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JustWatch app now available on Android

Posted by wicked July - 23 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off


In a world full of streaming and online video services, figuring out which service any particular title may be available on and for how much is becoming increasingly complicated. This is where JustWatch has jumped in by providing a custom search engine just focusing on a variety of online video streaming services for movies and TV shows. After launching earlier this year via a browser interface for the desktop, JustWatch has now released a dedicated Android app for users on the move.

JustWatch is able to access a variety of services including Netflix, HBO NOW, Amazon, Instant Video, Hulu, Crackle, Vudu, and others. The search engine that JustWatch built is capable of checking all of these services at once to display results for users. JustWatch also includes a timeline option so users can see what new titles have been recently added to any of the services.

JustWatch also incorporates a Price Drops feature to help users spot deals that may have surfaced each day. Users can also use a Watchlist feature to create a queue of movies and shows.

You can get JustWatch in the Google Play Store now using one of the download links below.


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Google Play Download Link

source: JustWatch

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Microsoft’s Hyperlapse now out of beta for Android devices

Posted by wicked July - 20 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Hyperlapse is now out on Android devices! But before you get all excited, we need to tell you that we’re not talking about Instagram’s Hyperlapse, but the rather confusing app of the same name from Microsoft. But despite that, they do have the same function. And now that Microsoft’s version is now out of beta, you will be able to enjoy the features without signing up with any group or downloading anything other than the app itself.

This app was previously available as a closed beta since May this year, but was full version for the Windows Phone of course. Just like its name suggests, this allows you to shorten those long videos that no one will probably watch, like a 30-minute sunrise or a POV of your trek through the mountains, which in real time would be a 2 hour feature film. With the app, you can just time lapse these videos into condensed versions that would still show the gist of what you experienced.

There aren’t any complicated maneuvering here. You just take the video and then see it in hyperlapse. But you can also use existing videos on your smartphone and turn it into hyperlapse videos as well. You can also use the video multiple times, or change the speed, anywhere from 1x to 32x. And just in case you’d want your friends to see your face in time lapse, there’s also a selfie mode for the app.

Of course all the videos you take or make can be easily shared on various social networks. You can download Microsoft’s Hyperlapse Mobile from the Google Play Store for free.

Screenshot 2015-07-20 08.58.40
Screenshot 2015-07-20 08.58.58
Screenshot 2015-07-20 08.59.09

Twitch’s pop-out feature lets you multi-task while watching 

Posted by wicked July - 13 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

Gamers everywhere have been relying on livestream sites like Twitch to enhance their gaming experience, particularly when it comes to playing on their mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. But what if you wanted to both play and watch a broadcast from the app? While Android device have some multi-tasking features available, it’s still hard to do this. But now Twitch is adding a pop-out feature that would let you do both at the same time.

Even when you’re outside the Twitch app, as long as you enable the pop-out feature, you’ll be able to continue watching the broadcast that has caught your attention, even as you’re doing other tasks on your device. It doesn’t even have to be the game itself that you’re playing. You can text your friends, post on Facebook, scroll through your Instagram timeline and like pictures, all while the Twitch broadcast you’re watching is playing. We are after all living in the age of multi-tasking.

All you have to do to activate this is to click on the pop-out icon on the bottom right corner of the video you’re watching. Take note that if you’re doing this on your smartphone, you’ll only be able to see the icon if you’re on landscape mode. Once the video has already popped out, you can adjust its size by pinching and zooming with your fingers. If you’ve had enough of multi-tasking, you can just tap the icon on the left of the player, and it will bring you back to the app but still continue playing the video where you left off.

The update has already rolled out for Android devices, so just make sure your app is up to date. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Twitch

Specular Theory creates Terminator Genisys 360-degree video

Posted by wicked July - 2 - 2015 - Thursday Comments Off

If you’ve lost count of how many Terminator movies there have been in the advent of the release of Terminator Genisys, that doesn’t really matter. What has gotten our interest is a short film created by the folks over at Specular Theory that is not just any promotional video, but rather a 360-degree virtual reality experience that you can enjoy on your desktop or on mobile devices, but especially with Google Cardboard to get the full-on effect. There is even a cameo by a certain well-known ex-Terminator and ex-California governor.

The almost 3-minute video was filmed with 360-degree spherical camera hardware. If you just watch the video randomly without knowing what it was about or that there is a special element to it, you’d wonder what the heck it is that you’re watching. But if you’re watching on your desktop using your Google Chrome browser, try pressing the W, A, S, and D keys and you’ll see a quick demo of the magic of virtual reality, which is what Specular Theory is really advocating.

If you watch in your mobile device, of course it probably won’t be as great as when it is on your desktop, unless you have a Google Cardboard lying around. Using Google’s VR device will give you the full virtual reality experience. Using “their own equipment and cameras to produce the film”, it is indeed a trippy introduction to the world of virtual reality, if you’re not yet familiar with it of course.

The video is available for viewing at the 360 YouTube Chronicles, and it’s just in time if you plan to watch the film. And we mentioned that Mr. Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger himself makes an appearance towards the end.

VIA: SlashGear

Fruit Ninja animated series coming to a YouTube near you

Posted by wicked June - 29 - 2015 - Monday Comments Off

You’ve enjoyed slicing the fruits away on various platforms with Fruit Ninja. But have you ever wondered at why they’re slicing fruits, how they got to be so good at slicing, and what led them to this path? No? Well, YouTube and Halfbrick think you will be interested in original Fruit Ninja-themed video content and so they’re bringing you an animated series on their YouTube channel that should appeal to kids. Given the cartoony “violence” against fruits though, it might be a good idea for parents to watch as well.

Not that Fruit Ninja is an overtly violent game. In fact, Ben Grubbs, YouTube Asia Pacific’s Head of Kids and Learning said that the game gives a “positive sense of humor” and that they will be building on this as they bring Halfbrick’s content to kids and everyone else who wants to enjoy not just playing but watching Fruit Ninja characters. The 13 x 11 minuted animated videos will be highlighted on both the YouTube channel and the YouTube Kids app. The videos can also be seen within the Fruit Ninja games themselves.

Target audience would be 6-10 year old kids (and those who act like kids maybe) and it is encouraged that parents co-view it with them. There will also be a Fruit Ninja Nation YouTube playlist featuring not just the animated shorts, but other user-generated content like live-action shorts (yes, this is apparently a thing!), documentaries, developer diaries, gameplay videos, and other audio visual content.

The trailer for the Official Fruit Ninja Channel is already out, and you’ll get a sense of what the videos will be about, but the story isn’t clear yet. Well, if you’re a huge fan of this game, you’ll probably subscribe to the channel and wait with bated breath for the first of the original content.

SOURCE: HalfBrick

Twitter now allows taking of landscape videos through app

Posted by wicked June - 12 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

Most of the various kinds of mobile video apps that we have today, like Vine, Instagram, Periscope, etc have one thing in common: they all want you to take videos the portrait way. But sometimes, having a square screen isn’t all that great, especially when the video you’re taking involves either a lot of people or beautiful scenery. Twitter now allows you to take landscape videos on its mobile apps, giving you options on what you’d like your video to look like, orientation-wise.

When you take videos using the Twitter video app, you’ll know be able to capture the entire football stadium, or you’ll be able to show everyone just how beautiful the lake is or everyone in your party can fit in for that crazy, drunk video message for your friend who isn’t there. Times like those deserved landscape mode rather than the limiting square mode. This aspect ratio is now available when you’re taking videos from the Twitter app on your mobile device.

Twitter says you can now “capture, share and expand your view of the world” when you take these landscape oriented videos. All you have to do is add a photo to your tweet, choose the camera icon to record the video, turn your phone sideways to get the landscape mode, and then you can start recording.

We’re glad that Twitter has finally given us this option. We can only hope that their other products. we’re looking at you Periscope, will follow suit. It’s better to live broadcast a concert or a party or a talk show when you can see more things on your screen.

SOURCE: Twitter

The first iOS 9 beta has revealed under the hood the potential for a 1080p, 240fps front-facing Facetime camera – just in time for popularity of ‘look at me’ video streaming apps such as Periscope and Meercat.

Developer Hamza Sood tracked down the clues to the video capability, and also found hints of slow-motion video at 240fps in 720p, a front-facing flash and a panoramic option.

Via slashgear

Huawei uses fun video to tackle own name

Posted by wicked May - 23 - 2015 - Saturday Comments Off


As an official sponsor of the Arsenal Football Club of the English Premier League, Huawei has some unique access to football, er soccer, players for advertising purposes. The result is a fun video from Huawei’s “School of Pronunciation” that ends with an explanation of how to pronounce the company’s name. Presumably this is to help clear up any confusion as Huawei moves to get in front of a larger audience around the world.

In the video, a character named Gordon Friend from the Future Facing Association of Pundits, or FFAPs, leads a class on how to pronounce a variety of Arsenal player names. He starts out easy enough with a warm-up based on Wilshere and Walcott before moving on to four players who make appearances in the video.

The Arsenal players who show up include Koscielny, Szczesny, Gnabry, and Coquelin. However, only the first three get fun and unique explanations as to how to pronounce their names.

The video ends with an explanation of the pronunciation of Huawei, which we are told is Wah-Way.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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HTC updates Zoe, adds Chromecast support and Clip Sequence UI

Posted by wicked May - 15 - 2015 - Friday Comments Off

We honestly believe that HTC is developing a game plan and has already set goals for monetization to increase sales after last month’s revenue went down by 40%. While it is too early, the Taiwanese company is doing everything to bring in more money by releasing both exclusive and non-exclusive HTC apps. HTC hopes to generate revenues with sponsored apps. It’s one of the major goals so don’t be surprised if the company starts launching a slew of new apps at a fast rate or updating the ones already on the Google Play Store.

After launching the HTC Service DLNA app, HTC Creative Labs  released an update to the Zoe video editing and social sharing app. It’s not exclusive to HTC which means other Android users can enjoy this social app that allows another way to create, edit, and share quality videos.

There are many video editing and sharing apps on the Play Store but I don’t know one that allows collaboration with friends. It’s more of remixing the videos but the social part there makes it more special. Your friends can remix what you have done already to make it even better by adding more videos, photos, and adding background music.

Aside from highlighting videos and sending them directly to friends, Zoe allows instant sharing of videos to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As with any other social media apps, you can interact with your contacts by giving and receiving comments and hearts. You can also share videos privately and publicly and upload as many videos as you want. No one’s gonna stop you from sharing so go on, edit, remix, and share.

A new version of Zoe was released earlier today. The app update includes the addition of Clip Sequence UI. It’s incorporated now into the Zoe editor so you can readjust order of the clip, delete, or view them when ready in fullscreen from the user interface. HTC has also added Chromecast support so you can cast a Zoe video from a mobile device to a Chromecast-enabled display.

HTC also added an Upload Retry mechanism. You see, uploading may fail at times and when that happens, you can just try uploading the file again simply by tapping the ‘Retry’ button once you see the alert dialog. You can also upload from the Zoe feed UI directly with a single tap. Feel free to cancel or delete video if you change your mind.

Another important update is the ‘Details page enhancement’. Your video will no longer restart and play from the beginning when you change the orientation during playback.

HTC Zoe 8
HTC Zoe 7
HTC Zoe 6
HTC Zoe 5
HTC Zoe 4
HTC Zoe 3
HTC Zoe 2
HTC Zoe 1
HTC Zoe for Android

Download Zoe from the Google Play Store

OPPO R7 and R7 Plus revealed in new TV ad

Posted by wicked May - 10 - 2015 - Sunday Comments Off


In China this weekend, OPPO started the official marketing of two new devices scheduled to be announced on May 20th. The OPPO R7 and the OPPO R7+ took centerstage on Chinese television when a couple ads for the devices started airing. 

According to the Chinese Anzhou site, the OPPO R7 is the successor to the OPPO R5 and will come with a 5-inch 1080p HD screen, 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. The device is expected to only be 4.7mm thick, making it one of the thinner smartphones that will be available on the market. At present, it appears the OPPO R7 will come with a retail price of 2,999 yuan ($483 USD).

The R7 Plus is a larger version of the device with a 5.5-inch screen and a built-in fingerprint sensor on its back. For the OPPO R7 Plus, OPPO is not only giving it a large screen, it will get the company’s 2.5D technology that curves the edges of the screen creating the illusion that no bezels are present.


source: Anzhou
via: GSM Arena

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