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Spotify Brings Videos and Podcasts to Android App This Week

Posted by Kellex January - 25 - 2016 - Monday Comments Off

Back in May, Spotify announced that it would soon introduce videos and podcasts to its streaming service line-up, though they weren’t exactly willing to provide a proper launch date at that time. Today, their VP of product, Shiva Rajaraman, told the Wall Street Journal that an update for Android would include these new features this week.

At least one reddit user is already seeing new the Shows and Podcasts sections, though the rollout for them could happen slowly. I, for one, am not seeing these new sections quite yet, even though Google Play is showing that a new update arrive on Android today. 

Spotify has teamed up with companies like ESPN, Comedy Central, BBC, and Vice for content. On their newly updated website, they envision a world where you catch up on news video during your commute, get some “giggles” in during lunch, and checkout a story before going off to bed. They also hope that podcasts will be a much welcomed addition to your daily tune line-up.

Spotify hasn’t exactly announced timing for the update outside of a mention to the WSJ, so if you aren’t seeing these new sections quite yet, it shouldn’t be much longer. The iOS version with videos and podcasts should be here next week.

Tell us, though – were you looking for another video platform outside of YouTube and the variety of other services? Does having a music service that doubles as a video service sound promising to you?

Play Link

Via:  Wall Street Journal

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Mobile video app FiLMiC Pro now available on Android

Posted by wicked December - 30 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off


Photographers have only just recently began to recognize mobile photography as a “legit” form, and now filmmakers have to learn to see mobile video as a viable art form as well. A film called Tangerine was shot entirely on a smartphone and now it’s doing the round of film festivals and is even an awards contender. FiLMic Pro is the app that they used when filming, and now, this is available for Android devices to help your smartphone become a “broadcast worthy High Definition camera.”

Basically, this award-winning app lets you shoot videos through your mobile device and has a ton of options available. You can choose to shoot in either Standard (with presets), Manual (where you do the adjusting), or Hybrid (a little of both). You can adjust the zoom, sync audio at various frame rates (24, 25, 30 fps), use an action slider for various live shooting adjustments, do slow and fast motion FX, etc.

And even after shooting, you can still make adjustments, like with Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Tint, Color Temperature. You can shoot using several formats, depending on where you want to show the film or footage you’re making. You have something as basic as 1:1 for Instagram videos, Super 16, Super 35, and even Cinemascope format. You can also save your footage and share them if you want through various channels like Facebook, Dropbox, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc.

You can buy FiLMiC Pro from the Google Play Store for a premium price of $9.99. But check first if your Android device is compatible with it, since it needs a high-end camera to function of course. It can only support devices running on Lollipop and higher, and your smartphone needs to fully support Android’s Camera 2 API.





Google Spotlight Stories now out with first video #SpecialDelivery

Posted by wicked December - 23 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

special delivery

Visual storytelling in the age of apps and virtual reality and all that technology has become pretty interesting and more interactive as well. Google has been looking at more and more ways to leverage their technological prowess in order to create more engaging stories. Google Spotlight Stories has been created to come up with 360° storytelling that has been created especially for mobile and enhanced by virtual reality tools. Special Delivery is the first short film available for this and it’s now on YouTube.

The first film to be available for this new project was created by British animation studio Aardman Animations, creators of the critically acclaimed Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, and Shaun the Sheep among other things. The 4 minute animated short is a weird chase between a mysterious stranger leaving a trail of gifts, and a humble caretaker trying to find out what’s going on.

But this isn’t just a straightforward video that you can watch. Your smartphone’s sensors make it interactive, and if you have Google Cardboard, then you’ll appreciate all the more the 360 degree elements they incorporated here. You will be able to unlock 10 subplots, more than 60 moments that you can follow (kind of like a choose your own adventure thing) and three different ways to look at the ending. So each viewing can be a different experience.

But you don’t need to have a VR headset to watch it. You can view it on your YouTube app on your Android device. There will be more Spotlight Stories that will come out next year, all from the Google Advanced Technology and Projects group.

SOURCE: Google

Vessel update: nested comments, threads, easier access

Posted by wicked December - 9 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Screenshot 2015-12-08 23.00.23

Vessel’s mission isn’t to bring YouTube down (many have tried, none have succeeded). But what they’re trying to do is to make a dent in that market, and at the same time, give more room for both creators and fans, outside of that sphere. The newest update to the online video startup brings more opportunity for interaction between the two “groups” and also more accessibility for those who are trying the app for the first time.

If you’re not familiar with Vessel, it is a video streaming app where subscribers get early access to videos from various creators, TV shows, music labels, at least 72 hours before they appear in other video services like YouTube. It will appeal to those who are not happy anymore with the overcrowded video sharing service of Google, and those who love getting to watch something before everyone else gets to watch it.

The latest update brings easier ways for fans and creators to connect. You now have nested comments so it would be easier to keep track of the conversation. Fans and users will also now get notifications when creators or other fans have replied to you. A new feature called Threads will allow the creators to ask questions or even pose challenges to their fans and they can answer either through words or even with their own videos.

For the more practical updates to the app, you can now access it on any mobile device running on Android 4.4 or higher. You can also sign up/sign in with your Facebook or Google sign-in. And for the subscription (which is $2.99 a month), they’ve added Paypal for the payment options. You can download the Vessel app from the Google Play Store for free, but you need tat monthly subscription to have access to the videos.

SOURCE: Vessel

How to record simple screencasts for Android

Posted by wicked December - 5 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off


So this is a real dilemma for those of us Android fanatics who either want to show our friends how we finished off that boss in an RPG, or teach some of our family members how to use Skype, or make a demo video for a new app for publishing anywhere, or just email your mom a video tutorial of how to set her alarm – there used to be no easy way to do this on an Android device. There are app-based screen recorders, but truth be told, it was just too much of a hassle. Now we’re bringing you a way so you can do this easily and without all the hassle – that is, record whatever you’re doing on your screen on video and be able to upload it wherever you choose to.


There was really no easy way to do this before Google made a way. There were apps like Rec Screen Recorder, but they required root access – so that was generally not for everybody. Then there were apps like Recordable, which did the job, but you had to pay premium, as these were paid apps (USD$1.00 to USD$4.000). But Google, with the release of the YouTube Gaming app, has made this available for everyone. This app is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 or better.

Obviously, YouTube Gaming is designed to record your gaming exploits, but who said that you can’t use it to take a video of your screen while doing other things? Best part of this is, you can do this without any Internet available. Of course, you will need a connection when you choose to upload it, but using the app does not require Internet.

Step 1: Install the YouTube Gaming app. Once you’ve installed the app, launch it and tap “Go Live” feature in the top corner. Caveat here – depending on your device and orientation, the option to “Go Live” may be hidden somewhat. Tap Next after.

Step 2: Choose your format. You can record either in 720p (HD) or 480p (SD). Make sure “Record” is selected before tapping Next again twice.


Step 3: Choose an app to record. This feature will let you choose what app you want to record. Obviously, games will be the main target, but you can select almost any app installed on your mobile. Selecting the app allows you to start the recording. Tap Start Now to begin and you’re off.

Toggles at the bottom of the screen will allow you to turn the microphone input on and off, if you choose to do live commentary. You can also choose to include a live stream of your face – via the front-facing cam – if you want to.

Step 4: Select the Stop button when you’ve finished recording.

That’s it! You can then use the app to trim your video. The app also gives you the option to upload to YouTube, but if you’d rather not do that, you don’t have to. Just back out of the screen and you’ll find your video saved in your device’s gallery, where you can edit it some more, or basically do whatever you want with it.

Pretty easy, right?

DOWNLOAD YouTube Gaming: Google Play Store

Storehouse comes to the Android platform with latest release

Posted by wicked December - 2 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off


Storehouse is an app designed to help users share photos and videos by creating a web page to share a collage, album or tell a story. The idea is to make the presentation of images a little bit richer and have a little more context than the simple sharing available through most methods and platforms. The problem with the app up until now is that it was not available for Android users. Developer Storehouse Media changed that this week with the release of the Android version of the Storehouse app.

When creating a page, users can select photos and videos from their camera roll, which the app will then use to automatically generate the page. Storehouse gives users the ability to add up to 50 photos or videos. If a user happens to not be happy with the automatically generated layout, they can do things like resize content using handles on the items or drag and drop them to a new location. Storehouse also lets users add text to the page.

Once a page is ready to be shared, and they are kept private until a user is ready, Storehouse can provide a link that can be sent by SMS or Email. Storehouse also gives users the ability to embed their creations on blogs or share them through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Users can even setup shared spaces so friends can contribute content.

You can get Storehouse from the Play Store using the download link below.


Play Store Download Link

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Facebook busy improving ‘Videos’, testing different viewing experiences

Posted by wicked October - 14 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

facebook videos

Facebook is always in the business of innovating and inventing new technologies. The top social network is not only busy bringing Internet connectivity to numerous remote areas all over the world. The company has been testing out new services like the Shopping feature, Reactions button, photo doodles before uploading, improved mobile profiles, 360 videos, and the FB Dislike button.

Videos are now being spread on Facebook these days, more than ever. The company continues to update the site and bring new features. Videos on Facebook are more immersive now, allowing users to view 360 videos. One perfect example is the Star Wars trailer which you can now enjoy in virtual reality via a pair of Google Cardboard. For more fun and entertainment, Facebook announced that fans can ask their favorite celebrities for live videos using the Mentions feature.

To watch these videos, Facebook introduced new ways because people have different watching habits. Feel free to watch videos you see in your News Feed. Scroll down or up to see next or previous videos uploaded which is very Instagram-like now. Others may see the ‘Suggested videos’ features or related videos in a row. This feature is currently being tested on iOS but it should be ready on Android soon. Don’t be surprised if you see ads within too because they’re not going anywhere.

Facebook is also testing on features that will allow people to multitask while watching videos whether within the app or website. Possible solution is a floating screen. An option to save video to watch later is also being tested by the devs. Facebook has plans to launch a special section for people who want to watch all videos in one place. The objective of this new place is to help users discover more relevant videos, watch them, and be able to share them with their contacts on Facebook.

With all these in mind, Facebook has started partnering with different publishers to help them manage their videos on the site. Pages now features new video tools like video upload enhancements and Page Insights updates.

Suggested videos
Videos section
Watch while multitasking
Facebook videos cover

SOURCE: Facebook

Stagefright 2.0: hacking your phone through MP3 audio, MP4 video

Posted by wicked October - 2 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Zimperium zLabs has made public another vulnerability in Android, calling it Stagefright 2.0. The vulnerability manifests itself when your Android device tries to process a specially and maliciously coded MP3 audio or MP4 video file. The security company says that there are two vulnerabilities, and that this is just the first one – affecting virtually every Android device because the security gap has been there since 2008 and has not been patched in Android 5.0.

As per Zimperium, this vulnerability has already been submitted to Google, given the code CVE-2015-6602 as a vulnerability in “libutils” of Android. The gap is basically that a hacker can remote execute code by having your device process a malicious MP3 or MP4 file. By “process”, this means to even preview or pre-listen to a file, the malicious code can be executed.


If a user would be lured to a malicious website and was convinced to either preview or download a specific harmless-looking content – like an audio file or video file – a hacker can then execute code so he can exploit your device. Also, if any app – audio or media players – play a malicious file “given” or sent to users through various ways, the hacker can also start the exploit from there.

Zimperium is scheduled to release information on the second vulnerability soon, but as it is, Google will have some work to do patching this security gap. Google, in their part, have responded quickly and a fix should be available soon in an update.

SOURCE: Zimperium

Khan Academy now out of beta, available on Android devices

Posted by wicked September - 23 - 2015 - Wednesday Comments Off

Just a few days ago, we told you about the beta version of online resource site Khan Academy. But now, it’s an actual live app that can give people all around the world access to “free, world-class education” through all their resources, and you can now take it anywhere with you on your mobile devices. The app has more than 10,000 videos on various subjects like math, science, history, economics, etc.

The Khan Academy website has been a good source of information and educational materials for the past years, but having them on your smartphone or tablet is very convenient. More than 30% of the sessions found on the site and on its YouTube channel can be found on the app, together with the transcripts, downloading the videos for viewing later, making a watch later playlist, and other features.

The navigation and search has also been redesigned from its earlier releases, to make searching for videos among the more than 10,000 ones available, faster. If you use both the app and the website to view videos, you can sync between your devices so that you get a seamless learning experience.

You can still become part of the Khan Academy beta community so that you’re always ahead regarding the new features that will be coming to the main app. But if you can wait when the update becomes official, you can download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Khan Academy

Not strictly handheld: fridge converted into a giant Game Boy

Posted by Tom September - 13 - 2015 - Sunday Comments Off

Taking the handheld classic and converting it into a chilled out kitchen appliance, student Daniel d’Entremont has updated the Nintendo favourite into a Raspberry Pi 2 powered dorm fridge.

Painstakingly created, the Game Boy fridge comprises a hollowed out door with a set-back divot to make room for the fascia containing the buttons, electronics and the LCD display.

The display was reclaimed from an old monitor and the Raspberry Pi 2 system runs a Game Boy emulator so all the classics are at his fingertips (well, palms, looking at the size of the controls).

Check out a video of the creation here.

Via slashgear