve been viewed, similar to Vine and Snapchat.

After launching Hyperlapse and Boomerang to make some unique videos, it makes sense for Instagram to add a way to track how well those videos are doing, especially against the pretty stiff competition from the wildly popular, Twitter-owned Vine.

Video is only going to keep growing, and social media sites have to stay ahead of the curve. Expect to see this feature roll out over the next few weeks.

source: Instagram

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Spotify Brings Videos and Podcasts to Android App This Week

Posted by Kellex January - 25 - 2016 - Monday Comments Off

Back in May, Spotify announced that it would soon introduce videos and podcasts to its streaming service line-up, though they weren’t exactly willing to provide a proper launch date at that time. Today, their VP of product, Shiva Rajaraman, told the Wall Street Journal that an update for Android would include these new features this week.

At least one reddit user is already seeing new the Shows and Podcasts sections, though the rollout for them could happen slowly. I, for one, am not seeing these new sections quite yet, even though Google Play is showing that a new update arrive on Android today. 

Spotify has teamed up with companies like ESPN, Comedy Central, BBC, and Vice for content. On their newly updated website, they envision a world where you catch up on news video during your commute, get some “giggles” in during lunch, and checkout a story before going off to bed. They also hope that podcasts will be a much welcomed addition to your daily tune line-up.

Spotify hasn’t exactly announced timing for the update outside of a mention to the WSJ, so if you aren’t seeing these new sections quite yet, it shouldn’t be much longer. The iOS version with videos and podcasts should be here next week.

Tell us, though – were you looking for another video platform outside of YouTube and the variety of other services? Does having a music service that doubles as a video service sound promising to you?

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Via:  Wall Street Journal

Spotify Brings Videos and Podcasts to Android App This Week is a post from: Droid Life