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Samsung announces Milk Video app for Galaxy users

Posted by wicked November - 20 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

Just a few weeks ago, YouTube relaunched its app and also a video music service to make it easier for users to browse and view their favorite artists and music. Now Samsung has introduced to the US market a new service called Milk Video, and this one is dedicated to helping you discover and enjoy new video content on the web, not just limited to music videos but encompassing short films, comedy sketches, branded content, etc.

Milk Video will be curating all the best videos that available right now, depending on the tastes and interests that you specify. It has already been streamlined and designed for the mobile experience,especially since recent studies show that over 80 million Americans every month view videos not on desktops but on their mobile devices. Milk Video makes it easy for users to look for videos that they want but also to discover things they don’t know about. In fact, they claim that “searching is a thing of the past” because the app analyzes what you want to watch, who you follow, basically your whole behavior while using the app. Then they deliver the content that they believe you would want to see.

Just like any other social network, you’ll be able to follow friends, brands and other users within the app. Sharing to other social networks is also pretty easy,especially as not everyone you know will be on the app (Samsung hopes just for now). As part of their initial offering, they’ve teamed up with famous video content providers like VICE, Red Bull, Funny or Die, College Humor, Vevo, etc to provide special video content for new users.

For now, the app is only available for those in the US. It’s also only compatible with Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S III mini and Galaxy S5. This severely limits the app’s userbase but hopefully they’ll consider opening it up not just for Samsung but other smartphones as well. You can download Milk Video from the Google Play Store for free


SOURCE: Samsung

Motorola video invites people to join company

Posted by wicked October - 20 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off


Although Motorola continues to languish behind bigger companies like Samsung and Apple in terms of market share for smartphones and tablets, that has not stopped them from producing some noteworthy devices. The latest such device is the new Nexus 6 smartphone from Google and Motorola has a new Droid device, the DROID TURBO, ready to be released by Verizon. The company also made a big point about last year’s Moto X being produced in the U.S., although the company is now bracing for ownership by China-based Lenovo. With so much change and activity, Motorola wants to make sure job seekers do not forget them and have release a video to highlight the company and what it is like working there.

In the video, Motorola tries to show that the company, despite an 85-year history, is looking forward to the future and is not the same type of company of even one generation ago. If you think a career with Motorola may be for you, visit the Careers portion of the Motorola web site by heading over to Before you do though, you may want to check out the new video they produced.

Click here to view the embedded video.

source: phoneArena

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How ‘Lollipop’ was decided for Android 5.0

Posted by wicked October - 16 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

android 5 lollipop image

Well, Android 5.0 is here, and it has been named Lollipop! Throwing almost everyone off! Not a surprise, as Google did the same thing last year with KitKat. To help explain it all, Google has released a video showing the intense screening process they went through to find the right dessert, and Lollipop was just too sweet!

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Movie Edit Touch is your own mobile video editing suite

Posted by wicked October - 15 - 2014 - Wednesday Comments Off

There used to be a time that for you to be able to edit the videos you take on your mobile devices, you need to transfer them to your desktop, download a video editing suite, edit and render on your desktop (which sometimes takes hours) and then transfer back to your phone or tablet. Whew! We just got tired thinking of all that. But now, mobile video editing apps have been appearing in the market. One new player is called Movie Edit Touch, which is pretty self-explanatory already.

Yes, the app is for editing movies by touching your mobile device. You can choose to use videos that you’ve already take on your phone or tablet or get clips from the SD card or even from other devices like the uber-popular GoPro Action Cam. You can also use both images and video clips for your mobile masterpiece. You can add background music, trim and rearrange the video clips and images, use transition effects in between the clips. However if you’re not satisfied yet with the final project, you can go old school and import and edit it on your desktop by using the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.

But you really don’t need to use the desktop, since you already have a lot of options and features on the app, particularly if you upgrade to the Premium version. By just paying a minimal amount, you have more transition options and you can add cinematic effects like lomo, vintage, Pop Art and others (think filters, but for videos). You can also add text to the video and make title cards, in case your visuals aren’t enough to tell the story. The export quality for the premium is also better with HD quality 720p or 1080p.

If you want the Premium version, you just make a one-time in-app purchase of $1.99. But if you think you’re okay with the basic features, you can just get the free version of Movie Edit Touch from the Google Play Store.



HTC’s Double Exposure event now up on YouTube

Posted by wicked October - 9 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

HTC just recent concluded their awaited media event and, while its new products didn’t exactly take the mobile tech world by storm, it still managed to earn a few accolades and praises from tech pundits. And perhaps a few raised eyebrows from the fashion world as well. HTC is entering into a whole new world with its RE camera, the Desire EYE selfiest smartphone, and EYE imaging experience. And now you can watch the whole hour-long show on YouTube at your convenience.

HTC was noted to be embarking on new business ventures, which might also include home healthcare products. But while we wait for an HTC Breath or HTC Heart to take the stage, the company has revealed its first diversion, one that plunges into the world of imaging and digital photography so far cornered by the likes of Sony, Samsung, and Apple. The first, and probably most eye-catching, is the RE camera, an odd and yet simple handheld device that removes the barriers of viewfinders, screens, and lenses that stand in the way of enjoying a breath-taking view, while at the same time capturing that once in a lifetime moment digitally. It isn’t probably going to replace your dedicated digital camera any time soon, but the rather decent camera specs plus IPX7 waterproof rating could very well endear itself to more active types.

Less unorthodox but still a head-turner is the new HTC Desire EYE. Sporting the same premium specs as the HTC One M8 but in a less premium plastic coating, the Desire EYE takes smartphone photography to a whole new level by putting the front-facing camera on the same level as the back one. With a 13 megapixel shooter, 22 mm wide angle lens and a dual LED flash on the face of the device, this is a selfie lover’s dream come true.

And it isn’t all about hardware either. Version 1.0 of HTC Zoe, which you can download now from Google Play Store, puts a social twist to the video editing experience, allowing users to take and remake photos and video clips into an almost infinite collage of experiences and memories. There’s also the new EYE Experience, a collection of camera features that make photography more fun and which will soon be available on HTC’s latest One and Desire devices.

All of that and more can now be viewed on YouTube. And by “more”, we mean the totally unexpected and totally perplexing fashion show that HTC has prepared, perhaps to go with the theme of breaking new ground. After all, nothing shouts bold and daring louder than a parade of out of this world designs.

Redbox Instant to shut down by October 7

Posted by wicked October - 6 - 2014 - Monday Comments Off

You’ve probably heard of Redbox Instant, the video streaming service from DVD-rental chain Redbox and Verizon right? No? Well, you’re not alone. Apparently, not a lot of people heard of it too or were interested in getting the service, hence the announcement that it will be shutting down for good by October 7, just barely a year and a half old.

Redbox Instant was created in partnership with carrier Verizon and tried to offer cheaper streaming services combined with DVD rentals (who knew people still rented actual DVDs???). But it looks like this business model was a spectacular failure, as the official statement was honest enough to admit that the service was not as successful as they initially hoped it would be. They will be offering possible refunds to subscribers after the official closure on October 7.

This comes as no surprise to those who were aware that for the past three months, Redbox Instant hasn’t been able to accept new customer sign-ups, although that was for a different reason at the time. There were some issues with credit card fraud, not a good sign for a business that relies on credit card payments right? The $6-$8 a month fee gave subscribers access to around 4,500 movies, which is not a lot as compared to competitors like Netflix with its unlimited access to a huge library of videos or Hulu with its TV shows streaming service.

Subscribers will only be able to access the streaming service and use their coupons at the DVD-rental kiosks only until 11:59PM Pacific time on October 7. More announcements will be made regarding the refund and other details by October 10 on the official Redbox Instant site.

VIA: SlashGear

New OnePlus video reveals quality tests devices undergo

Posted by wicked October - 3 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off


With “bendgate” lighting up the Internet the past couple weeks after new iPhones got into the hands of consumers, OnePlus has released a video that shows some of the quality tests that their smartphones undergo to try to ensure the devices will survive life in the wild. The video shows eight different tests that OnePlus smartphones are subjected to as part of the company’s quality control protocols. Possibly taking a shot at Apple, OnePlus starts the video off with the Sit Test which appears to try to simulate the device being in someone’s pocket when they sit down. The test applies 25kg (55 lbs) of “weight” 1,000 times in an attempt to see whether the device will bend or break.

Other tests include:

  • Screen Drop Test – each device is dropped flat 40,000 times from a height of about 2 inches;
  • Tumble Test – the devices are placed in a machine that appears to simulate a dryer, with the devices tumbled for one minute or 150 cycles;
  • Impact Test – the devices are dropped from 1.2 meters (≈3.9 feet) on both the edge and a corner with the drop being repeated twice on each surface;
  • USB Stress Test – with the USB charging cable plugged in, the cable is nudged 3,000 times in each direction;
  • Ports Durability Test – the USB cable is plugged and unplugged 10,000 times while the headphone jack gets the same treatment 30,000 times;
  • Weather Test – the smartphone is subjected to 10 minutes of simulated rain;
  • Heat Test – the device is placed in 55 degrees Celsius (131 degrees F) for four hours.

You can check out the video below to see how the tests are automated.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Framelapse brings Hyperlapse capabilities to Android devices

Posted by wicked October - 2 - 2014 - Thursday Comments Off

If you were suffering from Hyperlapse envy from iPhone users ever since Instagram released the video app, then you don’t have to wait much longer. No, they still haven’t released a version for the Android platform, but there is an app that basically performs the same function. Get ready to introduce your smartphone to Framelapse, an alternative to Instagram’s baby.

We’re not really sure what’s taking Hyperlapse developers so long to come up with an Android version, but for the meantime, we’d have to be content with this pretty basic but useful alternative. Not that Hyperlapse in itself is a very complicated app. It’s been referred to as a “dead-simple” point and shoot video app, and so Framelapse is basically the same. You will be able to set a time duration for recording and it will stop after set time has elapsed. You can also control frame interval and it has basic zoom and autofocus functions.

You can take videos from both main and front-facing cameras and you also have options for the video resolution and rotation. There is no rendering time for the video and can automatically playback after recording. The output is in high quality mp4 format which can be played on any device. There is of course several sharing options, which includes Facebook, Twitter and of course, Instagram.

The PRO version costs $2.99 and comes with more features like custom frame interval of up to 24 hours, white balance lock and exposure lock. Plus some part of your payment goes to a charitable project (they did not specify though what it is). But if you’re satisfied with the basic features, then the free version should be enough. You can download Framelapse from the Google Play Store.


VIA: Lifehacker

Vine app for Android updated, new camera features unlocked

Posted by wicked September - 27 - 2014 - Saturday Comments Off

Vine is one of the coolest and most efficient video apps you could have on your Android phone, and it was a pity that you couldn’t import existing videos to upload. Well, we have good news – that feature has been unlocked in this new update of the popular video sharing app.

In this new update, a new button is added to your camera UI on the left for you to access internal storage and use videos you have already captured and stored on your device. The Vine app now allows you to preview any of these videos – without limit to length – and the trim it down to the required 6 seconds or less and then upload it out into the intarwebs.

This of course will be a gateway to a lot of “mix and match” vines that would start appearing on Vine because of this feature. Apart from that, there are small interface tweaks that should make the app that much better – an “undo” feature on your last recording, brighter video recording in low light environments, and the ability to duplicate a clip.


These updates just add positives to the already popular Vine app – it just keeps improving itself. The updates are not groundbreaking, but they make the app that much more convenient. Get the app at the source link right now.

SOURCE: Google Play Store

LINE launches SnapMovie video making and editing app

Posted by wicked September - 19 - 2014 - Friday Comments Off

LINE is already one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, but they have not been sitting idly on their laurels. One of the newest products that they’ve launched the past months is a movie making and editing feature that has made wanna-be mobile filmmakers happy. Well now, they will be even happier as SnapMovie is a separate app altogether, bringing more features to make the mobile moviemaking experience well, a snap.

If you’re not one of those who took advantage of the built-in feature previously, SnapMovie is pretty easy to use. All you have to do is to tap the round green button on your screen and it will start recording. If you feel like changing the scene or making some adjustments to what you’re taking a video of, you can pause it then just continue when you’ve moved to where you want to. When you want to edit the video, just tap the next button . And since most of who’ll be using this probably aren’t professional filmmakers, you’ll be needing the help of filters and the app offers 9 different ones, like “romantic”, “vintage”, and “toy”.

You will also be able to add titles and text to your videos by using the “insert text” option where you will also be able to choose the font and style of your title cards. And of course, what’s a video without the perfect background music? However, your choices are limited to 10 different melodies only, so you better make sure what you’re shooting has the necessary music to accompany it among your limited options. Of course, the normal sharing options are there, because what good are videos if you can’t share them with the world?

Even if you have a separate app for it already, you can still use the SnapMovie feature within LINE, in case you would still prefer to do so. But if you need the stand-alone app, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

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