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Popcorn Time’s Android app now has Chromecast support

Posted by wicked July - 15 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

Did you ever wish that you could watch the torrents you’ve been “acquiring” on a larger screen but were too lazy to burn it onto a disk or they were too big to save in a flash drive. Well, the folks over at the Popcorn Time team have heard your coach potato prayers and have announced that their Android app has been updated and now includes Chromecast support!

Yes, you heard that right, they’re probably making sure that no one who owns an Android device and a Chromecast dongle will ever get up from their couch right? Popcorn Time is a beloved app and service by users and a sworn enemy of TV and film studios. In simple words, Popcorn Time streams videos from torrents in real time. Think of it as a Netflix for your torrents, with no need to download the videos anymore. And we all know that there is a huge issue regarding the legality (or lack thereof) of videos that are uploaded to torrent sites, so this latest update from Popcorn Time should be scary for media producers.

But if you’re just a consumer who’s not that particular with the legalities of the videos that you’re watching, then this is a dream come true. Aside from the Chromecast support, the Android Beta 2.0 also now has automatic updates and faster streaming for movies and TV shows (but also depending on your Internet connection). It also now has a native UI, several bug fixes, and even more devices supported.

So if you have Chromecast dongle, better download the Popcorn Time Beta 2.0 app now. Just don’ blame us if you never go out of the house anymore and you lose all social contact in the next few days.

SOURCE: Popcorn Time

All sessions from Google I/O 2014 now available online

Posted by wicked July - 15 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off

If you missed the Google I/O Developers Conference this year, or if you were keeping track online and missed some of the sessions – do not fret, the next best thing is here. Google has made all 73 sessions of Google I/O 2014 available – including the tech-laden keynote led by Google head honcho for Android Sundar Pichai and a few more top names at Google.

The keynote, as you may have heard, was where Google made waves in the tech industry by announcing Android L – the latest version of the open source OS that should hit the streets later this year. Android L has now been released with a developer preview for the Nexus 5 and 7 devices, and it has been nitpicked, observed and tweaked ad nauseam. A bunch of apps, themes, and APKs – including a version backported to work on the Nexus 4 – have come out available for those who want an advanced experience of the new OS.

Google I/O 2014 was also where they came out with Android Wear, a new line of wearable devices that Google is banking on to expand Android’s reach. A number of manufacturers have latched on to the new idea and have created their own devices to go under the “Android Wear” line.

If you really don’t have the time to watch all 73 sessions – and while we suggest that you do make time for at least some of them – then there is this minute-and-a-half video to compensate for your lack of time. Although, I would imagine that upon watching the short reel, you’d probably want to go ahead and watch some of the sessions yourself. You have been warned. Watch the short video below, and then jump to all the videos at the source link.

SOURCE: Google

5 free HD video players for Android you should try

Posted by wicked July - 4 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

With the proliferation of high definition video – whether streaming or in file form – available for Android devices, and with the ever-improving video performance and higher video resolutions being shipped with handsets and tablets, one would now start to understand the need of a great media player application that will be able to handle such content. Given that the stock Android players that come together with your new devices would probably be able to handle most of the file types out there, it would be unbecoming of any user to not look around the Google Play Store and see the multitude of options – free options at that! – available. So we took it upon ourselves to give you our top 5 free HD video apps.



Any respectable discussion about free media players will honestly not be complete without mentioning Moboplayer, as it has been one of the most popular free media players out there for quite a bit of time now. MoboPlayer supports a lot of the video file formats that are rampant in the Internet, including ones that your device might not normally support, this through a feature called software decoding. The player itself also supports multiple audio tracks, subtitles – even multiple onscreen subtitles, and media streaming to media and home entertainment servers. The player takes some time in opening HD video files – especially 1080p ones – but it is rarely more than 3 seconds. With our Samsung Galaxy S3 Alpha (SC-03E) test bed – 4.8-inch 1280×720 screen, 1.6Ghz Exynos processor, Mali-400MP graphics, 2GB RAM – there was no visible lag opening a 1080p MP4 file.

It is available free the Google Play Store, with ad support.


MX Player

MX-Player-for-PC-620x 180-1

One of the more substantial free media players out there, great for general purpose video viewing, is MX Player. Using this app, you get a feeling that the developers chose to put in just that right balance between ease-of-use and robust features. The video viewer itself is sleek and logical, and the app supports most popular formats. For better format support, there is a codec download available, both from the developers, or you may choose to use any other codecs out there. There are gestures galore, and pinch-to-zoom. You have access to subtitle options, aspect ratio control and other stuff just from the main screen, while a lot more tweaks can be discovered in the settings menu. No lagging on this one as well, the software and hardware decoding holds up well. And since this is a free version, there will be ads, but the experience was altogether unobtrusive and tolerable.

Download from Google Play Store here.




Vplayer is a simple approach to a media playing. It lacks the bells and whistles of most premium players and even like Moboplayer and MX Player, but if you want a straight up video player, this is one of the “lighter” media players out there. It supports the common file formats, and then some. Vplayer will also detect all your folders that contain video files and display them in folder view, but there are no ways of filtering or organizing your content. One of the cool things about Vplayer is that it lets you copy and paste links out of Youtube and Vimeo and play them on Vplayer.

Download free from Google Play.




DicePlayer is another feature filled player that leverages on a streamlined and uncluttered viewing window, with some straight up features available. When viewing your movie, the controls for view lock, playback speed controller, audio track and subtitle support, and aspect ratio adjustment is immediately available. DicePlayer even has controls for subtitle sync calibration, for those times when annoying subtitles are just not synced with your movie file. Finally, Dice Network playback support allows users to push their device-based media to media servers and home networks over Samba filesharing, FTP, and other such processes.

Download free over Google Play.




Our last media player on this list is definitely not the least of them all, as the BSPlayer is a solid all around media app as well. Robust to the core, BSPayer offers software and hardware decoding in what seems to be a pretty uncluttered viewing pane – and we do realize that an uncluttered and simple viewing pane is one of our main considerations in a video player. One of the major selling points for the BSPlayer is that it lets you customize the interface to your liking with a variety of skins available. The app has support for subtitles, even built-in subtitles in video container files such as MKVs. As an added feature, the BSPlayer can even automatically find subtitles for your files online – very neat. The BSPlayer also has a “pop-out viewer” where you can keep your video on top of any app you may be running at the moment. As with everything here, it is available for free download and install over at the Google Play Store.


One last app that is probably worthy of mention outside of this list is the VLC Media Player Beta for Android. The downloadable app, even in its beta stage, is still very much usable with your device, and like its desktop version, it can pretty much play whatever file format you throw at it. The app is far from perfect, and being in the beta stage, it has a number of bugs and lags in most cases playing 720 and 1080p files. But in its defense, the team behind it keeps improving the program towards perfection until it finally decides to release it as a full pledged app.

This list is not by any means a comprehensive list, just the ones we like. Tells us what you guys like over at the comments section.

Samsung shuts down Video and Music Hub, Music, Books

Posted by wicked July - 3 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

In the latest in a series of changes that Samsung is making to its multimedia apps, they announced today that they are shutting down their Music and Video Hub, effective August 1, 2014. Just a few weeks ago, they also let users know that Samsung Music and Samsung Books will no longer be around by July 1. Instead, they are offering alternative apps courtesy of new partnerships that Samsung has entered into.

For Samsung Music and Video Hub, users will be able to transfer content that they have previously bought from the store to M-GO, a new video app that is a joint venture between Dreamworks Animation and Technicolor. There will be no additional cost when you transfer the purchased content. Moreover, Samsung customers will receive an exclusive Welcome Offer from M-GO that costs around $13. While the Music and Video Hub will still be up until August 1, you will not be able to buy or rent videos from it but can still access your library to be able to retrieve and transfer it.

Samsung had previously announced that Samsung Hub Music will cease to be available by July 1. So hopefully, by now, you were able to download and transfer all the music that you purchased from the app. Milk Music and Google Play Music are the two alternatives offered to seamlessly transfer your music. Milk Music is an online radio service that boasts it has no ads to interrupt your listening pleasure. But if you want three months of free subscription, then you’d want to transfer to Google Play Music, which offers just that for Samsung customers. It also lets you add your own music to the cloud for free.

Lastly, as of July 1 as well, Samsung Books no longer exists. They made the announcement two months before, so hopefully, you were able to transfer your purchased books to the Kindle for Samsung app. The great news about the new books app is that it gives you a free ebook every month from among 4-6 choices. This is a great way to not just get free books but also discover new authors and even new genres.

SOURCE: Samsung (1), (2), (3)

New Vine update includes loop counts, app redesign

Posted by wicked July - 2 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

Vines are slowly creeping (pun intended) onto the social media landscape, and the latest update to the video sharing app allows you to see just how popular the videos really are. As of July 1, the Vine Android mobile app will feature loop counts, a redesigned home feed and a better activity feed for your viewing pleasure.

The updated app now reflects a more simple view of the likes and comments on your Vine videos, which is the lifeline of any social media practitioner, be it a brand or even just for personal reasons. The Activity Feed has also gotten a revamp as it is now easier for you to navigate through all the people you follow as well as your own personal videos uploaded. You’ll be able to see the old activity from the newer ones and once you’ve reached certain milestones on the videos you uploaded.

But what’s most important with this update is that it now shows you loop counts or how many times the Vine video has already been watched by people around the world. The number being updated on the app is in real-time and so you know whether or not the video you’re about to view has struck a cord (funny or otherwise) with the rest of the world.

They have actually started counting the loops since April 3 of this year, but only the views on or after that date will be counted for the video. So if you see a video that has a + sign next to the loop count, it just means that the current count is probably higher than what is reflected on the counter.

Download Vine from the Google Play Store.


Google now showing Google Play Movies purchases in YouTube app

Posted by wicked July - 1 - 2014 - Tuesday Comments Off


To access your purchased Google Play Movies content, you previously had to go to the Google Play Movies & TV application.

But today, Google has updated its YouTube app to now integrate Google Play Movies & TV, allowing you to access your purchased videos straight from YouTube.

Check out the “Purchases” screen after the break.

purchases google play movies


You’ll be able to watch all of your videos through the YouTube app. And while this doesn’t represent a major change (as the YouTube player was always the driving force behind watching Google Play Movies & TV), it does give another option to viewers.

Source: Android Police

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VIDEO: First look at Project Tango developer tablet at Google I/O 2014

Posted by wicked June - 25 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

Project Tango hands on

Project Tango has raised quite a few eyebrows since the rumors have started flowing just a few months ago.

It’s got a  7-inch display, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, WiFi, BTLE, and 4G LTE. Just like the Tango phone, the tablet will consist of cameras and sensors that give it the ability to map its surroundings.

Now it’s finally here, and we’ve got it all on tape for a first look video of the device. Hit the break for the video below.

Click here to view the embedded video.

And be sure to check out the rest of our Google I/O 2014 coverage as well.


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Early Look Video: Hands on with the Gear Live, Samsung’s first Android Wear smartwatch

Posted by wicked June - 25 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

gear live hands on

The Gear Live, Samsung’s first Android Wear smartwatch, will be available for purchase on the Google Play Store later today.

We’re at Google I/O right now and have a hands-on video for you right now. It’s just a quick look for now, but we’ll have more for you on the device (as well as a review, as usual) later on.

Hit the break for the video. Check it out for yourself!

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Moto X+1 might feature a 4K video recording

Posted by wicked June - 21 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off


The Moto X+1 has been grabbing headlines for quite some time now and a blurry video of the device was just leaked yesterday. However, today we get to see the camera capability of the device.

A video that appeared on YouTube earlier allegedly appears to be a video sample of the Moto X+1 featuring a 4K video recording. The video quality isn’t as impressive but it can be due to the YouTube compression which effects its quality. However, the main issue was that the focusing wasn’t quite consistent. Yet, we can’t be judgmental since the device is still in the prototyping stage and is not the final build ready for consumers.

Take a look at the video right after the break.

Click here to view the embedded video.


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New Moto X+1 video leaks — it’s blurry, but it’s something

Posted by wicked June - 20 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

Moto X+1

Good news, looks like we have another Moto X+1 leak for you guys today!

It’s not much though, as the video is simply a close-up of the device’s screen shot with an iPhone camera. The video is meant to show the pixel density, and the person taking the video said he would take another video with a better camera soon. When that video is released, we’ll let you know.

We’ve received other leaks here and here regarding the same device.

We can’t promise that the video will remain online for long, as YouTube tends to remove these types of leak videos pretty quickly, but the other leaked videos haven’t been removed, so we’ll see what happens.

Click here to view the embedded video.


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